Friday, 2013-11-29

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linuhi i have been trying to compile digitalpersona source for arm-poky-linux,while compiling i got below error can you help me to solve this error05:31
nerdboyi'm thinking that -L . should be a -L./ instead05:37
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nerdboyespecially if that's where is05:37
linunerdboy, in make file it looking like LDFLAGS = -lm -lc $(CFLAGS) -L $(LIB_OUT_DIR) -ldpfpdd -ldpfj  so i want to change it as LDFLAGS = -lm -lc $(CFLAGS) -L./ $(LIB_OUT_DIR) -ldpfpdd -ldpfj right?05:41
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linunerdboy, actually i am fresher to yocto so i am confused,can you help me ?05:54
nerdboylooks like $(LIB_OUT_DIR) resolves to .06:06
nerdboythen it might be better to set LIB_OUT_DIR=${S}  (or whatever dir . is) and pass it via EXTRA_OEMAKE06:07
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nerdboylinu: whatever dir under the build/src dir has the libraries in it, append it to ${S}06:25
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nerdboyit might be ${S}/libs or something06:25
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LetoThe2nd'morning.... just to get my thinking set straight - is the following correct?08:24
LetoThe2nd1) local.conf and bblayers get *always* parsed08:24
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LetoThe2nd2) any conf file included from local.conf (also recursively) gets always parsed08:25
LetoThe2nd3) a bb file gets only parsed when it has to fulfill a specific action, like do_compile, do_package, etc.08:25
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erboLetoThe2nd: I think you are correct if you be parse means it will actually be used for something. All recipes are parsed when you run bitbake, even though it's not used (try creating a dummy recipe with an error, and you'll see bitbake won't continue).08:44
LetoThe2nderbo: thanks - yes, i actually mean "used" instead of "parsed"08:45
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ndecLetoThe2nd: in fact bitbake will parse conf/bitbake.conf (you will find it in oe-core/meta)08:57
ndecbitbake.conf is the one that includes all other conf files, in a specific order.08:57
ndecgrep for include/require in that file.08:57
LetoThe2ndndec: aaaah yes.08:57
ndecall recipes are pasrsed once at the beginning, one by one.08:57
ndecfor each recipe, bitbake.conf is parsed, then the .bb file (which can have additional include/require/inherit), then .bbappend files08:58
LetoThe2ndndec: delayed enlightenment coming from late night tinkering :)08:58
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ndecas discussed last night, any variable change in a .bb file will only be visible in that bb file, it cannot impact another bb file08:59
LetoThe2ndyeah i think i got my head around that by now08:59
ndecwell, from my own experience... it is a relief once you actually understand that ;-)08:59
ndeceverything is much clear after that!08:59
LetoThe2ndhell yeah.09:00
LetoThe2ndso the magic is mostly in ln.~650.ff of bitbake.conf, right?09:03
LetoThe2ndand i assume order ir important, so local.conf is pretty much near the top09:04
ndecyes, the order is important, since you are setting variables in these files, so you get to see which file is able to override the others!09:05
ndecin fact looking at bitbake.conf gives you lots of information in general... that's where most variables are initialized, so you will find lots of info there.09:06
LetoThe2ndndec: so the magic in getting the correct machine config pulled in is basically that local.conf sets MACHINE, and bitbake.conf uses that a few lines later for include conf/machine/${MACHINE}.conf09:07
LetoThe2nd(as an example)09:07
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erija952_Hi! I'm using yocto on a gumstix (overo). After an advice yesterday I tried to upgrade from dylan to dora, but are having some problems when building. I'm using hob and starting from a gumstix-console-image recepie. I've added bluez5 and some other packages from the GUI.09:20
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erija952_The build completes, but when I boot there are not much there. lsmod is empty, and none of the packages I've choosen is there. When I look at the recepies screen in hob and search for "kernel" nothing is included.09:21
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erija952_Does anyone know what I can be doing wrong? Isn't hob working on dora? It worked fine for me @ dylan branch.09:22
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bluelightningmorning all10:14
TuTizzmy syslog disappear on every reboot, (/etc/fstab : tmpfs   /media/ram   tmpfs   defaults  0 0) is there on option on yocto to disable this?10:14
TuTizz(sry this is tmpfs  /var/volatile tmpfs  defaults  0  0)10:14
TuTizz/var/log -> volatile/log10:16
nerdboyshould be in th default volatile config, which is easy to change10:18
nerdboyyou can make a bbappend for that10:19
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erija952_As a non-advanced user I got to say that it's abit annoying that hob excludes the whole package-group if you exclude one package within it. E-g- I just excluded bluez4 and package-group-base was removed...11:04
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rburtondoes anyone recall the problem with ICU on ppc?12:02
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RPrburton: there is something in the bugzilla however basically icu only works on the endian it was built upon12:43
rburtonah yes.  so its more "interesting" than "ppc"12:47
rburtonmaybe we should make our ppc recipe check host and target endian, and break12:48
rburtonicu recipe, even12:48
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rburtonICU is certainly one of those things we need to ptest12:55
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RPrburton: yes to all the above13:06
RPrburton: we probably should cause it to fail cross endian13:06
