Thursday, 2013-11-21

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dvharthalstead, ping00:17
halsteaddvhart, Hi. I'm just getting the last systems up. I'll be available after.00:17
halsteaddvhart, maintenance window was supposed to end at 4.00:19
dvharthalstead, no problem, do your thing00:19
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halsteadsgw_, Ready for you to test.00:37
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sgw_halstead: let me know what you want00:40
halsteadsgw_, If there is a MUT/master ready to try lets start there.00:40
sgw_Sure I can give MUT a try00:41
sgw_halstead: is this now running on the new masterab instead of ab01?00:41
halsteadsgw_, Not yet. I want to test with all the hardware upgrades. Then lets switch masters.00:42
sgw_Ok, so after this build then?00:43
halsteadsgw_, I can be ready in 6 hours.00:47
sgw_halstead: it can wait for the morning, you don't have to stay up for this.00:49
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halsteadsgw_, Okay.00:57
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mckoangood morning08:04
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mrAlmondis there a ready to use configuration for a Marvell px1666 chip (xscale, armv5te) in yocto?08:52
mrAlmondsorry the correct name is pxa16608:53
mckoanmrAlmond: in Yocto not by sure, you will need a meta layer08:53
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silviofhi yoctoiden...09:12
silviofWhat is the dora-toaster branch?09:12
silviofExists somewhere a description of all branches of the poky-repository?09:13
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lexszerolooks like toaster already merged to master09:53
bluelightningmorning all09:57
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draskoHI all, how to get information about the recipe for a certain package - which one is used, where is it located, etc...10:02
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ndecdrasko: i don't think there is a 'nice' or proper way to do that... what i do, is dpkg -I xxx.ipk, and it gives you at least the 'recipe' name in the OE field.10:06
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bluelightningthe info is in pkgdata on the host as well (TMPDIR/pkgdata or TMPDIR/sysroots/<target sysroot>/pkgdata in newer versions)10:06
draskondec, bitbake -vf <recipe> can help...10:07
draskobut I hoped that there was some instruction to bitbake10:07
draskoto give an info...10:07
bluelightningI've recently made some extensions to oe-pkgdata-util in master that will allow looking up the recipe a package comes from, looking up the package name after renaming (eglibc -> libc6), etc.10:07
ndecdrasko: i thought you wanted to get <recipe> from package.10:09
draskondec, no, only iformation which one is used10:09
draskowhere to find it10:09
ndecwhere to find the recipe .bb file?10:10
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draskoI have a large tree with IMAGE_INSTALL var set and packages scattered all over10:10
bluelightningtoaster is also designed to help with these kinds of questions10:10
bluelightning(although it's not really ready to use atm)10:11
draskoI was sondering if I have in meta/yocto10:12
draskoand I put in my meta-drasko10:12
draskowhich one will be built?10:12
ndecbitbake-layers show-recipes i guess will help.10:12
ndecit doesn't give the path, but at least the layer.10:13
draskondec, nice10:13
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bluelightningbitbake-layers can give the path for show-recipes (or show-overlayed) with -f10:25
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draskobluelightning, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.10:33
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mrAlmondmckoan : hi, I was asking about armv5te I've verified that this chip uses march armv4...otherwise binaries will not work10:39
mrAlmondso is there an example on how to build an image with armv4 arch?10:39
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mckoanmrAlmond: you can find somenthin in OE looking for Gumstix S3C241010:43
mrAlmondmckoan : great tnx!10:43
mckoanor maybe Openmoko GTA01 bv3, bv4 (s3c2410)10:44
mrAlmondthank you again10:45
draskobluelightning, why I can not name my recipe like thisL10:52
draskobitbake -vf wpa_supplicant10:53
draskonever finds a packege named like this10:53
bluelightningdrasko: underscores can only be used to separate the name and version10:56
bluelightningdrasko: use wpa-supplicant instead10:56
draskobluelightning, OK, I did not know that it was mandatory10:56
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draskobluelightning, if I have in one meta layer, and in other meta layer, how to force compilation of recent one (i.e. 2.0)?11:01
rburtondrasko: unless there are preferences in place already. the newer version is preferred11:02
bluelightningdrasko: if the two recipes are in different layers, the relative layer priorities will influence which one gets picked (highest priority wins)11:02
bluelightningdrasko: if the priority is equal, higher version wins11:02
bluelightningdrasko: if you want to just force it, do PREFERRED_VERSION_wpa-supplicant = "2.0" in local.conf or your custom distro config11:03
draskobluelightning, OK, so I have 1.0 in "meta"11:03
draskowhich will always win11:03
draskolet me add then PREFERRED_VERSION_wpa-supplicant = "2.0"11:03
bluelightningdrasko: it will win only if your other layer has a lower priority set in its layer.conf11:04
draskobluelightning, I thought that "meta" meta layer is always the biggest priority11:04
draskohow to check?11:04
bluelightningdrasko: nope, it has priority 511:04
bluelightningdrasko: bitbake-layers show-layers11:05
