Thursday, 2014-02-20

bluelightningit's impressive that windows is capable of reporting sizes in PB...00:06
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mr_sciencebluelightning: if only it could calculate time values correctly...00:20
rburton <— it's not pretty, but it's certainly useful00:28
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bluelightningmr_science: so true00:41
bluelightningrburton: interesting! did you just put this together?00:43
bluelightning'night all00:44
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chengweianyone know why core-image-directfb and several others image doesn't listed by hob?07:49
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chengweiI didn't find any hints from its recipe file by comparing with others listed by hob.07:50
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Denwidchengwei are they in the same dir?07:52
DenwidAre the "#@TYPE: Machine, #@NAME: xyz, etc." fields used for anything particular?07:53
chengweiDenwid: hi, for example, and are both in meta/recipes-graphics/images07:59
chengweihowever, core-image-clutter listed in hob "recipe image list"07:59
chengweithere are not "#@TYPE: Machine, #@NAME: xyz, etc." fields in both files.08:00
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chengweisorry, s/not/no/08:01
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Denwidchengwei, that's really strange. i don't know why that is. the #@TYPE field question wasn't in answer to your question ;-)08:08
chengweiDenwid: I think I found part of my answer.08:08
chengweithere are four images doesn't listed by hob: core-image-directfb, hob-image, hob-image-20140220-135424, core-image-multilib-example08:09
chengweihob-image and hob-image-20140220-135424 are provided by meta-hob, which isn't included by default in build/conf/bblayers.conf08:10
chengweithe same as core-image-multilib-example, which provided by meta-skeleton08:10
chengweinow the single one confusing me is core-image-directfb08:10
chengweiI tried use 'bitbake core-image-directfb', it failed because missing 'directfb', it's a build time error.08:11
chengweiHowever, I think hob should not do that thing if it does.08:11
Denwidchengwei, in which meta is core-image-directfb?08:14
chengwei$ find ../poky.git/ -type f -name core-image-directfb.bb08:15
chengweiand the build error is below.08:16
chengwei$ bitbake core-image-directfb08:16
chengweiLoading cache: 100% |#############################################################################################| ETA:  00:00:0008:16
chengweiLoaded 1218 entries from dependency cache.08:16
chengweiERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'core-image-directfb'08:16
chengweiERROR: core-image-directfb was skipped: missing required distro feature ['directfb'] (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)08:16
chengweiis this a bug?08:16 requires feature "directfb" but which isn't a distro feature so far.08:17
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chengweiI'm using poky master branch, HEAD is b70a10c systemd-serialgetty: Update to match version in recent systemd08:18
Denwidchengwei, could it be that hob only lists recipes-core/images?08:19
chengweihmm, not sure.08:22
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chengweioh, not, because the others in the same directory as core-image-directfb are listed by hob08:23
chengweilike core-image-clutter.08:23
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Denwidchengwei, could it  be because it has no "DESCRIPTION" in
* chengwei give a try08:31
Denwidi find it strange that "nothing provides core-image-directfb" is the error. it seems as if this image isn't plugged into the system. maybe there's a reason for that.08:32
chengweithe reason I think is it requires a distro feature 'directb', however, there isn't such a feature08:33
chengweiDenwid: add a "DESCRIPTION" field can't help08:35
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mckoangood morning08:56
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chengweiDenwid: the regression (bitbake core-image-directfb failure) introduced by using "distro_feature_check" class in core-image-directfb.bb09:28
chengweihowever, the root cause is why uses a non-exist feature.09:29
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rburtonchengwei: non-existent, or just not set by default?09:41
Denwidchengwei, that sounds reasonable.09:42
chengweirburton: I think it's non-existent, I can't find it in 'bitbake -e' or yocto project ref-manual09:42
rburtonthe manual isn't exhaustive09:45
