Friday, 2013-11-22

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tastycactusSo I added jffs2 to IMAGE_FSTYPES in my machine conf, but when I run bitbake it doesn't output a jffs2 image.  How do I get it to pick up the change without building from scratch?01:41
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tlwoernertastycactus: how (exactly) did you add jffs2 to IMAGE_FSTYPES?02:33
tlwoerneri've been banging my head against the wall all day on something very similar02:33
vmesonmtahmed: while it would be good to be more systematic, what's wrong with doing core-image-minimal and fix what's broken?02:53
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wfaillain my recipe a multiple files are shipped, is there a way not to ship one of the files using a .bbappend?09:05
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ndecwfailla: yes. you can make do_install_append() and remove the files you don't want to ship from $D09:07
wfaillandec: so it will be installed in the bb file and later removed in the bbappend ?09:09
wfaillacool thx for the quick response09:09
ndecbut it will not be there in the resulting pacakge.09:09
wfaillawell thats what i want09:09
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bluelightningmorning all09:50
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Krz-if I do 'bitbake python' and create ipks repo - will I have 'python-modules' as well???11:30
Krz-git grep for 'python-modules' in poky gives only one hit in packagegroup-core-lsb11:33
Krz-I can do IMAGE_INSTALL += 'python-modules' - just wondering to create ipk11:33
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bluelightningKrz-: python-modules comes from the python recipe yes11:44
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Krz-bluelightning: how is that there is nothing about that mentioned about python recipe?11:50
bluelightningKrz-: it is, it's just referred to as ${PN}-modules there11:51
Krz-bluelightning: yeah... in very obscure11:54
bluelightningunfortunately it has to be that way or things like nativesdk and multilib can't work11:54
bluelightningwe are developing tools to make it easier to find out such information, e.g. toaster11:55
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Krz-bluelightning: clanton still on 1.4.2, no one knows when we switch to 1.511:55
bluelightningKrz-: actually, you can find out the recipe providing a package in dylan by doing: find tmp/pkgdata -name <packagename> | xargs grep PN11:59
Krz-bluelightning: that's cool - thanks for advice12:05
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zibrijackmitchell: hi. i just saw an issue with the json-c change, specifically the config.status removal; rm failed since config.status didn't exist. it's done in a do_configure_prepend, but i wonder if it wouldn't be better to do it in a do_unpack_append and/or doing rm -f? i've prepared a patch, but wanted to hear your thoughts first.13:12
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jackmitchellzibri: that package has been nothing but problems, if the config.status sometimes doesn't exist then I have no issues with you proposing a patch to rm -f it13:15
bluelightningwe'd typically use rm -f in this situation13:16
zibrithe purpose of the prepend is to remove it because it was included in upstream's tarball, right? in that case, wouldn't it be better to add it to do_unpack_append instead?13:16
jackmitchellok, one of the main reasons I used plain rm, is so that it would flag in the next versions when (hopefully) config.status won't be packaged13:17
jackmitchelland then we wouldn't be left with a useless -prepend13:17
jackmitchellzibri: I think that sounds reasonable13:19
bluelightningzibri: we do normally do it in configure; in any case do_unpack is a python function13:19
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zibribluelightning: ah, good point. i'll just change it to rm -f, keeping it in do_configure_prepend13:20
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isiroisorry to bother you, but if someone can give some tips13:42
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isiroiI'm new to yocto, and I'm using it to create a distribution to run on a BeagleBoard13:43
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isiroigenerated files include a zImage file, not an uImage13:44
isiroihow can I obtain the uImage one13:44
isiroiI've tried adding a modification to my local.conf file13:45
isiroiKERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "uImage"13:45
isiroibut I still obtain the uImage13:45
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isiroican anyone give me a link or the beginning of a solution?13:46
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bluelightningisiroi: I'd suggest checking whether your setting has taken effect with: bitbake -e | grep ^KERNEL_IMAGETYPE=14:02
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isiroi@bluelightning: it seems it has not been taken into account, I've no output after typing your command14:28
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bluelightningisiroi: er, you should get some output...14:29
isiroishould I modify KERNEL_IMAGETYPE inside the local.conf file or anywhere else ?14:29
