Tuesday, 2014-01-28

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lpappmario-goulart: I do not follow.00:53
RPhalstead: where has the main autobuilder gone?01:01
RPhalstead: if we manage to find it, we could use a build of master after all the changes that just went in...01:01
* RP -> Zzzz01:01
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halsteadRP, ab-master restarted and new nightly in progress.01:54
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mckoangood morning08:22
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linu1hi i try to build yocto toolchain by using this command bitbake meta-toolchain-qte it shows me this error  http://pastebin.com/qrxNv2Cd can you help me08:38
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zeckelinu1: you need to figure out why libqt-embeddedscripttools4-dev wasn't created or when it should have been created08:43
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mckoanlinu1: you'd better use branch dora08:45
linu1mckoan, ya but i have been used dylan  for a set up, there is ipk for libqt-embeddedscripttools4-dev in deploy-ipks, dont know exact reason08:50
linu1mckoan, ya but i have been used dylan  for a set up, there is no ipk for libqt-embeddedscripttools4-dev in deploy-ipks, dont know exact reason08:50
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bluelightningmorning all08:53
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linu1bluelightning do you have any idea09:02
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bluelightninglinu1: what files are you looking for specifically that should be in that package?09:07
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zeckebluelightning: his paste was here: http://pastebin.com/qrxNv2Cd09:18
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wfaillaI have a question, I am trying to build pg_journal witch is a module of postgresql. When I build it on my workstation by executing make it works just fine. When i try to build it with bitbake this http://pastebin.com/4AfhAy7U error comes up. I dont understand what that means. because i have systemd in the build dependencies of my recipe.09:48
bluelightningwfailla: is there a systemd/sd-journal.h in /usr/src/disk/wfailla/tplino-core/build-tposs-vmware/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/include  ?09:50
bluelightningI see it is complaining it can't find the pc file as well09:50
wfaillano there is no file in that dir09:51
wfaillayes but i don't know why09:52
wfaillai assumed that it should be installed by the systemd pkg09:52
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bluelightningwfailla: I'd suggest verifying that it is09:53
bluelightninglinu1: I just did a build with dylan here and that package isn't empty09:54
wfaillabluelightning, I grebed fore libsystemd-journal over all my metalayer and i got no result09:58
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bluelightninglinu1: does log.do_configure say whether the QtScriptTools module was enabled or not?09:59
wfaillabluelightning, is there an easy way to find out what pkg is provided by what recipe?10:00
wfaillabluelightning, libsystemd-journal.pc is lokated tmp/sysroots/vmware/usr/lib/pkgconfig/libsystemd-journal.pc10:03
wfaillawhy can't bitbake find that10:03
bluelightningwfailla: it's not bitbake at all, it's the build process of the software you're building10:04
rburtonwfailla: i suspect the build script is broken10:05
wfaillait is a module for postgresql, so it might be better to build it directly on the machien it will be deployed on ... is that a good idear? have the .ipk include the src code and a post install script that will build the module ?10:07
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bluelightningwfailla: that definitely should not be necessary10:10
wfaillabluelightning, ok10:10
bluelightningwfailla: this should be a fairly simple problem to fix - find out where it's looking for the .pc file and tell it to look in the right place10:10
wfaillabluelightning, i think the problem is that the makefile of pg_journal https://github.com/intgr/pg_journal/blob/master/Makefile includes the pgxs.mk of postgresql and that confuses bitbake10:13
bluelightningwfailla: well that has to be put into the sysroot so the pg_journal build process can find it there10:15
wfaillabluelightning, how do i find out where bitbake looks for stuff ?10:16
bluelightningwfailla: bitbake isn't doing the looking; it's the build process of the software itself10:16
bluelightningwfailla: so check log.do_configure, config.log (if applicable), the configure script code, etc. in the WORKDIR of postgres / pg_journal10:17
rburtonwfailla: do "bitbake pg_journal -c devshell", and in the resulting termal "pkg-config —cflags libsystemd-journal"10:18
wfaillarburton, --cflags returns nothing and --libs returns -lsystemd-journal -lsystemd-id12810:22
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rburtonso it does work, and its entirely the makefile10:22
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wfaillaok then i have to find a good tutorial about make files XD10:25
rburtonhm, did that just pick up your *host* systemd?10:27
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wfaillai dont think so i am running ubuntu 11.10 as host10:28
rburtonfair enough :)10:28
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wfaillahi again th files i am looking for are just in ./tmp/work/x86_64-tposs-linux/postgresql/9.3.1-r0.0.0/image/usr/bin/pg_config but not in /usr/src/disk/wfailla/tplino-core/build-tposs-vmware/tmp/sysroots/vmware/usr/bin/pf_config whitch is the staging dir10:58
wfaillais there a way to get them in to the staging dir ?10:59
wfaillaand or ld bitbake look in the package10:59
wfailla* and/or led bitbake look in the package specific dir ?11:00
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #87 of build-appliance is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/build-appliance/builds/8712:41
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #86 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-arm/builds/8612:56
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lpappI do not understand the why md5sum does not match if I use a tarball for SRC_URI or a git link13:02
lpappgot a clue ?13:02
lpapp090eb3dae0f520f7770f85193e931ad3  /home/lpapp/Downloads/linux-3.2.1.tar.bz213:02
lpapp492f7bde295d7b401ac4061852ea9e59  source-tree.tar.bz213:03
lpappSRC_URI = "${KERNELORG_MIRROR}/linux/kernel/v3.0/linux-${PV}.tar.bz2;name=kernel13:03
LetoThe2ndum... because a git tree is not a tarball?13:03
lpappSRC_URI = "git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git;protocol=git;branch=${KBRANCH}13:03
