Thursday, 2014-01-09

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mckoangood morning08:26
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ZaifI tried to patch directly to and got this mal formed url error "Failure expanding expression ${@bb.fetch.get_checksum_file_list(d)} which triggered exception MalformedUrl: The URL: 'missing' is invalid and cannot be interpreted"09:41
ZaifLater I removed the patch but this error continues to show up...09:42
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Zaif"bitbake -c cleansstate linux-gumstix-3.5 or bitbake world or hob" I get same error. Any idea where I am doing wrong?09:44
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bluelightningmorning all09:51
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Zaifbluelightning: Morning, Any suggestions, where am I doing wrong?
bluelightningZaif: what do you get if you do bitbake -e linux-gumstix | grep ^SRC_URI=10:36
Zaifbluelightning: one moment, system hanged. rebooting..10:43
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Zaifbluelightning: Sorry for disconnect, system refused to boot up. now everything is set.14:04
Zaifaccording to this doc,  do I need to edit the driver.c file from /work folder?14:05
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kbartBitbake version 1.17.1 is required and version 1.17.0 was found14:31
kbartWhat decides which version do I need?14:31
bluelightningchange at your own risk ;)14:35
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kbartOk, thanks14:46
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gjohnsonIn meta-fsl-arm they have a directory qt5-layer which has a bbappend file that only gets included when the meta-qt5 layer is included in the configuration.  Is this an approved way to include bbappend files only if the layer they depend on is in the build configuration?14:51
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chrisw957cloning git:// is very slow or stalling.  Is this something on my end right now?15:05
chrisw957sorry, I mean git://
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bluelightninghalstead: ^ any known issues atm?15:12
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WarheadsSEbluelightning: would you be interested in having a look through some docker+gerrit+bitbake wrapper work I've been doing?15:16
bluelightningWarheadsSE: I think it would certainly be interesting to look at, yes15:16
bluelightningwhether I'll have time to actually play with it myself is another question though15:17
WarheadsSEI still have some documentation to flesh out, but I've rebuilt our systems here to use this + jenkins = automation15:17
WarheadsSEalthough it seems bitbucket might be having some issues15:18
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lpapphow can I get the linux kernel uncompressed again?15:19
lpappand drop the stuff altogether in the workdir?15:19
lpappI managed to get it corrupted there, hence the question.15:19
WarheadsSElpapp: bitbake virtual/kernel -c fetch -c patch15:19
WarheadsSEthat will however, clean anything/state you had in it..15:20
lpappbluelightning: ?15:21
bluelightninglpapp: try bitbake -C unpack virtual/kernel15:22
kergothWarheadsSE: looks quite promising, haven't had a chance to take a close look yet, but will do so when I get a chance. not sure if it'll meet my needs as is, but at the very least it's inspiration and/or a starting point :)15:22
bluelightning(yes that's capital C)15:22
lpappbluelightning: will that delete the old?15:22
lpappbluelightning: ok15:22
WarheadsSEkergoth: the one thing I was thinking about last night is that it is currently dependent on gerrit15:23
WarheadsSEwell, at least gerrit's repo command15:24
WarheadsSEthere _are_ ways to hand-craft the sources dir, and bypass the repo command entirely15:24
lpappbluelightning: build/downloads/git2/ does not exist; check .git/objects/info/alternates.15:25
lpappthat is still there.15:25
lpappis there a command to remove it from there, too?15:25
kergothI've used repo for non-gerrit projects before, it has some advantages over git-submodules and git-subtree :)15:26
WarheadsSEouch, you corrupted that?15:26
bluelightninglpapp: bitbake -c cleanall virtual/kernel15:26
WarheadsSEkergoth: yeah I would say it is more managable15:26
kergothbeing able to track a branch greatly reduces overhead wrt update commits on the main repo15:27
WarheadsSEright, or even tack to a revision15:29
WarheadsSEthere are definitely times I wish the output of repo was more verbose though.15:30
kergothrepo manifest -r is our friend15:30
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jsonder63Been using bitbake successfully to build a NUC image.  However, mixing and matching Hob with editing of local.conf seems to cause errors.  The first run of Hob seems run successfully but any changes it makes to local.conf seems to break the tool.  I assume these are just bugs.16:10
