Friday, 2014-01-24

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #19 of build-appliance is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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staylordenix: JaMa mentioned you might be a good person to ask about meta-qt5?01:39
denixstaylor: what's up?01:40
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staylortrying to setup nativesdk-qtbase (or just meta-toolchain) and it's not clear to me if it's supported in master right now or not.01:41
staylorfor example adding qt5 with working cinematic demo works fine in my image, but when doing a bitbake -c populate_sdk image I don't get the sdk installed.01:42
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staylordenix: any ideas?01:53
denixstaylor: I don't do -c populate_sdk, I do meta-toolchain instead. I don't think there are recipes in meta-qt5 for that yet01:55
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staylordenix: which qmake do you use for cross compile the one in x86_64-linux/usr/bin/qt5?02:01
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denixstaylor: there's one that gets built as part of nativesdk-qtbase02:12
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staylordenix: did you have to do anything to get it to build?  bitbake nativesdk-qtbase errors out on packaging saying all files are installed but not shipped.02:28
denixstaylor: what are you using it with?02:50
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staylordenix: meta-qt5 and the freescale meta repo (pulls down oe/etc) all master, then bitbake nativesdk-qtbase errors out on having installed files not in a package (looks like all of it).03:11
khemwhats the erorr ?03:14
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denixstaylor: there may be files not packaged, but is it a fatal error in your distro?03:26
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khempoky marks them errors now03:30
mranostaykhem: better poky harder :P03:32
denixmranostay: +1 :)03:32
khemyeh yeh03:34
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khemdenix: when will dora branch for meta-ti will be created04:54
staylordenix: I can certainly have yocto ignore the files not packaged, but it's all of them (or nearly all) including qmake and related configurations.04:56
denixstaylor: not according to this
denixkhem: what's the difference from master?04:57
staylordenix: I've got that line too, but I see that the files are installing into /opt/poky/... which tells me it's ignoring the prefix for ~/yocto/build/tmp/...05:00
khemdenix: not yet05:00
denixstaylor: don't know what /opt/poky is05:00
denixkhem: so, what's the point of a separate branch, if there are no differences :)05:01
staylorit's where the sdk would install to, but I'm not sure why doing a bitbake nativesdk-qtbase would be installing into there05:01
denixare you getting files installed into /opt while bitbaking something?05:02
staylorit's not actually installing there no, I guess I was interpreting it wrong but it's complaining about files in /opt/poky (which is where the nativesdk would install into) not being part of the package.05:05
staylorI guess what I'm getting at is if it's working for others, curious if there's a step I'm missing I'm not changing anything just checking out meta-qt5 master and trying a bitbake nativesdk-qtbase05:06
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denixstaylor: qtbase has gazillion files, nativesdk-qtbase only picks up few tools and skips the rest. can you tell your config to not fail on unpackaged files?05:08
stayloryeah that's no problem, is it just a case that it was tested against a version of yocto which doesn't error out on this condition?05:10
staylorwhere should I expect the correct qmake to be located after this?  It's not installed as part of the deploy/sdk script.05:13
denixstaylor: do you have a meta-toolchain recipe that picks nativesdk-qtbase?05:14
denixstaylor: and yes, it was tested against a different version of yocto :)05:15
staylorno, that would be the missing link.  I've been using my conf/local.conf to add qtbase and whatnot which works fine for my target installation but I've not created any special layers05:15
staylorso when I do a meta-toolchain it's not building nativesdk-qtbase when I do meta-toolchain I've just been building it with a direct bitbake nativesdk-qtbase, I'm not clear on the connection to get that installed correctly so I can build packages out of yocto.05:16
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denixstaylor: when you bitbake nativesdk-qtbase, you get packages. you'd need a packagegroup that lists necessary nativesdk-qtbase-tools etc. packages to bundle into an sdk...05:22
staylorso it05:23
staylorso it's not a command you run but an actual configuration you need to create defining the package group?05:24
staylorI wasn't familiar with packagegroups, thanks I'll look into that seems like it explains the missing piece to building/installing the correct host tools.05:27
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denixwell, I told you in the beginning, that corresponding meta-toolchain piece is not there yet...05:30
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staylordenix: yeah but when you say that you just mean what's missing is a packagegroup definition telling nativesdk-qtbase to install say nativesdk-qtbase-tools?06:06
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aboganiHi All,08:01
aboganiSorry to bother with a simple and stupid question.08:01
aboganiI have added a library to the core-image-minimal (through  IMAGE_INSTALL_append) *but* headers files aren't present in the sdk generated with meta-toolchain.08:01
aboganiHow can I obtain a toolchain with necessary headers?08:02
aboganiThanks in advance!08:02
