Friday, 2013-08-09

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mr_scienceyay, i get to package a new lib tonight...00:46
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mr_sciencealthough it seems a little odd that "agile" depends on me pulling that stuff out of you-know-where at a moment's notice...00:47
mr_sciencei wonder if i'm in any of those books00:47
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bluelightningmorning all07:53
mihaimorning bluelightning07:53
bluelightninghi mihai07:54
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bluelightninghi JaMa08:02
bluelightningJaMa: btw, I think the libpostproc dependency in libav is actually bogus, there's no reference to it in the libav 9+ source08:08
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JaMabluelightning: interesting, sorry I wasn't looking into it, I was just commenting about difficulties with current recipes08:19
bluelightningJaMa: no worries08:19
JaMaso that first version in oe-core can be done right on first try08:19
bluelightningsure, and I'm glad you pointed out the difficulties08:19
bluelightningso this being the case I'll probably not add libpostproc to OE-Core, but I still can uprev and clean up the recipe if the latter is needed08:21
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bluelightningactually, doesn't look like any uprev is needed08:27
bluelightningrecipe is mostly clean as well other than SUMMARY vs DESCRIPTION08:28
bluelightningand it builds successfully08:28
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JaMabluelightning: SRC_URI was indented correctly :)09:18
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rburtonmorning jackmitchell09:27
jackmitchellrburton: morning09:28
bluelightningJaMa: convention as far as I am aware is to continue the spacing level from the previous line09:30
bluelightningJaMa: but if that's the only issue with those patches I'll be happy :)09:30
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Krzhi there, how can i disable sanity checker in Yocto?10:30
rburtonKrz: what one in particular?10:30
KrzERROR:  OE-core's config sanity checker detected a potential misconfiguration.10:30
Krzthis one10:30
Krzi complains about pseudo not working correctly10:31
rburtonthat's pretty serious10:31
rburtonwhat's the error?10:31
rburton(pseudo not working means you can't build images)10:32
bluelightningyes, you absolutely need pseudo10:34
Krzso 1. i'm doing it under cygwin, 2. i created my own pseudo as bash script (exec $@) 3. i just want to do bitbake -c populate_sdk10:34
KrzI hope i dont full pseudo functionality10:35
bluelightningif you don't have pseudo, files will end up with the wrong permissions10:35
Krzwhere ? i just need xcompiler, i don't care about permissios10:36
bluelightningalso, separately, rpm needs to chroot as part of its process of installing packages, so it relies on the fakechroot-type functionality also present in pseudo10:36
* rburton is scared to ask why running poky under cygwin10:37
Krzthat's just a project requirement to have windows/linux xcompiler10:37
Krzi didn't try hard yet with canadian on linux host (not supported as well for cygwin target)10:38
JaMabluelightning: do you know if do_fetch task checksum includes SRC_URI checksums?10:39
JaMabluelightning: now when fetcher is able to rename download with wrong archive, it would be nice to force do_fetch execution when recipe is updated with different checksums10:40
bluelightningJaMa: I'm not sure, I'll check10:40
rburtonKrz: might be easier to extend oe-core to support win32 as a host for the sdk, instead of making oe-core run on cygwin.10:40
Krzreally? what about all native tools?10:41
Krzthat would be total rework of Yocto10:42
rburtonwell, win32+cygwin i guess.10:42
Krzmy point is only to create sdk for win32, i don't want to build rootfs/kernel/anything else10:44
bluelightningKrz: it shouldn't be a total rework - possibly even less work than what you're trying now10:45
bluelightningKrz: FYI, someone was asking about doing this same thing on the oe-devel mailing list the other day10:45
Krzon oe-devel i remember question about linux host canadian for mingw32 as target, which is close10:46
Krzyeah, this one10:46
rburtonits been a long time since i used it, but mingw32 was definitely the better option compared to cygwin10:47
Krzi talked to the author, he is still at the same place, didnt solve the problem10:47
Krzthe beauty of cygwin is we can give people binaries + cygwin.dll and it is 'native' then10:47
bluelightningthe problem is I suspect it's going to be a considerable amount of pain to get the build system fully working on top of cygwin10:49
bluelightningwhat you're hitting now is probably just the start10:49
Krzok, so the easiest way would be to use linux as host and try canadian, as author of oe mail?10:52
bluelightningthat's what I'm thinking, yes10:52
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JaMabluelightning: it's hard to configure vim to understand which line is in shell task and which line in in python task or even multiline variable :)11:51
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JaMabluelightning: I'll let QA_ERROR change in poky conf for someone using poky, OK?16:01
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bluelightningJaMa: certainly, I wasn't implying you would need to do that - that's up to us :)16:02
bluelightningjust noting it needed to be done16:02
