Monday, 2013-11-18

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melonipoikawhat does it means "skipped" in the output of bitbake-layers show-recipes?07:37
melonipoikae.g., libx11:07:37
melonipoika  meta                 1.5.0 (skipped)07:37
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melonipoikaor how can i enable that recipe? :-)07:37
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gagiHi all, is there a way to depend from a nativesdk package on a target-package (without prefix) ?08:29
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RPgagi: no, if you think about that a bit you'll realise that doesn't make sense09:30
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gagiRP: mhh the point is that the target tools are created with the correct paths and everthing and this creates a conf file which is needed for the nativesdk package. Currently i'm copying that to a STAGE_DIR location and than use it iside the nativesdk package09:31
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RPgagi: is this file the same for all target architectures?09:34
gagiRP: no09:34
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RPgagi: there is only one nativesdk package so how does this depend on the file for different target architectures then?09:35
RPgagi: this is why you can't depend on a target package from nativesdk...09:35
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RPgagi: We do have the cross-canadian packages which are architecture specific09:36
gagigagi: ohh sorry yes it's the same for all target architecture, but it depends on how the target package is configured, but it's independend on how the nativesdk package is configured09:36
RPgagi: so the same file works unchanged for arm, mips, powerpc and so on?09:37
gagiRP: if the target packages are all configured in the same way, yes09:37
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gagiRP: It's just a configuration files to tell the nativesdk package where to find the files09:38
RPgagi: Usually you'd just write a nativesdk recipe to package up the file then09:38
gagiRP: yes but if somebody appends the target recipe and changes the path he would also change the nativesdk paths of the conf file otherwise it won't work, that's why i want to generate it there09:39
gagiRP: It's really a special case, but if there is no way around that, then i will generate it inside the nativesdk package09:40
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SaurRP: If you have both BB_VERBOSE_LOGS = 1 and BUILDHISTORY_COMMIT = 1, is there a way to avoid buildhistory from outputting its script execution to stdout (due to set -x being active when buildhistory_commit executes in an event)?09:43
RPgagi: the nativesdk mapping happens in nativesdk.bbclass. You could so something horrible like append onto nativesdk_virtclass_handler...09:44
SaurRP: I.e., I would want set -x not to be active for events as they are not logged to files...09:44
gagiRP: no it don't want to mess with the system, if there is no easy way which doesn't damage the system, i will go the other way ;-)09:45
RPSaur: well, its effectively what BB_VERBOSE_LOGS does :/09:46
RPgagi: you will have to mess with the system a little to do that as there is no easy way to force a target dependency like that into nativesdk09:46
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SaurRP: Yeah, I've followed the code. Though, to me, the LOGS part of BB_VERBOSE_LOGS implied log files...09:47
RPSaur: I guess this is the only piece of code using exec_func from an event handler...09:48
SaurRP: So far the only one I've seen at least...09:49
RPSaur: I'd suggest we talk to bluelightning when he appears, maybe we should add log redirection to buildhistory09:50
SaurRP: A related question,  bb.msg.loggerVerboseLogs that controls if set -x shall be active seems to be a global variable. If I change it temporarily in the event, will this affect any other task?09:50
SaurOr does the multiple slaves somehow help me here?09:51
RPSaur: The execution of event handlers is in the server context09:51
RPSaur: I suspect you could influence other things09:51
SaurRP: Are there multiple threads in the server?09:52
RPSaur: kind of, yes09:53
SaurHmm, ok09:53
RPSaur: there are a lot of different threads/processes in bitbake these days so it depends on what you mean09:54
SaurRP: A "simple" solution would of course be to rewrite buildhistory_commit in python...09:54
SaurRP: Well, if a task would start during the execution of the event, and I have changed the global bb.msg.loggerVerboseLogs temporarily, then the task would pick up the modified value and not log its execution as expected...09:56
RPSaur: since this particular event is at BuildCompleted, there should be no other task running09:59
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TuTizzMorning all, when I build ${CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL} with INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3", I got the following issue : " is needed by bluez4-4.101-r3.armv7a_vfp_neon" (libreadline.6 is gplv3 but libreadline.5 is not). Anyone got an idea? What exactly happen? This error appear when pkg is build doesn't it?10:15
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RPTuTizz: Did you set INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE on an existing build?10:37
TuTizzRP, I did it with on IMX6 platform (bluez available as default) packagegroup-core-boot + packagegroup-base-extended10:40
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mckoangood morning10:45
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TuTizzthis file "/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/bluez4-4.101-r3/pkgdata/runtime/bluez4" contain FILERDEPENDS_/usr/bin/gatttool_bluez4: which part of yocto create this file?10:54
