Friday, 2014-02-21

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locust2001hi, is there yoctoproject manager?00:00
rburtonlocust2001: you might want to be more precise about what you mean00:01
ndeclocust2001: define 'manager'?00:01
locust2001I sent mail them to join the member00:03
rburtonso you want the community manager, jefro00:03
locust2001I don't know exactly. I sent mail throuch :)00:04
Jefrolocust2001 hi, I"m the YP community manager, can I help?00:10
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locust2001hi Jefro00:12
locust2001I sent mail
locust2001Could you check the mail?00:13
Jefrolocust2001 I don't see any contacts from that page, but I'd be glad to answer any questions. You can reach me by email individually at if that would help.00:15
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locust2001thanks Jefro. do you know how to join the yoctoproject as AB member?00:18
Jefrolocust2001 yes, I'm the primary contact for that00:18
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Jefrolocust2001 if you send me a note, I can get you connected with the right folks at the Linux Foundation and we can go from there00:20
locust2001cool. by yoctoproject homepage, to join the project, I should contact directly through
locust2001ok thanks. I'll send mail to you now. :)00:20
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locust2001@Jefro I sent mail to you00:23
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Jefrolocust2001 thanks, just answered00:32
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locust2001Jefro thanks, I received and sent included Steve00:46
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #63 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1 Running Sanity Tests_1 BuildImages_2 Running Sanity Tests_2] Build details are at
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DenwidGood morning!07:51
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mckoangood morning Denwid, all07:58
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PiziwateHello Yocto users ! I'v a compilation problem with a custom recipe. I'm using oe_runmake to build my program. Everything goes well until the linking... I got a warning "linker input file unused because linking not done" and the binary is not created. But the .o object are there09:19
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PiziwateI used the same procedure to build a static library and it is working well in this case.09:21
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Piziwateoe_runmake use the -E argument on the compiler... this is the problem... but how to avoid it ??09:24
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Piziwatedoes somebody know wy oe_runmake use -E on the gcc command ?09:27
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bluelightningmorning all09:32
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Piziwatedoes somebody know wy oe_runmake use -E on the gcc command ?09:37
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PiziwateI used bitbake -e command and the export CPP looks like : export CPP="i586-poky-linux-gcc -E --sysroot=/home/swissdotnet/OpenEmbedded/poky-dora-10.0.1/builds/ip-spt-x86/tmp/sysroots/genericx86  -m32 -march=core2 -msse3 -mtune=generic -mfpmath=sse"09:51
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PiziwateI don't understand why the -E !09:51
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rburton_Piziwate: gcc -E is the equivilant of cpp10:23
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lpapphi, would it be possible to add man pages for psplash?11:11
lpappcurrently, I do not know how to convert my images to the header style and back.11:11
*** Net147 <Net147!> has joined #yocto11:15 -> this seems to create the header file, but is it possible to get the image back from that?11:16
rburtonlpapp: there's no tooling to go from header to image.  consider the header generated, and keep the image.11:18
lpapprburton: is it a technical limitation or tooling?11:18
lpappi.e. would it be possible to get it back losslessly?11:19
lpapprburton: I will be cruel, and submit a man page request for the splash project!11:21
rburtonlpapp: you'd need to write the tooling. just keep the original data.11:23
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lpapprburton: I guess such requests against psplash go to the yocto bugtracker?11:32
rburtonlpapp: yep.   as you've just figured out how to use the tooling, a patch against readme would be great.11:33
lpapprburton: well, I would prefer man page. :)11:33
rburtonlpapp: my rationale for not having a man page is that you never actually install psplash on your development machine, so a readme is just as convenient to read (and vastly easier to write)11:34
