Thursday, 2013-10-17

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GusBrickerim working on an with an am335x-evm board, i've built some images using yocto/poky, and meta-ti. currently using the dylan branches. however when i build, i dont get a dtb file generated?00:39
GusBrickeris this file neccessary?00:39
GusBrickerbecause at the moment, i cant get the board to boot the kernel. it runs u-boot, then gets stuck at "Starting Kernel"00:40
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denixGusBricker: your problem is in the order of bblayers.conf - you can search the meta-ti mailing list archive...02:19
GusBrickerdenis: for what exactly? ive been trying to figure this out for days now :(02:19
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GusBrickerthink ive read this thread already tho02:21
GusBrickerthis is my layer order:02:22
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta \02:22
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-ti \02:22
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-yocto-bsp \02:22
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-yocto \02:22
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-oe/meta-oe \02:22
denixhence the problem02:23
denixat minimum, swap the top 2 around02:23
denixat maximum, move "meta" to the very bottom02:24
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GusBrickerdoh, it is wrong! i thought i had changed it02:24
GusBrickerive got this now02:24
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-yocto \02:24
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-ti \02:24
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-yocto-bsp \02:24
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta \02:24
GusBricker  /home/dtc-dev/projects/dtc-oe/meta-oe/meta-oe \02:24
denixshould be fine now02:26
GusBrickercheers! will give it a shot02:26
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GusBrickerdenix: tried what you said, got a dtb file now thanks03:14
GusBrickerunfortunately the board still doesnt boot03:14
GusBrickerthe kernel03:14
GusBrickerstill stuck at "Starting kernel ..."03:15
GusBrickeri used core-image-base this time03:15
GusBrickerim on the dylan branch for meta-ti03:18
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GusBrickerno wait! i got it working03:41
GusBrickeri have something on the screen!03:41
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GusBrickerits alive!04:53
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captainigloohi, I'm using yocto with meta-intel to build hdd live image, it works fine, but i would like to extend the image by adding files in the fat32 partition where the bootimg put initramfs, rootfs, syslinux ...09:01
captainigloothere is a way to do that ? create a new class maybe ?09:02
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bluelightningmorning all10:16
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Krz-I'm building image 'live' which is small initramfs to chroot to big .ext3 image. I would like to install only few of modules to image live - is there any Yocto way to determine which modules go to that image?14:15
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zibrii assume the following warning is expected when building on reiserfs: "Inode check for /var/opt/builds/olofjn/oe/master/build/porky/tmp is unavaliable, will remove it from disk monitor". if that's the case, is there anything i can do to silence it?15:02
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zibriwarning from bitbake that is :)15:03
rburtonyeah, it's usual15:03
rburtonnot sure if/how you can silence it.15:03
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zibriwould it be reasonbale to lower it to note, or dropping it?15:04
zibriheh, the comment above the logger.warn() is "this is a feature of the fs".15:05
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rburtonshould be a note15:06
rburtonits not like you can do anythign about it, apart from reformatting15:06
zibrior debug() even?15:07
zibrii can send a patch to bibake-devel either way15:07
rburtoni'd say note15:08
zibrisure thing!15:08
kergothwtf, bitbake is preferring a recipe with a negative DEFAULT_PREFERENCE in a high priority layer over a recipe with a unset or high DEFAULT_PREFERENCE in a low priority layer. that seems wrong to me15:09
* kergoth digs15:11
JaMakergoth: there is Not-a-bug about that, let me find it15:11
yoctiBug 2964: normal, Medium, 1.3 M5, richard.purdie, VERIFIED NOTABUG, DEFAULT_PREFERENCE doesn't work between layers15:12
kergoththat's ridiculous. that means a layer that wants to override poky can't add a non-default recipe, e.g. _git15:14
kergothwithout modifying distro preferences, anyway15:15
kergothRP: ^15:15
JaMakergoth: yes that's exactly the use-case which I had and didn't like the behavior15:16
bluelightningkergoth: last we discussed that was expected, if perhaps troublesome based on our usage15:17
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kergothI'd be curious to hear the use case the current behavior is intended to satisfy, given we have one right here that it fails to satisfy15:17
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ant_workkergoth: you once summed it up15:25
ant_workBBFILE_PRIORITY controls recipe priority. BBLAYERS order controls15:25
ant_workBBPATH order which in turn controls bbclass/config priority, as things15:25
ant_workstand today.15:25
kergothand? nothing about that implies how those settings interact with preference variables15:27
Krz-does anybody know how to limit number of modules that get into live image?15:28
JaMaKrz-: don't rdepend on kernel-modules15:28
Krz-JaMa: that will make my live image with no modules15:29
Krz-JaMa: I need few of them15:30
Krz-JaMa: but not all15:30
kergothant_work: again, that says nothing about how it affects default preference. copying and pasting it repeatedly isn't going to add new information15:30
* kergoth gets food15:30
ant_workkergoth: nm, it's the very same issue, one msg back in thread15:30
ant_workgood appetite ;)15:30
kergothright, but my reply didn't address that in any way, it only answered martin's evident confusion about the recipe vs config priorities :)15:32
ant_workJaMa: it sounds bad if RP and kergoth don't agree on that kind of things...happily those conflicts are very rare nowadays15:32
ant_workI mean, different versions of a recipe in various layers15:32
kergothRP and I disagree on things all the time :) not usually on high level things, more the implementation details15:33
ant_workkergoth: I've been hit by such bug long ago and I supposed it was fixed in the meanwhile15:34
ant_workbluelightning: do you remember the thread?15:34
* kergoth shrugs, works around the annoyance for now15:34
bluelightningI don't have a link15:34
bluelightningIMO we shouldn't consider the matter closed; we can start a new thread on the mailing list about it15:35
