Wednesday, 2013-10-16

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kergothit only emits binary packages for kernel modules that are installed. i highly doubt 'c_can_platform' is the correct package name for that module00:02
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #333 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
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brmkergoth: ../kernel/drivers/net/can/c_can/c_can.ko00:25
brmand ../kernel/drivers/net/can/c_can/c_can_platform.ko00:28
brmIs it because there is an extra directory layer in the path?00:28
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brmkergoth: Stil there?00:44
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #329 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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bluelightningmorning all09:03
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soldoKynhi to all! running "su - user -c 'env'" I get "PATH=/bin:/usr/bin". When running "su - user" and then "env" (as user) I get "PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/opt/java/bin" (which is the one setted in /etc/profile)...10:00
soldoKynReading about login-shell I cannot figure the reason of this may be a bug?10:00
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Krz-hi guys, looking for unistd.h header for my uclibc distro. Any idea what I have to add to my image to have that header? I have DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC = "libc-posix-clang-wchar libc-posix-wchar-io" and I have libiconv installed11:21
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RPKrz-: are you sure you don't already have it? I have a meta-clanton build here and its installed...11:29
RPKrz-: when you say "image", do you mean on target or in the sysroot?11:29
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ant_workRP: found a bug wrt JFFS211:43
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mbeliskohi guys11:46
mbeliskoquick question11:46
mbeliskoI've build yocto image fox imx611:46
mbeliskoI'm running some tests and setlocale function fails11:46
mbeliskonot sure how yocto support locale (or it's part of busybox or glibc??)11:47
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RPmbelisko: is the locale installed?11:53
RPant_work: congrats ;-)11:53
ant_workyes, was my bad11:54
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mbeliskoRP: not12:00
mbeliskoRP: *no12:00
ant_workRP: MACHINE_FEATURE += "norflash" or "nandflash" ?รน12:01
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RPant_work: I don't follow12:06
RPmbelisko: installing a locale would probably be a good first step then12:07
ant_workRP: I've sent the obserbvations on the ML12:07
ant_workon oe-core where it belongs12:07
RPmbelisko: see the IMAGE_LIGUAS variable12:07
RPant_work: ok12:08
mbeliskoRP: ok thanks12:11
Krz-RP: I mean target, I try to compile on target12:16
RPKrz-: is that not in the libc-dev package?12:16
Krz-RP: would be, I think that's the answer12:17
RPKrz-: uclibc-dev package12:17
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erbodo sstate-cache mirroring work best when the machines use the same OS-version? I have a build machine that builds nightly and then export sstate-cache over nfs to my workstation, but it seems like it rebuilds most stuff anyway.12:25
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erboI can understand that the -native packages are rebuilt, but kernel etc I would expect to be used from sstate-cache12:26
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rburtonerbo: is your configuration identical?  annoyingly stuff like inherit+="buildhistory" causes the stamps to change.12:28
rburtonyou figure this out by doing "bitbake -S  foo" on both machines, and comparing the stamp files that are generated with bitbake-diffsigs12:29
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erborburton: I think they should be identical, but I'll take an extra look.. thanks for the tip on bitbake -S12:31
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ndecrburton: it is indeed annoying if buildhistory gets into the stamps... is that really on purpose? shouldn't that be filtered?13:02
rburtonndec: afaik its not on purpose. no idea if it can be ignored - need paul for that13:04
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bluelightningthe trouble is it basically modifies do_package (by inserting itself into PACKAGEFUNCS)13:11
bluelightningthere's no way to whitelist modification of that variable13:11
bluelightningwe could move to a postfunc13:11
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bluelightningI'm also wondering if we should try to base buildhistory's package info on pkgdata, which would handily also make it work in conjunction with sstate13:12
