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gateforkscompiling tcpflow on ARM problems; Error: the autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining system capabilities..00:02
gateforksI'm new to yocto. Anyone have any pointers how I should begin to solve this?00:02
volker-gateforks: I don't know what the detailed error is. Usually the output gives a good clue what it is.00:03
volker-what I see in yocto is the issue I saw in the past most times when doing direct cross compiling (without a framework around it).00:04
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volker-gateforks: if you use the autotools class, you can modify the ./configure flags with EXTRA_OECONF. What I did in my cases was running "./configure --help" and disabling everything possible to get it stripped down to a minimum and/or looking directly in the configure.* files00:06
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gateforkscould you repeat that? My connection logged me out while I was reading your response00:09
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volker-gateforks: see query00:09
volker-gateforks: and 'bitbake myrecipe -c configure' can also speed trial-and-error up00:10
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regorianerwell, volker- thanks for the help and hints. learned a bit. but at the end if just patch the Makefile.PN. obviosly yocto is fucking me by telling me Device-SerialPort-dbg contains illegal characters, (other than [a-z0-9.+-]) .... nothing just can work instantly ... :D but okay, i go on resolve next issue ...00:22
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regorianeris there a list of the var names for usr, etc, lib ... as ${sysconfdir} and the others ?00:31
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nerdboythere should be a doc section on recipe stuff01:05
nerdboybut im pretty sure it's the standard definitions, ie, same as you would see in an rpm spec file01:06
nerdboythey're macros in rpm, so not a one-to-one correspondence01:08
nerdboyfound it01:12
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kergothgah, i wish this random qemu-native ICE on rhel6 would go away02:16
kergothanyone else run into this one?02:16
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regorianerthx nerdboy02:44
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khemregorianer: you may not have CAPS letters in recipe names03:34
khemerr versions03:34
khemkergoth: what ICE03:34
khemI dont use RHEL so care less but still am interested03:34
kergoththe odd thing is, re-doing the build after it fails, will succeed. must be something unreliable in the build process, or something?03:36
kergothnoooo, don't rebuild everything from scratch *again*!03:56
* kergoth kicks sstate in the junk03:57
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diffuseCan someone point me to the docs for yocto in regards to pulling source for a package from git?04:11
diffuseI'd like to have a recipe that checks out the latest commit from the git repo and build from that source04:11
khemkergoth: did you update srcs ?04:12
khemdiffuse: look into other recipes e.g. uclibc04:12
khemsee the SRC_URI04:12
khemand also read
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diffusekhem: ok, that helps a bit but the build complains about srcrev being set, is that required?04:17
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diffusekhem: thanks, that did solve my issue04:20
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #5 of nightly-qa-targetbuilds is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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milan_1Is there a way / bitbake command to get the list of packages available in a particular image ?08:38
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milan_1YoctoAutoBuilder: Is there a way / bitbake command to get the list of packages available in a particular image ?08:43
mckoangood morning08:44
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bluelightningmorning all09:07
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iontehi. i have a workflow question.10:49
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iontei want to compile a very simple application, just for testing purposes (spidev_test.c). do i have to create a recipe etc, or can i just compile this by hand somehow?10:50
ionteallright, "bitbake -c devshell" was what i was looking for10:54
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_valle_Hi! Has anyone modified psplash?11:18
diego_r_valle_: changed logo11:18
_valle_What is the maximum size of the logo?11:19
_valle_Could you have an image that takes full resolution of the display?11:19
diego_r_valle_: I think you can.11:21
diego_r_valle_: probably you need to put it in RLE format using make-image-header.sh11:22
pevionte: If using devshell, be aware of "PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1" - it drove me nuts for ages trying to find it!11:22
_valle_diego_r: Yes I did, but it seems that it cannot be fullscreen11:25
_valle_diego_r: Because my logo is placed above the progress bar :(11:25
diego_r_valle_: I can't help you further then, never tried to go fullscreen11:26
_valle_diego_r: Okay, thanks anyway11:26
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flolvdchi everybody11:38
flolvdcI get this error:11:38
flolvdcpreferred version 9.1.6 of mesa not available (for item virtual/egl)11:38
flolvdcbecause I had modified with a mesa.bbappend11:38
flolvdcPROVIDES = "virtual/libgl virtual/libgles1 virtual/mesa"11:39
flolvdcI had removed egl and libgles2 from mesa PROVIDES because I have another package providing those11:39
rburtondon't do that11:40
flolvdcany idea on how to get around this?11:40
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flolvdcrburton, well, how should I proceed? that other package only provides egl and gles211:40
rburtonjust set the PREFERRED_PROVIDER for virtual/egl to your other package11:40
flolvdcI did11:40
rburtonand the other library parts it provides?11:40
flolvdcand then it says that multiple providers for virtual/egl exist11:41
rburtonyes.  your PREFERRED_PROVIDER was incorrectly specified then.11:41
flolvdcI just did: PROVIDES = "virtual/libgles2 virtual/egl"11:41
flolvdcfor the other package11:41
