Wednesday, 2013-11-13

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b1gtunaHello everyone, is anyone experiencing libmpd-11.8.17 Not Found error?03:13
nerdboywhat branches are you on?03:13
b1gtunaDylan I believe03:13
b1gtunahaven't updated to Dora yet03:13
nerdboyi'm on master, but lemme pull and rebuild03:14
b1gtunaalright thanks nerdboy03:14
* nerdboy has been flogging gnat-gcc for a while03:15
nerdboyokay, i'm gonna nuke tmp and pull/rebuild03:16
nerdboyoh yeah, i did take a detour to fix erlang but i haven't built my full image for a few weeks03:16
b1gtunakk thanks I awaits your answer03:17
b1gtunabe back in 10 min - gotta get some udon. So hungry03:17
nerdboyhope nobody's using the feed right now...03:17
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nerdboya couple merge conflicts later and rebuild in progress...03:36
b1gtunanerdboy: kk cool03:38
nerdboyas soon as i bump my ssh bbappend...03:38
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nerdboydeps look good, it's cranking on all 6 cores...03:42
b1gtunanerdboy: sounds good, have you gone past libmpd?03:44
nerdboynot yet => 174 of 721303:44
nerdboyi think i have -j6 with 6 threads03:46
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b1gtunai see all cores working hard!03:46
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thaytanI'm having some trouble with dependency resolution, trying to build gstreamer 1.0 git with poky master03:53
thaytanit complains when building the rootfs03:53
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nerdboythaytan: that sounds odd, since i'm also on master and have gstreamer pulled into my image03:57
nerdboynothing weird yet...03:58
thaytannerdboy, which gstreamer though?03:58
nerdboyi'll let you know when it's done building...04:00
nerdboylooks like it's all 1.0.904:00
thaytanyeah, 1.0.9 built fine04:00
nerdboyyou're using the git recipes?04:01
thaytanI'll clean stuff and rebuild04:01
b1gtunanerdboy: thanks for your help, i will check back soon04:01
thaytannerdboy, yes04:01
nerdboyb1gtuna: it should take a couple of hours for a fresh build04:03
nerdboyusually lots of dep updates after a pull...04:03
nerdboythaytan: can you paste-bin the terminal contents?04:10
thaytannerdboy, I'll see if it fails again after this build04:14
thaytanmaybe it's got stale cached data from having built 1.0.904:15
nerdboycould be04:15
nerdboyif things get into a wonky state, usually nuking tmp is all i need04:15
thaytanyeah, I just hate the long rebuild from a full nuke04:18
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b1gtunanerdboy: sure couple hours is ok04:25
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nerdboythaytan: i do it every few weeks04:26
nerdboyshould make a bumper sticker of that one...04:27
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nerdboyi guess there were more updates than i thought...05:14
nerdboyonly half done so far, so it must've invalidated most/all of my cache05:14
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nerdboyb1gtuna: almost baked06:59
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nerdboycurrently churning on webkit-gtk...06:59
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b1gtunanerdboy: kk07:21
nerdboyit's on do_rootfs so we'll know pretty quick if any deps are jacked up07:22
b1gtunahmm if it has reached rootfs, doesn't it mean the package has been fetched? ie, no 404?07:26
nerdboyi think the last of the deps get resolved when things get installed into the image07:27
nerdboyb1gtuna: either fetched or it was already in downloads07:27
nerdboyokay, it's done07:29
nerdboyjust a few license and relocation warnings07:29
b1gtunacan u do a clean on that particular package, and try again? =P07:31
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nerdboywhat version was not found?07:34
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nerdboyyup, i just a 404 trying to fetch it07:35
b1gtuna libmpd-11.8.1707:36
b1gtunahmm ok07:36
b1gtunathanks for confirmation07:36
b1gtunado these kind of breakges get fixed by upstream devs?07:36
nerdboylooks like sourceforge is obsolete07:37
nerdboythe SRC_URI needs to point to
b1gtunaya i do have the patch for it. Was wondering if anyone else cares07:39
nerdboyi can only fix it in my bbappend07:39
nerdboyi would file a bug07:39
nerdboyyou  found it man, own it07:40
nerdboyi'm still trying to figure out how meta-openembedded libmpd went from 0.17.1 to 11.8.1707:43
