Friday, 2014-03-28

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iontehi. anyone familiar with the Freescale community BSP here?09:28
DenwidHi everyone. Two quick questions: Why is "unset MACHINE" set in run.do_configure? Is there an easy way to keep MACHINE available during do_configure?09:31
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bluelightningmorning all09:34
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Denwid Good morning, bluelightning. Do you maybe know  why "unset MACHINE" is set in run.do_configure? Is there an easy way to keep MACHINE available during do_configure?09:35
bluelightningDenwid: that variable is explicitly unexported, because some software breaks when it's set to values that we have it set to09:36
bluelightningDenwid: you may be able to do "export MACHINE" within the recipe to reverse it just for that recipe09:37
DenwidAh, ok, I will try! Thanks a lot.09:38
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vicky_hi. My custom image fails due to iconv binary conflicts with two packages (eglibc and libiconv)10:02
vicky_error: file /usr/bin/iconv conflicts between attempted installs of libiconv-1.14-r1.cortexa9_vfp_neon and eglibc-utils-2.18-r1.cortexa9_vfp_neon10:02
vicky_any quick fix?10:02
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rburtonvicky_: with eglibc you don't need libiconv10:12
rburtonvicky_: i guess you've an explicit dependency on libiconv somewhere, use virtual/libiconv in DEPENDS10:13
vicky_thanks. i will try10:13
iontei'm trying to create a bsp for my board (using i.MX233 olinuxino maxi as prototype). yocto-bsp asks for value of UBOOT_MACHINE. what is that used for?10:15
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bluelightningionte: we pass that directly to the make command line for u-boot, so I would suggest looking at the u-boot documentation for that10:21
ionteok, thanks10:21
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vicky_rburton: It didnt work10:41
vicky_and also i am getting this error with qa image10:42
rburtonwhat qa image?10:44
vicky_with debug support10:44
vicky_my log at
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rburtonvicky_: probably something in hmi-image then11:02
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rburtontry using depexp to find out where libiconv comes from.  if you have eglibc you don't need it.11:04
Xzis the order of SRC_URI in recipe equal to order of applying patches? (matters if they depend one on another)11:06
bluelightningXz: yes11:08
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yenalhi may somebody help me I cant build exo-native on yocto-poky master (1.5+snapshot-20140328)  ...14:36
Xzwhat do i do to build image with no modules and no kernel? i would like just to build userspace14:37
JaMayenal: see oe-devel ML14:37
JaMayenal: there is patch for that issue14:37
yenaloh nice I'll search for this14:37
yenalthank you14:37
rburtonXz: remove the kernel from the image dependencies14:37
XzI have kernel-modules in image install14:38
Xzremoved that14:38
Xzapparently it's not enough14:38
JaMaXz: are you talking about build time dependencies or installed packages in image?14:38
XzI inherit core-image and poky-tiny14:38
XzI would like my kernel builder to never trigger14:38
JaMathen you'll find quite a few build time dependencies with bitbake -g your-image14:39
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XzJaMa: so it's not as easy as changing one line in some file...14:39
JaMayou can add PNBLACKLIST for your kernel, that will highlight all places which need it, but it will be quite a lot14:41
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bluelightningXz: pre master/1.6, packagegroup-core-boot pulls in virtual/kernel; in master, virtual/kernel:do_deploy is a dependency for all images14:46
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ionteso... i've created my custom bsp and i've managed to build a complete image. i now have multiple bin-files in the deploy directory15:06
ionteis there any documentation about how to generate an sdcard-file, like Freescale BSP does?15:06
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yenalhey JaMa ty again, exo-native built with your hint (adding intltool-native to DEPENDS_class-native) but I'm still having trouble with other xfce recipes (sound-themes, xarchiver, mousepad, xfce4-taskmanager, xfce4-closebutton-plugin, xfce4-settings, xfwm4)15:29
yenale.g. themes is related to "macro 'AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not found in library" there an link to maillist for actual bugfixes regarding 1.5+snapshot-20140328?15:29
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yenalseems glib-gettext.m4 and/or xdt-i18n.m4 is missing in aclocal-copy/ ..but I'm to inexperienced to understand why15:41
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rburtonyenal: missing build dependencies probably, glib-gettext is part of glib.  not sure about xdt-i18n.m4.15:42
yenalmmh the recipes are defective? otherwise yocto should take care of all dependencies15:46
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yenalty rburton adding glib-2.0 intltool to DEPENDS of recipe worked .. I hope the rest of the xfce errors could be solved likewise15:57
rburtonyenal: correct, missing dependencies.  we used to copy all of aclocal but now it just copies the bits you asked for.16:00
