Friday, 2013-12-20

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OutBackDingook seriously confused...... i see kaeilos was integrated to yocto and i see oe-core and openembedded00:26
OutBackDingobut i see no references to kaeilos in yocto, and kaeilos has board supprt according to,12/t,18967/00:28
OutBackDingoi also see at91sam9g45ek.conf in
* OutBackDingo is lost00:33
OutBackDingoif i put MACHINE ?= "at91sam9g45ek" it says Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf or environment00:34
bluelightningOutBackDingo: you would need to find or add the machine definition for that machine00:45
bluelightningthat would mean finding or creating a layer adding support for the machine00:45
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OutBackDingobluelightning: yes i understand this, i followed which stated KaeilOS is now integrated into Yocto Project as custom layer, so looking around yocto i see 0 references to it00:48
bluelightningOutBackDingo: to say it's "integrated *into* the yocto project" isn't quite right00:49
OutBackDingobut if i follow their "legacy" guide it actually accepts the board i have as MACHINE ?= "at91sam9g45ek" and starts the build, unfortunately00:49
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OutBackDingoit fails in bb00:49
bluelightningI think what is meant is it's built on top of it00:49
OutBackDingoi would have thought it to be a "meta"00:50
bluelightningif you mean an additional layer, yes00:50
OutBackDingothough i cant find a single reference to it00:52
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bluelightningyou should probably ask mckoan about kaeilos, it's his project01:01
bluelightninghe'll be asleep now though01:01
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OutBackDingobluelightning: thanks, at least its a lead to pursue :)01:15
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bluelightningOutBackDingo: FWIW, you may find support for a specific machine is available independent of a distro such as kaeilos01:16
bluelightningat least, that's typically how things are now structured01:16
* bluelightning needs sleep01:16
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bluelightningmorning all09:39
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panda84kdehi everybody. Does anybody know if there's any technical reason for Firefox being stuck at version 10 instead of a more recent ESR release in this layer?
panda84kdeor is it only that the maintainer is not currently working on it?13:53
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RPpanda84kde: its probably a case that it works and does what they needed14:06
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panda84kdeRP: thanks. Maybe otavio knows more14:12
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panda84kdedoes the LICENSE_FLAGS = "commercial" in libav mean "beware, patents in here!"? I see it referenced also here:
bluelightningpanda84kde: more or less, yes14:20
T0mWIMHO, I would expect a "commercial" license declaration to mean "Intellectual Property", patents and trade secrets.14:20
bluelightningmore broadly it's "there might be stuff that's problematic if you want to ship this as part of a commercial product, so do your due diligence and obtain necessary licenses if needed before using"14:21
T0mWbluelightning: no go on exporting that file from my linux source into /usr/include.  I'm going to post that on the mailing list, when I find it. heh.14:22
bluelightningT0mW: bottom line is, you have to set FILES for one of the packages such that it picks up the additional file(s) you are installing. If you still get the error, it means you haven't done that properly.14:23
panda84kdeT0mW: bluelightning: thanks. Almost what I've expected.14:23
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T0mWbluelightning: yes, this was possible under Bernard.  The best I got was an error stating that I my FILES_linux-yocto-custom export was being overwritten.14:25
T0mWI tried every variation that I could think of for 'FILES_'14:26
T0mWI'm assuming that the 'FILES_' still has the same meaning as it did under Bernard, that it was telling bitbake et. al. to put this file into the final image at the desired location.14:27
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bluelightningT0mW: I think the best thing is to put this all into an email and we'll go from there14:33
T0mWbluelightning: yes, exactly.  It is probably something obvious and we are overthinking it.  Let someone else spot the solution.  I'm at the point where I'm almost willing to learn python to go tackle the bitbake sources...14:34
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bluelightningT0mW: it's very unlikely that will be necessary14:36
bluelightningT0mW: btw, the reason FILES_linux-yocto-custom will not work is that if the recipe is called linux-yocto-custom, then ${PN} is linux-yocto-custom14:37
bluelightningif you then already have a line that says FILES_${PN} = "something" (and you will always have that by default from meta/conf/bitbake.conf), your FILES_linux-yocto-custom gets set *first* and then the name expansion of FILES_${PN} is done second, and your value is overwritten14:38
T0mWbluelightning: I can work around this, but I'd like to know why I cannot get it to work.  It may be a decision on the part of the team to not include exports of files from within the kernel tree.  This doesn't make sense as there would be custom hardware (in my case) which a header would need to be exported for use on the target system.  The end-customer could install the kernel source of mine, then specify the path to my header file, but th14:39
