Wednesday, 2013-09-11

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fenrigokay so :o00:11
pevDoes anyone have a pointer to any quick crib-sheet on how to use guilt to create patches when working with yocto? It looks like it's the defacto tool but I can't see anything...00:11
tlwoernerpev: quilt?00:12
pevNo, guilt00:12
fenrigI just generated "meta-toolchain-qt" for qemuarm and I have the exact same segfault on qmake :o00:12
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pevtlwoerner:  Well, if quilt's supported that'd be just fine too but from what I read it seems to have changed to guilt and also looking at the tree there are all sorts of hooks and guilt gets built locally within yocto as a devtool to use00:13
pevtlwoerner:  so I assume that's what I should be using!00:13
tlwoernerpev: i've used quilt with OE/Yocto to help create patchsets and it works for me :-)00:15
pevDo yo have a quick cut/paste crib of the command sequence you use? I'd tried using quilt previously and had it complain biterly!00:15
tlwoernerpev: does this help?
fenrigI just generated "meta-toolchain-qt" for qemuarm and I have the exact same segfault on qmake :o00:19
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pevtlwoerner:  Interesting, I'm pretty sure thats what I was doing before (had lots of experience with quilt working on OpenWRT)... Will give it another go!00:20
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tlwoernerpev: both "guilt" and "quilt" are available in meta-poky and openembedded-core meta/recipes-devtools00:23
pevtlwoerner:  Ah, ok that's what it was...! So if I do something like : 1) bitbake -c clean 2) bitbake -c devshell 3) ls -l patches : it looks like the build system has already set up quilt.00:24
tlwoernerand both have "-native" recipes00:24
pevtlwoerner:  In fact if you have something (like my kernel) that has several patches you can "quilt pop -a" and it looks like it's doing the right thing (hoorah) - however, a simple "quilt series" borks. Then if you do a "quilt push <patchname>" it looks like it moves to the right patch and does the right thing, but then a "quilt files" seems to think theres nothing there again00:25
pevtlwoerner:  So kind of working but kind of not... I think I was a bit concerned to use it in case there was some broken magic internally somewhere00:25
pevtlwoerner:  doing a "which quilt" looks like it's found one built by Yocto so that's right...00:26
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reallifefenrig: cause qt stinks like a butt00:32
reallifeand qmake never friggin works00:32
fenrigreallife: ironically I had it working a month ago on the emtrion I.MX53 :p00:32
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reallifefenrig: man ive been trying for weeks to get qt5 working on my imx6 wandboard00:36
fenrigreallife: Oh yeah but qt5 is still in development in yocto ;)00:36
reallifefenrig: tell that to my BOSSSSSSSSSSSSS00:36
fenrigreallife: oh too bad :/00:36
fenrigreallife: do u need Qt5 for technical reasons?00:37
reallifefenrig: honestly, i think ill have better luck using Arch and trying to load the imx6 gpu blobs on there00:37
fenrigreallife: :o yeah yocto isn't perfect00:38
reallifefenrig: yeah, the software devs have already built an application using its features. i think downgrading is possible but i have yet to figure out how to convince them00:38
fenrigreallife: hhhmmm much luck with that :/00:39
reallifefenrig: thank you00:39
fenrigreallife: but I spoke to the maintainer of meta-qt5 a month ago00:39
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fenrigreallife: you can find this person in this channel under the name "bluelightning"00:40
fenrigreallife: he told me that sdk generation is not supported at this moment00:40
fenrigreallife: and it doesn't have priority :/00:40
pevtlwoerner:  This looks like a bug...   "Within this directory, the source is unpacked to linux-2.6.20 and then patched by quilt (see Section 3.5.1). Within the linux-2.6.20 directory, standard quilt directories linux-2.6.20/patches and linux-2.6.20/.pc are created, and standard quilt commands can be used."00:41
reallifefenrig: yeah i tried messaging blue but no luck.  i'm pretty noobie so i dont really know how to go about using the meta-qt5 patches and such00:41
pevwhich is a shame as that would be damn handy... (well, unless it's something broken with the distro I'm using which isn't beyond the realms of possibility)00:41
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tlwoernerpev: i assume you're doing something like "bitbake -c devshell linux-yocto"?00:57
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pevtlwoerner:  Yep00:59
pevtlwoerner:  Just checking quilt related files to see if the distro I've got has deviated significantly from 10.4 as I haven't got a 'clean' 10.4 built I can check against to see if it works (fails!) the same way...00:59
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pevtlwoerner:  Just had a quick test and it's broken the same way in 9.0.2...01:23