rburtonand not finding it in bitbake -e just means it isn't set09:45
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chengweirburton: can you tell me how to give a try?09:48
chengweirburton: where can I find the feature definition?09:49
rburtonDISTRO_FEATURES_append = " directfb" in your local.conf,  although that wil cause a rebuild.09:50
rburtonthere's a case to be made to remove that check, fwiw.09:50
bluelightningmorning all09:57
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chengweirburton: thank you, I'll give a try, my computer is now stuck by previous build.10:04
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lpapphi, how can I turn warnings into errors from Yocto?10:35
rburtonset WARN_QA and ERROR_QA10:38
lpappyeah, I checked those, but I would not know.10:39
lpappe.g. is there a "warning->error all" option?10:40
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rburtonyou'll have to set ERROR_QA to include all of the warnings too10:45
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rburtonbut adding a "always error" option would be about two lines in insane.bbclass, inside package_qa_handle_error()10:45
lpapprburton: indeed, are you up for the challange?10:47
bluelightningif you do do that, just a warning - you will hit problems10:48
lpappthat is the whole idea, yes.10:48
bluelightningthere are QA checks we don't currently enable at all that are effectively too strict10:48
bluelightningso, then I hope there won't be any complaints when you do hit those... ;)10:49
rburtonlpapp: i don't want a "all errors ever" option, you do :)10:49
rburtoni still recommend setting ERROR_QA to the list of checks you want to be fatal10:49
rburton(just like using -Werror in gcc is equally dumb)10:50
lpappbluelightning: no, we should be able to blacklist stuff10:50
bluelightningthe QA checks are all documented in the reference manual10:50
bluelightningplease refer to that10:50
lpappbut getting error all the time as the generic approach should be possible.10:50
lpappit is pretty much the same concept as toolchain errors.10:50
bluelightningit is entirely possible now10:50
lpapp"entirely possible" -> perhaps. Convenient? Not really.10:50
bluelightningit's inconvenient right now because right now it's inadvisable10:51
bluelightningwe don't help users by providing them with options that we know will cause them problems10:51
lpappit would not actually cause any problems for us, just help.10:51
lpappit is possible that you overlook some use cases.10:51
lpappwe have been having warnings which are .... rightful, and I would like the developers _not_ ignore them.10:52
bluelightningand you're free to set ERROR_QA as needed to make them into errors, nothing stops you from doing that10:53
lpappalternatively, I look over something, but I have not yet found any false positives in our system.10:53
lpappyes, I can enumerate a zoo of options .... which is not convenient as written.10:53
lpapprburton: ok, I have created a patch.10:54
bluelightninger, but there's no need to do that - just take the entire contents of WARN_QA and put it into ERROR_QA. job done.10:54
lpappbluelightning: will not help.10:54
lpappyou still need to enumerate the error options.10:54
lpappor what if you would like to whitelist one?10:55
bluelightningjust exclude it from the ones you copy across?10:55
lpappbluelightning: or what if WANT_QA changes?10:55
lpappbluelightning: yes, but that is the thing, I do not wanna exclude and/or include them manually. :)10:56
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bluelightningI don't have time for this right now10:56
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Jin^eLDhi, does the meta-sunxi layer work with the latest yocto release? I'd like to try yocto on a cubietruck but the information is somehow sparse (or maybe I just did not find it)12:07
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chengweirburton: hi, bitbake fail with below error after I added DISTRO_FEATURES_append = "directfb" to my local.conf12:31
chengwei$ bitbake -c fetchall core-image-directfb12:31
chengweiLoading cache: 100% |##########################################################################################################################| ETA:  00:00:0012:31
chengweiLoaded 70 entries from dependency cache.12:31
chengweiERROR: Please ensure that your setting of VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager (sysvinit) matches the entries enabled in DISTRO_FEATURES               | ETA:  --:--:--12:31
rburtonchengwei: you need a space before directfb12:31
