Monday, 2013-08-19

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bluelightningmorning all08:00
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mshakeelHi all, I am working to achieve that no artifacts of UNIX System V init should be present on target i.e /etc/init.d and /etc/rc[0-6|S].d10:19
mshakeelI seem to handle other things but it is opkg postinstaller script which is of some concern10:20
mshakeelopkg is using /etc/rcS,d dir to place its postinstaller script10:20
mshakeelwhich is removed on first boot10:20
mshakeelIs it a good idea to replace it with a systemd service file?10:21
bluelightningmshakeel: if it works the same way, I don't see why not...10:21
mshakeelI mean if sysvinit is in distro features than keep things as it is otherwise use service file instead of script10:22
mshakeelthere is one more problem that there is '' which uses this script10:22
mshakeelbluelightning: we need to modify that as well, is it acceptable?10:23 is there to run sysvinit scripts in systemd env10:23
bluelightningwhat are you changing there?10:23
mshakeeljust not to call that script if it is only systemd env10:24
mshakeelalthough it is already first checking for this script existence.10:25
mshakeelbut functionality wise there shouldn't be any problem because what this script is doing (configuring pkgs) will be done through service file10:25
mshakeel/etc/rcS.d/S98run-postinsts is opkg post-install script10:27
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Stygiabluelightning, Hey.10:54
Stygiabluelightning, I pulled oe-core and tried to find meta-perl, but it's not there anywhere. Is it still in your staging/test area?10:54
bluelightningStygia: it's in the meta-openembedded repository10:56
StygiaStygia, Alright, I'll go look for it.10:57
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Stygiabluelightning, Is it on github too?10:59
Stygiabluelightning, Alright, got it.10:59
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StygiaI'll be adding recipes gradually as I adjust their naming to your convention and add proper dependencies, etc.11:00
bluelightningStygia: ok, np11:00
Stygiabluelightning, Does a 'team member' need to sign off all my pushes? Do I need to write to the mailing list and describe what I've done? I mean I know I'm supposed to be subscribed and I am.11:01
bluelightningStygia: you'll need to send the new recipes as patches to the openembedded-devel mailing list11:02
bluelightningStygia: if you're sending a few you can use the pull request scripts, that makes things a bit easier11:02
Stygiabluelightning, Alright I'll just use the procedure on the wiki.11:02
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Stygiabluelightning, Well... okay, I think that was it. I committed two recipes.11:11
Stygiabluelightning, So if this works/gets accepted I'll be pushing about... 30 I'd say this week.11:12
Stygiabluelightning, Hah... more like 104. :P11:13
bluelightningStygia: so you've committed them but not sent the patches yet, is that right?11:14
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Stygiabluelightning, I think I send them? I used the git send-email command from the wiki.11:14
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Stygiabluelightning, git send-email --confirm=always -M -111:15
bluelightningStygia: ah, it should have been sent to openembedded-devel@11:15
StygiaAah right, pardon. I'll try again. I hope openembedde-core@ doesn't hate me now.11:16
bluelightningdoesn't seem to have shown up there yet, FWIW11:17
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm no... I may not have a proper sendmail binary, git didn't notify me about that, though. I'll keep trying.11:18
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Stygiabluelightning, ... seems like the debian installer for sendmail is broken. I'll do it later, then.11:22
zibristygia: postfix may be simpler to set up from my experience, and also provides a sendmail binary11:25
Stygiazibri, Hmm alright, I could try that, thanks. :)11:27
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StygiaAlright, so. Seems like postfix works just fine, and I tried to send an email. But I got a mail back from the openembedded-devel@ list saying I'm not allowed to email it?11:50
Stygia'You are not allowed to post to this mailing list'11:50
bluelightningStygia: are you subscribed? valid From: set?11:53
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StygiaI did just subscribe, I think, and my From: erp@movis.dk11:54
StygiaWaait... maybe I subscribed to the openembedded-core one... let me check.11:54
StygiaAh, yes. Sorry, I subbed to the wrong one.11:55
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StygiaHmm, alright. Now it should be posted, I think.11:58
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bluelightningStygia: ok, I see it now12:02
bluelightningStygia: you've put signed-off-by in the subject line12:03