lpappLetoThe2nd: surely, it is with git archive.13:03
bluelightninglpapp: no, it surely isn't... the files will have different dates, owners, etc.13:04
lpappbluelightning: so?13:04
lpappbluelightning: the binary content should be the same.13:04
lpappsince it is the same release...13:04
LetoThe2ndanyways, i don't think that an md5sum is of much use for git. git itself shall take care of integrity, all it shall depend on is the sha of the commit.13:04
bluelightninglpapp: so, the tarball will end up different, the checksum is of the archive file not the contents13:05
lpappmd5sum has not much to do with git13:05
lpapponce you get an archive from git, you can forget git.13:05
lpappbluelightning: I do not follow.13:05
bluelightningtry it outside of the build system and see13:05
lpappeven the size is very different fwiw.13:06
lpapp75 M and 88 M13:06
lpappthey should be exactly the same13:06
lpappsince they should represent exactly the same release.13:06
lpappwhy what?13:06
lpappwell, I am getting a kernel panic, and it is clearly due to the move to git.13:07
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #86 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-x32/builds/8613:07
LetoThe2ndwhy should two archives from two sources be in anyways identical?13:07
lpappand I really do not know how to get the right release from git.13:07
lpappit should be the *same* source.13:07
lpappthat is the whole point. :-)13:07
LetoThe2ndthen why do you go through git-archive?13:07
LetoThe2ndOE can pull a specific git tag.13:09
lpapppardon ?13:09
lpapphow else would you verify they are the same sources, without git archive?13:09
LetoThe2ndno need for archive -> pack -> md5sum -> unpack13:09
lpapperr... no, not at all.13:09
lpappthe tarball downloaded from tarball is a tarball, surprisingly. :)13:09
lpappit does not have .git, etc, what-so-ever.13:09
lpappwhat I want is the contrary, I want to compare the real sources without VCS information.13:10
lpappsince the git version clearly causes a kernel panic, and I have reached a point that I do not know why.13:10
LetoThe2ndthen the tarball is just not identic, and your process of getting the sources is whacked. same result.13:10
lpappthis is the only last hope of mine that where the problem may lay down.13:10
LetoThe2ndand comparing a *tarball* to any git checkout/archive is always pointless, because the export from git will give you other metadata than that in the tarball.13:11
LetoThe2ndyou can only compare net data, like diffing or such13:11
lpappis there anyone here understanding how the linux kernel recipe is supposed to work?13:12
lpapphttp://pastebin.kde.org/pabfmh8lq -> These are the changes I made to mine from denzil era.13:13
lpappIs there anything wrong in there?13:13
lpappno no13:13
lpappgit archive is heavily used for actually generating the release tarball13:14
lpappthat is the whole point of it, in fact. :)13:14
LetoThe2ndi still think you are going wrong, but i cannot lay my fingers on the point.13:15
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #85 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-ppc/builds/8513:15
lpappright, "I do not know" is more fruitful than "You are doing it wrong, but I do not know what". :-)13:17
lpappso, does anyone know if there is any scary modification in that recipe which would cause the kernel to run panic?13:18
ndeci think they both told you that you can't compare md5 for 2 tarballs generated independently. even on 2 different linux machine you might get 2 different tarball for the same content.13:18
ndecyou should diff the files inside the tarball if you want the differences in the source code13:19
lpappno, 10-20% size difference is pretty indicative.13:19
lpappeither way, does anyone know why that recipe modification would cause kernel panic?13:19
lpappI have been trying to debug it for half a day now, but my kernel code is just good (TM)13:20
lpappso it must be about the recipe.13:20
ndecwell, kernel recipes deal with additional patches and defconfig. are you sure you are using the same patches and same defconfig?13:20
lpappyes, of course.13:21
ndecare you compiling with the same gcc in both cases?13:21
lpapphttp://pastebin.kde.org/pmkqcodvv -> this is the .inc kernel recipe modification fwiw.13:22
lpappI cannot figure out for my life while it is panicing.13:22
lpappndec: yes, everything is exactly the same except the recipes.13:22
*** elmi82 <elmi82!~timo@mail.bmw-carit.de> has quit IRC13:24
ndecthen you should study the run_do.configure and run_do.compile of the kernel recipes, that will tell precisely how it's built.13:25
lpappwell, I was coming here to get advice from people who know this stuff.... ;-)13:25
lpapp(Otherwise, yes, I would have done it myself).13:26
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lpappis this really good?13:41
lpapproot home should be /root rather than /home/root, no?13:41
lpappor is there a better way than ROOT_HOME to actually get /root?13:41
*** e8johan <e8johan!~quassel@> has quit IRC13:46
lpappI have never really seen any /home/root on any Linux yet. Is this really a reasonable thing?13:48
*** ScriptRipper <ScriptRipper!~ScriptRip@opensuse/member/MartinMohring> has quit IRC13:49
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yoctiBug 5762: normal, Undecided, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, NEW , Document the usage of the ROOT_HOME variable13:56
*** av500 <av500!~av500@b2b-46-252-131-98.unitymedia.biz> has joined #yocto13:56
lpappso if it is modified in the local.conf the home root will be that one globally, and if in a layer, then only for that layer?13:58
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #85 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-fsl-arm/builds/8513:58
lpappis there even a use case when it should not be set "globally"? I cannot imagine two separate home folders for the root, or perhaps this is not the same as the /root folder? I am kindle puzzled....13:58
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #86 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-fsl-arm-lsb/builds/8614:01
lpappis it ok to have a meta-foo/recipes-core/base-files/*.bbappend and then an fstab within the base-files folder of that parent folder?14:01
lpappso we would like to have the same base files except some fstab customization for our board and distro?14:01
*** ScriptRipper1 <ScriptRipper1!~ScriptRip@178-26-43-81-dynip.superkabel.de> has joined #yocto14:03
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ccaionehi, I'm using a very basic classic recipe for kernel (no yocto-kernel). Is it possible to have multiple defconfigs for multiple machines?14:24
