Thursday, 2014-04-10

nitinkit will be easy for zeddii to track and plan this work00:00
nitinkdmoseley: updatation of SRCREVs will need validation with multiple BSPs, so it may take some time00:01
dmoseleyYeah, I figured as much.00:01
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kergothDoes anyone know if ther'es a way to opt-out of the qemu.bbclass bits, for do_rootfs-time operations?00:21
kergothin some cases, qemu's user mode emulation doesn't support the instructions used for the tuning in question, resulting in do_rootfs postinst failure warnings00:21
kergothI'm thinking there isn't such a method at the moment, but figured i'd check and see if anyone has run into such things before00:22
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #41 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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xerentbluelightning: remember yesterday's PLATFORM_ARCH = ${MACHINE} conversation? it looks like it doesn't work out for me, because the packages are built in-place (source code is not downloaded)09:05
xerentwhich means the build dir is the same for all machines09:06
xerentso I'm back to square one -- even if I clean the package and rebuild it, bitbake considers it the same because the recipe version and filename match09:07
xerentthere's no notion that the package can be built for different machine targets :(09:07
bluelightningxerent: PACKAGE_ARCH not PLATFORM_ARCH - you are using the former in the recipe right?#09:07
xerentPACKAGE_ARCH, I mean, yes. Sorry.09:07
bluelightningah and it's MACHINE_ARCH not MACHINE, but I guess you have that right in the recipe as well?09:08
xerentMy colleague thinks that PACKAGE_ARCH is set implicitly anyhow, regardless of whether I do it explicitly in the application recipe. Is he correct?09:09
xerentI'll check the MACHINE vs MACHINE_ARCH thing, if that's causing it09:10
bluelightninghe's right in that it's set implicitly to "${TUNE_ARCH}"09:10
bluelightningbut that is the same for machines that share the same base architecture09:10
bluelightningMACHINE_ARCH contains the machine name itself so it is different per machine09:11
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_valle_I have built an image for imx53 using yocto. At boot an image of tux is shown. I cannot find anything in uboot. Where is this set? I want to remove it09:25
LetoThe2nd_valle_: its in your kernel config, i just don't remember the exact switch09:27
_valle_LetoThe2nd: Thank you09:30
LetoThe2ndsomething in the boot category, IIRC09:30
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hsychlaHi everybody! Is there a way to list the SRC_URIs of all available recipes? background: I need to give somebody access to all git repos that are hosted at our git server so he can build an image himself.09:47
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pevhsychla: Why not provide a mirror instead?10:05
Xzhsychla: did you try bitbake <image-name> -e | grep SRC_URI? :>10:06
pevYou can then produce a consistent offline build without needing access to the git server10:07
bluelightningXz: that's not going to grab the values for all recipes ;)10:07
pevthe mirror includes a snapshot of the servers repo. Assuming you dont have scary recipes that track head it'll work fine10:08
hsychlawe don't want to make the sources publicly available. we want to give external developers a build environment so they can build and test their changes10:10
pevSo... My morning question for all - I'm putting together a new build for some custom hardware. In my layer I've added cases to build for both the reference platform target and my custom board. What's the generally accepted way to build for *both* targets?10:10
hsychlabut i think I got my list with a little find/cut/grep magic10:11
pevI assume I cant use the same build dir as they could clash? So should I re-call oe-init-build-env with a new MACHINE and new build dir to swap between the two?10:11
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pevhsychla: someone can correct me if Im wrong but I'm pretty sure that means you'll need to make some new binary recipes for your source then...10:13
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hsychlapev: why? if their key is granted access in our gitolite installation, they can access the sources10:14
pevhsychla: I don't quite get the contradiction of "I need to give somebody access to all git repos that are hosted at our git server" with "we don't want to make the sources publicly available"10:14
pevhsychla: OK, so using ssh access...?10:15
hsychlapev: yes10:15
pevhsychla: Something like10:16
pevfind . -name "*.bb*" | xargs grep -sI SRC_URI | grep git://github.com10:16
pevfor example10:16
pevassuming you're in the root of all your layers...10:17