JaMaok, thanks for noting it :)16:03
bluelightningfunnily enough Scott was just about to add BUILDHISTORY_CHECKVERBACKWARDS to the manual on the same day you sent that patch :)16:04
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JaMabluelightning: there is one pending change for buildhistory (recording real package size instead of .ipk)16:08
JaMabluelightning: you wanted to improve it, will you have time for it?16:08
bluelightningJaMa: ah right, I forgot about that one16:08
* bluelightning looks at it now16:10
bluelightningah yes, now I remember16:15
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cfo215Has anyone out there ever had a clean build of qemuarm?  I have nothing but bunches of error messages.  12 failed tasks last time I tried bitbaking.16:31
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rburtoncfo215: my build machine should be doing one every night16:32
kergothI do one every couple days or so16:32
rburtoncfo215: what's the error?16:32
rburtonclean build of what, specifically16:32
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cfo215My goal is to build Angstrom with Qt for BeagleBone Black ARM Ti Sitara am335x proc.  I can't get past the bitbake -k core-image-sato using qemuarm for a machine.16:35
rburtonthat's what i build16:35
rburtonyou should pastebin the failures16:35
cfo215ERROR: Task 5258 (/media/ToshibaExt/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/cmake/, do_compile) failed with exit code '1'16:36
cfo215error log files work for pastebin?  I have lots of those.16:37
cfo215@rburton: are you for hire?  I seriously need help from someone who knows what they are doing.16:39
rburtoncfo215: sadly not16:39
rburtoncfo215: several people here are though16:40
cfo215rburton: Please send them my way.16:40
rburtonmy go-to contractor man sadly is on holiday16:41
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lpappcfo215: they means?16:43
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rburtoncfo215: email, tell him i sent you from here :)16:44
cfo215rburton: thanks16:44
rburtoncfo215: lists the official participants of the yocto project, several of those are contractors for hire16:45
cfo215rburton: thanks again16:45
rburtonnp.  we need to make this more obvious somehow.16:46
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cfo215just a suggestion, but you should put the MD5 or SHA checksums on your download pages.  I was trying to follow along with the Using Pre-Built Binaries and QEMU section of the doc and the sh command must have been corrupt: "Extracting SDK...tar: Skipping to next header16:51
cfo215bzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.16:51
cfo215Input file = (stdin), output file = (stdout)16:51
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #98 of minnow is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
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panda84kdeHi guys. Quick question. Is there GMA600 OpenGL ES support for minnowboard?17:25
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #100 of minnow is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
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mr_sciencegreat, now i get to explain why underlinking is not good18:12
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Crofton|workwhat would happen if I sent a patch to rename meta-yocto to meta-poky?18:34
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kergoththat'd break an awful lot of clones, unless you set up something for compatiblity18:36
kergothgit repo renames havec to be approached carefully18:36
Crofton|workI am merely expressing frustration at the confusion that causes :)18:42
Crofton|workkhem, +1 for having a talk at ARM Techcon18:46
* kergoth nods18:50
kergothnice, i didn't know he was doing a talk there18:50
kergothpfft, baserock. platform for selling hardware18:50
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Crofton|workyeah, I came to the same solution18:55
Crofton|workmind you, OE sells intel servers :)18:55
kergothheh :)18:55
Crofton|workalthough I erally want someone to do OE builds on arm servers18:56
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rburtonkergoth: those cheeky baserock guys are pretty good at badmouthing yocto18:58
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rburtonkergoth: my favourite was "a full yocto build can take days"18:59
rburtonapparently he meant hours but it came out wrong in the vodcast thingy they did, and edited.18:59
rburtonanyway, dinner18:59
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mranostayCrofton|work: hush you :P19:36
Crofton|workspeakigng of bad  mouthing, I am trying to use some Xilnx tools19:39
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JaMakergoth: I was thinking about importing buildstats-summary into our layer, but meta-mentor doesn't have LICENSE file, can I assume MIT?19:59
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kergothhmm, thought i added one20:03
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JaMafwiw I was looking here:
* kergoth nods20:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #85 of minnow-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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BCMMhow can i get a list of available targets for bitbake?21:52
kergothbitbake -s is the easiest way, though it also shows versions22:01
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