tlwoernerpev: so you're working on master, and when you do a "bitbake -c devshell linux-yocto" you end up with directories "patches" and ".pc" at the location in which the devshell dumps you?01:25
pevtlwoerner:  Which look correct but a simple "quilt series" or "quilt files" seems to not work01:26
pevOh crap01:26
pevI just realised01:26
tlwoernerthat's strange because when i perform that command i don't even get either of those directories i just see the linux sources01:26
tlwoernerkernel sources01:27
pevtlwoerner:  Its the ****ing   "PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1 bash" thing01:27
pevtlwoerner:  Is that because your kernel doesn't have any patches applied?01:27
pevtlwoerner:  What a ***** waste of an hour .....01:27
tlwoerneri guess not... i haven't looked into it, just the basic qemu stuff01:28
pevworks fine after setting that...01:28
pevyeah, i could replicate that with a stock 9.0.2 build by creating a couple of patches (with some content!) via quilt and then doing a quilt series to check01:28
pevlooks like it should actually work really well - the files under "patches" are symlinks to the original location so going back with a quilt pop and an edit and a refesh should modify the original patch in its normal location...01:29
pevthat'll save a lot of swearing...01:29
tlwoerneri'm not familiar with the pseudo unload thing. that's used when you don't want pseudo (aka fakeroot) in your devshell?01:30
pevyeah. I don't fully understand its usage but I know that's what's buggering up quilt...01:30
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #295 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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pevtlwoerner:  Ok - nearly great ; when you do a quilt refresh it overwrites the symlink with the new file but that's only really a single manual copy you can do at the end of editing so no big deal01:39
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tlwoernerpev: so is the manual correct? or is there a bug that needs to be filed?01:45
pevThe manual is correct to an extent - however if you're doing more operations than the add / refresh that it shows as examples I'd change it to note that you need to do the PSEUDO_UNLOAD in order to see the output of other quilt actions... That's crucial...!01:46
pevAlthough the manual I linked to is quite an old one no? I think the newer ones might not even have that much info in about quilt from memory01:47
pevwhich is a shame - i've just spotted a nice patch from earlier OE that fixes the symlink issue as well which I might port up01:48
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tlwoerneryes, the documentation link you provided is ancient01:52
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tlwoernerthe latest would be:
pevtlwoerner:  Yeah, it would be great to update that to nod to full quilt docs but ESPECIALLY the ability to edit existing patches in place ; IMHO thats one of the most powerful things about it and mayboe one of the more frustrating things for other developers too...?01:55
tlwoernerpev: i agree. i would open a bug, and/or post a message to the yocto mailing list and perhaps CC the documentation maintainer01:57
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #284 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
pevtlwoerner:  Ah, I hadn't noticed the xml for the docs were in the build - is there a friendly way to edit those? I'll see if I can update and submit a patch...02:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #262 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
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tlwoernerpev: i have submitted documentation patches against git:// in the past03:05
tlwoernersuccessfully :-)03:06
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itwasntmejefro tull03:54
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melonipoika_Good morning06:52
melonipoika_JaMa, do you have a second? I am having some problems writting a bbappend file to add some extra configs flags to qtbase_5.1....06:53
melonipoika_i have created a file called qtbase_5.1.0.bbappend in my own layer06:54
melonipoika_the file just contains one line: EXTRA_OECONF += "-qt-xcb -opengl"06:54
melonipoika_however this doesn't seem to make it to the actual configure line when building qtbase06:55
erbomelonipoika_: I think you want to look at the PACKAGECONFIG options in qtbase.inc06:56
melonipoika_thanks erbo06:57
erbomelonipoika_: remember that since uses ??= when assigning PACKAGECONFIG you can't just do PACKAGECONFIG += "foo" in your bbappend06:57
erboso you might want to copy the default PACKAGECONFIG setup from, change ??= to just = and add your own options06:58
melonipoika_ok, thanks. Will try that06:59
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melonipoika_where can i find the do_configure log to see whether my options were taken?07:06
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erbomelonipoika_: tmp/work/*/qtbase/*/temp/log.do_configure07:09
melonipoika_hmm, i don't seem to have a do_configure log there07:11
melonipoika_i have log.do_package_setscne, package write, populate_sysroot...07:11