flolvdcas it only provides gles2 and egl11:42
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rburton shows how to tell bitbake that you want to use one recipe for libgl, and another for egl/gles11:42
flolvdcand in my machine I have:11:42
flolvdcPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libegl and PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgles211:42
rburtonit's virtual/egl11:42
flolvdcdarn, I missed that11:43
flolvdcthanks for the tip11:43
rburtonwould be nice to fix the inconsistent naming but thats more inconcenience than just having the current names11:44
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iontepev: what's that for? (PSEUDO_UNLOAD)12:12
iontepev: i had no problems compiling, but there was an error message when running sudo though (something similar to "pseudo unload"...)12:12
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Jin^eLDI was following the openssl discussion on the mailing list, about PRINC... so, it means when uing poky with "live" feeds one really has to use a PRSERV, because poky does not guarantee proper recipe revision bumps?13:09
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JaMaJin^eLD: yes13:10
Jin^eLDuuh.. I did not know that, good to know13:11
Jin^eLDhow does it behave with multimachine builds?13:11
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pevionte: devshell runs as 'root' in a fakeroot environment by default, so lots of things you think might work, dont. (In my case I was trying to use quilt as a patch manager to make patch maintenance easier) - if you run "PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1 bash" in your devshell first it takes you out and sorts a few things.13:30
rburtonif that isn't documented, it should be13:31
rburtonJin^eLD: if you want to use a feed then you have to run a pr server13:31
Jin^eLDrburton: my question is if that also works fine for multimacine configurations?13:32
Jin^eLDI am building feeds for two different machines, but same distro13:32
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bluelightningJin^eLD: it's tested regularly with that use case, so it should yes13:34
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Jin^eLDthx, I guess I will have to rebuild my feed now, yesterday I already had the feeling that not all of the packages got updated...13:36
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JaMaJin^eLD: multi-machine builds are OK, problem is with multi-builder builds populating the same feed13:47
JaMaJin^eLD: then you need to use shared PR server and there is no access control for bumping the values there13:48
Jin^eLDI think I am fine in that regard, luckily we use only one builder13:48
Jin^eLDbut one more question, I did not fully understand that from the docs... do I need to reset all my existing PRs to zero? or can they stay at whatever value they have now until the next PV bump?13:49
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JaMathey should stay until you bump PV13:52
JaMaotherwise overall version will go backwards13:53
Jin^eLDok, so the PR server just incrrements existing PRs, got that13:54
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Jin^eLDone more question regarding PR server... so let's say I have a recipe with SRC_URI="file://somescript" and I then change the contents of "somescript" - will it bump the PR automatically? or do I still need to bump manually for changes that are done outside the .bb recipe?14:28
JaMait should bump it automatically14:29
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seezerkergoth: are you around by chance?15:02
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kergothdamnit bitbake17:12
kergothRP: so, any idea how 'd' could be undefined in ${@}? we add it to that context pretty early..17:13
kergothRP: i know i've seen it once before, when i was programmatically generating vardeps17:13
kergothbut this time, not so much17:13
bluelightningkergoth: it's probably not helpful for the error, but surely something like that would be better implemented in a proper python function and then called from there?17:14
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kergothd would still have to be passed into that function, and presumably it'd still get a nameerror trying to pass it to it17:15
kergoththough its worth a shot17:15
kergothworst case i can just anonymous python func it17:15
kergothbut there still seems to be some sort of bitbake bug lurking17:15
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has joined #yocto17:16
bluelightningit does seem like a bug yes17:16
bluelightningI think we have situations where exceptions in the wrong place during parsing can trigger odd failures like this one17:16
kergothalso, that stupid thing where it acts like it coudln't find the terminating ' when you use things like '${FILES_${PN}}' has been biting us for years17:17
kergothneed to fix that at some point17:17
RPkergoth: I can't think offhand why that would break :/17:17
kergothtrying to fix the external toolchain recipe to use explicit file lists, so it stops picking up additional libs that are sometimes shipped with the toolchain.. at hte moment, our latest has liburcu and lttng crap i'd rather not have leaking into the libc6 packages ;)17:18
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kergothand there it is, EOL while scanning string literal17:19
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kergothi really hate that one17:19
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seebsDo FILES_* support wildcards at all?17:33
seebsIt seems like being able to give names like libc.* might simplify life.17:33
kergothnot only do they support wildcards, nearly every files var already uses them17:35
kergothsee bitbake.conf17:35
seebs... I probably knew that, then. <-- it has been a long week17:35
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khemkergoth: I think if CSL would use OE to generate their SDKs all problems will be solved :)19:02
kergothheh :)19:03
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Miles_SBTif I set BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS to 1 after downloading and building everything, is there a way to make bitbake go back and generate the tarballs?23:44
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