chengweiERROR: Unable to parse /home/chengwei/IoT/Yocto/poky.git/meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/ Exited with "1"12:32
chengweiSummary: There were 2 ERROR messages shown, returning a non-zero exit code.12:32
rburtonappend doesn't add whitespace for you12:32
chengweirburton: oh, thank you! I did read that in one of yocto manual.12:32
chengweirburton: seems its conflict x11 feature introduced somewhere12:34
chengweiERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'core-image-directfb'12:34
chengweiERROR: core-image-directfb was skipped: conflicting distro feature ['x11'] (in DISTRO_FEATURES)12:34
chengweiHow can I remove it from my local.conf?12:34
chengweiOK, seems _remove works12:35
lpappchengwei: yes, it works from dora on AFAIK.12:35
chengweilpapp: thanks!12:36
chengweianyone know how to list available distro features, image features?12:36
lpapphave you checked with bitbake -e?12:36
rburtonchengwei: the docs have a list but its not fully comprehensive12:36
lpappnot sure if it helps though...12:36
rburton-e won't help with available, just current12:37
lpappah, overall, not for your case.12:37
rburtonyou totally could argue that directfb is a silly distro feature and we should just remove it12:37
chengweirburton: yeah, I found directfb isn't in the ref manunal list12:37
lpapprburton: why is it silly?12:37
lpappchengwei: you can also grep the code for sure. :)12:38
lpapp(and report bugs if you wish to improve the documentation)12:38
chengweilpapp: could you give some hints about grep keyword?12:38
lpappchengwei: btw, this is in the doc (image feature): core-image-directfb: An image that uses directfb instead of X11.12:38
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lpappchengwei: grep -rn DISTRO_FEATURES ../meta12:39
chengweiyes, I see that, but it hasn't been listed in the section about distro feature and image feature.12:39
lpappchengwei: yeah, that seems to be true.12:40
chengweiI'm very new to yocto, especially bitbake or yocto script, so I didn't understand the result displayed by grep "DISTRO_FEATURE" in fact12:41
chengweiI was wondering what the exact feature definition script is, so I can grep it.12:41
lpappchengwei: IMHO, it is not defined in one place if that is what you are after.12:42
chengweilpapp: yeah, this is what I feel strongly that yocto is too scalable to give user a whole picture, a lot of thing can included in many kinds of file, a lot of things can be done in many ways...12:44
chengweiit's not easy to newbies to learn, like me, a fresh yocto newbie.12:45
lpappchengwei: if something is bugging me, I open a documentation improvement request... Scott is very friendly and quick.12:45
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rburtonchengwei: there isn't a canonical list of distro features in the code as it would just bitrot.  just like the documentation has, if it doesn't mention this one.12:45
rburtonok, cairo also respects the directfb distro feature12:46
chengweirburton: BTW, what's the formal process? I did sent a document patch to yocto mailing list two days ago, no response yet.12:46
rburtonand libsdl12:46
lpappchengwei: they do not reply, sadly.12:46
rburtonchengwei: filing bugs is better for scott12:46
lpappchengwei: you need to check if it is merged.12:46
rburton(for documentation)12:47
chengweithanks, I'll check, if no, I'll file a ticket.12:47
rburtonchengwei: also the doc patch might have gone to the wrong list so scott didn't see it, where did you send it?12:47
chengweiis that right?12:48
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chengwei:-), I did ask this irc before I sent that patch.12:49
rburtonfwiw i just told scott about this missing feature in the list12:49
chengweirburton: thank you!12:50
chengweiabout the patch,
rburtoni'll point scott at it, in case he didn't see it :)12:50
chengweirburton: thank you again.12:51
lpappI am not sure why poky stuff is in core?12:54
lpappshouldn't they be decoupled?12:54
lpappI am referring to ./meta/recipes-core/feed-config/poky-feed-config-opkg_1.0.bb12:54
lpappor is it some generic stuff, and bad name kept for consistency?12:54
rburtonyeah, that needs  to be renamed12:56
lpappto opkg_1.0bb?12:56
rburtontbh, opkg should be doing that12:56
lpappI do not see why feed-config would be repeated, too.12:56
rburtonwhat do you mean by repeated?12:56
lpappopkg meaning?12:56
rburtonall its doing is writing an arch.conf, so the opkg recipe can do that12:57
lpapp./meta/recipes-core/* feed-config * [1]/poky- * feed-config * [2] -opkg_1.0.bb12:57
rburtonwell, yes12:57