nerdboylatest stable is 0.18.3, so i have no idea what 11.8.17 is07:44
b1gtunawhat the heck that's odd07:44
nerdboyanyone care to fess up?07:44
b1gtunai already asked in the mailing list07:44
b1gtunaso far no response07:44
nerdboyand now you can't fetch from sourceforge07:45
nerdboyfile a bug, please07:45
b1gtunakki will thanks nerdboy07:45
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boost12_What is PRIVATE_LIBS variable and what it does08:56
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bluelightningmorning all09:50
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boost12_What is PRIVATE_LIBS variable and what it does??10:25
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lpappRP: seems I can run screen as root inside the nspawn environment.10:38
lpappRP: but that does not work with Yocto.10:38
lpappsudo screen does not work either because: sudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root?10:38
BCMMlpapp: is it BB's sudo?10:39
lpappBCMM: no, just 'su'10:41
lpappor you mean sudo screen?10:41
lpappthat is just sudo as usual.10:41
lpappwithout any Yocto involved.10:41
BCMMwait, are you using sudo or su?10:41
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lpappboth, that is what I am explaining....10:42
lpappsudo does not work as written.10:42
lpappI wonder if it related to some permission problems.10:43
lpappls -ld /dev/console10:43
lpappcrw------- 1 root root 136, 5 Nov 13 10:39 /dev/console10:43
lpapplemme change that...10:43
BCMMls -l /bin/su /bin/sudo10:43
lpappstill the same issue...10:44
BCMMon busybox systems, BB's implementation of su is often used in place of the normal one10:44
lpappthat will not help, really.10:44
BCMMit's diagnostic, not a fix...10:44
lpappit is /not/ busybox.10:44
BCMMah, ok10:44
lpappit is the host system10:44
lpappthe permission problem has to be fixed10:44
lpappbut chmod 660 /dev/console did not help.10:44
BCMMwhat was the error from screen? sometimes it fails due to permissions on /run or /var/run, not on the console10:45
lpappthe one I showed above.10:47
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lpappBCMM: /run and /var/run are 75510:51
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StygiaAnyone know how to refer to other packages from a recipe? Trying to create a recipe for Squid, and I DEPEND on "db", the Berkeley DB.11:00
StygiaAnyone know how I can get the path to that DB as a variable? Then I can say EXTRA_OECONF = " --with-db=${var_to_path} "11:01
bluelightningStygia: the path you specify there needs to point into the sysroot though, not into where db is built11:03
Stygiabluelightning, Ah, so something sort of like ${D}${bindir}?11:04
StygiaEven if the tool isn't yet a part of the image?11:04
bluelightningStygia: it'll be somewhere under ${STAGING_DIR_HOST}11:05
bluelightningthe image doesn't come into it, that's much later... the sysroot exists for this precise purpose11:06
bluelightningas long as you have DEPENDS set appropriately to ensure db gets built first, that is sufficient11:06
StygiaAh, right, thought it was weird, I have the terms made up. Hmm, any way to expand STAGING_DIR_HOST outside a recipe, so I can find the appropriate subdir?11:06
bluelightningbitbake -e your-recipe | grep ^STAGING_DIR_HOST=11:06
StygiaAh, fantastic! Cheers mate.11:07
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lpappgot screen working with some chmod o+rw /dev/console and then /run/screen hack. :D11:10
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lpapphow is it guaranteed that bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig configured the kernel in my layer?11:17
lpappi.e. not just append, but a full replacement for core?11:17
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StygiaHmm. If you're still around bluelightning, I'm unfortunately stuck on making a recipe for squidGuard.11:29
StygiaThis is the recipe and output:
StygiaWhat bothers me is that it says, "checking for db.h ... yes", seeming to indicate that it finds the database as it sould.11:30
bluelightningStygia: s/DEPEND_${PN}/DEPENDS/11:30
bluelightningand if this is an autotooled piece of software you should inherit autotools instead of running configure yourself11:30
StygiaI tried to inherit autotools, but I had no luck with it.11:31
StygiaMaybe it was because of the depends block, hang on...11:31
bluelightningwhen you say you had no luck, what do you mean?11:31
StygiaWithout _${PN}?11:31
