Friday, 2014-03-14

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vicky_hi yocto05:40
vicky_how can i remove a package(which i don't need) from my image?05:41
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nerdboyis it explicitly listed in image_install, or in a package group?05:59
nerdboyif not, then it's most likely pulled in by a runtime depend from another package06:00
vicky_it is from a package group06:01
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vicky_yeah. simply i want to remove a package which getting install from a package group.06:07
vicky_i dont want to install it in my final rootfs06:08
nerdboyother than deleting it from the package group?  i might try something like using opkg to uninstall it in postprocess function06:15
nerdboyyou pretty much have to edit something...  depends on how "elegant" you want it to be...06:16
nerdboyfor example06:19
nerdboyyou could create a function to "opkg remove foo" and set this:06:20
nerdboymeta/classes/image.bbclass:IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND ?= ""06:20
nerdboyIMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND = " do_remove "06:20
nerdboythen you define do_remove in your image recipe06:20
nerdboymaybe grep your layers and make sure nothing else rdepends on it06:22
vicky_i would like if any rule like IMAGE_UNINSTALL or IMGAE_INSTALL -=06:23
nerdboyi've never seen that one06:24
nerdboynot yet, anyway06:24
vicky_ha ha. i am joking06:24
vicky_there is no rule like tat06:24
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nerdboyvicky_: i just noticed this: meta/classes/image.bbclass:PACKAGE_EXCLUDE ??= ""06:47
nerdboytake a look at meta/classes/image.bbclass06:47
nerdboymaybe that'll do it for you06:47
* nerdboy needs to spend some future spare time reading...06:48
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mckoangood morning08:11
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iontehi. i have a basic custom image running both on olinuxino and qemux86. now i would like to specify custom network settings.09:49
ionteif i understand it correctly i should override the interfaces-file installed by recipes-core/init-ifupdown ....09:49
iontebut how do i do that?09:49
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bluelightningmorning all10:16
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sce_i'm using autotools class and my B var is not equal to my S var. How can i know who is changing B var ?10:48
rburtonsce_: autotools.bbclass does10:48
rburtonideally you fix the software to actually build like that10:49
rburtonif the authors used make distcheck, it would work already10:49
rburtonthe workaround is to inherit autotools-brokensep instead10:49
rburtonbut really try fixing upstream10:50
sce_ok thx i'm having a look10:51
rburtongenerally its an easy fix for the build, it's just making assumptions about what the current directory is10:53
rburtonand they're wrong for out of tree builds10:53
rburtonas i said, running make distcheck on the source outside of yocto will easily reproduce the failures10:53
sce_i'm building gst-plugins-bad from git repo10:54
sce_i need the last revision10:55
rburtonfrom git is very hard10:55
rburtonbecuase they use submodules and crazy scripts10:55
rburtoni suggest you patch the latest release instead10:55
sce_yes but i need a lot of patch i guess10:56
sce_and it seems to work except this B folder10:56
sce_i need the eglglessink to support RPI10:57
rburtontry changing the inherit to autotools-brokensep and seeing if that fixes it10:57
sce_i dont understand the trigger which is changing my B var10:57
sce_because it is working with gstreamer-1.010:57
rburtonbut generating a diff will be fairly simple10:57
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diego_rHi all. I'm trying to fix a problem in building native package, but I'm not able to clean it. "bitbake -c cleanall bzip2-native" doesn't work, the files in tmp/work/x86_64-linux/bzip2-native/1.0.6-r5/ are still there, at least those in "temp"11:22
rburtonall that remains in temp is the logs of previous builds11:23
diego_rrburton: ok. Than this is the problem I get:
diego_rIsn't supposed to be already there?11:25
rburtonis anything these?11:25
rburtonoh no11:26
rburtonthat's very wrong11:26
rburtonthe path to is incorrect11:26
rburtonhave you been changing bzip2?11:26
diego_rrburton: I was building on dora. Then hit an "cp: will not overwrite just-created `/opt/yocto_builder/build-nitrogen6x/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/bzip2-native/1.0.6-r5/bzip2-1.0.6/install-sh' with `/opt/yocto_builder/build-nitrogen6x/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/share/automake-1.14/install-sh' caused by this:
