Thursday, 2013-11-28

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #23 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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ZaifHi all, Why does rootfs fails when appending dhcp to my image?08:55
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ZaifWhat is causing this error: error: Failed dependencies: netbase < 1:5.0 conflicts with init-ifupdown-1.0-r3.armv7a_vfp_neon09:09
ZaifI am trying to add init-ifdowm recipe09:10
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Zaifrburton: Hi, How do I clean my sysroot manually?09:12
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rburtonZaif: there's a wipe-sysroot script that will just wipe away the current sysroot.  or just delete all of tmp/09:18
rburtonas long as your sstate is outside of tmp, you'll b able to rebuild it all quickly09:18
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Zaifrburton: Do I run it as source ./poky/scripts/wipe-sysroot?09:36
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ZaifWhen I run repo sync, I get uncommited changes error-> error: Cannot remove project "poky/meta-ti": uncommitted changes are present09:41
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rburtonZaif: no, just run it normally if you've already ran oe-init-build-env09:53
bluelightning morning all09:55
Zaifrburton: ok.09:57
ZaifWhen I run bitbake -c cleansstate I get timeout error with bitbake server?09:57
rburtonbitbake -ccleansstate [recipename]?09:59
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Dennis__Good Day Everyone. I have a question considering replacing udev with mdev. VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_dev_manager = "mdev" leads to an error (see However, simply using poky-tiny distro (as suggested on the mailing list by Khem Raj) is not really an option for us as far as I understand.10:10
Dennis__Does anyone have any pointers as how to achieve this?10:10
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ndecDennis__: did you enable CONFIG_MDEV in busybox?10:14
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Dennis__ndec: I did create my own defconf where I did set CONFIG_MDEV. However, I'm not sure how to make busybox read defconf from my layer instead of reading form meta/. What I tried was adding a busybox_1.20.2.bbappend to my layer with "FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"10:18
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ndecDennis__: that should do it. do you have the busybox-mdev package created?10:19
ndecand added to the image?10:20
Dennis__Ok, I don't know if the package was created. How can I check? There isn't any mdev in my rootfs image.10:22
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ndecDennis__: you can check the .ipk (if using ipk)generated in tmp/deploy/<ipk>10:24
ndecyou can check the busybox defconfig too in tmp/work/../busybox to see if yours was taken into account10:24
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Zaifrburton: giving recipe name solved it. I am struggling with init-ifupdown recipe. Unable to add it to my Image.10:26
rburtonZaif: did you remove all your local pieces, as it's in oe-core10:26
rburtonand the oe-core netbase recipe has a conflicts on older versions of ifupdown because a file moved between them10:26
Zaifrburton: when i run the script I get this error -> Could not determine SSTATE_MANIFESTS/STAGING_DIR/STAMPS_DIR, check above for errors10:28
rburtonZaif: presumably you didn't run it after oe-init-build-env, as it ir runs bitbake to determine what to delete10:29
rburtonZaif: the alternative is to just delete your tmp/10:29
Dennis__ndec: I think busybox wasn't built again since I changed the configuration to use my defconf. I did bitbake busybox -c clean and bitbake busybox again and now the package is created. I have to leave now but I will check later if it was also added to my image.10:33
Zaifrburton: I did run it after oe-init-build-env but still i get this error. If i try to update by repo sync I get these conflicts
Dennis__ndec: Thank you very much for your clarifications.10:34
ndecDennis__: ok. iirc, you might have to add it into your image..10:35
rburtonZaif: never used repo.  if you want to do a clean build, just wipe tmp/10:35
Zaifrburton: ok. thank you10:35
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erija952_Hi! I'm using yocto on a gumstix, and i'm trying to get a GPIO-Event driver to work. The driver was initially built for open-embedded, and hence it doesn't work out of the box on yocto. I've found a bb recipie for the file on, but it didn't work out of the box for yocto. It uses a SVN repository, but doesnt have a COPYING license file in it. Can I bypass that check somehow?10:45
bluelightningerija952_: it has no statement of license anywhere at all? not even in a source file header / README?10:47
erija952_Header file says GNU GPL2 or BSD, but the copying file is not in the repo10:48
bluelightningthere doesn't need to be a COPYING file, just a statement of the license you can point to10:50
bluelightningin LIC_FILES_CHKSUM within the recipe that is10:50
bluelightningthe point is, the correct solution is to set this variable properly rather than trying to evade the check; it's there for your protection10:51
erija952_Yes, I understand that. I'll try to read up on that link... i'll be back. Thanks for the help!10:53
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rbuchmannHi ! I need gfortran to compile a lib from my SDK. I created a gcc_4.7.bbappend which contains FORTRAN += ",fortran" and RUNTIMETARGET += "libgfortran". Unfortunately, gfortran is not generated at all. Do you have any idea ?11:27
