Thursday, 2014-01-16

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mranostaywb behanw_00:46
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Crofton|workwell, you scared him off00:49
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mranostayCrofton|work: i scare canadians01:50
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linuhi i have been using poky with atmel,i just tried to compile qt sdk application with yocto,it shows me the below error, can you please help me to solve this issues06:03
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mckoangood morning08:26
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SorenHolmA possibly simple question:  I want to rebuild a package if a n environment variable changes. Is that possible?  A usable alternative to be is also to just always rebuild a specific receipe.09:05
SorenHolmAny hints would be very appreciated. :)09:05
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SorenHolmHmmm ... seems like task[nostamp]  is the answer ..... please corect me if I'm wrong.09:08
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ndecnostamp will force a rebuild each time, not just upon a variable change09:14
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RPSorenHolm: Make sure the variable is whitelisted (BB_ENV_WHITELIST iirc) and then in your recipe, export the variable. That should make bitbake track it09:27
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SaurRP: Why is the ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/scripts built from module.bbclass rather than when ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} is populated? This means depending on virtual/kernel is not enough to be able to do: oe_runmake -C ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} headers_install INSTALL_HDR_PATH=${KINCLUDES}09:30
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SorenHolmRP: I'm using the var already for other stuff. But thanks for that hint anyway :)09:31
RPSaur: because we don't know whether the kernel which could have come from sstate was built on a 32 or 64 bit machine09:32
RPSaur: therefore we build the scripts directory explicitly and don't put it into sstate09:32
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SaurRP: Hmm, ok. Would have been nice if there was a separate bbclass for it then, rather than having to inherit module-base and copying some parts from module.bbclass...09:34
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RPSaur: I think that having some common code was why there is module-base at all09:36
SaurRP: True, but it is still more than what I need in a class that have nothing to do with modules...09:37
RPSaur: the number of different ways users use the system makes it rather hard to please everyone :(09:37
SaurRP: Not blaming you. Just found it somewhat odd...09:39
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bluelightningmorning all10:00
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Xzhi there, pushed first initrd update to openembedded-core. is it going to be applied at some stage?10:25
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bluelightningXz: saw your patch, thanks10:35
bluelightningXz: Richard usually leaves the patches out there for review for a few days (unless it's an urgent/obvious fix)10:36
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Xzbluelightning: ok10:41
Xzbluelightning: how does it work later to merge back to dylan? Do I have to request that?10:41
bluelightningXz: yes, that usually needs to be done separately10:42
SaurRP: Would something like this be acceptable:
bluelightningXz: but I'm the dylan maintainer, so you can just ask me to backport it once merged ;)10:43
bluelightningXz: I'll add it to my todo list now since we're discussing it10:43
Xzbluelightning: ok, I will be bothering you about backports from master to dylan :)10:45
bluelightningXz: np :)10:45
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RPSaur: not really since it breaks exiting users of module-base11:20
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SaurRP: Are there any besides module.bbclass?11:22
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RPSaur: externally to OE-Core, yes11:23
RPSaur: this is why it was split out in the first place11:23
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SaurRP: Hmm, ok. Do you know of any (would be interesting to look at...)?11:24
RPSaur: I know of several private layers that seemingly use it, not sure about public ones11:24
SaurRP: Ah, ok...11:24
RPSaur: I only get to know about them through the bug reports11:24
SaurRP: :)11:25
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SaurRP: Ok, I pushed a rebased version to that should be backwards compatible. Better?11:38
RPSaur: yes, but two more classes? :(11:39
RPSaur: I know its hard to win here but I'm not thrilled about that either11:39
RPSaur: I think this perhaps needs to go to the list as a discussion, see if we can't break backwards compatibility to clean this up11:41
RPSaur: That takes effort I know but in this case its probably the right thing to do11:42
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SaurRP: Certainly, no problems. No one would be happier than me if I do not have to make a kernel-scripts-base class...11:57
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SaurRP: What exactly does EXPORT_FUNCTIONS do? (Can't see that it is documented anywhere...)12:21
RPSaur: its the magic which turns kernel_do_configure into do_configure12:21
RPSaur: but only if do_configure doesn't already exist12:21