bluelightningStygia: also the shortlog should be "recipename: add" or similar12:03
StygiaHmm? I guess? I more or less copy pasted the lines from the wiki.12:03
bluelightningStygia: shortlog = first line of the commit message12:04
StygiaI did git commit -s then wrote a commit message, then just used the git send-email12:04
StygiaAh, okay, so the first line should be short. How did I put the signed-off-by in there? I didn't do that manually, I just used git commit -s like suggested by the wiki12:04
StygiaI'm not exactly super familiar with git...12:05
bluelightningI'm not sure how that all ended up on one line to be honest12:05
StygiaHmm alright, well. Pardon either way.12:05
bluelightningalso, when sending to the openembedded-devel list you need to include a prefix that specifies which layer the patch is for, i.e. --subject-prefix="meta-perl][PATCH"12:06
bluelightning(since the openembedded-devel list is used for many different layers)12:06
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bluelightningbtw, if you also use --confirm=always on the git send-email command line you get a preview of the headers before sending12:08
StygiaHmm alright. I will try again for another package, see if I can get it right.12:08
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StygiaOkay, I hope this did it.12:12
StygiaI did git commit -s, added a line to briefly describe it, another line with a more full description, then pushed. But it seems like the whole description goes in the subject..12:12
StygiaAh, I got an email telling me I need a blank line before it. Right.12:13
StygiaSorry to spam your mailing list. I still haven't contributed anything to an OS project before. Heh, hopefully the number of recipes I'm about to push will make up for it.12:13
bluelightningno worries, we all went through this at some point :)12:17
StygiaOkay... okay, now I think it's right. :) Third commit, and this time the subject and everything looks correct.12:17
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StygiaThis last one I send looks right, yea?12:21
bluelightningpretty much, although typically when adding recipes I usually do one commit per recipe (not sure if that's a rule or not though)12:21
StygiaAh, hmm.12:22
StygiaWell I've done one recipe + its dependencies.12:22
StygiaIt wouldn't build it work just with the one recipe.12:22
bluelightningindeed, if you did want to do one per recipe it would be in order such that the dependencies were added first12:23
bluelightningthis is somewhat of a triviality though12:23
StygiaHmm. Yea, alright, fair enough. I'll try to keep that in mind.12:23
bluelightningthe recipes themselves are very clean, well done :)12:24
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bluelightningStygia: a couple of other things though12:25
bluelightningperl-module-* may not fit our typical naming scheme (at least as far as I've seen)12:26
bluelightningusually it's lib*-perl12:26
bluelightningalso, we usually characterise the perl license as "Artistic-1.0 | GPL-1.0+"12:27
bluelightning(assuming those recipes were meant to be licensed a la perl itself)12:27
StygiaOh? Didn't you tell me to change from cpan-X to perl-module-X?12:27
StygiaAlso, they were.12:27
bluelightningdid I? hmm...12:27
StygiaI distinctly remember someone saying it. Immediately I'd say you.12:28
StygiaFuck me if I know, though.12:28
bluelightningthis is a lot of pedantry to put up with, I know... sorry about that12:28
StygiaHmm, well, no worries.12:29
StygiaI just sort of need a way to know for sure. Is it perl-module-X or libX-perl?12:30
StygiaBecause I've been spending some time renaming my cpan-X things to perl-module-X already...12:30
bluelightninglooking over all of our recipes and the older ones in OE-Classic, it's libX-perl12:30
bluelightningI wonder if there's an easy way to rename them quickly rather than you having to go through and do it by hand12:31
StygiaI think I have a mass renamer somewhere here...12:31
bluelightningI guess if you haven't committed them yet it'll already be easier12:32
Stygiabluelightning, Sorry about the quality. Just thought the joke fit.12:32
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Stygiabluelightning, Are you sure about the libX-perl convention, though?12:36
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bluelightningStygia: looking at this, fairly sure yes:
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Stygiabluelightning, Alright, well. Okay then.12:43
Stygiabluelightning, Just FYI this is the last time I'm renaming anything. ;) So now you're stuck with that convention.12:43
bluelightningok :)12:43
Stygiabluelightning, No worries though, my mass renamer can do regular expressions.12:44
StygiaSo it's a pretty simple matter of s/perl-module-(.*)/lib\1-perl/gi12:44
StygiaI can do that. :P12:44
StygiaI'll fix that expression if it's borken somewhere, don't worry. :)12:46
