Friday, 2014-04-04

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jesselangI'm trying to build an image for the beagleboneblack following these instructions:  One task fails compiling mesa with wayland: Any ideas?01:28
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_valle_Using the layer meta-qt5, master branch. Trying to build a Qt Quick application. When starting the application it outputs: module "QtQuick" is not installed. If I set qtquick under DEPENDS variable the output is Nothing PROVIDES 'qtquick'. Close matches: qtquick106:55
_valle_What am I missing here?06:55
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_valle_What shall I set in the recipe to build a Qt Quick 2 application?06:57
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mckoangood morning07:35
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_valle_good morning07:38
_valle_What shall I set in a recipe to build a Qt Quick 2 application?07:40
_valle_Using the layer meta-qt5, master branch. Trying to build a Qt Quick application. When starting the application it outputs: module "QtQuick" is not installed. If I set qtquick under DEPENDS variable the output is Nothing PROVIDES 'qtquick'. Close matches: qtquick107:42
mckoan_valle_: no clues sorry07:42
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xerentWe've included X server in our image build, and we get a terminal window with sh when the device boots. Now how can we get an application to autostart *in that X terminal* ?07:52
xerentI've tried editing .profile, .Xsession etc07:52
xerentI can get the application to autostart, but not in the X window07:53
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bluelightningmorning all08:32
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_valle_Hi I can't get qtdeclarative-examples to run from meta-qt5, master branch.09:09
_valle_The error given is module "QtQuick" is not installed09:10
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Xzvery interesting finding:
XzI did in Yocto 'CFLAGS_append_class-target += "-Xassembler -MYFLAG=yes"'11:20
Xzand some stuff was inserted between 'Xassembler' and 'MYFLAG'11:20
Xzthat looks insane11:21
Xzit's on dylan though, I know I'm oldtimer11:21
Xzmaybe it's because of not really valid syntax 'append' and += on one line11:24
bluelightningXz: well, append with += isn't going to do anything other than adding a space; it wouldn't explain anything going between those values though11:31
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regorianeri wrote a kernel module. i took the hello-mod as the example. this worked great, but the module isnt loaded automatically. after booting the system i have to perform a modprobe mudulname, and its loaded. what did i miss?11:39
regorianerahhh, i think that i missed then RDEPENDS_${PN} = “ modulename” ? right?11:51
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rburtonthat doesn't effect module loading12:17
rburtonif its for hardware then you autoprobing is broken, if its just a module that you need to load then you need to ask the kernel to load it on boot12:17
regorianeryes i found out, that i have to integrate some parts to the machine conf12:17
regorianerlike module_autoload12:17
regorianerbut that isnt what i really wanted to do …12:18
rburtonjust edit a file in /etc/modprobe.d12:21
otavioHi folks12:26
bluelightninghi otavio12:27
regorianerah, that sounds even better12:28
regorianeri’ll give it a try12:28
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Xzbluelightning: I have exactly same result with CFLAGS_append_class-target = " -Xassembler -MYFLAG=yes" :(12:47
Xzbluelightning: meaning something gets inserted between 'Xassembler and MYFLAG'12:48
Xz-Xassembler -feliminate-unused-debug-types -fmerge-all-constants -frounding-math -g -MYFLAG=yes12:49
bluelightningXz: right, I didn't think that would be causing that12:50
Xz-Xassembler -feliminate-unused-debug-types does not make any sense, since -feliminate-unused-debug-types is gcc flag, not gas12:50
Xzmy point is it cannot come from any Makefile, since that construction would never work12:50
bluelightningXz: well this is CFLAGS so you'd expect these to go to gcc...12:51
Xzyes, but Xassembler passes whatever next argument into as12:51
bluelightningright, ok12:51
bluelightningXz: which recipe is it where you're seeing this?12:52
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Xz eglibc-initial12:54
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bluelightningXz: I think maybe you should be using TARGET_CFLAGS_append = ...13:00
bluelightningthat may not help this though13:00
bluelightningit could be that eglibc's build is doing its own mangling on the CFLAGS value13:00
Xzbluelightning: you are right, I should take a look what eglibc does to CFLAGS13:01
Xzbluelightning: it definately overwrites SELECTED_OPTIMIZATION13:01
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yenalhi, can somebody tell me how to log which commands are executed when doing run_patch with bitbake? run.do_patch says:'patch_do_patch', d) but should this be something like patch -Np1 ... ?13:36
bluelightningyenal: do_patch is a python function and is defined from patch_do_patch in meta/classes/patch.bbclass - I don't think there's an easy way to get the log of commands from it but you may find looking at the class helps13:39
bluelightningyenal: what's the problem you're having?13:39
yenalI'm trying to port some wandboard drivers from yocto to archlinxu arm, e.g for mesa is try to use the patches from yocto but I got some Hunks13:41
yenalI think I just entered a wrong patch command13:42
