Wednesday, 2014-01-08

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JaMarburton: ping09:22
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mckoangood morning09:31
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SaurRP: You broke "bitbake-diffsigs --task <recipe> <task>" with b6b6d923a6f81c96590d091cd9eebd1bd2031045.13:12
RPSaur: what error are you seeing?13:19
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SaurRP: Well, the problem is that before it found the two last sigdata files and compared them. However, with your change, bb.siggen.find_siginfo() returns both a sigdata and siginfo file for the same state. Then the files are ordered in chronological order, and thus the sifgdata and siginfo for the same state is compared, which obviously results in nothing being displayed.13:21
RPSaur: ah, right :/13:22
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SaurRP: If I change the lambda function in bitbake-diffsigs to use [-3:] instead of [-2:] then it works. But I think that is more of a coincident than a proper solution...13:24
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SaurRP: Bah, that's not in the lambda function, but on the same line. Whatever...13:25
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ramosehow to tell recipe file to understand variavble ${KERNEL_VERSION}13:55
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tijs_U-boot question: Can I use 2 parallel NOR-flashes with 1 bus?14:05
tijs_(same CS)14:05
ant_worktijs_: 2x16 bit on 32bit bus is a classic setup of the early 200014:07
ant_worksee ipaq h3600/hx4700 and zaurus collie14:08
ant_workI'm debugging some kernel issues about that setup :/14:08
tijs_Nice! but I could not find a good example with the u-boot standard cfi-driver. Do you know one?14:08
ant_worksearching th eweb, I've found references to u_boot so, yes, u_boot supports that14:08
ant_workTN-13-07: Patching the Linux Kernel and U-Boot for M29 Flas14:10
ant_workfwiw I'm on cfi_cmdset_000114:10
ant_worktijs_: ping me if by chance you get word-write working but buffer-write borking the fs...I'm there ;)14:11
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ant_works/by chance/unluckily/14:12
tijs_wtf.. I still have 2 days to get this working, so that would be really bad luck ;)14:12
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tijs_ant_work: Okay I am really trying, but I failed to find the u-boot source tree for both boards ;(14:25
tijs_what a faillure...14:25
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SaurRP: You broke bitbake with 854daab404a23e4ebb6107d737d9cfd5a0e5548b. There is an url argument too many in the definition of GitANNEX:supports()...15:21
RPSaur: otavio's patch was probably against an old bitbake :/15:23
SaurRP: Probably...15:23
RPSaur: fix pushed15:27
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rburtonJaMa: so when are you open-sourcing meta-webos-tv?17:03
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ndecrburton: JaMa is it confirmed that the webos TV stuff is built with OE?17:15
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JaMawell it's using meta-webos as one of layers :)17:17
rburtonhasn't  webos pretty much always been using OE in some form?17:17
rburtonJaMa: beers on me if you accidently put the UI layer on github17:18
Crofton|work"in some form" :)17:18
Crofton|workbut I suspect that JaMa helped sort out that17:18
JaMarburton: yes, very old version of it17:18
JaMaand highly customized17:18
Crofton|workjackmitchell, is that still the case?17:19
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jackmitchellJaMa: cheeky, plain face deceived me at ELCE when I asked you if the webos stuff was going a TV :P17:21
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rburtonjackmitchell: didn't LG basically say that was why they bought it?17:21
jackmitchell"No, I don't know what you're talking about" ;)17:21
jackmitchellrburton: yeah, that's why I asked17:21
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Crofton|workstop trolling JaMa, I'm sure we could all have loads of akward conversations :)17:22
rburtoni'd love to have awkward conversations about the future intel quark products, but i'd genuinely heard nothing about the edison product we announced at CES. :/17:24
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JaMarburton: officially not, it was all rumors17:29
JaMajackmitchell: :)17:29
mranostayrburton: don't feel bad nobody tells me anything :P17:32
JaMarburton: do you still maintain mesa in oe-core?17:33
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rburtonJaMa: i guess :)17:47
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JaMarburton: I know you were working with upstream on this, so maybe you have better info than Valentin17:48
RPJaMa: you'd be better addressing your email to ross as valentin  is away for a few weeks17:54
JaMaah OK, I've used valentin as author of that commit17:55
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WarheadsSEkergoth: might be today :)18:37
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kergothis there an official description of the current defined recipes-* categories, and what goes in which? what exactly goes in 'recipes-tools' vs 'recipes-utils' vs 'recipes-extended'? what makes something 'support'? why are filesystems like e2fsprogs in 'devtools'?18:42
