Monday, 2014-01-27

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linu1hi all i have build ubi and ext2 and tar.zx rootfs, when i use rootfs.ubi it is working fine but at the same time i used to create ubi manualy by passing this command but kernel get panic, please see
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bluelightningmorning all09:42
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Xzthere was some traffic in regards irssi recipe which I created first and then someone modified a bit12:04
XzI think it didn't eventually get pushed, am I right?12:04
Xzdidn't find it in neither poky/ nor meta-oe/12:04
bluelightningXz: it was merged in meta-oe12:07
Xzbluelightning: yeah, you are right - on master12:09
Xzbluelightning: I was looking on dylan12:09
Xzbluelightning: who do I talk to put it to dylan as well?12:10
Xzbluelightning: as I remember you are responsible for poky's dylan, right? :)12:10
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bluelightningXz: yes, but that's just OE-Core / bitbake, not meta-oe12:10
bluelightningXz: the meta-oe dylan maintainer is Eric BĂ©nard <>12:12
bluelightningXz: you should post the patch that got merged with [dylan] in the subject to the openembedded-devel list and CC him12:12
Xzbluelightning: I better note it down12:13
Xzbluelightning: thanks12:13
Xzbluelightning: adding '--subject=[dylan]' to git send-email does the job?12:15
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bluelightningXz: --subject-prefix="dylan][PATCH"12:24
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Xzbluelightning: do you remember all that or use scripts? ^_^12:24
bluelightningXz: usually I rely on my bash history ;)12:24
bluelightningbut that one I remember12:24
Xzbluelightning: bash history can fool - especially if you switch between master/dylan branches12:25
Xzbluelightning: but do not open that can of worms again12:25
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canatellaHi there!12:45
canatellaI've got a recipe for some X binary video drivers. It needs xserver-xorg-extension-extmod  and xserver-xorg-extension-dbe but if I put it in the RDEPENDS of the recipe, they are not included in the image. What am I doing wrong ?12:47
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melonipoikaHello JaMa: the commit 775d77e482f1ea203c78003cccd2547075fd720f brakes my build (I don't have that particular version of gstreamer)12:56
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melonipoikais there any other way to handle the versions instead of hardcoding it in the DPENDS?12:57
melonipoika(of course I can just revert that commit on my own branch, but wonder if others are seing this too)12:57
rburtonmelonipoika: gstreamer-1.0 is in oe-core master.  you should probably switch to meta-qt5 dora branch if you're not using it with oe-core master.12:58
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melonipoikathanks rburton, will try that13:02
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JaMamelonipoika: yes as rburton says, meta-qt5/master is for oe-core/master13:09
JaMaif you want to use newer qt5 you need to make necessary adjustments to keep it compatible with your other layers13:09
JaMafor this specific case doing something like faad8d1df1aee67f9d1a7e9ea3c13f92d04baf8e in qtmultimedia would be nice if you're interested13:10
melonipoikathanks JaMa. I am testing now whether dora branch works OK for us. We are using oe-core/danny13:12
melonipoikawill take a loog that in qtmultimedia13:13
melonipoikaOK, so dora branch doesn't build with my set up13:17
melonipoikabut 57709a4ee2213a3c352b9cedce1d4b16a1b35042 works OK. Will see if I can implement something like what was done in qtmultimedia for the qtwebkit recipe13:18
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lpapprburton: bluelightning hi13:47
lpappso how do people manage the SDK for different software releases?13:47
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lpapphow will they know which SDK "version" relates to a given software release for reproducability?13:47
lpappdifferent release branches in the software repository, and a checked in SDK version into that branch, and it would vary in different branches?13:47
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pidgeis anyone on opensuse 13.1?14:58
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scottrifhalstead: ping15:28
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lpappis there any documentation available about wic?16:03
lpappwhat happened to rburton and bluelightning ? :D Not working today? :d16:03
rburtonlpapp: busy working today16:03
rburtonsadly, irc isn't my job.16:03
rburtonas for wic, the list has everything and if it isn't there, ask tom.16:04
lpapplist means?16:04
lpappmailing list?16:04
lpappsome list in the documentation?16:05
lpapplist in the software itself?16:05
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jackmitchelllpapp: there was an extensive post on the oe-core mailing list16:08
lpappjackmitchell: I do not follow that list... have a link?16:09
jackmitchellwic is still _very_ experimental as far as I'm aware16:09
jackmitchellI don't, if you google wic oe-core something will probably come up16:09
lpappso what is the point of it?16:10
lpappto abstract out the bootloaders?16:10
lpapp> The name 'wic' comes from 'oeic' with the 'oe' diphthong promoted to16:11
lpapp> the letter 'w', because 'oeic' is impossible to remember or pronounce.16:11
lpappheh, fum.16:11
