Friday, 2013-11-01

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ftonellohow to avoid the split_and_strip_files for a certain package?01:11
ftonelloI'm trying to add do INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-samples += "split-strip" but it's not working01:11
ftonelloI'm using poky 10 btw01:11
JaMaINHIBIT_STRIP or something like that IIRC01:14
JaMayou still need split, right?01:15
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ftonelloJaMa: I'm not sure.. itÅ› a package that contains mp3 files only.. so probably not01:35
ftonelloI can't find any reference to INHIBIT_STRIP in poky01:36
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* nerdboy porting patches01:44
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ftonelloJaMa: ok, was a bug in package.bbclass, I'm already sending a patch02:23
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blloydI put a patch out that received some feedback and I'm a bit confused about v2 patching.  It seems gdb creates a patch series, 1 patch for every local commit done.  So my current v2 patch series has the first patch all over again followed by the fixup patch, which I don't think is what I should be sending in.  What am I supposed to do?03:09
blloydseems *git03:10
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nerdboyapparently this isn't going to work unless i can disable qa_configure somehow...03:42
nerdboyis there even a way to do that?03:42
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nerdboyokay, workaround is adding do_qa_configure to the recipe and changing it to a bb.warn03:50
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nerdboypeterwhitfield: erlang_R15B is pushed =>
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peterwhitfieldnerdboy: fantastic, I'll try it now06:14
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nerdboyand it appears to run on my pi06:22
nerdboyat least the erlang shell does06:23
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nerdboynot sure what else to do with it, so you get to test it06:28
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JaManerdboy: INSANE_SKIP07:37
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nerdboythat didn't work when i tried it last night...07:49
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nerdboynope, still triggers the bb.fatal in the config.log  check07:59
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bluelightningmorning all10:00
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bluelightninghi JaMa10:11
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slipsmorning folks10:22
slipsI have this recipe which I want to build as both native and for the target, however, the one for the target needs to use one of the components from the native package.10:24
slipsDo I need to split this into two recipes, APP and APP-native?10:24
slipsand let APP depend on APP-native?10:24
slipsI though I could use the same recipe, and just use DEPENDS = "APP-native".. Got a dependency loop error...10:26
JaMaslips: this depends should work10:28
JaMabluelightning: any idea about that x11-mobility RFC I've sent yesterday?10:28
bluelightningslips: I think you need something like DEPENDS_append_class-target = " APP-native"10:29
bluelightningJaMa: didn't see that, looking now10:29
slipsbluelightning: ah, I'll try that, thanks10:29
JaMabluelightning: it's not fixed yet, just please check if it looks familiar to you10:30
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bluelightningJaMa: not specifically; my only contact with the qt-mobility recipes was fixing enabling/disabling of some optional dependencies10:31
bluelightningJaMa: there is a bug open for this, let me find it10:31
yoctiBug 5414: normal, Medium, 1.5.1,, NEW , qt-mobility-x11 installs headers and libs in wrong paths10:32
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JaMabluelightning: ah thanks!10:37
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Krz-what actually does it mean when I add 'x11' to DISTRO_FEATURES or MACHINE_FEATURES ?11:26
Krz-is the definition of 'x11' in Yocto: "board has graphics card"?11:26
Krz-and hi all :)11:26
Guest31987Krz-: the defintion of the "x11" DISTRO_FEATURE is "distro supports X11"11:27
Guest31987wha, guest?11:27
*** Guest31987 is now known as rburton11:27
Krz-rburton: so adding x11 enables Xserver and X client libraries and X applications, is that correct?11:29
rburtonfwiw, x11 is a default distro feature11:29
rburtonso you normally remove it11:29
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JaMabluelightning: another RFC which could be interesting for you because it's about packagegroups you've designed12:12
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lpapphi, dylan is failing on arch for me, got a clue?12:28
lpappbluelightning: rburton ^12:29
JaMalpapp: your tar is too new, see commits recently added to dora which fix that12:34
lpappJaMa: after the dora release?12:36
lpappi.e. if I fetch 10.0.0, I will still have the same issues?12:36
rburtoniirc yes, you'll want the dora branch.12:36
lpapp./meta/recipes-core/base-files/base-files/fstab says "# stock fstab - you probably want to override this with a machine specific one"12:37
lpappis there an example how to do that?12:38
lpappsay, I have my own distro/machine meta-foo layer. Shall I create a base-files append recipe in there?12:38
lpappNet147: I am not after the exact change fixing it later than the dora release, but thanks.12:39
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JaMalpapp: yes .bbappend with FILESEXTRAPATHS13:05
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slipsI keep getting an error "APP-dev is listed in PACKAGES multiple times, this leads to packaging errors."13:28
slipsmy PACKAGES looks like this: PACKAGES_append_class-target =+ "APP APP-dev APP-staticdev"13:29
slipsI've tried removing the plus sign without any change.13:29
slipsThe logfile doesnt provide any other information either. COuld this have anything to do with the fact that I run the recipe twice, (one for native, one for target?)13:30
JaMa_append + =+ doesn't make much sense13:35
JaMause bitbake -e and you'll see that all 3 are already defined in default PACKAGES value13:36
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slipsJaMa: oh. removed the whole line and it worked... :/ thanks13:40
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lpappJaMa: why FILESEXTRAPATHS?13:49
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lpappgit branch -a | cutepaste14:02
lpappwhy don't I see a dora branch in the poky repository?14:02
erbolpapp: strange..