StygiaWell, this exact same error occurred, it couldn't find Berkeley DB.11:31
bluelightningyes, DEPENDS is for the recipe, not an output package -> no package suffix needed11:31
StygiaHmm, right.11:32
bluelightningright, but that doesn't mean you should rip out the inherit ;)11:32
StygiaThat makes sense, actually, RDEPENDS makes sense in package context.11:32
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StygiaNope, fair enough! Just wanted to try it manually.11:32
bluelightningif you want to see what arguments are being sent to configure with "inherit autotools" you can see those in log.do_configure11:32
StygiaYes, cheers mate, I was doing that! I get this:
StygiaAnd, unfortunately, there's no difference in the results if I say EXTRA_OECONF = " --prefix=${STAGING_DIR_HOST} "11:34
bluelightningthat wouldn't be correct anyway11:35
bluelightningAFAICT you need to add what the error message complains about to EXTRA_OECONF11:35
StygiaIt wouldn't? As a prefix for libs and such?11:35
StygiaYes, as --with-db=${STAGING_DIR}, etc?11:35
StygiaSTAGING_DIR_HOST, but yea.11:36
bluelightningyou want the software to work at runtime - so telling it the prefix is within the sysroot won't work, because at runtime on the target that path will not exist11:36
bluelightningStygia: yes11:36
StygiaWell, I did already try that, with no change w.r.t results, though. Trying it again... No luck with our without prefixing ${libdir} to STAGING_DIR_HOST for --with-db-lib, ${incdir} for --with-db-inc, etc.11:39
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bluelightningStygia: right, I'd expect that11:43
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Stygiabluelightning, Expect that to work, or expect it to fail?11:49
bluelightningStygia: expect that ${libdir} and ${incdir} would be needed there11:49
Stygiabluelightning, Ah right, well unfortunately either way I had no luck.11:49
bluelightningit's asking you to point to the actual library and include directories, so you'd need to actually do that11:49
bluelightningso, if it still doesn't work, you need to have a look at what check the configure script is doing and why that's failing11:50
StygiaYup, I am.11:51
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lpappwhy does i2c-tools depend on Yocto?13:12
lpappwhy does i2c-tools depend on perl?*13:12
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Crofton|workmaybe one of them is a perl script?13:14
lpappyikes, there are some perl scripts, too, not just the "main" binaries.13:16
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lpapphi, this is in my conf/local.conf: IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management ssh-server-openssh i2c-tools"13:48
lpappyet, I cannot find the i2c-tools binaries in my core-image-minimal after building and flashing it.13:49
lpappwhat is wrong?13:49
lpappi2c-tools is coming from our distro layer.13:49
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lpappwe do not integrate meta-oe just for this. What can go wrong here?13:49
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blitz00lpapp, I don't i2c-tools is an image feature. you probably want IMAGE_INSTALL += " i2c-tools"13:51
lpappblitz00: you mean IMAGE_INSTALL_append?13:53
lpappwhat is the difference between += and _append?13:54
lpappjust syntax?13:54
ndeclpapp: _append will be added at the end of the parsing, so it is guaranteed to be there. += is an immediate assignment. so if AA += "BB" is followed later by AA = "CC", then it would be lost13:56
blitz00not quite. If you used _append you need to add a space between the quote and the package name. But that's only syntax. Append uncondtionally append to the variable, whereas with += you can have ordering issues as it's right away assign, and something else can override it13:57
ndecalso += will add 'spaces', while _append does not.13:57
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lpappndec: blitz00 thanks for the explanation.14:00
blitz00you're welcome14:03
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bluelightningIMAGE_FEATURES takes features, not package names14:11
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bluelightningcurrent versions fully validate items added to IMAGE_FEATURES so this kind of think can no longer pass without error14:12
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*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto14:20
