Thursday, 2013-09-12

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #264 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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wfaillagood morning, i am trying to change the name of the actual .ipk or .deb or .rpm file that bitbake will create, for now i was playing around with the PF PV PR and P variable in the bitbake.conf but for some reason bitbake will always add a PR_plattform.ipk (qemux86 or others) to the file name, is there a better way to do this or a way that is more correct ?04:25
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wfaillagood morning, i am trying to change the naming of the packages (something.ipk) that bitbake produces in the deploy/ipk/* dir ... where do i do this ... i cannot find anything in the yocto manual06:20
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wfaillahi, were can i change the naming of the binary pkg or how is the binary pkg named ?06:46
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wfaillahi, were can i change the naming of the binary pkg or how is the binary pkg named ?07:08
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n01is there a meta-linaro layer working in yocto? I'm having a lot of trouble using the layer for oe07:24
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mckoangood morning07:37
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wfaillagood morning mckoan07:50
wfaillabluelightning is were dose yocto name the binary packages07:51
bluelightningmorning all07:51
wfaillagood morning07:51
bluelightningwfailla: what's the context?07:51
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wfaillabluelightning i am trying to change the naming from PN_PV-PR.ipk to PN_PV-PR-SRCREV.ipk when the pr-serv is used07:52
bluelightningwfailla: you're not happy with the results of PV = "1.0+git${SRCPV}" or similar?07:53
wfaillabluelightning no because i want that to happen automatically07:54
wfaillabluelightning only when the SRCREV is set to ${AUOTREV}07:54
wfaillabluelightning the way i do it for now is PV-orig := "${PV}" PV := "${PV-orig}-${PR}-${SRCPV}"07:56
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wfaillabluelightning but the pkg is then called PN_PV-PR-SRCPV-PR_mips32.ipk but i cant figure out why there is a PR in there again07:58
bluelightningwfailla: assuming you're trying to cover bleeding-edge development and release versions, typically the way people handle that is to use separate recipes for the two cases (perhaps with a common inc file to avoid duplication)07:59
wfaillabluelightning and were the platform comes from07:59
bluelightningwfailla: you're getting PR twice because PR isn't normally part of PV, and you're adding it07:59
bluelightningwfailla: the platform comes from PACKAGE_ARCH07:59
wfaillabluelightning but if i have a pkg named opencapwap-1.1.4 and opencapwap-1.1.5 they should not be installed along side08:01
wfaillabluelightning how do i stop this from happening08:01
bluelightningwfailla: no, they can't; but if that's what you need then you need to be changing PN08:01
bluelightningi.e. making PN version-specific08:02
wfaillabluelightning stop no i cant fallow u any more ... if the pn is opencapwap-1.1.4 and the pv is 1.1.4 and there is a pkg with the pn opencapwap-1.1.5 with the pv 1.1.5 what stops them from bolth being installed on the same system08:03
bluelightningwfailla: most package managers do not allow two packages with the same name to be installed at the same time (although some allow it if the architecture is different)08:06
bluelightningwfailla: and we rely on the package manager for rootfs construction08:06
wfaillabluelightning but the name is not the same the one is opencapwap-1.1.4 and the other is opencapwap-1.1.508:07
bluelightningwfailla: right, if you have changed PN to be version-specific then that gets around that issue08:07
bluelightningwfailla: of course, if the packages install any of the same files you'll also have issues08:08
bluelightningsince most package managers will not allow you to install two packages that install the same file unless you force them to08:08
wfaillabluelightning change the pn to be version specific were ?? in the recipe ?08:09
wfaillabluelightning of opencapwap?08:10
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bluelightningwfailla: you can either set PN in the recipe or you can just rename the recipe since PN is derived from the recipe file name08:10
bluelightning(by default)08:11
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wfaillabluelightning yes but still there will be two pkg opencapwap-1.1.4 and opencapwap-1.1.5 which can be run together on the same machine , but i dont want that to be possibile08:12
bluelightningwfailla: ah, sorry I got confused, I thought that's what you were asking to be able to do08:13
bluelightninglet's start again08:13
wfaillaok ... give me a sec08:14
wfaillathe versioning as it is works fine for me, i have a a and a opencapwap_1.1.6.bb08:15
wfaillai can chose one by stating the preferred version08:15
wfaillathe bin pkg will be named pn_PV-PR_mips.ipk08:16
wfaillabut there should also be a witch has the SRCREV= "${AUTOREV}"08:17
