Monday, 2014-03-24

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vicky_hi yocto. I need to add the core-image-minimal-initramfs(at tmp/deploy/images) with kernel image itself by CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE and i finally want to build a kernel with initramfs.Is it possible?04:56
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mckoangood morning08:32
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sce__good morning09:27
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mago_im working with a yocto-based linux distribution. what would be the easiest way for me to provide my own linux kernel config?09:38
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bluelightningmorning all09:42
mago_good morning09:43
sce__today i'm using x11-base which is using matchbox, does someone know how to use a better WM than matchbox such as openbox or XFCE ?09:49
mago_better in what sense?09:54
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mago_what does it mean to be "Yocto compatible"? For example, the TI Arago project claims to be Yocto 1.4 compatible, but I don't fully understand what Yocto is in this sense? Is it a set of layers? I can only see OE layers in Arago10:28
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Guest21618is it possible to use a different toolchain(than poky) to build a custom kernel for a particular MACHINE ?10:31
ndecmago_: see there isn't a lot there.. but it gives you the idea.10:32
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mago_but does the Yocto project provide/maintain any layers of its own? or is Yocto more of a documentation/standardization project for OpenEmbedded?10:38
bluelightningmago_: well, the Yocto Project's main activity is maintaining OE-Core and BitBake (with significant help from the wider community)10:43
mago_and Poky is an example distribution based on OE, maintained and supported by Yocto?10:45
bluelightningmago_: in a sense it's both an example distribution and a reference build system10:46
bluelightningmago_: the poky repository is OE-Core + BitBake + meta-yocto + meta-yocto-bsp + documentation10:46
mago_oh, so there is a meta-yocto. I just found the yocto linux kernel recipes in my cloned OE-core repo10:47
bluelightningmeta-yocto mostly just contains the poky distro configuration10:48
bluelightningbut you don't absolutely need all of those bits; OE-Core + BitBake is the minimal set10:48
zeckebluelightning: the issue I had was.. libgtp+sgsn are both built as part of the OpenGGSN build (same git repository/recipe)10:53
zeckebluelightning: I bumped the SRCREV again and this time I didn't have issues10:53
bluelightningzecke: was it seeing libraries within the sysroot rather than in the build dir for the recipe perhaps?10:55
bluelightningthe old libraries, that is10:55
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zeckebluelightning: yes, somehow the package code decided that sgsn-emu links against the previously built libgtp and not the one that was build as part of the sgsn11:00
bluelightningzecke: I can only assume because in the linker command line the sysroot dir came first11:01
zeckebluelightning: yes? I don't know how the solib code is working nowadays but don't we just lookup and find the package that provides that?11:02
zeckebluelightning: so it looks like in my case the order of creating/updating the shlibs and the time the package was created was the wrong way11:03
bluelightningzecke: that all happens at packaging, after the linking has occurred... if I'm not mistaken the problem started in do_compile11:03
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bluelightningzecke: do you still have the workdir of the recipe from when it was broken?11:04
bluelightningif not, I guess it shouldn't be too hard to reproduce11:05
zeckebluelightning: I have the recipe but I did the same again. Changed the SRCREV and this time it worked. I think it might be a hard to find race. :(11:11
DenwidHi everyone. I have SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https" . Shouldn't do_unpack() put sources from ${WORKDIR}/git/ into ${S} ? At the moment ${S} is empty :(11:14
bluelightningDenwid: no, it's the other way around11:17
DenwidAh I have to set S = "${WORKDIR}/git"11:17
bluelightningDenwid: S must be set to point to where the sources have been unpacked, i.e. it should be set to ${WORKDIR}/git yes11:17
Denwidthanks =)11:17
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abc_how to compile msm linux kernel using yocto build system11:51
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ndecabc_: afaik, there isn't any recipe for any msm boards yet. so you would need to make your own 'bsp' layer.13:07
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Xzis there new name already picked for 1.6?13:43
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_user_   1.6 daisy13:55
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Xzdaisy, such a lovely name14:00