RPSaur: <classname>_functionname -> functionname12:22
RPI've described this on the mailing list before12:22
SaurRP: Ok, that was definitely not intuitive. I hope that updated BitBake manual won't take too long...12:25
RPSaur: FWIW it used to be even more complex and crazy :/12:28
RPSaur: I'll write a piece of documentation for it while I remember...12:29
SaurRP: Yay :)12:30
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yoctiBug 5472: enhancement, Medium+, 1.6, paul.eggleton, NEW , BitBake manual: copy / adjust BitBake variables12:47
SaurRP: One thing though, EXPORT_FUNCTIONS is not a variable but a command (even though its casing fooled me into looking for a variable...)12:50
RPSaur: no, its a list of functions to apply this magic to ;-)12:53
RPSaur: but I know what you mean12:53
RPSaur: Its an odd one a bit like INHERIT12:53
SaurRP: Like most of BitBake. ;)12:53
RPSaur: well, yes. I wasn't responsible for these bits at least ;-)12:55
* RP has other probably greater crimes12:55
SaurRP: Should keep you busy the day you decide it is time for BitBake 2. ;)12:57
RPSaur: its been talked about but there isn't anything so big it justifies it right now13:00
SaurRP: Better (complete?) documentation would go a long way to make writing recipes for BitBake a lot easier...13:02
RPSaur: it is being worked on. As you see in that bug we're trying to document all the variables bitbake uses13:03
RPSaur: help appreciated too ;-)13:03
SaurRP: I assume you will document all the BitBake commands as well (including syntax). I couldn't even find documentation of addtask and what syntax it allows. Had to look in the code for examples...13:06
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bluelightningSaur: that's definitely on the agenda yes13:26
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Saurbluelightning: Me happy. :)13:28
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SaurRP: Sent a (long) mail to the OE core mailing list about what to do with the kernel-scripts and module-base classes. Feel free to comment. ;)14:01
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tlwoernerSaur could join this weekend's "bug squashing weekend" with issue 5472 :-)15:39
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ZaifI am having writing a custom recipe.  Getting problems with do_install. My recipe is--> and I need to install apriltags_demo executable in my image which is located under /build/bin/apriltags_demo -->
ZaifI am having problem with writing a custom recipe*15:50
Zaifbitbake says no such file or directory.
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ndecZaif: the line which is failing is likely this one "install -m 0755 apriltags_demo ${D}git/build/bin". does that file exist in your build?16:01
ndecah. i see. it's in a subfolder.16:01
ndecso you need the first install -d to create the 'destination' folder where you want to copy your file to.16:02
ndecthen the 2nd install -m will copy your binary in that folder.16:02
ndec    install -d ${D}${bindir}16:03
ndec    install -m 0755 <build>/foobar ${D}${bindir}16:03
ndecyou probably need something like that.16:03
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Zaifndec: in this install -m 0755 <build>/foobar, <build> will be my /git/build/bin?16:05
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ndecyes, it's install <src> <dst>16:07
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Zaifndec: ok,  changing the recipe.16:10
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Zaifndec: got QA errors
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ndecZaif: well, at least that means you've fixed the first problem ;-016:29
ndecyou need to look at the makefile now, somehow you are using absolute paths.16:29
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Zaifndec: ya first problem is fixed. Thank You, but my doubt is bitbake is fetching the package and executing make and installing apriltags_demo in build/bin directory. What is the problem in copying that to {bindir}?16:41
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ZaifIt says files/directories were installed but not shipped
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ndecZaif: i don't understand your first point.16:50
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Zaifndec: bitbake is fetching apriltags, compiling and installing apriltags_demo executable in build/bin directory. Why is it failing at " install -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/git/build/bin/apriltags_demo ${D}${bindir} " ?16:53
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ndecZaif: hmm. i got lost. what's the failure with install?16:55
Zaifndec: The problem is that bitbake is installing but not shipping the files and also says package apriltags contains bad RPATH
kergothyou're installing the files to the wrong path, as ndec has pointed out repeatedly. don't do that.16:58
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ndecin do_install()  you put all the files you care at the of the build in $D. everything there will then be packaged.16:59
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kergothHmm, no dora branch for meta-ti yet eh18:15
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WarheadsSEquestion: why cp -afl in bitbake/oe @ sstate_install, copyhardlinktree .. cp -afl so it of course shits itself when I have DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE on a diffrent FS18:22
WarheadsSEor a different mount etc.18:22
kergothprobably for performance, though it should really be checking the devices of the source and dest and fall back to real copying..18:23