bluelightningright, and there can be08:17
bluelightningand if that recipe sets PV = "x.y+git${SRCPV}" you'll have the revision in the recipe but only for that recipe, not the others08:17
wfaillaand the bin pkg created when bitbaking that recipe should be named PN_PV-PR-SRCREV_mips.ipk automatically08:18
wfaillais it possible to rename that automatically08:18
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bluelightningwfailla: just so I understand, why is that better than PN_x.y+git1+SRCREV_PR_mips32.ipk ?08:22
bluelightning(which is what setting PV as above will result in)08:22
wfaillaand an other thing i had an problem with is that if i change the PV value then i cannot use FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend = "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${PV}" for .bbappends or so ... but this is an other problem08:22
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bluelightningright, you'd need to do something more complicated if you really need the files directory to be version-specific (or just hardcode it)08:23
wfaillabecause for what i do i need the PR in front of the git tag08:23
wfaillawhat i would do is create a PV-orig = ${PV} and then use FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend = "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${PV-orig}"08:24
bluelightningI guess I don't quite understand your use case08:25
wfaillano use case just readability08:25
wfaillai thought it would be easy to change that08:26
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wfaillabut my second problem has a use case i have a destro which has a packagegroup-lng-1.1 installed with a specific versions of pkg installed08:28
wfaillai am using ipk08:29
wfaillahow do i set a specific version just for that pkg group not for other builds i make with the same build dir08:30
wfaillaand i cant use the pn for version control because of what we were talking about before08:30
bluelightningI don't think you can do it without changing PN08:31
bluelightningyou can explicitly make the two conflict by setting RCONFLICTS to prevent side-by-side installation08:32
wfaillathat might be an option08:32
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wfaillacan i set some thing like RCONFILCTS = "opencapwap-1.1.*" or RCONFILCTS = "opencapwap-1.1.[1..4]"08:33
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bluelightningwfailla: I don't think so, unless opkg understands that (since we just pass that to opkg when ipk is being used)08:35
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wfaillaopkg is supposed to understand regular expressions08:43
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mbeliskohi all08:48
mbeliskoI'm trying to build chromium from meta-browser (just updated to v 31 and update ninja + nss to latest versions) but during linking I get ng.a: could not read symbols: Memory exhausted08:49
mbeliskoany ideas how to resolve that (I have 32bit ubuntu)08:49
bluelightningmbelisko: I'm not sure but this sounds like the problem I've heard reported building webkit08:52
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bluelightningmbelisko: webkit / chrome is such a huge codebase that if you set high parallelism (BB_NUMBER_THREADS / PARALLEL_MAKE) it seems like you can run out of memory08:53
mbeliskobluelightning:  obj/third_party/WebKit/Source/core/libwebcore_remaining.a: could not read symbols: Memory exhausted08:53
mbeliskobluelightning: I have both on 408:54
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mbeliskobluelightning: should I try without parallelism?08:55
bluelightningmbelisko: FWIW, here is the webkit bug report:
yoctiBug 5160: normal, Undecided, ---, laurentiu.palcu, NEW , webkit-gtk build failed randomly with "Memory exhausted"08:55
rburtonbluelightning: i don't think its parallism, its just the final link08:56
rburtonmbelisko: add LDFLAGS += " -Wl,--no-keep-memory" to webkit-gtk.bb08:57
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mbeliskorburton: ok lemme try08:57
BjornArnelidHi, im trying to build yocto with a custom kernel version by adding the lines PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto" and PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto= "3.2" in local.conf, but it still uses 3.8, am i doing it wrong?09:00
bluelightningBjornArnelid: I'd recommend checking to see if those are being overridden somewhere09:10
bluelightningBjornArnelid: use bitbake -e | less and search for PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto09:11
mbeliskorburton: ok memory exhausted is over but during chromium linking I got: collect2: error: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault], core dumped09:13
mbeliskooh wait ld: cannot size stub section: Memory exhausted09:14
mbeliskoadded  -Wl,--no-keep-memory to LDFLAGS for chromium09:14
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rburtonmbelisko: is your build host 32 or 64 bit, and how much ram?09:55
mbeliskorburton: 32bit 8G ram09:58
rburtonimpressive that it fills it up :)09:58
rburtonah, but09:59
rburtonper-process limit is a lot lower09:59
rburtonif you can reboot in 64-bit i bet it will work without the option09:59
