Wednesday, 2014-01-29

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kergothgah, qemu-native just hit an ICE in my host compiler01:17
* kergoth grumbles01:17
mranostaykergoth: ice in AZ? :)01:40
Crofton|workno just South Carolina01:42
mr_scienceyou think weather is funny *now*...   just wait a couple years...01:47
mr_scienceand with that, it's time to bail01:48
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kergothmranostay: we're enjoying mid 70s around here02:39
kergothbest time of the year, makes summer worth it02:39
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pt__have one doubt03:16
pt__want to build a module for two hardware(two machine variable), will <bitbake-file>_<machine-name>.bb work?03:17
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zqadmorning, europeans :)07:18
zqadi sent two emails (description+patch) to yesterday, but I cannot see it at . anyone with an idea why?07:18
zqadi'm not subscribed to the list, btw07:18
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zqad..and the mail was sent from i did a trial send first to an external address, so the mail configuration on my side seems alright :)07:28
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lpapphello, for my question, anyone?07:52
lpappoopsie, wrong channel, sorry.07:52
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mckoangood morning07:59
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mksHello, how can I fixe this08:28
mksgst-ffmpeg was skipped: because it has a restricted license not whitelisted in LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST08:28
mksfrom poky-dylan/meta/recipes-multimedia/gst-ffmpeg-0.10.1308:30
mksLICENSE = "GPLv2+ & LGPLv2+ & ( (GPLv2+ & LGPLv2.1+) | (GPLv3+ & LGPLv3+) )"08:30
mksdoes anyone used gst-ffmpeg ?08:33
lpapp/etc/init.d/rc: /etc/rcS.d/ line 1: can't create /etc/ No space left on device08:42
lpapphas anyone got a clue for this?08:42
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mckoanlpapp: maybe your HD is full? try df -h08:46
mckoanmks: which machine?08:46
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mksmckoan : fsl imx6q08:49
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mckoanmks: as I supposed08:49
mksmckoan:  do I need to append a COMPATIBLE_MACHINE ?08:51
mckoanuse meta-fsl-demos and take a look at fsl-image-test.bb08:51
mksok thanks a lot08:52
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lpappmckoan: it obviously is full, but I am wonder how it can be fixed, and what is causing it.09:09
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mckoanlpapp: you can delete something or use a larger HD09:17
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1 of nightly-fsl-ppc is complete: Failure [failed RunPreamble CreateAutoConf Create BBLayers Configuration BuildImages CreateAutoConf_1 Building Toolchain Images CreateAutoConf_2 Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
mckoanlpapp: or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are doing, please pastebin your log09:18
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lpappmckoan: delete something?09:27
lpappit is already like that by the initscripts. :)09:27
lpapppartition is as big as before.09:27
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lpappso I guess I am interested in what that initscript is doing09:35
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bluelightning_morning all09:49
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lpappbluelightning: good morning09:51
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lpappso does anyone know how this script is supposed to work? meta/recipes-core/initscripts/initscripts-1.0/populate-volatile.sh11:05
lpapphow much rootfs space would it require?11:05
lpappwhy does it populate the whole disc on the first boot up?11:06
rburtonevery boot, because it puts directories into locations that are tmpfs, so empty on every boot11:09
lpappI am not sure I follow...11:10
lpappit populates the root (/) to full.11:10
lpappthat is of course unacceptable.11:11
lpappI do not of course want that. :-)11:11
lpappso how to fix the issue?11:11
lpappcan't create /etc/ No space left on device11:11
lpapp-> /etc is not tmpfs AFAICT11:12
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lpapptest "$VOLATILE_ENABLE_CACHE" = yes && echo "$EXEC" >> /etc/volatile.cache.build11:13
lpappwe switched from RO to RW, so that may be the reason why it appears all of a sudden, but still, it should not behave like this IMHO. :-)11:14
lpappor is it because we already have a full / before this script is trying to write?11:15
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lpapphmm, the core kernel is 1.9 MB on our side with some custom stuff? That does not look alright, does it?11:25
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lpappThat seems very big for a limited embedded platform. I would have imagined it around 1-1.2 MB.11:26
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lpappmy desktop kernel is 3.8 MB with the initramfs.11:28
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rburtonvery hard for people who don't know your use case or kernel config to comment on size11:31
lpappwell, it is poky.11:31
rburtonbut your kernel, right?11:32
lpappwell, 10K+ LOC maybe.11:33
lpappthat is negligible to the kernel size.11:33
rburtonand kernel tuning is obviously something you want to do if you care about the size, there's bound to be bits you can turn off.11:33
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lpappwell, yes, but really, 1.9 MB sounds huge either way.11:33
rburtonso review your kernel config11:34
danielkihuh? the kernel size could vary drastically depending on feature set11:34
lpappthere is no any "huh".11:35
