Wednesday, 2014-04-02

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kroonWhen living on the bleeding edge of OE, instead of doing heavy rebuilds whenever core changes happen, would it be possible for a privat person to leach of the Yocto autobuilders sstate cache ?03:16
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khemkroon: however, I dont think its available for general consumption05:15
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kroonkhem, aha06:28
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jvuoHi all! I need tips for own kernel module development in Arago project. I have TI6638 evm and I am trying to enable SRIO interface. So far I can compile and see my own module but can not call  /drivers/rapidio/ functions in my module because of unknown symbol error when modprobed. I have added rapidio in Kconfig at /arch/arm and enabled it with menuconfig and can see objects in /drivers/rapidio folder. The problem seems to be that I get kernel compiled with06:39
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #30 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_2] Build details are at
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bluelightningmorning all08:48
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thaytanI want to put qt pieces into my image09:12
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thaytanI tried IMAGE_INSTALL += packagegroup-core-qt and it builds all the qt pieces, but fails to build the rootfs with 'ERROR: packagegroup-core-qt not found in the base feeds'09:12
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kroonthaytan, do you get any *packagroup-core-qt* packages created under deploy/ ?09:17
thaytanthe only rpm is packagegroup-core-qt-demoapps09:18
kroonI've had some problems with debian.bbclass auto-renaming package names in the past09:18
thaytanmaybe that'll work better09:19
bluelightningthaytan: the question is what exactly are you looking for? if it's only the libs, packaging your application in the form of a recipe will pull those in automatically when you install the app's package09:20
bluelightning(aside from anything configured as a plugin that is, e.g. qt's image format / database backend plugins etc.)09:20
thaytanbluelightning, a dev system that includes qt headers et al09:21
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bluelightningthaytan: qt4-x11-free-dev might be what you're looking for09:24
bluelightning(+ qt4-x11-free-dbg for debug symbols if you want those as well)09:25
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thaytanbluelightning, thanks - trying that09:32
thaytanrootfs build takes a fair while for this image / on this machin09:32
ionteanyone familiar with the Freescale BSP here?09:34
iontei'm confused about how i.MX23 vs i.MX233 vs MXS is used in the BSP. for example there are two functions to generate an sdcard image: generate_imx_sdcard and generate_mxs_sdcard. i would guess that the i.MX233 CPU would use the first one, but the second one is used...09:36
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thaytanbluelightning, thanks!09:44
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jmleohi all12:07
jmleoI am using numpy on a Cortex-A9 board (i.MX6) and dot product is very slow12:08
jmleoI would like to use ATLAS, as in its 3.10.0 version it supports arm and Neon, but there is no recipe for it in yocto, or maybe didn't I search it correctly...12:08
bluelightningjmleo: looks like you'd need to write one12:11
jmleobluelightning, I just started to, but I have some difficulties12:13
jmleobluelightning, and I don't know in which recipe/layer I should put it12:14
jmleowell, I am starting with yocto, though ;)12:14
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jmleobluelightning, can you help me creating this recipe ? I have written an .inc and a bb file, it fetches the bz2 file, passes the checksum, but I can't execute configure "as is" because when untaring, it creates a directory, here is the tree :12:18
bluelightningjmleo: sounds like you need to set S to point to where the source is extracted12:19
bluelightningwithin the recipe12:19
jmleommmh, this is what I didn't understand, this "S" thing...12:21
bluelightningjmleo: basically, what bitbake does is just extract the archive with WORKDIR as the current directory12:22
bluelightningso if the archive contains a subdirectory, that'll of course be created under WORKDIR for the recipe12:22
bluelightningyou must therefore set S to point to that directory so the system knows where to find the base of the sources12:22
bluelightningthere are lots of examples in the recipes we have12:23
bluelightningjmleo: FYI you may find this new section of the manual useful:
bluelightning(note this is the 1.6 manual, but this section should be completely applicable to older versions as well)12:24
jmleobluelightning, thx a lot for this pointer, favorited !12:25
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jmleobluelightning, in order to fully understand, WORKDIR in my case is pointing to yocto/build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/atlas/3.10.1-r0/ right ?12:28
jmleook, this is it... now  have another issue, as I need in the configure to create a directory and execute configure from this directory, but if I understand correctly, I can override do_configure...12:34
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jmleoyou can see the steps here :
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bluelightningjmleo: you should just be able to set B = "${WORKDIR}/build" to have a separate build directory for the recipe12:47
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jmleobluelightning, thx and I can also override configure options, because this is not a real autotool builder, and --build=x86_64-linux for instance is not a recognised option. I see one can pass EXTRA_OECONF but maybe should I just write the correct do_configure12:55
bluelightningjmleo: if this isn't autotools then you shouldn't inherit the autotools class, and instead yes you should define your own do_configure12:57
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jm__I'm back13:03
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Xzhi, is there any special way of executing tests in Yocto? For instance I have binutils with whole testsuite. In order to execute them manually I need to 'make something'. Does bitbake do any wrapping around testing commands?13:10
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bluelightningXz: we have ptest which is designed to help with packaging and running tests on the target13:15
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jm__bluelightning, if I want to pass the compiler path, is there a ${CC} variable I can use ?13:16
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bluelightningjm__: yes13:17
