Friday, 2013-10-18

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GusBrickerHas anyone here had much experience with meta-mono?00:33
GusBrickerI guess my situation/question is, ive built core-image-mono, which has plopped out a core-image-mono*.tar.gz file, what do i do with it? it hasnt given me any images to use.00:37
fraycore-image-mono.. is a filesystem image as a tarball..00:37
frayyou will need to convert it to whatever your device uses.  You may be able to enable the device generation for ext3/ext4 and short cut a step somewhat00:38
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GusBrickerfray: its given me a root file system in the tarball. Should i be building this into my own layer or something along those lines?00:47
GusBrickerSorry, im a bit green when it comes to yocto/oe build system00:47
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fraythe root filesystem (the image you told it to build) is a full filesystem that should be runnable on a target system.  (It might be a demo, I'm not familar with meta-mono).. but the idea is that an image is something you can just put on the target device and run00:56
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GusBrickerfray: so for example, i have just setup my poky environment to build images for my TI am335x-evm dev platform using core-image-base and meta-ti layer. Should the image built with core-image-mono work on my am335x-evm?02:02
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nerdboyGusBricker: should, yes, but whether it does or not is the question...02:58
GusBrickerhmm, looking like it doesnt02:58
nerdboydid you try console-image or maybe clutter-image?02:58
GusBrickeri tried core-image-x11 as well02:59
GusBrickerwhich didnt work, its weird because its not even getting into u-boot02:59
nerdboyi ended up building my own graphical image recipes for rpi...02:59
GusBrickerfor mono?03:00
nerdboyno, just to get a working sato image, and then my own xorg "lite" image03:00
GusBrickerwhat i would like, is to get a version of mono/gtk#/x11 running, but im still getting my head around yocto/oe03:01
GusBrickerprobably need to take smaller steps03:01
nerdboytry copying the mono image to your own layer and include your hw-ip image or whatever the most minimal working image is03:01
GusBrickerso far the only image ive gotten to work is core-image-base03:01
nerdboyso add "include core-image-base" to your version of the mono image03:02
GusBrickerok, will do03:03
GusBrickerit already includes core-image-sato tho, is that okay to use both?03:03
nerdboytry replacing it03:06
nerdboysince it already didn't work, right?03:07
nerdboyyou could also add something like this, if it's not already there:03:07
nerdboyIMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management ssh-server-openssh splash x11-base"03:08
GusBrickerinto my local.conf file?03:08
nerdboyimage recipe03:08
nerdboythe sato image has x11-base-sato or some such, which pulls in connman03:09
GusBrickerso sato inherits core-image03:13
nerdboymy original xorg image only inherited the core-image bbclass03:17
nerdboyrecently something changed upstream and it stopped booting03:17
nerdboyi had to fiddle with it and ended up adding the "include" and removing some supposedly valid config options03:19
nerdboylooks like this now:
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nerdboyGusBricker: is it soup yet?04:22
GusBrickerim taking a step back, and taking baby steps.04:23
GusBrickerso creating my own layer, which inherits core-image04:23
GusBrickerthen ill slowly try introduce extra features04:23
GusBrickerthat way ill get an understanding of what im actually doing, rather then just diving in to deep!04:25
nerdboyyou don't need too much in your ti layer just to try some other stuff04:25
nerdboyas long as the corresponding layers are in your bblayers.conf, you should be able to build it04:25
GusBrickerive just got an image recipe in my layer, that is inheriting core-image, and adding a few extra image features04:26
nerdboyfor anything interesting, you need at least an X image with a login manager or a mini_x session config or similar04:27
nerdboythere are xfce and gnome layers, plus a couple of qt layers04:29
nerdboyfor gtk i would include the gnome stuff but use a different session default04:29
nerdboyopenbox/dbus/consolekit or something similar04:30
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GusBrickerhow does the inherit command work? its inheriting core-image, but what is core-image?04:33
nerdboyinherit is for bbclasses04:33
nerdboyinclude is for files04:33
nerdboyrequire is for a specific file04:34
GusBrickerwas trying to find a page on the yocto wiki on it, but couldnt04:34
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elbcrburton: hi ! do you know if the wayland/weston 1.3.0 has been accepted ?09:02
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bluelightningmorning all09:06
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zerusI'm trying to use SDKIMAGE_FEATURES to add packages that only should occur in the SDK. Bu I cannot get this working. Probably something I'm doing wrong.. I have added it in local.conf like : SDKIMAGE_FEATURES := " pkgA pkgB" Then running populate_sdk09:18
bluelightningzerus: SDKIMAGE_FEATURES is for adding features, not individual packages09:23