lpapp1.9 MB is big, period. :)11:35
Xzrburton: when could we expect ASSUME_PROVIDED = "pkgconfig" to be pushed?11:35
rburtonlpapp: its half the size of your desktop kernel, so it's not that big11:35
lpappI would imagine /much/ less for a core-image-minimal.11:35
lpapprburton: that is very big IMHO.11:35
rburtonlpapp: core-image-minimal shares the kernel with core-image-sato11:35
lpapprburton: I used to have 1-1.2 MB or even less.11:35
rburtonso tune it then11:35
lpappI imagine even core-image-minimal includes a lot of needless stuff.11:36
lpapp(for just booting a system up)11:36
rburtonits an example, so by definition yes11:36
lpappso, what is the reason for /home/root? I still did not get it.11:37
rburtonXz: you'll have to ask RP about that.  he might be waiting on darren to review it11:37
lpappI have not seen that anywhere.11:37
rburtonlpapp: so that all homes are in the same mount, i suspect.11:38
rburtonmove it if it bothers you11:38
lpapprburton: what is the point of that? Root has always been a super user.11:38
lpappso it has not been available as such among the regular users for that reason.11:38
* danielki found is strange as well, and it clashes with having a separate partition for /home11:39
danielkibut you can set ROOT_HOME to move it11:39
lpappI know.11:39
lpappbut what I do not know is the point of /home/root, hence asking. :-)11:39
lpappIMHO, currently, most of the people will override that to /root, so why not have that as a default?11:39
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danielkibtw, when I made that ROOT_HOME change, I had to manually delete the sstate for the recipes involved or it would continue to put the old stuff into generated RPMs -- took me a while to figure that one out11:41
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lpapp"that ROOT_HOME change" means?11:42
RPXz: I was hoping Darren would comment...11:42
danielkilpapp: I changed it to /root for my images, but I had already done a build with the original setting -- normally Yocto is quite good at recognizing changes, and I even bumped PR, and ran bitbake -f -c clean on base-files and base-passwd, but nothing helped until I deleted the sstate directories11:44
lpappdanielki: yes, but what I meant is, how you changed it... through local conf or layer?11:45
danielkibbappend in custom layer11:45
lpappwhy not the image config or local?11:46
rburtondanielki: oh can you file a bug about that, something isn't noticing the variable change.  -cclean will only remove the local workdir so as it didn't notice the variable change, the sstate was used.11:46
rburton(-ccleansstate is what you want for that)11:46
lpapphmm, my lib is 6.8 MB... I wonder if the stuff is stripped, really...11:46
danielkiimage conf would not apply if you run bitbake on single recipes -- not a good idea. And local conf is not in any git repo -- not an option11:46
lpappwhat is this "firmware" file in /lib (2 MB!) ?11:46
danielkirburton: where do I file it?11:47
rburtondanielki:, build system -> oe-core11:47
lpapp!bug 111111:47
yoctiBug enhancement, Low, 1.1 M2, bruce.ashfield, VERIFIED FIXED, [routerstationpro] Add watchdog support in default kernel configure11:47
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lpappapparently, yocti does not recognize !bug11:48
lpapp(IMHO, it should :) )11:48
lpappdanielki: well, custom recipes will not apply to other recipes....11:49
lpappthough we check the local config in since it does not feel so local...11:49
danielkilpapp: hm? it is a bbappend to an existing recipe11:50
danielkiand it works11:50
danielkiit just has a caching problem11:50
lpappyes, so if you need it for many recipes, you will do it many times .... :-/11:50
danielkimaybe I could put it into my distro conf11:50
lpappin fact, I would require that it works for images just fine, anytime wherever it is used the building of that image.11:50
lpappI certainly want to have several bbappends around.11:51
lpappdo not*11:51
lpappused for the*11:51
danielkiah wait, I was talking shite11:51
danielkiI actually have it in my distro conf already :)11:51
* danielki got confused between the various changes he made11:52
lpappyes, that makes more sense.11:52
lpappso: 11:41 < lpapp> what is this "firmware" file in /lib (2 MB!) ?11:53
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #2 of poky-tiny is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
lpappI do not find an option for opkg which package owns it11:53
lpappah, it might be our custom stuff.11:54
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lpappyes, nvm about  that one.11:57
lpappdanielki: so if you modify it in the distro conf, the meta initscripts will respect it, too?11:58
danielkiyes, I think so11:59
danielkiROOT_HOME is used in several places11:59
danielkiin some cases installed files are modified11:59
rburtondistro config is global unless specific recipes change it12:00
danielkiin any case, it works for us and I can place /home on a separate ubi volume and it still log in as root if /home is not mounted12:00
lpappyes, exactly.12:00
lpappI do not see the point of /home/root. :-)12:01
danielkiyes, and it causes problems, too12:01
lpappIMHO, it is going against the Unix philosophy.12:01
danielkiotherwise I would not have minded12:01
rburtonlpapp: mail the list, there may be valid reasons, or now-obsolete reasons that don't apply anymore12:01
XzWhen I build ucblic - it should build ldd (as for However ldd does not get built. Inspecting tmp/work/i586-uclibc/uclibc/<ver>/packages-split shows that ldd/ is empty12:04
lpappyou sined it...12:04
Xzany ideas?12:04
lpappoh, sorry, that is systemd12:05
lpappcommit de5b44a74018c49b6f3079c4c5085b4146b422c412:05
lpappKang introduced it in this commit, but without any explanation why it is /home/root12:05