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Xzbluelightning: I'm interested rather in sth like unit-tests on host machine, executed just after compilation. If they fail - i would fail the build13:17
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bluelightningXz: we don't have anything like that at the moment as far as I know, but it would be trivial to add another task to do that, and as long as the task function returns non-zero when it fails (assuming it's a shell function) the build will fail if it fails13:19
bluelightningXz: we do now have oe-selftest for testing the build system, but that's not quite designed for this kind of thing13:21
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Xzbluelightning: alright, thanks13:33
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jm__bluelightning, I have a silly question, but is there a recipe to compile and install on a board a gcc it can execute (arm in my case) ? I see gcc, gcc-cross, etc.13:36
bluelightningjm__: the recipe for the target is just called "gcc"13:37
bluelightningjm__: if you want to do compilation on the target you may want to add packagegroup-core-buildessential to your image since that adds a few other useful pieces13:37
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gjohnsonis there a way that I can incorporate the version of a package I have in my image as part of the image name?13:52
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jm__bluelightning, in my SRC_URI, I use a https:// but it should clone a git (this is on github)14:26
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jm__so I changed SRC_URI and use git:// with a protocol=https at the end, which works14:32
jm__but again, it creates a directory named git14:32
rburtontypically you then set S to ${WORKDIR}/git14:34
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jm__rburton, thx14:35
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yenalhi may someone help me? I got some trouble with meta-gir ...for g-ir-tools-host Yocto builds the a package with wrongs specs. e.g. g-ir-tools-host-dev.rpm is beeing configured to require g-ir-tools-host.rpm which isnt deployed by the recipe.. I tried to modify the .spec-file but its getting restored to original state once I rebuild the rpms with task package_write_rpm14:54
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JaMaRP: any idea why some failed tasks aren't shown in cooker log anymore? "ERROR: Function failed: .." isn't shown for some (maybe all) failed do_fetch, do_package tasks15:09
JaMaRP: but they are shown in final summary15:09
JaMaRP: and I'm using knotty with "| tee log" if that matters here15:10
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* JaMa trying to provide simple reproducer and to test if "| tee" causes this15:12
JaMaand I think it happens only in last ~2 weeks15:12
JaMamaybe worker thread can die before sending error message?15:13
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bluelightningJaMa: is this the stderr thing?15:15
bluelightningthat changed recently I believe15:16
JaMabluelightning: you're right15:16
* JaMa should expect something simple as that :)15:16
bluelightningthat reminds me I had better add that to the migration notes15:16
JaMayes please do, I'm doing | tee log everywhere and this is the most important part which is then missing15:17
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JaMaand other unrelated question, does someone remember git fetcher change, that it now removes the git checkout from downloads directory when e.g. checking the revision in branch fails?15:20
JaMamaybe it was always like this and I haven't noticed, but it's quite sad for very big repos when first thing I want to do is "git branch -a --contains $SRCREV" in downloads/git2/repo and it's already gone15:20
JaMaonly .done stamp is there (which maybe should be removed instead)15:21
*** kapare <kapare!> has joined #yocto15:22
bluelightningJaMa: hmm, that sounds like a side-effect rather than something deliberate15:23
* JaMa trying to reproduce/confirm on something small like dtc15:24
JaMahmm didn't happen now, will dig a bit more..15:27
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has quit IRC15:27
JaMamaybe it happens only for linux-yocto because it is using fetcher in a bit specific way and that's where I was seeing this last time15:29
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RPJaMa: ah, do you redirect stdout?16:00
RPJaMa: errors now go to stderr16:00
RPJaMa: perhaps we're not logging stderr16:01
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Xzcan I have two bbappends to one recipe in the same directory? :)16:08
frayno cause the filenames would overlap16:08
fraybut you can in two different directories..16:09
frayapplicable order is indeterminate though.. so be careful if you try that16:09
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:22
bluelightningXz: why would you want that?16:22
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JaMaRP: yes that was exactly the case, somehow I didn't notice bitbake change to split them16:41
*** seebs <seebs!> has joined #yocto16:41
JaMahmm linux-yocto removed the checkout (dtp recipe didn't)16:51
kergothERROR: Running idle function16:57
kergothalways getting odd random failures in this vm16:57
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RPkergoth: we have see issues due to broken virtualisation before :/17:03
kergothah, whew, in this case it's just an OOM kill, at least it's not inexplicable.. now to reserve more ram to myself so our automated builds don't steal everything ;)17:04
nerdboyi'm gonna say the latest virtio/kvm drivers have been pretty fast and solid17:05
nerdboyas long as you keep all the parts in sync it seems to work pretty well17:06
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sgw_JaMa: still around?  Do you have a prototype of the "world-image" recipe?17:42
*** roxell <roxell!> has joined #yocto17:42
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JaMasgw_: I have actually 2 different implementations, but it's blocked by this issue:
JaMaI should retry with newer oe-core and bitbake17:46
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto17:47
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sgw_JaMa: I can give it a whirl locally also if you want17:49
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JaMasgw_: I've rebased all 3 branches and added links to all in the bugzilla if you want to try it, probably will need small update (e.g. I've noticed old LIC_FILES_CHKSUM)17:57
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* kergoth grumbles19:42
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kergothgah, this makes no sense19:47
kergothfatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'http19:47
kergothgit from my buildtools-tarball is acting like RUNTIME_PREFIX isn't enabled, in some cases19:48
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