diego_rid=937663bdeca6d6479e0db2a9578588b1aa20222c not being backported to dora11:28
rburtonwell the path that it was trying to run from is incorrect11:29
rburton(missing an element)11:29
diego_rthen probably deleted tmp/work/x86_64-linux/bzip2-native/ and started to get the problem I have paste in pastebin11:30
diego_rrburton: is it missing the ending "bzip2-1.0.6"? Note that it's empty anyway11:31
rburtonso the extract failed too11:32
rburtonso if you do bitbake -ccleanall bzip2-native; bitbake bzip2-native, that's what happens?11:32
diego_ryeah, correct11:32
diego_rrburton: oh well. no11:33
diego_rit looks like bitbake bzip2-native does nothing11:34
rburtonits not re-running fetch11:34
rburtonor unpack, or extract11:34
rburtonwhich makes me think your cleanall didn't work, and you just used rm11:34
diego_rand so does bitbake -ccleanall bzip2-native. Nothing. All the files (even older log.do_configure) are still there11:35
diego_rI get the error when I try "bitbake bzip2", without native11:35
diego_rrburton: I'm guilty11:35
rburtoncleanall won't delete the logs11:36
rburtonbut you can't mix up bzip2 and bzip2-native11:36
diego_rrburton: is that a crime against humanity?11:36
diego_rwhat do you suggest to try to fix the situation?11:38
rburtonstart from clean.  bitbake -ccleanall bzip2 bzip2-native11:39
diego_rrburton: still the error. Looks like it isn't even trying to fetch it11:41
rburtonyeah, that's what i said.  sure you've no local changes?11:42
diego_rI just cherry-picked commit 937663bdeca6d6479e0db2a9578588b1aa20222c in dora but the same error was there even before11:43
diego_rno traces of fetching.11:47
diego_rbtw, bzip2 has mostly "temp/log.do_cleanall" files, while bzip2-native has still the "log.do_configure" and "run.autotools_preconfigure"11:50
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diego_rI'm quite sure bzip2-native is trying to run do_configure before having any do_fetch11:55
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diego_rhow strange "bitbake -c fetch bzip2-native" and "bitbake -c fetch bzip2" seem to do nothing12:04
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otaviotf: around?12:28
tfotavio: I am, unusually12:28
otaviotf: patches for meta-clutter; where to send?12:28
tfotavio: I can make you a contributor, if you want?12:29
otaviotf: it works12:30
otaviotf: but I need someone for guidance as I am not quite used to those12:30
tfmaybe we could get rburton involved here?12:31
bluelightningthe obvious question is, why not patch the recipes in OE-Core?12:31
otaviotf: is someone working on getting it to work with master?12:31
otaviotf: because current master seems to be for dora12:32
iontehi. i'm still working on replacing /etc/network/interfaces:12:32
otaviobluelightning: some things are not in oe-core12:32
otaviobluelightning: mutter, for example12:32
tfotavio: nobody I know of, I am swamped with other work at the moment12:32
otaviotf: someone from FSL did some patches for master12:32
otaviotf: and get it working with imx612:33
iontei have a custom layer, which works. in this layer i've created a bbappend file: recipes-core/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown_1.0.bbappend12:33
otaviotf: so I'd like to help upstreaming it so we don't lose this work12:33
iontei've also created a custom interfaces and put that in recipes-core/init-ifupdown/files/12:33
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otavioionte: you need FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend in the bbappend12:34
ionteand the bbappend contains two lines: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"12:34
otaviooh ok12:34
ionteand: PRINC := "${@int(PRINC) + 2}12:34
otavioionte: so this is parsing order in the bblayers.conf12:35
otavioionte: PRINC is not need for Dora and beyond12:35
iontestill the interfaces is not replaced... if i change the version of the bbappend (init-ifupdown_0.9.bbappend) bitbake complains, so it seems to find it...12:35
ionteotavio: ok12:35
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ionteotavio: parsing order? do my layer need to be put before "meta" in bblayers.conf?12:36
iontei've set priority of the layer to 012:36
iontein layer.conf12:36
otavioionte: set the priority to 6, 712:37
otavioionte: and yes. the order is important12:37
ionteotavio: i thought lower number was higher priority...12:37
ionteotavio: how does priority and order relate then?12:38
tfotavio: what's your github id?12:38
