Thursday, 2013-10-03

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linuhi all i have used poky to create a filesystem and images for at91sam9x5ek, and my build system is ubuntu 12.04,but when i compile poky it stops at the following line can you tell me what is that issues?07:44
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TuTizzHi, I want to create a recipe under a EULA license, what should I put on LICENSE field?08:30
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mckoangood morning08:47
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linuhi all i have used poky to create a filesystem and images for at91sam9x5ek, and my build system is ubuntu 12.04,but when i compile poky it stops at the following line can you tell me what is that issues?08:50
rburtonlinu: possibly your /clancor disk filled up - do "bitbake -c cleanall linux-yocto-custom" and try again08:53
linurburton, it shows 69G free space when using df -h command08:56
rburtonfair enough, download went wrong then08:56
rburtondo a cleanall to wipe the download away and try again08:56
linurburton, actually i am fresher to yocto so i dont know exactly what to do,can you tell me how to clean downloads because i have little bit hesitation to clean all downloads because i have spent past 2 days on it,what should i do now08:59
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linurburton, yes i realized so now i need to clean linux-yocto-custom by execute bitbake -c cleanall linux-yocto-custom and do compilation again right?09:01
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rburtonlinu: yes09:09
rburtonthe cleanall command will delete any build tress for you have that recipe, and any downloads for that recipe.09:10
bluelightningmorning all09:11
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RPhi bluelightning09:24
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bluelightninghi RP09:35
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linurburton, i got this error while cleaning the custom kernel09:47
rburtonlinu: looks like your SRC_URI is broken09:47
rburtoncan you pastebin the recipe?09:47
linurburton, sure09:48
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linurburton, please see
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draskoHi all. I'd like to compile Xenomai user-space application. Can I just add a line like this in my :09:59
draskoLDFLAGS += "-L/usr/xenomai/lib -lxenomai -lpthread -lrt"09:59
draskoi.e., will the libraries libpthread and librt be the one for target or for PC? I guess that bitbake takes care of this, right?10:00
linurburton, is there any solution to solve10:00
ant_worklinu: # Override SRC_URI in a bbappend file to point at a different source10:02
ant_worklinu: you are supposed to customize the .bbappend and not linux-yocto-custom10:03
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rburtonlinu: the problem is that you used SRC_URI_append in your append, but append doesn't add a leading space.10:06
rburtonso do what ant_work said, and remember that when you use _append, you need to add whitespace yourself10:07
rburtoni.e. SRC_URI_append = " foo"10:07
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ant_workoh, right.. as always the last line ....10:08
linurburton, SRC_URI_append_at91sam9x5ek += " file://at91sam9x5ek/UBI_config.cfg" is it right?10:10
rburtonjust use = instead of +=10:13
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linurburton, SRC_URI_append_at91sam9x5ek  = " file://at91sam9x5ek/UBI_config.cfg" ,some other changes?10:15
rburtonthat's better10:16
rburtonand as ant_work said, don't edit directly, just set what you need in the bbappend10:16
draskoHi all. I have cross-compiled Xenomai, and now I am writing bb file for application that uses it's include during compiletion like this:10:18
draskoCFLAGS += "-I/usr/xenomai/include -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_REENTRANT -D__XENO__"10:18
draskoHow to instruct Bitbake where to look for -I/usr/xenomai/include ?10:19
linurburton, if you don't mind can you tell me are the changes should i make in bbappend file10:19
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rburtonlinu: looks like you just need to set SRC_URI and COMPATIBLE_MACHINE.  never used linux-yocto-custom myself.10:24
draskoHow to instruct Bitbake where to look for -I/usr/xenomai/include for the target?10:26
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lpapphi, is there a simple way to run a custom command every time after reboot?10:27
lpappnot touching the initscripts because we do not have time for that now.10:27
draskowhan this include is in the build/tmp dir?10:27
lpappis there a file which is captured all the time?10:27
rburtonlpapp: the easy answer is write an init script10:27