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yenalyes,  I saw that behavior when comparing dora and master dirs - aclocal-copy is full of symlinks in master and normal files in dora16:02
rburtonyeah, in master we symlink the aclocal files provided by the build dependencies you specified16:02
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yenalokay... is there a bitbake command to look for the dependencies in dora branch to correct the recipes in master?16:06
rburtonthe dependencies are not written down in dora, that's the problem16:06
yenalthe command from (Show package's dependencies) puts out quiet much16:07
rburtonyou'll have to look up the files that it can't find and determine what recipe provided them16:07
yenalokay damn :/16:07
rburtonthere should be some way of querying the manifeset16:07
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volker-I try to change the root password, but am still not able to login as root. Even if I modify inittab by executing /bin/sh so I can set it via command line. if I create now another user and change it it works. Just root always fails with a wrong password message. securetty looks also fine.16:08
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yenalrburton can you give me a hint what to do if even no "aclocal-copy"-dir is created?16:09
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yenalvolker- : did you build with debug-tweaks?16:11
volker-yenal: no. just enabled image feature ssh-server-openssh16:12
volker-yenal: I see the password change in /etc/shadow16:12
bunkvolker-: Is that with or without PAM?16:13
volker-bunk: without pam16:13
yenalSo far as I recall I had the same problem when I build without debug-tweaks and even manual editing /etc/shadow didnt help16:14
volker-what confuses me the most is that it works for regular user I create with useradd16:14
volker-yenal: yeah, sounds like my issue. I don't want to use debug-tweaks to keep the image as small as possible16:14
bunkvolker-: Does it help to comment out the CONSOLE line in /etc/login.defs?16:14
yenalmaybe there is a way to set the rootpassword before building?16:17
yenalat least.. afaik there was a feature request for that16:18
volker-yenal: no, commenting out does not help, also not reenabling the other CONSOLE line that is commented out16:18
volker-yenal: the only thing I find in various different ways is
yenalI think actually there is no other way than what is decribed in the wiki16:22
volker-yenal: I saw this mail thread but it didn't help16:22
volker-especially it seems to assume that you dont have openssh installed which use ssh-server-openssh16:23
bluelightningvolker-: yenal: this has been added in master (for 1.6):
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volker-yesterday I spend hours on it without success. today I tried again, then I start to ask here and now I notice that /etc/passwd lists "root:*:..." but a regular user with "user:x:..."16:27
volker-change the * to x and voila16:27
bluelightningvolker-: which version are you using atm?16:28
volker-bluelightning: 1.5.116:28
bluelightningright, ok16:29
volker-bluelightning: 023c35795ff8edd79bb27848a01dd49239f052d4 latest git commit16:29
bluelightningvolker-: I suspect that the * vs x is what the adjacent patch to the one I just posted fixes:
volker-my company would like to build against the 1.5.1 you can download as tar to have a "repeatable stable" version16:30
bluelightningsure, understood16:30
bluelightningand we wouldn't recommend using master over the stable version either16:30
bluelightning(for production usage, that is)16:30
volker-Now when I want to create a wiki account to add additional information to the page I am asked for biography information I do not want to provide16:31
volker-right now I use the git version because it supports ubuntu 13.1016:31
bluelightningvolker-: sorry about that, we have struggled with spammers on our wiki; you can probably get away with entering "I'd rather not provide this - sorry"16:31
volker-bluelightning: you seem to be familar with the code (you did changes;-). Can you explain me why you dont use 'sed -i'? Old sed compatibility? I haven't seen nonsupporting -i for a long time.16:33
bluelightninghmm, let me have a look16:34
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bluelightningwe definitely use sed -i in lots of other places16:34
volker-yeah, but I see a lot of times it is not used. Maybe there was a policy behind it, maybe just writing style of developers.16:35
volker-just curious :)16:35
bluelightningvolker-: ah, the current version after the patch above does use sed -i16:35
bluelightningI think the code before that change was quite old16:35
volker-bluelightning: yes, the old one does not.16:36
volker-I also see that a lot of accounts in /etc/passwd have /bin/sh as shell16:39
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ben_i have just booted Mentor Embedded Linux Kits in Pandaboard ES from this link
ben_but i can't run lttng16:42
ben_"-sh: lttng: command not found"16:42
ben_please help16:42
bluelightningben_: I'm not familiar with that particular offering - is lttng something that's expected to be provided as part of it?16:44
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ben_normally yocto version is compatible with LTTng (
