Monday, 2014-05-05

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mckoangood morning07:26
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #10 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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jvuoHi all, have anyone successfully build qt5 with Wayland enabled instead of x11? I get errors with opengl headers when compiling qtbase. I tried both desktop and es versions but same results(fatal error: GLES2/gl2.h and cups/cups.h: no such file or directory). My distro features are : opengl alsa argp bluetooth ext2 irda largefile pcmcia usbgadget usbhost wifi xattr nfs zeroconf pci 3g ipv4 ipv6 pulseaudio ${DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC}" , DISTRO_FEATURES_append =10:32
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vickyhi yocto. I added libiconv as dependency for my custom image. But it affects the build of rpm package and i m getting the error
vickyi am trying to fix that by adding an bbappend using the variable EXTRA_OECONF += "--disable-nls". but didnt help10:54
vickyanyone familiar with these packages?10:54
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vickyhi. I want to pass LIBS flag in configure.  I am doing this in bbappend by EXTRA_OECONF += "LIBS=\"-liconv\" . but giving me parse error12:53
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paulbarkervicky: You're missing a closing " in that string13:04
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Net147something strange with BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS (ipk backend). if I set it to "udev-hwdb" it excludes udev-hwdb as expected. if I set to "udev-hwdb wpa-supplicant-cli" it excludes only wpa-supplicant-cli. if I set to "wpa-supplicant-cli udev-hwdb" it excludes only udev-hwdb. any ideas?14:14
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bryanHi all. I would like to run entirely from RAM. I am thinking something like unionfs, but just not writing back to the disk. Somebody suggested making a ramdisk and "pivoting" to it. Can anybody give me tips on how to accomplish this?14:42
bryanBTW... I basically want a read-only root filesystem, but I have several layers that do not appear to play nicely with this image feature, and I am thinking that this may be a work-around.14:46
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volker-bryan: there is a read only rootfs option that provides some areas with ramfs15:39
volker-bryan: if other layers run into problems that seems to be more a bug15:39
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volker-bryan: what does not play nice with the ro-rootfs?15:42
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khemI have https uri with username/password what is correct syntax for bb/fetcher to be happy ?15:53
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nerdboyno idea, i think i set it in the netrc file for jenkins...15:57
nerdboybut then switched to keys15:57
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kergothyeah, netrc is about the only option really, unless it's a git repository, in which case you can use a git url insteadOf + ssh keys15:58
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kergothi *think* you can speicyf hte username/pass in the url in the recipe, but don't, that'd be bad :)15:58
nerdboya url should work, but i wouldn't put it in a recipe either...16:00
nerdboyalthough i'm pretty sure we don't need to tell khem *that*16:01
kergothindeed :)16:01
nerdboyso i'm gonna say you were at the top of my list of people who didn't show up that i wanted to see16:01
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kergothI didn't talk to my manager in time to get approval to hit ELC/OEDAM this year, sadly :( I went to ELC a year or two ago, but need to make it a habit, and set some damn alarms on the calendar16:02
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* kergoth rolls eyes at self16:03
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volker-Somehow most conferences seem to be on the west coast or las vegas.16:04
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khemkergoth: you mean .netrc in builder's home16:08
khemkergoth: whats the syntax for SRC_URI ? SRC_URI = "https://..;user=xx;password=yy" did not work16:10
kergothno, it's the part of th scheme, like a url in your browser16:10
nerdboyworks fine as jenkins user16:10
kergotherm, part of the netloc, technically16:10
volker-I am going through the slides of mcroYocto and the Internet of Tiny. Are there any real world examples how it can be used?16:11
nerdboyso when do you want your reminders to start?  today?16:11
kergothAside: does anyone know if the yocto documentation states anywhere that a bsp layer should use machine overrides, and a distro layer should use distro overrides, to avoid impact just due to layer inclusion rather than opting into its configuration?16:12
kergoththats the general policy i follow, but i'm not sure if thtere'ps an officail stance on that16:12
kergothblah, can't type today16:12
nerdboyno idea16:13
khemkergoth: putting it in .netrc would mean its global right16:15
kergothnot sure what ou mean by global16:16
khemnow if I have two different https servers to fetch ffrom16:16
nerdboyfor that user, yes16:16
kergoth.netrc format includes host16:16