mbeliskorburton: maybe ulimit would help?10:00
KaapeliWell, 32bit system can only use up to 3 gigs of ram at most, per process10:01
mbeliskowell not: ulimit->unlimited10:01
rburtonmbelisko: what Kaapeli said10:01
KaapeliThat's why you don't use 32bit kernels if you have more than 3 gigs or ram10:01
rburtonKaapeli: *generally* the 3G limit isn't a massive problem though10:02
Kaapelirburton, Usually no10:02
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KaapeliBut it can beat you in strange ways if you expect to be able to use a lot of memory on 32 bit systems10:02
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rburtonmaybe we should make webkit throw a note if the host is 32-bit10:03
mbeliskowell this is chromium internal webkit10:03
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mbeliskoI'm trying to update chromium to v31 (in meta-browser is v29)10:04
mbeliskook seem I need to use 64 bit10:04
mbeliskothanks for your help10:04
Saurrburton: On the oe mailing list regarding bb-matrix, you suggested using bitbake -e to find which temporary directories to remove (mentioning wipe-sysroot). I have not been able to find anything anywhere when looking for wipe-sysroot (or wipe for that matter). Any suggestions?10:05
rburtonSaur: oe-core/scripts/wipe-sysroot10:06
Saurrburton: Duh, no wonder grep didn't find anything. :)10:06
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qt-xdose anybody use arch as linux host ?12:12
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n01qt-x: good luck with that :(((12:12
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qt-xso no good news in that direction?12:13
n01I'm using lxc just to use yocto on my arch12:13
qt-xn01: is it a difficult setup process ?12:15
n01not at all
n01even better
qt-xsorry I was not very clear. I was referring to yocto not lxc12:18
n01well, there's a lot of documentation for yocto12:19
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wfaillamy recommendation run bitbake and install the missing depends when bitbake tells u to an the fly12:22
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wfaillathen delete the build directory and u can start12:22
wfaillaI have a question this is the line in the recipe SRC_URI = "git:///usr/src/disk/wfailla/test-git.git;protocol=file" the local git repo is /usr/src/disk/wfailla/test-git.git/. why cant bitbake find the repo ?12:24
wfaillai initialized the repo by executing "git init" in the /usr/src/disk/wfailla/test-git.git/. dir12:26
bluelightningwfailla: just a stab in the dark, it's not being confused by the directory being named .git is it?12:28
bluelightning*.git that is12:28
wfaillai hope not ;-)12:28
wfaillano ... thats not it12:29
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wfaillaERROR: Error executing a python function in <code>:                                                                                     | ETA:  00:00:2012:30
wfaillaExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception MalformedUrl: The URL: 'git:/usr/12:30
wfaillasrc/disk/wfailla/test-git.git' is invalid and cannot be interpreted12:30
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bluelightningI was about to say I just tried that and it worked...12:34
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cfo215I'm trying to follow along with the ADT manual and get the following when installing the prerequisites on Fedora 19: No package eglibc-devel available.  Is it a typo or just a missing package for that distro version?12:54
cfo215i also tried with eglibc-dev12:55
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JaMasomeone seeing apr-util-native builds failing with dash as shell? x86_64-linux-libtool: preserve_args+= --silent: not found13:22
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JaMasometimes the error looks a bit different, I've reported it half year ago when apr-util was upgraded:
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JaMaok, there are still some bashisms in libtool script, I'll fill bug about it13:32
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cfo215when are you going to update the yocto eclipse plugin video?  It doesn't look anything like the existing preferences page.13:52
Crofton|workcfo215, btw, looks like f19 is back to glibc not eglibc13:53
Crofton|workhmm, so are odler fedoras must be a type13:54
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yoctiBug 5174: normal, Undecided, ---, laurentiu.palcu, NEW , libtool with bashisms enabled in script can be shared through sstate-cache with host where /bin/sh is dash and cause build issues13:59
maxincfo215:  here are some Yocto eclipse videos :)
cfo215maxin, thanks!14:03
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JaMabluelightning: ping14:30
*** qt-x <qt-x!~ionel@> has quit IRC14:32
JaMabluelightning: I have small question about buildhistory srcrev tracking code, currently we have:14:32
JaMa        with open(srcrevfile, 'w') as f:14:32
JaMa            orig_srcrev = d.getVar('SRCREV', False) or 'INVALID'14:32
JaMaThe False is there probably to keep AUTOINC I guess, but it's unfortunate when SRCREV is set through some other variable (e.g. SRCREV = "${SRCREV-FOO}" in recipe14:33