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lpappI will try to delete the clone, and re-clone.14:08
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* bluelightning wonders why that would be necessary...14:09
JaMabluelightning: wrt packagegroup and allarch, when you have 2 MACHINEs with different TUNE_PKGARCH, then do_package signature of packagegroup recipe is different because of runtime dependencies14:12
lpappbluelightning: you are welcome to figure out the issue14:12
JaMabluelightning: I'll give you bitbake-diffsigs output in a minute14:12
bluelightningJaMa: I appreciate that, then surely the answer is to exclude those via SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS or similar?14:13
bluelightningit all comes down to whether the signature changing represents a material change in the output... here it seems to me it doesn't14:14
JaMabluelightning: nope, because SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS is too coarse grained for that IMHO14:14
JaMaif we have packagegroup which depends on TUNE_PKGARCH signatures, then why not make it TUNE_PKGARCH as well?14:14
JaMa"building" packagegroup is fast and it's better to build it once per TUNE_PKGARCH than having one allarch which is overwritten after each switch to different TUNE_PKGARCH14:15
bluelightningI'm not arguing that the latter is desirable, I'm suggesting fixing it in a different way14:15
JaMaif you use SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS than it wont be rebuilt at all, so e.g. if you change dropbear version, packagegroup will still have old version in RDEPENDS14:16
bluelightningJaMa: I checked that; packagegroup recipes don't end up with the version in the dependencies (I looked at the spec file and the ipk control file)14:17
JaMaI know it will work in most cases, but listing *all* TUNE_PKGARCH dependencies in layer.conf is worse than building packagegroup e.g. 3 times14:17
bluelightningyeah I'm not advocating adding these in layer.conf - rather that packagegroup.bbclass would take care of that automatically14:18
JaMaHash for dependent task changed from 896fc5280b0cc1fde52eafa3a4224881 to 9c8402e24c1194c380aca19c1d1ec8c714:19
JaMafrom bitbake-diffsigs sstate-diff/1383315048/*/*/packagegroup-core-ssh-dropbear/*do_package_write_ipk.*14:20
lpapperbo: strange, I see that branch after a fresh clone14:22
lpappthis is the second time it happens to me with the poky repository....14:22
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RPbluelightning, JaMa: we could list packagegroup as being special in the sstate handling code...15:45
bluelightningRP: right, that should also work15:45
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sayguhAnyone know of any recipes for LAPACK & BLAS?  The reference implementations I've found are written in fortran and I'd read that the fortran cross-compiler shouldn't be used. Been doing a lot of googling and trying different things out but haven't had any luck.18:50
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willwillsonwhen you have multiple versions of a package, what determines which version is selected by default?19:59
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sayguhAnyone have any advice on getting the fortran compiler to work?  Seems like a few people have tried but I haven't found anyone who has had luck.21:15
CroftonI'm told it is possible21:16
CroftonI sort of need to worry about it some21:16
Croftonfortran that is21:16
sayguhIs it something /msg Crofton Hey I just noticed your also a VT grad. and it seems like we're both doing OSSIE & embedded work.21:23
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mranostaysayguh: fail!21:26
sayguhlol yes21:27
sayguhmy face is very red.21:27
mranostaywell you could have said worse21:28
Croftonserious fail21:28
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peterwhitfieldquick question (hopefully) - is it possible to copy the tmp dir into another yocto build rather than have to rebuild everything?22:01
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kergothjust use sstate22:03
sgw_peterwhitfield: not really, but you can use sstate!22:03
Croftonsgw_, use shorter answers22:04
peterwhitfieldhaven't read much of the detail on state - I''ll go read, but I presume that means point the new build to the state from the old one?22:05
peterwhitfielddamn spell checker - I typed 'sstate'22:05
sgw_you can point it at the sstate-cache directory either directly (SSTATE_DIR) or via SSTATE_MIRROR22:06
peterwhitfieldk, thanks! will give that a try22:06
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sgw_SSTATE_MIRRORS uses the following style, so be aware: SSTATE_MIRRORS = "file://.* file:///<path_to>/sstate-cache/PATH"22:07
sgw_SSTATE_DIR is just a /<path_to>/sstate-cache (which can be found in your build dir top level22:07
peterwhitfieldSSTATE_DIR should work for me22:08
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