bluelightningkergoth: there is meta/recipes.txt that is supposed to do that18:48
bluelightningas I think we've talked about before, some of the categorisations are fairly arbitrary18:49
kergothi think that's being generous :)18:49
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bluelightningperhaps yes :)18:49
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rburtonJaMa:oh, *that*.  noted, will re-open that can of worms tomorrow.19:43
rburtonthe upstream solution was effectively "use pkgconfig"19:43
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JaMahmm checking if .pc really has that flag :)19:58
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JaMarburton: it's there for gl.pc, but not in gles*.pc, but that doesn't mean it has to be there20:00
JaMaI need to check what that failing build was using in qtbase/qtwebkit20:00
rburtonJaMa: if you can mail the build log of what failed, that would be great20:03
JaMaI'll have to simulate that with public layers first :)20:04
rburtonheh, yes :)20:05
JaMalooking at qtbase/config.tests/x11/opengl/ it just doesn't use pkg-config at all to read gl.pc20:07
JaMaso as soon as  -DMESA_EGL_NO_X11_HEADERS was removed from mesa header it can try to load xlib.h20:08
rburtonthat entire platform thing is mostly arse20:09
JaMasomewhere in ./src/platformsupport/glxconvenience it loads some mesa header which in turn loads xlib.h and fails20:09
JaMa this is basically the same20:10
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WarheadsSEkergoth: ping20:28
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newellI am new to yocto and wondering if anyone in here might be able to help me as I am having issues getting console output for core-image-base and core-image-minimal when I build them for the imx6dl system20:53
newellI have been following all the instructions so don't know where I am going wrong20:54
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WarheadsSEnewell: which mx6dl device is this? or generic?21:01
WarheadsSEby default it sets console to /dev/ttymxc021:01
WarheadsSE(UART1) .. if you do not have that wired, you're going to get squat,.21:02
newellWarheadsSE, okay let me see if LTIB was using the same /dev node21:02
newellThis is the sabresdp board (I think that tells you which one).21:03
WarheadsSEi'd have to go looking it up21:04
WarheadsSEbetter channel might be #imx6-dongle21:05
WarheadsSEthey do most of the fsl-arm layer work and are very familiar with the imx6 specifics in yocto/bb21:05
newellokay, on freenode as well?21:05
newelllooks like it is...thanks21:06
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WarheadsSEkergoth: since you were the one interested
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newellAnyone know how to enable real time patch on yocto kernel?21:49
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newellanyone here done RT patch with yocto?22:33
dvhartnewell, that would be me22:34
newelldvhart, okay I just got yocto to build and now I would like to enable RT_PREEMPT in the kernel but when I do a menuconfig I don't see that option so I assume I need to set something somewhere in order to get that option.  Hints?22:34
dvhartnewell, there is a recipe "linux-yocto-rt", you'll need to enable support for your machine (which machine?), and you select that kernel by specifying PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel="linux-yocto-rt"22:36
dvhartin your local.conf or similar.22:36
newellokay so sounds like I only need to update my local.conf with the PREFFERED_PROVIDER that you listed above and I should be good to go when I rebuild?22:36
newellDoes that automatically compile the kernel with that option or do I still need to manually set it using menuconfig (or similar)?22:37
newelldvhart, thanks for you help by the way...really appreciate it22:37
newellSame goes to WarheadsSE22:37
newellthe machine I am using is the i.MX6 Dual SABRE-SDP22:38
dvhartthe linux-yocto-rt recipe will add the various PREEMPT_RT_FULL options and such22:38
newellokay great22:38
newellwill try now22:38
dvhartyou will need to have support for your machine in the meta-data though22:39
dvharthave you done that?22:39
newellnot sure where would I look to find that out?22:39
newellI am fairly new to this (1-2 days playing with yocto and fsl)22:40
dvhartOK - which kernel are you building now?22:41
dvhartwhat is the value of PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel now?22:41
dvhartbitbake virtual/kernel -e | grep PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel=22:41
newelldvhart, the PREFFERED_PROVIDER is not present in my conf/local.conf file22:41
dvharttry the above please22:41
newellthe kernel version I am using now is 3.0.35-4.122:42
newellokay modified local.conf and bitbaking again22:43
dvhartnewell, hrm, which kernel recipe?22:44
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dvhartthe instructions I'm giving you are only for linux-yocto22:44
newellI did:22:44
dvhartif fsl uses a different kernel for their BSPs, you'll have to discuss with them.22:44
newell$ bitbake core-image-base22:44