bluelightningisiroi: if you do bitbake -e | less do you get the proper list of variable values or an error?14:29
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isiroioops! I've an error because i'm running bitbake in another terminal14:31
isiroiERROR: Only one copy of bitbake should be run against a build directory14:31
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bluelightningright, you can't run two copies simultaneously - I guess you are in the middle of a build?14:32
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isiroiI've stop the other process14:35
isiroiand now14:35
isiroithe reult of the previous command is14:35
isiroiso, do you think a layer is overrwriting my local.conf file?14:36
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bluelightningisiroi: I don't think so, if it were you'd see it set to uImage14:39
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isiroithe last two lines of my conf/local.conf file are14:41
bluelightningisiroi: oh wait, I misread14:41
isiroiINHERIT += "rm_work"14:41
isiroiKERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "uImage"14:41
bluelightningisiroi: yes, it looks like it is14:41
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bluelightningisiroi: if you do bitbake -e | less and search for ^KERNEL_IMAGETYPE (using the / key) you should be able to see how the variable is being set14:42
isiroiI'm searching ...14:43
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tumble_hello, I'm new to yocto and trying to get python-opencv package installed on my wandboard14:45
isiroiit's set just one type14:46
tumble_I've got PACKAGE_INSTALL += "opencv" but that doesn't seem to install the python bindings for opencv14:46
isiroithere is some explanation14:47
tumble_and bitbake can't seem to find a recipe for "python-opencv" even though some older guides suggest that recipe exists14:47
isiroii'm trying to read and understand14:47
isiroiit's set in set /home/saoud/beagleboard-dora-10.0.0/meta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine/beagleboard.conf14:48
isiroiso, I think I have to modify it from this file14:48
isiroidear bluelightning, do you think this is the solution?14:49
isiroiif yes, I'm going to edit the file and rerun bitbake14:49
tumble_sorry, IMAGE_INSTALL += "opencv" installs opencv but without python bindings.  IMAGE_INSTALL += "python-opencv" fails during bitbake with a (recipe not found) error14:50
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bluelightningisiroi: typically you wouldn't modify that file directly14:58
bluelightningisiroi: you could use an override, e.g. KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_beagleboard = "uImage"14:58
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ndecisiroi: you really need to think about why you need to change that. if you change from zImage to uImage you will need to change uboot scripts too.15:00
isiroithe problem is that15:00
isiroiby default15:00
isiroithe uboot script try to load the uImage file15:00
isiroithat's what happend when I copy files to the SD and tried to boot the BeagleBoard15:01
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ndecisiroi: hmm. that's weird....15:02
ndeci have used the beaglebone, and it worked with zImage all the way through.15:02
isiroi@bluelightning: thank you. I'm testing and I'll give you feedback once a test it15:02
isiroiit's confusing15:03
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isiroiI'll test and give you feedback15:04
kergothHmm, docker is pretty sweet.15:04
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RPkergoth: Did you find out what level they make assumptions about the system its being run on?15:18
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kergothNot yet, mostly just been playing with it on a desktop. Thinking about creating some images for doing yocto builds, and potentially importing a poky x86 rootfs to play with.15:19
SaurWhat is xuser, and why does connman rdepend on xuser-account?15:20
kergothit just uses lxc under the hood15:20
kergothIt feels a bit like vagrant, only a hell of a lot lighter and faster, and with use of aufs for layered images/filesystems15:20
RPkergoth: I was just thinking our nativesdk standalone libs would make interesting container additions15:20
kergothHmm, yes, indeed15:21
WarheadsSEkergoth: Yeah, running it now to do bitbake building15:22
kergothWarheadsSE: ah, nice15:22
WarheadsSEhave to make a new-er Dockerfile though. Getting issues with mknod & fuse in the stackbrew/ubuntu precise15:22
WarheadsSEsomething changed in the last ~ 2 days that cause fuse.15:23
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reallifehey everyone.15:28
reallifeis anyone currently in here using the imx6?15:28
WarheadsSELike, this second?15:28
rburtonwalters: is there a list of packages that install their test suite? (in the gnome-continuous manifests or something?)15:29
waltersrburton: stuff with --enable-installed-tests basically15:29
WarheadsSEreallife: I've got a 6q custom board here..15:29
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rburtonwalters: what repo is that in now?15:32