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ndecbluelightning: well, in my personal case it is always enabled, so that's fine. but i can clearly understand why it is a problem for buildhistory to mess up with sstate.. so anything to improve that would be nice.13:16
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bluelightningI'm entering a bug now13:20
Krz-bluelightning: I somewhere lost your advice what to add to image to have full gcc working, I tried adding just gcc, but it doesn't add everything (e.g. as, nm, ld are missing)13:21
yoctiBug 5358: enhancement, Undecided, ---, paul.eggleton, NEW , Avoid buildhistory changing do_package checksums13:23
bluelightningKrz-: some of those are from binutils13:23
bluelightningin fact I think they all are13:24
bluelightningKrz-: you'll also need gcc-symlinks and binutils-symlinks I think13:24
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Crofton|workhas anyone done any docs on using adt to check a project out of a git repo and build it using cmake?14:12
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BSDCatMatthew Weigel on the line14:31
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gjohnsonI am trying to package up libraries in a separate package but I keep getting a qa warning that it "found library in wrong location", how do I get ride of this error?14:48
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bluelightninggjohnson: where is it picking up the libraries it's complaining about?14:51
gjohnsonbluelightning: /usr/qml/QtQuick/Layouts/libqquicklayoutsplugin.so14:52
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bluelightninggjohnson: hmm ok14:53
bluelightninggjohnson: you can do INSANE_SKIP_<packagename> = "libdir"14:53
gjohnsonbluelightning: Ok, I will try that.  Does INSANCE_SKIP tell the qa class to ignore libdir errors for the specific package?14:55
bluelightninggjohnson: INSANE_SKIP14:55
bluelightninggjohnson: yes14:55
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gjohnsonbluelightning: It looks like the qt4 does use INSANE_SKIP for some of its example packages but it looks like it has libraries located other than libdir and they don't use to use INSANE_SKIP.  Do you know why that would be?15:00
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bluelightninggjohnson: I'm not completely sure, no15:18
bluelightningI feel like I should know since I maintain that recipe...15:19
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gjohnsonbluelightning: I am sure you don't look at it very often so it is easy to forget :)15:28
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Krz-so I have gcc with all additional stuff on my image15:57
Krz-bare gcc works fine, but when I use configure scripts - they complain about missing pkg-config15:57
Krz-there is pkgconfig in poky/, but just adding it to IMAGE_INSTALL makes build failing, 'do_rootfs' says 'unknown package pkgconfig'15:58
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bluelightningKrz-: the package is definitely called "pkgconfig" so that should work...16:03
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Krz-pkgconfig recipe says: DEPENDS = "glib-2.0 popt"16:04
Krz-and I'm using uclibc16:04
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bluelightningKrz-: glib != glibc16:06
Krz-just figured it out ...16:06
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Krz-maybe just opkg doesn't like it. grep for pkgconfig and ipk doesnt find anything but nativesdk-pkgconfig16:12
kergoththat doesn't make sense. any package listed in IMAGE_INSTALL gets added to RDEPENDS, so bitbake knows to build it, and if bitbake builds it, an ipk gets emitted. what does 'bitbake pkgconfig' do?16:13
kergothand where are you setting IMAGE_INSTALL? in the iamge, i hope? :)16:13
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Krz-bitbake pkgconfig does:16:20
Krz-NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 0 tasks of which 0 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.16:20
Krz-and yes I'm setting IMAGE_INSTALL inside my image recipe16:20
Krz-if I do 'bitbake pkgconfig -c cleanall' and then bitbake once again from scratch  - the same thing16:21
Krz-0 tasks16:21
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Krz-nothing gets actually built16:21
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bluelightningKrz-: er... you haven't by any chance modified the default value of ASSUME_PROVIDED have you?16:39
*** OlivierG is now known as OlivierG_16:39
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*** OlivierG_ is now known as OlivierG16:50
Krz-bluelightning: inside pkgconfig recipe? no, I didn't touch any of poky stuff16:51
bluelightningKrz-: no, I mean in your configuration16:51
Krz-ASSUME_PROVIDED="bzip2-native chrpath-native git-native grep-native diffstat-native patch-native perl-native-runtime python-native-runtime tar-native virtual/libintl-native  pkgconfig$"16:52