bluelightningzerus: if you want to add a package to the target portion of the SDK you need to add them to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK09:24
zerusbluelightning: Aha OK. That explains it.. SO if I append TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK it will only end up in the SDK and not in the final rootfs?09:25
bluelightningzerus: correct yes09:26
zerusbluelightning: thanks. I will give it a try.09:27
jackmitchellok, so I'm trying to set my root password with the extrausers.bbclass09:35
jackmitchellhowever, how I can define what the salt is for shadow in order to generate the hash?09:36
jackmitchellit seems to increment by 1 per build, as the salt was 15995 when I generated the hash, but in my new build it is now 1599609:36
jackmitchellah wait, I may have misunderstood, the salt is included in the password hash; which seems a bit weird but oh well09:41
jackmitchellI was under the impression that shadow provided the salt, which all the passwords had to be hashed with in order to work09:42
bluelightningjackmitchell: how are you setting the password within EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS ?09:46
jackmitchellEXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "\09:47
jackmitchell    usermod -p '$6$1BBHm9j1$Kq6cRYht.cgAEF9DMZg6x2CmnFuJh6R64awVujE60ghOA9rl5TqmPDTRzXFlJ1gQur6mKUSGBMQuqvOTveLto1' root; \09:47
jackmitchell    "09:47
jackmitchellit's chaning the shadow file, but I can't log in when I've booted the system09:47
jackmitchellI'm giving it another go, with what I think is a correct hash now09:47
bluelightningI would say we probably need to make this easier09:48
jackmitchellI honestly concur09:48
jackmitchellI've been using OE for a couple of years now and I'm struggling with it09:48
bluelightningjust checking, you're adding this root password for local use not via ssh, right?09:48
jackmitchellI want it local and ssh09:49
bluelightningok, wouldn't it be more secure to use a key for the remote part?09:49
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jackmitchellbluelightning: it's just a default root password09:49
jackmitchellit doesn't need to be secure, just set as a default09:49
bluelightningright, guess it depends on the usage of the device09:49
jackmitchellyeah, if the customer wants to change it then they're free to do so, but we need to ship it with something ;)09:50
bluelightningwould you mind entering a feature request in bugzilla for a way to set the root password via EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS (presumably in cleartext)?09:52
jackmitchellah damn, it's mushed the $ signs thinking they're variables, do you think an escaping backslash would do it?09:53
jackmitchellbluelightning: will do09:53
bluelightningyou could try backslashes but I would have thought the ' ' would have stopped that from happening09:54
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jackmitchellbluelightning: backslashes fixed it10:01
yoctiBug 5365: normal, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , ability to set root password in cleartext10:01
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bluelightningjackmitchell: ok, thanks10:07
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Crofton|workhow do I search bugzilla for 1.6 feature requests10:12
rburtonelbc: no, because it was still broken in a pure sysvinit configuration.10:13
rburtonelbc: finally worked out the fix yesterday10:13
rburton(and wrote proper systemd units too)10:14
bluelightningCrofton|work: advanced search then just select the 1.6 items in the Target Milestone list, and "enhancement" under importance10:18
Crofton|workis there a way to have a list of stored searches?10:18
bluelightningCrofton|work: but note we havent gone through and reassigned the milestone for all bugs yet, that's happening today I think10:18
Crofton|workwe need to get a master slave prserv in place10:19
bluelightningCrofton|work: absolutely, if you save a search it'll appear in the bottom of the page10:19
bluelightningevery page that is10:19
Crofton|workI was thinking globally10:19
Crofton|workso any idiot can find it10:19
bluelightningtypically we accomplish that by using the mediawiki integration, then we can show the search results directly in the wiki10:19
bluelightninge.g. see
bluelightningwe'll be creating a 1.6 page similar to that shortly I would think10:21
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Krz-is there any Yocto way I can make my layer uclibc/eglibc compatibile? For now I use only uclibc and I have things like 'IMAGE_INSTALL += "libiconv"' which will not work for eglibc10:30
Krz-was wondering if I can make layer in such a way, that uclibc/eglibc switch would be just one-liner10:31
Krz-I think there is something like IMAGE_INSTALL_pn-uclibc, or similar?10:31
Krz-maybe this: IMAGE_INSTALL_append_libc-uclibc10:35
rburtonyes, that10:36
rburtonbut won't library dependencies get libiconv installed for you?10:37
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Krz-to be precise I need uclibc-dev, libiconv-dev etc.10:40
Krz-installing only uclibc-dev doesn't pull libiconv-dev to the image unfortunately10:40
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bluelightningKrz-: you can use libc overrides, e.g. IMAGE_INSTALL_append_libc-uclibc = " libiconv-dev"10:44