lpapprburton: I am not sure I agree.11:35
lpapp(I was just about to create a distribution package eventually)11:35
rburtonwhat bit don't you agree with?11:35
lpappbecause it would be handier for me then cloning the source, build, and use everywhere I plan to run it.11:35
rburtonlpapp: why?  you can just put an image in your layer and generate the header at build time.11:36
lpapprburton: that is what I was going to suggest to implement. ;-)11:36
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lpappbecause in meta-yocto, the poky stuff is based .h, if you can use images right in there, that is fine, too.11:36
lpappbut why is poky not doing it then?11:37
rburtonto save having to build gdk-pixbuf-native11:37
lpappthat is not a bad idea... in which case we fall back to the distribution package.11:37
rburtonyour choice: do the conversion out of tree and put a header into the layer, or put an image in the layer and depend on gdk-pixbuf-native11:37
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lpappthe former has the disadvantage of lacking reproducability though.11:38
lpappyou cannot get the png back if you do not preserve it.11:38
lpappalso, why are other formats not supported?11:38
rburtonthey are11:39
rburtonwell, the script just uses .png but that's easily changed11:39
rburtonactually read the script and you'll see how simple it is11:39
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lpappI did, and that is why I am saying it only supports png.11:39
lpappI would imagine it is common that a company logo comes from vector graphics format.11:40
rburtonsure, and the splash screen *has* to be a raster format11:40
rburtonso its reasonable to ask you to convert your vector to a raster11:40
lpappyes, but it is not reasonable to do two conversions instead of one.11:41
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rburtonunless your original company logo is sized and positioned to fit on your framebuffer with the right colours and an area for the progress bar, you'll need to do some work anyway11:45
lpapprburton: yes, but still, it would be better to do it once.11:46
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rburtonpatches welcome.11:46
rburtongdk-pixbuf-csource will probably take svg anyway11:46
lpappwould it possible to get rid of the gtk chain for this?11:47
rburtonits gdk, not gtk11:47
rburtonand yes, if you replace gdk-pixbuf-csource with a tool that produces the same data structure11:48
lpappAFAIK, it depends on gtk.11:48
rburtonit doesn't11:48
lpappgtk is there among the dependencies.11:48
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rburton <— show me the gtk+ dependency11:49
rburtongtk needs gdk-pixbuf to build11:49
lpappyou think it is an archlinux packaging bug?11:50
lpappfrom ldd: => /usr/lib/ (0x00007f86faaee000)11:51
lpappgobject is GTK stuff AFAIK.11:51
rburtonno its not11:51
rburtonthat glib11:51
lpappyes, glib.11:51
rburtonshould i mention now that i've been a gnome developer since the late 90s?11:51
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lpapprburton: the header generated seems to be weird.11:52
lpapp#define _IMG_ROWSTRIDE (960)11:52
lpapp#define _IMG_WIDTH (320)11:52
lpapp#define _IMG_HEIGHT (240)11:52
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lpappetc, it seems to be missing the FOO prefix before the underscores, similarly how the poky logo has the POKY_ prefix in there.11:53
lpappwas it hacked into the file after the creation in case of poky?11:53
rburtonnot afaik, but that was probably many years ago, and it wasn't me11:54
lpappthen, there is something I am not aware of when generating it.11:55
rburtonadd —name=$name to the script11:55
rburton(going on the man page for the command)11:56
rburtonoh, you probably didn't pass a second argument to the script11:57
rburtoninvocation is make-image-header.h filename symbol-prefix11:57
rburtonas it uses $2 to name the fields11:57
rburtonthat could be replaced with —name now11:57
lpappyeah, although it is still not working as expected.11:58
lpappthere is also this in the poky img: /* Yocto Project logo for psplash * * Created using (distributed with psplash) */11:59
lpappwas that hand-crafted?11:59
rburtonthe header was, yes12:00
lpapprburton: thanks.12:00
rburtonso i've just verified that you can remove the sed and just use —name to gdk-pixbuf-csource12:00
lpapprburton: ok.12:01
bluelightningguys, I haven't read all the discussion, but you know you can just put a PNG file into a psplash bbappend and it will just convert it on the fly right?12:02
lpappbluelightning: yes, we discussed that, too.12:02
bluelightningok, just checking12:02
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lpappwhy does psplash_git.bbappend have PRINC = "1"?12:03
rburtonbecause there hasn't been a reason to remove it12:04