lpappccaione: perhaps with fragments? I do not know to be honest14:26
*** e8johan <e8johan!~quassel@c-5eeaaadb-74736162.cust.telenor.se> has joined #yocto14:27
*** Squix <Squix!~Squix___@p021.net112139202.tokai.or.jp> has joined #yocto14:28
ccaionelpapp: yeah probably14:29
*** user____ <user____!d5976cce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:30
ccaioneI was hoping in something like SRC_URI_machine14:31
rburtonyep, that's works14:31
rburton_machine ("overrides") work on any variable14:31
ccaione:D lol, great14:32
ccaionethanks rburton14:32
lpapplooks like another documentation bugreport...14:32
rburtonoverrides are documented14:32
lpappccaione: ./meta/recipes-kernel/sysprof/sysprof_git.bb:15:SRC_URI_append_mips = " file://rmb-mips.patch"14:33
lpapp./meta/recipes-kernel/sysprof/sysprof_git.bb:16:SRC_URI_append_mips64 = " file://rmb-mips.patch"14:33
lpapprburton: I am not talking about override, but the arch...14:34
ccaionelpapp: now I have to check if I'm forced to call the file "defconfig"14:34
lpappccaione: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.4.2/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-MACHINEOVERRIDES14:34
lpappccaione: I do not know, but I would really not call it otherwise.14:35
ccaionethe problem is that I want to use two different kernel configurations for my machines14:35
ccaione(two boards with different on-board SDRAM)14:36
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:36
lpappah, right.14:36
rburtonfiles are searched in machine-specific directories14:37
lpappI would grep for "defconfig" then.14:37
lpappbut in general, it is better to have a device tree IMHO.14:37
rburtonso you'd have my-kernel/[machine]/defconfig14:37
rburtonagain, see what oe-core does14:37
ccaionelpapp: device tree != kernel config :)14:38
ccaionerburton: I'll do, thanks14:38
lpappccaione: it is14:38
lpappccaione: you can have subfolders for different archs, like the linux kernel device tree14:39
ccaionelpapp: oooh, got it14:39
lpapprburton: what do you mean by oe-core?14:39
lpappmeta does not have defconfigs except busybox14:40
rburtonlooking up per-architecture files isn't in any way specific to the kernel14:40
lpappwell, even busybox does not have it.14:41
lpappit has only one "main" defconfig.14:41
rburtonprobably better to pick a recipe that varies per machine14:41
rburtonlike formfactor14:41
lpappI am not sure what became wrong about the "Propriate" license entry in the bb recipes?14:42
lpappI am getting a warning...14:42
rburton"CLOSED" is the idiomatic way to avoid license warnings for closed source pieces14:44
lpappbut I was suggested to use Propriate before...14:44
lpapp(in here)14:44
rburtonare you spelling it correctly?14:44
lpapp< bluelightning> lpapp: "Proprietary" or "CLOSED"14:45
rburtonyep, so i see in the code14:45
lpapp< bluelightning> lpapp: note that CLOSED will completely disable LIC_FILES_CHKSUM14:45
lpappwell, I feel pretty strange14:46
lpappbluelightning told me this long ago, and we still have Propriate14:46
lpappI wonder why I would not have fixed it right away...14:46
lpapprburton: so have you seen my question above about fstab?14:49
lpappis it ok to have a base-files bbappend with a custom fstab?14:49
lpappoh, right, I fixed the Proprietary stuff only in new recipes added14:50
lpappand did not for old.14:50
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lpapprburton: ok, thanks, so how about busybox patches?14:50
lpappone of the patches in meta does not fit us...14:50
lpappwe had to make a one liner modification to it.14:51
lpappbbappend with a custom modified patch will let meta know to ignore the same patch in there if the names are the same or what?14:51
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lpapp-> /home/lpapp/Projects/Yocto/poky-dylan-9.0.1/meta/files/common-licenses/Proprietary could not be copied for some reason. It may not exist. WARN for now.15:11
lpappeven though the file does exist, and has the following content: Proprietary license.15:11
*** Zaif <Zaif!~zaif@pc-sig01.acc.uni-paderborn.de> has quit IRC15:13
Xzguys, I have bbappend for packagegroup-core-buildessential.bbappend that contains: RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-buildessential_libc-uclibc = "\15:15
Xzis it correct variable name? I want that to trigger only for uclibc15:15
Xz(unfortunatelly default packagegroup-core-buildessential depends on stuff that does not build for uclibc)15:16
rburtonthat will override entirely what the recipe says15:16
lpappI do not understand why we need dummy bbappend files15:16
rburtonin that case file a bug so the recipe in oe-core uses libc-glibc??15:16
lpapplike in meta-yocto-bsp15:16
Xzcan I do substraction in bbappend for uclibc only?15:16
lpappthe content is always something like FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"15:16
lpappcould it just not scan through by default?15:16
rburtonlpapp: because then it will be looking *everywhere* for files15:17
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!~quassel@cpe.ge-0-2-0-950.faaqnqu1.dk.customer.tdc.net> has quit IRC15:17
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:17
rburtonXz: yes, use _remove_libc-uclibc15:17
Xzrburton: RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-buildessential_remove_libc-uclibc = "pkgconfig"15:17
Xzrburton: does that look correct? :)15:18
rburtonXz: i *think* so :)15:18
lpapprburton: yes, that is what I want.15:18
lpapprburton: so we do not need to write boilerplate.15:18
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!~quassel@cpe.ge-0-2-0-950.faaqnqu1.dk.customer.tdc.net> has joined #yocto15:19
Xzrburton: ok, will test it and maybe that would be good enough solution to upstream? just to add this line into original recipe15:19
rburtonlpapp: so for every file it looks for, it should iterate though every directory in every layer just in case the file is there?15:19
lpapprburton: no15:19
lpapprburton: the default could be the THISDIR/{PV,PN,P}15:20
*** OutBackDingo <OutBackDingo!~quassel@unaffiliated/outbackdingo> has quit IRC15:20
rburtoni guess you mean the default is extended automatically every time there's a bbappend15:21
rburtonas what you've said is the default15:21
lpappif that is the default, why do bbappends write dummy stuff?15:21
lpappwhy don't we just have empty files?15:22
rburtonbecause the default comes from the .bb15:22
rburtonas i said, you want the default to be extended for every bbappend15:23
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!~quassel@cpe.ge-0-2-0-950.faaqnqu1.dk.customer.tdc.net> has quit IRC15:23
lpappalthough it feels a bit fuzzy to touch empty files.15:23
lpappsure there is no other useful content to put into a bbappend?15:24