nerdboyyou can have multiple stanzas16:16
khemis it like .ssh/config syntax16:17
* nerdboy assumes tlwoerner is back in the great white north again16:19
khemmachine <xx> login <yy> password <zz>16:20
khemthats all good16:20
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kergothssh keys are better, but not always doable. netrc is easy and painless. don't forget to chmod 0600 ;)16:23
khemyeah he16:23
kergoth haha16:27
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volker-I am compiling samba as native package. To accomplish that I had to remove one line from the autotools CONFIGUREOPTS (--exec_prefix). Now it seems like ${prefix} get's expanded to much more as expected to  --prefix=/home/data/yocto/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr16:46
volker-is this due of the -native?16:47
kergothyou shouldn't have to remove anything. native.bbclass should take care of the majority of what's needed16:51
kergothand eys16:51
kergothnative.bbclass sets prefix16:51
volker-kergoth: CONFIGUREOPTS is from autotools. --exec-prefix has to be removed for samba4 (because else ./configure fails).16:51
kergoththat really doesn't make any sense16:51
volker-the problem I run into is that the entire system is not packaged and in the ${D}/image folder is the image/home/data/yocto/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/{etc,usr,var}16:52
volker-kergoth: get samba4, run ./configure --exec-prefix=/bla16:52
volker-you get then  'waf: error: no such option: --exec_prefix'16:53
kergothwhy would anything be packaged? -native recipes are by definition not packaged. they're built for the build host, to be run on the build host, as a part of hte build process for the things for the target16:53
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kergothyou shouldn't be inheriting autotools.bbclass if the configure script isn't autotools, IMO :)16:53
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volker-kergoth: so I will never get an .ipk/.deb/.rpm out of an -native?16:54
kergoththat's correct. that's not what native is for.16:54
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kergothit sounds like you're taking the wrong approach to begin with. what exactly are you trying to accomplish?16:54
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #74 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1] Build details are at
volker-kergoth: I want samba4 as package. Cross-compiling samba4 is... let me phrase it this way: not the way you want to go16:55
volker-kergoth: so configure+compile via -native and then pack the stuff together16:56
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kergoththat's not a supported use case today. OE/Poky don't support building a distro natively. the native class is to build tools which are then used by the target recipes to build for the target. I *think* someone might have started looking at a native MACHINE at some point, but that's not really something that's supported today16:58
volker-kergoth: some packages use -native to get them build16:58
kergoththat's correct, yes16:58
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volker-kergoth: so thats all I want for the samba package16:59
kergothas i said before, that's to build tools which are then run/used by the cross build16:59
kergothyou're still misunderstanding what native is for in oe16:59
kergothlets take an example16:59
kergothto build ncurses, ncurses wants to build tic, and then run it16:59
kergothif you cross-compile ncurses, that's obviously not going to work16:59
kergothso we build ncurses-native, to get an identical version of tic that's runnable on the build host17:00
kergoththen we get the regular ncurses bulid to use that, rather than building its own17:00
kergoththereby getting around that cross-compilation issue17:00
*** joey_saint <joey_saint!> has joined #yocto17:00
kergothall the others are similar cases, or are to avoid build dependencies on the host17:00
* nerdboy trying a 12 MB graph in the g+ image uploader17:00
nerdboyjust for shits 'n grins of course...17:01
volker-kergoth: so I can't get a package that is compiled native?17:01
kergothoe assumes cross-compilation. it has zero support for a case where build==host==target, other than the limited native class, which again, isn't packaged, and only puts things in the sysroot for other recipes to use17:02
volker-ouch, that's not good17:02
kergotheven the sdk creation uses crosscompilation, it emits a crosscompiler from build to SDKMACHINE, and then builds the target bits as canadian cross17:02
volker-there are cases where cross compilation is just a pain, that where -native would be a win if you can package it17:03
kergothcross-compilation is almost *always* a pain, we just deal with it :)17:03
volker-kergoth: yes, but there are low pain, and there are infinit pain packages.17:03
nerdboyokay, i'm somewhat impressed17:03
kergothvolker-: python/perl/etc are all likely much more difficult than samba is17:04
nerdboyit took the whole thing and didn't choke17:04
kergothvolker-: and we got all of them going :)17:04
kergothbut I agree, nowadays there'd be value in supporting the native case, as target machines are better performing than they used to be, and emulation is much faster than it used to be17:04