otaviotf: otavio12:38
iontetried with priority 10, but it still does not work12:39
otavioionte: the recipes are parsed in the BBLAYERS order12:39
tfotavio: OK, you should have access to the github repo now12:39
otaviotf: thx12:39
otaviotf: I will make a wip/otavio there12:39
otaviotf: and ask for review12:40
tfof course, anything that makes sense to push to -core would be good there12:40
otaviotf: sure12:40
tfI think rburton is the maintainer12:40
otaviotf: I will make a dora branch as well12:40
ionteotavio: so layers overriding/appending to other recipes must be placed before the layers that are overridden in bblayers.conf?12:40
otavioionte: I'd say later; but I don't recall12:41
otavioionte: but I dealt with an issue due thi12:41
ionteotavio: ok. looking at the default bblayers.conf files they typically start with "meta", then "meta-yocto", "meta-yocto-bsp". that indicates that they must be placed after ... but my layer is already placed last in bblayers.conf...12:42
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ionteinteresting. build/tmp-eglibc/work/qemux86-oe-linux/init-ifupdown/1.0-r5/interfaces is my custom interfaces. yet the default version is installed on the image.....12:45
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sce_rburton, even brokensep does not wokr13:16
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kab0naresuzuHi, I'm working on the meta-intel GIT repository.13:26
kab0naresuzuThis beats building LFS. Yocto meets our requirement neatly.13:26
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bluelightningionte: maybe yours is not the only init-ifupdown bbappend that is being applied for the machine you are building for?13:44
bluelightningkab0naresuzu: great!13:44
kab0naresuzubluelightning: yes, very. I just landed my first contract as a Linux Distribution Manager... I'm building the first iteration via the tools, monitoring my disk usage because resources are tight... I keep having to clear out files to make room.13:45
kab0naresuzuI have been working with Linux for 5 years in a professional capacity... Mostly on a redistribution of Debian targeted at Fully-Automated Install/Virtualization.13:46
kab0naresuzuIt's my understand that after I build via Yocto, I can image this to a drive and load it onto the hardware -- then develop Linux as usual.13:47
iontebluelightning: i'm looking for others now (find . -name "init-ifupdown*.bbappend"). so far i've only found one in meta-yocto-bsp but that layer is not in my bblayers.conf (i have only "meta" and "meta-mylayer" in it)13:47
bluelightningkab0naresuzu: right, that is one possibility; we're pretty flexible as far as developer workflow goes (perhaps a little too much)13:48
bluelightningionte: try bitbake-layers show-appends13:49
kab0naresuzuionte: What's your problem statement? I'm familiar with the init daemon.13:49
iontekab0naresuzu: i want to change the default /etc/network/interfaces13:49
kab0naresuzuWhy not edit the file directly?13:49
kab0naresuzuI write to it with Scripts in my project.13:49
iontekab0naresuzu: i've created a custom layer, and an bbappend for init-ifupdown that adds a custom interfaces. but that does not work...13:50
kab0naresuzuIt sounds like we have similar requirements.13:50
iontekab0naresuzu: i don't think that's the best workflow...13:50
kab0naresuzuNo, it's not. It's something that I hammered out in a day.13:50
bluelightningkab0naresuzu: for reproducible builds it's best to do the customisation at the metadata / source level13:51
bluelightningslightly more work for a better long-term result13:51
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ionteafter reading way too much code i saw there was an exact example in the yocto bsp documentation, that does exactly what i do.. but it still does not work...13:51
kab0naresuzuSome other devs in my organization handed me a firefox + javascript plugin which button-interfaces with the filesystem. I'm using the iNotify Kernel feature to watch for files; then take action based on file created to spawn dialogs / configure network interfaces.13:52
iontebluelightning: show-appends lists only my inif-ifupdown recipe...13:52
*** xerent <xerent!> has joined #yocto13:53
ionteok, could someone explain the build/tmp-eglibc/work directories for me? work/qemux86-oe-linux/init-ifupdown/1.0-r5/interfaces is my custom file, but work/qemux86-oe-linux/griffin-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/network/interfaces is the default...13:55
ionte(griffin-image is my custom image recipe, which inherits "image")13:55