*** OutBackDingo <OutBackDingo!~quassel@unaffiliated/outbackdingo> has joined #yocto15:24
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SaurRP: Last commit on master only partially reverts the CC 2.5 to 3.0 change. The link still says 3.0 but the text now says 2.5...15:28
RPSaur: well spotted, thanks15:28
lpapprburton: so what is the difference between overriding ROOT_HOME in the layer stuff or the local config?15:30
lpapp(also, which one would you suggest?)15:30
lpappI guess we prefer the root home as on any Linux I have seen so far which is /root.15:31
rburtonlpapp: none.  one is a local choice, one is a layer choice.15:32
*** user1314241 <user1314241!5f805bf2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:33
lpapprburton: well, it should be the same for everyone.15:33
lpapprburton: but since we check in the conf/ folder in the build/ folder, I do not see the difference for us.15:33
lpappcause everyone has the same local conf.15:34
lpappso if I need to provide a custom defconfig for busybox, what is the best way for it?15:34
lpappfragments or simple a bbappend with a defconfig file in busybox-1.20.2?15:35
lpappmeta-yocto is doing this: ../meta-yocto/recipes-core/busybox/busybox-1.20.2/poky-tiny/defconfig15:35
lpappbut is this the right way or it is obsolete and it is better to use fragments?15:35
*** danielki <danielki!~daniel@> has joined #yocto15:35
lpappwhy does meta-yocto have that "poky-tiny" in-between folder? What is wrong about putting the defconfig right in busybox-1.20.2?15:39
ccaioneargh, why after kernel compiling the uImage I get is totally wrong? it seems that kernel is correctly compiled (I see the correct uImage in the temp dir) but in deploy/images I have a wrong uImage taken from packages-split15:40
lpappccaione: are you having some custom kernel recipes?15:41
ccaionelpapp: yes I do15:41
lpappthen probably people cannot know without seeing it. :-)15:42
ccaionelpapp: http://pastebin.com/tzv5JUi915:42
ccaionenothing special15:42
lpappwell, IMHO, the kernel recipe is quite special. :)15:43
lpappcompared to the other recipes, it is somewhat complex.15:43
ccaionewhy so? :D15:43
user1314241Is there a way to automatically force recompilation of certain packages if DISTRO_TYPE is changed?15:44
ccaionethe real question is: what is the uImage I got in packages-split/kernel-image/boot? and why it isn't the real uImage copied in deploy/images?15:44
lpappuser1314241: -c compile -f15:44
user1314241that might work but I don't see how to automate that.15:47
lpappautomate what?15:48
lpappyou want to avoid typing that? Make an alias!15:48
lpappit is also possible by configuration, sec...15:48
kergoththe system will automatically rerun tasks if variables they use change. so if changing that affects the vars that flow into a task, that task will be rerun, regardless of what the var is15:49
*** hasselmm <hasselmm!~mathias@p57BD6D99.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC15:49
lpappI think RP told me a config solution for it back then, but I cannot find it in my log right now...15:49
lpappit is possible it is in my home log.15:49
lpapp<@RP> lpapp: you could add do_compile[nostamp] = "1" to your kernel recipe, then it will rebuild every time15:50
lpappuser1314241: ^15:50
*** denix <denix!~denix@pool-71-191-205-189.washdc.fios.verizon.net> has joined #yocto15:51
user1314241kergoth: what constitutes using a variable? if define a variable that is conditional on DISTRO_TYPE in a recipe, and that variable in turn is passed to a make file. But I find that no rebuild is taking place for a changed DISTRO_TYPE.15:53
kergothbitbake tracks variable references. 90% of the time it successfully does so. once in a blue moon it fails to do so15:54
kergothin which case they can be added explicitly via the vardeps flag15:54
*** BSDCat <BSDCat!~unique@calvin.idempot.net> has joined #yocto15:55
weebetis there a way to change a owner:group of a directory ? I tried to do it in my image in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "chown -R 1001:1001 ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/directory but when I login in the image, I get owner:group 114:124 any trick to solve this ?15:55
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lpapprburton: I guess it is ok to add a patch to ../meta/recipes-core/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown-1.0/init in our layer with a bbappend?15:58
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RPkergoth: did you have any thoughts on -S?16:00
IonutCYPTM: IonutC is on16:01
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!~quassel@5634f347.rev.stofanet.dk> has joined #yocto16:01
RPsjolley: YPTM: Richard is on the call16:01
BSDCatYPTM: Matthew is on the call16:01
rburtonYPTM: ross joined16:01
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cristianaCristiana from Ro-dev team is on the call16:01
scottrifYPTM: Scott Rifenbark is on the call.16:01
halsteadsjolley, YPTM: Michael on the call.16:01
AlexGYPTM: AlexG is on the call.16:01
sgw_The Yocto Project Tech Meeting Con-Call will be starting at the top of the hour16:01
sgw_Dial-in number: 1.972.995.7777 / Participant passcode:   4200107816:01
sgw_This call is open to all and the channel remains open to discuss any topic16:01
kergothRP: not offhand, though i do think an optional argument to an option is a bad idea, as you say, results in vague/unclear behavior16:02
bluelightningYPTM: Paul Eggleton is on16:02
denixYPTM: Denys is here16:02
tomzYPTM: Tom Z on16:02
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jmpdelos__YPTM: Polk is on16:02
RPkergoth: am torn over it, I think a mandatory parameter is going to be the least bad solution16:02
scottrifsjolley: Scott Rifenbark is on the call.16:02
sgw_YPTM: Saul is On finally16:02
*** jmpdelos__ is now known as jmpdelos16:02
tomzYPTM: Tom Z on16:03
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rburtonRP: fwiw, i think adding a mandatory option to -S is least bad too.  optional is horrible. there's sufficiently few people using -S that breakage is managable i'd say.16:03
nitinkYPTM: Nitin is on the call16:03
*** InfoAbourIrc <InfoAbourIrc!~InfoAbour@> has joined #yocto16:04
*** InfoAbourIrc <InfoAbourIrc!~InfoAbour@> has left #yocto16:04
sjolleysjolley TPTM: is here16:05
cristianasjolley: Cristiana from Ro-dev team is on the call16:05
sjolleysjolley YTPTM16:05
*** user1314241 <user1314241!5f805bf2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:08
RPsjolley: FRI2 = FishRiverIsland 216:09
rburtonI thought it meant FRIed Twice16:09
RPsjolley: ionut16:10
*** sme <sme!~sme@> has quit IRC16:11
AlexGYPTM: the current QA status: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/1.6_QA_Status16:12
