Friday, 2014-01-03

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panda84kdegood morning! Anybody can help me understand what does the line "INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_shr = "start 90 5 2 . stop 90 0 1 6 ." in ? I understand it sets a different priority, but I don't understand in which case it gets triggered. What does that "shr" mean?08:55
panda84kdemmm... It looks like meta-shr is a set of layers for smartphones. Did I get it right?09:00
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lpapphi, when are the yocto folks back this year, on Monday? :-)11:19
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dzoeWe're all always here... idling :)12:07
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lpappdzoe: I do not see rburton, nor bluelighting.12:10
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lpappbluelightning: hi12:33
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bluelightninghi lpapp_12:51
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lpappbluelightning: hey, what is the best way to modify some source in the workdir, and get them rebuilt with bitbake without forced explicit compilation?12:52
lpappe.g. I modify the kernel source with a printf, but the bitbake myimage process does not care about it12:52
lpappthe old content goes in.12:52
JaMabitbake -c compile virtual/kernel12:52
JaMa+ -f12:52
lpappbut that is what I would like to avoid.12:53
lpappsince it is tiring, and it would be better to use bitbake myimage12:53
lpappone would expect to rebuild the image with the changes in the workdir.12:53
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bluelightninglpapp: -f is the only supported way I'm afraid12:59
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lpappbluelightning: right, so we need to introduce a new conf option.13:00
lpapp(or just make it default, really)13:01
bluelightningif you want to do this kind of thing you ought to be using externalsrc really13:02
bluelightningthat shares the same issue though, but that is where any enhancement should go13:02
lpappbluelightning: I think I can decide what fits me better.13:03
lpappsurely, two different environments does not make any sense for me for the same thing.13:03
bluelightninglpapp: sure13:03
lpappand those people who would use separate environments for whatever weird reasons, they would not modify the source in workdir anyway13:03
lpappso they would not be affected, whatsoever.13:03
bluelightningthe change you are proposing, "making it the default" absolutely *would* affect other people13:04
bluelightningchecking whether recompilation is needed takes time (significant time for large projects e.g. Qt), and that's what you'd have to introduce13:04
bluelightningthis is why it makes sense to nominate the recipes you are working on e.g. by enabling externalsrc for them, then you can add the extra processing where you need it13:05
lpappI heavily disagree.13:07
lpappworking in two different environments is a _daily_ _needless_ _over-engineering_.13:07
lpappso at the very least, there should be an option for people to avoid that nonsense.13:07
lpappALWAYS_REBUILD = "foo bar baz"13:08
lpappso in case of a linux developer, it would be: ALWAYS_REBUILD = "virtual/kernel".13:08
lpappset only once for the whole career if the yocto environment does not change, and no need to use "-c compile -f"  for every printk modification many times daily.13:09
lpappthis whole separate different environment is probably historical.13:10
lpappthere had not been yocto, etc, other build systems back then, so there was no other option than having a vendor branch, but these things have changed the last several years.13:10
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tijsU-boot question: How can I use 2 16bit NOR-flash chips? Does anyone know a board that has that so that I can look at the code? :D14:35
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RPlpapp: you could add do_compile[nostamp] = "1" to your kernel recipe, then it will rebuild every time15:26
lpappRP: thanks.15:28
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[1]RenatoHello guys..... i'm trying to build a core-image-minimal with java (oracle-jse-jre-x86-64-1.7.0-u45r0@x86_64) but i'm get the errors "no package provides /bin/bash" and "no package provides" in last steps, when the bitbake process starts to create the root filesystem....16:09
[1]Renatohow a java binary distribution can depend on bash or libxml?16:10
[1]RenatoI solved all the checksum and download problems from recipe16:11
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bluelightning[1]Renato: re bash, there will be a shell script being packaged which starts with #!/bin/bash16:11
bluelightningfor libxml2, it must be linking against that library and we're apparently not providing the version it has ben built against16:12
[1]Renatobluelightning, but if I download the distribution tar.gz I can run bin/java... its an ELF binary....16:12
bluelightning[1]Renato: yes, but bin/java is not the only binary in the package, surely?16:13
[1]Renatois there some way to know what the bitbake is trying to do?16:13
bluelightningyou'll need to look at all of the files that are being packaged16:13
[1]Renatoall the jre tree?... looking for a bash header... hmmm16:14
bluelightninglook in packages-split/ in the workdir for the java recipe16:14