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rburtonwalters: looked so hard i missed it, thanks15:33
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waltersrburton: btw have you seen ?  the application icons + screenshots are a new pretty face that Jasper implemented15:34
waltersi love the idea that minutes after a gtk+ commit, each app in that list is started and screenshot'ed15:34
rburtonwalters: ha, nice15:35
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waltersthe apps themselves become tests for gtk+, and glib, etc.15:35
rburtonand compared with a reference i presume15:35
waltersmmm, no we just check they don't core dump15:35
rburtoncomparing to a reference is tricky stuff15:36
waltersyeah the opensuse OpenQA thing does that, it's high maintenance15:36
rburtoni hope to get our QA looking at using dogtail in our automatic testing this or next cycle15:36
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isiroime again15:40
isiroiI succeded in modifuing KERNEL_IMAGETYPE, but I got an error while running compiling (when bitbake ran make uImage)15:42
isiroiERROR: Function failed: do_compile15:43
bluelightningisiroi: please pastebin (not paste) the full error15:44
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isiroiwhat i have on screen:
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto15:47
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isiroiand what is inside the log file:15:48
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tastycactustlwoerner: the problem was I appended jffs2 to the list in IMAGE_FSTYPES ?= "tar.bz2 ext3 sdcard" in my machine conf but that didn't work even with a clean build.  I added IMAGE_FSTYPES += "jffs2" instead and that works..16:27
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andres____someone know how to install midori on the yocto when i have the image16:50
andres____i mean, to install it directly on the device and not as part of the img16:50
andres____or someone have the webkiosko image, the ext4 part16:50
andres____pleeease i need help with it16:51
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tlwoernertastycactus: :-) that was my conclusion too, but at the time i pinged you i didn't know why16:55
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andres____any help?16:57
WarheadsSEandres____: you'd need to build an ipk.16:57
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #13 of build-appliance is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
jchonigRP, is there any documentation that states that INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE can contain wildcards (i.e. *GPLv3)?16:59
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andres____ipk, this will work on the target device? or on the pocky?17:01
bluelightning_jchonig: I don't think we support that, no, you'd need to list each license (and use spaces to separate them)17:03
jchonigbluelightning_ Thanks, I didn't think so and I don't see any docs that say that.  Our testers are quite creative17:05
kergothwildcards are supported.17:06
kergothsee line 276 of license.bbclas, it uses fnmatchcase()17:06
kergothprobably better to be explicit, but it does work17:06
*** isiroi <isiroi!869d12bd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:09
bluelightning_kergoth: indeed, well spotted17:09
bluelightning_jchonig: ^17:09
bluelightning_kergoth: and it aliases fnmatchcase as fnmatch, that's.... interesting17:09
jchonigkergoth, bluelightning_ Thanks!  Now I have to debug17:10
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kergoth seem reasonable? I was surprised to see we don't have it yet17:40
bluelightning_kergoth: looks pretty good to me17:41
bluelightning_kergoth: I thought about it when I was doing the build host side testing for that file but never got around to even filing a bug17:41
j8anyone know how to increase your qemu disk size from a command line option?17:42
andres____<>someone have the img of the web-kisoko?17:45
andres____i could not gen it on pocky due a proxy and firewall17:45
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tastycactusI'm trying to run yocto 1.5 on a new board with core-image-minimal.  It boots u-boot and the kernel ok, but then seems to hang running /sbin/init.  Any ideas how to debug?18:02
tastycactusI put init=/bin/sh in my kernel args and that works.  I poked around in /dev and it looks ok..18:03
tastycactusI ran the getty that's in inittab from the shell and that worked..18:03
tastycactusBut when I have init=/sbin/init I don't see any output after "Freeing init memory: 140K"18:04
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Crofton|worktastycactus, as I recall, that is right around when it mounts root and runs whatever18:05
Crofton|work/sbin/init is really there?18:06
j8tastycatus: can you run init --help?18:06
j8when init=/bin/sh that is18:06
tastycactusUsage: init {-e VAR[=VAL] | [-t SECONDS] {0|1|2|3|4|5|6|S|s|Q|q|A|a|B|b|C|c|U|u}}18:07
tastycactusIf I do "exec /sbin/init" from the shell prompt I see no output..18:08
j8what does your inittab look like18:08
tastycactus/sbin/init -> /sbin/init.sysvinit18:09
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kergothHmm, anyone else seen eth0 getting a link lost, then link back, every copule minutes, in qemu?18:13