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ChenQiabogani: How about using 'bitbake core-image-minimal -cpopulate_sdk' to generate the SDK?08:04
* abogani runs to try it...08:05
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ndecabogani: don't forget the space: -c populate_sdk08:12
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aboganiChenQi: It works, thanks!08:14
aboganindec: I haven't forgot the space. ;)08:14
ndeccool ;-)08:15
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mckoangood morning08:26
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lpapp_hi rburton and bluelightning09:03
lpapp_the SDK will also contain the toolchain (i.e. compiler, linker, etc?)09:03
bluelightninglpapp_: given that's almost the entire point of the SDK, yes09:04
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lpapp_well, not only.09:05
lpapp_also the libraries and headers so that you do not need to grab the dependencies.09:06
lpapp_getting the toolchain is simpler than grabbing all the dependencies.09:06
lpapp_bluelightning: I am referring here to an external toolchain FWIW.09:06
lpapp_bluelightning: rburton also, which variables does the intalled SDK set up?09:07
lpapp_(cannot find it in the documentation after a quick search, and the SDK installation does not output them either...)09:07
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bluelightninglpapp_: I think the answer is no, out of the box09:09
lpapp_bluelightning: answer to which question?09:10
lpapp_to external toolchain?09:10
lpapp_bluelightning: what about the SDK variables?09:13
bluelightninglpapp_: I'd suggest checking the manual09:13
lpapp_yeah, well, I did.09:14
lpapp_I only found that.09:15
lpapp_but that is about the SDK build09:15
lpapp_not the SDK usage itself.09:15
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lpapp_bluelightning: I do not see the relevance in there.09:16
lpapp_bluelightning: what I am expecting is at the very least, the installation path put into a sysroot environment variable.09:16
bluelightninglpapp_: if you mean the default installation path, the variable you want is SDKPATH09:17
lpapp_well, in an ideal world, I would need an include path or library, at least.09:18
lpapp_but the bare minimum is the sysroot path, yes.09:18
lpapp_so that I can build the formers myself.09:18
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lpapp_provided the SDK is FHS compliant.09:19
lpapp_bluelightning: what does it mean no out of the box ?09:20
lpapp_is it easy to circumvent with setting some rule for the sdk generation?09:20
lpapp_bluelightning: why is the SDKPATH hidden gem undocumented?09:24
bluelightningit's like any undocumented variable in our system, we just haven't got to it09:25
bluelightningI have to go, bbl09:25
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yoctiBug 5755: normal, Undecided, ---, david.c.stewart, NEW , Document the SDKPATH variable09:28
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dshankari just built chromium for ARM (imx6 cpu) with yocto on my PC, but i'm getting the following error: "chromium-32.0.1664.3-r2.cortexa9hf_vfp_neon.rpm is for architecture cortexa9hf_vfp_neon ; the package cannot be built on this system"10:05
dshankarthat's when I use alien to install on debian. when I try with rpm -ivh it errors due to failed dependencies even though all the dependency packages are right there in the same directory. Clearly I'm doing something wrong :-)10:06
dshankarany ideas?10:06
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zeckedshankar: logic error? you built it but you can not build it?10:49
dshankarzecke: hm I see what you mean.10:49
dshankarto be clear, I ran bitbake chromium on my PC with some recipes, and the /tmp/deploy folder contains a uImage + folder full of RPMs (including the chromium rpm)10:50
dshankarI tried to install just the chromium rpm with rpm, yum, and alien on my ARM device (all of which failed)10:50
dshankarmy goal was to cross compile chromium, and not to build a linux kernel. not sure how I ended up with a uImage in my /tmp/deploy10:52
zeckedshankar: but the base distribution is not yocto built?10:54
zeckeah debian10:54
zeckewell. the arch is simply not compatible10:54
dshankaryes I think it was by someone else before me10:54
dshankarzecke: in what sense? at an OS level? at a CPU level?10:55
zeckedshankar: first by configuration/architecture. With ABI you might be lucky.. but the eglibc chromium was built against might not match10:56
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dshankarI don't quite understand everything you said (I'm a noob at all this sorry!). by ABI do you mean armel vs armhf? I'm running deb jessie armhf and built chromium for armhf as well10:58
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gjohnsonis there still work being done on getting qemu working with wayland/weston?  I have come across a lot of articles talking about egl/opengl es2 with qemu but most of them are from 201114:46
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wfaillahi, i am trying to create a recipe that will build pg-journal( the problem is that it uses pgxs to build the postgresql module and when it runs do_compile make throws "make: *** No targets. Stpo.", could it be that because it uses pgxs to make this module that it cant finde any src?14:57
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #25 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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gjohnsonHas anyone tried creating an image you can boot with virtual box?  I tried booting my qemu image but it seems to be failing somewhere in the kernel.16:16
ndecgjohnson: see
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ndecit is possible, and it works fine ;-016:20
