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mr_scienceftonello: if the user is already in the passwd file then a postinst function is the usual way to chown something00:46
mr_scienceat least that's the legacy way...   maybe there's a better answer00:46
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hasselmmwhen using meta-qt5, how to i tell bitbake to pick instead of qtbase_5.1.1.git? adding things like QT_VERSION = "git" or PREFERRED_VERSION_qtbase = "git" to local.conf doesn't seem to work19:19
JaMahasselmm: use real PV, see example in meta-qt5/conf/distro/include/qt5-versions.inc19:26
JaMayou also need to include this file in your local.conf19:26
hasselmmjama: oh, i have to include that file. ok, let's see if i can figure that out. a straight "require qt5-versions" obviously fails19:29
JaMarequire conf/distro/include/qt5-versions.inc19:30
JaMaQT_VERSION = "5.1.0+git%"19:30
hasselmmJaMa: too obvious. thanks!19:33
JaMawhy do you want to use git recipes?19:33
JaMaare you aware that there is branch with 5.2.0 recipes?19:33
hasselmmJaMa: i am using jansa/qt5-5.2.0, but there are no 5.2.0 recipes yet19:34
JaMaunless you want something newer than 5.2.0 I would strongly recomment using that branch (otherwise you will have to rebase quite a few especially qtbase patches)19:34
JaMaok then19:34
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hasselmmbtw, would you mind adding machine specific settings to your layer? i've seen .bbappend files for imx5/6 and some ti chips19:35
hasselmmprobably there also are .bbappend files for the rpi, which i just didn't find yet19:35
JaMathey should stay in machine specifil layer :)19:36
hasselmmok :-)19:36
hasselmmJaMa: other thing: are you working with someone already to get you massive number of qt patches upstreamed?19:37
hasselmmotherwise i might poke some collegues of me to maybe spend their qt-contrib time19:37
JaMahasselmm: let me know how 5.2.0 works for you (I did mostly just build tests and haven't found time yet to update our images to test it in runtime too)19:37
JaMahasselmm: I got some offer from digia and I've tried to upstream some of them earlier, but there was minimal progress on that front19:38
JaMahasselmm: so any help with upstreaming them would be highly appreciated19:38
hasselmmok, i'll poke some guys on monday then19:39
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hasselmm...compiling will take some time. only have my private laptop here.19:41
JaMahasselmm: fwiw: I have discussed "linux-oe-g++ platform" with upstream devs and Oswald was the only one on channel who understood why we want to do something like that19:41
JaMahasselmm: but still it's too different to other specs platforms so it isn't good candidate for upstreaming19:41
hasselmmJaMa: honestly it also took me some time to understand linux-oe-g++ platform :-)19:42
hasselmmalready started my own minimal recipes :-D19:42
JaMahasselmm: -external-hostbindir is a lot better for upstreaming (and it was already sort of approved by Oswald) but in 5.2.0 I've noticed that he added something similar for android builds19:42
hasselmmjust to realize that i got closer and closer to your recipes19:42
hasselmmJaMa: -external-hostbindir definitely makes sense imho19:43
JaMahasselmm: so it should be consolidated a bit with that added functionality (I've just rebased my solution, because that was what was well tested in OE environment)19:43
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hasselmmJaMa: actually i am slightly surprised to see no digia commits in your layer. after all their "qt enterprise for embedded" (aka. boot2qt) is based on yocto19:46
hasselmmwell. some yocto images with a manually built qt on top.19:46
JaMahasselmm: well honestly I'm surprised that, quite a lot of people shown interest in this layer and only few people actually sent some patches back19:48
JaMahasselmm: and I don't expect that it works as-is so good for everybody, that thay don't need any patches on top of it19:49
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hasselmmwell, cross-compiling qt5 by hand isn't that hard... so either your layer _is_ good enough, or they just do what digia did and plumb a hand-built qt on top20:12
Daemon404did qt5 make qmake less corss-unfriendly?20:17
JaMaI wouldn't say that, just different20:30
JaMamost issues I had in meta-qt5 was with sstate and "relocation" of tools20:30
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nerdboyearly qt/arm such as on the zaurus wasn't bad performance-wise...21:29
nerdboywhat about today?  do you need a quad-core with a bunch of ram?21:29
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WarheadsSEto do what..22:06
*** davest <davest!Adium@nat/intel/x-dbsyiaqxungialov> has joined #yocto22:06
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hasselmmnerdboy: depends on what you do. plain qwidgets or qml has a pretty low memory footprint, compared to html5 platforms like webkit or chromium22:40
hasselmmnerdboy: have a project where the pretty complex qml ui takes less than a second for startup on single core imx6 with 128 MB ram22:41
hasselmmmost important is having a good GPU those days. if that one sucks even 16 cores won't save you22:41
nerdboythings that make you go "hmmm..."22:42
hasselmmwell, and even a nifty CPU+GPU won't safe you, if you messup your video driver setup22:44
nerdboyi pretty much stay far away from vendor graphics driver blobs on x8622:45
hasselmmwe once had a desparate customer were a nifty OMAP only managed to render something like 6 FPS because they entirely messup their framebuffer setup...22:45
nerdboycan't really do that on arm...22:45
hasselmm...and then even threw compositing on top22:45
hasselmmwe gave them 18 FPS. more we couldn't do with their nearby deadlines22:45
nerdboygot a new trimslice build with all opensource tegra stuff22:45
*** davest <davest!Adium@nat/intel/x-dbsyiaqxungialov> has quit IRC22:46
hasselmmand still even that platform should have done 60 FPS easily22:46
*** davest <davest!Adium@nat/intel/x-oukwvelntpmcjogd> has joined #yocto22:46
nerdboyworks okay in X, now building some other stuff for video/audio testing22:46
hasselmmnerdboy: really depends on the SOC what's best22:46
nerdboyand the state of various opensource projects22:47
hasselmmimx5.3 + qt works best with X11. the eglfs drivers are total junk. for imx6 it's the opposite22:47
nerdboytoo many things to test/play with...22:47
hasselmmyup. needs thoughtful testing22:48
nerdboyoh, probably time to update the efikamx then22:48
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nerdboyfreedreno is supposed to be in pretty good shape but i don't have any qualcomm devices...22:56
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hasselmmoh bitbake! what are do doing to my ccache!?23:18
hasselmmwhy are do deleting it before each build?23:18
hasselmmhow do you expect it to be useful when doing such nonsense?23:18
* hasselmm cries for the 21G of precompiled files just lost23:19
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bluelightninghasselmm: AFAIK, ccache isn't enabled by default...23:40
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