Thursday, 2014-01-23

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #13 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning08:34
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mranostaymckoan: morning-ish08:35
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bluelightningmorning all09:53
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lpapphi, the SDK is not populated by default, right?10:49
rburtona sdk isn't created by default, no10:51
lpapprburton: is it possible to configure it as opposed to setting this argument all the time?10:57
lpappso on my machine, it would /always/ get the sdk, too.10:57
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rburtonyou could use a special image that depended on both the normal image task and the populate_sdk task of the usual image10:58
lpappah, something like a core-sdk image.10:59
bluelightningor just add a task dependency from do_build on do_populate_sdk10:59
bluelightningbut you probably would need to do that at an image level11:00
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lpappis it a long process to rebuild the sdk, or it will skip everything if nothing changed?11:15
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lpappwow at _389225_12:09
lpappwhy is that long a script? :/12:10
lpappis the whole rootfs bundled into the script?12:11
lpappit seems to be 93MB, so I cannot be sure.12:11
LetoThe2ndit is basically a selfextracting archive, yes.12:12
lpappany reason why it generates x86_64?12:17
lpappnot x86?12:17
LetoThe2ndwell what is your devhost12:17
lpappI am using x86_64 host with an x86 chroot.12:17
lpappthe devhost is the chroot which is definitely x86.12:17
lpappit is possible that Yocto gets confused and it is a bug.12:18
lpappbut I hope it can be already worked around. :)12:18
LetoThe2ndeither that, or you need to take a longer look into local.conf. i think i remember the sdk arch being set there.12:18
lpappok, sec.12:18
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lpappndec: yes, exactly, I have just found the same here,
lpappndec: LetoThe2nd well, what is surprising is that it is commented, so the default should be i686.... based on the documentation.12:35
lpappwhat shall I do to figure out why it is not taking the default into consideration?12:36
lpappbitbake -E or what was it? :)12:37
lpappright, bitbake -e | grep SDKMACHINE does not provide anything comprehensive for me.12:38
lpapphere is the output of that, fwiw:
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ndeclpapp: hmm. my observations make me believe that it default to the current host machine.12:56
ndecbut i haven't looked into the details12:57
* LetoThe2nd would think the same.12:57
LetoThe2ndand if it pulls from uname, not from environment no chroot will save you.12:57
blitz00lpapp, SDKMACHINE is used to tell bitbake which of the meta/conf/machine-sdk/*.conf files to include12:59
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blitz00those conf files only set SDK_ARCH which is actually used by the populate sdk task. Default value for SDK_ARCH = ${BUILD_ARCH}12:59
ndeci don't find where SDKMACHINE is defined if local.conf does not set it.13:02
blitz00it's not defined anywhere13:12
blitz00it's used in conf/bitbake.conf  to include conf/machine-sdk/${SDKMACHINE}.conf13:13
blitz00if it's not defined, no file is included and SDK_ARCH ends up being BUILD_ARCH, if it is, it will include that file which in turn will set the proper vars (including SDK_ARCH).13:14
ndecah. i se..13:39
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lpappblitz00: so the documentation is basically wrong.15:00
lpappor I am reading it wrong...15:01
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lpapp -> why am I getting this warning when trying to use the i686 SDKMACHINE type?15:20
lpapp(can I ignore it?)15:20
lpappI mean, shall I?15:20
ndeclpapp: you probably should wipe the sysroot first.15:22
lpappwhy ?15:23
lpappwhat is wrong about generating two different SDKs without deleting one of them ?15:23
ndecas the warning says, they both 'put' files at the same place.15:23
lpappso what ?15:23
lpappSounds like an enchancement that should be made, right ?15:24
lpappit is a valid use case AFAICT.15:24
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ndecwell, i don't know in your case. each time i get that, i am responsible for such things.15:25
ndece.g. i am moving files withing my recipes.15:25
lpappwell, how to debug it?15:26
lpappso how to clean up the sdk?15:26
lpappwithout cleaning up the whole image build?15:26
lpappis there some -c cleansdk?15:26
ndecjust wipe the sysroot. that's not an expensive thing.15:27
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lpappsounds the second enhancement request right in there. :)15:27
lpapp-c cleansdk for bitbake could aid this.15:27
rburtonwell, a better way would be the warnings don't appear for different target machines15:28
lpappthat, too, but it is still a valid request15:28
lpappto wipe away the SDK15:28
rburtonnot sure i understand why you'd want to wipe away just the sdk15:29
ndecerr.. because i told him so.. ;-) maybe i was wrong then.15:30