hsychlayes, that's what i meant by "find/cut/grep magic"10:17
hsychlathanks anyway10:17
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pevIt seems to be generally easiest to use your own crafted find/greps for such things10:18
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pevrburton: Do you know anything about building for multiple machines in the same world?10:18
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_valle_With CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_CLUT224=n I got rid of the logo during boot.10:56
_valle_I also set CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=n10:57
_valle_However this gives me another problem... At boot, instead of getting a black screen I get colors randomized10:57
_valle_Does someone know how to get a black screen during bootup after CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=n is set?10:59
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xerent_valle_: we simply use the coprocessor to disable display backlight during boot - but of course that requires a coprocessor that controls backlight ;)11:00
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_valle_xerent: Okay :) but that won't work for me.11:06
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pev_valle_: Can you not configure it then blank it in your bootloader11:12
pevi.e. a black bootsplash?11:13
_valle_I guess I could make my own black logo and replace the logo linux_clut224 with mine.11:15
_valle_pev: Was that what you meant?11:16
pev_valle_: yea11:17
pev_valle_: Another option is to modify the fb driver so that when it initialises the framebuffer memory it memset's it first. Easy for RGB11:18
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_valle_I made a patch for the logo_linux_clut224.ppm with my own logo. How should I apply this? Should I write a recipe just to apply this patch?12:14
_valle_Or should I use linux-imx_2.6.35.3.bbappend to change this?12:17
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bluelightning_valle_: in your own layer it's up to you; bbappend would be fine for this kind of thing I think12:21
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_valle_bluelightning: Okay, trying to learn how things is done usually :)12:26
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_valle_pev: Where should I start to modify the fb driver?12:46
iontehi. i'm trying to get SPI working on i.MX233 Olinuxino Maxi using Freescale BSP. I've got an oscilloscope connected to the SPI pins, but I'm getting absolutely nowhere ...12:46
ionteI have enabled SPI (spidev etc) in the kernel, but there is no /dev/spi* to be found..12:46
iontei have no idea where to go from here ... :(12:46
pev_valle_: Which kernel /driver are you using?12:50
_valle_pev: Kernel linux-imx_2.6.35.312:51
pev_valle_: Ive not used that before - which repository does it come from?12:52
pev ?12:52
pevgit:// ?12:53
_valle_pev: I don't know. I'm using the layer meta-fsl-arm12:54
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pev_valle_: What do you enable driver wise in your kernel .config?12:54
pevLooks like it might be imxfb?12:55
pevMy best guess not having looked at your build would be that you're using :12:56
pevHave a look in : imxfb_probe()12:57
pevLooks like fbi->map_cpu is the base address of the FB12:57
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pevyou could probably add memset(fbi->map_cpu, 0, fbi->map_size); after the check for "Failed to allocate video RAM" and see if that works12:58
pevand if it does, play nicely and wrap it in your own specific CONFIG_FB_IMX_ZERO or something12:59
_valle_pev: Thank you! I shall try it12:59
pevOf course check that that *is* the fb your board is using first though!13:00
pevand maybe add a printk to prove that you're hitting it.13:01
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_valle_pev: Hm how do I check what fb that is being used?13:05
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pev_valle_: Look at what objects have been built?13:32
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ionteok. so. i've created a recipe for a software package built using autotools13:54
iontelibnl-3 to be precise13:54
iontewhen building i get this error:13:55
ionteERROR: QA Issue: non debug package contains .debug directory: libnl path /work/armv5te-oe-linux-gnueabi/libnl/3.2.24-r0/packages-split/libnl/usr/lib/libnl/cli/qdisc/.debug/blackhole.so13:55
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ionteany ideas?13:55
iontemy .bb follows the example from the development manual almost precisely...13:56
bluelightningionte: I'm pretty sure there is a libnl3 recipe already though...14:02
bluelightningunder meta/recipes-support/libnl/14:02
ionteoh. i couldn't find it before, but there it is. thanks!14:03