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bluelightning[1]Renato: are you using meta-oracle-java for this?16:15
[1]Renatoi just changed it for the last java release and checksums16:15
[1]Renatoits the only thing I changed16:16
[1]RenatoPV_UPDATE = "45"16:16
[1]RenatoSRC_URI = ""16:16
[1]RenatoSRC_URI[md5sum] = "e82743de29c6cb59ae09bbcb090ccbee"16:16
[1]RenatoSRC_URI[sha256sum] = "e107d8ca8dcd570207b4eff793e7b83a1ff82f1ed4ea8a80d88f5edc000c74c7"16:16
[1]Renatoof course I had to download manually... as oracle ask for accepting the license16:16
[1]Renatolook... i found some bash scripts in jre tree16:17
[1]Renatowill the rootfs generation run all the files from jre/bin?16:18
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[1]Renatois there the option to ignore this?16:20
bluelightningit's not that it runs all of the files - it's that when packaging, extra dependencies are being added based on the contents of the packages16:22
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bluelightningthe only way to fix it is to delete or patch the errant files16:22
bluelightningyou'd do that in the java recipe itself; deleting would be done within do_install16:23
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[1]Renatorunning "find * -exec ldd {} \; | grep xslt" I found a file in "lib/amd64" that depends on that library xslt16:25
[1]Renatook... I will try to find some way to install these dependencies first....16:25
bluelightningif that's what you want to do, adding RDEPENDS would be the right way to do that16:28
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[1]Renatowel... it seems to be working now16:42
[1]Renatolet me check it out16:42
WarheadsSEkergoth: still interested in that docker stuff?16:44
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waltershi RP, did you get my email?16:48
kergothWarheadsSE: yeah16:52
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RPwalters: was this over the holidays? I've not gone through some of the backlog yet16:55
WarheadsSEsome minor changes happened recently (minor, but massively annoying) that changes part of how I use it, but for the most part not that much of an issue16:56
WarheadsSEaka, symlinks behave differently now16:56
waltersRP: rush16:56
RPwalters: just had a quick read. I would love to support ostree natively as an output format :)16:58
RPwalters: will have to fire up a VM and have a play...16:59
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lpappwhat is the best of handling bitbake etc patches?17:01
lpappnot accepted upstream?17:01
lpappso basically tool patches, not recipe.17:01
RPlpapp: is this about the patch.bbclass patch you sent the ping on?17:02
waltersRP: let me know how it goes!  I am trying to gather early feedback from experienced people before posting more widely17:02
RPlpapp: I did see that but haven't had a chance to properly look at it. A lot of people have taken a break over the holidays so things are behind with patch review17:02
RPwalters: will do17:03
lpappRP: in general.17:03
lpappeither rejected, or waiting....17:03
lpappwe cannot really wait for upstream to accept our changes.... we need to organize ourselves properly.17:03
RPlpapp: bitbake patches go to the bitbake list and get reviewed there. Is there a specific issue?17:03
lpappso what is the recommended way for tool patches to allow easy upgrade path with a new version of Yocto?17:04
RPlpapp: keep unaccepted changes in their own layer17:04
lpappwhat layer?17:04
RPlpapp: you create your own layer to contain those changes17:05
WarheadsSEkergoth: the one thing I am having so much fun with, is that I have a massively tiny system in the docker, so the host-bleed issues become apparent rather fast.17:12
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lpappRP: I understand the own layer part, but I would not know what it is supposed to contain.17:13
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lpappmr_science: yo17:43
mr_sciencegot a weird python recipe that sometimes decides it doesn't like running
WarheadsSEAnyone ever hit a problem unpacking rpm?17:53
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kergothWarheadsSE: I have. When I try to build rpm-native on centos5, it explodes trying to unpack the src.rpm18:08
kergothis that the one you're hitting?18:08
kergoththat is, it happens on this centos5 chroot, i haven't tested on my actual centos5 vm yet18:08
kergothwas playing around with doing my builds under a minimal chroot, until I find the time to mess with docker more :)18:09
WarheadsSEthat exact problem18:09
WarheadsSEfound the problem, I think18:09
WarheadsSEfile command was not in existance18:09
kergothhuh, thats' odd, since we build file-native18:09
WarheadsSEthe wants file, file was not built18:09
kergothmissing dep for the src.rpm unpack, perhaps18:10
WarheadsSEfind . -name "file" -type f only resulted in an http test18:10
WarheadsSEchock another one up to missing deps!18:10
kergothwe have logci in base.bbclass which adds extra deps for do_unpack bsed on what's in SRC_URI18:10
kergothe.g. unzip-native for .zip files18:11
kergothi'm guessing we might be missing a file-native for src.rpm, if needs it18:11
kergothi'm guessing most folks don't do builds on tiny rootfs's without file installed :)18:11
WarheadsSEadded that to the docker image, and viola18:12
kergothdefinitely find a lot of bugs building this way..18:12
