Thursday, 2014-07-17

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DenwidGood Morning07:13
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mckoangood morning07:32
bluelightningmorning mckoan, all07:34
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Ricko__khem: just saw your answer (thx btw) , configure indeed looks for /usr/include/bitstream/common.h, so i put bitstream to this path but still cannot find it07:34
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Ricko__how can i pass /usr/includes/bitstream to oe as a dependency?07:40
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elinuxerHi yocto..07:41
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DenwidRP, we created a pull request for bitbake: . Will this get treated or is it absolutely necessary to post to the mailinglist?08:34
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RPDenwid: I had no idea it was there. It needs to go to the mailing list really08:42
DenwidRP, I just posted it this morning. We will sind it to the mailinglist in that case. Thank you!08:44
JaMaRP: I've just sent reply to test-dependencies report with warnings from insane_qa check08:49
JaMabut I need to start test-dependencies build again, because it run out of space..08:50
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ant_workJaMa: sorry, no time yet to test, it's just about adding DEPENDS = "klibc" at the end of the klibc-utils_2.0.3.bb09:20
ant_workredefining there09:20
ant_workthis should remove that bunch of warnings09:21
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ant_workI'll send 2.0.4 asap09:25
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IceWeweI'm trying to compile a Yocto image for Wandboard. I have the image booting but all GTK apps have empty menus09:30
IceWewedoes anyone know what package I might be missing (font/theme?) for GTK to give me menus?09:31
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IceWewehere are the GTK packages I have installed currently:
rburtonIceWewe: try installing some fonts, like liberation-fonts09:32
rburtonor running an app in a terminal so you see any warnings09:33
IceWewethe terminal just shows "GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_get_n_channels: assertion 'GDK_IS_PIXBUF (pixbuf)' failed09:33
IceWeweI've tried strace but it just shows:09:34
IceWewewrite(2, "\n(deadbeef:1137): GdkPixbuf-CRIT"..., 110) = 11009:34
IceWewe--- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0x2} ---09:34
IceWewewrite(2, "Segmentation Fault\n", 19)    = 1909:34
rburtonsounds like your gdk-pixbuf loaders are not installed09:34
IceWeweyes I only have a couple installed09:35
rburtonwhat ones?09:36
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rburtonrun gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders09:36
rburtonyou probably won't need those ones09:38
IceWeweI installed the remaining ones09:38
IceWewehold on I'll pastebin09:38
rburtonyou need the png loader for icons to work09:39
IceWewestill seg faulting09:39
IceWeweI don't have a png loader package built...09:39
rburtonyou should probaby find out why09:39
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rburtonis this daisy/1.6?09:40
IceWeweI didn't specify it in the packageconfig09:40
rburtonoh you've been overriding the packageconfig09:41
rburtonyeah in that case, don't forget to enable png ;)09:41
IceWeweyeah. damn it.09:42
IceWewethanks :)09:42
IceWeweI wonder if that will solve the text missing too09:43
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rburtonits possible the menus were scaling to the height of the icons, which was 009:44
IceWewewhat about menu items that don't have an icon? is there really nothing there or is it just a transparent icon?09:44
IceWeweI'm trying to compile deadbeef (audio player)09:44
IceWewealthough the missing menus affects other apps too (like mirodi)09:45
rburtonno icon is really no icon09:45
IceWewewoo! installing the png loader was enough to get deadbeef to play music :D09:49
IceWeweexcept the mystery of the empty menus continues09:49
rburtonrun xrandr and xdpyinfo, get the dpi values they report09:51
rburton(and/or screen size)09:51
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elinuxerhi yocto i am compiled libnfc 1.5.1 for RFID and i installed well and pn533 driver also enabled even i am getting the following error  "root@beaglebone:~# nfc-list11:35
elinuxernfc-list uses libnfc 1.5.1 (r)11:35
elinuxer[  185.842462] usb 1-1: usbfs: interface 0 claimed by pn533 while 'nfc-list' sets config #1No NFC device found.   "  how to solve this error.11:35
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elinuxerany one can help me please..11:59