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jackmitchelljsonder63: I'm not sure hob is interoperable with bitbake cli, I would stick about for confirmation though16:11
* WarheadsSE has never used hob16:12
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ddalexjsonder63: HOB should be interoperable with CLI, but not at the same time. ie. if you use HOB, you need to close HOB to run the cli tools and viceversa16:13
jsonder63OK.  No big deal.  Hob was just easier to see all the packages/libraries and modify at will.  But, I can stick with cli16:13
jsonder63Hum...good point.  I might have had both open at the same time.  Thanks - i will try that.16:14
lpappbluelightning: cleanall began to refetch it. :(16:15
bluelightninglpapp: well you said you broke the fetched copy... ?16:15
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lpappbluelightning: yes16:20
lpappbluelightning: is it possible to back it up so that I can just swap for cases like this?16:20
bluelightninglpapp: of course you can back anything up, but it's not intended that you ever modify what's in DL_DIR16:21
bluelightningnot directly, anyway16:21
WarheadsSEshould only ever be modifying work, and only briefly before moving that to a patch16:22
lpappbluelightning: I have not.16:22
lpappbluelightning: I applied patches16:22
lpappbluelightning: why did it get corrupt in download ?16:22
bluelightninglpapp: don't know, but if you have your git am patch applied perhaps this is a symptom of that being run in a source dir not being tracked by git like koen suggested?16:24
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lpappbluelightning: koen?16:33
bluelightninglpapp: see the replies to your patch16:34
lpappbluelightning: there were replies?16:35
lpappok, I missed that, I just went through16:35
lpappI am not sure about Saul's concern16:35
lpappit will only be used if the patchtool is git16:35
lpappand in that case, it is a fairly reasonable assumption it is a git patch16:36
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lpappbut if it *really* is that big performance loss, this should be an option at the very leaset.16:36
lpappas for the detection, IMHO, it is even costlier.16:36
lpappbluelightning: what is a combo repo ?16:38
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:39
bluelightninglpapp: a repository composed of other repositories e.g. poky is composed of OE-Core + bitbake + yocto-docs ...16:39
lpappah, you call submodules repo16:40
lpappand the container combo repo.16:40
rburtonspecifically a combo repository is built using combo-layer, so its actually one repository16:40
rburton*not* submodules16:40
bluelightninglpapp: we don't use git submodules but terminology wise yes16:41
lpappyes, I know, and I dislike it, fwiw.16:41
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lpappbluelightning: in that case, no, it is not related to koen's comment.16:42
lpappsince the download folder is definitely not a combo repo.16:42
bluelightninglpapp: that's not the relevant part of what he said16:42
bluelightninglpapp: the relevant part is, if the code runs git commands on something that's not already a git repo, the repo it will interact with is the one in some parent directory (whatever happens to be there)16:43
lpappbluelightning: I do not see how that is related to the corruption for two reasons:16:43
lpapp1) Patch would not be applicable outside16:43
lpapp2) I do use git for the "submodule".16:43
bluelightningI'm suggesting that might be what has happened here; but given I'm not sitting in front of your machine I can't say for sure16:43
lpappI can say for sure, it is not the case. ;}16:44
bluelightningforget submodules, irrelevant16:44
lpapphowever, I agree that an actual .git folder check could be a reasonable idea.16:44
lpappactually, no.16:44
lpappbecause I do not change that logic.... so it is the same case for git apply, too.16:44
rburtondoes git apply interact with the .git folder though?16:45
bluelightninglpapp: it's actually pretty rare that people set PATCHTOOL = "git" so most people won't be using this code at all16:45
lpapprburton: I really cannot think of a use case why one would use git as the patchtool with the git repository, just say ... a tarball...16:46
lpappIMO, sounds like a broken use case.16:46
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rburtonuser error?16:47
lpappif you do not have a git repository, what is the point of the git patchtool?16:47
lpapprburton: what user error, really?16:47
lpapprburton: the parent, etc, will not be the same for sure, so the patch cannot be automatically rebased either.16:47
* rburton swears at cmake (again)16:48
lpappcmake ftw. ;}16:48
rburtongreat, we've found an owner for the cmake bugs!16:48
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lpapphmm, I think I agree with Koen in the end.16:50
kartikpradyumnaHey, I started with yocto. I have executed following commands: $ mkdir $HOME/bin16:50