bluelightningyenal: check the pnum or striplevel specified in the recipe, that's what should be specified for -p13:44
bluelightningthere shouldn't be much more to it13:44
bluelightning(if it's not specified it defaults to 1)13:44
yenalwith 1 i got Hunks13:47
yenalis pnum/strip the DEFAULT_PREFERENCE in the recipe?13:48
kroon_valle_, do you have "qtquickcontrols-qmlplugins" package installed in your image ?13:50
ripperDcan someone help guide me a little bit on adding a layer to patch a ti kernel? I think I'm close but must be missing something13:50
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ripperDmy later is called "spin1"13:52
bluelightningyenal: no, DEFAULT_PREFERENCE is something completely unrelated13:56
bluelightningyenal: if some hunks fail to apply that means the source you're patching is not the same as the source we're patching, you'll have to fix up the patches so they apply13:57
bluelightningripperD: is that not working?13:58
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yenalI see, okay thank you bluelightning14:00
kroon_valle_, or actually, "qtdeclarative-qmlplugins"14:01
ripperDbluelightning: I didn't see it recompile the kernel after I ran bitbake core-image-minimal14:02
bluelightningripperD: is it really under recipies-kernel or recipes-kernel ?14:03
bluelightningif the former, that would prevent it being picked up14:04
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ripperDbluelightning: *facepalm* yes I copy pasted my real path. So hopefully its just a spelling error. Will rename!14:05
kroonripperD, maybe you should file a bug about bitbake not complaining when given odd looking paths ? :-)14:07
bluelightningkroon: well that's the thing, bitbake is designed to be super-flexible but it makes detecting things like this a bit difficult14:08
bluelightningi.e. recipes are found via BBFILES, and we pretty much set that to ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb14:09
bluelightningcould be that we need to think about simplifying some of this going forward to make it easier to use though...14:10
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kroonbluelightning, right14:13
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ripperDok, its actually re-doing the kernel now, we'll see if my patch works!14:13
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AlexGbye all14:16
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darenQuestion:  I'm going through the "Hello World" example from the OpenEmbedded User Manual, but I'm not able to get the executable installed in the image.  I can get an Autotools "Hello World" program to install in the image, but not one that just uses a Makefile.  I'm wondering if I need to do something extra besides a do_install() in the recipe?14:24
darenShould I use IMAGE_INSTALL_append or is that a "use at your own risk sort of thing?"  So far that hasn't helped, but I was putting it in the recipe.14:25
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bluelightningdaren: do you mean the OpenEmbedded user manual or the Yocto Project manuals? the OE manual is very out-of-date14:29
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darenThe OpenEmbedded manual.  I have discovered a few places where it was out of date, yes.14:30
bluelightningI'd honestly recommend not referring to it at all, these days I don't think there's much in it we don't cover in our manuals14:30
bluelightningif your issue is dependent on the type of build system the recipe is using (autotools vs. make) it sounds like maybe you aren't properly defining a do_install for the make case14:31
darenIs there a place in the Yocto manuals that goes into more depth about Makefile-only projects?  The Autotools examples are great, but the code I'm working with would be a lot of work to switch over14:31
darenOkay, that's a very different do_install function14:32
bluelightningyour do_install could be as simple as running oe_runmake install (perhaps supplying DESTDIR=${D} or similar), but it does need to be defined14:32
bluelightningit's going to be specific to how whatever you're building needs to be installed14:33
darenright now it's just helloworld and a Readme.txt :)14:33
darenI'll give this a try and see what happens.14:34
darenThank you14:34
darenBy the way, is the use of IMAGE_INSTALL_append recommended or is it a "use with caution" type of thing?14:35
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bluelightningdaren: it's mostly OK; there is a caveat though in that if you set it from local.conf rather than an image recipe, it affects all recipes; if you're building an initramfs image that is of course also included, and that's usually not desirable14:42
darenwhat distinguishes between an image recipe and a package recipe?14:43
bluelightningan image recipe is what specifies what goes into the image14:45
bluelightningso if you do bitbake core-image-minimal, that corresponds to meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bb14:45
bluelightningmostly image recipes just set IMAGE_INSTALL and inherit image or core-image14:45
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darenbluelightning, Okay, so I'm writing a package recipe in most cases14:46
bluelightningright, you tend to only have one or a few image recipes as needed14:46
darenNow I have created my own meta layer for my hello world examples.  At one point I added IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " hello" to the layer.conf file.  Is that an image recipe change or more along the lines of local.conf?14:48
bluelightningI'd recommend you create your own image recipe instead14:48
bluelightning(and put that in your meta-layer as well)14:49
darenin a bb file or bbappend or does it matter?14:49