kergothe.g. qemu, particularly if you use distcc to call out to a cross-compiler on the host transparently, the way aboriginal linux does17:04
volker-kergoth: yes, and I am sure there is a good reason why some (recent) packages are not available because you just don't want to deal with their cross compilation issue.17:04
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #78 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Failure [failed Building Eclipse Plugin Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
volker-kergoth: why torturing yourself when there could be an easy way?17:07
kergothif you want natively built stuff, install debian :)17:07
kergothoe was cross-compilation capable from the start, it was half its reason for existing, and there are good reasons for it17:08
volker-wasn't my choice to use yocto.17:08
volker-kergoth: and I think debian is more open to cross compilation. fedora only "accepts" native builds (so they had to build a build cluster of raspberry pi's to get a distro version out of it)17:08
kergothI really don't think complaining about its capabilities here is going to solve anything. I'm certain folks would be open to adding support for what you're asking, but it doesn't exist today17:08
kergothSo you'll either need to add support for that, get samba4 to crosscompile, or talk someone into letting you use something else17:09
* kergoth shrugs17:09
kergothI just took about 5 minutes and checked another project which does crosscompilation, buildroot, and they have samba4. so clearly getting it to crosscompile must not be as impossible as you seem to think it is, if they've already done so. presumably you could leverage what they have to create a recipe17:10
kergothso that's waht i'd suggest, create a samba4 recipe based on both our samba 3 recipe and their bits if necessary17:12
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto17:12
kergothlooks like waf has built in support for presupplying test results for crosscompilation17:12
kergoth                        --cross-compile \17:12
kergoth                        --cross-answers=$(@D)/cache.txt \17:12
kergothis in samba4.mk17:12
*** dlerner <dlerner!~dlerner@> has quit IRC17:13
kergothlooks like oe-core has a waf.bbclass. really minimal, though. could likely use some improvement17:14
*** Crofton <Crofton!~balister@> has joined #yocto17:18
kergothah, those cross args might be specific to samba4, don't see them mentioned in the waf book17:18
volker-yes, with the 4.x you can provide an answer table, but that is just an hack for cross compilation issues17:18
volker-kergoth: look at the available samba recipe and you see how much had to be modified to get it even run ./configure17:19
*** vicky <vicky!~vicky@> has quit IRC17:19
kergothAgain, either enhance yocto to support native, or *deal iwth the crosscompilation issues*17:19
kergothwhining about it here isn't solving anything17:19
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:19
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kergothbuildroot has it crosscompiling, so getting a recipe going shouldn't take long based on what they have17:19
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*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:23
volker-I don't wine, I just don't understand why it is only semi-supported17:25
*** jkridner <jkridner!> has joined #yocto17:25
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volker-Sorry, I did not know what trying to understand things and expressing confusion is wrong here.17:26
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bryanvolker: I have 4 scripts in "rpm-postinsts" that want to run on first boot: connman, gnome-panel, polkit, udev-hwdb. I need udev for interacting with a specific piece of hardware we are using. The others I think are getting pulled in because I am building with an XFCE desktop (I am starting with the configuration files and recipes for the Gumstix DuOvero module)18:43
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kergothconnman seems a bit odd, woudlnt' think that'd be necessary18:49
nerdboysomeone at elc claimed the newest version was better...18:50
nerdboywhatever got built in the sato image a few months ago was annoying as hell18:51
nerdboy*whatever version of connman18:51
volker-bryan: if these scripts don't really have to run, you should be able to remove these postinstall snippets on the image.18:52
bryanI see. Presumably, connman is for connection manager? I don't think that is necessary for us. polkit I guess is for policyKit? What would be the effect of removing that? I would guess that gnome-panel could be removed safely. What about udev-hwdb?18:54
*** balister_ is now known as Crofton18:55
nerdboyx11-sato as image feature will pull in connman18:56
* nerdboy thought maybe xfce would pull in networkmanager instead18:57
volker-bryan: you can try IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = " connman"   (I don't know if _remove is supporte dhere,  but I found it in the bitbake code snippet next to _append and _prepend)18:57
*** fabo <fabo!> has joined #yocto18:57
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nerdboyreally needs a virtual for that, unless there already is one...18:57
bryannerdboy: what does that mean exactly?18:58