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maxinelinuxer: have you blacklisted pn533 and nfs modules ?12:01
maxinelinuxer: please have a look at this link.. It seems to be dealing with the same problem:
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Ricko__what is the option to install recursively everything in a dir : install -?12:19
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microdcan someone confirm that yocto-bsp creates meta-bsp-name in /build/meta-bsp-name ? documentatin says different14:07
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bluelightningmicrod: afaik it puts it under the current directory by default; if that happens to be "build" when you run it, then that's where it'll be placed14:09
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microdbluelightning: if i run it in toplevel dir (where it should be placed) it says couldn't find BBLAYERS in bitbake -e, did i miss sth?14:11
bluelightningmicrod: you can do two things - 1) move the dir afterwards or 2) use the -o option to "yocto-bsp create" to specify the output dir14:13
microdbluelightning: ok, move it afterwards is good enough for me14:14
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pevHey all14:49
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pevif Ive got a recipe to build an out of tree kernel mod (eg hello-mod) and I also support to kernel flavours via PREFERRED_PROVIDER, can I have two source directories that get picked up on base on kernel version much in the same way you can with machine name?14:50
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likewiseI am debugging a recipe that determines the native python version by running /usr/bin/python.  How should a recipe pickup the native version instead?15:32
likewise^ i.e. the Yocto-built native pyton recipe15:33
*** roric <roric!~roric@> has quit IRC15:33
kergothinherit pythonnative at a minimum15:34
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning15:36
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likewisekergoth: that's what I did already. How is the python in native sysroot supposed to be picked up? Through fakeroot or PATH setting?15:44
kergothread pythonnative.bbclass.15:44
*** madisox <madisox!~madisox@nat/cisco/x-bepzjfdzgyxgkkxq> has quit IRC15:46
likewisekergoth: thanks. I currently have a single recipe for cross and native, I'm building OmniORB.  Would this change require to create a specific -native recipe/15:47
*** eballetbo <eballetbo!> has quit IRC15:47
likewise / = ?15:47
*** seebs <seebs!> has quit IRC15:48
joseppchi, I am having a problem with KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD when it is used together with overrides:15:48
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC15:48
joseppcIn short, I have to .bbappends to the kernel, each adding new modules to the list.15:48
joseppcOne of them, though, using an override with the architecture. This one seems to override completely the previous contents of the variable15:48
*** madisox <madisox!~madisox@nat/cisco/x-ygvoytsrdecigayj> has joined #yocto15:48
bluelightningjoseppc: you probably want KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD_append_machinename = ... rather than KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD_machinename =15:49
joseppcbluelightning: tried that too += _append before and after machinename, same thing15:49
joseppcI tried to track how the variable changes15:50
bluelightningjoseppc: += will definitely not work in conjunction with overrides15:50
*** seebs <seebs!> has joined #yocto15:50
bluelightningnot the way you expect anyway15:50
*** sgh <sgh!> has quit IRC15:50
joseppcbluelightning: aha, += is used in the layer I am using (meta-intel)15:51
bluelightningjoseppc: that in itself is not a problem, it's when an override is used in conjunction with +=15:51
joseppcbluelightning: where can I read more about this?15:52
bluelightningthe result will basically be the same as = except a leading space will be added to the value15:52
bluelightningthe bitbake manual15:52
joseppcbluelightning: only when used in conjuntion with overrides? ok15:52
kergothlikewise: no15:53
*** sgh <sgh!> has joined #yocto15:53
joseppcbluelightning: I'll try with _append (again), and report back to make sure I didn't make a mistake before15:53
joseppcbluelightning: thanks15:53
joseppcbluelightning: the symptoms I see are very much how you describe it15:53
joseppcI tracked how the variable changes and got this:
bluelightningjoseppc: when using _append don't forget to add a leading space to the value you're appending, or you may get items right next to eachother e.g. "a bc" instead of "a b c"15:54