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xerentwhat's the best way to make a package that doesn't build, but just deploys a bunch of files into the file system?14:04
xerentmake a package, or edit image preprocess?14:04
bluelightningxerent: typically make a separate recipe, unless you have to construct the file contents completely dynamically at image creation time that is14:07
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xerentdo I need an empty Makefile and what not, or can I just override do_compile in the recipe to do nothing14:08
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bluelightningxerent: no need for a Makefile - in fact do_compile won't do anything (and won't error) if there is no Makefile in the source dir14:14
xerentOK thanks :)14:15
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pevxerent: There're loads of examples in the tree - look for stuff that deploys scripts or init scripts for examples14:25
bluelightningright, the basics are just mention the files in SRC_URI, have do_install install them to the appropriate locations under ${D} and then if needed add to FILES_${PN} if the files are installed to locations other than the "standard" ones14:27
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #42 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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PulkoMandyhi, I'm trying to prevent a kernel module from loading at boot. I tried a file in /etc/modprobe.d, and modprobe.blacklist as a kernel option, but neither worked. What's the recommended way to do this in Yocto?14:52
PulkoMandy(I still want the module to be available for manual loading, but it doesn't work when loaded early in the boot process)14:53
bluelightningPulkoMandy: you could try module_autoload_<modulename> = "", but that'll only work if that is how it's being loaded14:54
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pevPulkoMandy: I think you can blacklist on the kernel commandline too?14:55
*** cristianiorga <cristianiorga!~cristiani@> has quit IRC14:57
PulkoMandyyes, I tried that but it doesn't seem to work14:57
pevIf its not working, it's probably a syntax thing no?14:57
PulkoMandyI have this in the kernel command line, seems hard to make a syntax error there14:58
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xerenthmm, if I have two packages that install the same file, and I want one to have priority15:01
pevPulkoMandy: Have a look in your busybox defconfig15:02
pevPulkoMandy: Whats the state of CONFIG_FEATURE_MODPROBE_BLACKLIST?15:03
pevxerent: What file?15:04
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-qrjlxkzwnsyjmlve> has quit IRC15:04
xerenta text file that I put into a random folder15:04
pevxerent: Is there a good reason for that? Normally you try to avoid that kind of contention...15:04
xerentpackage A is included in two images, and package B is included in one image, where that file should be overridden15:04
xerentso I guess I'll have to split package A into A1 and A2, and only install A1 on the second image with B15:05
xerentbut it seems like a mess15:05
PulkoMandypoky/meta/recipes-core/busybox/busybox-1.21.1/defconfig:506:# CONFIG_FEATURE_MODPROBE_BLACKLIST is not set15:05
PulkoMandyI guess I can customize that?15:05
pevNormally I'd put the file in it's own package and have the other two depend on it maybe?15:05
pevPulkoMandy: For sure!15:05
pevPulkoMandy: Just add a bbappend that modifies it's state15:06
xerentif I made package B dependent on package A, will package A be built first, and then the file is overwritten when B is installed?15:06
pevPulkoMandy: I do that in some of my layers. I add a : do_prepare_config_append()15:06
pevPulkoMandy: and in that do a sed e.g. sed -i 's/# CONFIG_MPSTAT is not set/CONFIG_MPSTAT=y/' ${S}/.config15:07
pevPulkoMandy: There's probably a better / 'proper' way to do this these days (someone once mentioned config fragments to me) but this is the only way I could get to work...15:08
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*** codinho_ <codinho_!~me@> has joined #yocto15:12
pevAnyone know how to work out dependencies? i.e. my current build decides it wants to build perl for some reason I can't explain which really extends the build but I don't know what specifically has pulled it in?15:13
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto15:13
kergothxerent: no, most package managers will abort installation entirely when doing that unless forcing the install, or unless package B indicates it replaces package A entirely (RREPLACES, potentially with RCONFLICTS/RPROVIDES). the only other possibility that comes to mind is using CONFFILES, not sure if the package manager allows those to be replaced or not. afaik.15:14