kergothconnman image, sato18:13
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j8tastyc: i don't notice anything weird. maybe your tty's are not matching18:16
tastycactusWhen I run "/sbin/getty 115200 ttymxc1" from /bin/sh I see a login prompt..18:17
LetoThe2ndshould eclipse with yocto plugin be able to remote-debug an other arch than the local one? tcf-debugging into qemu-x86 seems to work, but into qemu-arm it fails.18:19
LetoThe2nd-> failed to get remote gdb version18:19
tastycactusIf I put an echo in /etc/init.d/rcS it should show on the console if it gets that far, right?18:24
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Crofton|workLetoThe2nd, it should work18:34
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: hmmmm18:35
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LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: i'd love to offer more details, but a) the error message really did not provide more and b) i'm just rebuilding both arm and x86 qemus on latest poky to be able to really compare.18:36
Crofton|workI compiled hello world on an x86 desktop and ran it on an arm once18:36
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LetoThe2ndthe build process really looks fine. and so is running.18:37
LetoThe2nde.g. i can launch the cross built binary via tcf on the arm qemu. but ataching gdb automagically fails.18:38
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #13 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
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mtahmedfray: seebs: Is it possible to set a package and all its dependencies to be built using the secondary toolchain?19:47
vmesonmtahmed: fray is away today. I don't think that's possible but what problem are you trying to solve?19:53
mtahmedFollowing on your suggestion to just try building core-image-minimal and fix what is broken.19:53
mtahmedRight now, I only know how to enable it for one package at a time but not it's dependencies.19:53
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vmesonah... can't you enable it as the default and blacklist for the kernel until we get it patched?20:10
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mtahmedOh wait, I think there's a better way. Let me try that.20:12
mtahmedI will have to find out the package name for the kernel.20:12
mtahmedIs it just linux? poky-linux?20:12
seebsI think it depends, in our tree it's linux-windriver.20:14
vmesonlinux-yocto for oe-core.20:14
mtahmedI think it's linux-yocto for oe-core as well.20:15
mtahmedI mean poky.20:15
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* zedd_ glares at zeddii20:22
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mtahmedThat worked. :p20:24
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jchonigkergoth, bluelightning_ I think I have figured it out.  Use of wildcards in INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE is not compatible with WHITELIST processing21:14
kergothah, interesting21:16
kergothnot too surprising, but good to know. perhaps we should kill the wildcard support entirely21:17
jchonigi.e. whitelist.extend() around line 546 in base.bbclass won't expand *GPLv3 the same as "LGPLv3 GPLv3"21:17
jchonigI'm in favor of killing it, we don't document it in our front-end21:18
jchonigI'll file an issue21:19
kergothbetter to be explicit than implicit anyway21:21
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Balahello need help : poky dylan building meta-virtualization23:03
BalaError: kernel-module-kvm-intel not found in the base feeds (crystalforest_gladden x86_64 noarch any all).23:03
BalaMy board is based on Intel crystalforest_gladden23:03
BalaAlso this is my first time on an IRC23:05
BalaThis is my bblayers.conf23:06
Bala# LAYER_CONF_VERSION is increased each time build/conf/bblayers.conf23:06
Bala# changes incompatibly23:06
BalaLCONF_VERSION = "6"23:06
BalaBBPATH = "${TOPDIR}"23:06
BalaBBFILES ?= ""23:06
BalaBBLAYERS ?= " \23:06
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta \23:06
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta-yocto \23:06
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta-yocto-bsp \23:06
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \23:06
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta-openembedded/meta-networking \23:07
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta-intel \23:07
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta-crystalforest-gladden \23:07
Bala  /home/ambalakkat/projects/yocto/git/poky/meta-virtualization \23:07
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JefroHello Bala - it is late afternoon Friday on the US west coast, so responses may be slow. You might have better luck asking on the mailing list, particularly if you need to post code, which is not usually done on IRC.23:23
JefroFor your particular issue I think you might have the best luck posting to the meta-intel list, which you can find here:  You'll need to subscribe to the list before posting.  hope that helps23:24
BalaThanks a lot jefro23:27
BalaI realized regarding the code paste, after :-).23:28
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