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Xzbeing a name-picker must be fun14:01
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mebrownYAB: hello15:15
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XzI used to have 'SRC_URI' in image recipe on dylan - that worked15:22
Xznow after bumping to 1.5 dora - it is simply ignored15:23
Xzso 'do_fetch' doesn't do anything for that image15:23
Xzany ideas?15:24
bluelightningXz: were you doing anything else to do_fetch to ensure that executed? do_fetch is marked noexec for image recipes15:27
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bluelightningXz: really, image recipes aren't supposed to fetch anything, the preferable solution is to do that from another recipe, package the result and then pull the package into the image15:28
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Xzbluelightning: d.delVarFlag("do_fetch", "noexec")15:29
Xzbluelightning: I do that in python function15:29
Xzbluelightning: basically it's used for shipping grub.conf alltogether15:30
Xzbluelightning: and grub.conf is image-specific (contains image name)15:30
bluelightningI see15:31
Xzbluelightning: and the only way to determine image name is from the image recipe15:31
Xzbluelightning: I was breaking my head to do it any other way15:31
bluelightningok; well d.delVarFlag("do_fetch", "noexec") in anonymous python should work15:32
Xzpython () { # Ensure we run these usually noexec tasks d.delVarFlag("do_fetch", "noexec") d.delVarFlag("do_unpack", "noexec")15:33
Xzbad paste15:33
Xzanyway - that's how it looks like in image recipe15:34
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bluelightningXz: I guess I will have to run a test here15:36
Xzbluelightning: I think I found the problem15:37
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jmleohi there !15:38
Xzbluelightning: SRC_URI gets triggered in 'do_unpack' for some reason15:38
Xzbluelightning: instead of 'do_fetch'15:38
Xzand I added task 'after do_fetch before do_build'15:38
bluelightningXz: it's not that SRC_URI is "triggered"; copying of local files to ${WORKDIR} might be though15:39
bluelightningXz: there has to be a better way to solve this...15:39
jmleoI have accidentally removed the rootfs from my deploy directory... And now, when I do a bitbake fsl-image-test it fails with an exception :  No such file or directory: 'build/tmp/deploy/images/nitrogen6x/fsl-image-test-nitrogen6x-20140324150700.rootfs.tar.bz2'15:39
bluelightningjmleo: try bitbake -c clean fsl-image-test first15:40
jmleoi tried to do a bitbake -c clean fsl-mage-test and relaunch the bitbake fsl-image-test15:40
jmleoand it is not working either15:40
jmleoI still have some files in the deploy directory15:41
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bluelightningjmleo: so which task is actually failing?15:45
jmleothe do_rootfs15:46
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bluelightningjmleo: can I have a pastebin of the full error please15:49
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bluelightningjmleo: ok, I would suggest deleting the broken symlink that points to the image file you deleted15:51
bluelightningit shouldn't fail this way, but that would be the workaround15:52
jmleobluelightning, yes, it passed (well, the next broken link failed too, but at least, this is an explanation)15:54
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bluelightningI have entered bug 6029 for this15:57
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, laurentiu.palcu, NEW , Ignore broken symlink when RM_OLD_IMAGE is enabled15:57
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jmleothx bluelightning yocti16:16
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Xzafter bumping to 1.5 linux-kernel tmp dir with modules is empty: packages-split/kernel-modules/16:43
Xzso I cannot do anymore 'IMAGE_INSTALL += "kernel-module-usb-storage"'16:43
Xzthere is only ipk with all of them: kernel-modules_3.8-r0.ipk16:44
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bluelightningXz: does that ipk actually contain anything?16:50
bluelightningXz: it sounds to me like the configuration has changed such that there are no modules and thus none are packaged16:50
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* nerdboy still has a metric a**load of module ipks from last night's build16:51
nerdboyis that the default yocto kernel?16:52
Xzbluelightning: ipk has 1024 bytes, so apparently it does not contain modules16:54
Xznerdboy: it's 1.5 Yocto (dora), linux-yocto kernel 3.816:55
Xznerdboy: with set of my patches16:55
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* kergoth fights sstate20:49
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kergothseriously? you're rebuilding *quilt-native*? *really*?21:17
* kergoth sighs21:17
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kergothsometimes i really hate sstate21:31
kergothits a love/hate relationship21:31
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