ndechi, is there a 'nice' method to handle upstream packages which requires ./configure && make && make install? in different folders, such as root/, root/foobar/
ndeci know it's bad... but i can't really fix that, and i need to be able to build with a recipe..14:31
*** sunfunbaby <sunfunbaby!> has quit IRC14:40
*** ScriptRipper <ScriptRipper!~ScriptRip@opensuse/member/MartinMohring> has quit IRC14:41
tobiashndec: could you separate them into several recipes?14:41
tobiashif yes you could set the S variable in each recipe accordingly14:41
ndecwell, that brings another problem ;-) the upstream are in SVN, so i end up with fetching svn://xxxxx/root and svn://xxxx/root/foobar in 2 different recipes14:42
ndecand that messes up the download folder..14:42
tobiashndec: you can fetch  svn://xxxxx/root in both, then the download cache hits14:43
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC14:43
ndecwhat is the 2 fetch happens in //, in different bitbake threads?14:44
tobiashndec: I think there is a locking mechanism used14:44
ndecok. i can try that.14:44
ndectobiash: so, it seems there is no such lock mechanism. it is trying to fetch the repo twice simultaneously.14:51
ndecand fails.14:51
ndechmm.. ok, this very ugly workaround works: do_fetch[depends] =+ "foobar:do_fetch"... at least it's no longer fetching in // now...14:54
*** jjardon <jjardon!sid723@gateway/web/> has quit IRC14:56
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tobiashndec: sounds like a bug in the fetcher14:59
*** jkridner|work <jkridner|work!> has quit IRC14:59
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lpapphey, if I modify a patch file manually (inserting + lines), will yocto repeatch the source?15:52
lpappfor bitbake core-image-minimal?15:52
lpapptrying to modify a kernel patch like that...15:52
*** znode <znode!~Z.Node@> has joined #yocto15:53
*** WarheadsSE <WarheadsSE!> has left #yocto15:53
lpappoh, it will.15:55
ndechmm... i would have thought it wouldn't ...15:55
*** tor <tor!> has joined #yocto15:58
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bluelightningthe system takes a checksum of all local files in SRC_URI and adds it into the signature for do_fetch16:16
bluelightningthus if you modify a local file such as a patch referred to by a recipe, that causes the recipe's do_fetch and all tasks that depend upon it to re-execute16:17
lpappblitz00: thanks16:19
lpappbluelightning: thanks, even. :)16:19
ndecbluelightning: that's neat. i didn't know about that!16:19
bluelightninga hidden gem :)16:19
ndecthere are just so many of them...16:20
bluelightningit's not currently documented; I'm not quite sure where the appropriate place to insert it would be though16:22
bluelightningit *might* fit into the new section Scott is writing on the workflow for writing new recipes16:23
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto16:26
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has left #yocto16:26
bluelightningI've entered a doc enhancement bug for now16:26
bluelightningbug 552116:27
yoctiBug enhancement, Undecided, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, NEW , Document file checksums16:27
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*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:41
*** zenlinux_ <zenlinux_!> has joined #yocto16:55
kergothgah, this random, intermittent missing variable dependency bug is getting really old. sometimes, seemingly only in our automated builds, a task will fail due to a shell function it tried to call not having been emitted, because the dep scanning code somehow missed it16:56
kergothre-running the build on the same machine seems to get past it16:56
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC16:58
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RPkergoth: master or with old code?17:27
RPkergoth: wouldn't be what I was thinking about (methodpool)17:29
RPkergoth: although I guess something similar to do with parsing and contexts might still be the case17:29
kergothwhat's particularly irritating is it's not reprodicible, makes it hard to add any useful debugging.17:30
RPkergoth: the methodpool bug was like that17:30
RPvery annoying17:30
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has quit IRC17:33
Sputhi guys17:38
Sputis it somehow possible to tell Bitbake that we're offline, without having packages fail?17:38
Sputbasically, AUTOREV fails without network connection17:39
Sputand I'd just like it to use the existing git checkout without bailing out.17:40