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LetoThe2ndhowdy! jsut a short one: whats the best practise when working with multiple projects, which could have architecture or bits n pices in common? using a vendor layer for the software is obvious, but what about the directory structure, and what gets built when/where?12:51
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: keep separate build directories; you may also wish to use separate branches in your "vendor" layer so that changes don't necessarily have to apply to both12:56
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: so basically start from poky base for each project?12:57
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: yes12:58
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: so sharing the toolchain or such is not recommended? e.g. when ever i start or take over some project, the first build is used to get everything setup up, right?12:59
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LetoThe2ndsharing the downloads is possible, already found that12:59
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: you can share the sstate directories between the two to save build time13:00
bluelightningStygia: er, so your patch is on top of the other patch you sent, it should be against master13:01
Crofton|workbroke meta-xilinx13:01
bluelightningStygia: you can squash it into the previous patch by using "git rebase -i master"13:01
otavioCrofton|work: ?!?13:01
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: is that ok also for example if one is x86 and the other is arm? or just not worth the effort because only the initial build is affected?13:01
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: well, it'll still be able to save time on the native part13:02
ndecLetoThe2nd: as a general rule, i am using 1 download and 1 sstate-cache, which are symlink'd in all my build folders.13:02
LetoThe2ndndec: ok, something like /opt/pokystuff/{downloads,sstate} manually lilnked into every project?13:02
LetoThe2ndndec: ok, i think i get it.13:03
ndecsstate make 'build folder' cheap ;-)13:03
ndecthere are tools/scripts to cleanup sstate when it starts getting too big.13:04
Crofton|workotavio, zedd_
LetoThe2ndndec: well that thing getting big is not an issue to my, just thinking of how things are actually used in everyday work (as opposite to "first steps")13:05
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otavioCrofton|work: yes; I sent a fix for this to the ml13:05
Crofton|workah cool13:05
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ndecLetoThe2nd: everyday work, as you are 'alone', or with a team?13:05
otaviosgw_: Did you see the patch for linux-dtb? It is critical ^13:05
otaviosgw_: it fixes a regression13:05
LetoThe2ndndec: both cases exist13:06
Stygiabluelightning, Alright? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that and why I would do that.13:06
ndeci haven't implemented the 'team' use case yet... but i suspect sharing the 'team build server' sstate over the network should be what to do.13:06
StygiaI actually don't understand what you mean by a patch being on top of the other patch?13:06
Crofton|workotavio, thanks, always good to find Monday's problem is already queued for a fix13:07
bluelightningStygia: the test-more patch you have sent isn't a change on top of master, it's a change on top of one of the other patches you sent13:07
LetoThe2ndndec: ok13:07
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bluelightningStygia: test-simple I mean13:07
StygiaAh hmm alright. So if I run the rebase command, what then, I can change my previous commit?13:07
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bluelightningStygia: yes13:08
Stygiatest-simple RPROVIDES test-more so not completely off. :P13:08
StygiaSo if I rebase it... do I have to mail it again, or just push, or what?13:08
bluelightningStygia: it'll have to be re-sent yes13:10
LetoThe2ndndec: when after some bitbking i changed my pwd into another project and source th oe init nothing clashes, right?13:10
Stygiabluelightning, Alright. I'll rename one at a time, then do one commit per rename, then, once I"ve done all that, send the email?13:11
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ndecLetoThe2nd: not sure i see what you mean.13:11
otavioCrofton|work: eheh; sorry by not catch this error before :(13:11
bluelightningStygia: it's not one commit per rename it's one commit to add the recipe on top of what's in the meta-openembedded repository13:11
StygiaHmm alright.13:11
LetoThe2ndndec: well sourcing oe-init-env-script or howsitcalled prepares my shells environment when i'm inside a specific project13:12
LetoThe2ndndec: so after being done with things there, if i use the *same* shell to continue working maybe in another project, will leftovers in the env clash?13:13
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LetoThe2nd\o/ vacatioooooon! :)13:15
Stygiabluelightning, Okay... I've no idea if that was right, but anyhow, there it goes.13:16