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regorianeris there a way to update package list after building a single recipe (bitbake package) instead of an image (bitbake image)?15:25
kergothwhat do you mean by 'package list'?15:26
volker-If you do a full release, what is the most important thing beside keeping the steps repeatable (by using a local mirror, using fixed repository version/hashes)?15:26
regorianerdeploy/ipk e.g.15:26
volker-How helpful is the buildhistory option?15:26
kergothyou mean the package feed/index? see the package-index recipe15:26
regorianerkergoth: in the deploy/ipk folder there are Package description files, but when you do a bitbake package, these are not updated15:27
regorianerkergoth: ok15:27
*** cristianiorga <cristianiorga!cristianio@nat/intel/x-tgosilkhvwphiwov> has joined #yocto15:28
kergothvolker-: enable it and take a look for yourself. personally, i'd never do a build without it15:29
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volker-kergoth: i looked at it and checked also the documentation about it (thats how I found it). But I don't really get the sense/meaningfulnes of it16:05
kergothit gives you a ton of useful information, i'm not sure how you wouldn't see the usefulness16:05
kergothwhat packages are in the image, what sizes they are, what packages were emitted, what metadata they have16:06
kergothbut combined with the ability to store buildhistory in a git repository, it becomes even more useful16:06
kergothsince you can track what changes to the build occurred when you make a change to the metadata16:06
kergothand monitor changes in the image contents or size over time, to watch for regressions16:06
volker-kergoth: hmmm. maybe it makes more sense with scm16:08
*** Jin^eLD is now known as Jin|away16:08
volker-kergoth: I also see package information that are not even added to the image16:08
kergothset BUILDHISTORY_COMMIT ?= "1"16:08
kergoththe package info is about all packages built16:08
kergoththe image info is what's limited to the image16:08
volker-kergoth: I have to check if it supports p4 :(16:08
volker-my company does not support git at the moment and they don't see a reason for it16:09
kergothits up to you whether you put your buildhistory repository somewhere persistent. even just local it's useful, though less for monitoring long term changes. presumably you could just check in the buildhistory git repo into your p4 repo, no? :)16:10
* kergoth shrugs16:10
volker-kergoth: look how frequent .git changes ;-)16:11
kergothbuildhistory uses its own git repository16:11
volker-kergoth: how do you add the build history accross versions? Don't you have a branch per release?16:11
kergothit'll change when buildhistory does a new commit16:11
*** 18VAACOCR <18VAACOCR!> has joined #yocto16:12
volker-kergoth: what is your benefit out of the postrm snippets in the build history?16:12
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto16:12
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kergothas i said, it includes all the metadata about the packages, including their install scripts, again, presumably to monitor changes over time16:13
kergothi didn't write the thing, i just use it16:13
*** arky <arky!~arky@> has quit IRC16:13
volker-kergoth: so you don't use all parts of the output?16:13
kergothbuildhistory satisfies multiple use cases16:14
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!~apalalax@> has left #yocto16:15
volker-kergoth: true. how do you mange buildhistory accross versions? using one repo for all releases and one repo for all development builds?16:18
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* kergoth thinks we should deprecate the wildcard handling in file: uris in SRC_URI. using a subdir instead is trivial17:40
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kergothbah, even if i modify qemu.bbclass to obey a variable to disable it, there's no such mechanism for the intercepts17:50
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bluelightningkergoth: I kind of view them as mostly the same amount of pain17:54
bluelightningat least we've now got to the point where checksums should mostly work properly with them17:55
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #41 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1] Build details are at
kergothI just dislike the special casing, considering the feature doesn't really buy us anything we can't already do in other ways18:03
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mikejanzenI'm trying to use the yocto plugin for eclipse/kepler/cdt with the run target being an IMX6 based board.  I have a simple hello world program that I can run remotely via ssh/tcf-agent.  However, when I try to debug it I get the error "Could not determine GDB version using command: gdb --version".  "gdb --version" works on the board and on the host/eclipse system.  Anyone have any idea what could19:32