T0mWat is kludgy.14:39
bluelightningas far as additional headers installed being the kernel being picked up by default goes, I don't know anything about that I'm afraid14:40
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T0mWyeah, saw that happen.  The only thing that I found that may be a solution is what they do in libtool where they add a name to the PACKAGES list, then export files under that package name.14:41
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T0mWPACKAGES =+ "libltdl libltdl-dev libltdl-dbg libltdl-staticdev"14:41
T0mWFILES_libltdl = "${libdir}/libltdl${SOLIBS}"14:41
T0mWit looks like a side-step over some isse14:42
T0mWI'm going to try that and see what it does.14:42
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lpapphi, how can I make sure to do a full rebuild for a package, i.e. to reapply the patches?14:54
lpapp-c apply -f?14:54
lpappclearly, the patches next to the recipe does not show the reality. The build folder has a vastly different content14:54
lpappsome parts of the patch are not really applied.14:54
RPlpapp: -c cleansstate <foo>, then bitbake <foo>14:58
lpappRP: right, thanks. I do not know why, but quilt refresh does not eventually update the original patch file? Do you know why that may happen?15:01
lpappquilt refresh15:05
lpappRefreshed patch patches/0001-mfd-MAX6650-6651-support.patch15:05
lpappyet, it does not actually change.15:05
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lpappdoes that mean it is a bug in Yocto?15:05
lpappI have done only bitbake virtual/kernel, got the conflict, edit the conflict file, and used quilt refresh15:06
lpappdid I forget some command?15:06
rburtonlpapp: what file doesn't change? the patches/blaa.patch in $WORKDIR, or the patch next to the recipe?15:06
rburtonlpapp: are you doing that editing/quilt inside a terminal that do_patch opened for you (the patch failed user resolver), or manually?15:08
lpappright, the next in the build stuff is correct15:08
lpappso I need to manually copy it back? :O15:08
lpapprburton: user resolver in a terminal15:09
rburtonthe source says it copies back when you close the terminal15:09
rburtonbut i've never used it, so it's possibly broken in some way.15:09
lpappok, so there is some bug here.15:09
lpappyeah, I can reproduce it anytime15:10
lpappthe patches in patches/ in the linux tree are ok15:10
lpappbut after ctrl-d, the recipe patches are still the same.15:10
lpappnot the updated version.15:10
lpapppoky-dylan here.15:10
lpapprburton: is there some error reporting missing?15:13
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lpapprburton: it is possible that it is not a bug, but missing something, but even then it is a bug since there is no error reporting. ;-)15:17
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rburtonlpapp: sure.  never used this, so i can't help much.15:19
lpapprburton: well, I do not really see any copy here really...
lpappwhere did you see that it actually syncs up?15:20
lpappRP: got a clue?15:21
rburtonpatchset.Refresh can call QuiltTree.Refresh() that does copyfile15:21
rburtonmaybe the patchset isnt a QuiltTree instance15:22
lpapprburton: ?15:22
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lpappwell, I am here to try any python print from bitbake.15:23
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lpappif anyone says what to print out...15:23
lpappI do not have time currently to track it down on my own as I need proceed with my stuff.15:24
lpapprburton: also, it is horrible that if you open up vim, and close it, you do not see the conflicts anymore.15:25
lpappis there a way to keep the buffer around?15:26
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rburtonthat's up to your terminal and text editor15:27
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lpapprburton: ok, but how to debug the copy issue?15:30
rburtonlpapp: the usual way?15:30
rburtoninsert debugging statement or use a debugger.15:31
lpapprburton: no, I mean, what to insert15:31
lpappI am not aware of this codebase.15:31
lpappand you cannot probably reproduce the issue just yet.15:31
rburtondude you've got about ten minutes less experience with this module than me15:31
rburtoni'd start by inserting "print HERE" statements so you know where it's actually executing15:31
lpapphopefully RP can help then...15:32
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WarheadsSEWhat would be the proper way to ensure that something from the native sysroot is in the PATH so that a Makefile uses it..15:45
WarheadsSEJust a prepend and an `export PATH=${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}:$PATH`  ?15:46
rburtonthe native sysroot is in the path already15:49
WarheadsSEseems rsync not installed..15:51
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WarheadsSEI had to patch something the other day that was looking for `file`, which WAS in the native bindir, but was not being found15:52
WarheadsSEand now I have this issue here, again.15:52
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WarheadsSESo, either native is not actually in the path by default, or something is screwing it up15:53
g28Hi.  Is it possible to get git annex to work as a part of the fetch step of a yocto recipe?15:53
rburtonWarheadsSE: use -c devshell to check the PATH yourself.  but maybe the check tries /usr/bin/foo first?15:53
rburtonWarheadsSE: i've seen configure scripts that hard-code common prefixes and then go hunting15:54
WarheadsSEthis is outright in the makefile.15:55
WarheadsSEjust a plain `rsync -av `15:55
rburtonrsync in a makefile?15:55