Stygiabluelightning, At least now I can add new recipes without doing it wrong. ^_^13:16
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ndec|vacationsLetoThe2nd: hmm... that's weird..13:18
ndec|vacationsmy nick has changed, and I can't change it back... i am definitely not in vacations...13:18
bluelightningStygia: I'm afraid this is the same thing13:19
Stygiabluelightning, Oh, well uh. Hmm.13:20
Stygiabluelightning, I'm not quite sure what to do. I did the restage thing, and it opened a file that said 'noop', so... I saved that and mailed it in.13:20
bluelightningStygia: ah of course.. sorry... try git rebase -i origin/master13:20
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StygiaAfter commiting, yea? I did already commit these chagnes13:21
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Stygiabluelightning, Isn't it too late now though?13:21
bluelightningStygia: not really, none of these patches can be applied13:22
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bluelightningStygia: if you like you can send the next one to me first if that helps13:22
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StygiaThe file? Or the commit?13:24
StygiaOkay, I"m trying to restage the commit... If I'm reading this right, then what I'm doing here makes sense:13:24
Stygias 51bdf53 Added recipes for Test::More and its dependency Test::Harness Signed-off-by: Emil Petersen <>13:24
Stygias 9288d2e perl-module-test-more: deleted, perl-module-test-simple: add Test::Simple contains Test::More and a number of other packages.$13:24
Stygias f52c98d perl-module-common-sense: added, perl-module-json-xs: added13:24
Stygias a99702c perl-module-scalar-list-utils: added13:24
Stygias 4455d1f perl-module-test-simple: renamed13:24
Stygias a80ca11 perl-module-json-xs: renamed13:24
Stygias 5bf8d69 perl-module-common-sense: renamed13:24
Stygiap 1cf1455 libjson-xs-perl,libscalar-list-utils-perl,libtest-harness-perl,libtest-simple-perl, perl-module-test-harness: rename13:24
StygiaPicking the last commit and squashing the others?13:24
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@nat/ti/x-haloxhrcrnhmjtqp> has joined #yocto13:25
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto13:25
bluelightningStygia: no, you need to move things around such that you can squash the renames into the adds13:25
Stygiabluelightning, That make sense?13:25
bluelightningStygia: you can cut and paste lines to reorder the commits13:25
Stygiabluelightning, I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean by that or how to begin to accomplish it.13:26
Stygiabluelightning, Ah, so.... the adds need to be the last ones?13:26
bluelightningStygia: well not really, they need to be interleaved since the squash just squashes it into the commit above13:26
Stygiabluelightning, ... I'm sorry but you've completely lost me.13:27
Stygiabluelightning, Can I somehow delete all my commits so far and just do a "normal" commit with the right name to start with?13:27
bluelightningStygia: sure... you can soft reset back to master13:28
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC13:29
bluelightningi.e.: git reset origin/master13:29
Stygiabluelightning, Alright... I'm just gonna kill this repo and clone it again... then go read the git documentation before I bring irrevokable shame to my family name.13:30
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*** zedd_ is now known as zeddii13:41
bluelightningStygia: no need to clone again, if you reset to origin/master you're back where you started with your changes uncommitted on top13:44
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@nat/ti/x-sqxewjnljemdscnc> has joined #yocto13:45
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BCMMi think i accidentally terminated a bitbake run badly. now i'm getting "An uncaught exception occured in runqueue" followed by a traceback and "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory"13:57
BCMMhow should i go about finding out what's causing this and fixing it?13:58
*** _alex_kag_ <_alex_kag_!~alex_kag@> has quit IRC13:59
*** _alex_kag <_alex_kag!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto13:59
StygiaBCMM, I've no idea, but have you tried -c cleanall'ing the recipe you terminated?14:00
BCMMnow you mention it, probably not all of them14:01
BCMMi'll try that14:01
BCMMStygia: nope, same again14:02
BCMMthanks though14:02
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto14:02
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto14:02
BCMM"NOTE: Executing RunQueue Tasks" is the last line before it falls over14:02
BCMMif i "git pull" the latest versions of everything, what do i need to do to ensure stuff gets rebuilt14:03
BCMM(i was trying to type a question mark...)14:03
*** _alex_kag <_alex_kag!~alex_kag@> has quit IRC14:04
*** challinan <challinan!> has quit IRC14:04
*** OlivierG is now known as OlivierG_14:04
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has quit IRC14:05