melonipoika_i did bitbake -c clean qtbase after modifying my bbappend07:12
melonipoika_and before bilding again07:12
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melonipoika_my bad... i had the .bbappend in the wrong directory :-(07:34
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melonipoika_now I got a new error, but this time bitbake was able to find my append file :-)07:36
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erbomelonipoika_: you might know about this already, but I'll mention it anyway. "bitbake-layers show-appends" will show all found bbappend, so one can just grep that output to make sure a newly created bbappend is found07:37
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melonipoika_thanks erbo for the tip :-) I didn't know it07:41
melonipoika_i am quite new to yocto07:41
melonipoika_i actually believe that manually adding -opengl to my configure options is a hack, it should be added automatically since I have "gl" in my DISTRO options07:42
melonipoika_but it doesn't seem to work, so I decided to move on and fix this properly when I understand better what I am doing *:D07:43
melonipoika_I don't really know how to read this line07:46
melonipoika_PACKAGECONFIG_GL ?= "${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'opengl', 'gl', '', d)}"07:46
erbomelonipoika_: that sets PACKAGECONFIG_GL to "gl" if opengl is found in DISTRO_FEATURE, if not PACKAGECONFIG_GL is set to ""07:47
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melonipoika_what about the line PACKAGECONFIG[gl] = "-opengl desktop -no-eglfs,,virtual/libgl"07:56
erbomelonipoika_: that adds a PACKAGECONFIG option. so if PACKAGECONFIG contains "gl" at buildtime it will add "-opengl desktop" to configure flags and "virtual/libgl" do DEPENDS, else "".07:59
melonipoika_many thanks :-)08:00
erbothere's probably a nice document somewhere describing PACKAGECONFIG, it's really quite neat08:01
erbomelonipoika_:, search for PACKAGECONFIG08:02
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JaMamelonipoika_: also use bitbake -e to see what is or isn't in EXTRA_OECONF, PACKAGECONFIG_append should work correctly08:50
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bluelightningmorning all08:53
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melonipoika_thanks JaMa!09:22
melonipoika_Now it seems to work fine, I am building my image from scratch to be sure :-)09:23
melonipoika_btw, is there already an option to add -qt-xcb? Or should I do that on my bbpapend?09:23
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bluelightningeren: you're welcome :)09:27
bluelightningeren: if you have any suggestions for improvements I'd be happy to hear them09:27
erenbluelightning: well, some css change would be ok. I would love to see my cursor directly into the search input when the page is loaded09:28
n01bluelightning: all the layers in are fully yocto-compliant?09:28
bluelightningn01: in terms of the Yocto Project Compatible status, no09:29
n01and in terms of "just working" ? :)09:30
bluelightningyou shouldn't have any problems, and if you do, contact the maintainer :)09:30
n01:D ok09:30
bluelightningeren: right, we do that on other pages; the reason I haven't on the layers page is it comes up with a scrollable list to begin with and I assume people want to be able to scroll the list initially rather than type, but that might be a faulty assumption09:31
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wfaillagood morning, is there a way to set a preffered version in the RDEPENDS variable? because i am trying to setup a packagegroup with packages that have to have a preferred version10:14
wfaillamaybe that is the wrong way to do so ... i am open to suggestions10:14
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ndecwfailla: i have seen something like this in some of our recipes:10:31
ndecRDEPENDS_${PN} = "foobar (= ${EXTENDPKGV})10:31
ndecthat 'stuff' gets added in the package , include the version. i suspect you can use any 'string' for the version.10:31
bluelightningyep, as long as the package manager can enforce the version requirement (and we do some basic checks on the string provided before that) it will work10:36
wfaillaso some thing like this should work RDEPENDS_${PN} = "test_pkg (= 0.1.1)"10:38
wfaillathe question is rather opkg has this feature10:40
wfaillano it dose not work10:41
wfaillai guess to use this i need to use .deb or .rpm10:43
ndecwhat 'does not work'?10:44
wfaillait will still build the newer version instead of the specified version10:44
ndecwell, that's different then.10:45
ndecRDEPENDS is for runtime installation of pkgs.10:45
bluelightningwfailla: if you haven't already you should also specify PREFERRED_VERSION_test_pkg = "0.1.1"10:46
ndecif you want a build time dependency, you can set PREFERED_VERSION_pn-test_pkg in a conf file. but that would apply for all the build. you can't have 2 version for the same recipe10:46
ndecoops, there is no _pn indeed.10:47
n01I wanted to give a try to meta-micro, but I keep getting "Your version of bblayers.conf was generated from an older/newer ...." but this is not true10:47
