Monday, 2013-07-15

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erenmorning all08:16
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jonatan__What's the recipe option to keep a package back from beig selected? I have a version 0.17 which I wish to keep back in favour of 0.14, only installing 0.17 if explicitly requested.08:18
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rburtonjonatan: PREFERRED_VERSION08:22
jonatanrburton: That won't change the default version though? I guess I want to disable my newer version unless it is explicitly specified using PREFERRED_VERSION in local.conf08:23
JaMabut that work only when all versions are in the same layer08:25
jonatanAh, that's it! Thanks!08:25
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bluelightningmorning all08:27
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erenwhat is PACKAGECONFIG variable?08:29
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erenin xorg-xserver.inf, it has:08:29
eren+PACKAGECONFIG[dri] = "--enable-dri,--disable-dri,glproto mesa xf86driproto"08:29
c00kiemon5terPACKAGECONFIG is used per recipe to enable/disable part of the package's functionality08:31
erenI couldn't find a reference in either poky reference manua08:31
erenc00kiemon5ter: ok, but how does it take effect?08:31
c00kiemon5terie, vim may be built with ruby support but that requires ruby as a dependency08:31
erenbluelightning: oh, thanks08:31
c00kiemon5teryou can use PACKAGECONFIG in order to have ruby "optional"08:31
erenah got it08:32
erenhow do you enable that feature, then?08:32
rburtonthere's a PACKAGECONFIG variable that sets a default08:33
rburtonand your distro conf/local conf can override it08:33
erenok, say I want to enable 'ruby' feature in vim08:33
erenhow should I enable, or disable that in my distro/local conf?08:34
rburtonPACKAGECONFIG_pn-vim_append = " ruby"08:34
rburton(to add it, or just override it without the append)08:35
erenokkie, thanks08:35
erenI just found that it was used in dbus-glib package08:36
erenPACKAGECONFIG_pn-${PN} = "tests" enable regression tests local.conf08:36
rburtonthat won't work08:36
rburtonshould fix that08:36
rburtonin local.conf, what's ${PN}? :)08:36
erenrburton: ah, it's dbus-glib :)08:37
erenI just copied from the recipe08:37
erenPACKAGECONFIG_pn-dbus-glib = "tests"08:37
erenshould be the right way08:37
erenok thanks, I got it :)08:37
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mckoangood morning08:49
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ant_workbluelightning: rburton: so we'll pull xinput-calibrator. Don't forget the patch for removing it from meta-oe11:25
rburtonyeah, laurentiu has a patch for that, when it lands in oe-core i'll be sure to prod him.11:26
ant_workgreat, thx11:26
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g0hl1nHello everybody,11:40
g0hl1nI've got a problem building my own kernel with yocto...11:40
g0hl1nI always get the following error message:11:40
g0hl1n| DEBUG: Python function sysroot_cleansstate finished | DEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure | NOTE: make oldconfig | make: *** No rule to make target `oldconfig'.  Stop. | ERROR: oe_runmake failed11:41
g0hl1nI think this is caused because make is called in the wrong directory, but I'm not sure.11:41
g0hl1ndoes anybody of you have an idea how to fix/check?11:41
g0hl1nWould be really great :-)11:41
zeckeg0hl1n: yeah, where is your kernel source and where did bitbake execute the command?11:45
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g0hl1nzecke: that's what I'm trying to find out... Are there any variables for it?12:07
bluelightningg0hl1n: the first thing to ensure would be that the value of the S variable is set to match the subdirectory in which the source will be extracted12:08
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bluelightningg0hl1n: is the source being fetched from git/some other scm or a tarball?12:09
fenrigHi I'm having some strange issues with yocto and the poky distro12:10
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g0hl1nbluelightning: I've set S and the source is in there. I'm fetching the source from a local git repository using: SRC_URI = "git://${KSRC};protocol=file;branch=${KBRANCH};name=kernel"12:16
bluelightningg0hl1n: so S = "${WORKDIR}/git" ?12:17
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g0hl1nbluelightning: correct12:18
bluelightningfenrig: what refers to rpm-postinsts in your configuration? rpm-postinsts is no longer being used (in favour of run-postinsts)12:19