draskobluelightning, and how to change layer priorities?11:05
bluelightningyou can change a layer's priority by setting LAYER_PRIORITY in conf/layer.conf under the layer11:06
bluelightningactually BBFILE_PRIORITY, sorry11:06
bluelightningdrasko: if you haven't already I'd suggest reading
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draskofound it there, thanks a lot11:10
ndeci find it a little weird that layer priority is 'set' by the layer, and not in bblayers.conf (e.g. by the person who uses the layer).11:11
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ndecsince layers are designed to be used together 'randomly', it's weird to let layers set their own priorities.11:11
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beaver_545Hi all,  trying to build with the meta-fsl-arm layer and can build an image but would like to build the packages as package_deb instead of package_rpm however I got an error saying that it can't get the apt_0.9.9.4 source. What's the best way of going about updating the apt recipe to include a older/later version?11:27
rburtonbeaver_545: the problem is that the debian servers are almost entirely down right now11:30
rburtonit should have hit our mirrors though...11:30
beaver_545I can access the source for apt from    it's just that there's only apt_0.9.7.9.tar.gz or apt_0.9.12.1.tar.gz11:32
rburtonoh yeah, apt is interesting11:33
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #10 of nightly-qa-pam is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
rburtonyou can grab it from instead11:33
rburtonand put it in your downloads directory11:33
beaver_545I've tried to point the SRC_URI to but then I'm getting another error... was wondering if i'm doing it properly or not!11:34
rburtonjust grab the right tarball and you'll be fine11:34
beaver_545ahhh thanks i'll give it a try :)11:34
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D4v33Hi guys, I was build using yocto my first build yeasturday but it failed over night due to lack of disk space, I've moved everything to a new disk and reset the links in bblayer, but now when I build it errors with a lot of BEGIN failed--compilation aborted ... and  ERROR: Task 3862 (virtual:native:/home/dave/yocto/fsl-community-bsp/sources/poky/meta/recipes-gnome/gdk-pixbuf/, do_configure) failed with exit code '114:07
D4v33i'm using the wrong terms ?14:07
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rburtonD4v33: delete your tmp/ and let it rebuild it14:27
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D4v33rburton: I did that now I get "ERROR: Only one copy of bitbake should be run against a build directory14:49
rburtonD4v33: there must be bitbake processes hanging around, use ps and kill them14:50
kergothpkill -f bitbake14:50
D4v33That's it, thanks guys :)14:52
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D4v33interestingly MACHINE only seems to be picked from the environment and not from the local.conf file?15:04
kergoththat's incorrect15:06
kergothnote that if you're using ?= in the local.conf, it would prefer the env value if set, as ?= means "set only if unset"15:06
D4v33kergoth: sorry I don't understand your sentence fully, when I first did the install it was set to ??=, I've since changed that to ?=15:10
D4v33kergoth: I get your sentence now... call me slow!15:10
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T0mWOk, this is not working.  The example given in the poky manual 'Board Support (BSP) Developers Guide' in section 'Customizing a Recipe for a BSP' (see:
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T0mWThe example is to change the recipe for the init-ifupdown.15:19
T0mWIf I follow the example exactly as given, it still builds out the rootfs containing the interfaces file from the main meta/recipes-core/init-ifupdown15:20
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T0mWThe changes appear in the tmp/work/<machine>-poky-linux-gnueabi/init-ifupdown/1.0-rX/ directory, but it does not propagate into the rootfs image.15:24
T0mWThis has always been an issue for oe, task vs image.  Do you have to do a 'bitbake clean core-image-minimal' then 'bitbake core-image-minimal' to propagate appends to recipes?15:25
kergothnope. images are always built from scratch15:26
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*** fpaut_ is now known as fpaut15:28
T0mWOdd though, the build runs and reports 'Attempted 1467 tasks of which 1454 ...', changes show up in the tmp tree, but not in 'tmp/work/ilnx-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs'15:29
T0mWshouldn't the rootfs image have changed?15:29
T0mWThe ext3 image has not changed either.15:30
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T0mWkergoth: what does work is 'bitbake -c clean core-image-minimal' ; bitbake core-image-minimal'15:33
bluelightningT0mW: so just to understand the sequence, you built core-image-minimal, then added a bbappend for init-ifupdown, and then did bitbake core-image-minimal again?15:35
T0mWThere seems to be a disconnect between the dependancy of a .bbappend vs the image.15:35
bluelightningand nothing else?15:35
T0mWtmp shows the new revision with the change in the appropriate file, but the change never gets moved into the rootfs image.15:36
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T0mWonly by cleaning the image out (bitbake -c clean <target>) then rebuilding the target (bitbake <target>) does the target rootfs change (e.g. core-image-minimal).15:37
T0mWIt's like the PRINC is ignored in preference to the PR of main meta/ recipe when the image builder runs?15:38
T0mWI can deal with it, it just is that the docs are incorrect.15:39