ndecoh, no. that's not what i said...15:30
lpapprburton: because I do not need the built SDK anymore.15:32
lpappand I would like to clean up it for space and cleanness.15:32
lpappit up*15:32
jackmitchellbuilding both sdks (i686, x86_64) in the same sysroot without warnings was fixed recently15:33
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jackmitchellI don't know if it's in master yet, but the patch was sent a few days ago15:33
yoctiBug 5396: normal, Medium, 1.5.1, laurentiu.palcu, RESOLVED FIXED, switching SDK hosts causes QA issues15:33
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sgw_otavio: you around, want to check on 451015:49
otaviosgw_: I am around but busy15:50
otaviosgw_: does it need to be now?15:50
yoctiBug 4510: critical, High, 1.6, otavio, WaitForUpstream , GLX load failed15:51
sgw_otavio: no we can talk about it later15:51
lpappjackmitchell: commented, thanks.15:51
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rburtonlpapp: if you want a patch backported, the quickest way is to cherry-pick it to the branch, verify it works, and mail it to the list16:05
lpapprburton: do not have time unfortunately.16:06
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rburtonlpapp: at least cc robert then, otherwise you're not asking the stable release maintainer16:08
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lpapprburton: sorry, I do not know who robert is...16:09
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rburtonhe's the stable release maintainer16:09
lpappfeel free to add him16:09
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lpappcurrently, all my hands are dirty.16:09
Garibaldi|workHi folks -- quick quesiton.  In the process of building a system image, I need a recipe to use passwordless ssh to contact a remote server to do some signing activities.  I've gotten all the necessary variables from my environment through to the recipe, but it looks like it's runing in the pseudo environment -- things like 'id' report that I am root; apparently the ssh client thinks so too.  Is there a way to turn it off when I execute16:12
Garibaldi|worksome command?  I tried unsetting LD_PRELOAD, but that didn't seem to help.16:12
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kergothits pseudo, and pseudo has its own variables to control its behavior. i dont recall what they are offhand, though16:14
bluelightningGaribaldi|work: just do PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1 command16:15
bluelightningGaribaldi|work: within a shell function16:15
Garibaldi|workbluelightning: ah, ok -- I'll give that a shot16:15
bluelightningI think that's correct, seebs will correct me if I'm wrong hopefully ;)16:15
Garibaldi|worknice -- worked like a charm :-)16:16
Garibaldi|workkergoth: that also for the help some time ago w.r.t. the variable pass-through, that also is working well16:17
bluelightningfor reference, pseudo is only used within a task if the task is marked as fakeroot16:20
Garibaldi|workah, that's good to know too16:20
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bluelightningbut there are a few tasks that are marked fakeroot out of the box, of course, so it's unlikely you'd see it in a recipe16:20
bluelightninge.g. do_install, do_rootfs, etc.16:20
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kergothso.. I find myself needing to remove update-alternatives from opkg-utils. If there's no way to remove it entirely, then you'er hosed if you use a different update-alternatives provider while still using ipk packaging. any objection to adding a packageconfig to control its inclusion in opkg-utils?16:33
kergoththat's cleaner than includinng based on PREFERRED_PROVIDER directly16:33
bluelightningkergoth: sounds reasonable, but you'd probably want to ask Paul Barker16:38
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kergothk, thanks16:39
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lpapprburton: can I ignore the SDK warning?16:51
lpappjackmitchell: ^16:51
lpappor I should start from scratch?16:51
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rburtonlpapp: it's ignorable, just a warning that two packages wrote the same file16:54
rburtonin this case, two different builds of the sdk16:54
lpapprburton: ok, so problems foreseen out of this.16:55
rburtonliterally zero problems16:55
jackmitchelllpapp: safe to ignore from my experience16:57
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lpappthanks to both, then. :]17:02
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lpapprburton: do people chroot into the sdk sysroot, or what is the generic way of using the installed SDK?17:36
rburtonthe installer comes as an installer that you execute17:36
lpappor setting the include and library paths through environment variables, etc?17:36
lpappyes, of course.17:36
rburtonand that comes with a script that sets env vars17:36
rburtonthis is in the documentation17:36
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lpapprburton: where exactly?17:38
lpappcannot find it in here17:38