rburtonany idea what a reliable BE target is?13:06
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RPrburton: ppc?13:13
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erija952_I'm trying to run yocto on a gumstix with bluez5, but there are some incompability issues with some packages that requires bluez4 - like ofono and neard. Can I blacklist those modules somehow, and what is the best way of doing that?13:29
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rburtonerija952_: if you have no need you can easily disable those in your DISTRO_FEATURES so they'll never be pulled in13:41
erija952_Ok, can you point me to some reference of how to do that?13:43
rburtonDISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "bluetooth nfc"13:44
rburton(for those examples in particular)13:44
erija952_rburton: In local.conf? Can I add that for modules like ofono, or does it need to be whole "features"?13:48
rburtonfeatures, otherwise the dependency chain can still come in other ways13:49
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lpappbluelightning: ping13:53
bluelightninglpapp: pong13:53
lpappbluelightning: if someone uses an external toolchain, then the wrong C++ library is getting installed?13:53
lpappbluelightning: or is it guaranteed somehow that the corresponding?13:54
bluelightninglpapp: not sure, sorry; I don't have a lot of experience with external toolchains13:54
lpappI guess I need to ask kergoth13:55
lpappbecause Yocto builds its own13:55
lpappand that is probably the one shipped to the image by default, not the external toolchain's library.13:55
lpappso basically C/C++ applications will not work on Yocto this way.13:56
RPlpapp: it depends how the external toolchain is configured13:56
RPlpapp: sometimes it packages up the external c++ lib13:57
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lpappRP: sometimes means? :)14:03
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RPlpapp: meaning it depends on what the external toolchain recipe does. Some do this, some might rebuild it14:04
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RPlpapp: presumably you have the recipe so you can look and see...14:04
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SaurNot sure if this is a bug or not, but I think so: If I have a recipe that installs a file with a given group owner that exists in tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/etc/group all is fine. If the group is not present I get an error, which is expected. However, if the group file does not exist in the sysroot, any group that exist in /etc/group will be accepted... (The same holds true for users.)14:54
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RPSaur: That does sound suboptimal. Its the fallback mode of pseudo14:57
SaurRP: Question is what would happen if one installed empty files when the sysroot is first created, until base-passwd is installed.14:58
RPSaur: I suspect pseudo would have a fit :/14:59
SaurProbably true... :/14:59
RPSaur: I think we're likely going to have to install base copies with the standard users in15:00
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SaurRP: Should I add a ticket about this to bugzilla?15:03
RPSaur: yes please15:09
SaurRP: Ok, will do.15:14
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RPSaur: you could send patches? :)15:19
SaurRP: Well, I do not know what the right thing to do is...15:22
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RPSaur: The only solution is probably to check a static list into OE-Core which puts our use of base-passwd into quesiton15:35
SaurRP: I think I'll add a ticket, and then someone will get the honors of analyzing the problem, and come up with a good solution. ;)15:41
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RPSaur: we're running out of "someone"s15:43
SaurRP: Well, as long as it is in the system, it will at least not be forgotten (I hope)... It is probably not a major problem as OE has been used for quite a while...15:45
RPSaur: agreed, its better in there than not15:47
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sledgeskernel modules-<boardname>.tgz contain all modules15:59
sledgesbut core-image-minimal contains only /lib/modules/<kernel-ver>/modules.*16:00
sledgeswhere did things go wron?..16:01
bluelightningsledges: that's intentional, core-image-minimal is intended to be small16:02
bluelightningsledges: if you want all built kernel modules to be part of the image, you can add the "kernel-modules" package to IMAGE_INSTALL16:03
bluelightningor if you prefer, you can add individual kernel-module-<modulename> packages as needed16:03
sledgesvery nice16:04
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sledgesbluelightning: I've added IMAGE_INSTALL += " kernel-modules" to build/conf/local.conf, but nothing seem to have changed16:13
ndecsledges: if you use core-image-minimal, it will reset IMAGE_INSTALL variable16:15
ndecso your change is likely going to be lost.16:15
bluelightningsledges: I'd suggest having a look at this section of the manual:
ndecyou can use core-image-base which includes package-core-boot and package-base-extended (which in turns includes all the modules)16:16
ndecor you can read what bluelightning just said ;-)16:16
sledgesthank you fellows, building core-image-base ndec ^_^ certainly a good read bluelightning16:19
sledgeshumm, core-image-base might not fit through tftp into board's memory16:21
bluelightningyes, core-image-base is quite large16:21
* sledges needs to rtfm ^_^16:22
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SaurRP: Submitted:
yoctiBug 5612: normal, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , If no passwd/group files exist in sysroot, users/groups are picked up from /etc16:55
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mtahmedIf I have a cpio.gz rootfs, how can I unpack, edit a file, and repack it? Are there any instructions online?23:42

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