lpappwhere we can put a command like "ifconfig A.B.C.D down"10:27
lpapprburton: /etc/init.d/network does put all the connected interfaces up10:28
lpappand we would need to get one up only.10:28
lpappit would be better not to bring both up10:28
lpappbut I have 30 minutes to solve it. :D10:28
lpappso I thought a captured file would be good enough to bring it down10:28
lpappso is there such a file?10:28
rburtonwhat do you mean by captured?10:28
lpapp(I know there was one on Archlinux)10:28
lpapprburton: sh file10:28
lpapp. ./file10:28
lpappautomatically by the initscript system10:29
lpappi.e. customization interface for end users, running after all the "builtin".10:29
rburtonjust write an init script, all you need to do is inherit update-rcd10:29
lpappthere is no update-rcd10:29
lpappls /etc/init.d/update-rcd10:30
lpappls: cannot access /etc/init.d/update-rcd: No such file or directory10:30
rburtoninherit update-rc.d in the recipe10:30
lpappI do not wanna have any recipe10:30
lpappI want to have make a quick workaround in 20 minutes for the board10:30
rburtonoh, you're hacking on the device? just edit the network init script then?10:31
lpappbefore shipping.10:31
lpappI do not think that is safe10:31
lpappit would be safer like on Archlinux, to have a custom script for user stuff10:31
lpappwhere users can put all their stuff10:31
lpappand it is guaranteed to be run after all the builtin.10:31
otavioIs someone aware of problems in meta-toolchain?10:31
draskowhat is the correct way to add include directory for compilation  to bitbake  recipe?10:31
lpappso it cannot happen I bring the interface down, and then a builting brings it back up.10:31
linurburton, i changed SRC_URI and COMPATIBLE_MACHINE in append instead in, and masked in
draskohow do we give a path to include dir in Bitbake recipe to point to another package headers?10:34
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ndecdrasko: you cannot point a recipe to another recipe WORKDIR. instead if A depends on B (to build), you need to have B export its .h files into the sysroot (do_install), then you need to have DEPENDS += "B" in A .bb file.11:40
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bluelightningndec: yep, drasko and I sorted out the staging issue in #oe12:03
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wesuhas anyone an idea how can i fix this?12:12
wesuERROR: QA Issue: nativesdk-dbus: Files/directories were installed but not shipped12:12
wesu  /run12:12
wesu  /run/dbus12:12
wesuERROR: QA run found fatal errors. Please consider fixing them.12:12
wesuERROR: Function failed: do_package_qa12:12
wesuERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /build/tmp/work/x86_64-nativesdk-pokysdk-linux/nativesdk-dbus/1.6.10-r6.0/temp/log.do_package.2703212:12
wesuERROR: Task 1663 (virtual:nativesdk: /meta/recipes-core/dbus/, do_package) failed with exit code '1'12:12
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bluelightningwesu: although that's dbus so it should already be handled... what version of the build system are you using?12:23
wesufsl-community-bsp-platform master branch, i think it use the master branch of yocto12:25
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bluelightningKrz-: did you get your QA error issue sorted out the other day btw?12:48
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TuTizzbluelightning, wesu, got the same issu, I tried to up all my git with git pull origin, but still.12:53
bluelightningI'm building nativesdk-dbus now to see if I can reproduce it12:53
TuTizzI tryied to bitbake meta-toolchain-qt12:53
wesui'm also12:54
bluelightningright, but the apparent issue is in nativesdk-dbus12:55
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bluelightningok, reproduced here13:04
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bluelightningTuTizz: wesu: I just sent a patch:
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TuTizzbluelightning, testing...13:33
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wesubluelightning: great, thx13:36
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #170 of minnow is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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khemgm all13:55
khemI am seeing this13:55
khemComputing transaction...error: Can't install nativesdk-qemu-helper-1.0-r9.0@x86_64_nativesdk: no package provides libc6 >= 2.1813:55
khemwhen building meta-toolchain for x86_6413:55
khemanyone seeing same on dora?13:55
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khemzeddii: around ?14:24
zeddiihere. at least partially, on the phone. what's up?14:32
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khemzeddii: | /bin/sh: scripts/mod/modpost: No such file or directory14:33
