Thursday, 2014-04-03

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mem47Morning, I've have a question. I'm trying to create a recipe that fetchs from a git server some kernel module sources, that should be place in a fixed folder in the kernel's workdir, and I would like to add it to the kernel recipe that I have. Is this possible?06:56
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jmleoHi there07:14
jmleoI have a fetch issue, and I can't find out what I did wrong...07:14
jmleoFetcher failure: Unable to find revision 4d42368214f2fd102b2d163c086e0f2d8c166dc6 in branch master even from upstream07:15
jmleoFunction failed: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;protocol=https'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.07:15
jmleobut when I go to github and check the log, this is the correct commit07:15
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mem47I found the solution, in the SRC_URI variable adding the "destsuffix" with the desire folder07:32
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ducuyhi all, when i used bitbake linux-yocto, the populate_sysroot seem not do anything, so tmp/sysroot/<platform>/usr/src/kernel is empty09:09
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ducuyand i have to use bitbake linux-yocto -c populate_sysroot -f, then it work09:09
ducuydoes anyone know i missing something in configuration?09:10
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bluelightningmorning all09:33
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linu1hi all i got the following error while compiling kernel 3.6.9, and i have used poky with meta-atmel. please see
jvuohi all! question about kernel module development: I'm trying to add  my own module to kernel with .bbappend file and patch to Kconfig, result is after compile my_modules-dirty and my_modules in deploy folder. And also in rootfs there is /lib/modules/kernel_version-dirty/ and /lib/modules/kernel-version/. This dirty version is 'right one' and includes modules I need. How can I resolve this dirty issue? I'm using Arago project.09:50
linu1hi, anybody,have you seen my question can you please help me.09:54
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jmleoHi all10:08
jmleoI finally thought I had the solution I needed, because in yocto (will, in meta-openembedded) there is a libeigen recipe10:08
jmleoThis is EigenBLAS library, and it should be a very good way to have optimal matrix multiplication with python-numpy10:09
jmleosadly, even if I can compile libeigen, I cannot have it in my image10:09
jmleoand I am not sure that python-numpy will see it either10:09
jmleoERROR: libeigen not found in the base feeds10:10
bluelightningjmleo: maybe that is the wrong package name - see the actual packages produced by the libeigen recipe (in its workdir)10:11
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ducuyjmleo: you may not include layer in bblayer.conf10:13
jmleosources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/libeigen/ ==> this means layer to include is meta-oe ?10:14
jmleoBBLAYERS = " \10:14
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ducuyjmleo: hope your BBLAYERS is correct. i can build with my BBLAYERS += '/local/users/uvan/workspace/yocto/meta-openembedded/meta-oe'10:19
bluelightningducuy: I don't think that's the problem, you wouldn't get to the error jmleo is getting without at least the recipe being available10:22
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XzI have a 'make xyz' command that returns non-zero status10:29
XzHow do I fail Yocto build if that happens?10:30
XzI execute that 'make xyz' in added, non-default step10:30
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linu1 can you please tell me this error10:31
ducuyXz: thought you have to use bitbake, not make10:32
rburtonXz: hm, it should be failing.  pastebin the task?10:35
linu1bluelightning, any idea ?10:35
bluelightningXz: try set -e at the top of the shell function10:37
bluelightninglinu1: have you modified that file?10:38
linu1bluelightning, ?  , yes i just modified for patch. please see
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bluelightninglinu1: you aren't by chance setting DTS_FILE to something in your config are you?10:47
bluelightning(or KERNEL_DEVICETREE for that matter)10:48
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linu1bluelightning, yes i forgot to add dts file,it is now compiling.10:51
bluelightninglinu1: I believe that part of the code has been changed since the version you're running, hopefully it can't blow up like that anymore10:52
bluelightninglinu1: btw in case it wasn't clear, DTS_FILE isn't meant to be set, KERNEL_DEVICETREE is though10:53
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kiran__Can you help abt ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home/kirankumar/work/genivi/dora.10.0.1/poky/meta/recipes-core/meta/ Failure expanding varia      ble sysroot_stage_all: ShellSyntaxError: LexToken(LPARENS,'(',0,0)11:14