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rbuchmannthe following command gives me g++ location and tells me gfortran is missing : find build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/gcc-* \( -name "*-gfortran" -o -name "*-gcc" \) -executable -type f -follow11:39
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kbartHello, can I overwrite variables that come from .inc file using .bbappend? Or to put it another way: which comes first .inc or .bbappend?13:02
fatalkbart: not really qualified myself to answer your question, but you know how ?= works right? .... I guess that's what most .inc files use.... only set variable if not already set. so it should allow you to override.13:04
kbartfatal, well, this one (namely uses "OTHER_PACKAGES = ...", so it's not the case.. What I'm trying to achieve is to remove demos, examples, doc etc. from my installation.13:07
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kbartand I would like to have my changes in a separate meta layer, so I want to avoid modifying this file directly.13:08
bluelightningkbart: inc; bbappends are processed after what is in the recipe itself13:13
bluelightning(including any includes/requires)13:14
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kbartbluelightning, thank you for explanation. Now it makes me wonder, why it doesn't work then.. Is is possible to print a complete recipe with variables somehow? After all includes, bbappends etc.13:19
fatalbluelightning: if I understand you correctly, its like this: if contains FOO="bar", then which includes can't override FOO, but foo.bbappend can override with FOO="quux" ?13:19
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bluelightningkbart: it is indeed: bitbake -e recipename | less13:21
bluelightningkbart: (where recipename is just the name, i.e. without any path or .bb)13:21
bluelightningfatal: no, the recipe can override FOO after the include/require line as well13:22
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kbartbluelightning, thanks, I know -e command, somehow I'm missing needed info in it.. I'll try another approach.13:28
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fatalbluelightning: ah, ok... thanks.13:34
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ndecbluelightning: hmm. what did you mean by 'inc; bbappends are processed after what is in the recipe itself'.13:38
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ndeci thought require/include and inherit were processed 'in-place' when parsing the recipes13:38
bluelightningndec: because an inc file is processed at the point the include/require line appears in the recipe, and the bbappends are processed after what is in the recipe, then the bbappend will always be processed after any inc13:38
ndece.g. the exact place where the include/require or inherit statement is does matter.13:38
bluelightningndec: that's correct, they are13:39
ndecah. ok...13:39
ndeci think it was the ';' which was misleading in your reply ;-)13:39
ndeci read it as inc *and* bbappends!13:39
bluelightningright, it was a bit cryptically worded :)13:39
ndechehe... that gets quite tricky sometimes with xxx_append vs xxx += ... since one might work while the other one does not...13:40
bluelightningthe basic rule I try to follow is use += or =+ unless you know you have to use _append/_prepend13:44
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erija952_Hi! Is there a "simple" way to update glib in yocto? I get 2.0 when building dylan, but would need 2.28+14:57
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rburtonerija952_: take the glib recipe from dora15:05
erija952_mkey... is that a meta layer or?15:06
rburtondora is the latest release15:07
erija952_right, I just discovered... thanks!15:07
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SaurCan one do the equivalent of VAR ?= "value" in a python() block?15:19
bluelightningSaur: if not d.getVar('VAR', False): d.setVar('VAR', 'value')15:24
Saurbluelightning: Ah, ok. :)15:24
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LetoThe2ndis DEPENDS = "ncurses" the correct way if a recipe depends on ... ncurses?18:13
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ndecLetoThe2nd: yep.18:15
LetoThe2ndndec: :)18:16
ndecthat will guarantee that ncruses is 'populated' in the sysroot, before your recipe do_configure is executed.18:16
LetoThe2ndok sounds like what i want :)18:16
LetoThe2ndmh ok. another one. documentation says for systemd i should do DISTRO_FEATURES_append = "systemd"18:24
LetoThe2ndso i added it to my image, but it gives a ParseError when place after the inherit core-image, and seems to be ignore if placed above :(18:24
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LetoThe2ndhm. systemd is in DISTRO_FEATURES, but seems to be neither built nor installed19:10
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LetoThe2ndany ideas on how to debug that?19:21
rburtonLetoThe2nd: did you change the init system?19:25
LetoThe2ndrburton: just as documented:19:26
LetoThe2ndDISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"19:26
LetoThe2ndVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"19:26
rburtonworks for me, i built an image yesterday.19:26
rburtoni presume you're using a fairly recent release19:26
LetoThe2ndgit head from a few days ago, IIRC. let me pull and rebuild19:27
rburtonwhat image did you build?19:27
rburtona good test is "bitbake systemd". if systemd isn't actually enabled, it will refuse to build19:27