khem| make[5]: *** [__modpost] Error 12714:33
khem| make[4]: *** [modules] Error 214:33
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khemI see this often14:33
zeddiiinteresting. just on a straight up kernel build >?14:33
khemit seems kernel is not staging this host tool in sysroot14:33
khemno its an external module14:33
khemit should be here poky/build/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/re-64b/usr/src/kernel/scripts/mod/modpost14:34
khembut doesnt show up14:34
khemand then module decides to build it in place and that does not work either14:34
zeddiidoes the module depend on virtual/kernel, or d_populate_sysroot14:34
khemwell it just inherits module14:35
khemand hopefully that should add all deps14:35
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zeddiiyah, and that should be right. but I do know that in the past, I have had to explicitly add :do_populate_sysroot for some packages that need more than the source in the staging dir.14:36
khembut I tried it after running do_populate_sysroot manually for kernel14:37
khemthis file does not appear14:37
khem        oe_runmake -C $kerneldir CC="${KERNEL_CC}" LD="${KERNEL_LD}" clean14:39
khem        make -C $kerneldir _mrproper_scripts14:39
khem        find $kerneldir -path $kerneldir/lib -prune -o -path $kerneldir/tools -prune -o -path $kerneldir/scripts -prune -o -name "*.[csS]" -exec rm '{}' \;14:39
khemI am sure _mrproper_scripts is shaving it off ?14:39
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zeddiiI was just about to say, we remove scripts so they won't be packaged in the kernel-dev package, but in the sysroot, they should be fine.14:40
khemI think its not even making into sysroot14:40
zeddiiright. I'm looking at the kernel.bbclass as well, and if that's done before the sysroot stage, that'll do it. we can either go restore them in the sysroot explicitly, or make sure we remove after it goes to the sysroot.14:41
khemsysroot_stage_all_append() { sysroot_stage_dir ${D}${KERNEL_SRC_PATH} ${SYSROOT_DESTDIR}${KERNEL_SRC_PATH}14:42
khemthis is 1.4 btw.14:42
zeddiiit's the same in master, and I had *just* landed on that same line.14:43
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zeddiisince I've been doing a lot of work with the kernel SDK lately, I'm way to famliar with it.14:43
khemOK so it seems14:43
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khemdarknighte_znc: what is znc ?14:44
khemzeddii: so in do_install we first clean it all and then do make -C $kerneldir _mrproper_scripts14:44
khemand my guess is thats not making modpost14:44
zeddiiso yes, that'll have it removed, before it goes to the sysroot. the simplest thing to do might just be: cd ${SYSROOT_DESTDIR}${KERNEL_SRC_PATH}/scripts; make scripts14:44
zeddiiin that stage_append.14:44
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khemhmmm ok14:49
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khemzeddii: that seems to have fixed it14:53
khemmay be we should patch dora too ?14:54
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zeddiithat would be reasonable, as far as I'm concerned. did you want to fire off a patch, I can sign off on it as well. or I can do the patch. like I said, I've been all through this code a lot lately.14:54
*** fenrig <fenrig!c1bf9602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:54
khemif you do it all the better :)14:55
*** Crofton <Crofton!~balister@> has quit IRC14:55
* khem is always in time shortage and today with a runny nose too14:55
zeddiiI'll do it, I can test quickly and fire it off for master and dora, or are they still the same.14:55
* zeddii admits to not tracking the branching that closely.14:56
rburtonvery little delta, last time i looked14:58
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto15:05
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*** andyross <andyross!> has joined #yocto15:16
*** dany <dany!> has joined #yocto15:17
panda84kdeHi guys. I need to build ffmpeg on Yocto. I've seen there's a recipe in openembedded git:
panda84kdeis that repository Yocto compatible or only some old cruft (seeing the commit dates)?15:19
kergoththat's oe classic, incompatible with oe-core based setups like yocto(poky)15:20
bluelightningpanda84kde: we now build libav rather than ffmpeg15:20
panda84kdekergoth: thanks.15:20
panda84kdebluelightning: thanks. In which layer is it?15:21
panda84kdeoh, it's in poky :)15:22
bluelightningpanda84kde: in dylan and earlier it was in meta-oe; in dora/master it's in OE-Core (and therefore Poky also)15:22
*** laur1 <laur1!~lau@> has joined #yocto15:23
*** laur1 <laur1!~lau@> has left #yocto15:23
panda84kdebluelightning: thanks a lot.15:24
*** pev <pev!~pev@> has joined #yocto15:28
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #313 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto15:29
