Thursday, 2014-03-27

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zeckeJaMa: where is the result of bitbake -S dumped to?05:53
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mckoangood morning07:50
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alexVaduvahello using FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend seems to have no efect on an inc file the location being changed from bb to bb.07:59
alexVaduvadoes someone has a suggestion?07:59
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ant_workyes, the inc in oe-core wins. Create and refer to a new one in your layer (it can just include/require the .inc in oe-core)08:04
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bluelightningmorning all10:15
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XzI would like to understand variable SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION a little bit more10:40
Xzif I add some flag to SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION10:41
Xzis it going to be passed to -native tools as well?10:41
zeckeRP: ping?10:42
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RPzecke: pong10:43
RPXz: I think BUILD_OPTIMIZATION is used for that10:44
bluelightningXz: no, the value of SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION goes into TARGET_CFLAGS i.e. for the target only10:44
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XzRP: so BUILD_OPTIMIZATION will affect only my target binaries?10:45
Xzbluelightning: RP: I'm puzzled now10:46
RPXz: SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION only changes target binaries, BUILD_OPTIMIZATION only affects native ones10:46
bluelightningXz: BUILD meaning the build host10:46
XzRP: bluelightning now if I build SDK and added a flag into SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION - will SDK add that flag everytime smb uses it?10:47
XzRP: bluelightning I mean after someone installs SDK and starts using - will my flag be by default appended?10:48
bluelightningXz: the toolchain env setup scripts set CFLAGS from the TARGET_CFLAGS value set when building the SDK, yes10:50
zeckeRP: okay. so CONFFILES missing makes sense. What about do_install?10:51
zeckeRP: these were the two items I changed and that didn't reflect in a .X AUTOPR change10:51
zeckesorry. my wife is calling for lunch.10:52
RPzecke: do_install should trigger install to rerun for sure10:52
Xzbluelightning: that's pretty cool, I like thah :)10:52
bluelightningour docs are a bit thin on this area, I've added a note to improve them10:53
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Net147what's the best way to clean out old files from the downloads directory?12:56
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Net147at the moment I have a cache folder that I move downloads to, then I set the SOURCE_MIRROR_URL, INHERIT += "own-mirrors" and run bitbake -c fetchall someimage13:00
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rink_hi all13:00
rink_Anyone here can help out a quick question? Attempting to build a Yocto I.MX6 image, works nicely - but libSDL2 is missing from my target image (it is in the SDK)13:01
rink_Do I need to do more than 'DEPENDS += 'virtual/libsdl2' and 'IMAGE_INSTALL_append += libsdl2 ?13:01
blitz00rink_, where are you doing that DEPENDS? in local.conf? don't do that please13:07
blitz00and use IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " libsdl2"13:08
blitz00notice the sapce13:08
blitz00or IMAGE_INSTALL += "libsdl2"13:08
blitz00don't mix += with append, I have no idea what happens...13:08
rink_i've made a custom layer13:09
rink_it ends with 'inherit core-image'13:10
rink_I don't use IMAGE_INSTALL +=, that caused problems13:11
bluelightningyou can use IMAGE_INSTALL += *after* the inherit13:11
bluelightning(in an image recipe)13:11
rink_oh, i see!13:12
bluelightningtypically though assuming your application is packaged by the build system, you wouldn't explicitly add a library to be installed into the image - libraries should be brought in as dependencies of the application's package (automatically)13:13
rink_well, the application is under development13:13
rink_which is why I'm using the SDK to build it13:13
rink_that works fine, but when I try to run it, it complains about missing shared libs (which makes sense, as I do not see them in the resulting image)13:14
rink_so I'm guessing bitbake's dependency thing decides that it isn't needed by the runtime on the image and doesn't install them13:14
rink_moving the 'inherit' to the top seemed to help things...13:16
rink_disclaimer: I've started using Yocto yesterday; it's been a nice experience so far.13:17
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Hodappalright... now to try to boot this kernel on a WR703N with UBoot, while not knowing much of anything about UBoot13:36
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Hodapp is very similar hardware (same chip, I think) but has instructions for RedBoot13:36
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Hodappthis chip isn't identical (AR7161 vs. AR7240) but it looks like it should be close enough; I wonder if this is just a matter of passing UBoot the right parameters14:11
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kaparebluelightning, You were saying yesterday to rink_ [13:11] that we should use IMAGE_INSTALL += after inherit. First, the doc does not say anything about that? Second does the doc enforce the fact that it's better to simply always use IMAGE_INSTALL_append?14:29
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kaparebluelightning, third will recommend changing this IMAGE_INSTALL += for IMAGE_INSTALL_append?
