Sunday, 2013-08-18

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nerdboydamn, guess he's not here...00:16
nerdboywas going to say cmake builds could easily be underlinked if building shared libs00:16
nerdboyinfamous even...00:17
nerdboydcmtk is already heavily patched by the major distros and i *still* had to add more linker patches to get ti to build link properly in oe-classic00:19
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nerdboyie, so other builds could succeed...00:19
* nerdboy thinks cmake is more painful than autotools if both are currently maintained00:20
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #254 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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nerdboy*hacking cmake00:30
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alex_kag_hello, prompt, where i can see an example of a simple program written prescription for qt and opengl?08:48
lpappalex_kag_: what is a presciption?08:48
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alex_kag_lpapp, - recipe (.bb)11:39
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lpappalex_kag_: maybe the demos...13:14
lpappbluelightning: about?13:14
bluelightninglpapp: sort of13:40
alex_kag_lpapp: in demos i see only "smarthome", but it on qml, not opengl14:04
lpappalex_kag_: opengl is not tight to qml, c, or cpp14:05
lpappbluelightning: ok ...14:05
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ant_homezz_ka6sox, before sleeping
ant_homeorganist ofc but also for the drummer20:22
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