Wednesday, 2013-10-02

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Net147I seem to be getting DRM/KMS-related kernel crash on boot with 3.10.11 kernel...01:41
Net147is there a planned update to 3.10.14?01:43
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #21 of nightly-qa-pam is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #190 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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vickyhi yocto. I am getting QA error of kernel firmware package. I posted the log at
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vickyi am using meta-beagleboard layer for beaglebone black.05:20
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nrossi__vicky: I am not sure about that error (don't know anything about the bbb stuff) but you can add "INSANE_SKIP_pn-linux-mainline = "installed-vs-shipped"" to your local.conf and bypass the error05:25
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RagBalMACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS = " kernel-modules" << In my machine conf but the image doesn't containt the kernel-modules. What is wrong about this?05:48
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nrossi__RagBal: have you got your build setup to install reccomended packages?05:59
nrossi__RagBal: if not set it up as such, or use MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS06:00
RagBalI think it doesn't follow the variable because I'm not using a image based on packagegroup-base06:06
RagBalI just read it in the ref-manual06:06
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tasslehoffHow do you guys add layers to your poky repo? As submodules?06:40
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erbotasslehoff: we currently use repo, similar to
tasslehofferbo: ok. I'm probably moving from using the angstrom setup scripts to "pure poky"06:46
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rburtonZagor: there?09:10
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jackmitchellif I wanted to stop the busybox syslog from starting at boot, would it be as simple as setting INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_${PN}-syslog = ""09:31
jackmitchellwhere ${PN} is busybox09:31
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alvdI am trying to build a kernel for a mips46 architecture and  I am getting the following error: ERROR: QA Issue: Bit size did not match (64 to 32) linux-yocto09:56
alvdwhat can be the cause of that09:56
Zagorrburton: here now09:59
rburtonzagor: have you looked at the new gnomey installed-tests thing, and ptest?  I've a local patch to upgrade glib to 2.38 which can install its test suite, and didn't want to replicate any work.10:00
Zagorah, no I haven't.10:03
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RPtasslehoff: I use combo-layer10:40
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RagBalMy image generation takes 8 mins longer when I use MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS = "kernel-modules" in the machine config, do the kernel-modules take that much time to be inserted in the rootfs or am I doing something wrong?11:07
rburtonRagBal: i think you'll find its running depmod for every module :(11:07
RagBalUgh, so it's a very time consuming action?11:07
rburtonit is for 200 modules11:07
rburtonneeds to be done one instead of N times11:08
rburtonthere's a framework for that you can use if you want to fix it11:08
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RagBalI use it to populate my /boot folder with the uImage and *.dtb files, haven't found another way to do this. My image is based on BeagleBone black11:09
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RagBalrburton, is there any way I can find out where the /boot folder is being populated? By a tasks or some sort11:11
RagBalSo perhaps I can only populate it that way instead of calling kernel-modules every generation11:12
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RagBalrburton, I found the splitted packages and use them individually. That works =)11:41
RagBalkernel-image, kernel-devicetrees, kernel-devicetree-overlays and kernel-image11:43
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tasslehoffRP: thanks. will check it out11:50
SaurRP: In a commit from about two weeks ago you added a fat warning to meta/recipes-kernel/linux-libc-headers/ about not copying it. Since we had such a copy to get at some kernel headers for our hardware I though I should heed your warning and use ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} instead.11:50
RPSaur: sounds good :)11:51
SaurRP: However, I realized that I need the user-space sanitized headers that are typically output by make headers_install. How come these are not included in ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/usr/include?11:52
RPSaur: you have most of a kernel build in there so you should be able to access the headers?11:53
RPSaur: you need a user space sanitiized installed version?11:53
SaurRP: Well, make headers_install outputs a somewhat different layout than what is in the kernel sources, e.g., include/asm/mach which is the mach that the kernel was actually built for rather than arch/mips/include/asm/mach-<all available machs> that are in the sources.11:58
SaurRP: Without the sanitized headers the user space program would need to explicitly know which mach the kernel was built for.11:58
SaurRP: I added this bbclass and use it from my recipe, but it seems somewhat redundant to need to sanitize the headers for each recipe that needs them...11:59