mikejanzenbe wrong?  I am using a custom "bitbake -c populate_sdk" image as the sysroot/toolchain.  Maybe the problem is that gdb is missing from there?19:32
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volker-how often will the git snapshots/tar.gz files in the yocto folder be updated?20:52
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regorianermhh, whats the best way to add a perl-module ?21:45
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Garibaldi|workmikejanzen: you can add packages to the sdk produced using bitbake -c populate_sdk.  I'm not saying that's the problem -- I don't know -- but if it is, it's resolvable21:57
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Garibaldi|worksee TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK, adding something like nativesdk-gdb (assuming that the gdb recipe supports that), would include gdb in the native sdk.22:01
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volker-regorianer: there is a cpan.bbclass, see
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regorianervolker-: thanks, this works fine, but I'm stucked with another error since more than half an hour now :( - and it's about this module
regorianeri read a lot about it and some guys are telling that these are device mount issues, but if i do a normal ./configure it works, just not with the run.do_configure sets23:05
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #42 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
khemregorianer: there must be a config.log file23:14
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khemin your build tree23:14
khemthat should give u more info23:15
regorianerit's that he cannot run the a.out23:15
regorianerkhem: if I add manually "--host arm-poky-linux-gnueabi" it works. but i cannot accept this as a solution23:16
khemregorianer: that should be already done for you if u inherit autotools23:17
regorianeruff, i only inherit cpan ... didnt know i also need autotools23:19
regorianerand there i dont understand why i need autotools then23:20
kergothcpan is for perl stuff, it doesn't magically know that you're using autotools23:21
kergothnot all perl proejcts use autotoolss as their buildsystem, do they?23:21
regorianermhh i dont get it23:23
regorianerautotools are fine, if i have a project containing a and a makefile.am23:23
regorianerbut in this point i only have the configure.ac23:24
regorianerthere is no makefile, but the makefile.PL which will be run by the cpan function23:24
regorianerso ... if i inherit autotools, it fails cause autotools want to make install, but there is no make install routine in the perl-module23:24
regorianermaybe i am thinking a bit wrong, pls then correct me. :)23:25
khemregorianer: what does looks like ?23:25
khemit seems someone did half the job23:26
regorianerwhat i could do is to overwrite do_compile23:26
regorianerbut i dont know if that's a solution one should do23:26
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volker-regorianer: don't know. with autotools you can define EXTRA_OECONF, might work with cpan, too23:39
volker-regorianer: if you look at other tools you often see such overwrites of do_configure, patches or similar23:41
volker-regorianer: What I always do is checking on for similar projects. Actually there is a meta-perl that might be helpful23:42
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volker-regorianer: what happens if you add EXTRA_OECONF="--host=test"? does it show up in the error output? if so, you can inject the --host flag this way23:46
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regorianervolker-: no, doesnt show up23:48
volker-regorianer: and if it works this way, look into the autotools.bbclass at variables CONFIGUREOPTS23:48
volker-take a look into cpan.bbclass:  perl ${EXTRA_PERLFLAGS} Makefile.PL ${EXTRA_CPANFLAGS}23:49
volker-try EXTRA_CPANFLAGS (don't know how cpan/perl Make works)23:49
regorianerwell, EXTRA_CPANFLASGS does not work either, but i take a look at the cpan.bbclass23:51
volker-regorianer: looks like it wont help if you look in
volker-regorianer: what gives me an indication that something injects something somehow is the arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc -march=.... --sysroot=... line.23:54
volker-regorianer: sorry, I am not a specialist at it, but hope to have provided some hints (where at least I would look)23:55
regorianerwhat do you mean by that line, in which file ?23:55
volker-regorianer: look into your pastbin, the "checking for gcc" line23:56
regorianerah, well there.23:56
volker- grep -r -- "--sysroot" meta*/classes23:56
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