newellis core-image-base the recipe?22:44
* newell is newer to this jargon22:44
dvhartno, that's the image recipe22:44
dvhartI'm refering to the kernel recipe22:44
dvhartplease run the command above22:45
dvhartbitbake virtual/kernel -e | grep PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel=22:45
newellwhen I ran the command you just listed (^ ^) I got this:22:46
newellthat was the output from that22:46
newellwas that the expected result?22:47
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newelldvhart, yeah I guess I will have to see if there is an fsl kernel for yocto that also supports the RT patch22:49
dvhartthat is because you set it in local.conf :-)22:50
dvhartWe need to know what it was before that :-)22:50
newellokay let me take it second22:50
dvhartSo comment out the preferred provider in local.conf, and try again.22:50
newellnothing was returned when I comment it out22:51
dvhartOK, now try: bitbake virtual/kernel22:51
dvhartdoes a linux recipe start building?22:52
newelland it finishes22:53
dvhartwhat was the name of the recipe?22:53
newellwhat would the recipe name be for this?22:55
newellI used
newelldvhart, does that tell me the recipe...b/c I couldn't gather it from the output of that command22:59
dvhartUnfortunately the log you pasted was taken after the 2 tasks were run, so they don't appear.22:59
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dvhartthat github url is listed as temporarily unavailable23:01
dvhartlook in your fsl-community-bsp-platform23:01
dvhartlook under something like meta/recipes-kernel/linux/*bb23:01
dvhartare there any linux related bb files in such a path?23:01
dvhartsorry, I have no experience with fsl23:02
newelldvhart, looking now.  No worries, I appreciate the help.23:02
newelldvhart, yes there are *.bb files in there23:03
dvhartcan you list them please?23:03
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dvhartOK, one or more of those likely contains a "COMPATIBLE_MACHINE" string which includes your machine. You are most likely building that recipe. You'll need to work with the auhtor of those recipes to get RT support.23:05
dvhartYou can do this yourself by adding the patch to the SRC_URI as with any recipe and changing the config they use accordingly.23:06
dvhartThese recipes are not using the linux-yocto classes though, so the linux-yocto kernel dev documentation don't really apply here.23:06
abelloniI believe fsl is not using linux-yocto to build their kernels23:07
abelloninewell: what is your target ?23:07
newellabelloni, if you mean which dev board are we using we are using the imx6qsabresd23:08
newellabelloni, if you mean what is my goal, my current goal is to get a RT linux kernel running on this development board23:09
abelloniyeah, I meant the machine23:09
newellanyone from fsl that could help me out here or comment on this?23:09
dvhartnewell, I'd send an email to whomever is listed as the maintainer for the layer you are using23:10
dvhartnewell, then try adding the preempt_rt patch to the relevant recipe23:10
abelloninewell: the maintainer is on this channel, this is otavio23:11
newellyeah I already pinged otavio in #imx6-dongle23:11
newellno response yet23:11
abellonibut basically, you'll want to add the preempt_rt patch to linux-imx_3.0.35.bb23:11
newellk thanks23:11
abellonieasiest way would be to use a bbappend I guess23:12
newelldon't know what that is23:12
newellyou mean just append the bb file in the SRC_URI section like dvhart mentioned?23:12
dvhartnewell, the bbappend is how you modify the meta-data without changing the original sources23:13
dvhartit's the preferred way to make customizations23:13
dvhartnewell, I suggest you read through the developers guide23:13
dvhartit will get you acquainted with the lingo :-)23:13
newellyeah at this point it looks like I am going to have to get my hands dirty23:14
newellanyone in here used LTIB before?  Just wondering if most people here (maybe biased) like yocto more or not?23:14
abellonidvhart: BTW, I'm not sure I understand the advantages of using linux-yocto vs inheriting kernel directly23:15
newellthx dvhart23:15
abelloninewell: LTIB is crap23:15
abelloniand I used to do a lot of support with it23:15
abelloniit is not maintained at all, a lot of packages are badly integrated23:16
dvhartabelloni, there is a lot of scalability advantages to the linux-yocto model23:16
newellOkay.  The dev board from fsl was shipped with it and everything...I wish they would have mentioned yocto better in their documentation.23:16
dvhartif you are only doing one BSP, it doesn't make much difference23:16
abelloniand it is hell to get X with HW accel running23:16
dvhartfor details though, I wrote the kernel-dev manual which you might care to read23:16
dvhartIn particular, the configuration fragments can be really powerful23:17
abelloninewell: they just switched over to yocto officially a few month ago, all the materials coming woth your board predates that23:17
newellgood to know23:17
abellonidvhart: thanks for the pointer23:18
dvhartyup - feedback welcome!23:19
mranostaydvhart: how about feedback loops?23:19
* dvhart has filters for such things.... ;-)23:20
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