ant_workSaur: I imagine you might want to share those headers between machines of the same arch even. I do but there isn't a simple way nowadays.12:00
ant_workor do you need explicit mach?12:01
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ant_workmake_headers_install takes ARCH= fwiw12:02
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RPSaur: Can we discuss this on the mailing list with Bruce and Darren and other kernel people please?12:07
RPSaur: I think you have a valid point, we just need to figure out what we need to do about it12:08
RPant_work: please don't try and make square pegs fit a round hole. This is a different problem12:08
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ant_worksure, just it seems to be some misunderstunding about how headers are installed. It is not per-machine in se12:11
* ant_work follows quietly12:11
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lpapphi, this is in my UBOOT_MAKE_TARGET ?= "all"12:17
lpappwill that be overriden from an "external" value in my bitbake recipe?12:17
lpappI would like to have something else there than "all"12:18
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Net147lpapp: you can override it in your distro conf or with a bbappend for u-boot12:24
RPlpapp: depends if you set it before or after you include u-boot.inc12:25
RPlpapp: ?= means set if not already set12:25
SaurRP: I guess oe-core would be the appropriate mailing list?12:25
RPSaur: yes please, A cc to Bruce Ashfield and Darren Hart might be good too12:26
SaurRP: Ok, will see what I can come up with...12:26
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Net147RP: if he is using UBOOT_MAKE_TARGET = "somevalue", the order shouldn't matter12:27
RPNet147: it depends where you put it. If you put it in distro or machine config, that is parsed before the recipe so it works. If its put somewhere before the include of, it will also work, if its after that include it works12:29
RPIt is all about order12:29
lpappRP: I was planning to use it the same as the other uboot variables, i.e. the machine config.12:29
lpappRP: you basically wrote "works" for each scenario. :>12:30
Net147lpapp: yes, the machine config is a good place to put it12:34
RPlpapp: sorry, the last bit should be " if its after that include it doesn't work"12:34
RPmachine config is fine12:34
lpappNet147: k, thanks.12:35
lpapp(it is weird u-boot does not build everything for "all", and I actually have to customize it)12:35
lpappRP: :-)12:35
ant_workSaur: forgive me if I'm confusing you (RP will beat me;) but what we do is installing our copy of the headers in sysroot and create a relative symlink to asm, asm-generic, ...12:35
Net147RP: ah yes. I was referring to = but you are referring to ?=12:40
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lpappbitbake -c cleansstate u-boot && bitbake u-boot12:46
lpappis this good enough for rebuilding u-boot cleanly?12:47
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aboganiHi All! I have just created my first bsp (with yocto-bsp) only for purpose to provide a specific kernel version and its configuration. Unfortunately the configuration in tmp/work/<MACHINE>-poky-linux/linux-yocto-custom/<MACHINE>-standard-build doesn't match with the defconfig which I provided to yocto-bsp. AFAIK I haven't added any "configuration fragments" (voluntarily at least). Any advise?12:56
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rburtonlpapp: yes, that's almost as good as you'll get.  -c cleanall will wipe out the downloads cache so you'll be re-fetching too.13:20
lpapprburton: cheers13:20
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lpappis there a way to tell yocto not to patch? I would like make an experiment for a package without my custom change.13:45
lpapp(ideally it would be nice if I did not need to remove the patch file from the files folder)13:45
rburtonyou can reset the src_uri in a bbappend13:46
rburtoni guess you could add a do_patch() that did nothing in a bbappend too13:46
rburtonto just disable all patching13:46
lpappwell, this u-boot is mine13:47
lpappI am not using the one u-boot13:47
lpappdo_patch() {} looks ok to me13:48
rburtonif its for a test, just remove the patch from the SRC_URI13:48
lpappyeah, I will comment that out13:49
rburtonnot in src_uri -> not applied13:49
lpapprburton: right, so interestingly enough the stuff is not copied to tmp/deploy.13:55
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lpappmy u-boot.ais file which is a bit different to u-boot.bin13:55
lpappis that expected?13:55
lpappis that because I did not run an image creation, eventually?13:57
* rburton doesn't use uboot, sorry14:00
yoctiBug 5304: normal, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , License warning when building any package14:05
rburtonlpapp: can you include the stat output on some of those target directories14:08
lpapprburton: sure14:09
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lpapprburton: done14:11
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rburtonlpapp: are you seeing those license warnings right now? those stats are mode 0755 which is right, i thought earlier they were 0644 (which would be a problem)14:49
lpapprburton: yes, I see them now.14:50
rburtonthen the perms don't seem to be a problem.  if you could put a different print at every failure exit point in the copyfile function that might help.14:51
rburtonobviously this is hard to debug without seeing it in person.14:51
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lpapphow would that help ?14:55
rburtonits failing but not telling you why14:57