nerdboyone could make a PREFERRED_PROVIDER_netman or something18:58
volker-bryan: alternatively you can also link some files to the RW area if only a few files are affected18:59
nerdboybecause you could have sysvinit satisfy the basic case, or connman or networkmanager18:59
nerdboymaybe it's one of the other init recipes for the basic case, but you certainly don't require a networkmanager to support networking unless the desktop depends on it19:02
nerdboyif you're going to hack it by hand, i'd leave the udev-hwdbs in there19:03
bryanIf I leave it there, I can't finish building. bitbake seems to check to see if there are any files in rmp-postinsts. If there are it fails.19:04
kergothpackagegroup-core-x11-sato uses  NETWORK_MANAGER variable, but that doesn't seem to be used acrosst he board, and it should really be VIRTUAL-RUNTIME like the other runtime virtuals19:04
kergothfrom a quick grep19:04
nerdboysounds right to me19:05
nerdboyas far as ro-rootfs, you can still have volatile support and tmpfs mounts without enabling ro-root19:06
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bryanA more generic question: If I run with a read-only root filesystem and run our code as root, there is not a need for polkit... right?19:06
bryanwhat exactly is volatile support?19:06
kroonShouldn't bitbake complain if it can't find a listed PREFERRED_PROVIDER ?19:06
nerdboybryan: there's a init script and some config files that define what gets mounted to tmpfs19:07
nerdboyit also creates files/dirs/symlinks in /run and whatnot19:08
nerdboydepending on what the code does, i'd think hard about making it run as a normal user19:08
nerdboyyou can give it the right ownership/perms using the above volatile config19:09
nerdboylook at mpd for example19:09
bryanbut what harm can be done if the root filesystem is read-only?19:09
nerdboyyou have to have it read-only?19:09
nerdboythen volatile mounts are all you get that's writable19:10
*** dlerner <dlerner!~dlerner@> has joined #yocto19:10
bryanWell, "have to" is a bit strong. It seems like the safest way to prevent filesystem corruption due to unexpected power failures.19:10
nerdboyvolatile meaning tmpfs or some other ram-based block device19:10
nerdboyis it flash with jffs2?19:11
nerdboyif not then don't worry about it19:11
nerdboyi've been running my pi in the car for months with countless hard power-offs and no troubles19:12
bryanRight now it is a flash SD card with etx3.19:12
nerdboymount options, volatile stuff, and no ro-rootfs19:13
nerdboyi use ext4 but same thing19:13
nerdboy4 is a bit faster and more tolerant19:13
bryanAre you saying "jffs2" is less resilient than ext for power failures?19:14
nerdboyprobably that too, but i was referring to jffs2 on flash with it's fairly heavy overhead requirements19:16
nerdboyand not-so-good error-checking depending on various factors19:16
nerdboyubifs is what you want for flash19:16
nerdboybut like i said, ext4 is fine with sd/micro cards19:17
bryanMy expectation is that the system we are using will essentially never be powered down "properly". If using a filesystem that is not aware of the flash erase block size/alignment, then after enough power cycles it would seem that corruption is inevitable.19:20
kergothI expect aufs combined with r/o / might be an easy option for you, otherwise to use our normal r/o rootfs option you have to deal with software that expects to be able to write to the filesystem on a case by case basis.19:24
nerdboyi'm still running the same sdcard i deployed over 6 months ago19:27
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bryannerdboy: Roughly how many power cycles do you think you have gone through?19:28
nerdboyseveral per day until i stopped commuting a few weeks ago19:29
nerdboyhere's my fstab:
nerdboyevery time i hit the power button in the car19:30
nerdboyi just leave i plugged into the lighter port for power19:31
bryankergoth: aufs is abandoned, right? From their website: Note: it becomes clear that "Aufs was rejected. Let's give it up." According to Christoph Hellwig, linux rejects all union-type filesystems but UnionMount.19:32
bryanThanks nerdboy. The event I am worrying about may be more rare than I realized.19:33
nerdboylooks like about 1000 power cycles over 10 months19:34
nerdboystopping for coffee and gas, etc19:35
bryankergoth: That is not to say I am opposed to using it still. Do you know of a tutorial or example using it in Yocto?19:37
nerdboyisn't unionfs the newer one?19:37
zeddiiunionfs is largely dead.19:39
zeddiiaufs continues on.19:39
bryanIt looks like aufs was actually a re-write of UnionFS, but I am just reading what I see online19:39
bryanI see. aufs is still used a lot?19:39
zeddiiI have it in all the Yocto kernels, Wind River uses it, as have Ubuntu and other distros over time. union filesystems are a 10 year saga.19:40
bryanOk. Thank you.19:40
zeddiithe answer to "which one is dead, or which one will merge" changes about every 6 months ;)19:41
bryanWhat is required to actually use aufs with an image? Is this just a change to a conf file somewhere?19:42
zeddiidepends on the kernel you are using. the tools are in meta-fileystems last I checked, but you need a matching kernel.19:43
*** jackmitch|home <jackmitch|home!> has joined #yocto19:43
nerdboyunionfs is a genkernel option19:55