sgw_Sput: AUTOREV requires a network connection, if you want to do offline builds, you need to have fix git hash references in SRCREV instead.  This is why oe-core does not use AUTOREV17:40
Sputsgw_: so there's no way to build completely unrelated packages while being offline, without trying to get various upstreams to change their packages?17:41
Sput(the problem being that bitbake tries to expand AUTOREV while building the dep cache, and even though the package I want to build is unrelated to the package in question, it bails out)17:42
sgw_Sput: not if you use AUTOREV17:42
Sputmeh. that is rather unfortunate.17:42
sgw_Sput: right, the work around if you know the git ref you have on your system, you can override the SRCREV with that git ref17:43
Sputbut then I have to go around and patch packages in unrelated upstream layers :/17:43
fraythe other is to have a locla mirror of all of the autorev SCMs..17:43
fraypoint the system those those instead..17:43
frayyou just have to remember to update them yourself17:43
sgw_Sput: you don't have to patch the package directly you can set the SRCREV overrides in your local.conf17:44
sgw_Sput: and yes you might consider that patching vs overriding17:44
Sputsgw_: oh, that works per-package? SRCREV_packagename?17:44
sgw_Sput: yes it does17:45
Sputwell, I'll have to talk to the meta-ivi and the meta-ros guys then17:45
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has joined #yocto17:45
RPSput: poky-bleeding.conf is an example of how you can apply this17:45
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has joined #yocto17:45
sgw_Sput: in reverse, since poky-bleeding sets everything to AUTOREV!17:46
Sputaaah, thx17:46
bluelightningSput: you can also extract these values after a build if you have buildhistory enabled by using the "buildhistory-collect-srcrevs" tool17:46
Sputthat sounds good17:47
Sputthx for the help so far, will play around with that17:49
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has quit IRC17:50
Sputwell, 7289 tasks to build, I guess I'll go home then :)17:50
*** seebs <seebs!> has quit IRC17:50
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* kergoth plays around with ptest19:13
*** GlennS_ <GlennS_!614ebaea@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:17
GlennS_Does anyone know how to use the Git submodule fetcher (gitsm) in Yocto. I can't figure out the syntax?19:18
bluelightningRP: ^19:18
GlennS_It's not clear on the syntax in the recipe.19:20
GlennS_Will gitsm fetch the base Git repo and then any submodules? Do you have to specify the submodule names somewhere?19:21
bluelightningGlennS_: according to my reading of the commit message for the commit that added it, it should work exactly like the standard git fetcher except it will fetch submodules19:22
bluelightningso you shouldn't need to add anything special for submodules19:22
GlennS_So just replace git:// with gitsm:// then19:23
bluelightningright, that's the idea19:24
GlennS_sounds nice in principle, but it doesn't appear to work for me. Here's a URL to try: SRC_URI = "gitsm://;protocol=git"19:25
GlennS_Fails to fetch the "common" submodule in that repo.19:25
ndecfails how?19:26
GlennS_Specifically, in the unpack() function of it fails on the "git submodule update".19:27
*** sroy_ <sroy_!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:3e97:eff:feb5:1e2b> has joined #yocto19:28
GlennS_I believe (for some reason) the overriden "download()" method is not being called and subsequently the "update_submodules" isn't being called which creates a "*.tmp" directory.19:28
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC19:31
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*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has joined #yocto19:38
ndecGlennS_: ok... i never used gitsm.. just trying it now to see if it fails too..19:41
GlennS_I checked again. It is calling download() in and does all the update_submodule() steps successfully. It's just the unpack() that fails at the last line (git submodule update).19:42
*** weebette <weebette!adb21a27@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:42
*** maharvey <maharvey!~maharvey@> has joined #yocto19:42
GlennS_It fails because it cannot switch to  a "temp" directory that is removes in the last step of "update_submodules()" in
bluelightningGlennS_: just tried it here, seems to work19:45