lpappit may be that some software had this nasty assumption, or recipe.12:05
lpappyes, so the thing is, the systemd recipe used /home/root12:06
lpappthe question is why....12:06
lpappgit show b8744d5376a9df4ec30120fdc8f39579d34d0545 | grep home/root12:08
lpapp+       # we only have /home/root, not /root12:08
lpapp+       sed -i -e 's:=/root:=/home/root:g' units/*.service*12:08
lpappdanielki: are you also on the list? I could CC you, too.12:10
lpapp(if not)12:10
danielkilpapp: no, I'm not yet on the list. mail is daniel.elstner@kdab.com12:10
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lpappdanielki: heh, you work for KDAB?12:13
ant_worklpapp: FHS 2.3 still says  /root : Home directory for the root user (optional)12:13
lpapphence writing the email. :-)12:14
danielkilpapp: ah, I see you're a KDE guy :)12:14
lpappnot much these days. :)12:14
ant_workso iirc first embedded debian had /home/root12:14
lpappant_work: the question is _why_ ?12:14
danielkilpapp: well, I'm originally a GNOME guy who managed to end up at KDAB anyway -- didn't know about the company until shortly before I joined it :)12:15
zqadguess: to have / RO, but /home RW12:15
lpappwell, KDAB is more into Qt these days than KDE, no?12:15
lpappzqad: I do not see the point for RO /12:16
lpappzqad: you can remount stuff r/w.12:16
danielkiyeah, but we have quite a few KDE guys as employees12:16
lpappSo what is the point? :-)12:16
zqadlots of embedded folks do :-)12:16
lpappyes, we used to do that, too.12:16
lpappbut IMHO, the predecessors made a mistake. :)12:16
lpappsince you can remount it r/w anytime, what is the additional gain of RO?12:16
av500oh, kdab still exists :)12:17
zqadwell, squashfs is one thing. and dm-verity is another.12:17
lpappzqad: I do not know these, so I will assume they are valid use cases. Still, I do not see them the majority to lead the value of the default path.12:17
danielkiav500: it's well and very much alive indeed12:18
zqadbooting from a cpio and having a persistent /home is a third.. :)12:18
av500years ago we had a visit from Kalle here :)12:18
zqadbut I guess that someone sometime thought that it's for the best12:18
lpappdanielki: yes, dfaure, volker, etc.12:19
* av500 wonders how to remount a cramfs root to RO12:19
av500to RW*12:19
*** challinan <challinan!> has quit IRC12:19
av500or squashfs12:19
lpappzqad: right, I will assume these are valid use cases, cannot judge currently, but considering that how infrequent these are on embedded, I would say go ahead and purge /home/root12:20
lpappand these users can modify the default.12:20
danielkilpapp: indeed, volker sits just a few doors away from me :)12:20
lpappubifs, jffs2, etc are way more common.12:20
av500in all the systems you sampled maybe12:21
zqadexactly. in my experience, "real" flash file systems are not that common.12:21
lpappzqad: and pratically speaking, even in those cases, you could have a root partition.12:21
lpappkeeping /root as is.12:21
lpappso I really do not see any problem. :)12:22
lpappbut I see a lot more trouble from /home/root.12:22
zqadbut what if you upgrade? you probable erase your root partition. and thus want to keep your persistent data in one place, e.g. /home/root12:22
zqadI see no problems :-)12:22
ant_workbtw I've noticed we get per default "UBIFS: reserved for root:  0 bytes (0 KiB"12:22
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!> has joined #yocto12:24
lpappzqad: upgrade, erase your root partition?12:25
lpappSurely, I do not know what you are referring to?12:25
lpappIt is just a generic config/upgrade issue... It has not much to do with the ROOT_HOME.12:25
lpapppractically speaking, upgrade happens with packages these days than reflashes IMHO.12:25
lpappalso, /home/root is not any better than a /root/ partition, just worse due to the no proper super/normal user separation, IMHO. :)12:26
zqadi don't think anyone of us can win this argument :-)12:27
lpappwell, the mailing list will decide.12:27
av500but we can prolong it indefinitley12:27
av500like the debian vote12:27
danielkiI agree, having the choice is fine, but the default may still be questionable12:27
zqadav500 :-)12:27
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!~Adium@> has joined #yocto12:27
lpappif your only worry is persistent data, /root parition will do it as fine as /home/root.12:28
*** KotH <KotH!> has joined #yocto12:28
lpappIMHO, /home/root is a silly idea.12:28
KotHgreetings earthlings, i come in piece12:28
lpapp(I do not know how the debian guys came up with it at all...)12:28
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC12:30
*** zecke <zecke!> has joined #yocto12:31
lpappthe big disadvantage of such a change is incompatibility IMHO.12:31
lpappdanielki: ok, sent.12:32
lpappdanielki: so are you also a Qt Expert ?12:34
danielkiNah, not really, I work more on the embedded side of things. You could say I'm a C++ expert though, which might explain why they hired me :)12:34
lpappwow, C++ in embedded, good to know there are such people.... Unfortunately, so many people (old) people think C is the only true way. :-/12:35
danielkilpapp: whereas on the commercial side of things, no-one is using C12:37
lpappwell, we do. :-/12:37
danielkioh, I haven't seen that in a while :)12:37
lpappok, so it seems Yocto does not strip libraries by default.12:42
* av500 sees a lof of java in embedded....12:43
lpappav500: you have a different definition of embedded, I think...12:43
* KotH sees a lot of forth in embedded12:44
lpappso the default value for INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP is 1 set by some class ?12:45
lpappfor instance: file ./tmp/sysroots/foo/lib/libc-2.17.so12:48
lpapp./tmp/sysroots/foo/lib/ ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.16, not stripped12:48