ccaionerburton: have you idea of what is the uImage I find in packages-split/kernel-image/boot and why it is different from uImage I get in the working directory?16:13
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!~Adium@pD951B9E0.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto16:13
rburtonccaione: none at all, sorry16:13
lpappccaione: do you have the same issue with the meta kernel?16:13
ccaionelpapp: I cannot use the meta-kernel atm16:14
danielkirburton: Hey, long time no see :)16:14
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!~Adium@pD951B9E0.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has left #yocto16:14
lpappyes, I mean for testing... to boil down whether it is a recipe issue.16:14
ccaioneok, let's see if i can convert my recipe to meta-kernel16:14
lpappnah, just build the meta kernel.16:15
lpappwith uImage (custom mod)16:15
* fray is on IRC for a few.. the -16F weather is trying ot kill me16:17
cristianasjolley: it's me16:17
cristianasjolley: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Build_Failure_Swat_Team16:17
Xzrburton: RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-buildessential_remove_libc-uclibc = "pkgconfig" does not remove pkgconfig :|16:19
rburtonXz: hm :(16:19
RPfray: sounds rather cold...16:20
fray-45F when you consider wind chill16:20
Xzrburton: does order of appending and evaluating variables matter here?16:20
fray-16F is -27C BTW16:20
lpapp-27C is usual in Finland. :-)16:20
rburtonXz: _remove will happen alongside _append, i.e. last16:20
RPremove should happen last16:22
Xzrburton: can I print that variable somehowe? bitbake -e does not give me access to it16:22
RPXz: try bitbake packagegroup-core-buildessential -e16:23
rburtonXz: it certainly should if you do bitbake -e packagegroup-core-buildessential16:24
BSDCatYPTM: yes my question was answered, thank you.16:24
*** jzhang-laptop <jzhang-laptop!~jzhang16@> has quit IRC16:25
XzRP: rburton: so that shows pkgconfig not being removed16:25
Xzmaybe variable name should be RDEPENDS_remove_libc-uclibc_packagegroup-core-buildessential ?16:25
rburtonXz: your bitbake supports remove, right?  sure the bbappend is being parsed?16:26
Xzdon't know the logic of parsing names - that name is anyway pretty complex ^_^16:26
*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefans@> has joined #yocto16:26
*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has joined #yocto16:26
Xzrburton: I'm on dylan - was remove introduced in dora?16:26
RPXz: Try RDEPENDS_${PN}_remove_libc-uclibc_pn-packagegroup-core-buildessential = "pkgconfig"16:26
rburtonRP: oh god, explain that?16:26
kergothheh, thats what i was thinking. one would hope expandKeys would have run before the _remoe processing, but..16:26
RPXz: ah, you might not have that in dylan16:27
lpappwhy is that? It breaks stuff for us. :-/16:27
lpapp"remove "*" for root since we don't have a /etc/shadow so far."16:27
rburtonXz: ah, yeah, dylan doesn't have _remove16:27
kergothgotta love use of multiple overrides for a single variable ;)16:27
Xzno way :|16:27
* fray is Mark Hatle16:27
lpappWhat does it mean "we do not have /etc/shadow so far"?16:27
lpappisn't it shipped by ../meta/recipes-core/base-files/base-files/filesystems?16:28
lpappor something similar. :-)16:29
frayFYI pseudo, Seebs (peter seebach) has found a couple of cases where the wrong modes are saved..  this is what Saul is referring to.  He'll hopefully have fixes for Dora and master soon..16:30
frayconference is FOSDEM16:30
RPfray: Is that Jama's issue?16:31
frayI don't know..  the issue we were tracking was found by a customer who was trying to set a directory as 500  and it kep getting set to 070016:31
scottrifsjolley: thanks!16:32
*** IonutC <IonutC!8686894b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:32
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scott-len@> has left #yocto16:32
XzRP: rburton: for dylan this will do: RDEPENDS_${PN}_libc-uclibc_pn-packagegroup-core-buildessential = "\ <list of pkgs minus pkgconfig>16:33
*** AlexG <AlexG!c0c6972b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:33
XzRP: rburton: I know it's not perfect, but better than nothing and it lets build dylan uclibc image with 'tools-sdk' and few others enabled16:33
XzRP: rburton: will double-check with eglibc, but there is big chance it will work correctly16:34
rburtonXz: any idea why pkgconfig doesn't work with uclibc?16:35
*** Squix <Squix!~Squix___@p021.net112139202.tokai.or.jp> has quit IRC16:35
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-cnfngacyaggyzlog> has quit IRC16:35
kergothXz: or you could use a bbappend with := and oe_filter_out()16:36
RPXz: you'll have dora soon, right? ;-)16:37
Xzrburton: first question:16:38
Xz| Collected errors:16:38
Xz|  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for packagegroup-core-sdk:16:38
Xz|  *    pkgconfig *16:38
Xz|  * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package packagegroup-core-sdk.16:38
Xzrburton: I have no idea why it happens + I can live without pkgconfig :)16:38
*** cristiana <cristiana!c0c69724@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:39
lpappjackmitchell: are you around by any chance?16:39
rburtonXz: what happens if you bitbake pkgconfig?16:39
Xzkergoth: any documentation about 'oe_filter_out()' ? yoctoproject.org/.../mega-manual does not cover that one16:39
kergothgrep :)16:39
kergothshould be lots of examples to use16:39
Xzrburton: NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 0 tasks of which 0 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.16:40
Xzrburton: nothing happens16:40
Xzrburton: actually interesting :)16:40
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!~quassel@5634f347.rev.stofanet.dk> has quit IRC16:40
XzRP: yeah, dora is target for I guess feb 201416:41
XzRP: maybe march 2014... :)16:41
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #88 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-mips/builds/8816:42
rburtonXz: so its already built.. so why didn't it find it when building the packagegroup? :/16:44
Xzrburton: it's not built. When I do 'bitbake pkgconfig -c cleanall' and then try to make it again - the same thing happens, 0 tasks16:45
Xzrburton: and it's not present under tmp/work/i586-uclibc.../pkgconfig16:45
lpappis anyone working on this issue? https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=567516:48
yoctiBug 5675: enhancement, Medium, 1.6, Qi.Chen, NEW , Add a ROOT_PASSWD feature for images16:48
rburtonXz: crazy hunch: do you have pkgconfig in an ASSUME_PROVIDED by any chance?16:48
Xzrburton: yeah, I do16:49