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pevHey, I'm having real issues with the postinst rules in my build.... It doesn't look like they get run on the target, however I can manually run "sh -x /var/lib/opkg/info/mypackage.postinst" so I know the scripts right. I'm also checking environment via "if [ x"$D" = "x" " as other scripts / the reference manual... Any suggestions as to how I can debug further?15:46
rburtonpev: double-check your test, as it maybe running (and succeeding) on the build host.15:46
rburtonif that happens, it won't run on the target15:47
pevI thought that's what the "exit 1" in the host case protects against?15:47
rburtonif you *need* to run on the host, check $D and exit 115:47
*** arky <arky!> has joined #yocto15:49
*** galak <galak!> has joined #yocto15:50
bluelightningpev: master or dylan/other branch?15:51
*** seebs <seebs!> has joined #yocto15:53
pevHm, it's an odd codebase I've been given without full history of where its coming from but it's basically 10.4 + extras AFAICT15:56
pevOK, double checked and I put some echos in the host part and I can see them coming out in the build correctly so that's right...15:57
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@> has joined #yocto16:00
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto16:00
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-evknmalxrbwhwksn> has quit IRC16:00
pevOh, I see - it sets up another postinst script "S98run-postinsts" which in turn runs "opkg-cl configure"16:02
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC16:02
pevwhich seems to be failing16:02
rburtonpev: oh, there was a patch recently for something like that16:02
pevSo that's not great either as that means that on first boot it runs the postinst stuff after everything else boots which is too late...!16:02
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:02
rburtonpev: systemd or sysvinit?16:02
pevand opkg-cl configure seems to fail anyway :-/16:03
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has quit IRC16:04
*** ka6sox is now known as zz_ka6sox16:06
panda84kdebluelightning_: weird, if I bitbake libav I get the packages "libswscale2, libswscale-dev and libswscale-staticdev" but then if I add "libswscale" or "libswscale2" in my IMAGE_INSTALL of my recipe I get: "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'libswscale2'"16:07
panda84kdethe other pieces "libavcodec" "libavdevice" etc work though16:07
bluelightning_panda84kde: this is probably a difference in the debian-renamed package name vs. the name understood by the build system16:08
panda84kdebluelightning_: how can I dig that deeper?16:08
bluelightning_oh wait16:09
* panda84kde freezes16:09
bluelightning_panda84kde: so, libav breaks out its packages dynamically16:10
bluelightning_so we don't know for sure what packages will be produced until do_package16:10
bluelightning_however, the recipe does give a PACKAGES_DYNAMIC value, but libswscale is missing there; probably just need to add it16:11
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has quit IRC16:11
bluelightning_PACKAGES_DYNAMIC tells the build system to expect certain packages to be provided16:11
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #311 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
bluelightning_panda84kde: btw though, do you really need to mention libraries individually?16:12
panda84kdebluelightning_: do they all get installed if I put "libav"?16:13
bluelightning_panda84kde: they may not, however unless whatever you are using that uses libav libraries uses dlopen() to use the libs, they should be brought in via shared library dependencies automatically16:13
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:14
TuTizzbluelightning_, wesu said that the patch was working on his build, it is not for mine.16:14
TuTizzI did a bitbake -c cleanall nativesdk-dbus16:15
TuTizzthen bitbake nativesdk-dbus16:15
TuTizzdo not know what to do16:15
bluelightningI'm not sure how it could not work16:15
panda84kdebluelightning: I see. At the moment however what I'm building is outside Yocto builsystem. I'm building an SDK image.16:15
bluelightningTuTizz: you're sure the patch has been applied?16:15
bluelightningpanda84kde: ok, I see16:16
bluelightningpanda84kde: probably you just need to add swscale to PACKAGES_DYNAMIC in the libav recipe16:16
panda84kdebluelightning: yeah, trying now16:16
*** oneQubit <oneQubit!~oneQubit@> has joined #yocto16:16
*** galak <galak!> has quit IRC16:17
panda84kdebluelightning: seems to work. I'll send a patch after the image is generated and tested ;)16:17
bluelightningpanda84kde: great, thanks16:17
TuTizzcat meta/recipes-core/dbus/ | grep 'rm -rf ${D}${localstatedir}/run'16:17