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bluelightningben_: we have lttng recipes yes, but we can produce all sorts of images, so that doesn't necessarily mean that every image will contain lttng16:46
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ben_so which image containes lttng for pandaboard16:46
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kergothyou can add it to any image you want to build. see the local.conf examples for how to add packages to your image16:48
yenaldoes someone have any idea how to fix: "mousepad/ error: HAVE_DBUS does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL" for master (1.5+snapshot-20140328) written DEPENDS are gtk+ dbus-glib gtksourceview216:49
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yenalben_ : add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " lttng" to ../conf/local.conf16:49
ben_how can i get it ?16:49
yenaland rebuild16:49
kergothget what?16:51
yenalbut be sure you have added the right "recipe name" by doing: bitbake -s | grep lttng16:51
ben_ok i will try it16:52
ben_thank you16:52
bluelightningyenal: you mean package name (since it's IMAGE_INSTALL we're talking about)16:52
yenalyes package name16:52
volker-bluelightning: so zap_root_password seems to be the function which breaks it. Now, is there a way to a) remove that function execution or b) overwrite it (there doesnt seem to be a bbclassappend)16:53
volker-bluelightning: I don't see in "bitbake core-image-minimal  -e" how I could use it with a "VARIALBLE -= ..."16:54
bluelightningvolker-: you can re-define the function in your image recipe to blank it out or specify a modified version if you wish; or alternatively apply the patch from master I linked above to fix it in image.bbclass16:54
bluelightningvolker-: there is no -=16:55
volker-bluelightning: ok, so I need to define my own image recipe then16:55
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bluelightningvolker-: there is a _remove, but that is in master and it's not really suitable for variables that aren't strictly space-separated lists (ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is effectively semicolon-delimited for the shell)16:56
bluelightningvolker-: if you're doing anything more than trivial experimentation then you probably want your own image recipe anyway, since you'll probably want to customise its contents16:56
kergothyou could use :=, worst case. e.g. FOO := "${@FOO.replace('something i don't want', '')}". not pretty, though :)16:57
volker-bluelightning: my idea was: use the minimal, add packages you need in conf/local.conf, make small modifications via ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, create one recipes and add them via IMAGE_INSTALL_append16:57
volker-bluelightning: this way it seemes to be easier to jump from version to version without touching much of the code16:58
bluelightningvolker-: so the general idea of adding things on top as opposed to modifying the core is a good one, but we provide more appropriate mechanisms than making changes via local.conf (i.e. layers)17:00
bluelightningvolker-: in case you hadn't seen it:
bluelightninggenerally what we recommend is customisations go into a distro layer (or machine/BSP layer if they are specific to a particular machine) and then those parts are individually re-usable and easy to keep the same17:01
volker-bluelightning: yeah, I understand the layer, but looking at the image layer gives me the impression that this leads to a lot of ducplicate code.17:01
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bluelightninglocal.conf changes are easy to miss out if you have to reproduce your setup, resulting in different output than you would expect17:01
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bluelightningvolker-: it shouldn't, since the idea for the most part is to just add your changes on top (via bbappends, your preferred variable values in the distro / machine .conf instead of the default, etc.)17:02
bluelightningimage recipes are really the only place where copy-and-modify (into your own layer) is the best approach since they don't tend to have much that you don't want to override anyway17:03
volker-bluelightning: from my understanding I need to copy the entire default image.bbclass file and modify ony one smaller part to get what I want. So all the other code is duplicate and I have to deal with these chagnes everytime there is a new version17:04
kergothhe just told you that you can override the class's function in the recipe17:05
bluelightningvolker-: that's not what I was suggesting17:05
bluelightningvolker-: there are two ways around this problem - apply the patch I pointed out on top of the core, which is a safe change because you can be assured it will be in the next stable release (1.6); or provide a modified version of the function in your image recipe17:06
volker-bluelightning: ok, I think I can't follow then the second part if it does not require duplicate code (beside the function I want to overwrite)17:07
volker-bluelightning: when you state image recipe, do you mean  image class / a bbclass file?17:08
bluelightningvolker-: no, I mean the image recipe file, e.g meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bb17:09
volker-bluelightning: and functions I define there are overwriting functions of inherited classes?17:11