WarheadsSEYeah, would be nice.18:23
WarheadsSEfinally de-bastardized this patch someone had in18:24
WarheadsSEgot it properly attempting to deploy images to a targetted location18:24
WarheadsSEand. splat18:24
WarheadsSEI think there is 1 say I can get around that.18:25
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WarheadsSEwe'll see how that works out...18:28
WarheadsSEkergoth: just punching-bag testing dockbake18:30
kergothi still haven't found the time to invest into playing with it or docker yet myself :\18:30
kergothone of these days18:30
WarheadsSEmight have to just move DEPLOY_DIR entirely, instead of DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE18:30
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WarheadsSE/query kergoth so it is not logged to the channel bot --
WarheadsSEnice one weechat.18:32
kergothfail :)18:32
kergothlooks promising, though that absolute path for that image symlink should really be a relative one :)18:33
WarheadsSEpoint is that inside the container, it was seeing bitbake/image as a different FS, because it _is_ a seperate host dir mount18:33
WarheadsSEno, those are built based on the environment it came from18:33
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WarheadsSEdoesn't quite solve the issue in the end, but sorta does for the moment18:35
WarheadsSEThe idea is wanting to get the images available in a seperate directory as a result.18:35
kergothahh, cool18:36
WarheadsSEwell, in theory, I guess I can have all of deploy there.18:36
WarheadsSEnah, that would still derp out.18:37
WarheadsSEit wants to hardlink from tmp/work/package/version/something/* to $DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE .. which would still be "wrong" for hardlinks.18:39
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tlwoernerfor anyone interested in joining this weekend's bug hunt (
tlwoernerhere are some good janitorial bugs to consider:
tlwoerner(scroll down to the bottom of the page for bug entries)19:24
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WarheadsSEkergoth: I understand using the -afl in the end, since that technically is a space saver19:46
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WarheadsSEkergoth: interesting..
WarheadsSEit "tries" to detect/prevent this.20:01
WarheadsSEkergoth: wheee... yeah.. it does indeed look the same inside python with those test.20:13
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reevehello all, a quick question: is there any way to include unstripped binaries in the main package? In my case, I need and to be unstripped, otherwise the gdb complains about thread debugging. Appreciate if someone could throw a simple solution22:15
ndecreeve: INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP="1" in the recipe should do that.22:16
reevendec: appreciate it. Where should I add it? I only need two specific libs as unstripped22:17
reevenot globally22:17
evanpreeve: it may also be practical to just ensure libc6-dbg is included in your image22:18
evanpnot quite the same as unstripped, but GDB won't care about the difference22:19
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ndecreeve: sorry, i ready too quickly...22:20
ndecif you just need to 'debug' then add the -dbg packages you need as evanp said.22:20
ndecINHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP variable need to do in the recipe, and would impact all packages from that recipe22:21
reevendec/evanp: Appreciate your help. This is a production image, i cannot add dbg package since it has source code, .la and .a ... Plus, my eglibc-dbg has nothing but source/header files22:21
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ndecthen i don't think there is a 'direct' way to do it. you could install the -dbg and post process the image to remove what you need to remove.. but that's ugly..22:24
reevendec: enh! That would be nice if yocto could add such a feature22:24
ndechmm. maybe you could play with FILES_${PN}-dbg so that it does not package the source code.22:26
ndecanyways, i agree that being able to package the 'symbols' for the libs separately from source code might be nice.22:28
evanpactually I think this might work: FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/.debug/ ${libdir}/.debug/"22:29
reevendec: thanks for agreeing that22:30
evanpor I suppose FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/.debug/libpthread*" might be better22:30
reeveevanp: that would be nice if it works, let me give it a try22:30
ndecevanp: no, that won't.22:31
ndec-dbg is processed before the main package.22:31
ndecso the file will be packaged in -dbg in fact.22:31
ndecwe need to remove the regexp from FILES_${PN}-dbg so that the files aren't 'taken' by -dbg.22:32
reevethe wearied thing is, my eglibc-dbg doesn't have any .so but source22:33
reevenever mind, I found there is package called libc6-dbg has all of those ... sorry!22:35
evanpI suppose you could PACKAGES =+ "${PN}-justpthreads" followed by FILES_${PN}-justpthreads += "..."22:35
evanpand arrange for the image to include libc6-justpthreads22:36
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evanpndec: sound plausible?22:37
reeveevanp: yeah, both make sense. Let me see whether I could prevent -dbg include those two files22:38
ndecwell, maybe. though i don't know what kind of things you can mess up by changing such package names!22:38
evanpnot changing, just moving the two files22:39
ndecyeah.. maybe ;-)22:39
evanpthough it probably would be wise to add RDEPENDS_${PN}-dbg += "${PN}-justpthreads" just to be safe22:39
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