kartikpradyumna$ curl > $HOME/bin/repo16:50
kartikpradyumna$ chmod a+x $HOME/bin/repo16:50
lpappyou can still have git patchtools with only a few git repositories.16:50
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lpapprburton: cmake has no bugs :>16:50
kartikpradyumnai have installed all pre required files. now when i give commands for "getting source code". i am giving following code inside my directory: repo init -u -b dylan. I am getting this error: kartikpradyumna@kartikpradyumna-Lenovo-U410:~/Downloads/genode-13.08/bulusu.lx$ repo init -u -b dylan16:52
kartikpradyumna/home/kartikpradyumna/bin/repo: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'16:52
kartikpradyumna/home/kartikpradyumna/bin/repo: line 1: `<!DOCTYPE html>'16:52
kartikpradyumnahow to rectify this?16:52
lpapprburton: what bug are you facing16:53
rburtonkartikpradyumna: probably best to take that to the fsl channels.  looks like rep is getting HTML when it expects something else.16:53
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kartikpradyumnaHey, this is the error i am getting in my terminal: kartikpradyumna@kartikpradyumna-Lenovo-U410:~/Downloads/genode-13.08/bulusu.lx$ repo init -u -b dylan16:54
kartikpradyumna/home/kartikpradyumna/bin/repo: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'16:54
kartikpradyumna/home/kartikpradyumna/bin/repo: line 1: `<!DOCTYPE html>'16:54
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tastycactuskartikpradyumna, you downloaded the repo script wrong..17:05
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tastycactuskartikpradyumna, run: curl > ~/bin/repo17:07
tastycactusThen check ~/bin/repo and make sure it doesn't have some HTML data in it..17:08
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kartikpradyumnaHey, yeah I rectified it. Now I am stuck with this error. How can I correct this one? fatal: Cannot get
kartikpradyumnafatal: error [Errno -2] Name or service not known17:11
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titidhello! i need rcpgen in the target host which recipe need to be activated ?17:19
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titidrpcgen sorry17:23
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mranostaykergoth_: howdy17:36
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kartikpradyumnaHey, I am getting following error. Can anyone suggest the method to rectify it. kartikpradyumna@kartikpradyumna-Lenovo-U410:~$ repo init -u -b dora18:35
kartikpradyumnagpg: keyring `/home/kartikpradyumna/.repoconfig/gnupg/secring.gpg' created18:35
kartikpradyumnagpg: keyring `/home/kartikpradyumna/.repoconfig/gnupg/pubring.gpg' created18:35
kartikpradyumnagpg: /home/kartikpradyumna/.repoconfig/gnupg/trustdb.gpg: trustdb created18:35
kartikpradyumnagpg: key 920F5C65: public key "Repo Maintainer <>" imported18:35
kartikpradyumnagpg: key 692B382C: public key "Conley Owens <>" imported18:35
kartikpradyumnagpg: Total number processed: 218:35
kartikpradyumnagpg:               imported: 2  (RSA: 1)18:35
kartikpradyumnafatal: Cannot get
kartikpradyumnafatal: error [Errno -2] Name or service not known18:35
kartikpradyumnahow to rectify this error?18:36
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kergoth_sounds like either a temporary network connectivity problem, or something you should discuss with the fsl folks18:47
kergoth_also, please don't dump >5 lines of text to an irc channel, use a pastebin. thanks18:47
kergoth_for future reference18:47
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kartikpradyumnaThank you! Yeah sure.18:51
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mranostayhallo zenlinux_20:07
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zenlinux_yo mranostay20:15
mranostayhow is it over in the JF1 latey? :)20:18
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zenlinux_mranostay, same as it ever was20:21
zenlinux_you're not coming into the office lately?20:22
mranostayzenlinux_: don't have a desk... so i'm stuck in some lab20:23
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zenlinux_ah, living the lab life20:23
* mranostay hides dvhart's sci fi stuff20:28
mranostaydvhart: also don't like LoTR where does that put me? :)20:32
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dvhartmranostay, I don't dislike it myself, but it is dreadfully verbose writing :-)20:34
dvhartmranostay, so I'm not really one to judge20:34
mranostaydvhart: never read the books.. movies where too verbose as well :)20:35
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gjohnsonI am trying to create an sdk with the meta-qt5 layer.  The latest code has the nativesdk-qtbase but I can't seem to get it to work.  I have modified my sdk image recipe to set the correct OE_QMAKE variables.  Now when I run qmake I get the error "Unknown module(s) in QT: widgets gui core".  Has anyone got qt5 working out of an sdk?21:41
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