lpappoh, possibly I am wrong, these are actually stripped for the image, but the non-stripped interim version is kept around, too.12:50
danielkilpapp: well, android certainly counts as embedded, so java is indeed used a lot. thankfully, I have nothing to do with that12:55
danielkiyou would be surprised what some of our customers are trying to put on an embedded device :)  (HTML5 for instance)12:59
av500some people even put that on phones13:00
av500what has become of the world..13:01
*** OutBackDingo_ <OutBackDingo_!~quassel@unaffiliated/outbackdingo> has joined #yocto13:01
*** OutBackDingo <OutBackDingo!~quassel@unaffiliated/outbackdingo> has quit IRC13:02
lpappdanielki: not for me.13:02
lpappandroid is a generic computing platform... you have millions of apps.13:02
danielkilpapp: well a bit like yocto :)13:02
* danielki hides13:02
lpappfor me, embedded means a dedicated system for 1-2 or a couple of tasks at maximum with very limited resources accodingly.13:03
av500ah, so embedded == no apps for it13:03
lpappdanielki: and on such platorms, java is a clear no starter.13:03
danielkilpapp: but android is being used for specialized systems13:03
lpappdanielki: on such systems, too.13:03
danielkiI don't like it either, but as I said... you would be surprised what some people are attempting to do13:03
lpappdanielki: that does not make it more dedicated that a particularly designed system for that task to put harmony between the use and the platform.13:04
danielkiwell, the embedded work I am involved with is very UI heavy13:05
lpapps/use/use case/13:05
KotHav500: but the c64 that runs the big train display in zh mainstation is embedded ;)13:05
lpappdanielki: to be complete, even Qt is a no starter for us with small flash. :)13:06
lpappQt embedded means powerful "embedded" systems that are much more powerful than my few years old PCs.13:07
* av500 did QT embedded on 150mhz arm913:07
danielkimany of the systems we work on have a UI that requires OpenGL acceleration13:07
danielkiiMX and OMAP based, mostly13:08
lpappav500: we are talking about Q toolkit, not Quick time.13:09
lpappQuick Time*13:09
lpappdifferent project... ;-)13:09
av500lpapp: I am well aware of that13:09
lpappvideo or did not happen. :)13:10
lpappbecause you can use QString on embedded, and it may even run... but running a full UI stack on a real embedded, that is a challange, especially with Qt 4, or it will be almost unusable.13:10
av500there, even done by Churby himself13:11
lpappand with Qt 5 it is even more impossible.13:11
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto13:11
lpappav500: right, so basically that looks like a desktop UI13:13
danielkiwell, depends on what you mean by "real embedded" :)13:13
lpappforced onto an embedded hardware. :-/13:13
danielkithat's just bad UI design13:13
lpappdanielki: nah, it is more.13:13
av500it is QT embedded on an arm9, 150mhz13:13
lpappQt did not really have nice UI back then for embedded.13:13
lpapp(themes, tools for rapit prototyping, etc)13:13
lpapp(still does not have it for real embedded)13:14
danielkiour customers mostly use custom UIs implemented in QML13:14
lpappQML is a toy IMHO. :-)13:14
lpappa huuuge one.13:14
lpappto get qml without any frameworks, just to build up the UI, you are getting close to 10 MB13:14
lpapp(if not more)13:14
lpappand the language is almost 5 years old, but still has no any ISO spec.13:15
danielkiwell, that's nothing given the platforms we normally work on :)13:15
lpappit is changing randomly as the time goes ahead. :)13:15
lpappwell, people use 8-32 MB flashes out there for embedded, as well.13:15
danielkitell the Qt guys, not me13:15
danielkiI'm currently working on a system with 1GiB flash, and that's even the usual size for us :)13:16
lpapp64-512 MB RAM, etc.13:16
lpappon such systems, QML is just a big no-go inherently. :-/13:16
danielkiwell it needs hardware acceleration13:17
danielkiso it plays in the beefy league by definition13:17
lpappno, it does not.13:17
danielkifor real use it does13:17
danielkiat least with Qt513:17
lpappit has both types of backend AFAIK.13:17
lpappraster and gpu as well.13:17
danielkinot anymore13:17
lpappsurely, it does. :)13:17
danielkiOpenGL is a hard dependency of Qt 513:17
lpappsoftware adn gpu*13:17
lpappopengl != hardware acceleration13:18
lpappit is just a graphics API.13:18
danielkibut it is slow without13:18
lpappwell, good that we have better alternatives for embedded than Qt, e.g. fltk.13:18
danielkitrust me, our customers who use QML all have hardware acceleration, and they need it too :)13:19
XzRP: ok, let's wait for Darren13:19
lpappyes, I trust... I am referring to my minimal use case though. :)13:19
danielkiyes -- different things, different domains :)13:19
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!~Adium@> has quit IRC13:22
mkshi, how can I be sure my overlay recipe (.bbappend) is used when baking it ?13:33
*** kscherer <kscherer!~kscherer@> has joined #yocto13:34
mksFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${PV}:"13:34
mksis this the only variable need to set ?13:35
*** spulwurm <spulwurm!2e8c5c22@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:36
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #2 of build-appliance is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
Xzanybody has any idea what is wrong with ldd & ucblic? After compiling ucblic in packages-split ldd/ dir is empty and basically ldd does not get installed on image13:38
Xzno problem with eglibc however13:38
*** KotH <KotH!> has left #yocto13:40
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC13:42
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has joined #yocto13:42