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lpapprburton: the script could really write that out at the end of the installation....17:44
lpappperhaps I should file a bugreport for that one.17:45
lpapprburton: because this is all I got,
lpappanyone? :/17:51
staylorI've got questions about meta-qt5 if anyone could help out, specifically installing nativesdk-qtbase/qttools, I've added qt5 using CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL and it's working fine but qmake and the various headers are not getting populated on a bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-minimal17:52
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lpappJaMa: ^17:53
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #24 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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b1gtunaGood morning everyone! Does anyone know a good multitouch testing tool? Preferably with a visual feedback?18:04
lpappb1gtuna: is this related to the Yocto project?18:05
b1gtunalpapp: perhaps not, but i was hoping to find a recipe of such tool. My apologies if it was inappropriate.18:06
lpappah, you mean if something like that is integrated into Yocto.18:07
b1gtunalpapp: that's right!18:07
lpappwell, first figure out what softwares provide that. :)18:07
lpappthen use the recipe finder webtool.18:08
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b1gtunalpapp: ahh i have a tool in mind - it's called mtview. I forgot about the recipe finder tool. I am heading over to it now. Thanks lpapp :)18:08
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JaMastaylor: does you core-image-minimal include qt?18:10
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staylorJaMa: yes it does, and it works fine I've got the cinematic demo working as well as my own Qt5 applications.18:11
staylorJaMa: but I'd like to be able to build applications using either the SDK or Toolchain modes (build out of Yocto) but I'm not 100% clear if that's fully implemented or not in meta-qt5 yet.18:12
staylorJaMa: and for reference, my end goal is to get PyQt5 working with meta-qt5 so any insights towards this would be greatly appreciated as well.18:12
JaMadenix: ^18:13
JaMastaylor: denix is the right person to ask questions about SDK, I don't use that18:13
JaMastaylor: last time I was working on PyQt4 and it was quite a mess often18:14
JaManot sure if the things are better with PyQt518:14
b1gtunalpapp: Found mtview in the recipe finder tool. Thanks :)18:14
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staylorJaMa: great thanks.  Yeah PyQt5 seems a bit cleaner but I haven't dug that deep into it, X11 dependencies appear to be removed now though so that's a start!18:15
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lpappb1gtuna: :)18:24
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seebsAnd yes, Garibaldi|work and bluelightning, PSEUDO_UNLOAD is the right thing. pseudo is smart enough to re-add itself to LD_PRELOAD otherwise. :)19:44
Garibaldi|worknoted -- thanks :-)19:45
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mranostayhi behanw22:18
kergothhmm, anyone seen autogen-native fail?22:21
kergothhmm, maybe its the old host gcc on this machine22:21
kergoththough one would think centos6 would be new enough to build poky22:22
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mranostayhi zenlinux_22:26
mranostaykergoth: what is the failure message?22:27
kergoth /scratch/2014.05/sb-1903/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/include/guile/2.0/libguile/error.h:40:error: expected ')' before '__attribute__'22:27
kergoththe __attribute__ being a noreturn22:27
kergothSCM_API void scm_error (SCM key, const char *subr, const char *message, SCM args, SCM rest) SCM_NORETURN;22:28
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seebsHuh, that's odd. It'd be interesting to see the preprocessed results for that line.22:30
* kergoth hasn't had time to dig further22:30
kergothindeed, that was my first thought as well. presumably something is hokey with those macros22:31
seebsMy intuition would be to guess that for some unexplained reason, one of the parameter names happens to have been #defined. Which is why prototypes often omit parameter names.22:31
* kergoth tests outside his centos-6 chroot22:31
seebsEither that, or something on an earlier line lacks a trailing ).22:31
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kergothah, good, fails for me regardless of host distro. wonder if it's been tested since the last guile update22:35
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zenlinux_hi mranostay22:51
zenlinux_gotta love how wpasupplicant crashes 3-5x an hour when I'm on the office wifi here22:52
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has joined #yocto22:52
mranostayzenlinux_: better than the lab area22:56
mranostayzenlinux_: have a desk this week so woot22:57
zenlinux_mranostay, whoa, quite the step up!22:57
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mranostayzenlinux_: hope to camp here when someone on the team takes their two monthes23:00
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