kab0naresuzubluelightning: based on my problem statement (required interface with interactive browser buttons that spawn files that indicate action and configuration to execute)... Do you think I will require to build an ifupdown script for persistent configuration based on contents of /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/wvdial.conf ?13:55
kab0naresuzuwell, it looks like I require porting WVDial from Yocto-Classic to Poky... So I'll make a contrib on the Weaver-Dial PPPDaemon wrapper. I'll drop a question here if I get stuck, but I am confident that I understand bitbake recipes well enough. Thanks!13:57
*** abcd <abcd!> has joined #yocto14:01
*** abcd <abcd!> has quit IRC14:04
iontei replaced "inherit image" with "inherit core-image" and now it works...14:04
iontewhy, oh, why ...14:04
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC14:05
sce_is there someone who could help me with autotools recipe and build directory14:05
sce_i would like to build in the source directory14:05
sce_executing autogen.sh14:05
sce_but the build system goes always in package/build14:05
sce_S is different from B14:05
sce_i would like to S = B14:06
sce_i would like to have S = B14:06
sce_i dotn understand the condition ...:(14:07
*** sroy_ <sroy_!~sroy@> has quit IRC14:07
bluelightningkab0naresuzu: FYI there is a wvdial recipe in meta-oe:
bluelightningso it's not really porting, it should just work14:07
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto14:09
kab0naresuzubluelightning: Thanks. Are there any equivalents to xmessage/gxmesage?14:10
kab0naresuzuAnd yes there are.... It looks like there are a few options.14:10
iontedammit! so... i changed my image to inherit from "core-image", and suddenly my custom interfaces-file was installed. then i switched back to inheriting from "image", but now my custom interfaces-file was STILL used!14:12
iontedoes bitbake/yocto/whatever not notice all changes? do i need to clean my working directory before rebuilding?14:13
bluelightningionte: which version of the build system are you using?14:14
iontebluelightning: 1.5.114:17
bluelightningionte: usually it will; however there are some corner cases e.g. if you built with the bbappend in place but your custom interfaces file not there (and you'd have received a warning) then moving it into place and building would not trigger a rebuild14:17
iontebluelightning: ok, that or something similar may very well have happened14:18
iontebut if i update my custom interfaces file i hope rootfs will be rebuilt...?14:19
kab0naresuzuWhere is Yocto @ with CedarTrail/CedarView and PVR Graphics?14:20
bluelightningionte: yes14:21
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto14:22
*** sroy_ <sroy_!~sroy@> has joined #yocto14:22
rburtonsce_: as i said earlier, inherit autotools-brokensep instead of autotools to have S=B14:23
sce_it was not working14:23
sce_i'm using dora branch14:23
bluelightningkab0naresuzu: last I heard, the specific cedartrail BSP was only supported on an earlier version of the build system, but I'm not really the best person to advise14:23
sce_and even if used the class file it was not working14:23
sce_i found out why it was not woking14:23
bluelightningkab0naresuzu: coincidentally dvhart has just arrived - Darren can you confirm? ^14:23
sce_gst-plugins-bad was using a seperate build dir14:24
sce_so i had to add B_pn-gst-plugins-bad = "${S}"14:24
sce_in my recipe14:25
rburtonin the recipe you can just use S14:25
rburtoni meant B14:25
*** zeddii_home <zeddii_home!> has joined #yocto14:25
bluelightningsce_: you shouldn't need to do that though, unless you are building a different version of gst-plugins-bad - if we set that it means we tested it and it works14:26
bluelightningrburton: I don't think you could if B_pn-gst-plugins-bad is set in the inc file since that override would take precedence14:27
sce_i'm trying to build the git version seen that in gst-plugins-bad 0.10.23 there is no eglglessink, i need on rpi14:27
bluelightningsce_: I would advise looking at the gstreamer-1.0-plugins-bad recipe instead14:28
sce_yes i know but i'm using a software which is using gstreamer-0.10 api14:29
rburtonsce_: i still recommend making a diff from 0.10.23 to master for the plguin you want to work14:29
sce_the plugin does not exist and the amount of patch is important14:29
sce_the plugin does not exist and the amount of patches is important14:29
rburtona diff from 0.10.23 to master will be a single patch :)14:30
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!> has joined #yocto14:30
sce_yes but this is not the same way to build anymore14:30