nerdboyi'd have to go bug someone to find out why...19:55
*** jackmitch|home <jackmitch|home!> has quit IRC19:56
kergothIt's sad that no unioning filesystem ever gets merged19:59
kergothThere's clearly cases where it's valuable19:59
dlernerjjm:  vmeson and seebs wanted those SECURITY_CFLAGS in the wr-security layer, not the wr-tools-profile layer.  They rejected the earlier change19:59
seebsdlerner: Should this be on the other IRC server? Not that it's company-confidential or anything, just probably of marginal interest to general #yocto folks.20:00
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seebs <-- this now comes to mind every time I see someone suffer from "this computer program did not do what I thought I was asking it to do".20:04
kergoththat article is so true20:05
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nerdboythat guy is hilarious20:56
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kergothAm I correct in thinking we don't need to retain do_package sstate archives when we have do_package_ipk_write sstate, unless the user needs to repackage? Or are both necessary to make bitbake happy?21:13
kergothHm, damn, my build seems to want both. that's a bit odd.21:13
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bryanHey, how do I figure out what is pulling a particular package into my image?21:33
seebsbryan: The shortest path I've found is to add PNBLACKLIST[package] = "i have a kitty", then try to build.21:37
seebsThis should give a backtrace of the chain of packages which caused it to be brought in. Note that I'm not sure the blacklist is enabled by default.21:38
bryanExcellent. Thanks - I will try this.21:38
kergothseebs: that's a good idea21:41
kergothbryan: if it's a build dependency, thats what bb-whatdepends is intended to do, but it can't handle runtime dependencies yet :(21:41
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bryanOk. Thanks kergoth.21:45
kergothbryan: for that, but i expect the PNBLACKLIST approach will be more versatile due to the aforementioned limitation21:46
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sgw_khem: around?  Are you looking at the fsl-ppc ICE issue?22:01
*** bfederau <bfederau!> has joined #yocto22:01
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dvhartfray, wondering if you can help with a packaging problem. I build a 3.15 kernel recipe earlier, have since done a "cleanall" on it and am now building a 3.14 kernel. When I build my images, they are installing 3.15 kernel-module* packages. I don't see 3.15 anything in tmp/deploy/ipks. Do you know where it might be getting them and what I have to do to purge them so it will use the 3.14 versions I'm building?22:08
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bluelightning_dvhart: if it's installing 3.15 packages then they must be there to install22:43
bluelightning_dvhart: stupid question but you are looking in the right directory, right? ;)22:43
dvhartbluelightning_, if I move tmp to tmp-old and try again I get 3.14 modules - so I'm clearly NOT looking in the right spot22:43
dvhartwhere should I be looking?22:44
bluelightning_dvhart: well, tmp/deploy/ipk/ if you are indeed using ipk packaging for the image22:44
dvhartI am and there are no 3.15 named packages there22:44
dvhartis it possible that they have 3.15 meta-data but 3.14 names?22:44
bluelightning_it's unlikely but possible you have 3.15 kernel modules inside 3.14 named packages22:45
dvhart$ find tmp-old/deploy/ipk -name "kernel-modules*"22:45
bluelightning_do you have package management enabled on the target?22:46
dvhartopkg list-installed lists the 3.15 packages22:46
bluelightning_you definitely reflashed / installed the new image?22:46
dvhartdefinitely :-)22:47
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bluelightning_ok so this shouldn't be possible...22:47
dvhartGlad it isn't just me :-)22:47
bluelightning_the manifest file for your new image - which versions does that have in it?22:48
dvhartand now that the image looks right... RCU kernel stalls..... fanfriggintastic22:48
dvhartbluelightning_, where is the manifest file?22:48
bluelightning_should be a .manifest file next to the image file in tmp/deploy/images/<machine>/22:50
dvhartold and new both only list 3.1422:52
dvhartI'm starting to feel like the guy who hears voices :/22:52
bluelightning_so that kind of suggests to me that the image on the target isn't the same as the image you built...22:53
dvhartyeah, sounds like it22:54
dvhartnot sure how it could not be since I'm copying it over to the device (
dvhartincluding recreating and formating each partition22:54
dvhartif I can reproduce, I'll let you know - evidence is disappearing despite my best efforts :-/22:57
bluelightning_hmm, ok22:57
dvhartI hate these kinds of issues :-/ I seem to run into them more than many22:58
bluelightning_yes it's particularly annoying when they come up when you're trying to troubleshoot something else :/22:59
kergothaha, that's handy. you can search for a specific filename in github by adding in:path. e.g. conf/machine/foo.conf in:path23:01
dvhartbluelightning_, indeed!23:09
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* kergoth wonders if there's a way to tell bitbake to exit after fetching/checking all the sstates23:48
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