LetoThe2ndcore-image-minimal, extended by the given lines after "inherit core-image"19:27
rburtonhm, should work.19:28
* rburton -> dinner, sorry19:28
LetoThe2ndnp, bon appetite.19:28
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LetoThe2ndgit pull and rebuild resulted in rebuild considerable parts like gcclib and friends, but still no systemd20:29
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ndecLetoThe2nd: you should set the DISTRO_xx and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME in a .conf file instead, not an image .bb file.20:35
ndectypically a <distro>.conf if you have one, otherwise local.conf20:36
ndecwell, it's not 'you should', but 'you have to' in fact...20:37
LetoThe2ndndec: ah yes?!?20:38
ndecif you have it in 1 .bb file only, these variables are set only when executing a task from that .bb file. however such settings are much wider than the image itself.20:38
ndecmany recipes would do things like "if ${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES','systemd','true','false',d)}; then"20:38
ndecand that would be 'false' if you set it in the image .bb file.20:38
LetoThe2ndaaaaah... i see.20:39
ndecyou should set DISTRO_FEATURES in a .conf file always, and IMAGE_FEATURES in an image .bb file.20:39
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ndeci think 'bitbake systemd' should tell you that systemd is not in DISTRO_FEATURES in your current situation20:40
LetoThe2ndndec: fun fact: it says ecatly that, but when doing -e on the image it is set. thats why assumend it works via dependencies.20:43
ndechehe ;-)20:43
ndecwell, it's important to remember that all .conf files are 'included' when parsing 1 .bb file. but whatever you do in a .bb file cannot impact another .bb file since they are parsed 'independently' from each other...20:44
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LetoThe2ndso much to learn/know when you're new to OE20:46
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ndecyou can replace OE by anything in fact !20:47
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LetoThe2ndhm, sometimes yes - sometimes no20:48
LetoThe2ndbut yeah, most buildsystems comewith a certain amount of complexity20:48
LetoThe2ndyay... more and more rebuilding21:00
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ndecLetoThe2nd: what's being rebuilt is what depends on systemd, now that's enabled ;-)21:00
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LetoThe2ndndec: like, gcc-cross. obviously. :P21:01
ndecoh, DISTRO_FEATURES has changed...21:01
ndecthat's generally costly...21:02
LetoThe2ndyeah, that was not really meant to be taken seriously. ;)21:02
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ndecLetoThe2nd: probably the good excuse to call it a day for today... it's probably as late for you as it is for me ;-)21:03
LetoThe2ndndec: probably. but today is private tinkering day, so who cares ;)21:04
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nerdboyLetoThe2nd: i take it you're trying to pull systemd into your image?21:27
* nerdboy specifically kept it out21:27
LetoThe2ndnerdboy: yeah, trying to at the moment21:27
nerdboyyou should be able to just add systemd to DISTRO_FEATURES21:29
nerdboybut if nothing really depends on it, i'm not sure how the rootfs would turn out...21:30
nerdboywhat kind of image recipe?21:30
LetoThe2ndcore-image-minimal... yeah its just rebuilding21:31
nerdboybut yeah, whenever i pull on master (every few weeks or so) and rebuild it usually has to rebuild a lot of stuff...21:31
nerdboyso does your image recipe include core-image-minimal?21:32
LetoThe2ndndec already pointed it out. the problem was that i did my changes to a new image recipe, instead of doing a new distro config. the latter seems to work now.21:32
nerdboycore-image-minimal isn't fooling, it's *very* minimal...21:33
nerdboywhat's your target?21:33
LetoThe2ndyeah, i know what minimal means.21:34
LetoThe2ndit now specific target other that knowledge gathering ATM.21:34
nerdboywell, i didn't realize how minimal until i based an image on it21:34
nerdboythen i switched it to core-image instead21:35
nerdboyi'm pretty much a requirements guy, so i need to ask21:35
nerdboywhy do you need systemd?  is it just "knowledge gathering", or ?21:35
LetoThe2ndhehe yeah. really nothing more to it at the moment.21:36
ndecwhy would someone not need systemd ;-)21:36
* nerdboy is still a little peeved at that one in current upstream21:37
nerdboyswitched all my desktops to xfce21:37
ndecthat doesn't prevent from using systemd.21:37
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* LetoThe2nd is totally not interested in pro/contra anything discussions anyways. todays lesson learned is: set DISTRO_FEATURES in you distro.conf ;)21:43
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nerdboyi'm not saying anything either way, it's just the loss of choice21:55
nerdboyat least for gnome, it's now a hard dep21:56
nerdboyi have my reasons for crafting my rpi image that way21:56
nerdboyand it's still a choice outside of current gnome3 afaik21:56
LetoThe2ndndec: anyways - that did the trick. thanks, and now it's really a day ;)22:02
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mtahmedSo I got to finally build core-image-minimal + linux-yocto-tiny using llvm+clang for almost all the packages (except kernel, elfutils and a few other packages).23:21
mtahmedBut when I boot the kernel, I basically get this error message:23:22
mtahmedBut with exitcode 0.23:22
mtahmedAny ideas? Here's the logs:
mtahmedkergoth: ^ ? :)23:30
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