rburtonbecause the folder name is just a folder name12:57
lpappa folder name must be talkative, mustn't it? :-)12:57
rburtonalmost every recipe is in a folder that has the same name as the recipe12:58
lpappyeah, but would such a change to opkg be compatible?12:58
lpappyeah, I dislike that, personally.12:58
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rburtonchengwei: <— directfb added :)12:59
lpapprburton: you mean in ../meta/recipes-devtools/opkg/ ?12:59
lpappor in a .bbappend?13:00
rburtonsee, it's already there13:00
rburtonwhy would meta/ need to use a bbappend?13:00
lpappok, so the other is probably kept for compatibility?13:00
lpappnot in meta/, no.13:00
rburtonthe poky one can be removed entirely13:01
rburtonas its the same as opkg-config-base13:01
lpapprburton: shall I submit a patch or you will take care of it?13:01
lpappto be honest, I am checking dylan... no clue about master.13:01
lpappbut seems to be the same issue13:02
lpappin fact, I would remove the whole folder for now then. :-D13:02
rburtonbit confused about how opkg-config-base and poky-feed-config-opkg get installed in the same image13:06
*** arky <arky!~arky@> has joined #yocto13:06
lpapprburton: I do not know, but this feed is used throughout13:07
lpappthis is partially the blocker for us to get rid of Poky.13:08
rburtonjust drop poky-feed-config-opkg13:08
rburtonopkg-config-base provides arch.conf too and that's a rdepends on opkg13:08
rburtonyes. just don't set EXTRAOPKGCONFIG in your distro.13:08
lpapplet me check the differences between dora and master in that regard...13:09
lpapprburton: why does it have PR r1?13:11
lpappyeah, that recipe seems to be the same in dora, so OK, I will just remove it.13:11
lpapprburton: cannot it be removed in poky, too, eventually?13:12
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lpappis there an easy way of generating the package list and versions on the fly for an image?13:29
lpappso that we know how our image is made up.13:30
lpapp(or we would need to format-print the content of the PACKAGES variable, etc?)13:30
*** tasslehoff <tasslehoff!~tasslehof@> has quit IRC13:31
lpappit would help with avoiding the static build of such lists for image creators.13:31
lpappthanks, I will read it again.13:39
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lpappbluelightning: the potential values of BUILDHISTORY_FEATURES are not enumerated in the reference manual.13:54
*** jamestunnicliff_ <jamestunnicliff_!~quassel@linaro/jamestunnicliffe> has joined #yocto13:54
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lpappbluelightning: ../meta/classes/buildhistory.bbclass:10:BUILDHISTORY_FEATURES ?= "image package sdk"13:57
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yoctiBug 5855: normal, Undecided, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, NEW , Document the possible values of the BUILDHISTORY_FEATURES variable14:01
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g1zer0hi all! Anyone running ADT installations with adt_installer "unattended"?14:12
*** mks <mks!> has joined #yocto14:12
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Jin^eLDwhy does the yocto page say that the release has been tested vs CentOS 6.5, but when bitbaking I still get a warning that the distro is not validated?14:16
lpappJin^eLD: I only see CentOS release 6.414:16
Jin^eLDlpapp: in the mileston1 I see CentOS 6.5 64bit (which is what I have) marked in green14:16
bluelightningJin^eLD: nobody's added the name to the SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS list yet for 1.614:16
Jin^eLDok, so no big deal in this case ;)14:16
bluelightningFWIW I am using CentOS 6.5 on my build machine so it does work (and is actually supported despite that omission)14:16
Jin^eLDbluelightning: you also had to install python yourself, right?14:16
bluelightningJin^eLD: I use the buildtools14:16
Jin^eLDyou mean the python tarball from the yocto site or do you mean anything else?14:16
Jin^eLDoh ok let me check14:16
bluelightningI think that's linked from the Quickstart guide these days14:16
bluelightningbut the URL is above in any case :)14:16
Jin^eLDah, a whole sdk, interesting14:16
bluelightningwell, it's not quite a whole SDK, it just is built exactly like one :)14:16
bluelightningit contains git, python, tar, and a few other bits and pieces14:16
bluelightningyou wouldn't expect tar to be broken on some distros, but apparently it is :/14:16