lpappthere is PR, INC_PR, and PRINC12:04
lpappperhaps PRINC should have been INC_APPEND?12:05
lpappsorry, APPEND_PR12:05
lpapprburton: well, shall I put that stuff into my psplash bbappend?12:05
rburtongood question. should be fine without it, i think12:07
Net147how would I go about rebuilding a recipe without causing other recipes that depend on it to recompile when using the PR service?12:11
lpapprburton: have you submitted a change for the -name simplification?12:12
rburtonlpapp: no12:12
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lpapprburton: would you like to do it?12:13
rburtonlpapp: i can when i have a moment. rather busy today though.12:16
lpapprburton: ok, I will not take the glory from you as it is not urgent. ;-)12:18
lpappoh, the core-image-minimal does not include ssh and splash, but core-image-basic does.12:21
lpappso why does Yocto have identical ./meta-yocto/conf/conf-notes.txt and ./meta/conf/conf-notes.txt?12:22
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lpappwill the new release be coming out in about two months?14:08
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lpapprburton: thanks, do you know the answer for this question? "so why does Yocto have identical ./meta-yocto/conf/conf-notes.txt and ./meta/conf/conf-notes.txt?"14:30
*** Mali <Mali!~Elen@2001:41d0:a:5d0::1> has joined #yocto14:30
ndeclpapp: rburton : i guess because Yocto (well, poky really) uses TEMPLATECONF variable set to meta-yocto/conf so that .conf templates are used from poky, not from oe-core14:33
lpappndec: nope14:34
ndecso when initializing the <build> folder it will use template from meta-yocto/conf, and you need to have conf-notes.txt14:34
lpappand even then, it is the same!14:34
lpappndec: no, the environment setup script does not customize TEMPLATECONF14:35
ndecyes it does.14:35
ndecit defaults to meta-yocto/conf.14:35
rburton(that's true in poky images)14:35
ndeclater it copies "$TEMPLATECONF/conf-notes.txt" to build folder14:35
ndecso even if the file is the same as oe-core/meta/conf, it has to be there14:36
lpappactually, grep -rn TEMPLATECONF oe-init-build-env -> returns empty.14:36
rburtonthat would be because oe-init-build-env sources other files14:36
lpappand this message is printed after the oe-init-build-env run.14:36
ndeclpapp: git grep in poky, you will find it.14:37
*** uRandomMM <uRandomMM!40c71302@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:37
lpapprburton: grep -rn TEMPLATECONF ./scripts/oe-buildenv-internal14:37
ndec-r with a filename is quite useless..14:37
lpappgrep -rn TEMPLATECONF ./scripts/oe-setup-builddir14:38
lpappok, that sets it14:38
lpappwhat a hidden mess!14:38
lpappso, it seems we should _really_ not use that.14:38
ndecwhat is 'that'14:38
lpappsince it sets up poky/yocto things, which we really do not want.14:38
lpappsince we do not use poky in the first place. :-)14:39
ndeci would expect you use TEMPLATECONF if you make your own distro for example14:39
ndeci use it in my distro14:39
rburtonthat script is different in oe-core and poky, oe-core refers to meta/conf, poky refers to meta-yocto/conf14:39
rburtonyour own distro, can set its own value.14:39
lpappbut back to the original question, even then, it should inherit it from meta if there is none provided IMHO14:39
lpappduplicating the same does not make so much sense IMHO14:39
* rburton shrugs14:40
ndecwell, not sure...14:40
ndecas a distro owner you might want to 'control' the content of that file, and not just rely on oe-core..14:40
lpappthat is a different use case.14:40
ndecif you rely on the file in oe-core it might change without you noticing it.14:41
lpappit is already true for gazillion things.14:41
lpappand it may be well intentional, too.14:41
yoctiBug 5863: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Do not duplicate the same conf notes from oe-core14:43
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bluelightningtoday is the first day of the "bug blitz weekend":
bluelightningif anyone needs help working on / finding bugs, please feel free to ask14:48
lpappndec: are you also version your images in your layers?14:58
lpapp(unlike yocto)14:58
ndeclpapp: what?14:58
lpappndec: versioning*14:59
lpappi.e. myimage_myversion.bb14:59
lpappthe current yocto images do not seem to have versions.14:59
XzI have two images in my layer. Is there any way to have different bbappends for poky recipe depending on image being built?14:59
ndecXz: i am not sure i understand.15:00
lpappndec: I think he would like to extend a package in different ways for two different images15:00
ndeclpapp: sorry, i don't have version in fact. i didn't understand the original question15:00
Xzlpapp: ndec yes15:00
Xzlpapp: ndec these images share 99% of content, so they are in the same layer15:00