bluelightningI generally recommend just creating recipe .bb files (copy and modify an existing one if you wish) - they're normally so trivial it's not worth bbappending an existing one14:52
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xerentwhen my image boots, I get an X server and a window named "Terminal" running sh. But I can't find the binary xterm anywhere. (anywhere being /usr/bin). Isn't xterm included if X server is? And if not, what am I seeing on the screen?14:58
bluelightningxerent: matchbox-terminal I would think15:00
xerentah, you don't happen to know which config/script passes arguments to that? I want to run stuff in that window on boot. thanks15:01
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darenbluelightning: Interesting, I pulled the IMAGE_INSTALL_append from my layer.conf file (for the Autotools "Hello World") so that it was only in the recipe, and now that doesn't get installed in the image either.  Hmmmm15:03
bluelightningdaren: modifying IMAGE_INSTALL in a recipe that isn't the image recipe you're building won't do anything15:03
bluelightningone recipe cannot affect another recipes' variable values15:04
darenOkay, so if meta-daren has, do I need a..... file?15:05
bluelightningdaren: probably you'd have a or similar15:07
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darenbluelightning:  I am just not having any luck.  I created a "" recipe with 'IMAGE_INSTALL += " hello hello2"' in it, but neither version of "Hello World" gets installed now.  Unless I add the install line to the layers.conf file, the images just aren't installed.  That doesn't seem right.16:03
bluelightningdaren: are you doing "bitbake daren-image" ?16:03
darenno, I'm baking another image... my meta layer is part of it though16:04
bluelightningso you need to be building this image16:04
bluelightningjust a change in the bitbake command line you use16:05
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darenOkay, but that's not what I'm trying to do.  I'm adding my layer to another image and trying to install executables from my layer into that image.  Does that make sense?  Maybe I'm confused16:06
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bluelightningdaren: perhaps, because you don't really add a layer to an image, you add a layer to your build (by adding it to bblayers.conf) and then add packages to an image16:08
darenyes, I did add the layer through bblayers.conf16:08
darenit's the packages to an image part I can't seem to get16:08
bluelightningwell, touching all images by adding to IMAGE_INSTALL in layer.conf isn't the right thing to be doing16:09
bluelightningthe proper thing if you want to have a custom image with your packages in it is to create an image recipe as you have done, and build that16:09
darenIn this case I'm trying to add my stuff to the image.... not necessarily customize it per say16:10
darengood to know that editing the layer.conf file was not right, I didn't think it was16:11
kroondaren, you remembered to inherit one of the image classes in your recipe ?16:13
bluelightningkroon: if that's not the recipe being built it's a moot point ;)16:13
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kroonbluelightning, amen to that16:15
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kroondaren, in case you havent seen it,
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darenkroon:  I've seen that, but haven't fully understood it yet.  Does this mean I should have a local.conf file in the conf dir of my layer that does the image_install_append?16:23
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kroondaren, as bluelightning said, it is your image recipe that should do the image_install_append thing16:24
bluelightningdaren: you wouldn't add conf/local.conf to your layer, no16:26
bluelightningdaren: if you're just testing something, by all means add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = ... to your conf/local.conf in your build directory16:26
darenthe image recipe I'm working with pulls from many different layers.  I"m just trying to be another cog in the system though.  Doesn't seem like I should have to touch the image's files.  Just say "hey, I've included my layer and here's my stuff too"16:26
darenI'm testing the process now, but this will be long term16:27
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bluelightningdaren: in which case you wouldn't normally try to insert packages into all images like that, you'd have your custom image(s) and put whatever packages you want into that16:27
darenthought I would start with something simple before bringing in all the rest of my code16:27
bluelightningdaren: it doesn't matter which layer the recipes producing the packages come from, if that's what's concerning you16:28
bluelightningdaren: right, and you have complete control over the packages you include in the image either way16:28
darenI guess I don't understand how the packages are included..... I don't see one giant list somewhere that's missing my new additions16:29
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bluelightningdaren: IMAGE_INSTALL is that list16:30
bluelightningwell, it's the list of packages that go into the image16:31
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darenbluelightning, I'll try that again.  I'll put IMAGE_INSTALL += " hello" in a file in my meta-daren/recipes-daren directory and see what happens16:35
*** shoragan <shoragan!~shoragan@debian/developer/shoragan> has quit IRC16:35
darenbluelightning:  Nope, that didn't work.  I'm confused now.16:44
bluelightningdaren: what image did you build?16:44