*** [simar|on] <[simar|on]!~simar@2620:101:f000:700:f413:e247:346a:2bcb> has joined #yocto14:34
kergothshouldn't need that False anymore now that autoinc is a string rather than a variable reference, eh?14:34
* kergoth yawns, morning14:34
JaMaI can try later if bluelightning agrees14:36
JaMaand slightly unrelated topic, it would be great to add few parameters to scripts/buildhistory-diff allowing to specify which changes are considered to be significant14:41
JaMae.g. when I was trying to detect file permissions changing randomly because of pseudo I always had to filter PV/PKGR/PKGV changes which made 90% of the diff14:42
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n01huum where does linux-yocto-tiny_3.8 take its defconfig?14:56
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JaMarburton: we need to change SRC_URI in renderer-service-upnp, media-service-upnp so something more stable than archives generated on-demand on github, both have different checksums now15:01
JaMarburton: are you still interested in them (as you've added them)?15:01
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rburtonJaMa: i've a todo about upgrading the versions15:01
rburtonas i said i'd sort-of-maintain them15:01
rburtonhopefully they've got proper tarballs too15:01
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JaMarburton: ok, fair enough, thanks15:06
rburtondamn, no proper tarballs for the old releases.15:08
bluelightningI really hate when people re-roll their tarballs :/15:08
rburtonbluelightning: the current recipes point at github's magic tarball URL15:09
bluelightningrburton: I see, I guess that can't ever be expected to work...15:13
rburtonbluelightning: yeah, my fault. should have just made git recipes.15:13
kergothyou'd think github would cache the archives, but there's no telling what their cache policy is :)15:14
JaMayes it always works for some time, long enough to pass verification builds and populate most PREMIRRORs15:15
JaMauntil a lot later when I try to build world on fresh host or delete downloads directory15:15
kergothRP: check this out.. we have a class that does a sstate_create_package_append to call another function we define. on our 64 bit jenkins vms, for omap5-evm, we get an error that our function isn't defined, as though bitbake didn't pick up the variable dependency.. yet it doesn't happen anywhere else, and it doesn't happen for every recipe. weird eh?15:17
* kergoth digs15:17
rburtonkergoth: this is an old revision of a not massively popular package, you can imagine it got purged15:17
* kergoth nods15:17
rburtonchanging to use git clones now15:17
kergothhmm, should create a bb subcommand to show the variable dependencies bitbake picked up, directly to the user, rather than just having the ability to show a variable and its deps15:21
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*** baillaw <baillaw!6d019996@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:29
RPkergoth: that does sound odd :/15:30
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StygiaHmm I have a weird issue. I have a recipe for a script I've written, and it fetches the script source from git. However, it does not seem to be enough to simply update SRCREV and rebuild the script, I have to either cleanall or update the revision count... any clues as to why this would be? It has happened a few times now, that for this particular package, I've updated SRC_REV and then build an image (the daemon is in conf/local.c15:35
Stygiaonf), only to then see it was the older version.15:35
StygiaI would think that updating the recipe should trigger a rerun of the recipe, and it does seem to build and such again... just using version of the files from an older commit.15:38
kergothis SRCPV in your PV?15:39
Stygiakergoth, No, it is not, I just have 'SRCREV = "..."' in the recipe.15:41
StygiaIt's sorta lazy but I've been using forever (Since we have not released quite yet this is not an evil horrible thing).15:41
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JaMarburton: there is another advantage of using git clones in this case.. "" isn't very unique filename for downloads folder :)17:15
rburtontrue :)17:16
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JaMaheh and it's quite bigger with the same content17:21
JaMa-rw-r--r-- 1 mjansa mjansa 81845 Sep 12 10:17 v0.3.0.zip17:21
JaMa-rw-rw-r-- 1 mjansa mjansa 82691 Sep 12 08:30 v0.3.0.zip_bad-checksum_d728337c14456b17606b436eb82ce6b717:21
JaMa-rw-r--r-- 1 mjansa mjansa 130073 Sep 12 10:17 v0.4.0.zip17:22
JaMa-rw-r--r-- 1 mjansa mjansa 131225 Sep 12 10:17 v0.4.0.zip_bad-checksum_deb04e63353dd29ddef3308138cb4ee517:22
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scottrifJaMa: ping17:41
scottrifJaMa: Hi - I have some questions for you if you have time on the BSP layer issue.17:43
JaMado those examples help at least a bit?17:43
scottrifJaMa: I am going private so not to get to windy on the channel17:44
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gjohnsonI think I might be close to having a working qt5 nativesdk.  The problem is qmake isn't getting relocated correctly. I used the qmake from ${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/${QT_DIR_NAME}/qmake.  Here is the error when I run qmake and the output of ldd on qmake and moc which works,  How can I solve this issue?19:22