lpapp"if you could put a different print at every failure exit point in the copyfile function that might help." -> then I assume, I do not understand what exactly you meant there.14:58
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rburtoncopyfile is returning false for some reason, so before every way it can return false, put "bbwarn error1", "bbwarn error2", etc. so you can tell easily what ways its failing.15:01
rburtonor whatever, all i'm asking if that you debug this a bit, because without you taring up your build tree i can't replicate it and the log doesn't have anything useful in to help.15:01
rburtonlpapp: of course, prints disappear, so change all the prints to bb.warn15:03
rburtonin copyfile15:03
lpappwell, it does not sound high priority enough of a bug to me to spend so much time with it15:04
rburtonit will stay open then15:04
lpappuntil someone steps up. :>15:04
rburtonsomeone *who can replicate it*15:04
rburtonnever seen it, can't replicate it, impossible to debug.15:04
kergothheh, we should really fix that api. if it's failing, it should raise an exception, if it's doing something the user might need to know about, it should return that, and leave it up to the caller whether to pass the message(s) along to the log..15:05
lpapprburton: well, try to change the perms15:05
lpappand see if you can reproduce it15:05
rburtonkergoth: rp just pointed out its using *print*15:05
rburtonlpapp: according to the stat logs, your perms are fine.15:05
rburtonkergoth: so the messages are ... somewhere.15:05
rburtonincoming patch to make those bb.warn :)15:05
lpapprburton: well, you could still give it a try though.15:06
kergothpresumably in the task log if it was called in task context, and possibly nowhere elsewhere? :)15:06
* kergoth gets caffeine15:06
rburtonkergoth: mine's a flat white, thanks15:06
RPrburton: while you're in there, movefile has issues too :(15:07
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lpapprburton: bb.warn gave a bunch of errors.15:10
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rburtonlpapp: try for better diagnostics15:26
lpapprburton: bb.warn will not fly.15:28
lpappI already tried as written, but got a bunch of errors due to it.15:28
lpapp(not the text it is supposed to print)15:28
rburtonlpapp: if you just s/print/bb.warn/ you'll get errors from python as you're doing invalid things15:29
rburtonwhich is why my patch doesn't just do that15:29
lpapp-        print("copyfile: Stating source file failed...", e)15:30
lpapp+        bb.warn("copyfile: stat of %s failed (%s)" % (src, e)15:30
lpappthat looks syntax error to me for instance. ;-)15:30
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rburtonmorning zenlinux_15:31
zenlinux_gm rburton15:31
frayyes, it's in the environment..15:32
zenlinux_I assume we'll get to meet in person at elc-e this year?15:32
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lpapprburton: WARNING: copyfile: failed to chown/chmod /home/lpapp/Projects/Yocto/poky-dylan-9.0.1/build/tmp/work/mymachine-myvedor-linux-gnueabi/u-boot/v2013.07+gitAUTOINC+62c175fbb8a0f9a926c88294ea9f7e88eb898f6c-r1/license-destdir/u-boot/generic_GPLv2 ([Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/home/lpapp/Projects/Yocto/poky-dylan-9.0.1/build/tmp/work/mymachine-myvendor-linux-gnueabi/u-boot/v2013.07+gitAUTOINC+62c175fbb8a0f9a926c88294ea9f7e88eb898f6c-r1/license-destdir/u-boo15:33
*** kmccombe <kmccombe!> has joined #yocto15:34
rburtonthat got truncated, anything interesting after the second repeat of the path?15:34
lpappnot truncated.15:34
lpappthat is the end of the line15:34
rburtonhm, can you check the license files in your checkout - maybe they're owned by root?15:34
lpappnothing interesting, just the previous stuff.15:35
rburtonthe line ends "u-boo"?15:35
lpappah, you mean truncated on IRC15:35
lpappwell, nothing interesting anyhow15:35
lpappthe error is at the beginning.15:35
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lpappnot sure what you mean by the license file really.15:36
lpappit is just 64415:36
rburtonthe source file its copying from, in meta/files/common-licenses/15:36
lpappAccess: (0644/-rw-r--r--)  Uid: ( 1000/   lpapp)   Gid: ( 1000/   lpapp)15:36
lpappnah, those are lpapp:users15:37
lpappAccess: (0644/-rw-r--r--)  Uid: ( 1000/   lpapp)   Gid: (  100/   users)15:37
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_15:40
RPrburton: FWIW that looks like do_populate_lic and that does not run in pseudo contenxt15:41
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*** fpaut_ is now known as fpaut15:41
RPrburton: I don't know why do_populate_lic would use that copyfile...15:41
RPcopyfile is not as generic as it name suggests, its a bit more specialised15:41
lpapprburton: find ../meta* -not -user `whoami` -> returns empty.15:42
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_15:43
rburtonRP: agreed.  patch 1 is to change to bbwarn, patch 2 is to use shutil15:43
lpapprburton: chmod/chown sounds crazy15:43
lpappthat requires root permission.15:43
rburtonlpapp: not in pseudo-context15:43
rburtonand chmod will work if you own the file, obviously15:44
lpapprburton: then I have no clue, sorry.15:47
lpapprburton: maybe some file cached that I was trying to run bitbake as root once15:47
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danbeardhey guys: yocto/poky newbie here trying to build an image/cross qmake toolchain to run a QT4 embedded application.16:53
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto16:54
danbeardwhen I try to bitbake meta-toolchain-qte I get a QA error16:54
danbeardQA Issue: nativesdk-dbus: Files/directories were installed but not shipped16:54