*** e8johan <e8johan!~quassel@> has quit IRC14:16
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Jin^eLDbtw does anyone have experience with cubie3? I was trying to follow the suggestions of the sunxi layer to set DEFAULTTUNE = "cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4" in order to enable hardfloat, thumb2 and neon capabilities, but that produces an error14:16
*** jackmitchell <jackmitchell!> has joined #yocto14:16
Jin^eLDbluelightning: so your suggestion is to rather use the prebuilt buildtools rather than the distro's defaults?14:16
*** mario-go` is now known as mario-goulart14:16
Crofton|workJin^eLD, pastebin :)14:16
*** Geek_Juice <Geek_Juice!~Bryanstei@> has joined #yocto14:17
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*** denix0 is now known as denix14:17
Jin^eLDcould be a misconfiguration on my side of course... I was following the suggestoin here
Crofton|workthats a new one for me14:18
bluelightningJin^eLD: yes; you just install the buildtools, and then each time you start a new shell to run builds you need to run the environment setup script installed with the buildtools14:18
bluelightning(which will set up paths appopriately)14:18
Crofton|workproably need to read the tun efiles and see what the real valid settings are14:18
Jin^eLDCrofton: yeah, I guess the sunxi readme might be outdated14:19
Jin^eLDbluelightning: mostly the same way as thing work with meta-toolchains? I guess I'll try that, thanks14:19
bluelightningJin^eLD: right, exactly14:19
*** Chaudhary__ <Chaudhary__!~Chaudhary@> has quit IRC14:20
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Net147Jin^eLD: I was able to use DEFAULTTUNE = "cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4" fine for a build using meta-sunxi14:21
*** akbennett <akbennett!> has joined #yocto14:22
Jin^eLDhmm, ok, then the question is - what else am I missing?14:22
Jin^eLDNet147: you don't happen to have your local.conf around online?14:23
Net147Jin^eLD: I set it in my distro conf as I have a custom distro14:23
Net147Jin^eLD: what did you set MACHINE to?14:23
Net147Jin^eLD: right, meta-sunxi/conf/machine/cubietruck.conf includes meta/conf/machine/include/tune-cortexa7.inc14:25
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Jin^eLDNet147: do you mean that I should not be setting DEFAULTTUNE myself at all because it's anyway done via includes?14:31
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Net147Jin^eLD: you should set it14:40
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mckoanotavio: hello, I am trying to bitbake fsl-image-gui with latest dora, but it fails Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for packagegroup-core-x11-base: libvivante-dri-mx615:42
mckoanotavio: is it a known issue?15:42
*** khem` <khem`!> has joined #yocto15:44
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otaviomckoan: supposely not16:11
otaviomckoan: this is generated by gpu-viv package16:12
otaviomckoan: can you do: bitbake gpu-viv-bin-mx6q -c cleansstate ; and try again?16:12
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mckoanotavio: thx I'm trying16:49
otaviomckoan: right.16:50
*** khem` <khem`!> has joined #yocto16:51
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lpappwhy do you have indentical ./meta-yocto/conf/conf-notes.txt and ./meta/conf/conf-notes.txt files?16:57
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mckoanotavio: always the same error
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!apalalax@nat/intel/x-rdmknsrqqgcwyjgc> has left #yocto17:02
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otaviomckoan: did you check if the rpm is there?17:08
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mckoanotavio: not sure I've understood what do you mean17:23
mckoanotavio: I generate only ipk, and I don't see any libvivante-dri-mx6*17:25
mckoanI am suer it worked a month ago17:26
otaviomckoan: so this is a problem. What is your local conf file? please paste it in pastebin or other.17:28
mckoanotavio: do you mean I must have PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm" ?17:31
*** reallife <reallife!> has quit IRC17:32
otaviomckoan: seems alright.17:32
*** reallife <reallife!> has joined #yocto17:32
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otaviomckoan: it seems something is hiddenly broken but I don't know what.17:33
otaviomckoan: if you remove your tmp and rebuild it should work. But this does not solve the bug.17:33
mckoanotavio: BTW I suppose you usually use PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm", don't you?17:34
Xzhi guys17:34
lpappXz: hello17:34
Xzthere is recipe in poky called 'init-ifupdown'. SRC_URI of that recipe points to file 'interfaces' which is checked into poky/ repo17:34