rburtonhow interesting15:55
rburtoncp not good enough to install with? :)15:56
WarheadsSEapparently they are using it for some sort of translation layer in html ..15:56
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WarheadsSEhah .. hard to enter a devshell when you have no terminal (ty docker, and me not having included screen)15:57
rburtonyeah that would be a problem15:57
rburtonbasically its got the native sysroot near the beginning15:58
WarheadsSEand it should15:58
rburtonbitbake.conf:PATH_prepend = "${COREBASE}/scripts:${STAGING_BINDIR_TOOLCHAIN}:${STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS}:${STAGING_DIR_NA15:58
WarheadsSEwhich I did note a minute ago, that rsync is apparently not in the sysroot15:58
rburtonWarheadsSE: did you put DEPENDS=rsync-native?15:58
WarheadsSErsync-native .. mmmm15:58
rburtonwithout that, it won't be :)15:58
* WarheadsSE edits recipe15:59
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* WarheadsSE tests16:03
WarheadsSEYeah, i had rsycn in there.. derp'd not adding -native16:03
rburtoninvoice is in the mail16:03
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* WarheadsSE tosses haypenny in envelope marked with postage paid16:04
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WarheadsSErburton: hrm..16:25
lpappwhat exactly is this feature I should look for that gets the linux kernel from git?16:25
lpappadded in danny?16:25
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto16:26
rburtonlpapp: linux-yocto has been fetching from git for a long time16:27
lpappSRC_URI = "${KERNELORG_MIRROR}/linux/kernel/v3.0/linux-${PV}.tar.bz2;name=kernel \16:28
lpappright, I have that.16:28
lpapprburton: but does that mean we end up again having the git in git trap?16:29
rburtonlpapp: many recipes fetch from git repos16:29
lpapprburton: yes, but remember, we check Yocto into git.16:29
lpappalong with the downloaded folders.16:29
rburtonand remember we've said don't check download/ into git16:29
lpappor the downloads folder will have the tarball with .git inside?16:29
rburtonyou can tell it to make tarballs, iirc16:30
lpappwell, I remember, but it would be lotta work to refactor.16:30
rburtonBB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS, or something.16:30
lpappthat will avoid git which I want to have for linux kernel development16:30
lpappor you mean, that generates tarball with .git inside?16:30
lpapprburton: that does not make it clear, so I should file a bugreport16:33
lpappit does not make it clear that it archives it with or without .git16:33
rburton"makes a tarball of the git repository"16:33
rburtoncan't really get any clearer16:33
lpappit kinda feels like it uses .git inside, but cannot be sure16:33
lpapprburton: well, it is fully unclear to me.16:34
lpappgit archive also archives the repository, but /without/ .git.16:34
rburton"tarball of the git repository".  not "copy of the working directory".16:34
lpappsee how confusing it is?16:34
rburtonnot at all16:35
rburtonits a tarball, the contents of which are the git repository16:35
lpappyou think I am lying when I say I am fully confused?16:35
rburtonthe git repository is the thing you get when you do a git clone.16:35
lpappthe git repository contains .git16:35
lpappbut then again, git archive also archives the repository, without .git16:35
rburtonno it doesn't16:35
lpappask 10 people, and see how many of them will be confused. :)16:35
rburtongit-archive creates a copy of the working tree16:35
rburtonthere isn't debate over the meaning of "git repository".  and it's in a tarball.16:36
lpappwhat even shows more my confusion, I still do not understand what this variable actually does16:36
lpappafter this long conversation16:37
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g28is there a way to specify that a SRC_URI fetched via git should get the fully repo (clone) and not a shallow clone?16:39
*** sroy <sroy!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:3e97:eff:feb5:1e2b> has quit IRC16:39
rburtong28: it is a full clone16:40
g28i need to run git annex get to retrieve some binary data files that are part of our git codebase, but they fail to load.  the errors seem to indicate that references to other branches are missing16:40
rburtong28: so there's a clone made to DL_DIR, and then that is re-cloned to the work directory16:41
rburtong28: presumably that's dropping the remote refs as they're a step removed16:42
yoctiBug 5684: normal, Undecided, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, NEW , Unclear BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS documentation16:42
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto16:42
rburtong28: you might need to write a gitannex fetcher :/16:42
g28rburton: thanks.  this gives me a couple hints16:42
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rburtong28: this might be evil, but you can tell it to do a bare clone to WORKDIR (which causes it to be a mirror) and then checkout yourself.16:43
rburtong28: try ;bareclone=1 in your SRC_URI, and then do a checkout before any annex stuff16:43
* rburton really isn't liking how often he's looked at the fetcher this month16:44
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RPg28: You'll probably need a subclass of the git fetcher with annex capabilities added. the sumbmodules one (gitsm) is a kind of example of how to do that. I doubt it will work out the box16:52
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WarheadsSErburton: crraaap .. so "WARNING: Screen started. Please connect in another terminal with "screen -r devshell"17:31
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