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DenwidHi. What's up with +=, =+  and  _append? Im certain it is documented somewhere but I can't find it, does anybody have a pointer?12:30
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bluelightningDenwid: here's the latest in-development bitbake manual, it covers those things:
deuterhi, I have very slow exa on last vivante drivers12:40
deuterhow could I test vivante rendering, glxinfo and glxgears work ok12:40
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DenwidThanks, bluelightning!12:46
linu1hi all i got the following error while compiling the kernel please see can help me12:47
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jmleobluelightning, it does not work... and I can't find out why...13:27
jmleoit seems to be the correct name13:28
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bluelightningjmleo: what other packages does the libeigen recipe produce?13:28
jmleobluelightning, how can I know that easily ?13:28
bluelightningjmleo: have a look under the packages-split directory under the workdir for libeigen13:29
jmleolibeigen  libeigen-dbg  libeigen-dev  libeigen-doc  libeigen-locale  libeigen-staticdev13:29
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Xzrburton: bluelightning: you're right. My make xyz was returning 0 - so build didn't fail. Now I made sure it returns non-zero and build fails, thanks.13:38
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Xzcan I use '_append_class-target' for every variable in Yocto?13:51
XzI have an additional step 'execute_tests' in binutils bbappend13:51
Xzhowever original binutils is extended to native as well13:51
XzI want my tests to be executed only for non-native version :)13:52
rburtonXz: yes13:53
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rburton(see ptest, which does exactly this)13:54
Xzso 'do_execute_tests_append_class-target() { ...}' looks valid?13:56
bluelightningrburton: not quite, this is running tests on the host, not the target13:57
Xzbluelightning: rburton: yes, tests on the host. It's sth like unit tests13:57
rburtonbluelightning: similar problem, i meant13:57
rburtonoh, hm.13:57
rburtonthat syntax probably won't work13:58
Xzbluelightning: rburton: so these are tests run on host machine, but using target binaries :)13:58
rburtonactually, might.13:58
rburtonXz: try it ;)13:58
Xzrburton: I hope not to blow up the server I'm on13:58
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rburtonXz: remember that's two operators, _append and _class-target13:58
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ronanguirec__Hi all,14:09
ronanguirec__does someone already use getfattr/setfattr, ... inside a devshell ?14:10
ronanguirec__ie, is pseudo work with extend attribute?14:11
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JaMaRP: btw I've just aborted few jenkins jobs and some bitbake threads were left behind (with latest bitbake)14:37
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JaMaRP: I'll try to send more details later, but now jenkins will be busy for many days14:37
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Xzshould I put my SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION into machine.conf file?14:57
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Xzas it is CPU specific14:58
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vicky__hi. I am facing a problem while building my custom image. It returns  error: file /usr/bin/iconv conflicts between attempted installs of libiconv-1.14-r1.cortexa9_vfp_neon and eglibc-utils-2.18-r1.cortexa9_vfp_neon15:02
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bluelightningvicky__: basically the libiconv recipe and eglibc should not be built in the same build (since eglibc provides iconv functionality internally)15:11
bluelightningthe libiconv recipe is really intended for use with other libc implementations e.g. uclibc15:12
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vicky__k. So eglibc-utils is enough?15:13
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bluelightningvicky__: it should be15:13
bluelightningXz: I think that's the kind of thing that should be in the distro config really; it can still be overridden such that it's machine-specific15:14
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internet_exploreDoes anyone know how I can get commit access to oe-alliance-core?16:09
internet_exploreOr at least be able to send in a commit or a 'pull request' (I don't remember the terminology here) so they can review it.16:10
* kergoth has no idea what oe-alliance-core even is, but from some quick googling, ran across, which as with any other github repo, supports forking anjd pull request generation.. whether thats the correct method or not he has no idea, contact the layer maintainers16:11
internet_explorekergoth, Fair enough, cheers. Just wondered, and I remember OE contributers hanging around here.16:11
kergothyou'd have better luck with non-yocto oe stuff in the oe channel, i expect16:12
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internet_explorekergoth, Ah, of course... Sorry, I just joined #yocto out of habit.16:13