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kergothi just love it when i can't use bitbake -S due to one of ERROR: Bitbake's cached basehash does not match the one we just generated20:47
* kergoth rolls eyes20:47
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mranostaykergoth: how is it kergoth world?20:53
mranostaychallinan: going to ELCE? can't recall20:54
challinanmranostay: on phone, but answer is yes :-)20:54
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JaMakergoth: it shows it, but still produces the .sigdata files OK, doesn't it?20:55
JaMakergoth: some cases where the basehash was e.g. depending on DATETIME were fixed, but e.g. perf is still changing signature while running -S20:56
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kergothah, yes, indeed, thanks21:00
sgw_JaMa: I am looking at that libtool bug, was hoping for a way to force it to not use bash, but seems to be harder than I thought!21:04
sgw_JaMa: bug #517421:05
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 1.5 M5, saul.wold, NEW , libtool with bashisms enabled in script can be shared through sstate-cache with host where /bin/sh is dash and cause build issues21:05
JaMasgw_: agreed, it's a bit weird, I've tried to compare libtool scripts from multiple hosts with different shell settings21:08
JaMasgw_: as SHELL=/bin/bash or /bin/sh and then /bin/sh -> /bin/bash or /bin/dash21:09
JaMaand these += are in all combinations I was able to generate21:09
sgw_Jama, yeah, I also looked at those debian bugs and they seem to imply it should be using #!/usr/bin/bash but it's clearly doing /usr/bin/sh21:10
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JaMasometimes it is using bash shebang (e.g. on my machine it does)21:10
sgw_I tried forcing it with CONFIG_SHELL, but that seems to cause other failures21:10
JaMabut that's where I have it set in SHELL env21:10
JaMaand there are some more differences between libtools from different hosts, e.g. sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec sometimes has /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa21:11
JaMa< max_cmd_len=157286421:12
JaMa> max_cmd_len=345876451382054092521:12
sgw_jama, what I saw happening is it still gets set to sh even with SHELL=bash in the run.do_configure21:12
JaMathis is diff between my host and some other jenkins slave
*** Squix <Squix!> has joined #yocto21:16
sgw_JaMa: different compilers on the two machines also it looks like.  I am amazed we have not uncovered this before.21:17
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JaMasgw_: in this case it wouldn't reuse libtool from sstate-cache because of different lsb-release string for host21:18
JaMasgw_: I've used it only because I had access to older ubuntu slave with dash21:19
JaMasgw_: the other one (with bash) is from my local gentoo chroot env21:19
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sgw_JaMa: I think I might have a line on it, can you test the following, change libtool-native to have this for it's value: CACHED_CONFIGUREVARS += "CONFIG_SHELL=${SHELL} ac_cv_path_SED=/bin/sed"21:41
JaMatrying now21:44
mr_scienceis that for the missing sed bug?   meaning the silly one i wrote...21:47
evanp_any reason why LICENSE_${PN}-whatever = "something" wouldn't work to give a sub-package a different LICENSE?21:50
kergothshould work fine21:51
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evanp_I suppose that might defeat some of the license manifest etc. infrastructure? or no?21:51
kergothnope, it can handle that fine21:51
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kergothit has code to handle that specifically21:51
evanp_excellent. thanks.21:51
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kergothHmm, I need to find the time to finish the automatic python deps stuff i was working on.. fighting too many fires21:54
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mranostayanyone else having insane lag on Freenod today?22:10
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kergothAnyone doing meta-ivi builds? I'm getting common-api-c++-dbus failures22:25
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JaMasgw_: is seems to store SHELL in libtool script now, but is SHELL variable replaced when reusing archive from sstate?22:30
JaMasgw_: if I set SHELL to /my/private/foo/bash, create sstate archive for SSTATE_MIRROR, will it work on other hosts?22:30
kergothall the text files / scripts get the paths sed'd in and out of sstate, so as long as the path is in the sysroots, should be fine, afaik22:32
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #286 of nightly-multilib is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Images_1 Running Sanity Tests_1 Building Images_2 Running Sanity Tests_2 Building Images_3 Running Sanity Tests_3 Building Images_4] Build details are at
JaMakergoth: it's hosts path (e.g. /usr/local/bin/bash) not sysroot specific22:42
kergothah, sstate would leave that as is, afaik22:43
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