fenrigbluelightning: I don't know actually12:20
bluelightningfenrig: bitbake -e your-image | less and search for rpm-postinsts12:20
fenrigbluelightning: okay will do ;)12:22
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fenrigbluelightning: I'm a bit overwhelmed by the output :o what should I do?12:27
bluelightningfenrig: I'd just be interested in references to rpm-postinsts that are not paths12:28
bluelightningfenrig: you can use / to search in the less output12:28
fenrigbluelightning: I actually replaced '| less' by ' > file '12:28
fenrigso i could open it in a text editor12:28
bluelightningfenrig: ah ok, in that case use your favourite text editor's search function :)12:29
fenrigbluelightning: I found multiple occurences :/ what are we searching for?12:31
fenrigbluelightning: I understand we need to pinpoint this to a recipe, a bbclass or a include file12:31
bluelightningfenrig: are any of the references not preceded by /etc or ${sysconfdir} ?12:32
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fenrigbluelightning: yes there are occurences without "/etc" or ${sysconfdir} prependded12:33
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bluelightningfenrig: ok, can you pastebin those?12:34
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fenrigbluelightning: just parts? because it's not obvious what belongs to what :o12:38
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fenrigbluelightning: I did not now how much had to be pasted so if you want to know more, just let me know12:40
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bluelightningfenrig: ok, I just realised rpm-postinsts has been replaced only in master, I guess you are using dylan?12:42
fenrigbluelightning: yes I am :)12:42
bluelightningsince rpm-postinsts has made it into RDEPENDS I'm not sure how it could not have been built by the time the image got to build12:43
fenrigbluelightning: my vm malfunctioned, can it be cause by that?12:43
bluelightningfenrig: how did it malfunction?12:43
fenrigbluelightning: well I had to force quit it :o12:44
fenrigand restart (and thus boot the virtual machineà12:44
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bluelightningfenrig: ah... well anything's possible if it corrupted the disk I guess12:44
bluelightningfenrig: you could just bitbake rpm-postinsts12:44
fenrigbluelightning: okay12:44
fenrigbluelightning: I don't think that forced a rebuild12:45
fenrigAttempted 375 tasks of which 375 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.12:45
bluelightningfenrig: bitbake -c cleansstate rpm-postinsts ; bitbake rpm-postinsts12:45
fenrigbluelightning: ah yes, forgot about the clean :o12:46
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fenrigbluelightning: okay retrying to build the image :)12:47
fenrigbluelightning: that fixed it, very strange error but nonetheless it's fixed, thank you for your excellent help ;)$12:49
bluelightningfenrig: no worries :)12:49
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pevSorry, real simple question - I've nicked the net-snmp recip15:42
pevy from oe into my system
pevBut I cant see what links the init.d to S20?15:43
kergothpev: these vars are used by the update-rc.d bbclass to do it15:44
pevSo "20" is just a dynamically assigned index based of dependency?15:45
pevnot hardcoded like openwrt etc?15:45
kergothit passes 'defaults' to update-rc.d. update-rc.d has its own knowledge of the default link configuration15:46
pevok - so the "20" wasnt specified by our recipe but update-rc.d discerns it?15:46
kergothupdate-rc.d.bbclass just arranges to run update-rc.d script at package install / removal to set up / remove the symlinks15:48
kergothINITSCRIPT_PARAMS is just hte arguments for the script to set them up15:48
pevAh...! I handt spotted that - so *everything* is 20 by sefault... doh! :-D15:48
kergothupdate-rc.d is a debian thing, not unlike chkconfig in this context15:48
kergothif you want something other than 20, you can change INITSCRIPTS_PARAMS15:49
pevThanks :-)15:49
kergoththat's just a default15:49
pevSo... the bottom line I'm trying to figure out is how to *not* create and rcS / rcK link...15:49
pevso the init.d script is created but not started15:49
pevas I need to start one service from another as it's a dependency....15:49
kergothmultiple ways you can handle that. INITSCRIPT_PAKCAGES = "" would make it not set up the package postinst/prerm at all for any packages, so update-rc.d wouldnt' be called at all15:50