joseppcbluelightning: yes, good reminder15:54
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has quit IRC15:55
joseppcbluelightning: about that last thing, the manual seems to forget the leading space :)15:59
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto16:00
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likewisekergoth: thanks16:01
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likewisekergoth: If a package builds it's own cross-build-tools, the native class must be inherited?16:01
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto16:01
rburtonlikewise: no16:02
rburtonlikewise: eg mesa, which builds some tools using CC_FOR_BUILD and then runs them to generate code, and then uses CC to build that code16:03
joseppcbluelightning: same thing with _append_arch apparently16:04
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:04
likewiserburton: but is that logic in the original package build files, or in Yocto/OE recipe meta-data?16:07
*** dmoseley1 <dmoseley1!> has quit IRC16:07
rburtonlikewise: believe it or not, upstream16:08
rburtonthe _FOR_BUILD forms are sort-of standardised16:08
likewiserburton: that's the exception then for most packages in OE/Yocto still.16:08
likewiserburton: I am already happy when the upstream package does not assume to be built to run on its built-host16:09
rburtonlikewise: sure.  but you can do it yourself from a do_compile_prepend.16:09
rburton(you only need native if you actually need to build the entire recipe native, not just a single tool)16:09
likewiserburton: yes, but I think the neatest way is when we support cross-compiling both for the native built host as the cross target host, using the same recipe16:09
rburtonthen you have to patch the sources to find the tools you've installed16:10
*** microd <microd!> has left #yocto16:10
rburtonsee eg pango which builds a tool in a do_compile_prepend16:11
likewiserburton: thanks, will look at pango16:11
rburtonits not pretty thanks to the flags it needs, but the basic gist is to just make it using the right compiler, and then the build won't re-make it using the cross compiler16:11
joseppcbluelightning: ah sorry, scratch that, it did work as you said16:13
Crofton|workrburton, someone just sent a list I am on a link to something on facebook16:17
rburtonCrofton|work: chemical fire isn't good enough16:19
Crofton|workin all fairness, it wa a link to something funny, but even funnier after your retweet about crap on fb :)16:20
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC16:21
rburtonthe good thing about facebook is that you don't get 20 page word documents anymore for a bad joke16:22
fray... but I'm sure if you wanted to you could print out 'facebook' as a PDF for later.. ;)16:23
rburtonfray: paperlater.com16:23
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nerdboythere *are* devs on faceplant...  they're just showing off baby pics like everyone else...16:56
nerdboyeg, the gentoo lady with blue hair16:57
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JaMaRP: maybe there is something wrong with our subversion-native (like http:// disabled?)18:29
JaMaERROR: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 1, output:18:29
JaMasvn: E170000: Unrecognized URL scheme for ''18:29
JaMaOE qemux86@ ~/build/oe-core $ svn co
JaMaA    edb/COPYING-PLAIN18:30
JaMaA    edb/Makefile.am18:30
JaMaOE qemux86@ ~/build/oe-core $ tmp-eglibc/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/svn co
JaMasvn: E170000: Unrecognized URL scheme for ''18:30
JaMalast commit is from you and says that neon support was dropped18:32
JaMathere is no serf recipe and neon is still in DEPENDS :/18:36
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RPJaMa: I was thinking in target context when I thought that wasn't much of an issue. I'll get that sorted, sorry19:11
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seebsSo, I'm messing with tunings, and I want to do a thing where I have two tunings which are self-contained and can be used, or can use both with one being a multilib. Rather than having a single tuning file which always defines both.19:33
seebsThis does not quite work; most noticably, even apart from warnings about double-including x86/, TUNE_ARCH ends up set wrong.19:33
seebsWhat I sort of want here is an idempotent include.19:33
*** dmiller_ <dmiller_!> has quit IRC19:36
seebsI think the default assumption has been that you would have a single base tuning file for a chip which would define all of its available tunings, and thus that file is the only one that includes the arch file.19:37