Krz-looks like I did, hmm16:52
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Krz-meta-yocto/conf/distro/poky-tiny.conf:ASSUME_PROVIDED += "pkgconfig$"16:55
Krz-that's it :|16:55
Krz-I inherit poky-tiny16:55
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bluelightningKrz-: hmm, that is indeed in the default file17:03
bluelightningI wonder why?17:03
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bluelightningKrz-: ok, see the comments above that line17:04
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Krz-bluelightning: yeah... what I just did - copied pkg-config tarball from tmp/downloads and installed it on my uclibc target17:11
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mr_sciencedamn, i see your nick and it reminds me i haven't sent my updated recipe yet...17:26
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mranostayhowdy galak17:34
*** brm <brm!da653619@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:35
brmcan anyone help with an issue loading module c_can_platform using MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += "kernel-module-c_can_platform"?17:36
bluelightningmr_science: no problem :)17:37
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brmcan anyone help with an issue loading module c_can_platform using MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += "kernel-module-c_can_platform"?18:00
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* kergoth sighs, keep hitting sstate reuse issues18:20
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fraykergoth I had kmscherer join, he's having similar issues18:27
kmschererI am working with only sstate files for native packages.18:28
brmkergoth: Did you have any answer for my question of yesterday?18:28
kergothI'm hitting a wide variety of problems. Just a moment ago I saw the external toolchain setscene run, with no errors, and yet it ended up re-running tasks anyway18:28
kmschererThe debug log shows that the sstate file is found, but the native package gets rebuilt anyways.18:29
kmschererThe sigs for the rebuilt file is identical to the one in the cache18:29
kergothbrm: not offhand, no. your best bet is likely to just examine tmp/deploy/ipk/ to see what kernel-module- packages exist, or to use find on the packages-split subdir of the kernel's WORKDIR, to see what went where. bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep WORKDIR=18:30
kergothkmscherer: that sounds familiar, indeed :|18:30
kmschererAny ideas about how to debug?18:30
fraywould instrumenting the function(s) of sstate cache make sense?18:31
kergothother than sprinkling bb.warn()s around bitbake or sstate.bbclass, not sure18:31
fraythats what I'm wondering bb.warns and such18:33
kmschererI was able to narrow it down to one package that triggers the rebuild. In this case base-passwd.18:33
kmschererIf I added INHIBIT_AUTOTOOLS_DEP=1 then the packages were properly retrieved from cache18:33
kergothi'm still trying to narrow our latest issues down, here18:34
kergothI know one thing, I really need to nail down this bitbake bug where it doesn't always regenerate the mirror tarballs when the scm repo is updated18:35
gjohnsonHow can I regenerate the sysroots?18:57
seebsCrazy thought strikes.19:06
seebsImagine, if you will, a subtle change, which is a way that you can define a "multilib" which is actually your default tune.19:07
seebsSo for instance, for a 32-bit x86, you could refer to "lib32-busybox" and get, well, plain old busybox.19:08
seebsThis would make some aspects of my life a lot easier, because sometimes I want to express "I need a 32-bit version of package X", and that means I have to determine whether the default build is already 32-bits ("X") or whether it's not ("lib32-X").19:08
seebsAnd if the name lib32-X could just be a synonym for X in cases where lib32 is already the default, life would be simpler.19:09
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frayproblem is.. what is 'lib32' on a non-multilib system?19:19
fraydo we always have to define a multilib name?  if so, I'm not sure that will fly in the community (I personally don't have a problem with it.. but multilib work has been thorny)19:20
mr_scienceanybody got any special tips on what to do with developers who won't listen?19:24
mr_sciencei'd prefer not to get thrown out of the build and/or arrested...19:26
mr_sciencebut yeah, that's pretty much the first/only thing that pops into my head19:27
*** tor <tor!> has quit IRC19:28
mr_science*building even19:28
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* kergoth thinks about ways to improve bitbake-whatchanged20:02
mranostayhow is it in kergoth-world?20:04
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* mr_science goes to the dentist20:34
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