kergoth(of course, this is all specific to sysvinit, systemd images will be handled quite differently)15:50
pevOh, don't start15:50
rburtonthe numbers mean ordering, so you can use the ordering to express dependencies15:51
pevas a later part of the project Ive got to *drastically* improve boot times so probably have to move over to systemd15:51
kergothrburton: good point15:51
pevand not used it before :-/15:51
kergothpev: good luck :)15:51
rburtonour sysvinit isn't that slow once you turn off the kernel being so noisy15:51
pevThe request I was given was < 10s, pref <4s...15:52
rburtonin that case i'll re-iterate "good luck"15:52
pevfrom power.15:52
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pevyeah, I've said YMMV...!15:52
rburtonpev: at least demand it's measured from kernel start, so you're not punished by a slow hardware startup/bootloader!15:53
rburtonpev: its not a lot of work to make a linux on intel system that boots from boot loader to X faster than power to BIOS handover :)15:53
* kergoth chuckles15:53
rburtonkergoth: that's being worked on, thankfully!15:54
rburtonthere are even rumours of bios implementations that start in less than ten minutes these days15:54
kergothooh, aah15:54
pevrburton: Yep, I'm aware of that. Effectively though i'm treating the init.d script for my app as a process monitor and making it responsible for starting / monitoring the app and the other daemons and software processes. So for the snmp daemon it makes sense to start from that rather than relying on rc ordering... of course I could do something similar via runlevels too and keep the same system but I'm not sure taht's exactly simpler...15:54
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pevOh, and the app monitoring script will be moved out from the sysvinit system and made its own inittab entry eventually ...15:55
pevrburton: yes - agreed. And I can optimise uboot quite a lot15:56
pevA guy I used to work with did a great demo booting (IIRC) a PPC board in about 0.5s from power. Was way cool. I think he did put a relatively handy whitepaper out on the web somewhere...15:57
bluelightningpev: related presentations from OE/yocto community members that might be of interest:
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pevbluelightning: Those look smashing, thanks!16:02
bluelightningpev: or videos if you prefer:
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erenLinus rage again16:19
erenThere aren't enough swear-words in the English language, so now I'll16:19
erenhave to call you perkeleen vittupää just to express my disgust and16:19
erenfrustration with this crap.16:19
rburtonthere's plenty, he needs to learn british english16:20
erenrburton: well the only thing I know about British English specific word is "bloody"16:21
rburtongood word16:21
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pevThe trick with proper english is putting people down in a savage manner without *actually* swearing16:27
pevit's an art-form :-D16:27
rburtongoogle translate says linus wasn't very inventive at all16:27
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bluelightningrburton: you'd have to ask a Finn whether that translation conveys the full expressiveness of the original epithet :)16:28
rburtoni thought the rudest word in finnish involved a reindeer, but that might be a myth16:29
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erenwell, British people are really good at swearing without actually swearing, I guess16:30
erensense of humor, maybe?16:30
ant_homepoor hpa16:33
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* kergoth hacks on r/o rootfs bits17:41
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exosystI'm trying to use the prebuilt poky SDK and I run the script as root and get: SDK could not be set up. Relocate script failed.17:46
exosystRather than try to fix it and discover it's something fundamental - is this a known bug? I'm on Fedora 1917:47
frayI havn't run in on Fedora 19.. sorry17:47
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC17:47
fraythere is a debug flag you can pass to the install script that might shed more light on what is happening17:47
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onoffonfray: hey have you thought of putting rpm generation capability in SDK18:27
*** onoffon is now known as khem18:27
fraykhem, we've had a request for the same..18:33