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!> has left #yocto14:30
sce_and i wanted to see the effort to do that14:31
rburtonits almost like someone needs to make a release of 0.10.2414:31
sce_its a big effort to support eglgles in 0.10 :)14:31
sce_yes it could be nice :)14:31
sce_i dont know why there is no release, i guess they are pushing 1.0 now14:32
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!> has quit IRC14:33
* dvhart looks up14:34
dvhartsorry was away until now14:34
bluelightningdvhart: the question was about PVR on cedartrail - that BSP isn't supported anymore with current releases right? is there an alternative?14:34
dvhartright, the org only supports cedar trail through..... checking14:35
dvhartthrough danny14:35
dvhartwhich is a 3.0 kernel14:36
dvhartIf you have interest in updated support for the board, please email the list and Cc the maintainers listed in the README file14:36
bluelightningkab0naresuzu: ^14:37
dvhartI believe the limiting factor here is the PVR driver14:38
dvhart(raise your hand if you're surprised)14:38
* diego_r not suprised at all14:39
bluelightningdvhart: ok, thanks for the clarification14:41
dvhartwish I had more palatable news to report14:41
kab0naresuzudvhart: thank you14:48
*** kbart <kbart!~KBart@> has quit IRC14:48
kab0naresuzudvhart: Thanks for putting me on the right track.14:49
dvhartkab0naresuzu, please do email the list and the maintainer - if the request doesn't come in, it's more difficult to persuade people to upgrade it.14:49
kab0naresuzuI'll CC them after I update it. I have somethings I'd like to try against the PVR driver.14:49
kab0naresuzuRight now I am building on Kernel 3.4... so it should, likely, revert to VESA drivers if the i915 doesn't work.14:50
dvhartright, that would be my expectation - provided you are building with VESA enabled and the Xorg VESA driver included14:50
kab0naresuzuI'm so deep into the compile, that quitting this iteration would have wasted 3 hours; I have a hard deadline for Friday to put this together. I already have the application layer implemented on a more heavyweight distro.14:51
dvhart3 hours? that's an awful long build cycle14:52
*** hasselmm <hasselmm!~mathias@> has quit IRC14:52
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:53
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*** Squix <Squix!> has joined #yocto15:03
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto15:04
iontebluelightning: unfortunately updating the interfaces-file in my recipe does not rebuild the rootfs :(15:07
bluelightningionte: I don't know how to explain that; it's supposed to15:10
*** darknighte_ <darknighte_!~darknight@pdpc/supporter/professional/darknighte> has joined #yocto15:23
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*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto16:33
lpapphi, interesting that no one "packaged" ntpclient or something other tiny implementation of the ntp protocol for oe-core?16:34
lpappit seems to be about 20 K, and somewhat essential a functionality, so I would imagine this is ok for oe-core?16:34
kergothRP: any objection to making the 'oe' python package a namespace package? being able to add modules to it from external layers would be convenient, and might also open up the possibility of overriding individual modules to stage fixes before they hit upstream (Not sure about that, haven't tested it)16:35
rburtonlpapp: ntpdate is part of ntp in meta-networking16:35
lpapprburton: ntpdate is obsolete.16:35
lpappit is also very big, 112 K.16:36
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has quit IRC16:36
rburtonfeel free to package something else and send it to meta-networking i guess16:36
bluelightninglpapp: er, how about the module in busybox?16:37
lpappbluelightning: oh, busybox has one, interesting. :)16:37
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has joined #yocto16:37
lpappbluelightning: let me see how big that one is.16:37
lpapp(currently it is disabled, so I will need to rebuild busybox)16:37
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:38
rburtoni thought you had no networking so just need a one-shot time setter?16:38
lpapprburton: yeah, that was the idea, but some people prefer ntpd. :)16:38
lpappso it would be optional.16:38
*** reallife <reallife!> has quit IRC16:38
*** reallife <reallife!> has joined #yocto16:39
lpapprburton: we have ethernet connection, so it is theoretically possible. It is just new a feature request.16:40
*** seebs <seebs!> has quit IRC16:48
lpappis there an option for opkg to look for similarly named packages installed? Something like dpkg -l on debian based systems.16:48