rburtonXz: you probably meant pkgconfig-native16:50
rburton(that's why this is failing)16:50
rburtonwe should sanity check that ASSUME_PROVIDED only contains -native recipes16:50
Xzrburton: meta-yocto/conf/distro/poky-tiny.conf:ASSUME_PROVIDED += "pkgconfig$"16:50
Xzrburton: why poky-tiny.conf does that?16:50
Xzrburton: I'm inheriting poky-tiny16:51
kergoththat sounds really broken/bad, unless it just is impossible to build in those circumstances, but even then it'd be better to append it and raise SkipPackage16:51
RPthat is a horrible hack16:51
rburtonwell that's impressively vile16:51
Xzshould I git-blame it? ^_^16:52
rburtonthat dependency doesn;t exist anymore16:52
rburtonpretty sure i removed that anyway16:52
RPrburton: its still in the tiny config16:52
rburtonRP: i meant -dev depending on pkgconfig16:53
RPrburton: right, yes16:53
Xza54932dc373ec130f7a166d144f4d5744ec52097 - that's git commit of that ASSUME_PROVIDED16:53
rburton"    pkgconfig: Drop automatic pkgconfig RDEPENDS"16:54
rburtonthus, we can delete that line from poky-tiny16:54
* zeddii missed the meeting, but has a good excuse. xrays on my wrist. typing sucks today.16:55
rburtonhm maybe not.16:55
rburtonXz: if you have a moment, can you try commenting out that line and bitbakeing pkgconfig?16:55
Xzrburton: yeah16:56
Xzrburton: do you use git-revert to revert such changes?16:56
*** beaver_545 <beaver_545!~stuart@> has quit IRC16:56
rburtonXz: that's one option, certainly16:56
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:56
rburtonwe *could* change pkgconfig to use the integrated libraries in tiny distros, that stops it linking to glib16:56
rburtonzeddii: radioactive wrists? surely that means super-fast typing or something.16:57
* zeddii wishes. maybe it's fractured. sports injury.16:58
*** jzhang-laptop <jzhang-laptop!~jzhang16@> has joined #yocto16:58
Xzrburton: pkgconfig built fine on dylan16:59
Xzrburton: with ASSUME_PROVIDED commented out16:59
Xzrburton: will boot the board to make sure it didn't fck up anything16:59
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:00
rburtonXz: the comment says glib->dbus, which isn't a linkage that exists anymore17:00
Xzrburton: fair enough17:01
rburtonXz: patch welcome to remove that line from poky-tiny :)17:01
weebetI want to do a chown while creating the image. But my user does not have privilege to chown file. What could be the strategy to do this ?17:01
Xzrburton: alright, sending17:01
Xzrburton: which repos is it in? certainly not git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core17:03
rburtonXz: meta-yocto (although a patch from the poky repo would be fine).  mail to poky@17:04
*** eballetbo <eballetbo!~eballetbo@43.Red-2-139-180.staticIP.rima-tde.net> has quit IRC17:08
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto17:12
*** jchonig_ <jchonig_!~quassel@firewall.honig.net> has joined #yocto17:13
*** jchonig <jchonig!~quassel@firewall.honig.net> has quit IRC17:13
lpappwhat are these notes about ? http://pastebin.kde.org/ptf3k0sxj17:14
lpappis it safe to ignore them?17:14
*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC17:18
rburtonfoo to bar is normally produced by buildhistory, but i've never seen them as notes. git master? maybe someone left in a debugging statement.17:19
lpappno, dylan.17:19
rburtonnever seen them. what's the context, i.e. what bit of the build produced them.17:20
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC17:20
*** nitink <nitink!nitink@nat/intel/x-isjdmspathxazjaf> has quit IRC17:22
lpapprburton: bitbake foo-core-image17:23
ant_workzeddii: :/17:25
ant_workforce the minions to push 3.1317:25
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-sykgtrekotvcpssz> has joined #yocto17:27
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto17:28
RPlpapp: they're accidentally left in debug in the bbappend parsing code in bitbake iirc17:28
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!~apalalax@> has left #yocto17:29
RPlpapp: very safe to ignore17:29
lpappRP: ok, thanks. :)17:29
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #29 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-x86/builds/2917:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-ppc-lsb/builds/2817:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-arm-lsb/builds/2817:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #29 of poky-tiny is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/poky-tiny/builds/2917:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #27 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-mips-lsb/builds/2717:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-intel-gpl/builds/2817:30
*** onoffon <onoffon!~kraj@99-57-140-30.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net> has joined #yocto17:30
RPlpapp: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/bitbake?id=b5255bb34d17017e38d264e4360b1b560b1fa5d217:31
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has quit IRC17:31
RPbluelightning: might be something to backport?17:32
kergothseems like a strange thing to even keep as a debug message. bitbake -e will show you what appends were loaded anyway17:32
lpappRP: are you working on the PASSWD_ROOT feature request? IMHO, it would be useful.17:33
RPlpapp: Since I don't know offhand what that is, I guess not17:34
lpappRP: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=567517:35
yoctiBug 5675: enhancement, Medium, 1.6, Qi.Chen, NEW , Add a ROOT_PASSWD feature for images17:35
*** onoffon <onoffon!~kraj@99-57-140-30.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net> has quit IRC17:35
lpappI am somewhat surprised that Yocto does not still have such a basic feature17:35
lpappit is part of any Linux installation these days.17:35
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC17:36
*** onoffon <onoffon!~kraj@> has joined #yocto17:36
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto17:36
RPlpapp: didn't someone add something like that (extra params for plaintext to the commands)?17:36
RPlpapp: Its not assigned to me so I'm not sure why I'd be working on it?17:36
Xzrburton: packagegroup-core-sdk tries to pull in ldd, but it 'does not exist' for uclibc (poky-tiny)17:37
lpappRP: well, you need to execute raw commands17:37
Xzrburton: however this guy: meta/recipes-core/uclibc/uclibc-package.inc says PACKAGES = "ldd ..."17:37
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC17:38
rburtonXz: hm, can't actually get any files in then17:38
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto17:38
Xzrburton: so it looks like there is ldd somewhere but not exported as 'ldd' name17:38