bluelightningsimilarly libc-glibc for eglibc10:44
bluelightning(libc-glibc, not libc_eglibc)10:45
Krz-bluelightning: ok, that's cool10:45
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Krz-bluelightning: for dev image with eglibc I hope it's enough if I just install eglibc-dev, is that correct?10:46
bluelightningKrz-: I would think so yes10:46
ant_workiirc we use  _linux-gnueabi _linux-uclibceabi as well10:48
bluelightningthat'll only work on arm10:49
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ant_workoh, right10:50
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jackmitchellok, so I've git another road block. I believe that my password doesn't work as the passwd file still specifes * in the second column, when it should specify 'x' to denote that the password is in the shadow file11:27
jackmitchellI added the following11:27
jackmitchellROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "sed -i 's/*/x/' ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/passwd ;"11:28
jackmitchellthat works on a file in my local filesystem, but doesn't do anything to the passwd file in my target rootfs11:28
jackmitchelldoes anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this?11:29
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jackmitchellok ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append worked11:42
jackmitchellmaybe something was munging the passwd file after I had changed it, who knows11:42
zerusbluelightning: I tried your suggestions with TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK it worked fine. But I want to specify a list of packages with PACKAGE_GROUP_somename = "pkgA pkgB". But TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK Doesn't seems to like this. I then tried to create my "own" feature with: COMPLEMENTARY_GLOB[somename-pkgs] = 'pkgA pkgB', this works fine to get install with SDKIMAGE_FEATURES. But I cannot get this one working with PACKAGE_GROUP either. Any suggesti11:43
zerusbluelightning: My problem is with other words to create a "pkglist" (with PACKAGE_GROUP) and get them included only in the SDK.11:44
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elbcrburton: ok thanks !12:20
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Stygiabluelightning, Hey.12:23
StygiaIf I wanted to make a repository with all my recipes sometime, and send it to you for a sign-off, what's the best way to go about that?12:23
StygiaI'd rather avoid pushing something incomplete again.12:24
kbartHello. I'm still fighting to make qte SDK. I have built it using "bitbake meta-toolchain-qte", installed it. And now what? How do I make "hello world" app using it? When I try to compile app using qmake in SDK, I get errors.12:27
jackmitchellkbart: did you source the environment file?12:27
kbartjackmitchell, yes (environment-setup-armv7ahf-vfp-neon-oe-linux-gnueabi)12:28
jackmitchellkbart: you'll have to post some error logs to get any more help then12:28
jackmitchellin pastebin.com12:28
jackmitchellnot on irc12:28
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Stygiabluelightning, And frankly I'm embarassigly derp with git, so since you volunteered to check the recipes before I try to commit again I figured I should take you up on it.12:30
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kbartwell, it looks like some environmentals are missing or misconfigured. What would be most helpful is to have some "hello world" example. I can't find any useful information on google.12:30
Stygiabluelightning, I did read up on rebase -i and such, I'm significantly less derp than last we spoke.12:31
ndecStygia: you mean less 'git' ;-)12:34
kbartjackmitchell, here it is:
kbarthm, OE_QMAKE_INCDIR_QT looks suspicious:12:35
kbartkb@kb-linux:~/Projects/TestPrj/app$ printenv | grep OE_QMAKE_INCDIR_QT12:35
kbartsee double "//"12:35
Stygiandec, What?12:35
ndeci am not native english speaker, but i read that 'git' meant stupid/simple...12:36
ndec -;)12:36
StygiaAah, right! Yes I've heard that.12:36
StygiaHeh, also not a native speaker, I'd have guessed you made a pun on "good".12:36
ndechehe no!12:37
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bluelightningzerus: er COMPLEMENTARY_GLOB wouldn't be the right thing for that12:57
bluelightningzerus: if you've defined an image feature via PACKAGE_GROUP then you can add that to SDKIMAGE_FEATURES12:57
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bluelightningStygia: sure, you can push to a github repo if you like12:59
Stygiabluelightning, Ah alright, I'll do that for our 'public' recipes and link you sometime this weekend.13:00
Stygiabluelightning, Are you normally on during the weekends? I'll just do it monday otherwise, or later.13:00
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bluelightningStygia: yep I should be around at least partially over the weekend13:00
Stygiabluelightning, Good, I have so many recipes now I feel bad for not sharing, but a few of them do still need some cleaning up.13:02
Stygiabluelightning, BTW, do you remember what that variable to pass flags to a configure script when using autotools was? I'd like to use autotools for this recipe but I don't remember, OE_EXTRA something.13:03
bluelightningStygia: EXTRA_OECONF13:03