fraymy concern is how useful will it be...18:33
frayBTW unrelated.. toolchain issue/question18:33
fraywhen building for a 64-bit PPC machine, much of the time we have a 64-bit kernel, but 32-bit userspace.. which now results in the compiler barfing it doesn't know what -m64 means..18:34
frayis there any type of a simple change we can make to the PPC compiler configuration to enable -m64 compilation (in the 32-bit compiler) so it can build the kernel?18:34
frayotherwise we're stuck having to have a 64-bit userspace for a 64-bit kernel.. (and then using the 'lib32-image')18:35
khemgenerally I would recommend that but practically may be not possible18:35
khemyou would do a multib option to compiler18:35
khemduring build18:35
khemlet me dig it real quick18:36
fraydoes this mean we'd need to have the full multilib bootstrap?18:36
*** phdeswer_ <phdeswer_!> has joined #yocto18:40
khemfray: I dont think so18:41
khemmy gcc tree is hoses18:41
khemhmm seems like unfinished bisect18:41
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khemfray: what is the target triplet ?18:48
zerusShort question. Is still valid about sending a ssh-key to Richard or Michael to be able to push to poky-contrib?19:00
*** nitink1 <nitink1!~nitink@> has quit IRC19:03
fraykhem, sorry by ssh connection dropped.. anyway..  powerpc64-....linux-gnu19:03
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khemfray: biarch is feature you are looking for19:07
khemfray: and it works ok on 64bit compiler building 32bit kernel19:07
frayis this something to make universal, or should we add it to the BSP?19:07
khembut opposite is not true19:07
khemfor SPE targets19:07
khembiarch is there currently valid ofr intel targets only19:08
khemin OE19:08
*** trollixx <trollixx!> has joined #yocto19:08
khemwhat I see is you want to have 32bit compiler do 64bit kernel19:08
khemthat would need gcc plumbing19:09
frayI'm wondering if it's a problem on MIPS64 as well.. but 'n32' is often the same internals as n64.. so it might never have shown itself.. (or the default qemumips64 is just 64-bit only)19:09
khemits not an issue for mips as far as kernel is concerned19:09
fraythe existing 32-bit compiler works fine.. the problem is how do we build the kenrel19:09
khemyes we configure gcc with *-*-spe*19:09
khemand gcc says no for biarch for 32bit19:10
khemfor that target19:10
khemyou could try to change it19:10
khemsomething like
khembut that may be just the beginning19:11
fraythe spe is only e500 though19:13
fraythese machines are not e500 machines.. it's classic ppc and e5500/e6500 variants19:14
fray(which are pretty much classic minus fsqrt)19:14
khemok, in such case we have to drop spe from target triplet for them19:20
khemthen extend biarch to ppc and done (hopefully)19:20
khembut e5500+ are also e500v2 compatible19:21
khemso we have to make a call and say you cant do e500v2 multilibs in the new config19:21
frayafaik e5500 is only e500mc compatible, not e500v219:21
khemI think people have e500v2 code that they still want to keep running on these newer codres19:22
fraythe spe was dropped for the e500mc19:22
khemdropping e500v2 with in 1 single processor rev ?19:22
khemno way19:22
frayoptimization wise it may be the same.. but the spe was fleeting..19:22
fraythey did it from e500v1 to e500v219:22
fraythe spe change and were not compatible19:22
khemit seems to me e500v2 is well supported on e550019:24
fraye500mc -- classic fp unit, support for SPE, SPESFP, and DPESFP have been removed19:25
khemget it from horses mouth19:25
frayif freescale's site was faster I could.. :P19:25
khemThe e5500 core is also software compatible with the rest of the e500 family,19:26
khemis what it states19:26
fraynot in the block diagram19:26
frayreference I found (from freescale) for the e5500 says it's e500mc19:26
kheme500mc is not successor to e500v219:27
frayI'm still looking for that RM19:27
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frayLook at page 3.. it says the FP is classic19:28
fraye5500 core evolves the e500mc core19:29
kheme500 is gone in 5500 true however software still runs19:29
fraye500v1/2 is dead.. no more SPEFP instructions19:29
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khemso if there are cases where people want to run e500v2 code ?19:29
khemon these newer chips it still runs19:29
fraynot that I know of..19:30
khemor is that not the case19:30
frayHonestly I can't find anything that says the SPEFP code -will- run there.. only the non SPEFP code19:30