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*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~trevor@linaro/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto14:17
lpappdu -sh /var/lib/opkg/14:22
lpapp2.2M    /var/lib/opkg/14:22
lpappis it normal size, or I can shrink it much more down?14:22
*** Squix <Squix!> has joined #yocto14:28
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*** dany <dany!> has joined #yocto14:33
TuTizzhi every one,14:41
rburtonlpapp: if you don't want opkg on the target, remove the package-management image feature.  if you do, you need that.14:41
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has quit IRC14:41
jwesselRP: I had no idea what that file was for.  I am looking as to how it can be validated building the source separate from the objects.14:42
lpapprburton: OK14:42
jwesselI had assumed we had some kind of opt out list and not an opt in list for the separate build dir.14:42
RPjwessel: ideally, I want to get to an opt-out model but opt-in was at least progress in that direction14:44
RPjwessel: usually, set those variables, try a build and see if you get what you expect is a good enough test14:44
jwesselI am looking for doc as to how to change it.  I am assuming you just add the vars to local.conf to test locally for a single package.14:44
jwesselI couldn't find a reference in the documentation as to how to use it :-)14:45
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-swqcolrnizlewnos> has joined #yocto14:47
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #4 of nightly-x32 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has joined #yocto14:49
jwesselI'll send a new patch.  I just tested it with the vars in my local.conf and it builds fine.14:50
TuTizzI want to create the following custom filesystem /boot (ext3 unmount) / (squashfs ro) /home (ext3 + ecryptfs) /update (ext3 unmount) /update-1 (ext3 unmount), can someone help me please?14:54
TuTizzI found IMAGE_TYPES = "squashfs" but that create the entire image, what should I do?14:54
TuTizzWhere should I specify this options?14:54
RPjwessel: the documentation hasn't caught up with SEPB, B is documented though and the rest is standard overrides. Yes, enabling from local.conf should be fine14:55
*** sroy <sroy!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:6e88:14ff:feff:5374> has quit IRC14:56
*** blitz00_ <blitz00_!~stefans@> has joined #yocto14:59
lpappdanielki: still there?14:59
lpappI asked about this yesterday, but got no replies ... :-/15:00
lpappso why is that needed? It breaks for anyone like us where /etc/shadow is there.15:00
*** blitz00 <blitz00!stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC15:01
lpappalso, why is this patch not separated into two as it has two logically different custom mods?15:01
lpappit would be easier to disable the "*" (/etc/shadow) part...15:01
lpappbtw, is there a nice way of disabling a patch meta tries to apply on top of something?15:01
danielkilpapp: I think you're talking to the wrong guy :)15:02
lpappI am talking to everyone. :D15:02
danielkiah ok :)15:02
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!> has joined #yocto15:03
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*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:25
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mksdoes anyone know when the linux-fslc kernel will include pcie support for imx6 ?15:38
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:42
*** daiane <daiane!> has quit IRC15:48
*** daiane <daiane!> has joined #yocto15:48
lpappis there some global config?15:48
lpappsimilarly to local.conf, but actually committing global stuff that should be the same by our developers, like the distro, etc?15:48
lpappor it is just fine to commit the local.conf for such stuff?15:49
rburtonlpapp: that would be the distro config, or if its actually a "site" configuration then site.conf (distribute that however you wish)15:49
danielkilpapp: one thing you could do is to add it default-content to setup-environment, which is in a repo15:49
danielkior site.conf15:50
rburtoni have site.conf in a personal layer that i add to all new build directories15:50
lpappis there a better place than local.conf for setting this? IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management"15:51
lpappCouldn't I just put it into the image file?15:51
rburtonif its an image-specific thing15:51
danielkilpapp: the standard setup-environment script has a variable for DISTRO btw, the default of which you could change15:51
lpappI really do not know why I put it into the local.conf....15:51
rburtonyou'll note that plenty of images set specific image features15:51
lpappah, because we have different images, possibly.15:52
lpappright, so anyway... the main question is local.conf is not really local.15:52
lpappis there a global config file?15:52
rburtonand then a developer may chose to override that and add it to their local.conf to eg get packages or ssh on an otherwise minimal image15:52
lpappI know I argued for one long time ago, but perhaps stuff changed. :-)15:52
lpappno, it is not a random environment15:52
lpappwe work on the same stuff with the same goal.15:53
lpapphence, most of the setup (if not all) should be the same.15:53
rburton-> distro configuration15:53
lpappand should be coming from the repository for convenience.15:53
lpappthere are settings over settings that are the same, e.g. package management.15:53
rburtonor, a site.conf in your layer15:53
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:53
lpappover distros*15:54
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-swqcolrnizlewnos> has quit IRC15:54
lpappor EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN, NO32LIBS, etc.15:54
lpapppretty much my whole local.conf should be global.15:54