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto14:05
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*** daBONDi_work <daBONDi_work!~david@> has joined #yocto14:07
BCMMit looks like it's breaking because tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/pseudo doesn't exist14:08
BCMMwhich is presumably because i just ran wipe-sysroot...14:08
BCMMi guess there are some other commands i need to run when i do wipe-sysroot?14:08
daBONDi_workHi iam new here maybe someone can help me, i Build with hob an Image "atom" + "Core Image Minimal initramfs" and boot it over pxe with pxelinux and it holds on "Waiting for removable media ..." does this mean that rootfs cannot be found ?14:10
daBONDi_workOnly can find something about a boot bug with udev but this should be fixed in dylan14:11
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has joined #yocto14:17
RPBCMM: You could try bitbake -c pseudo-native14:20
RPBCMM: -c clean pseudo-native14:21
BCMMRP: thanks, that's fixed. new error now: "rpmbuild: command not found"14:22
BCMMRP: it seems like wipe-sysroot destroyed a bunch of native utilities without prompting anything to rebuild them?14:22
BCMMhave i misunderstood the circumstances under which it is ok to wipe-sysroot?14:23
RPBCMM: I'm not familiar with it :/14:23
RPBCMM: that error means rpm-native is missing and needs cleaning14:24
BCMMyeah, doing that now, but i imagine it's going to do that for every native package14:24
RPBCMM: for some reason its not wiped out the native do_populate_sysroot stamps in tmp/stamps14:25
BCMMRP: what exactly are stamps? they indicate that something has already been installed and doesn't need building just cause something depends on it?14:25
RPBCMM: they tell bitbake is something has been built or not14:26
BCMMfor the actual ARM packages i've built, there are already work dirs with completed builds right? so it should basically "make install" or equivalents without having to rebuild those?14:27
*** Net147 <Net147!> has quit IRC14:28
BCMMRP: looking at the source, it wipes out do_populate_sysroot stamps only14:31
*** sgw_ <sgw_!> has joined #yocto14:31
RPBCMM: but it should do that in the native directory as well as the target ones14:33
BCMMRP: yeah, they seem to be gone. that doesn't seem to have persuaded bitbake to reinstall them14:33
RPBCMM: Something odd is going on :/14:34
RPBCMM: hard to tell from afar though :(14:34
BCMMRP: shall i just do bitbake -c clean $(bitbake -s |  grep native | awk ' { printf $1 " " } ')14:35
BCMMis that likely to cause further breakage, beyond having to rebuild the native packages?14:35
RPBCMM: At this point I'd probably start with a clean tmp14:35
BCMMthat means rebuilding all the target packages...14:36
RPBCMM: presumably you have sstate still?14:36
BCMMRP: what's sstate? (i'm pretty much a yocto newbie)14:36
RPBCMM: the sstate-cache directory - it will use objects from there *if* they match your current configuration14:37
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has quit IRC14:37
BCMMRP: yeah, i have that - what is it though?14:37
RPBCMM: saved output from the build to reuse in other builds if the configuration matches.14:38
BCMMah, basically tarballs of finished "packages"?14:38
RPBCMM: tarballs of the output of specific tasks14:38
RPso yes, ish14:39
BCMMso if i just wipe out tmp/ and re-run my recipes, i won't be doing everything from scratch? sounds like the way to go, thanks14:39
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has quit IRC14:41
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-ttsaplzqvtmhsmyv> has joined #yocto14:42
RPBCMM: correct, assuming the configuration still matches14:42
BCMMRP: meaning relevant configuration, or any modification of local.conf?14:43
RPBCMM: relevant configuration14:43
BCMMthanks, i'll do that14:43
*** Zagor <Zagor!~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor> has quit IRC14:44
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto14:45
kergothRP: have you seen ^C problems early on in bitbake's startup? it seems worse than it was before bitbake learned to restart itself. e.g. an interrupt and clean shutdown of the pseudo-native build and it continues merrily along to the real build14:46
kergothRP: i'm quite often having to ^Z and pkill -f bitbake14:46
*** zenlinux_ <zenlinux_!> has joined #yocto14:46
*** arky <arky!~arky@> has joined #yocto14:47
kergothanother behavior is just a hang if you interrupt prior to the initial build14:47
daBONDi_workHi iam new here maybe someone can help me, i Build with hob an Image "atom" + "Core Image Minimal initramfs" and boot it over pxe with pxelinux and it holds on "Waiting for removable media ..." does this mean that rootfs cannot be found ? Sry for remsg :-)14:50
Crofton|workRP, those are the most ridiculous off road tires I ahve ever seen14:52
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC14:52