Xzrburton: the thing is that if I add 'tools-sdk' into IMAGE_FEATURES build breaks17:39
Xzrburton: outcome of addint 'tools-sdk' is packagegroup-core-sdk pulling in ldd17:39
Xzrburton: well, trying to pull in ldd17:39
lpappRP: it was you, btw, http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=31dee7946340bf0f1e94e4e714191d3d6ca3bf6a17:39
lpappRP: because the thing is, you still need to have some raw stuff like this, EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "\17:40
lpappuseradd -p '' -u 1200 -d /home/user1 -r -s /bin/bash user1; \17:40
lpappIMHO, that is still too complex for setting a password for the root user.17:40
RPlpapp: author: Chen Qi17:40
RPlpapp: I am not Chen17:40
lpappoh, I see.17:41
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-ppc is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-ppc/builds/2817:41
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-fsl-arm/builds/2817:41
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-multilib is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1 Running Sanity Tests_1 BuildImages_2 Running Sanity Tests_2 BuildImages_3 Running Sanity Tests_3 BuildImages_4] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-multilib/builds/2817:42
*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto17:42
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of minnow-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/minnow-lsb/builds/2817:43
bluelightninglpapp: personally I don't think this is something we should be making easier17:44
lpappRP: well, I guess, it would not be too hard to implement this feature in bitbake.17:44
bluelightninglpapp: at worst, it encourages poor security practices17:45
lpappsince variables are already parsed, so I could take a look at how other variables are parsed, and then I know how to use passwd or chpasswd in the end.17:45
lpappbluelightning: no, it does not.17:45
lpapp1) the discussion was also about ROOT_PASSWD_type17:46
lpapp2) Moreover, the current way already "encourages" that.17:46
lpappsince the implemented feature by Chen is basically to add support cleartext.17:46
bluelightningsetting the same default root password for every device you ship is not a security problem?17:46
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC17:46
* rburton loves how raumfeld handles root access17:47
lpapp(not in our case anyhow where ssh is disabled)17:47
rburtonplug in a usb device with a file with basically a md5sum in and it enables ssh17:47
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto17:47
lpappbut then again, you have a generic complain which does not apply to the case.17:48
lpapp1) We already have this issue already today17:48
lpapp2) You already have the tools to make it better17:48
*** Jefro <Jefro!~jefro@50-0-152-82.dedicated.static.sonic.net> has joined #yocto17:48
bluelightninglpapp: so if this affects you perhaps you can come up with the patch to add the feature?17:48
lpapprburton: eh?17:48
lpapprburton: if there is no ssh server running, how will you enable the ssh?17:49
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC17:49
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto17:49
lpappbluelightning: not at the moment, I am afraid... I have plenty on my plate.17:49
bluelightningdon't we all...17:50
lpapphow should I know? :)17:50
lpappI am not busy all the time in my life. :-)17:50
RPlpapp: we have a lot going on. Now you know17:50
lpappyeah, well, either way, this is a basic feature IMHO.17:51
kergothrburton: huh, thats an interesting approach. requires local access17:51
RPlpapp: so basic we've managed without it for years17:51
lpappRP: the two are orthogonal17:51
lpapplook around how it has been managed .... :)17:52
lpappnot the way how distributions have handled this the last 5-10 years.17:52
lpappbluelightning: also, one problem with implementing it on my own is that it is possible that the Linux Foundation and Intel would not like the feature itself, so I would rather not risk my time.17:53
lpappbluelightning: for instance I am still having a simple pending change for december, and such things demotivate me.17:55
lpappcurrently, it feels a bit like if it is not important for the Linux Foundation and/or Intel, it will not get any attention.17:56
mr_scienceanybody know anything  about pseudo environment vars?17:56
mr_sciencebuilt it on a 64bit multilib setup but still no worky...17:57
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@host54-128-static.10-188-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC18:02
*** belen1 <belen1!Adium@nat/intel/x-xhwvnubsljhpjrzw> has joined #yocto18:02
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-sykgtrekotvcpssz> has quit IRC18:03
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC18:13
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto18:18
Xzguys, uclibc-package.inc says: PACKAGES = "ldd ...", however my built image does not have ldd18:21
Xzwhat's wrong?18:21
*** nitink <nitink!nitink@nat/intel/x-swcergthavcawhyh> has joined #yocto18:21
Garibaldi|workXz: do you have a recipe in your image that pulls in ldd?18:21
*** seebs <seebs!~seebs@home.seebs.net> has quit IRC18:22
Garibaldi|workQuestion about ar:  In my recipe I have an $AR variable set to i586-poky-linux-ar, but I don't have have i586-poky-linux-ar in my PATH18:22
XzGaribaldi|work: packagegroup-core-sdk pulls ldd in18:22
XzGaribaldi|work: in my image recipe I pull in 'tools-sdk' which pulls in packagegroup-core-sdk :)18:22
XzGaribaldi|work: it breaks my uclibc build18:23
Garibaldi|workI see tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/libexec/i586-poky-linux/gcc/i586-poky-linux/4.8.1/i586-poky-linux-ar, but that directory isn't in my PATH18:23
XzGaribaldi|work: and now I proved that ldd is not present on uclibc build (it is present on eglibc image)18:23
bluelightningXz: does uclibc actually put anything into an ldd package?18:24
Garibaldi|workXz: ok... I'm not sure what you're asking18:24
Xzbluelightning: I don't know that18:24
bluelightningXz: I'd suggest checking - just having it in PACKAGES is not enough, it needs to actually install the appropriate files and have FILES_ldd somewhere18:25
Xzbluelightning: but if it doesn't it would be strange to put 'PACKAGES = "ldd into uclbic-packages.inc, wouldn't it?18:25
bluelightningXz: it would yes18:25
Xzbluelightning: there is FILES_ldd = "${bindir}/ldd"18:25
Xzbluelightning: in uclibc-package.inc18:26
Xzbluelightning: maybe it should be FILES_ucblic-ldd?18:27
kergothif ldd is in packages, FILES_ldd is what it should be defining18:28
Garibaldi|workany have any idea about my $AR not being in the $PATH?18:28
Xzbluelightning: SUMMARY_ldd and DESCRIPTION_ldd are missing, maybe that's the case?18:28