danielkirburton: is site.conf updated by setup-environment if it exists already? IIRC it was not, but I might misremember15:54
lpappwe even have similar machines, so even BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE. :-)15:54
lpappyes, really, my local.conf should be global15:55
lpappapplied to all developers.15:55
lpappwhich we currently do through local.conf, but AFAIK it was not meant for such stuff.15:55
rburtondanielki: not iirc15:55
rburtonlpapp: those are auto-detected in master now :)15:55
danielkilpapp: hm, the setup-environment script I have figures out the parallel settings automatically15:56
lpapprburton: that is nice, but that was just one of those.15:56
rburtondanielki: setup-environment is a angstrom thing (iirc). it's not oe-core.15:56
lpapp(not that we will switch to master in 2014)15:56
lpappfor instance, the tedious ROOT_HOME would also better fit in a global conf for us.15:57
lpappin our "PDK", that is.15:57
rburtonchanging ROOT_HOME is 100% a distro configuration change15:58
*** nitink1 <nitink1!nitink@nat/intel/x-yrvehjonxmqjkyrx> has quit IRC15:58
lpappno no15:58
lpappit is a global change at us.15:58
lpappwe will never use insane home root path. :-)15:58
lpappno matter what distro, etc, well unless someone else takes over the maintainership here. :)15:59
lpapp(with a vastly different mindset)15:59
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has quit IRC15:59
lpappbtw, this sentence is obsolete then in the current documentation ... A good example is perhaps the level of parallelism you want to use through the BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE variables.15:59
*** dv__ is now known as dv_15:59
lpappor at least, there could be a more useful example...15:59
*** ddalex <ddalex!ddalex@nat/intel/x-tdxejjfsmenfvrax> has joined #yocto16:00
av500send a patch?16:00
rburtonare you confused by the phrase "distro configuration"?  The distro *is* your product.16:00
rburtonlpapp: still a fine example, we just have better defaults16:00
lpapprburton: define distro16:00
*** nitink <nitink!nitink@nat/intel/x-cqflamfosvtpmvpe> has joined #yocto16:00
lpappI disagree, and I will file a bugreport16:00
lpappwhy would you set that if it is autodetected?16:00
lpappI understand you can, but what is the point? :)16:00
rburtonbecause autodetection isn't foolproof?16:00
lpappwhat foolproofness does it require?16:01
lpappjom has been bullet and fool proof AFAICT, for instance.16:01
rburtonit doesn't know that i prefer to use N-2 so that i can run parallel builds16:01
rburtonlpapp: distro configuration - the configuration that is read when you do DISTRO="mydistro"16:02
lpappLetoThe2nd: No.16:03
lpapprburton: so in Yocto sense, Android and Ubuntu may not be different distributions?16:03
rburtonlpapp: not sure what you're getting at16:04
lpappit is a _totally_ valid use case IMHO to supply two different distributions by a company.16:04
lpapp(or more)16:04
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC16:04
rburtonof course it is16:04
lpappin fact, poky already does that.16:04
lpapppoky and poky-tiny.16:04
rburtonand they can share files, as poky and poky-tiny do16:04
lpappwhich is why I mentioned not to put ROOT_HOME into each separate distribution.16:07
lpappI would see it better fit in the site.conf16:07
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has joined #yocto16:10
rburtonor have a common file that all your distros include16:10
lpappI prefer the global configs in one place.16:11
lpappfor easier maintenance.16:11
lpapprburton: as for the threads and parallel make, I am not convinced it is as frequent a use case and some other that could be put into the documentation instead, but it is just a minor improvement either way.16:12
lpappas some other*16:12
av500another clone of make?16:15
lpapprburton: but yes, if you wish to have ROOT_HOME the same for X distrution, but not Y, you could use different shared files.16:15
LetoThe2ndlpapp: if it is "bullet and fool proof" (as you stated) - why does it need ~25linus of usage message?16:15
*** dany <dany!> has joined #yocto16:15
lpappav500: no16:15
lpappLetoThe2nd: I do not understand the question, I am afraid.16:15
* LetoThe2nd leaves for good today.16:16
*** ehp <ehp!> has joined #yocto16:18
*** sroy__ <sroy__!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:6e88:14ff:feff:5374> has joined #yocto16:21
*** sroy__ <sroy__!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:6e88:14ff:feff:5374> has quit IRC16:23
lpapphas no any note about the ideal being autodetected.16:32
rburtonit literally landed yesterday16:33
lpappsame issue,
lpappwithout docs? :/16:33
lpappis there a corresponding bug number, or I shall just open a new ticket?16:34
lpapp[YOCTO #2528]16:35
lpapp!bug 252816:35
yoctiBug enhancement, Low, Future, richard.purdie, RESOLVED FIXED, A bitbake build should automatically use all cores.16:35
*** dRp3pP3r <dRp3pP3r!d5bf22ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:39
lpappdanielki: what is the correct syntax for setting ROOT_HOME?16:41
lpappis it ??= or simply =?16:41
danielkijust =16:41
lpappok, thanks16:41
danielki??= would not set it if already set16:41
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:41
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has quit IRC16:41
danielki?= and ??= are probably different levels of not-touching :)16:42
rburtonyes :)16:42
lpappdanielki: well, I would think ?= appends, but cannot be sure.16:42
danielki+= and .= are different variants of appending16:43
danielkiand _append :)16:43
lpappIMO, it is a weird syntax that I would personally obsolete...16:43
danielkilpapp: GNU make has ?= as well16:43
lpappthat does not make it any good16:43
lpappin fact, GNU make is bad IMHO. :)16:43