seebsFor the prebuilt binary toolchain case, it sort of makes sense to have a tuning file per prebuilt library set, but then you could end up with, say, one for i586, one for i686, and one for x86-64.19:38
fraythe original assumption was there was an 'arch' file that setup the basic architecture parameters.. but there could be multiple tune files that setup specific core properties..19:38
seebsBut then if those are to work individually, you end up wanting to include more than one tune file, each of which includes the arch file, and then you have double-includes.19:38
frayI think there is a bug in the ia32 arch that the TUNE_ARCH is added over and over for each include.. but I'm not sure how to fix it19:38
seebsThat wouldn't be too bad, you could just add TUNE_ARCH = "" to the top...19:39
seebsBut you'd still get the warnings about duplicate inclusion.19:39
frayya, I think that is a different issue.. but perhaps not..19:39
frayI don't know if RP or anyone else familiar with that part of bitbake can comment19:39
seebsWell, the duplicate inclusion is what causes the .= assignments to result in two copies of the arch being prepended to something.19:40
frayif there was a way to say "include this, if it hasn't already previously been included" that would work for me19:40
*** vquicksilver <vquicksilver!> has joined #yocto19:40
*** vquicksilver <vquicksilver!~wolf@gentoo/contributor/vquicksilver> has joined #yocto19:40
JaMaRP: I think that even on target people need https?:// support19:40
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ecdheI just met a sales guy for a company that sells custom tablets based on bay-trail.  He hadn't heard of yocto but said he'd pass the tip on to their engineers.20:05
ecdheWhat's a good link for getting started with yocto as an OEM?20:05
otavioecdhe: this is a hard question20:06
ecdheI mean, the homepage...20:07
ecdhebut any other advice?20:07
otavioecdhe: the YP is very nice for them but the documentation would be the same for them and all other people20:07
otavioecdhe: depends if they want a fast overview or in depth doc20:07
ecdheIt took me a couple of weeks to figure out the difference between yocto, poky, openembedded, bsps, etc...20:07
frayecdhe depends on what they want to do and what processors it's based on..20:08
otavioecdhe: for in depth, the Documentation is the right place20:08
frayin the case of bay-trail, it's Intel.. if they want "Linux" (not android) then this YP is certainly a possibility..20:08
otavioecdhe: for fast, check
frayI know Intel has a sales and marketing channel for Android, Yocto Project and other things20:08
fraybut the place to likely start is just yoctoproject.org20:08
ecdheAs a potential purchaser of hardware, we want this OEM to furnish a basic booting distro that we can then modify.20:09
*** vquicksilver <vquicksilver!~wolf@gentoo/contributor/vquicksilver> has quit IRC20:09
ecdheThat probably means a bsp layer.20:09
frayyup..  there is (was?) an Intel baytrail BSP at one point20:09
frayI'm not seeing it in meta-intel right now..  (I don't remember how new/old the baytrail is)20:10
fraymeta-intel layer: รถ
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RPJaMa: completely agreed on the http business, don't know what I was thinking :/20:31
RPJaMa: I just about have serf  building20:32
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has quit IRC20:35
RPJaMa: and preceding patch should fix20:38
* RP notes missing patch headers before sgw_ reminds me20:38
RPJaMa: my fetch errors seem resolve now btw, thanks if that was something you tweaked :)20:45
JaMaRP: the fetch errors were caused by svn-native :)20:57
JaMaRP: the old svn repo seems still running20:57
seebsSanity check: Does anyone think it would likely break anything if "require" were idempotent?21:00
seebsQuick testing hasn't revealed any obvious disasters from it, anyway.21:00
RPJaMa: proves serf is working I guess :)21:04
RPseebs: classes already are with inherit iirc21:04
seebsClasses are, yes. Requires aren't.21:05
RPseebs:  didn't we make multiple requires a fatal error?21:05
seebse.g., "require conf/machine/include/ia32/"21:05
seebsThey are currently a non-fatal error.21:05
seebsWhat this comes out of in my case is having a set of self-contained tuning files which correspond to specific prebuilt binary multilibs.21:05
RPseebs: personally, I think multiple includes/requires should be just an error21:06
RPi.e. don't do that21:06
seebsWell, that's the other option, but I've spent a while trying to find a way around it and come up with nothing viable.21:06
frayRP, the issue is multilib tune files..21:06