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Krz-there is a meta/classes/kernel-module-split.bbclass class - do I write bbappend to that class to have some modules stripped? I need them stripped only for live image, I need all modules for .ext3 image15:39
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ant_workKrz-: you cannot .bbappend a class15:41
ant_workin case, create one in your layer15:42
JaMaKrz-: add runtime dependencies for only the required modules..15:43
ant_workKrz-: there is an infrastructure for 'modular' initramfs, just tbh I did not test it15:43
JaMakergoth: I still keep that links somewhere in bookmarks in case I get confused or drunk again :)15:45
* ant_work removed that other link not long ago :/15:45
kergothJaMa: haha15:47
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Krz-JaMa: ant_work: could you enlighten me with some recipe names or variable names? don't really know how to bite it16:04
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ant_workKrz-: I'm heading home, pls fire quickly16:05
Krz-JaMa: ant_work: I'm just wondering about some Yocto solution how to limit number of modules that get into live image16:07
Krz-JaMa: ant_work: and in the same build I want ALL modules in regular .ext3 image16:07
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ant_workKrz-: <JaMa> Krz-: add runtime dependencies for only the required modules..16:08
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Krz-ant_work: inside image live bbappend?16:09
JaMathat won't work do_rootfs is the same for all IMAGE_FSTYPES16:09
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Krz-ant_work: I will try your solution with 'kernel-module-<module_name>'16:13
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sorvatshey all. I'm having some trouble building meta-toolchain-qte with denzil (some time ago i managed to do it, now it seems something changed).16:19
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sorvatsERROR: Failure expanding variable METADATA_REVISION, expression was ${@base_detect_revision(d)} which triggered exception IndexError: list index out of range16:19
sorvatsi can't run any task on this target16:19
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bluelightningsorvats: I've not seen an issue in this part of the code before... what layers are enabled in your configuration?16:26
sorvatshah. how would I check that?16:26
bluelightningah this is denzil16:26
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sorvatsyes it is16:26
bluelightninghave you modified conf/bblayers.conf?16:26
sorvatsmost probably, checking16:27
sorvatsok, doesn't look like16:31
sorvatsmeta and meta-yocto16:31
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sorvatsthis whole build dir was backed up and then restored into some other server. I am stil able to build my own images, and things like qt4-embedded16:33
sorvatsi will check if i did any playing in the poky dir16:33
bluelightningso that part of the code tries to query the revision being used for each layer16:34
bluelightningfor some reason that's failing16:34
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bluelightningthe code is in meta/classes/metadata_scm.bbclass FWIW16:35
sorvatsyes, I checked there but no good ideas popped by looking at it16:35
sorvatsok, so, something else I did was add the poky-denzil-7.0 dir to my own svn repo16:36
sorvatsto go about keeping track of changes16:36
sorvatscould that have anything to do with revision checking?16:36
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sorvatslooks like it did16:40
sorvatsany insights on this, while we are on it?16:40
sorvatsI just svn exported the dir16:40
sorvatsand it just worked16:41
bluelightninghmm, looks like there's a bug in the code that queries the svn revision16:43
bluelightningperhaps the format of the file being read in base_get_metadata_svn_revision() isn't exactly as the code is expecting?16:44
bluelightningit's looking at .svn/entries16:45
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bluelightningsorvats: unfortunately I don't have an svn repo to hand to check that - could you perhaps have a look at the file in your environment?16:48
sorvatsok, will do, just a sec16:50
sorvatshmm, yes, it isn't that format.16:56
sorvatslooks like the svn client version has something to do with that16:56
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sorvatsentries in my 1.8 working copy has only one line16:57
sorvats(which i believe is why the failure pops up)16:57
sorvatsand checking some old working copy, i can see that the entries format is quite different16:58
sorvatsso. Thanks, that must be it :)16:58
bluelightningah ok, that explains it16:59
bluelightningcould I ask you to enter a bug report for this?16:59
bluelightninglooks like the latest code in master will still be affected by the issue16:59
sorvatsok, in proicess17:02
sorvatsis this meta-yocto's metadata?17:07
Krz-runtime dependency is 'RDEPENDS' variable?17:08
bluelightningsorvats: it's OE-Core / core17:09
bluelightningKrz-: yes17:09
sorvatsok, ty17:10
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Krz-bluelightning: I tried ant_work solution to do RDEPENDS = "kernel-module-ehci_hcd" but image-live does not pick it up :(17:13
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RPkergoth: reopen the bug but I did spend time looking at that and I couldn't figure out how to get everything to coexist nicely :(17:47
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yoctiBug 5363: normal, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , base_get_metadata_svn_revision fails with IndexError18:22
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sorvatsI accidentally submitted the bug with no description. I added that in a comment right away. Hope that's ok.18:23
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khembluelightning: around ?19:47
bluelightningkhem: hi, yep19:47
khemyou once sent a note on how to program smart channels into images19:47
khemdo you have it documented or reference to it somewhere ?19:48
khembluelightning: something like this
bluelightningthere's nothing documented, no19:52
bluelightningI wanted to add a standard way in 1.619:52
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khembluelightning: righto20:01
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* mranostay pokes in20:05
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otavioIs already known who will be in charge of dora maintenance?20:12
JaMafwiw: gentoo also upgraded tar to 1.27, so I also look forward for those changes in dora20:15
*** halstead is now known as halstead_away20:17
JaMae.g. we're still using many webos_ bbclasses20:20
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bluelightningotavio: not yet I don't think21:23
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