danielkiin this case, it is fitting16:43
lpapp(and hopefully no one is really using for new projects, I know there are weird people :) )16:44
danielkiwell, nothing is worse than qmake :)16:44
lpappask your colleague steveire about cmake...16:45
rburton?= for "set if not already set" goes back a very long time16:45
*** dany <dany!> has quit IRC16:45
danielkilpapp: steveire is known around here for his cmake advocacy :)16:45
Xzis Yocto microforum due in 15min? or just my callendar getting mad?16:46
av500rburton: that arguments does not matter to young people16:46
danielkiand I'm probably the only autotools fanboy in the entire company :p16:46
lpappand hopefully over the whole world. :)16:46
*** dany <dany!> has joined #yocto16:47
lpappav500: there is nothing worse and demotivating than old people carrying the mess, and forcing for newcomers with better technologies around.16:48
lpappmore demotivating*16:48
danielkiI don't see what's messy about ?=16:48
lpappthe magical mess16:49
rburtonthe question implies a query, and the = implies assignment16:49
rburton-> conditional assignment16:49
danielkibut I'm past thirty, so what do I know :)16:49
av500lpapp: remember than once you get old :)16:49
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:50
lpappav500: I will try hard.16:50
rburtondanielki: did you have a gnome commit account? if so you're due a sticker ;)16:50
danielkirburton: sure I did, even an old one with just my first name :)16:50
danielkiI think it may actually still be valid16:51
rburtonthose are seriously rare, i may be entirely out16:51
lpappdanielki: don't you agree it is more talkative:16:52
lpappa) if (!a) a = b;16:52
lpappb) set_if_empty(a, b)16:52
danielkinah, please keep it declarative16:52
danielkiok b would work16:52
danielkibut seriously... no.16:52
lpappav500: heard about completion?16:53
av500in ed?16:53
lpappin anything16:54
lpappand even if not, I think it is still easier to remember a definite meaning than magical characters.16:54
lpappperhaps the original authors did not think the world would become complex, so it was initially OK for them...16:55
av500lpapp: how do you remember what = means in C?16:55
av500or ==16:55
danielkiyocto has far worse entry-barrier difficulties than ?=16:55
lpappav500: I do not use C. It is an obsolete language IMHO. :-)16:55
av500you'd love COBOL16:55
lpapp(carried on by old people again...)16:56
av500ah right, c++ got rid of = and ==16:56
av500or is it called cpostincrement16:56
lpappare you now really comparing = and == (which is defacto in languages) with ?=?16:57
lpappand with ??=?16:57
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:59
*** onoffon is now known as khem`16:59
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*** rainerschuster1 <rainerschuster1!> has joined #yocto17:01
lpapprburton: does the site.conf have to match that name or it can be different?17:01
*** dany <dany!> has joined #yocto17:03
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khem`lpapp: may be its explained in docs I would first check the manuals before asking here17:07
lpappkhem`: I have read it a few times already...17:08
lpappkhem`: but you are free to point out if it is in there. :-)17:08
lpappbasically there is no any note about that.17:08
lpappand mind you, there is a lot of undocumented stuff in Yocto, as well.17:09
khem`and there site.conf and auto.conf and so on are written with different typography17:09
khem`that should mean something17:09
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:10
XzI have a recipe for brand new nodejs version in meta-oe17:10
Xzshould I add it next to old one, or replace?17:11
khem`Xz: replace unless there is a reason for old one to exist e.g. ABI breakage17:11
lpappXz: I would replace it if you mean 0.10.2517:12
lpappkhem`: I really do not know what you mean.17:13
*** rainerschuster1 <rainerschuster1!> has quit IRC17:13
lpappyou are basically linking the same documentation with regards to site.conf as what I did....17:13
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!> has joined #yocto17:13
Xzlpapp: yeah, 0.10.2517:14
*** dRp3pP3r <dRp3pP3r!d5bf22ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:15
lpappXz: replacement should be fine for that version IMHO.17:15
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lpapprburton: cause I seem to have some site-foo.conf, but I am not sure if that is supposed to work.17:21
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC17:21
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weebetis there any way to know what is the package name for a recipe ?17:55
*** onoffon is now known as khem`17:55
lpappweebet: there can be more than one, no?17:57
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto17:58
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danielkitry bitbake -e <recipe-name> | grep '^PACKAGES='17:58
Xzin order to send meta-oe patch do I send it to: ?17:59
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC18:00
lpappXz: yes18:00
Xzjust to many email addresses18:00
khem`and usually look at the README of a given layer its required for layers to describe the patch submission process18:01
*** danielki <danielki!~daniel@> has quit IRC18:01
Xzkhem`: you did previous nodejs version18:02
Xzkhem`: you will probably want to review what I did - since I dropped half of your previous patch18:02
weebetthank you danielki18:03
Xzkhem`: looks like that was upstreamed to nodejs18:03
Xzkhem`: so no need to patch it again18:03
*** spulwurm <spulwurm!2e8c5c22@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:04
lpappXz: you may need new patches. ;-)18:04
Xzlpapp: khem`: anyway, sent an email, take a look18:04
lpappI forgot for a second... the relation between the image and distro conf?18:04