lpappndec: I wonder why people do not version their images. IMO, it is important for reproducability of any image released, or I am overlooking something?15:01
Xzlpapp: ndec but for one recipe they have to modify it differently15:01
ndecan image cannot modify a recipe.15:02
ndecan image is just a collection (assembly) of existing 'packages' built from a recipe.15:02
ndeci need to drop off for 30mins.. sorry.15:03
lpappXz: I think you will need to different packages, but I am not sure how to do that properly without layers.15:03
lpappIOW, I have no idea how to do this properly. :/15:03
rburtonXz: you need two recipes that build different packages, and the right one is used in each image15:05
rburtonXz: you can make this easy to manage by putting almost evertyhing into a .inc and then just having .bb files that include that and make the one change15:06
Xzrburton: I understand that. But how do I solve that for already existing recipe in poky?15:06
rburtonlike the gstreamer-vaapi recipes in meta-intel, the .bb just does include .inc and adds a configure argument15:06
Xzrburton: I have to write second recipe from scratch and name it differently?15:06
rburtonwell, you could probably include the first bb15:07
Xzrburton: that's going to be a painfull maintenance15:07
rburtonand just override it where you need to15:07
Xzrburton: including sounds better now15:07
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jaustinIs there a 'spiritual equivalent' to debootstrap for someone using ADT+ package repositories? I can't seem to find the right thing to search for to uncover it, if so.15:36
PiziwateHello, any idea on "QA Issue: deviceagent: The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used."15:37
bluelightningPiziwate: does that recipe use libusb-compat ?15:39
bluelightning(depend on it I mean)15:40
Piziwateno... this is a custom recipe15:40
Piziwate(DEPENDS = "libsdnutils") a custom lib... but everything is well compilated !15:40
bluelightningPiziwate: look in the log.do_compile for the recipe, you'll see it will have "unsafe for cross-compilation" somewhere in it15:40
Piziwateyes I've an warning : ld: warning: library search path "/usr/lib" is unsafe for cross-compilation15:41
*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!~sjolley@> has quit IRC15:44
*** jackmitchell <jackmitchell!> has joined #yocto15:44
Piziwatethe libsdnutils has reference to /usr/lib (the project is compiled by other users using theses path), but I removed it and now we warning disapear15:45
*** swex <swex!~swex@> has quit IRC15:45
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Piziwatethank you !15:51
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challinani seem to recall there was a demo of toaster somewhere.  Anyone know where I might find a recording of it?16:14
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belenchallinan: I don't think there was, that I know of. If you would like to make one, I can think of a few uses for it ;)16:24
challinanbelen: thanks. I was just playing with it, but didn't really see the results I recall from the demo that I saw16:25
challinanmost certainly it's user error/lack of knowledge on how to properly configure/use it16:26
belenchallinan: the latest stuff is in16:26
belenthe design prototype I used at ELCE to show around is at16:27
*** fp <fp!~Chaudhary@> has joined #yocto16:27
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challinanbelen: I grabbed dora-toaster this morning based on the wiki page16:27
belenchallinan: dora-toaster includes only the back end and the rest api, so no proper web interface16:28
*** fray <fray!> has quit IRC16:28
challinanah, so I was following the steps in the wiki. perhaps I'll try again with these tips16:29
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto16:30
lpappwhy does Yocto have its own repository for the Linux kernel?16:30
belenchallinan: sorry for the confusion. Let us know how you get on16:30
lpappe.g. SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=git;bareclone=1;branch=${KBRANCH},meta;name=machine,meta"16:30
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lpappERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;protocol=git;branch=master'. Please set SRCREV_default_pn-linux-foo to a valid value16:39
lpappI am trying to change the fetching of the kernel source from tarball to git url, but I am getting the error above ^. Any idea how to fix this, and what exactly this is about?16:40
bluelightninglpapp: please read our kernel / BSP documentation16:43
*** flihp_ is now known as flihp16:43
rburtongit branches > upstream + 100 patches16:44
rburtonor in the case of the 3.10 baytray kernel, 1000s of patches iirc16:44