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bluelightningvolker-: in that specific recipe after the inherit line, for 'bitbake core-image-minimal', yes17:12
bluelightningvolker-: (you'd copy that file to somewhere else, customise it and then build it instead in the ideal case)17:13
volker-bluelightning: ok, let me try it. I think I missunderstood one part of it and got mixed up of classes and recipes.17:14
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bluelightningvolker-: ok, no problem17:22
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volker-the parser seems to be somewhat sensitive. zap_root_password () { } does not work, you need to have something like zap_root_password () {\n echo 'dummy' > /dev/null\n}17:28
kergothjust use : for the line, not the echo17:28
kergothshell no-op17:28
kergothzap_root_password () {\n    :\n}17:29
volker-interesting, didn't know that there is a shell no-op :)17:29
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volker-bluelightning: seems to work find, thanks for the hint. Seems like I though too complicated about it :)17:47
bluelightningvolker-: cool, no worries17:52
volker-bluelightning: yeah, learning curve of it. Hope the book will be released soon17:53
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volker-how can I overwrite the PACKAGE_CLASSES in my image recipe? If I set PACKAGE_CLASSES="package_deb" and the local.conf has the default ?="package_rpm", the ?= still overwrites it. Now the bitbake user manual states that ?= only overwrites it if it wasn't set before17:57
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bluelightningvolker-: PACKAGE_CLASSES must be set somewhere "higher" than the image recipe, since it controls how other recipes' packages are produced18:14
bluelightningvolker-: so it would need to be set in local.conf or more concretely your custom distro config assuming you have created one18:15
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volker-bluelightning: if I change the distro I have to set it in conf/local.conf, too?18:24
bluelightningvolker-: you do need to set DISTRO to point to your new distro configuration, yes (the name of it)18:24
bluelightningif you mean do you need to set PACKAGE_CLASSES in two places, no18:25
bluelightningif the distro config sets it with = it will override whatever is set in local.conf18:26
volker-bluelightning: no, I meant I have to touch local.conf anyway. either for the DISTRO or for the PACKAGE_CLASSES18:26
bluelightningfor the DISTRO yes, for PACKAGE_CLASSES if the distro config sets it as above, no18:26
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volker-bluelightning: how do I know in what kind of layer I have to set something. Like "NOISO" or "PACKAGE_CLASSES"18:28
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bluelightningvolker-: being that those aren't really tied to the machine you're building for I would say those are distro configuration candidates, and a distro layer would be the place for that18:30
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volker-bluelightning: looking at the distrolayer, how can I just build a layer over an existing distro?18:35
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bluelightningvolker-: you can do that to add recipes or bbappends, but if it's distro configuration you want to specify, you should just create your own distro config (possibly a copy of the one you are modifying)18:43
bluelightningthe one you are basing it on I mean18:43
bluelightningvolker-: again, the defaults are mostly set by the core automatically, so the distro config should only need to set the things you want to be different from those defaults18:44
bluelightningvolker-: (for reference, the core defaults are in meta/conf/bitbake.conf and meta/conf/distro/defaultsetup.conf + some inc files that the latter pulls in)18:45
volker-yeah, but right now I use poky which is a little bit bigger18:46
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bluelightningvolker-: a little, but not a lot18:54
volker-when do I use the distro, when the image layer when installing image features and additional files?18:55
bluelightningvolker-: you'd put your image(s) and additional non-machine-specific customisations into the distro layer as well usually18:56
volker-I see PACKAGE_CLASS as an image feature, but somehow I cant use it there18:56
bluelightningvolker-: as I mentioned earlier, PACKAGE_CLASSES controls how every recipe produces packages, so it must be set at a level that can influence how those other recipes are packaged; the image recipe (or indeed any individual recipe) isn't at that level18:57
volker-bluelightning:  so you say that non-machine-specific customizations should go to the distro layer. If I check the reference system I see in that the images features are in the image layer.19:00
bluelightningvolker-: "image layer" isn't a concept that we really have19:00
bluelightningsorry I've got to head out now, will possibly be back later19:00
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JaMa   Matched in manifest-qemux86-ocf-linux.populate_sysroot21:40
JaMa^ as someone was discussing ocf-linux removal on ML, another case where we need those sysroot providers21:41
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