gjohnsonnedec: thanks, I will take a look16:21
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gjohnsonwhat does it mean to build distroless?16:32
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kergothit means what it says, build without a distro set, using all defaults for everything16:34
rburtongjohnson: that there isn't a distro policy overriding the default policy in oe-core16:34
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gjohnsonso in the local.conf just don't set a distro.  I will try that.16:34
bluelightningDISTRO = "" for older versions or DISTRO = "nodistro" for master16:35
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kergothguh, the tmux devshell seems awfully broken again17:09
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b1gtunaGood morning everyone! Quick question (I hope), I built core-image-sato successfully on Dora. It boots fine but I'd like to disable the login manager (GDM?) entirely and go straight into the desktop. Is there an easy way of doing this? I played around with the /etc/gdm but I only broke the system.17:44
rburtonb1gtuna: core-image-sato doesnt have a login manager, so presumably you're building Angstrom and that's adding one for you17:44
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b1gtunarburton: ah.... i'm using Gumstix. Thanks for the pointer.17:45
mr_scienceb1gtuna: the poky core-image-sato should do exactly what you said17:46
mr_scienceie, boot straight into the sato dsektop17:46
rburtonb1gtuna: changing the x init manager back to what oe-core has will probably do it17:46
rburtonor maybe gumstix have some other changes that add a login manager17:47
mr_sciencethe simplest would be the mini-X-session thing17:47
rburtonfwiw, the bit of oe-core you want to use is xserver-nodm (no display manager)17:47
b1gtunamr_science: rburton: yes it has to be something in the gumstix layer17:47
b1gtunarburton: is xserver-nodm a feature that i can add?17:48
b1gtuna(is not a recipe i should list in my image recipe)17:48
mr_sciencei think it should default to that if you have no dm in your image/deps17:48
mr_sciencesomething is pulling in gnome/gdm but it shouldn't be required17:49
b1gtunamr_science: hmm interesting. I thought i made sure i removed all gdm related stuff. Checking agian. Thanks again :) I will report back17:49
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b1gtunamr_science: rburton: ahh my local.conf contained a line for gdm. Thanks!!18:02
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kergothb1gtuna: hah :)18:09
staylorcurious for a clarification on nativesdk, is that meant to install development tools on the target?18:10
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kergothstaylor: no. nativesdk builds tools that run on the machine the sdk runs on, afaik18:15
staylorkergoth: okay that makes more sense, thanks.18:16
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b1gtunaHello everybody, am I not allowed to do 'inherit core-image-sato'? I get a parse error.19:07
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reeveI suddenly got an error: ERROR: fuse is listed in PACKAGES multiple times, this leads to packaging errors. I wrote fuse recipe file by myself,  have a line like this: PACKAGES =+ "${PN} ". How to fix this error?21:26
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reevecan any expert help out?21:29
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kergothremove that line21:29
kergoththe default PACKAGES already has ${PN}21:29
kergothaddin git a second time doens't gain anything21:29
kergothoh, i'm guessing you're trying to move it ahead of earlier packages?21:30
reeve[kertoth], are you talking to me? You meant default "PACKAGES" already has "fuse"?21:30
kergothyes, i'm talking to you21:31
kergoth${PN} is already in PACKAGES, so there's no point in adding it again unless you're trying to move it earlier in the list, and there are better ways to do that21:32
kergothit depends onw aht you're trying to accomplish21:32
reeve[kergoth] I just want to add fuse into my image. If I remove that line, it means "PACKAGES" won't have "fuse", right?21:32
kergothyou're wrong21:33
kergothas i already said, the default value for PACKAGES already has that21:33
kergothdon't do things you don't need to do, don't add lines you don't need to add21:33
reeve[kergoth] enh ... ok. So are you saying in recipe file, no need to add anything like "PACKAGES =+ ${PN}"?21:34
reeveand it will be added automatically?21:34
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kergothi've said it like 3 times now21:34
reevethanks, I'll give it a try21:35
kergothevery variable in a config file also is set in the recipes21:35
kergothand bitbake.conf defines a fully fleshed out set of default packages and associated files variables21:35
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reeve[kergoth] the strange thing is, I added that recipe long time ago, but it never shows error until now. That puzzles me, and my tree (dylan) has't moved at all21:37
kergothwell, something must have changed, the system doesn't change itself :)21:38
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mranostaykergoth: heisenburg's build system :P21:40
reevekergoth: well, the only difference is that this build tree is a fresh check-out. Anyway, thanks21:41
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kergothhmm, busybox fails for genericx86-6422:17
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evanpwhy does the autoconf recipe say RDEPENDS_${PN} = "m4 gnu-config"? As far as I can tell, it's gnu-config that should depend on autoconf, not the other way around. git-blame says that line of code is from 2007...maybe it's just a latent bug....22:53
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