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lpappI guess I can use a tag name for the SRCREV variable?16:49
lpapp(i.e. that is a no problem)16:49
rburtonthat causes network traffic every parse16:49
rburtonrecommended to use a hash16:49
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lpapprburton: interesting... maybe that is bad a behavior?16:52
rburtonwe've discussed this before16:53
rburtonyou need to poke the repo to resolve the tag to a hash16:53
rburtonthere's a cache you can enable16:53
lpappah, I recall that.16:53
lpapprburton: you mean sstate?16:54
rburtonsstate is compiled objects16:54
lpappok, then I do not know.16:54
lpapprburton: do you recommend the tag or commit hash?16:57
rburtonwaiting on a git fetch every parse gets very boring16:57
lpappI mean tag hash or commit hash16:57
lpappsurprisingly enough, they are different.16:57
lpappsee the one in bracket after the tag name and then the actual commit16:58
rburtonwhatever you want to point at16:58
rburtondoesn't matter as long as its a hash16:58
rburtonsure they're different as thats a tag object16:58
lpappI used the commit hash16:59
lpappbtw, how can I avoid the fetch? sstate push to the mirror?16:59
rburtonyou avoid the fetch on parse by using a hash.  if you use a name (tag/branch) it goes to the network to get the current hash that name points at17:00
rburton*then* it can decide if there is sstate that is usable or not17:00
lpapprburton: no, I mean for people checking out the repository, e.g. CI.17:01
*** Noor <Noor!~noor@> has joined #yocto17:01
rburtonnot sure what you mean then17:04
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lpapprburton: imagine that the CI does a fresh git clone, and if I change the kernel recipe of ours to git, it would not grab it from downloads/ since it is not a tarball. It may re-fetch it, and fetching the linux kernel repository is an enormous amount of time.17:04
lpappI have set up a mirror for us with sstate and downloads folders, although I do not think sstate has ever worked as our builds are still two hours17:05
rburtonlpapp: turn on mirror tarballs and your source mirror will have git in17:06
lpappAFAIK, it is already turned on.17:06
rburtonthere you go then17:06
lpappin our local config sample: BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS = "1"17:07
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:07
lpapprburton: I think we discussed it, but I do not have the log here, nor can I recall: will the tarball contain the .git folder?17:12
lpappgood, thanks.17:14
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lpapprburton: it would be this one, ./downloads/ ?18:01
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rburtonwell, that's a tarball of a git repo18:03
lpapprburton: yes, what we were discussing18:05
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pantoanyone know how to go about fix this in a custom kernel recipe?
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has joined #yocto18:31
bluelightningpanto: either add the files to FILES for one of the packages produced by the recipe, or delete the files in do_install if they aren't needed18:34
bluelightningfrankly though I would have thought they ought to be picked up by default...18:35
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lpapprburton: are you still around?18:39
lpappndec: rburton I put my own conf notes into my own layer, but it is not getting printed when there is no configuration available.18:39
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Guest39768panto: add PACKAGES =+ "kernel-devicetree-overlays kernel-devicetree"19:08
Guest39768panto: FILES_kernel-devicetree-overlays = "/lib/firmware/*.dtbo /lib/firmware/*.dts"19:08
Guest39768FILES_kernel-devicetree += "/boot/*.dtb"19:08
*** Guest39768 is now known as khem19:08
khempanto: you can do that in a bbappend19:08
*** khem is now known as Guest9482619:09
Guest94826arghh freenode keeps turning me into zombie19:09
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khem`the background and fonts dont go well on yp org's cgit19:15
khem`can we change either the background to be light19:16
khem`or the syntax highlighting theme to be suitable for dark background please ?19:16
khem`this is barely readable19:16
* khem` think changing background may be not easy since its the yp theme ;)19:17
khem`lets try this one19:21
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tharveyanyone know of a compat-wireless/linux-backports package more recent that 3.6.8?19:43
tharveyI'm trying to create an updated package that builds linux-backports but kconf gets built as ARM instead of host and fails - not sure how to work around that...19:44
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* mranostay trolls khem`20:42
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