bluelightningStygia: it'll be great to get those in, definitely13:03
bluelightningI can certainly help where needed13:04
Stygiabluelightning, Ah right, and thanks! I'd do it myself, but I slip up and bother the mailing list, so.13:04
StygiaYou did offer it specifically. ^_^ I wouldn't ask otherwise.13:04
tlwoernerndec: just for completeness "git" is a British-ism and not used very much in North America. in fact in NA "git" is more likely to be assumed to be an American-ization of "get" (i.e. git 'er done)13:06
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Crofton|workso many cultures, so little time13:10
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zerusbluelightning: I tried add my PACKAGE_GROUP to SDKIMAGE_FEATURES without success. When reading the code (image.bbclass) it looks like PACKAGE_GROUP is only for IMAGE_FEATURES.13:15
bluelightningzerus: ah, right13:20
bluelightningzerus: as a workaround I would suggest creating a packagegroup recipe that pulls in the packages you want to group together and then add that to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK13:20
bluelightningStygia: sure, no problem13:20
bluelightningtlwoerner: or perhaps a Southernism for "get lost" ;)13:21
tlwoernerbluelightning: yes, i was considering adding that too :-) like if there's a stray dog around that's making you nervous :-)13:22
zerusbluelightning: Yeah, that should work. Will try that. Do you think it could be of interest (in mainline yocto) if I try implementing PACKAGE_GROUP support for SDKIMAGE? Thanks for your time.13:23
bluelightningzerus: yes, ideally those should work together13:24
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Krz-can I do 'do_install' step in image recipe?14:55
Krz-I need to add one file: /etc/modprobe.d/modules.conf14:55
Krz-with dependencies on modules loading order14:55
Krz-or maybe: ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is way to go?14:56
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RPKrz-: that is probably easier since I think it wipes the directory as the first step15:01
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rburtonelbc: you might be interested to know i have h264 hardware decoding through gstreamer on weston15:43
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elbcrburton: excellent !16:11
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elbcI have to quit, but let me know how to make it work see you on monday I hope16:11
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kergothyou know, i had no idea how useful bitbake-whatchanged is, until a couple days ago16:33
* kergoth yawns16:33
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* pidge pushes the big red 1.5 release button19:55
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mr_scienceif you build off master it's been poky 1.5 for a while now...19:57
mr_sciencealways a good milestone when you kick it out the door for real19:57
kergothgrats all around20:05
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BCMMwhere would be the right place to set IMAGE_FSTYPES for my project?21:29
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mr_scienceBCMM: typically in local.conf22:09
BCMMmr_science: will override other settings?22:09
BCMMi mean, other stuff that sets that var22:09
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mr_sciencenot sure, probably depends on where22:10
BCMMit's in conf/machine/raspberrypi.conf in the rpi BSP22:10
mr_sciencei believe local.conf should override that22:10
mr_scienceat least that's what the readme clams:  Override IMAGE_FSTYPES in local.conf22:11
mr_science*claims even22:12
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BCMMmr_science: readme for what?22:19
BCMMmr_science: also, thanks a lot!22:19
mr_sciencereadme for the rpi layer22:20
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BCMMthanks, i must have looked right past that because i wasn't trying for compression22:28
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mr_scienceBCMM: which rpi-layer are you trying to build from?22:45
mr_sciencethe upstream one doesn't have any useful images in it22:46
mr_sciencejust hw-up and rpi-basic i think22:46
mr_sciencei just use the "normal" sdimg output22:47
mr_sciencecan always compress later to save space22:48
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BCMMmr_science: i've been using this one - there's another one?23:10
BCMMi don't actually want to use any built-in image type - i'm trying to produce a directory or archive containing the bootfiles including an initramfs (which is my only rootfs)23:11
BCMM(but to start with i think i'll just use the files i already have on the sdcard and just build a cpio image fstype)23:13
mr_scienceaccording to github there are 30-some forks of the djwillis layer, including mine...23:21
mr_sciencebut i haven't played with initramfs on rpi yet23:21
mr_sciencei was just going to say, if you want to try a more complete image, i have an rpi-xorg image and a couple of console ones23:22
mr_sciencehaven't played with the console ones much lately either23:23
mr_sciencelooks like i just have the rpi-clutter image, but i did build the normal console-image at one point23:24
mr_science  <=  if you're interested...23:25
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