bluelightningndec: right, PREFERRED_VERSION_test-pkg (assuming it was called test-pkg, since test_pkg would not be a legal package name)10:47
n01everything seems ok, distro, bblayers.conf, etc...10:47
ndecbtw bluelightning, we faced an 'interesting' build issue which i summarized on the ML ;-)10:47
bluelightningn01: have you removed meta-yocto? if so you'll need to change LCONF_VERSION from 6 to 5 in your bblayers.conf10:48
wfaillait is called opencapwap and we have  and in the package group i want to install opencapwap 1.1.4 and in a other package group i want to install opencapwap 1.1.510:49
n01bluelightning: that's new to me ... why should I remove meta-yocto? sorry if it is a silly question10:49
bluelightningn01: not that you should, just if you have10:49
n01I didn't10:50
bluelightningn01: ah, right; I've realised, changing DISTRO is what will trigger this10:50
bluelightningn01: so if you've changed DISTRO = "poky" to something else you'll need to change LCONF_VERSION as I mentioned above10:50
n01bluelightning: ok :( which is the rationale?10:51
bluelightningn01: there's no good rationale I'm afraid; the problem is we had to bump LAYER_CONF_VERSION (which is compared to LCONF_VERSION) when the meta-yocto-bsp layer was split out of meta-yocto and poky's template bblayers.conf was changed as a result10:52
bluelightningn01: thus OE-Core and poky are out of step with LAYER_CONF_VERSION10:52
bluelightningperhaps we should just make a case for bumping OE-Core's version to avoid this pain10:52
wfaillabluelightning the idear is to have a packagegroup-lng_1.0 and a packagegroup-lng_2.0 bolth aving the same pkges in the rdepends but with different versions10:53
n01and a more explicit error message :)10:53
ndecwfailla: well, you can't really do that in fact.10:54
ndecyou have to build 1 version of a recipe, not more.10:54
bluelightningwfailla: you cannot do that with versions alone; because versioned files go into the sysroot, if you want to maintain multiple versions side-by-side you'll have to include the version in PN rather than just in PV (we do this with the "clutter" recipe and related recipes if you want to look at an example)10:54
wfaillai thoght so10:55
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wfaillabluelightning: how should i deploy a group of packages with a specific version if that option is not given ?12:02
bluelightningwfailla: you can just do the same thing with the packagegroups as you do with the individual recipes, i.e. have the version in the name12:11
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Guest42914Hi I am trying to use in my new layer. but it doesnt find it12:16
Guest42914I include it as follows12:17
Guest42914require ${COREBASE}/meta/recipes-kernel/linux-libc-headers/linux-libc-headers.inc12:17
Guest42914why doesnt it find it?12:17
bluelightningGuest42914: use require meta/recipes-kernel/linux-libc-headers/linux-libc-headers.inc12:21
Guest42914bluelightning : that doesn't work either12:21
bluelightningGuest42914: er, that is strange, it should...12:22
Guest42914yep , I donno12:22
erennshould I install SYSV init script manually?12:23
erenI've defined INITSCRIPT_NAME and INITSCRIPT_PARAMS and inherited update-rc.d12:24
erenbut I cannot see the initscript in the package12:24
bluelightningGuest42914: ah, sorry, try require recipes-kernel/linux-libc-headers/linux-libc-headers.inc12:24
kbartHow can I make .bb recipe to download sources from local repository (located on the same filesystem)? The result should look something like 'git clone --no-hardlinks  /path/to/my/other/project'.12:24
bluelightningeren: you do also need to install the file within do_install if that's not already being done12:24
erenbluelightning: okkie12:25
erenso what's INITSCRIPT_NAME is used for?12:25
bluelightningkbart: if you want to build a local source tree you should probably be using externalsrc.bbclass12:25
bluelightningkbart: are you using master, the dylan branch, or some other branch/release?12:26
bluelightningeren: that's the name that will be passed to update-rc.d in order to enable startup for the script12:26
kbartbluelightning, I'm using danny (f00028caf257e386c0f3ae46bd4b3ba53dd0729d). Is it very bad?12:29
bluelightningkbart: ok, should still work there I think12:29
Guest42914bluelightning : ok I made silly mistake...12:29
kbartI also found an example SRC_URI = "git:///path/to/local/repo;protocol=file;branch=master" on Is it a bad practice?12:30
*** scot <scot!~scot@> has joined #yocto12:30
bluelightningkbart: well, the only thing I can think of is that if you're trying to build from some local source tree, wouldn't you want to be building the work-in-progress uncommitted source as opposed to the last commit?12:31
erenbluelightning: thanks12:31
bluelightningkbart: I guess it depends on why you're building from there12:31
kbartbluelightning, hm, that's interesting solution, but I guess it should do as I don't use other revision than HEAD much..12:31
bluelightningkbart: right, but assuming you're using this for live development, do you expect to commit every time before building?12:32