rburtonopkg list_installed16:49
rburton(opkg —help lists all the commands)16:49
rburtonyou'll need to use grep to filter it, iirc16:49
lpappyes, that is my issue with that.16:50
lpappwith dpkg -l, you do not need to.16:50
rburtonso use dpkg then :)16:50
*** seebs <seebs!> has joined #yocto16:51
lpapprburton: thanks either way. :)17:00
lpappbluelightning: thanks to you, too, for the busybox idea, it worked for the first time!17:00
lpappI have spent 1-2 days to try to configure the reference implementation properly without success.17:00
*** reallife <reallife!> has quit IRC17:00
*** reallife <reallife!> has joined #yocto17:01
*** demo <demo!> has joined #yocto17:04
*** demo is now known as kab0naresuzu17:04
kab0naresuzu:: ERROR: ParseError at /home/demo/Yocto/meta-intel/common/recipes-graphics/xorg-driver/ Could not inherit file classes/distro_features_check.bbclass17:04
kergothsounds like a branch mismatch between your layers17:05
kab0naresuzuAttempting to build meta-intel/meta-cedartrail...17:05
rburtonkab0naresuzu: probably you're using meta-intel master against a release of poky/oe-core17:05
kergoth(its amazing how often that happens)17:05
kab0naresuzuI am.17:05
kergothnot going to work, use the release branch corresponding to that release17:05
kab0naresuzuSo I would need Danny.17:05
kergothassuming that's the release in question, yes, you haven't said :)17:05
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:07
dvhartkab0naresuzu, yes, always match layer versions17:10
kab0naresuzu wgett'n17:11
dvhartkergoth, it does happen an awful lot doesn't it - maybe we could come up with a way to match version dependencies and fail, or at *least* warn17:11
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has quit IRC17:11
dvhartrather than expose new folks to esoteric bitbake errors right off the bat...17:12
kab0naresuzuI'm here to be exposed to esoteric errors.17:12
rburtonsome form of "compatible with oe-core version" list in the layer would be nice17:13
kergothyeah, thats what i was just thinking about too. we do hae layer dependencies with layer versions, but i don't know that we want to impose a hard line on the release boundary or not.. there's likely value there, though17:13
dvhartkab0naresuzu, then you've come to the right place .....17:13
rburtonso bitbake would warn if you had a layer that wasn't actually tested with the version you have17:13
*** RP <RP!> has quit IRC17:13
kab0naresuzuNo doubt... I'm working on PVR.17:13
kergothrburton: bitbake supports layer versions and required layer versions in layerdepends17:13
kergothrburton: just nobody really uses it17:13
rburtonkergoth: clearly we need to look at doing that in meta-intel and seeing how well it works17:14
kergothdefinitely sounds worth looking into17:14
kergothwe get someone runniing into this a few times a week, it feels like, anyway17:14
dvhartrburton, could you be persuaded to spend a few minutes with me next week to get started on that?17:14
dvhartat least17:14
rburtondvhart: sure17:14
dvhartand that's just the public ones17:14
kergothyeah, who knows how many folks just hit the failures and give up17:15
rburtondvhart: remind me next week :)17:15
bluelightningrburton: kergoth: can't anymore, because that stuff was co-opted for the autobuilder versioning :/17:20
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has left #yocto17:22
kab0naresuzuWhat is the best way to redistribute Yocto-based distributions? I should just be able to image the drive and go, right?17:26
dvhartkab0naresuzu, hddimg is a reasonable approach17:26
kab0naresuzuThat's out of my control, really...17:27
dvhartI presume you are PCBIOS, not EFI?17:27
kab0naresuzuThey have some kind of Star-Tech OEM HDD imager in the warehouse...17:27
kab0naresuzuI don't work in Distribution. I'm in Development.17:27
dvhartOK, what are you asking?17:27
kab0naresuzuWell, the last time I tried to run an image off the Star-Tech OEM disk imager... The file-system came out corrupted.17:27
kab0naresuzuSo FSCK had to be run before boot. I know dd is a far superior tool.17:28
kergothbluelightning: maybe we need layer virtuals ;) LAYERPROVIDES_foo += "virtual/foo:1.0"17:28
* kergoth shudders17:28
bluelightningkergoth: yucky as that might be it would be a simple solution17:29
dvhartkab0naresuzu, OK, yes, in theory, once you have an HDD in the form you want, you should be able to clone it and write back to other media17:29
dvhartbut you asked what the best way was, and stipulated that it be done with a disk imager... so... not sure what else we can say?17:30