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tidhello, yocto -c fetchall in dora doesn't seems to fetch git (or even all the tarballs), is it a known bug or i'm doing something wrong ?11:10
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RPtid: git-native is in ASSUME_PROVIDED these days11:58
tidrp : hum.. :) that mean ?12:02
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RPtid: I guess I don't follow your question then. Why do you think fetchall should fetch git?12:03
tidoh, i mean -c fetchall doesn't seem to fetch git files from recipes (so i can built it online)12:03
RPtid: which recipe did you -c fetchall for?12:04
tidmy image recipe12:04
RPtid: and DL_DIR/git2 was empty?12:04
tidit's a minimal one with some added packages.12:05
tidthe files are here you are right12:05
tidbut still the build fail it try to fetch my kernel on github12:05
RPtid: are you using AUTOREV?12:06
tidSRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" in the recipe12:07
RPtid: to work offline, you need to change that to a revision12:07
tidsomething like SRCREV = "3.5"12:07
RPtid: a git hash12:07
RPtid: i.e. the revision you want to build12:07
tidoki :) I try that thanks a lot :)12:08
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SaurRP: Would something like this be acceptable as a workaround for buildhistory_commit() logging to stdout when BB_VERBOSE_LOGS is enabled?12:31
RPSaur: that hacks around bitbake internals so no :(12:32
rburtontid: (you need to use a hash as otherwise it has to go to the repo and see what that tag/branch refers too)12:32
RPbluelightning: Saur  has an interesting problem with buildhistory. The use of exec_func from a task handler leads to unexpected output on stdout with BB_VERBOSE_LOGS12:33
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bluelightningRP: should I be using something other than exec_func?12:48
RPbluelightning: good question. The trouble is all the logging setup happens in exec_task which usually wraps exec_func12:49
RPbluelightning: we did that since we wanted logs per task, not per function12:50
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RPfrom an event handler, this is a bit trickier...12:50
tidrburton : oki thx too.12:56
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tidrp : replacing AUTOREV solved it thanks a lot, maybe a note on the documentation could help some others :)14:37
RPtid: is there a particular place you'd mention this?14:38
tid where -c fetchall is mentionned :)14:39
RPtid: hmm, adding things about AUTOREV in the quickstart isn't ideal :/14:40
bluelightningif anything I'd say the quickstart needs to be pared down14:40
RPbluelightning: agreed. Perhaps we can move this to another manual section14:41
RPtid: I've passed the comment to our tech writer14:43
tidthx! perhaps this could be avoid by caching the autoref ...14:46
rburtonautorev should be avoided in general unless you have a urgent need for it14:48
tidthat's a solution ^^14:50
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kergothbitbake does cache it, and you can set a variable to make it use the cache as is instead of checking for the currnet values, but of course that'll only help if you've done at least one build first to populate the cache15:12
* kergoth yawns15:12
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rburtonjackmitchell: fixed the jsonc parallel problem.  a net reduction in character count.17:01
jackmitchellrburton: awesome, what was it?17:01
jackmitchellit seems the configure cruft problem is also fixed in master which is good17:01
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Krz-what's the variable keeping the name/version of the recipe?17:18
RPKrz-: ${P} ?17:19
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tlwoernerhaha, "P" as in "reciPe"17:31
Krz-RP: yeah, that would be this one, thanks17:37
rburtonP is PN-PV, basically17:39
sgw_Depending on where it is being used, you might need to use BP, which is base name without any multilib prefixes.17:41
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RPKrz-: sgw_ is right, you may want ${BP}17:41
RPtlwoerner: its the common part of PN-PV-PR :)17:41
tlwoernerRP: i understand (and partially agree with) the decision to not try to convert P's into R's, but part of me wishes we could still have a flag day and do the conversion :-)17:44
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mario-goulartIt's inheritance from portage, no?17:44
RPmario-goulart: correct17:44
RPtlwoerner: actually all the R* variants take package names, the P* ones don't17:45
RPtlwoerner: so there is a significant difference17:45
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tlwoernerRP: there are R* variants of PN, PV, PR?17:50
RPtlwoerner: no17:50
TuTizz(INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3") RP, yep that was that I changed my local.conf on a existing build. I cleaned all my directory and that work now17:52
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tlwoernerRP: ah, i see. thanks17:52
RPTuTizz: good to know, thanks. I guess we should try and sanity check this more...17:53
RPbluelightning: something to add to sanity.bbclass do you think?17:53
bluelightningRP: could be yes17:54
RPbluelightning: along with maybe DISTRO_FEATURES...17:55
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bluelightningRP: I think we might not be popular if we did that...17:55
RPbluelightning: does changing DISTRO_FEATURES in tmpdir work though?17:56
bluelightningit ought to these days, but I'll admit I haven't thoroughly tested it17:57
rburtonsort of, if you're careful17:57
rburtonmess with the systemd feature and you'll be cursing not wiping for hours later17:57
rburton(hey guess why i wrote a wipe-deploy script)17:57