weebetteHello, I want to add few default user to my default image. I think the easier way to do is is to use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND in my image recipe. But I don't understand how to do this a clean way.19:45
bluelightningGlennS_: you didn't perchance try git:// first and then switch over to gitsm:// ?19:46
GlennS_I wish I could figure this out. I'll try a dummy a recipe again.19:46
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has joined #yocto19:46
ndecGlennS_: hmm.. it fails for me too.19:46
bluelightningweebette: which version of the build system are you using?19:46
ndeci think i am on dylan, atm.19:46
ndecweebette: check the useradd class19:47
ndecand this, even, openembedded-core/meta-skeleton/recipes-skeleton/useradd/useradd-example.bb19:48
weebettebluelightning : I am unsure of my build system version. The one that comes with danny ?19:48
weebettethanks ndec19:48
bluelightningweebette: ah right, danny is what I was after19:48
bluelightningso you can create a "dummy" recipe to do it using useradd.bbclass, or do it by hand as you were thinking19:49
bluelightningin dora (1.5) there is also extrausers.bbclass for this express purpose19:49
* bluelightning heads out19:50
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC19:50
weebetteI don't have extrausers.bbclass in my install19:50
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has quit IRC19:50
weebettethanx ndec for the hint for the example19:51
GlennS_ndec > so it fails for you too?19:51
ndecGlennS_: yes. i think i found why...19:52
ndecargh.. no..19:53
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~jjm@> has quit IRC19:54
GlennS_Fails for me any with a dummy recipe.19:54
*** Garibaldi|work <Garibaldi|work!~andydalt@nat/cisco/x-lsldhthfvlnrpdai> has quit IRC19:55
GlennS_I think I'm on dylan at the moment.19:56
ndecGlennS_: hmm. i have the feeling that it fails in update_submodules() but there is a not error/exception there, and it tries to continue...20:00
*** Garibaldi|work <Garibaldi|work!~andydalt@nat/cisco/x-xdobsslpqamumofl> has joined #yocto20:02
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GlennS_I commented out the last line in "update_submodules" . . . the one that removes the temp GIT repository that is updates with the modules. The unpack step works now but all is still not right.20:02
*** Garibaldi|work <Garibaldi|work!~andydalt@nat/cisco/x-xdobsslpqamumofl> has quit IRC20:05
*** ScriptRipper <ScriptRipper!~ScriptRip@opensuse/member/MartinMohring> has joined #yocto20:16
GlennS_I think I know what the problem is. They can't just "copy" the "modules" directory from the clonedir to your work "git" directory. It has a hard-coded path in the config directory that references a "tmp" directory that is created and deleted at the end of "update_submodules".20:18
GlennS_That's why the update fails.20:18
ndeci think it's something that changed in git recently, so it might work with newer git.20:22
ndeci am looking at git log20:22
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has joined #yocto20:23
ndecGlennS_: i think we need git 1.7.10+ to get that to work, see20:25
ndec$ git describe --contains d75219b20:25
ndecd75219b submodules: always use a relative path from gitdir to work tree20:25
ndeci am running on 12.04 which has 1.7.920:26
ndechow about you?20:26
ndecGlennS_: and the actual commit is here:
*** likewise <likewise!> has joined #yocto20:33
GlennS_I'm running 12.04 as well.20:34
*** JimBaxter <JimBaxter!> has quit IRC20:34
GlennS_With git
ndecGlennS_: so, i think this needs to be reported on the OE list.20:36
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!> has joined #yocto20:36
GlennS_I totally agree. I'm sure a lot of people stick to the LTS release.20:36
ndecat least this fetcher would need to make sure that git version is right, or update core.worktree accordingly.20:37
ndecGlennS_: yep.20:37
GlennS_I guess for now I may need to update my git.20:37
GlennS_I'm a little new to this . . . but where should this bug be reported - OE or Yocto?20:38
*** likewise <likewise!> has quit IRC20:39
*** dany1 <dany1!> has joined #yocto20:40
ndecGlennS_: OE, in this case.20:41
ndecfeel free to copy/paste our conversation, too.20:41
ndeci will monitor the list if needed.20:41
*** henriknj <henriknj!> has quit IRC20:44
*** JimBaxter <JimBaxter!> has joined #yocto20:47
* mranostay waves21:11
GlennS_Ended up logging a ticket in Yocto Bugzilla. OE says to log tickets there for these foundational components.21:12