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bluelightningdaBONDi_work: ensure you have not removed support for the device upon which you are booting from in your kernel config14:55
*** andyross <andyross!> has joined #yocto14:55
RPkergoth: I've seen the same thing :(14:55
RPkergoth: I think the process changes have made an existing problem much worse and more visible :(14:55
RPCrofton|work: They're all terrain, I don't do much proper offroad14:56
* kergoth nods14:57
RPCrofton|work: shows it can happily go interesting places on those tyres ;-)14:57
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bluelightningdaBONDi_work: I suspect it does mean the rootfs can't be found, have a look at meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/ where that message is shown15:37
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daBONDi_workyeah bluelightning i found that already in source still no clue to fix it, but iam trying :-)15:45
*** seebs <seebs!> has joined #yocto15:46
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daBONDi_workSomeone Now if i need the file to boot with syslinux ?16:06
daBONDi_workSomeone know if i need the file to boot with syslinux ? :-)16:06
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KrzHi guys, I have a uclibc based rootfs, lzma compressed takes ~2.2MB. Now if I just change libc to eglibc it becomes ~3.4. Is there any way I can trim down standard eglibc to achieve something similar to uclibc?16:54
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!> has quit IRC16:55
bluelightningKrz: you can play around with the eglibc configuration options (see Darren's work on poky-tiny), but to be honest I thought you had already done that16:55
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has quit IRC16:56
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Krzbluelightning: looking at poky-tiny config (which I'm using) there is nothing else to strip :/16:58
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has joined #yocto16:59
bluelightningKrz: right, in that case unless you want to cut out some really fundamental stuff that is probably the lower limit of size for eglibc16:59
nerdboyi guess if i really wanted openembedded on my new phone i'd a freerunner...17:04
*** _alex_kag <_alex_kag!~alex_kag@> has quit IRC17:04
nerdboyunless there are any other machine targets for openmoko?17:05
bluelightningthe meta-smartphone repository has a bunch of phone hw targets IIRC17:08
Krzbluelightning: thx; ~3.4MB is pretty low anyway17:09
Krzbluelightning: we just have so low size restrictions17:09
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daBONDi_workHi iam again << Yocto N00b :-) i Installed the Yocto Plugins in my Eclipse Juno SR2 and Create a Bitbakecommander Project and under the Project Properties > Builders i got an error, "Missing Builder (org.yocto.bc.ui.builder.BitbakeBuilder", i install it with Help > Install Software > Pass URL from 1.4.1 Version17:47
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brmhi guys, anyone know how to use bitbake commander in eclipse18:45
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #31 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
brmi am using eclipse kepler and the plugin18:50
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #97 of minnow-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
brmany eclipse bitbake commander experts out there?19:07
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #225 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #258 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #113 of minnow is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #256 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Images_1] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #258 of nightly-mips is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Images_1 Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #253 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #227 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Images_1 Building Images_2] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #259 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Images_1 Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #258 of build-appliance is complete: Failure [failed Building Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #229 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Building Images_1 Building Images_2 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #267 of nightly-x32 is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #259 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Images_1] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #256 of nightly-ppc is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Images_1 Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #250 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #69 of buildtools is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #268 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Images_1] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #234 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #254 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #222 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #223 of nightly is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