TuTizz        rm -rf ${D}${localstatedir}/run16:17
TuTizz        rm -rf ${D}${localstatedir}/run16:17
TuTizzin do_install_class-nativesdk() {16:18
*** eballetbo <eballetbo!> has quit IRC16:19
*** oneQubit_ <oneQubit_!> has quit IRC16:20
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:20
*** crunchex <crunchex!> has quit IRC16:20
bluelightningTuTizz: do bitbake -e nativesdk-dbus | grep ^D= and look in that directory, do you have var/run under there?16:22
*** blitz00 <blitz00!stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC16:22
*** n01 <n01!> has quit IRC16:24
TuTizzthere is opt only16:24
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #317 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
bluelightningah right16:26
*** acidfu <acidfu!~nib@> has joined #yocto16:26
*** acidfu <acidfu!~nib@unaffiliated/acidmen> has joined #yocto16:26
bluelightningTuTizz: then the directories are gone, in which case how could it be complaining about them?16:26
bluelightningTuTizz: the error you are getting now, is it definitely still nativesdk-dbus?16:27
TuTizzfirst the opt's tree :
TuTizzsecond the issue :16:27
bluelightningTuTizz: what about bitbake -e nativesdk-dbus | grep "^export localstatedir="16:31
*** slaine <slaine!~slaine@> has quit IRC16:32
TuTizzexport localstatedir="/opt/poky/1.5/sysroots/i686-pokysdk-linux/var"16:32
TuTizzls /opt/poky/1.5/sysroots/i686-pokysdk-linux/var no file or directory16:33
bluelightningthe rm command is deleting ${D}${localstatedir}/run16:33
bluelightningwhich unless I've missed something should be the offending directory16:33
danbeardare you looking for a quick fix or just verifying the patch?16:34
danbeardi tried doing that yesterday manually and it wasn't working for me either :( ended up having to use INSANE_SKIP because i couldn't figure it out16:35
bluelightningwell I'd like to find out how the patch did not fix the problem16:35
bluelightningbecause if not we do need a proper fix16:35
*** likewise <likewise!> has joined #yocto16:36
TuTizzok my mistake bluelightning16:37
TuTizzyou don't want my /opt16:37
*** mr_science <mr_science!> has joined #yocto16:37
*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto16:37
TuTizzyou want /sources/poky/build/tmp/work/i686-nativesdk-pokysdk-linux/nativesdk-dbus/1.6.10-r6.0/image/opt/poky/1.5/sysroots/i686-pokysdk-linux16:37
danbeardi agree. I tried rm-ing /run and /run/dbus yesterday in do_install_class-nativesdk() and it kept giving me the same QA error16:37
TuTizzls :16:38
TuTizzetc  usr  var16:38
bluelightningdanbeard: the error is confusing , the offending files are actually in /var/run16:38
TuTizzhe is still here16:38
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has quit IRC16:38
bluelightningTuTizz: var has run under it?16:38
TuTizzyes lib and run16:38
danbeardbluelightning: aha! cool let me see what happens if I try and rm those16:39
bluelightningTuTizz: maybe add this to the do_install_class-nativesdk: echo ${D}${localstatedir}16:41
bluelightningTuTizz: then look at log.do_package to see what it is printing16:41
bluelightningTuTizz: er, log.do_install that is16:41
*** behanw <behanw!> has quit IRC16:46
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*** darknighte_znc is now known as darknighte16:51
TuTizzbluelightning, can I put echo "azerty" before echo ${D}${localstatedir} for easely grep it?16:52
bluelightningTuTizz: certainly16:52
TuTizzthis is a correct sentence? (with double quote?)16:53
bluelightningquotes are optional in this case but yes16:54
darknightekhem: znc is an IRC bouncer.  keeps my session connected even when I'm afk.16:55
khemhmm what does it stand for :)16:55
khemzero network connect or somesuch16:56
darknightekhem: AFAIK, it doesn't mean anything, but you may be right...16:56
* darknighte digs16:56
darknightekhem: nope.  I don't have a clue, so your version seems just about as likely as anyone elses.16:58
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*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-gxvrrgvrjpmlnmwq> has joined #yocto17:03
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*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has joined #yocto17:04
TuTizzbluelightning, I put some echo in do_install(), do_install_class-native() and do_install_class-nativesdk(), then bitbake -c clean nativesdk-dbus and bitbake nativesdk-dbus17:04
TuTizzgot nothing when i grep my file17:04
TuTizzcat * | grep azerty17:04
sgw_khem, good morning have you had a chance to look at bug #513317:05
yoctiBug normal, Medium+, 1.5 M5, laurentiu.palcu, ACCEPTED , [Test Case 207] sudoku-savant project compile in sdk image17:05
bluelightningTuTizz: this kind of suggests maybe you're not building the same recipe that you're editing?17:07