lpapphow does the image know again which distro conf to use?18:05
lpappas I do not see direct reference.18:05
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lpappbluelightning: I am still not sure how the SDKPATH is supposed to be used.18:16
lpappwhen does that get set? Do I need to run a script explicitly after each new sh session on my machine or how?18:16
bluelightningSDKPATH sets the default installation path for the SDK18:17
bluelightningwhich can be overridden when you run the installer script18:17
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto18:17
lpappbluelightning: yes, but I need to know the installed SDK path from the build system of my software.18:18
bluelightningcompletely separately, every new shell session in which you want to use the SDK after installation, you need to run the environment setup script18:18
lpappbluelightning: where is that?18:18
bluelightningwhereever you chose to install the SDK18:18
bluelightningwhich, like I said, is ultimately specified when you install the SDK18:18
lpappah, there are three scripts beside the sysroots folder.18:19
lpappenvironment, site-config and version.18:19
lpappso, in that case, I do not actually have the SDKPATH, but PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR18:21
lpapponce I run the environment setup script.18:21
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC18:22
bluelightningyes, but other variables point to the correct executables18:22
bluelightninge.g. CC18:22
bluelightningif you want to extend the environment setup script you can18:22
lpappyes, but I still need the include and lib paths18:22
lpappwell, I would extend it right in Yocto like this:18:22
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lpappalthough someone is necessarily obliged to use standard paths, so that would make the case lotta more complex...18:25
Crofton|workfor farks sake,we need to release a guide for the press18:26
Crofton|work"Yocto Linux"18:26
lpappnot necessarily*18:27
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yoctiBug 5771: normal, Undecided, ---, jessica.zhang, NEW , Add convenience variables for the include and library paths18:32
lpappbluelightning: do you know what the relation is between the image and the distro conf? How does the image pick up the distro config?18:35
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Garibaldi|workis ${LDFLAGS} intended to be something passed to ${LD} ?18:50
Garibaldi|work(seems like an obvious question, I know)18:50
Garibaldi|workbut my LDFLAGS has -Wl,O1 and I get an error our of ${LD} saying that's an invalid option18:51
khem`Garibaldi|work: yes, however LD = CC18:51
khem`when you call linker directly then LDFLAGS should be cleared out18:52
*** nitink <nitink!~nitink@> has joined #yocto18:52
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Garibaldi|workwell, LD=i586-poky-linux-ld --sysroot=/blah/blah/blah18:53
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!> has left #yocto18:53
Garibaldi|workso I should unset LDFLAGS if $LD is being used?18:53
khem`I assume this is kernel compile ?18:54
Garibaldi|worka recipe for a library18:54
khem`another way is you can set LD to CC18:54
khem`thats better for apps anyway18:55
lpappGaribaldi|work: it depends on how you build.18:55
lpappit feels like you are using raw makefiles?18:55
Garibaldi|workUnfortunately, yes18:55
lpappGaribaldi|work: LDFLAGS needs to passed to the linker, yes.18:56
lpappGaribaldi|work: usually, they go hand in hand, like $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) ...18:57
Garibaldi|worklpapp: yeah, that makes sense.  But then, my LDFLAGS has "-Wl,-O1"18:57
Garibaldi|workand ld complains that it isn't valid18:58
lpappGaribaldi|work: you need to pass linker flags. :)18:59
Garibaldi|workI didn't build LDFLAGS18:59
lpappGaribaldi|work: you can also use CC/CXX18:59
Garibaldi|worklooks like it's coming from bitbake.conf19:00
lpappGaribaldi|work: e.g. LD = $(CXX)19:00
Garibaldi|workyeah, I'll give that a shot too19:00
Garibaldi|workI'm just trying to figure out what the "right" way to do it is19:01
Garibaldi|workgiven that these variables are exposed by the build system environment19:01
Garibaldi|workI mean, if LD should be CC, shouldn't that be pre-set by Yocto? :-)19:02
khem`Garibaldi|work: no, usually thats the assumption since thats the most common case19:02
Garibaldi|workI didn't go out of my way to change anything, that's just what I have19:03
khem`but some packages dont do it for various reasons when they need special memory maps etc.19:03
Garibaldi|work(meaning I didn't turn any knows ---that I know of--- to change $LD to be i586-poky-linux-ld)19:03
Garibaldi|works/any knows/any knobs/19:04
khem`thats ok19:04
khem`here the app is not doing the usual stuff19:04
khem`so need to tweak it19:04
khem`either change the Makefile of app and create a patch19:04
khem`or tweak the recipe to Set LD to be CC19:04
Garibaldi|workThat I'll buy -- the Makefile is ... frustrating19:05
khem`or alter LDFLAGS to be feedable to bare linker19:05
khem`you have 3 options19:05
Garibaldi|workok, thanks19:05
khem`of course make sure that all this is in accordance with the final output of package19:05
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has quit IRC19:10
Garibaldi|workso in short, if I understand correctly, LDFLAGS contains linker flags to be passed to $CC not $LD; the expectation is that CC with parse them off and invoke $LD correctly?19:10
Garibaldi|works/with parse/will parse/19:11
Garibaldi|workso I wouldn't expect to see a Makefile with $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) ..., (unless LD=CC)19:12
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denixkhem: around?22:00
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