T0mWWell, technically, the doc is not incorrect, the effect does occur where the recipe is modified, but the change is not propagated until you force a rebuild of the image.15:41
kergothwhat version of yocto is this?15:43
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T0mWkergoth: 10.0.016:24
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T0mWkergoth: I'm just wondering if I'm setting things up wrong.  Normally, I would have just gone into the meta tree and changed the recipe there, but with migrating from 5.0.1 to 10.0.0, I'm faced with tracking down those changes to move them into Dora.  So, with Dora, I'm following the documentation.16:26
bluelightningT0mW: if it is behaving as you describe it's a bug, not a documentation issue16:27
T0mWbluelightning: anomoly16:27
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ZaifHi all, Does mt9v032 camera driver works only with kernel 2.6? As I see there's a recipe /yocto/poky/meta-ti/recipes-kernel/linux/ and mt9v032 patch in ~//linux-omap-2.6.39/camera/0002-v4l-Add-mt9v032-sensor-driver.patch17:20
ZaifAnyone has any experience with this?17:20
ZaifI am struck past many days getting this camera driver working.17:20
ZaifI am using kernel 3.5.017:22
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T0mWdrat, "QA Issue: non debug package contains .debug directory"19:45
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rburtonwalters: i presume glib's installed test suite works for you in gnome-os out of the box20:21
waltersrburton: s/gnome-os/gnome-continuous/  and yes, but note that Continuous runs installed tests in a virtual machine20:22
waltersin fact it runs the tests in a basically identical environment to that users actually run20:22
waltersin a logged in desktop20:22
rburtoni should replicate the fails and see what actually fails, start debugging etc20:22
waltersare you using a VM?  container (systemd-nspawn)?  overgrown chroot (mock/pbuilder) ?20:23
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mtahmedIs there a way to list all the dependencies of a package I might want to build using bitbake without generating and viewing the .dot graph?20:50
kergothwell, you could always use bitbake -e to examine the DEPENDS and RDEPENDS_* variables20:54
kergothbeyond that, not really20:54
kergoththe 'bb' tool has a whatdepends command that does the reverse, lists what depends on something, but currently it doesn't handle runtime at all, only build time, which really limits the usefulness20:55
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kergothhopefully the bitbakek shell work going into yocto 1.6 will improve matters20:55
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T0mWWould there be any advantage to building the world (bitbake world) while assembling a distro for the first time?  I mean, would it cut down on compile / build times as stuff would be in the sstate-cache?20:56
kergotha real world build can take days, depending on the layers included20:57
kergothit builds every recipe, including those you might never build20:57
kergothso i'd question the value of that. it would prepopulate the cache, but if you never build those things, you woulnd't use those sstates :)20:58
T0mWok, then it is a stress test then.20:58
kergothalso, sstate can still be somewhat brittle, for example, a change to DISTRO_FEATURES will invalidate nearly the entire cache20:58
kergothbut yeah, youc ould certainly do it as a test or experiment or just for the hell of it :)20:58
* kergoth 's done builds like that just to keep his build machien busy and see what explodes20:59
T0mWoh, that is what I was intending on doing (DISTRO_FEATURES_append)20:59
T0mWyeah, right.20:59
kergoththe thing is, distro features is a list, and generally when a recipe uses it, it only cares about a small subset of that20:59
kergothbut the caching mechanism sees it just as a string20:59
kergothit doesn't know those recipes only care about whether N elmeents exist in teh list20:59
T0mWlike, "touch this wire, it won't do anything" as my cousin told my brother about the cattle fence21:00
kergothso even adding a space to distro features will result in rebuilding every reicpe that touches distro features21:00
T0mWyeah, found that out, about the total rebuild.21:01
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mtahmedkergoth: Thanks.21:01
* T0mW does one more build before pulling the plug21:01
kergothand of course, reubilding recipe A when B depends on A will also result in rebuildilng B. so changes ripple outward through the dependency digraph21:01
mtahmedI guess I can spew out a .dot and manually examine it? Will that work?21:01
kergothmtahmed: yeah, trying to create an image with graphviz isn't worth it, it's too big to process21:02
kergotheither read it manually with a text editor, or try using depexp21:02
kergothbitbake -g -u depexp core-image-base21:02
kergothwill pop up an x11 UI to examine the deps21:02
kergothunfortunately it doesn't show21:02
kergotherm, doesn't show why the dep is there, whre it came from, and wha tit shows for runtime vs build time is limited21:02
kergothbut it's definitely useful from timet o time21:02
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mtahmedOkay I will try to do a mix of manual viewing and regex.21:03
mtahmedI basically am at a stage where I am building everything except a few packages using the gnu toolchain.21:03
kergothyeah, i usually end up just grepping the .dot half the time21:03
mtahmedAnd want to systematically go through the dependencies and enable them to compile with llvm21:03
mtahmedSo maybe I will start with the graph leaves and go inward?21:04
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* kergoth kicks anonscm.debian.org21:42
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