jackmitchelllpapp: all in the email, I know nothing more than what is said there16:11
lpappyes, but perhaps others know.16:12
lpappAFAICT, the email I am reading does not explain it...16:12
rburtonthe key is "experimental".  if you're going to help hack on it, email tomz.  if you're not, step away.16:14
lpappwell, I do not even understand what it tries to resolve. :)16:15
lpappso naturally, I cannot contribute respectively.16:16
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jackmitchellis that the email you are reading?16:16
lpapp!bug 384716:17
yoctiBug enhancement, High, 1.5.1, tom.zanussi, VERIFIED FIXED, New partitioning description and tooling16:17
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weebetwhen creating my image recipe, in which recipe the /etc/network/interfaces is being populated ?17:01
kergothinit-ifupdown provides the default interfaces file17:01
kergothformerly was in netbase17:01
weebetthank you a lot kergoth !17:02
kergothits quite common to bbappend init-ifupdown to provide a custom default for particular machines in bsp layers17:02
weebetok ! nice ! :-) Thank you17:04
pidgehalstead: ping for when you're around17:04
halsteadpidge, I'm here.17:05
weebetis it possible to know which package will be built when building an image ?17:07
bluelightningweebet: recipes yes, packages no (before building, that is)17:08
bluelightningweebet: bitbake -g imagename  will produce a pn-buildlist file which is a list of the recipes that will be built17:08
weebetbluelighting Thank you a lot !17:08
Xzthere is a app called 'at' ported some time ago from openembedded classic to openembedded-core17:11
Xzit does not compile now with uclibc however in openembedded classic there is a patch to make it working17:11
Xzthe patch is called: at-3.1.12-0007-getloadavg-fix.patch17:12
Xzcurrent version of at in openembedded-core is 3.1.1317:12
Xzcan I just take that patch and push to openembedded-core? Or should I recreate it and change name to *3.1.13* ?17:12
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_17:12
bluelightningXz: the patch probably doesn't need renaming17:16
bluelightning(if it still applies cleanly)17:17
Xzbluelightning: it does apply - nobody changed file it applies on since17:17
ant_workrburton: still around?17:17
bluelightningXz: great, should be OK to just add it then, assuming the recipe still builds17:18
Xzbluelightning: defo builds under uclibc - will check with eglibc as well17:18
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rburtonant_work: in meeting, email?17:18
ant_worktake your time17:19
ant_workno hurry here17:19
rburtonant_work: will likely be AFK afterwards so mail might be best ;)17:20
ant_workwriting ;)17:20
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lpappbluelightning: hey have you seen my question?17:49
lpappabout the SDK release tracking? What is the best practice out there?17:49
bluelightningI guess just set an appropriate version on the SDK via SDK_VERSION17:49
lpappI guess it is not just me who would like to able to reproduce any software release?17:49
lpappbluelightning: the issue is not that part.17:49
lpappbluelightning: say, you have a company software "foo" version 0.1.17:50
lpappit was built with SDK version "0.2" (example)17:50
lpapphow would you keep track of all this information so that you can reproduce it anytime?17:50
lpappit being the "foo" application version 0.1.17:50
bluelightningI would say don't do that... the SDK is for use outside of the build system to accelerate app development17:51
bluelightningonce it's time to build the reproducible product image, then use a recipe to build the software within the build system17:51
bluelightningif you start mixing things, then you have problems like the one you're describing17:51
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lpappbluelightning: but how would you develop a certain version?17:55
lpappto release a bugfix release?17:55
lpappyou would need to know which SDK corresponds to 0.1 if you wanna create a 0.1.1 bugfix release.17:55
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bluelightninglpapp: if you're building entirely from the build system then it's up to whatever version control mechanisms you use17:56
bluelightningthe SDK shouldn't come into it17:56
lpappbluelightning: SDK is good for developing, which you need to do when debugging a bug.17:56
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lpappso the 0.1.1 release would be built within Yocto, but the actual development would be done outside.17:57
lpappso what is the general mechanism to map the SDK version to the app version?17:57
lpappbluelightning: also, note that it is not necessarily maps to the Yocto layer version cause you may just send opkg-s rather than brand new images for an application update.17:58
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lpappI guess not many people care about reproducability.18:03
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otaviolpapp: I personally never release applications but product releases; and this is tracked with respective hashes of all apps included, layers and like. The SDK is build from this PDK. So I always know that the app version X included in product W is able to be build/debugged by SDK of product W in PDK version W18:18
lpappthat is a different use case.18:20
lpappnot sure what PDK is though?18:20
otavioPlatform Development Kit18:21
lpappI do not know what that is.18:21
otavioYou can infer from the name. You are a smart guy ...18:22