Xzis there any way I can bbappend and patch that file?17:35
lpappXz: you mean in a different or same layer?17:35
Xzlpapp: in different layer17:35
Xzlpapp: patching applies well to files downloaded from web and extracted (usually tarballs)17:36
lpappXz: AFAIK, it does not matter where you fetch it frmo.17:36
otaviomckoan: no; I use ipk17:36
Xzlpapp: however for that recipe when I try to patch a file I receive error saying 'no file to patch'17:36
otaviomckoan: but Poky defaults to RPM17:36
lpappmake[3]: /usr/local/arm-2009q1/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc: Command not found17:37
lpappbut I do have that file... What am I doing wrong?17:37
*** locust2001 <locust2001!79321429@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:38
lpappXz: hmm, not sure then... I think you will need to ask rburton or bluelightning_17:38
mckoanotavio: I'll try with rpm tonight17:38
lpappXz: I think the problem is that it is not getting into the tmp/work? Because patch is applied in there AFAIK.17:38
otaviomckoan: try removing tmp17:39
mckoanotavio: already done a fresh rebuild17:39
mckoansame problem17:39
mckoanvery weird17:39
Xzlpapp: I think I know what problem is. File interfaces is placed in tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/init-ifupdown/1.0-r0/17:40
Xzlpapp: git apply goes into tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/init-ifupdown/1.0-r0/init-ifupdown-1.0/17:41
Xzlpapp: so I would have to make ma patch working on file ../interfaces17:41
lpappXz: git apply?17:41
Xzlpapp: ...17:41
Xzlpapp: well, whoever does 'do_patch' function17:41
Xzlpapp: git apply or just apply17:41
lpappthat seems to be a reasonable conclusion to me.17:42
Xzlpapp: not sure about right solution17:42
lpapp(in worst case you can have your overriden file with .bbappend, I think)17:42
otaviomckoan: so we must to debug log.do_install and like17:42
otaviomckoan: check the contents, logs and like17:42
lpappyeah, I have no clue either... I would look into the source code of do_patch if no one replies.17:43
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto17:43
*** mr_science <mr_science!> has joined #yocto17:43
*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto17:43
lpappXz: perhaps you can modify the "S" variable?17:45
Xzlpapp: that's what I'm thinking of17:45
mr_sciencewhat does the it look like inside workdir?17:46
Xzlpapp: basically I need to do somethink like 'S = S/..' :)17:46
* mr_science missed the preamble17:46
lpappXz: the default is ${WORKDIR}/${PN}-${PV}17:46
lpappI think you need S = ${WORKDIR}17:47
lpappor something like that.17:47
mr_sciencerather, something like "S = "${WORKDIR}/foo17:47
Xzmr_science: I have the file I have to patch, but it's inside: init-ifupdown/1.0-r0/ instead of init-ifupdown/1.0-r0/init-ifupdown-1.0/17:47
mr_sciencewithout the funky quotes...17:47
Xzmr_science: and patching function wants file to bi inside 1.0-r0/initifupdown-1.0/17:47
lpappS = "${WORKDIR}"17:47
lpappthat is what you need ^17:47
lpappsee e.g. ../meta-skeleton/recipes-skeleton/useradd/ = "${WORKDIR}"17:47
mr_sciencesounds weird17:48
Xzmr_science: well, that's where init-ifupdown recipe puts files17:48
denixanybody knows if there is a way to alter "inherit" line from a bbappend?17:48
Xzmr_science: cannot do much abouti t17:48
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC17:48
Xzmr_science: it's upstreamed poky recipe17:48
mr_sciencewhen it's really weird i've had to workaround do_patch and apply the patch manually17:49
lpappXz: actually, I am not sure because the pattern is slightly different than in the documentation.17:49
mr_scienceie, make a do_configure_prepend and add "patch -pN ..."17:49
mr_sciencethat shouldn't be necessary, but...17:49
lpappXz: try to experiment and print the content, and then adjust respectively.17:50
mr_sciencemostly in oe-classic though17:50
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto17:50
Xzlpapp: mr_science: that seems to do the job S = "${WORKDIR}"17:51
*** mbelisko_ <mbelisko_!> has quit IRC17:53
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lpappanyone got a clue for this build error?17:55
bluelightning_denix: you can't really, because in terms of parse order the bbappends come after the recipe17:57
Xzlpapp: did you source environment for that xcompiler?17:57
bluelightning_denix: you can inherit additional classes of course17:57
lpappXz: what do you mean?17:57
lpappmake[3]: warning: -jN forced in submake: disabling jobserver mode.17:58