TuTizzI already tryied to find ./meta* -name dbus* in my source repertory but he did not found any bbappend17:09
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has joined #yocto17:09
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*** darknighte is now known as darknighte_znc17:12
bluelightningTuTizz: does this point to where you're editing  bitbake -e nativesdk-dbus | grep ^FILE=17:13
*** zz_ka6sox is now known as ka6sox17:13
TuTizzyou right17:13
TuTizzi forgot openembedded-core17:14
TuTizzin my path17:14
TuTizzand of course this is not a meta* folder17:14
TuTizzthat why I cannot found it17:15
TuTizzin my case your patch had to be apply to poky/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-core/dbus/dbus.inc17:15
* TuTizz fluching17:17
TuTizzthanks a lot bluelightning17:17
bluelightningTuTizz: no worries, I'm just glad we solved the mystery... :)17:18
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*** ant_home <ant_home!> has joined #yocto17:22
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TuTizzhave a good evening, bye17:27
*** TuTizz <TuTizz!~TuTizz@unaffiliated/tutizz> has quit IRC17:27
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danbeardbluelightning: sorry for late reply, had to go to meeting: ok I had the same issue yesterday as TuTizz, was modifying the wrong with patch applied to right, it works. mystery solved :)17:53
*** blilly <blilly!43a16395@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:54
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bluelightningdanbeard: ok, great :)17:55
pevHm, fixed the postinst - in the function I was doing a grep that failed (checking for missing conf line to patch) and that managed to cause the function to exit prematurely causing opkg-cl configure to fail...17:56
pevcutting and pasting it into a standalone script and calling that works fine instead...!17:56
pevMakes me want to headbut a wall for a while...17:56
*** fpaut_ is now known as fpaut17:56
*** n01 <n01!> has joined #yocto17:57
bluelightningpev: if it wasn't clear what was causing the problem maybe we should look to make an improvement there17:57
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_17:58
pevHowever, the postinst running at S98 meanst that it doesnt patch things in time for processes starting earlier to pick up on the changes... Surely everyone else has that problem? I guess the quick fix is to change the S98run-postinsts to force a reboot afterwards?17:58
pevOr get my earlier services to check whether the changes have occurred and take care of it themselves instead... Not very pretty at any rate!17:59
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto17:59
bluelightningpev: the ideal fix is to make it so your postinstall can run on the host18:01
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*** acidfu <acidfu!~nib@unaffiliated/acidmen> has joined #yocto18:01
pevbluelightning: Yeah, I'm not sure what to suggest - it's one of those bad luck situations. I think the best thing would be to modify S98run-postinsts so that of opkg-cl configure fails it dumps out an error message. A BIG problem is that after calling opkg-cl, S98run-postinsts deletes itself whether it has succeeded or not...18:01
pevhiding the evidence...18:01
pevbluelightning: Yeah, I guess so. It's not as tidy if I did that but such is life...!18:02
bluelightningthat certainly doesn't sound ideal18:03
bluelightningwe'd certainly take bug reports/patches to make specific improvements18:03
*** nitink <nitink!nitink@nat/intel/x-rnhrhbyfihtadrqj> has quit IRC18:03
pevIs there a bug reporting form somewhere? I dont have time to test a patch at the mo but would be quick & easy to submit a report.18:04
bluelightningpev: there is... http://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org18:05
bluelightningthe postinstall stuff has been tweaked in 1.5 but I think that this particular area may still work in the same way18:06
pevGreat thanks...18:06
pevbluelightning: It still is same - I'd checked git...18:07
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pevHm, with postinst functions, do you not need to start with a hashbang if executing on the host? The recipes seem inconsistent!18:14
*** nitink <nitink!nitink@nat/intel/x-umpnkruiwrqvcnql> has joined #yocto18:24
pevAlso - what's the bitbake command to force a postinst rule to occur? Is it part of creating the rootfs?18:29
*** Crofton <Crofton!~balister@> has quit IRC18:45
seebsI think it depends on where you want it. I think I've used SSTATEPOSTINSTFUNCS recently, which runs the functions even when using a package from sstate instead of actually building it.18:46
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seebsOVERRIDES_append = ":bitbake-come-on-just-work-with-me-here"19:18
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