yoctiBug 5525: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , fetcher requires git version > version 1.8.521:12
ndecGlennS_: ok, thanks21:15
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has quit IRC21:16
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #176 of buildtools is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
*** Michal_ <Michal_!> has quit IRC22:13
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #363 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
*** maharvey <maharvey!~maharvey@> has joined #yocto22:16
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #110 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed Running Preamble GetDistroVersion CreateAutoConf Create BBLayers Configuration Building Images Running Sanity Tests CreateAutoConf_1 Building Images_1 Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #336 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Images_1 Building Images_2] Build details are at
*** cetola <cetola!> has quit IRC22:22
*** cetola <cetola!> has joined #yocto22:22
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #71 of nightly-qa-logrotate is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #72 of nightly-qa-skeleton is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #358 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #359 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mtahmedseebs: fray: I was wondering if I could get some help with bitbake recipe that I am trying to write for clang.22:50
seebsPossibly! Although I have to run out for an errand at the moment.22:50
mtahmedI am stuck at some "QA" issue when trying to bitbake my clang recipe.22:50
mtahmedNP. I am not in a hurry at the moment.22:50
vmesonmtahmed: did you set up and github site? I'm wondering if you should clone poky or add a layer.22:51
vmesoncould you pastebin your QA problem?22:51
mtahmedvmeson: Also for "staging my work" what should I fork? poky?22:51
mtahmedOh, yes, that's what I wanted to ask.22:51
vmesonmtahmed: I'm not 100% certain but poky would be my starting point.22:51
mtahmedAnd I will do that.22:51
vmesonis that the repo that you started with?22:52
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!> has joined #yocto22:54
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto22:54
vmesonmtahmed: the logs?22:55
mtahmedThe log for the issue I am having:
mtahmedsprunge! Much cleaner :D22:56
mtahmedI don't see any up-to-date mirrors for poky on github.22:58
mtahmedI will push my own.22:58
mtahmedThe problem I am having is not properly understanding this "package splitting" concept.23:00
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC23:00
mtahmedIt says I have static-dev files in non-static-dev package or something along those lines.23:00
mtahmedWhy can't I have one package with everything? Incuding the static-dev files, the other header files, libraries, and binaries?23:01
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has quit IRC23:01
mtahmedThat is the question I have.23:01
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto23:01
mranostayhowdy Jefro23:04
vmesonmtahmed: looking...23:10
kergothmtahmed: you can, if you want to disable the QA checks, but highly granular packaging gives you much more control over the contents of your images, which is always appropriate when dealing with embedded systems23:11
vmesonso the 2nd group of errors: ERROR: QA Issue: non -staticdev package contains static .a library: clang3.3-dev path '/work/i586-poky-linux/clang3.3/3.3-r0/packages-split/clang3.3-dev/usr/lib/llvm3.3/libLLVMARMAsmPrinter.a'23:11
vmesonfor package splitting, check other distros for a starting point. Ubuntu:
*** cetola <cetola!> has quit IRC23:15
mtahmedOkay ... like that. Makes sense.23:15
vmesonand the default list of packages seems to be:      ${PN}-dbg ${PN}-staticdev ${PN}-dev ${PN}-doc ${PN}-locale ${PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN} ${PN}23:16
vmesonso your goals is to make the clang recipe put the .a files in a subdir or somethign so  they can be separately packaged.23:17
mtahmedMakes sense. I was looking at an older version of docs :(23:18
* vmeson looks for an example...23:18
mtahmedNo I understand. I was splitting them but not into staticdev as well. I will do that.23:18
kergothFILES_${PN}-staticdev += "${libdir}/llvm3.3/*.a"23:18
kergothproblem solved23:18
mtahmed:D Thanks.23:18
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