lpappthere is such a thing, too, not sure if it is related (my assumption would be "no")17:58
bluelightning_denix: could be a case for adding the ability to the class to control/disable its behaviour if that doesn't exist already17:58
Xzlpapp: I thought you still on that: make[3]: /usr/local/arm-2009q1/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc: Command not found17:58
WarheadsSEbluelightning_: kergoth had any further tinkering with dockbake?17:58
lpappyeah, that is strange because I have that file.17:58
lpappalways had.17:58
Xzlpapp: I thought you still on that make[3]: /usr/local/arm-2009q1/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc: Command not found17:59
bluelightning_WarheadsSE: I honestly haven't looked at it at all yet17:59
lpappit is possible that the new recipe added by my colleague is doing some weird thing.17:59
lpappAFAIK, it hard codes the toolchain path17:59
lpappis that dangereous with Yocto?17:59
lpapp(I do not like that concept regardless...)17:59
WarheadsSEbluelightning_: np,17:59
bluelightning_I wouldn't say dangerous; prone to breakage if the path is different on another machine, absolutely...18:00
denixbluelightning_: yeah, as I thought... having hard time disabling "inherit systemd" for some of our old products. looks like I'd have to overlay the entire recipe to remove that inherit...18:00
Xzlpapp: that's why you usually have a bash script to inject correct path to toolchain18:01
bluelightning_denix: there's no variable to just turn off what the class is doing?18:01
lpappbluelightning_: yes, we all have the same path for consistency. I dislike it, but that is the status quo.18:01
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has quit IRC18:02
lpappalso, the hard coded -jN is just plain silly.18:02
bluelightning_denix: you're probably using an older version of systemd.bbclass but you may be able to set SYSTEMD_PACKAGES = ""18:03
denixbluelightning_: well, it checks for "systemd" in DISTRO_FEATURES for most things, but there are some leftovers still...18:03
bluelightning_hmm right18:03
bluelightning_I hope that's not still an issue in master18:04
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lpappah bl is gone at the most important moment. :-/18:22
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mr_sciencedenix: no systemd works fine in master18:32
mr_scienceat least a "light" xorg build is fine with just sysvinit18:32
* mr_science still does new gentoo builds without systemd also18:33
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lpappYocto is building the software in a box where it cannot see the system-wide toolchains?18:36
*** mr_science is now known as functional_analy18:36
*** functional_analy is now known as mr_science18:36
lpapphmm, I have an idea what the problem is.18:36
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kergothno, github, this .bb file really is not a BlitzBasic file19:14
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WarheadsSEkergoth: hah, yeah.. I use BlitzBasic highlighting actually in Komodo haha19:43
kergothbetter than nothign, i guess :)19:44
* kergoth has been mulling over adding bb syntax support to sublime text someday19:44
kergothso sick of rebuilding qemu-native19:50
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otavioWith the images now being done in parallel, someone knows who I can add a 'dependency' of another type?22:57
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kergoththe patch emails mention the var, i remember reading it, but i'm drawing a blank :)22:57
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kergothIMAGE_TYPEDEP_rpi-sdimg = "ext3"22:58
kergothis the example in the 0/* mail22:58
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otaviokergoth: cool23:30
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otaviokergoth: it seems it has not been implemented23:43
otavioI didn't find anything using this var or consulting it23:43
rburtonok anyone got any wise ideas about how to get to stdout/stderr from a bitbake worker?23:44
rburtonmy code is emitting errors there, but bitbake is eating it23:44
kergothotavio: huh. maybe it wasn't merged. *shrug*23:44
otaviothe patchset has been send two days ago.23:46
kergothsounds quite promising23:47
Guest44909rburton: devshell ?23:50
*** Guest44909 is now known as khem`23:50
rburtonmy task is actually doing some gtk code23:51
*** khem` is now known as Guest3976823:51
rburtonwhich is - i guess - emitting errors23:51
rburtonbut they get eaten up23:51

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