danbeardHow can I fix it? (or maybe ignore it if it doesn't matter?)16:54
danbeardI don't know where the recipe is for nativesdk-dbus and I don't see which QA step that is to do a WARN_QA in the docs (I don't even know where that WARN_QA would go? in local.conf i'm guessing?)16:55
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sgw_danbeard: nativesdk-dbus is the dbus recipe in meta/recipes-core/dbus, what files are not being installed?16:58
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danbeard  /run and /run/dbus16:59
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sgw_danbeard: doing a quick check here, be right back with you.17:01
danbeardk, thanks for the help :)17:02
danbeardi found a few other people in a google search who had the same error, but no solution :/17:02
sgw_hmm, we seem to have missed that then.  The right answer would be to remove those in the dbus/do_install_class-nativesdk, I want to verify that right first17:03
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danbeardwhere is dbus/do_install_class-nativesdk in my poky root? (Sorry still learning the directory structure).... I just remembered my poky is checked out to a specific changeset ... the version that the board manufacturer ( provided ... it could be that it is out of date17:10
danbeardlet me check it ... against the danny branch right?17:10
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sgw_danbeard: sorry should have been more specific, it's in the file located in meta/recipes-core/dbus17:12
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danbeardlooks like it's the same in the danny branch17:33
danbeardso I'm trying to remove those directories in the do_install_class-nativesdk() function at the bottom of right?  would that be as simple as adding rmdir /run/dbus ? is there a directory prefix variable I should add... like ${D} ? (Sorry, first time looking beyond a simple bb image recipe file)17:35
sgw_danbeard: Ok, I could reproduce it here, and it seems strange to me right now what's happening, the rm won't work, I think there is something strange17:39
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ausxxhis there a quick way to stop all the tool from rebuilding after I changed kernel slightly17:42
danbeardok glad to know it's not just me :)17:42
ausxxhnothing affects api/libc etc, but any kernel change will trigger a rebuild for gcc/etc, which takes forever17:42
sgw_danbeard: you stumbled on to an honest to goodness bug!17:44
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CroftonI hate when people do that :)17:45
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danbeardhmm you sure that do_install_class-nativesdk() is getting called? I threw in a 'mkdir ${D}/TEST to see if it would complain about that and its still the same error message about just /run and /run/dbus18:01
sgw_danbeard: there is something strange going on, for now you can set WARN_QA and ERROR_QA in your local.conf, I will pm you the settings18:05
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reevecan anyone confirm whether python-3 is added into yocto or not?18:39
frayis -not-18:40
fraylikely in a few months it will be introduced (next verson of YP development)18:41
reevehow about OE? I saw there are patches in mailing list ...18:43
frayweren't accepted..18:43
frayOE and YP go in step.. so when it's in one it'll be in the other18:43
reeveI need it for now, if someone already create receipt and patches, can you share it with me?18:43
frayfind Khem -- or pull his patches off the mailing list..18:46
frayI don't know if he has piushed them anywhere public18:46
reevefray: thanks a lot18:47
JaMayes they are in contrib repo kraj/python3 branch18:49
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mranostayhi Jefro19:05
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reevejama: thanks19:13
reevejama: can you point me to the link of contrib repo?19:24
JaMareeve: ^19:25
reeveJaMa: appreciate it19:25
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reeveJaMa: how to specify to build python3 intead of 2 in bitbake?19:38
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JaMathey have different name, so just bitbake python3 will build python3 for you19:41
reeveJaMa: thanks, will give it a try19:41
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reeveJaMa: I got this error to build python3. NOTE: Error during finalise of /home2/reeve-ws/yocto-dylan-merge/meta/recipes-devtools/python/                                                      | ETA:  --:--:-- ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home2/reeve-ws/yocto-dylan-merge/meta/recipes-devtools/python/ Failure expanding variable DEPENDS: ExpansionError: Failure expanding vari21:46
reevedo you know what it is?21:47
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JaMareeve: it's for master not for dylan so you're probably mixing incompatible bitbake and oe-core or something like that22:00
reeveJaMa: Yeah we're on dylan. So python3 requires different bitbake and oe-core? enh? If that's the case, I cannot do it at this point22:01
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JaMareeve: that's not what I meant22:18
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reeveJaMa: then what you meant is ...? Can it be built on dylan branch?22:25
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JaMareeve: you're probably mixing incompatible bitbake and oe-core or something like that22:43
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mranostaywelcome galak23:06
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