RPout of tree builds helps a lot but its not perfect17:58
* mr_science hacked a few things to keep it out of the rpi build...17:58
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kergothtlwoerner, RP: technically, there are "R" variants of PN, PV, and PR, they just aren't using that exact naming :) PKG, PKGV, and PKGR on a per-package basis ;)18:42
tlwoernerkergoth: interesting! should those be in the ref-manual?18:45
bluelightningkergoth: good point :)18:45
kergothtlwoerner: 90% of the time one doesn't have to set them, they're just internal, with a couple exceptions18:46
kergothbut there's a certain amount of value in knowing about their existance18:47
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BCMMhow can i include a simple, insecure network shell (telnet or similar) for debugging in my image? ssh key pair generation is taking too long19:08
BCMM(yes, i know insecure shells are bad, but it won't be in my final image)19:08
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC19:08
BCMM(also i meant host key, not key pair)19:08
kergothif you don't care about security, you could always pre-generate the host keys. but i do think setting up a telentd would be doable.. busybox provides one, though i dont know if there's a init script to startit19:09
mr_sciencein oe-classic there was a telnet package19:09
mr_sciencelike kergoth said, part of the busybox build19:10
mr_scienceer, telnetd even19:10
kergothwe've played with pregenerating ssh host keys before, when using read only rootfs, as an alternative to generating them on every boot19:11
mr_scienceusing busybox or openssh?19:11
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC19:11
mr_sciencehmm, found an recipe19:12
mr_scienceliterally just installs the intscript, so telnetd must also be packaged I would think...19:13
mr_sciencecheck your busybox recipe/packages19:13
BCMMmr_science: where can i find this recipe? the only telnet related thing i could find in Poky was inetutils19:16
BCMMalso, i believe i have to modify BB's config to build telnetd? is there a "clean" way to do that?19:16
BCMMsorry, i mean busybox, not bitbake19:16
BCMMkergoth: also, is there a pre-existing system for pre-generated ssh host keys? that would solve my problem just as well19:17
BCMM(and yes, the problem is, as you say, that i have a read-only rootfs, and key generation kinda doubles boot time)19:18
BCMMnm, looks like image.bbclass does it automatically with read-only-rootfs in IMAGE_FEATURES. thanks for pointing me in the right direction19:24
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has joined #yocto19:27
BCMMuh, that's IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs" in my image recipe, right?19:28
kergoththat'd be the usual place, yeah, but obviously bitbake doesn't really care where it's defined, as long as it ends up in the variable :)19:28
BCMMthx, rebuilding now19:29
*** primal98 <primal98!461c3603@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:32
primal98Hi there19:32
mr_scienceBCMM: if it's not in current yocto/poky it's easy enough to port the initscript recipe19:38
mr_scienceyou'll have to tell me about the busybox side since i only have classic handy19:38
mr_scienceolus i need to run some tests on the new build...19:39
primal98by any chance has someone successfully cross compiled mysql connector for yocto?19:41
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brmHi All,  anyone have any experience with connman and wifi?20:10
brmanyone home?20:16
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BCMMhmm, turns out i was wrong, because i was reading a patch that I didn't realise didn't get accepted20:33
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BCMMis there a way to search
JaMaselect project, use "Filter" link20:40
* mr_science sets the "you can check in, but you can't leave" trap20:49
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BCMMJaMa: thanks20:58
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BCMMi don't entirely understand how PROVIDES works - how would i install dropbear sshd, but not the ssh client? dropbear's recipe has: RPROVIDES_${PN} = "ssh sshd"21:13
kergothyou wouldn't, as the rprovides indicates, the package provides both. but if you install the openssh client on top of it, the alterantives mechanism would likely prefer the openssh client. also, iirc dropbear uses one combined binary for both client and server ala busybox, but i 'm not sure on that21:15
* kergoth shrugs21:15
BCMMi meant, i didn't need any ssh client21:17
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mr_sciencemight be easier to prefer openssh instead21:26
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mr_scienceoh wait, lemme paste the initscript too21:45
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BCMMmr_science: thanks, but i've already got dropbear working, plus a seperate recipe for my keys21:47
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mr_scienceoh, too late...22:05
mr_scienceit is kinda old and cheesy tho22:06
mr_sciencei tried hard to convince the manufacturing guys they should use ssh but their old comm software only works with telnet...22:07
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mr_scienceBCMM: it's also an easy change to just switch to openssh-server if that helps22:15
mr_scienceIMAGE_FEATURES += "ssh-server-openssh" and rebuild22:17
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BCMMmr_science: thanks22:33
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sgw_kergoth: is there a back-up to for the certificates, that machine which also serves alioth also and had hardware failure last week.23:24
kergothhmm, not sure23:26
sgw_kergoth: ok, just checking to see if you knew, thanks.23:26
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