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kergothany thoughts on ? the lack of consistency amongst non-linux-yocto kernels wrt .config bugs me22:36
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seebskergoth: That seems like a good idea to me, intuitively. Consistency is nice.23:11
seebsUnrelated, but since I happened to be here looking for you: Any thoughts on how well meta-sourcery works with multilib builds, normally?23:11
seebsI ask because my fork is sorta badly broken for a BSP that enables multilibs, with the root problem being that ${TARGET_PREFIX} is the same for both multilibs, I think. It didn't affect my previous implementation because that one always set up wrappers, thus, had different TARGET_PREFIX for each multilib.23:12
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #259 of build-appliance is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
kergothseebs: heh, I doubt anyone has ever tested it with them. I'm guessing some missing ${MLPREFIX}s23:19
seebsI'm not sure. The distinction seems to be that with our wrappers, we were setting values with names like PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/tuning1-wrapper-linux-gnu-gcc-initial23:20
seebsBut without the wrappers, it's just the generic and identical-between-multilibs "mips-sourcery-linux-gnu-gcc-initial" or whatever.23:20
*** davest <davest!~Adium@> has quit IRC23:21
seebsSo, what's biting us is, there is a hidden assumption in the way the virtual/PREFIX-gcc-initial stuff is set up, which is that TARGET_PREFIX varies.23:21
kergothyeah, i expect the quickest solution would be to add mlprefix to the non-PN-based-package-names and to the provides. longer term would be nice to only provide a given multilib if we really provide that multilib23:21
seebsI think it's not the package names biting us, but the predefined (external to this layer) virtual/* names.23:22
seebsSomething somewhere is assuming that gcc-initial can have a different PREFERRED_PROVIDER for each multilib, which it sort of has to.23:22
kergothi know, i just mentioned it as it'd bite us later :)23:22
seebsAhh, that too.23:22
seebsAnd I *think* I have the mlprefixes in most of the places I need them, maybe.23:23
seebsIn my fork, there's suitable magic such that you really can build the external-sourcery-toolchain-cross for two multilibs, in principle.23:23
seebsI am sort of leaning towards some kind of fancy thing wherein we have base symlinks using the CSL_TARGET_SYS names, and then tuning-specific links to them which use something else, and make TARGET_PREFIX be that something else.23:23
seebsEven if the tuning-specific links don't *actually* do anything different.23:24
kergothdoesn't sound unreasonable to me23:25
seebsI am gonna stop talking now. I was feeling mostly okay, then I thought "huh, my throat feels dry and itchy", and suddenly I feel awful.23:26
seebsAnd I learned, quite a while back, that I get *really stupid* when I am even a little sick sometimes.23:26
seebsI try very, very, hard not to write code when I have mild sniffles. Unless it is for future entertainment value during code reviews.23:27
kergothheh, definitely a good policy, I have that one also. particularly for fevers, almost never thinking straight with those23:27
seebsI sort of default to a fever whenever anything happens to my immune system.23:28
seebsAlthough this did lead to one of the most fascinating experiences I ever had.23:28
seebsI had a fever, and I grabbed a book. It turned out to be _Foucault's Pendulum_.23:29
seebsSo basically, there's what the calendar tells me is about a 3-day period during which I frankly have no idea which things I dreamed and which I read.23:29
seebsAnd I am sort of afraid to ever go read the book again now, for fear it won't be as awesome as it seemed then.23:29
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC23:33
leviFoucalt's Pendulum is pretty awesome. So is Name of the Rose.23:35
seebsI did eventually confirm that I did not invent "mechanical avunculogratulation", although I may well have spelled it wrong.23:36
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*** seebs <seebs!> has joined #yocto23:43
kergothseebs: we need to get your enhanced set -e error output bits merged into bitbake23:53
seebsWe do. But I am not sure what would be the next step, since I don't think there were any problems reported with the ones I submitted last time. :)23:53
kergothcould be it just got missed, or fell o the floor with richard on vacation, who knows. maybe a re-submit would be sufficient23:55
* kergoth shrugs23:55
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