seebsWhat I ideally want is: (1) the ability to have several tuning files which you can use individually for something (2) a way to have a thing use two of those tunes.21:06
seebsEach tuning file has to include or it can't be used on its own.21:07
frayeach tune file includes the general arch tuning.. I'm not sure how to structure it differently21:07
seebsIf you have two tunes, you then include twice. Which breaks things, although in a fixable way, but produces a warning.21:07
RPif it silently "works", it means the user isn't getting what they expected wrt ordering in one case21:08
RPinclude order is sadly important21:08
seebsIn this particular case, the ordering doesn't matter.21:08
seebsAt least, I'm pretty sure it doesn't; I think you can include it before any of the tunes or after any of them or between them, and nothing changes. As long as it's only picked up once.21:08
RPseebs: "particular case"21:08
seebsHmm. Alternatively, maybe have a thing other than include/require for "require-if-not-yet-required".21:09
seebsBecause without it, I can't see any way to have things which can be used *either* separately or together.21:09
frayya, somehow this arch tune needs to be included (once).. no matter how many 'tunes' for an arch are needed..21:10
seebsI think right now it may turn out that the only option is to have a single that covers all of the related tunes that could conceptually be in use at once on a given chip.21:11
RPthat is effectively how the tune pieces were structured21:11
frayproblem is that could require larger config files and break some existign BSPs21:12
RPI don't have a good answer but changing the way that operator works is not a good idea from my perspective, we put that warning in after real world bugs21:12
*** cneth <cneth!c617050a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC21:13
RPI'm also less than keen on another new operator21:13
frayI think a reasonable example of the problem would be wanring 'i586' 32-bit binaries, but wanting core2 64-bit21:13
frayor core2 32-bit, and corei7 64-bit21:13
seebs... That is in fact exactly the one that bit me.21:13
fraya bit unusual, but it should work..21:13
fraysecond you include both it breaks21:13
fraythe only alternative I see is to put in a key to the 'arch' include, if the key is already set we avoid the require21:14
fraybut I'm not sure if that is a good idea, and if it is exactly how to do that21:14
seebsWell, hmm. The way the oe-core core2 tuning works is that it pulls in
*** jackmitchell <jackmitchell!> has quit IRC21:15
seebsWe can't quite do that in ours, because we have (yay historical reasons) both and
seebsAnd they each have to work okay when taken on their own...21:15
RPseebs: but can't i686 include i586?21:15
RPthe idea was all tunes on a given chip are available21:15
seebs*pondering* So the idea would be, core2 includes i686 which includes i586.21:16
RPseebs: that is the way oe-core does things like this (see the arm mess)21:16
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has quit IRC21:16
seebsThis is complicated significantly by a binary multilib compiler which drastically narrows the field of meaningfully-available tunings.21:16
RPseebs: you can unset variables? :)21:17
seebsSo what we need is a complete ordering of the available tunes, such that you can always pick the most-inclusive tune file, which includes one of the others, which includes one of the otehrs, and so on.21:17
seebsWell, we don't care that much about extra things in the available tunes list, because we have whitelisting to eat those.21:18
*** jackmitchell <jackmitchell!> has joined #yocto21:18
seebs*pondering* I'm not entirely sure it's reliably possible to develop a proper ordering for tunes that always lets you have the meaningful tunes available, but I'm also not sure it's *not* possible.21:19
frayRP I thought there was a way previously to optional require/include something using variable syntax..21:20
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC21:20
frayis there an example of the format?  The sutff I've tried so far usually results in an error of missing (blank) or missing '' or ""21:20
frayso I'm obviously doing something wrong21:20
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-nvzmahfvxfllmexi> has joined #yocto21:22
frayahh it's 'inherit' that permits blanks..21:26
fraywould it be reasonable to extend that to require/include to permit blanks?21:26
RPfray: possibly I guess21:26
fraythen we could do a dynamic include, if it's already been run then avoid it21:27
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JaMaRP: sgw will remind you about few missing SOB lines e.g. in serf norpath.path22:49
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