fraythere is no SPE/SPEFP unit in the block diagram..19:30
khemso assuming e500mc+ is incompatible with older SPE cores then we can configure the newer machines to drop spe19:31
khemfrom triplet19:31
*** zecke <zecke!> has joined #yocto19:31
frayeverything I've found says it is19:31
fraye500v1 was a dead end and e500v2 was as well19:31
khemunit is not important whats important is if they offer some _software_ emulation or some sort for backward compatiblity19:31
frayFreescale finally learned customers don't want half-assed FP units.. and went back to the classic unit on e500mc and future19:31
frayit would have to be in the kernel, and I'm not aware of any SPE emulation in the kernel19:32
khemyes they probably learned it long way back19:32
khemyes it would have to be in kernel19:32
fraythere are still a few new designs on e500v2.. but they are being fewer and fewer19:32
khemthats fine. for e500v2 based cores we can still choose powerpc-*-gnuspe19:33
khemand it wont hurt19:33
khemfor e500mc+ we can drop gnuspe19:33
khemthat can then facilitate biarch19:33
khemit seems than one needs to port code forward if you are using old spe cores19:34
khemand are excercising SPE19:34
khemwhich could be rare19:34
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto19:35
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khemah ABIEXTENSION is empty for anything thats > e500v219:38
khemso thats taken care of19:38
fraythats what I thought19:38
khemso one problem is solved19:38
khemnow I think look into biarch feature19:39
khemand submit a patch to enable it for ppc19:39
khemif you need help let me know19:39
frayok.. I'll look at it in a bit19:46
ant_homekhem, hi there19:53
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exosystso is there a bugtracker I can file against for the broken SDK installer?20:46
exosystI put the -v output up on
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #183 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
exosystIt looks like the has a typo and should be < 3 or =< 4 rather than < 4 on the if len(sys.argv) test.21:03
*** tor <tor!> has quit IRC21:06
mulhernHow would I find out which version of gcc the yocto project itself uses?21:09
*** JimNH <JimNH!> has joined #yocto21:10
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mulhernBecause it has recipes for 4.7 and 4.8.21:15
mulhernUmmm, I've figured it out.21:19
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #184 of nightly-oecore is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
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mulhernDoes it happen at least sometimes that a patch from a future release of gcc gets applied to the current release in order to pick up some desirable functionality, i.e., not a bug fix patch but an enhancement patch?22:19
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #205 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mr_sciencemulhern: sounds reasonable, although i can't point to a specific one...22:36
*** doerrpau <doerrpau!> has joined #yocto22:37
sgw_mulhern: khem would be a good person to ask that question22:38
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CircuitsoftHello - where is udhcpc being called on boot? I need to pass extra options to it.23:22
sgw_Circuitsoft: what image / target?23:25
CircuitsoftThe binary is part of busybox23:26
sgw_that's what I wanted to confirm23:26
CircuitsoftBrowsing the source of busybox, I see a "[[ %udhcpc_opts%]]"23:27
CircuitsoftAny idea where that would come from?23:27
sgw_first, it looks like the udhcpc is not getting started automagically, this is mostly because connman is used on some images, but there is an init script (your using sysvinit, I assume) in the /etc/udhcp.d dir23:29
sgw_nevermind that one, I am confusing setups.23:30
Circuitsoftudhcp is getting started.23:32
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CircuitsoftHowever, it is passed the "-n" option so that if it doesn't get a lease, it will quit rather than retrying.23:32
CircuitsoftIn my application, that is /extremely bad/.23:32
*** pidge <pidge!~pidge@> has quit IRC23:39
CircuitsoftFound it - it's statically compiled into the ifupdown in busybox.23:40
CircuitsoftI guess I need to make a new release.23:40
mr_sciencethere's at least one recipe for the last "original" dhcpcd version23:42
mr_scienceworks in my pi build...23:42
CircuitsoftWell, the problem is actually in ifupdown, not udhcpc.23:49
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