kergothgood thing18:12
WarheadsSEI am finding a lot18:12
WarheadsSElike hmm, soelim eh.. might want groff built..18:12
WarheadsSEor, qt not building webkit ..18:12
WarheadsSEthat one was ugly.18:12
WarheadsSEkergoth was it18:14
WarheadsSEof course, not that it tells you squat about what the real error was18:14
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto18:15
kergothyeah, thast the failure iw as seeing too, didnt' have time to investigate. well spoted18:18
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto18:20
kergothWarheadsSE: should take care of it, i think18:20
kergothWarheadsSE: (untested)18:20
WarheadsSEYeah, since this is fully contained and does a gerrit repo w/ init & sync, I can't just patch in too much18:22
kergothah, right18:22
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WarheadsSEit's part of the jenkins build system I am putting together, so I just popped a `RUN apt-get install -y file ;` into the Dockerfile and re-tagged the image18:22
WarheadsSENothing like seeing all cores running full bore, need to get a faster large capacity disk in there though.18:23
kergothyeah, i/o is quite the bottleneck on builds like this, unfortunately18:23
*** n01 <n01!> has joined #yocto18:25
WarheadsSEI'd love to convince work to buy me a 256/512 ssd18:25
WarheadsSE120 can get blown out easily by a few simultaneous bitbakes at 8 cores18:25
WarheadsSEbarely dings my system ram though18:26
WarheadsSEwe do have one box that is running ~ 2x Xeon E3 quads w/ 256G ram though18:26
WarheadsSEthat one we just fire up a tmpfs, build, wait18:26
WarheadsSEbut I think they have that one set @ j418:27
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WarheadsSEkergoth: perhaps you could enlighten me on something19:07
WarheadsSEAssuming that the targets might be different, the native chains and sstate could end up in a matching state?19:07
WarheadsSEWondering if there is a way for me to condense what I have a bit.19:08
kergothi'd definitel yrecommend sharing sstate amongst builds, as you say, natives will be shared when the target changes19:10
WarheadsSEright now, I am generating essentially clean states other than dl foreach target w/ distro-distro_type-machine tuple19:11
WarheadsSEwhich means the native's get rebuilt .. a lot.19:12
WarheadsSEbah, another fault.19:13
kergotha clean build is nice for official/release builds, but more incremental daily or continuous builds which use sstate are nice too :)19:14
WarheadsSEYeah, for those cases, I am bundling the resulting successful build that users can then dl, extract and pop right into19:15
WarheadsSEand then, they all are going based off the previous build of the point version beyond that, even with jenkins19:15
WarheadsSEbecause inside the docker, it all looks the same, and can't tell the difference aside from where distro/distro_type/machine are difference in local.conf19:16
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WarheadsSEhrmm.. build/detos/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/{.3,.3.0.0}19:21
WarheadsSEwtf mate.19:22
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WarheadsSEand magically worked fine now .. ah.. highly parallel builds..19:38
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WarheadsSEI've hit half my "issues" from host bleed, and half from dependency derps that don't happen if you build with =<4 cores19:45
WarheadsSE6-8, this stuff starts cropping up19:46
kergoththat's surprising, the automated yocto builds run with many cores afaik19:46
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WarheadsSEYeah, we've got some that are still in a mixed-breed setting with dora on top of stuff from dylan/denzil19:47
WarheadsSEnewer versions wont have those issues19:47
WarheadsSEI have another environment that has next-to no issues ever, and is yocto + meta-fsl19:48
WarheadsSEbut since this is still a half-breed, stuff like this crops up occasionally.19:48
WarheadsSEyou just kick it and it keeps moving19:49
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mbeliskohi all21:18
mbeliskoI'm trying to build image for beaglebone in Fedora 20 using yocto 1.3 (danny)21:18
mbeliskoI fixed some issues with missing patches21:19
mbeliskobut during binutils install I get error21:19
mbeliskoany ideas?21:19
*** Guest <Guest!> has joined #yocto21:23
mbeliskoI browse logfile but there is no real error21:24
mbeliskoat least I cannot see any21:24
*** Guest is now known as skroll21:25
WarheadsSEwell, without something to go on, all we have is the word "error"21:25
mbeliskomake[4]: *** [] Error 121:25
mbeliskotemp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/binutils-cross-2.22-r19/binutils-2.22/    m-poky-linux-gnueabi/gas/doc'21:25
mbelisko327 make[3]: *** [install-am] Error 221:25
skrollI have a recipe that is building from (unfortunately) a binary only library. One of the shared libraries in it depends directly on the unversioned, but obviously packaging gets rid of the symlinked When a root fs is to be built, rpm complains that no package provides Is there any way to get around this when building an image?21:26
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ftonelloanyone knows how to install a package and the files will be installed as a xuser user?23:47
ftonellojust do a chown?23:50
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