kab0naresuzuThat's about it. Thank you. I'm going to read up on the Linux Kernel while I wait for this build to finish.17:30
dvhartdeployment is a fairly involved topic too - e.g. do you have in field update requirements?17:30
kab0naresuzuYes, we do...17:30
kab0naresuzuIt's implemented via cookies that refresh on-boot.17:31
*** fitzsim <fitzsim!~user@2001:420:284a:1300:21c:c4ff:fe73:2d74> has joined #yocto17:31
kab0naresuzuWe're leaning heavily on iNotify, as well... The browser detects the patch level within the cookie and, if it needs a patch, sends an HTTPS downstream.17:31
kab0naresuzuThat one... Definitely not my idea. It was originally implemented like that by a nameless, huge enterprise in the late 90s.17:32
kab0naresuzuMy opinion is that it makes patching and management more difficult (i.e., if a patch is required, it has to be written in bash.) Does Yocto have a system for in-field updates?17:33
kergothsome distros use package management as the upgrade mechanism, with feeds. others distribute full images. its really a distro level support question than yocto in general17:38
dvhartalthough in terms of what yocto provides, we create packages17:39
dvhartand images I suppose17:39
dvhartbut we do basically punt there and leave it to the distro/product teams to do what is best for them.17:40
kab0naresuzuMakes sense to me.17:42
rburtonkergoth: fwiw, i really want to look at integrating ostree into yocto17:42
rburtonkergoth: but now i have kids that need a bath17:43
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UzzairHi All :)19:35
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kab0naresuzuHow much space is typically required to run a Yocto Build?20:01
kab0naresuzuI am 1094 / 5060 into it...20:01
kab0naresuzuRunning off a live-debian/minimal-unstable install...20:01
kergoth20gb maybe? depends on what you're building, and whether rm_work is involved. i haven't measured a build size recently myself20:01
kab0naresuzuI have 12G avail.20:02
kab0naresuzuI'll wait for it to run out20:02
kab0naresuzuand remount this on a bigger drive20:02
kab0naresuzuThen, I'll be good20:02
kab0naresuzuThanks for the tip!20:02
kab0naresuzu(I think)20:02
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto20:04
dvhartmy build dir for an x86 machine building core-image-sati is ... du is slow..., but my downloads dir is 7.1 GB (lots of history there)20:07
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC20:08
kergothhmm, wonder if i should set up a periodic downloads dir clean based on access tiem within the past week or two, the way i do with my sstate archive20:09
kab0naresuzuThis is pretty ridiculous... I'm looking at my {fdisk -l} and storage device stats... Apparently, my root part is mounted on a 16GB flash drive -- while my home part somehow got mounted on the 32GB SSD...20:09
kab0naresuzulooks like I'm going to leave this flash drive plugged in for a while.20:09
dvhartkergoth, a pretty good idea20:09
dvhartI should do the same20:09
kab0naresuzukergoth: would you put that in cron.d?20:09
dvhartkergoth, and the script should go in scripts/contrib :-)20:11
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dvhartkab0naresuzu, build dir is 49 GB20:19
dvhartI typically recommend at least 100GB of free space20:19
kergothdvhart: heh, i like the sstate-cache-management stuff, but I have a hard time getting it to identify everything i might need to build, many combinations of layers, branches, etc. access time ends up being the dumb, but effective, approach :)20:31
dvhartmakes sense20:32
kergothof course, having atime enabled on a build drive can be painful, i end up using a separate cache partition20:32
dvhartah... right, I do disable atime20:32
dvhart(and the journal, and a 10 hour commit interval, and......)20:33
kergothhaving it write every tiem you do a read, definitely not pleasant :)20:33
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kergothI use for my sstate. not perfect, and its more complex than most folks likely need, but i have multiple caches. most use the global one, but sometimes i'll kill the symlink to the global to do local testing, or to look at a subset of the cache20:34
dvhartthanks for the link20:34
kergoththe key being find's -atime +6 for older than 7 days ago :)20:35
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mr_sciencekab0naresuzu: we use a disk duplicator to load our ssd's in manufacturing21:03
mr_sciencethe release build only gets installed the "normal" way once to a "master" ssd21:03
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