*** seebs <seebs!~seebs@home.seebs.net> has joined #yocto18:28
kergothsummary and description are cosmetic18:28
Xzkergoth: bluelightning: so basically sth is not clicking here. ldd on uclibc image not present, but present in uclibc-package.inc18:29
kergothas bluelightning already said, you'd have to make sure it actually installs the files that FILES_ldd is looking for18:30
Xzkergoth: bluelightning: the same thing done in eglibc-package.inc works, so ldd present in eglibc image18:30
Xzkergoth: well, I checked the image and ldd is not there, so not installed is the answer. Is that answer for your question? :)18:30
bluelightningXz: check what the ldd subdirectory in the packages-split subdir of the uclibc workdir has in it18:30
Xzbluelightning: have to rebuilt image :| will check in 45min18:32
kergoththe image is way farther down the line, as bluelightning says, you need to check what actually got installed by the recipe18:32
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Xzbluelightning: kergoth: ok, so ldd/ subdirectory in uclibc's packages-split is empty :|18:45
bluelightningXz: right, so it never installed anything18:45
Xzbluelightning: so either uclibc-packages.inc should not say 'PACKAGES = "ldd" or ldd/ subdir should contain some stuff18:47
lpapp/etc/init.d/rc: /etc/rcS.d/S37populate-volatile.sh: line 1: can't create /etc/volatile.cache.build: No space left on device18:48
lpappthat looks scary, does it not? How can I debug what causes it?18:48
Xzlpapp: use 'mount' to figure out whre /etc sits first18:49
Garibaldi|workis there a virtual/${TARGET_PREFIX}ar?18:49
lpappXz: yeah, I know which partition is that, but I am not sure why it is getting full.18:49
kergothar is from binutils18:49
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Xzlpapp: is your partition in RAM or on some Flash/other device?18:50
Garibaldi|workdo I need to do something to pull in i586-poky-linux-ar?  The $AR variable is set, but the command it's set to isn't in my path18:50
lpappXz: nor flash, ubigs.18:51
Garibaldi|workjust do a DEPENDS += "binutils-native"?18:51
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Xzlpapp: if you have df/du tools you can check sizes of stuff on your partition18:52
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kergothit sounds like you'd wnat the cross one, technically, if you want i586-poky-linux-ar18:53
kergoththats cross prefixed18:53
kergothvirtual/${TARGET_PREFIX}binutils or so18:53
Xzlpapp: untill you cannot since that's during boot, right?18:53
lpappXz: I know the size as I set it up in u-boot.18:53
Xzlpapp: hard to say anything about that problem. Maybe prepend /etc/rcS.d/S37populate-volatile.sh:line1 with 'strace' to have better understanding of what happens18:55
Xzlpapp: assumming you have strace on your image18:55
lpappI do not.18:56
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Garibaldi|workkergoth: yeah, I'm trying to use $AR in my recipe -- the variable is set but the value it contains isn't in my PATH18:56
Garibaldi|workI'll try what you suggested18:56
Xzlpapp: add strace to the image - that's something you can try18:56
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lpappXz: I do not know how to read strace... It looked a bit spammy to me all the time. :-)18:57
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Xzlpapp: so how do you want to debug it? As I understand you know size of your image and you know size of contents and there is some free space on image. However /etc/rcS.d/S37populate-volatile.sh: complains about no free space18:59
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kergothhmm, the ^{} thing with tags broke for this tag in this repo19:02
kergothdoing the ls-remote iwthout that works fine19:02
kergothdoes that only work for annotated tags?19:02
kergothwith annotated tags, the tag is its own object, not just a ref to a commit object..19:02
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Garibaldi|workkergoth: thanks -- that worked19:09
kergothGaribaldi|work: that said, recipes default to pulling in the cross toolchain, so its a bit odd you'd need to do so manually, unless you're inhibiting hte default deps19:10
Garibaldi|workyeah, I figured so.  I'm not doing anything (that I know of) to inhibit the defaults though19:11
frayname of the package (including -native or -nativesdk) can prevent it.... also adding INHIBIT... something (forget offhand) in the recipe can..19:11
Garibaldi|workyeah, I'm doing neither of those19:12
Garibaldi|workI'll take a look at what I have and double check that I didn't fubar something along the way19:13
newellSo I build my image using EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks ssh-server-openssh dev-pkgs dbg-pkgs tools-sdk tools-debug "19:16
newellHowever, I cannot find gcc or any of the other programs that some of these packages are supposed to come with...am I missing something here?19:17
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kergothto start with, make sure nothing is overriding that, see what its really set to. bitbake -e yourimage|grep IMAGE_FEATURES=19:18
newellkergoth, thanks will try that right now19:18
newellSDKIMAGE_FEATURES="dev-pkgs dbg-pkgs"19:20
newellEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES="debug-tweaks ssh-server-openssh dev-pkgs dbg-pkgs tools-sdk tools-debug       tools-testapps     nfs-server     tools-debug     tools-profile "19:20
newellIMAGE_FEATURES="debug-tweaks tools-sdk dev-pkgs tools-testapps splash dbg-pkgs tools-profile nfs-server tools-debug ssh-server-openssh"19:20
newellkergoth, seems that it should be okay no?19:22
kergothindeed. might want to look at the packages installed in the image. there's a package list in buildhistory19:23
kergothalso the manifests19:23
newellkergoth, I don't see a tmp/buildhistory directoy...I do see a tmp/buildstats but didn't find any package information in that folder19:27
* newell is checking manifests19:27
newellwill rebuild with buildhistory enabled19:30
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newellkergoth, so I rebuilt my image with buildhistory enabled and I am looking at the installed-packages.txt for my image and I see gcc in there but I cannot find it at all on the actual image when I boot up the board.22:20
newellAny hints on why this could be like this?22:21
newellIts weird...b/c I remember that I used to have gcc in the PATH and installed on earlier builds22:21
* newell scratches his head22:21
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kergothsounds like you hvae some other problem going on, perhaps flashing the wrong image or so :)23:49
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