kergothno worries16:15
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bluelightninginternet_explore: oe_alliance isn't associated with OE btw, that seems to be another group16:18
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-gqomiapozyqzhqfj> has quit IRC16:18
internet_explorebluelightning, Yea, it's what I turned up.16:18
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto16:18
internet_explorebluelightning, I won't hold you to it.16:18
internet_explorebluelightning, I've forked their repo, I'll fix all the issues I can find that are preventing compatability with "dora" (If that's not an actual release of OE, it's from the Freescale BSP).16:19
rburtonwhat the hell is oe alliance?16:19
internet_exploreFrom what I can tell, a group of developers on github.16:19
rburtonah, it's not a fork of oe-core, that's good16:20
rburtonfrom the name it seemed like a fork16:21
internet_exploreAh, yea... that'd suck.16:21
internet_exploreI wouldn't use it then, but their 'oe-alliance-core' repo contains some recipe that we bbappend to.16:21
internet_exploreSo, now that I'm upgrading poky itself, I need to fix all the deprecated stuff in the recipies we append to that came from oe-alliance-core...16:21
*** mikejanzen <mikejanzen!~mikejanze@> has joined #yocto16:22
rburtonfwiw dora is the latest stable release of oe-core16:23
internet_exploreAh, good.16:23
internet_exploreIt's simple stuff, really, just f.x replacing "task.bbclass" with "packagegroup.bbclass"16:23
internet_exploreBut I still need some way to carry these changes, and would rather not have yet another company-internal fork of everything... But I'll figure something out, cheers guys.16:23
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mikejanzenSlightly off-topic question: I have an image running on IMX6 hardware that inherits "core-image" and doesn't include X11/WL/DFB.  At runtime, the attached HDMI monitor turns off every 5 minutes or so (unless a key is pressed or I "echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank").  How do I stop the image from turning off the monitor?  Or does anyone know where the code would be that turns off the monitor16:30
mikejanzen?  Thanks.16:30
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*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has joined #yocto16:31
rburtonmikejanzen: as you can stop it by using a sysfs tweak, its the kernel turning it off16:31
mikejanzenThanks for the pointer.16:32
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florin_hi everybody19:08
florin_I have an issue setting the build dir for a package using an .bbappend19:08
florin_I am redefininf the B variable but it does not work19:08
florin_I am redefining the B variable but it does not work19:09
florin_so: B = "${WORKDIR}/whatever"19:09
florin_does not change anything19:09
florin_I do a bitbake -e on the .bbappend-ed package and still see B unchanged19:09
kergothlook at the comments above the var in bitgbake -e, where it tells you where it was defined19:10
kergothmost likely B_pn-recipename was set in the confi gmetadata, overriding B19:10
florin_it's weston BUILD dir that I am trying to change19:13
florin_I don't see B_pn-weston set anywhere19:14
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto19:14
kergothagain, use bitbake -e to see exactly what line in what file defined it the way it is19:14
rburtonflorin_: poky and other distros will set B=WORKDIR/build19:16
rburtonflorin_: i do have to ask why you want to change B for weston19:16
florin_exactly, I want it built in the ${S} directory19:17
florin_rburton, and can't make B change19:17
florin_rburton, I am using a different SRC_URI from a git, set S to point to workdir/git but then bitbake creates a build dir into which I am cd'ed at configure19:20
florin_and the build dir is empty19:20
florin_hence it fails at configure19:20
kergothWe woudn't set B if the project didn't support separate build dir vs source dir.19:21
rburtonflorin_: it should still build fine from git19:22
rburtonwhat's the error log?19:22
rburtonthere might be a bug in the recipe that needs a tweak, instead of changing B19:22
rburton(but do use -e to verify what is overriding the setting of B, you should be able to change that from a bbappend)19:23
florin_it does build fine from git; it works if I just copy the entire recipe and modify SRC_URI and S accordingly; but I want to use a bbappend to be cleaner19:23
florin_problem is that it cd's me in a empty directory called build19:23
kergoththat's not a problem.19:24
kergoththat's exactly what it should do19:24
florin_and then it tries to do a autoreconf there19:24
kergothautotools.bbclass runs autoreconf in ${S}, not ${B}19:24
florin_I only have a configure.ac19:24
kergothafaik, anyway19:24
florin_from log.do_configure: autoreconf: '' or '' is required19:25
florin_and from run.do_configure19:25
florin_cd '/media/hdd/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/weston/1.4.0-r1/build'19:26
florin_but the build directory only has the aclocal-copy directory19:26