*** pocek <pocek!pock@> has quit IRC16:44
darensame one I've been building.  It's a custom one from somebody else16:45
bluelightningso, we're going down the wrong path16:45
bluelightningif that's the image you must build, that is the one you must modify16:45
darenI did modify it enough to include my layer16:46
bluelightningor you create another image and build that16:46
darenbasically I want my stuff to be part of that image, not create a new one16:46
bluelightningright, and that's fine16:46
bluelightningbut the image doesn't include a layer - it may include packages produced by recipes from a layer, yes16:47
darenSo in the bblayers file for that image, I added my layer.  Thought that was it.16:47
darenIt has several layers16:47
bluelightningyes, right, but that's not the image, that's for your build16:47
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bluelightningthere are two separate steps - add the layer to the build, then add appropriate packages to an image16:48
bluelightningadding the layer alone just makes the recipes contained within it available to be built, and not much more16:49
darenokay, so there's another file to edit?16:49
bluelightningthe custom image you just referred to, yes16:49
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:49
bluelightningthe one you're building16:49
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darenThat file uses package-management.... not sure what to do with that, so I might have to wait until Monday.  Thanks for all of your help.  Sorry for the trouble.16:56
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bluelightningdaren: that doesn't make a difference17:08
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto17:08
bluelightningdaren: i.e. you'd add the same thing to IMAGE_INSTALL in the same way regardless of whether package-management is in IMAGE_FEATURES17:08
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mikejanzen2I have my own yocto layer with my own *  I changed the PREFERRED_VERSION for a package (PREFERRED_VERSION_gstreamer1.0-plugins-base = "git"), but nothing was rebuilt when I did a "bitbake *".  Do I have to "bitbake cleansstate" or something?17:53
kergothit's highly unlikely that there's a version of that recipe whose version is 'git'17:54
kroonI do have meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/ here..17:56
kergothyes, but the real PV isn't 'git'17:56
kergothsee PV = in the recipe, then use a % pattern in the PREFERRED_VERSION. e.g. PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot-sabre-sd = "2013.01+gitr%"17:57
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-gwcewxcsaqwcioxj> has quit IRC17:58
mikejanzen2It looks like it is working now: I had to move the PREFERRED_VERSION lines from my * file to my local.conf file.  Looks like it is "working" simply with "git", but I don't yet know exactly what it is doing.  I was following the recommendations here:
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CroftonJefro, We could look into booking Food trucks for OEDAM18:32
kroonsanta clara, california...18:39
kroonlucky americans18:40
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kergothgah, i have a ton of failing setscenes due to tarballs that don't exist... okay, fine, but why did it think the setscenes were runnable at all, then? :)19:16
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volker-is there an easy way to enable kernel modules? The only way I found was by creating and own kernel config19:29
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bluelightningvolker-: you can use config fragments to change just the kernel config options you're interested in19:39
volker-bluelightning: can you please be more specific?19:40
volker-bluelightning: here is my goal: the x86 kernel does not come with any modules, e.g. modules for the network cards19:41
bluelightningvolker-: this may be helpful:
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volker-bluelightning: that seems to be kinda complex and leads to using menuconfig to figure it out19:45
bluelightningvolker-: it's really not that complicated; but in any case you have the option of launching menuconfig, changing it there and supplying the full config that that saves out19:48
volker-bluelightning: looking into the meta-intel/meta-nuc folder it seems that I have to touch every kernel an19:48
volker-and looking in this meta-nuc config I still do not understand how it is really working19:49
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SorenHolmI'm having minor trouble with kernel features on 'master'20:57
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SorenHolmIt seems like aufs is not standard in the 'master' kernel - it was on dora. So waht I'm doing is to add this to my local linux-yocto_3.14.bbappend20:58
SorenHolmKERNEL_EXTRA_FEATURES_append = " features/aufs/aufs.scc"20:58
SorenHolmBut it does not work.  .config is not changed to include the CONFIG_AUFS_* flags. The kernel is patched with the aufs sources though.....20:59
SorenHolmAny ideas/hint would be very much appreciated.21:00
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bluelightningzeddii: ^ is that expected?21:10
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volker-is it save to put kernel-module-xxxx in IMAGE_INSTALL_append?22:10
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volker-I saw it so far only in MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS22:13
rburtonyou can put it anywhere, it's just another package22:14
volker-kk. thank you :)22:14
rburtonoften they're machine specific which is why they go there22:14
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