*** W1N9Zr0 <W1N9Zr0!> has quit IRC18:24
lpappI really cannot.18:24
*** ddalex <ddalex!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto18:24
mario-goulartlpapp: see for example (I think that's what otavio mean).  You have a platform file (default.xml) with "pointers" to other repositories.18:26
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lpapphow is this relevant to my case?18:27
mario-goulartSo, for each PDK release, you have a set of repositories and their corresponding VCS status at that release.18:27
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mario-goulartlpapp: you have reproducability.18:34
XzI have a problem in 'do_rootfs': Collected errors:18:35
Xz|  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for packagegroup-core-sdk:18:35
Xz|  *    pkgconfig *     ldd *18:35
Xz|  * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package packagegroup-core-sdk.18:35
Xz(uclibc image:))18:35
Xzany ideas what should I check?18:36
lpappmario-goulart: for a different use case...18:36
lpappI am interested in my use case... ;-)18:36
lpappmario-goulart: PDK feels more like the Yocto project basically, with your own layer.18:43
lpappmario-goulart: is that a correct assumption?18:45
*** W1N9Zr0 <W1N9Zr0!> has joined #yocto18:46
mario-goulartlpapp: in some sense, yes.   It basically is a way to manage a set of VCS repositories that compose a "platform" (and you what to version the "platform").18:47
lpappmario-goulart: yes, but that sounds like a bit overkill for keeping to release an application...18:48
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Xzok, figured that out - just need to skip both for uclibc18:53
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Xzis there any way I can make that variable triggering only for uclibc build: RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-buildessential18:53
Xzlike RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-buildessential_append_libc-uclibc ?18:54
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XzI did RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-buildessential_libc-uclibc = "19:09
Xzworks for uclibc19:10
Xzgood question how would it behave with eglibc19:10
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RPXz: did you get an answer to your question?19:56
RPkergoth: around?19:56
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Garibaldi|workHi folks, at do_compile() time, I'm trying to run python to pre-compile some .py files into .pyo files before I install them.  It looks like it's picking up the python executable from my environment, but it fails saying it can't import the 'runpy' module.  The python from my environment has runpy.pyand my local sysroot (tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/) has runpy.py19:58
Garibaldi|workis there some where else this file should be?19:59
Garibaldi|workAlso, I'm using 'python -m compileall' to compile, is there a better approach?20:00
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto20:13
lpappmario-goulart: so the question still stands for single apps20:13
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Garibaldi|workany ideas? :-)20:29
Garibaldi|workI don't know Python well enough to know if what I'm doing is even reasonable.  The package is a company internal thing that they don't want to release the source to, so I'm looking to install only pre-compiled artifacts.20:33
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weebetis it possible to create dependencies on a version ? ( if recipe A V1 need recipe B V1, but the new recipe A V2 needs recipe B V2, if I build recipe A V1 I want to build recipe B V1, not the newest V2 )20:43
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RPweebet: at a simple level you can DEPEND on PN-PV however bitbake doesn't do well in untangling the versions21:05
weebetRP thank you, I did not figured this out !21:06
RPweebet: I wouldn't celebrate yet because as I said, it doesn't work that well :/21:09
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mr_sciencelaptop fan's a-whining and cpus cranking away at about 95 C21:30
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mr_sciencei love doing a full oe-classic build on this machine...21:30
kergothRP: somewhat, whats up21:30
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto21:31
RPkergoth: I'm pondering the -S option and whether we should make it take a parameter21:34
RPkergoth: It doesn't look like its a good idea to do that and allow it to work without a parameter as it could get confused with target names :/21:35
Garibaldi|workHi folks.  I have a recipe that uses 'python' in do_compile, but the python I get there is python from my environment.  Should it be using one from my sysroot?21:41
RPGaribaldi|work: did you innerit pythonnative ?21:42
Garibaldi|workno, I DEPENDS = "python"21:42
Garibaldi|workah, I see21:43
Garibaldi|workok, I'll try that -- thanks!21:43
Garibaldi|workRP: thanks again21:45
RPGaribaldi|work: np, glad it got you working :)21:48
Garibaldi|workyeah, I had done the DEPENDS += "python-native"  -- I didn't know about the other variables :-)21:49
RPGaribaldi|work: its so we don't end up mixing half of the native python with the sysroot one or worse...21:50
Garibaldi|workyeah, I thought python might be a special case21:50
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mario-goulartlpapp: just add the repository for your single app to the manifest file.23:06
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