florin_and errors because of that19:27
florin_I just can't see how bitbake -e tells me what actually sets B19:30
florin_I am looking at that output and see B is set wrong19:30
kergothmaybe you're on really old poky. nowadays bitbake -e tells you exactly how your variables got set to what they are, in the comments above the variable19:32
rburtonkergoth: configure runs cd B; S/configure19:35
florin_I think I am old :)19:37
florin_haven't looked at bitbake -e for a while19:37
florin_did not know it was also saying how vars are set19:37
rburtonthat's new in the last release19:38
florin_and I was just grepping in the bitbake -e output19:38
florin_henc seeing nothing19:38
rburtonah, yeah, don't do that :)19:38
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rburtonthe new -e output is awesome19:38
florin_so I found it19:38
florin_it was SEPB19:38
rburtoni'd have said that bbappend should override that19:38
rburtonso maybe we need more ?= somewhere19:38
rburtonmy real concern is why configure fails with a git clone in separate-build19:39
kergothrburton: i know. he's saying it's trying to run autoreconf in ${B} rather than ${S}, so ${S}/configure wasn't being created. autoreconf can't be run in ${B}, as isn't there19:39
kergothyeah, that shouldn't be failing19:39
* kergoth shrugs19:39
rburtonmaybe there's a bootstrap issue, would need to see the log really19:40
florin_the run.do_configure?19:40
rburtonso autoreconf is ran in $S19:40
rburtonflorin_: log.19:40
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kergothdamn, implicit exception chaining in python 3.3 looks nice19:42
* kergoth wanders off for a bit19:42
florin_log says:19:43
florin_DEBUG: Executing python function sysroot_cleansstate19:43
florin_DEBUG: Python function sysroot_cleansstate finished19:43
florin_DEBUG: SITE files ['endian-little', 'bit-32', 'ix86-common', 'common-linux', 'common-glibc', 'i586-linux', 'common']19:43
florin_DEBUG: Executing shell function autotools_preconfigure19:43
florin_DEBUG: Shell function autotools_preconfigure finished19:43
florin_DEBUG: Executing python function autotools_copy_aclocals19:43
florin_DEBUG: Python function autotools_copy_aclocals finished19:43
florin_DEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure19:43
florin_autoreconf: '' or '' is required19:43
florin_exit 1 from19:43
florin_autoreconf --force -v --install19:43
florin_and that is it19:43
rburtonis that the entire log?19:45
florin_so I guess I would just stick to using the bbappend to override SEPB which works19:46
rburtoncan you pastebin your bbappend please19:46
florin_I do have included poky/meta/conf/distro/include/seperatebuilddir.inc19:50
florin_which may be the cause19:50
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has quit IRC19:50
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has joined #yocto19:51 does at line 68919:51
florin_B_pn-weston = "${SEPB}"19:51
rburtonthat's the cause of B!=S, but that should work fine19:51
rburtonthat's my point, a git clone of weston should still build19:51
rburtonwe *want* B!=S19:51
rburtonso please pastebin your bbappend so i can replicate19:51
kergothwhy arey ou manually calling autoreconf?19:52
kergothno wonder it doesn't work19:52
rburtonyeah don't do that19:53
rburtonjust set SRC_URI and be done19:53
rburtonall you need in that is SRREV and SRC_URI19:53
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florin_the package has a autogen.sh20:03
florin_which calls autoreconf20:03
florin_I thought I should also call them first20:03
florin_oevrlooked the main recipe inherits autotools20:03
kergothall our recipes get autoreconf run by default by autotools.bbclass20:04
florin_so yeah, work with only setting SRCREV, SRC_URI and S20:04
kergothdoing it yourself just duplicates taht, and runs it in the wrong path, which was breaking you20:04
florin_makes sense now20:04
florin_thanks guys20:04
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Lucretiahi just trying to get a beaglebone test build going using instructions from
Lucretiausing dora22:14
Lucretiagetting an error as meta-oe/conf/layer.conf is not there22:16
Lucretiaany ideas?22:16
kroonLucretia, so it really is there ?22:26
Lucretia$ ls ../meta-oe/conf/layer.conf22:26
Lucretials: cannot access ../meta-oe/conf/layer.conf: No such file or directory22:26
Lucretiathis is from the beagleboneblack dir22:27
kroonmy meta-oe has a conf/layer.conf in it at least22:28
Lucretiagot it from
JaMamy too, but nto in ../22:33
bluelightningLucretia: surely you need one directory below that i.e. meta-oe/meta-oe ... ?22:33
Lucretiaahhh, might've typed it in wrong, been ages since i touched this22:33
jesselangLucretia, did you add the meta-oe/meta-oe directory to your bblayers.conf?22:33
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto22:34
Lucretiayup that works22:34
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC22:34
Lucretiamissed the extra /meta-oe22:34
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* kergoth wonders when daisy will be branched22:57
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