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bluelightningkapare: the doc should probably be fixed, but to be honest I think += is better for the image recipe as long as it appears in the right place14:32
bluelightningkapare: there's no need to change all recipes though if they already work14:32
kaparebluelightning, the right place is after inherit? or after also other vars? or only this one? Is there other ordering that we must take care of in a recipe-image or local.conf?14:35
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kergothkapare: ordering around inherit is almost always a concern in every recipe, not just images. inherit is an immediate operation, so depending on the behavior of the class, some things nee dto be done after the inherit rather than before. there's a reason functions like do_configure always go after the inherit autotools :)14:58
kaparekergoth, thx for the clarification still new to a lot of that process ;)15:00
kergothAdmittedly, it'd be nice to be more consistent in this regard. In my personal opinion, I'd like to see all inherits move to the top of recipes. It's almost never right for a class to override the recipe inheriting it, but if it does need to do that, that's what overrides are forl15:02
kaparekergoth, I was surprise to not see them there since I thought of them as import or include ;)15:04
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XzI have a binutils bbappend that adds a patch. How can I make it not appending to -natve? Binutils recipe in poky does: BBCLASSEXTEND = "native"15:50
kergothSRC_URI_append_class-target = " foo" will append just for the target recipe15:51
Xzkergoth: good trick15:51
Xzkergoth: will it work for Yocto 1.4.2?15:52
kergothin the past we had to use an intermediate variable with native/nativesdk overrides to empty that variable15:52
kergothnot sure if class-target was available in 1.415:52
kergothif not, use such an intermediate var15:52
kergothMY_SRC_URUI = "foo", MY_SRC_URI_class-native or MY_SRC_URI_virtclass-native depending on version15:52
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Hodapphrmmm, my build finished, and I have the squashfs image I asked for, but apparently no kernel?16:07
Hodappall I did that I remember that should have influenced that was KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "uImage" rather than KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "vmlinux"16:08
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volker-I build core-image-minimal. then I added IMAGE_INSTALL_append=" shadow", so my rootfs got that package. Then I removed the shadow IMAGE_INSTALL. Now I still get the shadow package automatically installed when I re-create the rootfs with "bitbake core-image-minimal -c rootfs -f".17:06
volker-How do I reconfigure the rootfs configuration so it does not install no longer configured packages?17:06
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zeckeRP: re. :}17:16
zeckevolker-: use bitbake -e core-image-minimal and see what is being in IMAGE_INSTALL. Does it still show your append? If not you can consule the image creation log. It might show you for which depedency shadow was installed?17:17
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volker-zecke: core-image-minimal doesn't has it as dependency and no other packages are installed.17:21
volker-zecke: the bitbake -e command only shows: IMAGE_INSTALL="packagegroup-core-boot run-postinsts "17:22
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kergothmaybe you grabbed the wrong image file, and the new one really doesn't have shadow? ;)17:24
volker-kergoth: no, I check the qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs/ folder which definitly gets rebuild17:25
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RPzecke: welcome back :)17:44
RPzecke: I'm here for about 15mins17:45
RPzecke: when you run bitbake <target> -S it places sigdata files into the STAMPS directory17:45
RPzecke: the first key thing to figure out is whether the sigdata files are different before and after your change17:45
RPzecke: is they're the same, the change wasn't detected. If it changes, that should trigger the PR server to increment its PR value17:46
zeckeRP: ah thanks the "STAMPS" directory thing was missing. strace bitbake -S created too many lines of output to be just be lucky. :)17:47
zeckeRP: I will have another look tomorrow and report back. So far it looks like I was just unlucky with CONFFILES :)17:48
RPzecke: yes, we should have that one in the magic list. I wish there was a way to auto-generate it but out python ast parsing isn't good enough for that :)17:50
zeckeRP: "shadow" variables? A special cow dictionary and see which variables were used for do_package? It probably will not scale. :)17:55
RPzecke: the trouble is we need to compute the hash before the function ever runs17:55
RPzecke: i.e. can we fetch the output of this task from an sstate cache when we know the checksum17:55
zeckeRP: hehe, predicting the future. How can that be difficult? :}17:56
RPI do think we probably should sanity check we did "guess" the right things though after the task does execute17:56
zeckeRP: yes, this sounds like a good idea. I think it is just about missing variables so even a good error message naming the variable and where to insert it and where to report the issue would rock. (I use ZFS on my FreeBSD servers and the error messages are a different league)17:58
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pidgeRP: come the end of the next AB run I need a quick downtime (updates).21:30
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