*** flynn378 <flynn378!80db310e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:32
kbartbluelightning, the motivation is that I want to maintain U-Boot and kernel as a separate projects and use oe to build complete filesystem (image)12:32
bluelightningeren: np12:32
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bluelightningkbart: so if cloning is really what you want to do for that use case, that URL should work12:35
bluelightningkbart: (the example you pasted above)12:35
*** scot <scot!~scot@> has quit IRC12:35
kbartbluelightning, the process usually goes like this: I do some changes in U-Boot and/or kernel (i.e. adding new kernel modules), commit changes to their repositories then use oe to rebuild everything. Which way would you recommend for such scenario?12:38
bluelightningkbart: if you're prepared to make a commit every time before building, you can use the git:///path/to/local/repo approach12:39
bluelightningkbart: and that sounds like your workflow, so I'd say go with that12:40
kbartbluelightning, ok, thank you (again).12:40
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elbc_rburton:  hi ! I'm trying to upgrade weston_1.1.0 to weston_1.2.0 but at build I got the following error :  configure: error: Package requirements (wayland-server >= 1.1.90 pixman-1 egl >= 7.10 glesv2 xkbcommon) were not met: |  | Requested 'wayland-server >= 1.1.90' but version of Wayland Server is 1.1.013:33
elbc_rburton: do you know how to fix this easily ?13:34
rburtonelbc_: you need to upgrade wayland too13:34
rburtonweston 1.2 needs wayland 1.213:34
rburtonplease sent the patches when they're tested, i've been meaning to do that for *ages*13:35
elbc_rburton:  ok !13:35
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erenhas anyone used stty?13:43
erenI need to send an ESCAPE key to serial modem13:43
erenI can read the output perfectly with "cat"13:43
erenhowever, I cannot send escape character via "echo .... > /dev/ttyUSB0"13:44
erenany ideas?13:44
jeroeren isnt it C-v C-] ?13:48
*** kbart <kbart!~KBart@> has quit IRC13:48
jeroor C-v C-[13:49
erenwell I actually found it13:53
erenecho -en "\033@K\r" > /dev/ttYUSB013:54
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC13:54
erenthen \033 is an escape sequence for this modem13:54
jero\033 is what you get with C-v C-[13:55
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jerohexdump agrees :)13:56
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erenjero: yeah, thanks but I needed the character code so that my machine initializes the modem :)13:57
n01is there any known problem in compiling uclibc with /cortexa9hf-vfp-neon?14:00
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RPhalstead: around?14:59
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halsteadRP, Yes. At the datacentre at the moment.15:14
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto15:14
RPhalstead: I sent email15:15
halsteadRP, I see it. I'm responding.15:16
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RPhalstead: thanks15:24
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wfaillahi again, is there a way to have bitbake set different package names when using autorev and when not using autorev15:28
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kmschererpidge: I have a problem with populate-lic sstate files not being generated using a packagegroup of native packages18:05
*** tonghuix <tonghuix!~tonghuix@> has joined #yocto18:05
kmschererIf I just run bitbake acl-native, the populate-lic sstate is created. But a package group with DEPENDS="acl-native" does not create them.18:06
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ds2Hi... anyone know off hand what would cause bitbake to hang on a pipe() very early on?20:03
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JaMads2: isn't it fixed by recent fixes for bitbake - PR service interaction20:17
JaMaI haven't seen single hang since they were merged20:18
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gjohnsonJaMa: Do you know if someone is working on creating a nativesdk for meta-qt5?20:35
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JaMagjohnson: few people said that maybe they will, but nobody send anything20:54
max__mainHello. Does anyone know how to specify a source directory with SRC_URI? I've successfully used the git and tgz protocols, but no luck with directories.20:54
gjohnsonJaMa: I am new to yocto, if I wanted to try getting that done what would be the best way to start?  Copy the native files and then change them to nativesdk?20:55
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JaMagjohnson: target recipes are closer, because native contain only the tools nothing else21:13
JaMagjohnson: and qt5 isn't best task for newbie to be honest21:14
gjohnsonJama: I know qt5 isn't for newbies but I really want to get it figured out so my company can start development with a nice SDK package.21:14
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JaMaok, fair enough21:18
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