Monday, 2014-07-21

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bluelightningmorning all07:25
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mckoangood morning07:35
LetoThe2ndmood groaning07:46
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: heh07:47
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otavioIt seems 'shadow' is broken.12:14
otavioframebuffer fsl-image-machine-test@imx28evk (1/5) | .../build-framebuffer/tmp/work/armv5te-poky-linux-gnueabi/shadow/4.2.1-r0/shadow-4.2.1/libmisc/copydir.c:53:24: fatal error: acl/libacl.h: No such file or directory12:14
kroonotavio, there is a fix in master-next I believe12:17
otaviokroon: oh let me check12:17
otaviokroon: indeed!12:18
otavioRP: 'shadow: Add PACKAGECONFIG for acl/attr' seems to address this one. Is it possible to cherry-pick it into master?12:19
otaviokroon: thx12:19
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RPotavio: the aim is to get it there, yes12:43
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ant_workRP: bluelightning: are you aware of text relocation in libgcrypt?12:59
ant_workSeems pretty old warning I get on every build12:59
bluelightningant_work: not specifically no12:59
ant_workI get it building armv5te and armv413:00
ant_workseen yesterday after git pull13:00
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ant_workseems upstream issue13:01
bluelightninghmm, not a lot we can do then unless we send them a fix13:02
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ant_workit's strange if you don't get the QA13:08
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bluelightningant_work: I've not done an arm build recently... it would be worth checking the autobuilder logs13:10
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TobSnyderis there a bitbakte command to just rebuild device tree files of linux kernel?13:28
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lackSHi everybody!13:33
bluelightninghi lackS13:34
lackSI've got a short question concerning image building, openembedded and bitbake; one of my recipes constantly fails to rebuild. Am I right here to ask for help?13:34
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bluelightninglackS: yes, please ask the question13:40
bluelightningor rather, outline the problem13:42
lackSI'm trying to build an Image for a Tegra T30 CPU (Toradex Colibri T30), starting with Toradex' example scripts, which work fine. Now I'm trying to adapt their files to my needs; basically, I just added some packages to IMAGE_INSTALL. Some packages (e.g. systemd, wpa-supplicant) fail to build since then.13:45
lackSMost problems seem to be related to tries to re-apply already-applied patches.13:45
lackSMy first approach was a complete rebuild of these packages, e.g. executing "bitbake -c cleanall systemd"; this, unfortunately, does not seem to work.13:46
lackSAm I doing something wrong here, or should I execute something else to trigger a complete re-processing of a certain recipe (including download, patching and everything)?13:46
bluelightningcleanall will do that; if that's not working, something is wrong...13:47
lackSIs there a possibility to do a full project build reset; keep the toolchain, but re-do everything which is supposed to run on target architecture?13:49
bluelightningI can't see how that will help; from what you're telling me you're rebuilding a recipe effectively from scratch and that's failing; it follows then that if you deleted everything and started from the beginning it would still fail13:50
bluelightningif it's about applying patches, at least13:51
lackSI took the (working) meta-toradex folder, copied it over to meta-mine, renamed the needed image recipe and try to build it13:51
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lackSDoes that match your "rebuilding a recipe effectively from scratch"?13:52
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bluelightninglackS: hmm... if meta-toradex adds patches to those recipes and you've just made a copy of that entire layer and added it again, that would explain why it's trying to apply patches twice...13:53
lackSOh, good point. So, removing the meta-toradex folder from the layer would probably fix this, right?13:53
bluelightninglackS: yes, but that's not typically how the system is meant to be used - the ideal usage is to add a layer bbappending / replacing / adding just the bits you need rather than copying and modifying the entire layer13:54
lackSSeems logic as well :-)13:55
bluelightningthat way you avoid a load of rebasing when it comes time to upgrade13:55
lackSGood to hear this -- thanks, didn't think of that yet.13:56
lackSI'll remove my folder and will try to build a bbappend version instead; this seems to be more reasonable right now, since their working image will just be extended and not stripped as far as I can see right now.13:56
bluelightningalthough, when customising image recipes I'd say just copy and modify those individually; they tend not to contain anything special other than the list of packages which you usually want to completely customise13:58
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lackSOk, copied over the image recipe and wrote a special inc file to suit my additional needs.14:02
lackS(which gets required into the new image recipe)14:02
lackSBy the way, if I want to add a new recipe into an image; is adding it to IMAGE_INSTALL the correct way to include it?14:03
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bluelightningtechnically speaking you add packages to the image (where packages are produced from the recipe)14:04
bluelightningrecipes almost always produce more than one package (since there are usually headers, debug symbols, documentation etc. which get packaged separately from the main package)14:05
bluelightningtypically the main package for a recipe has the same name as the recipe, though not always14:05
lackSAnd how do I specifially include a certain package into an image?14:06
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bluelightningright, I forgot to confirm - yes you use IMAGE_INSTALL to do that14:09
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lackSCool, thanks again :-)14:10
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lackSbluelightning: Thanks again for your help. The image built as expected :-))14:41
bluelightninggreat :)14:42
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wotteHi folks - Does anyone know what the minimum kernel version required to use an SDK generated by Yocto 1.6?  Context:  I've generated an SDK on a machine running Ubuntu 14.04; one of my users has tried to use it on CentOS 6.5 (running 2.6.32) and the packaged tunctl fails with 'FATAL: kernel too old'16:33
khemwotte: I dont think there is definitive answer, since there will be apps which will detect host kernel verison and configure themselves, thats why you use oldest supported distros to generate SDKs16:36
wottekhem: Thanks.  Is there a recommended distribution/version to use for widest compatibility?16:37
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ant_workkhem: hi16:39
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khemant_work: hello16:41
khemwotte: look at the compatible distro list in 1.6 and then use one which is having oldest kernel16:42
khemusually it is one of Centos16:42
wottekhem:  Thanks very much for your help16:42
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ant_workkhem: about *libc, seen the uclibc-ng desperate fork?16:42
ant_workkhem: time to put efforts on musl?16:43
khemant_work: havent been peeking at the issues a lot16:45
khemdoing other stuff of late getting upto speed again16:46
ant_worktbh I didn't test uclibc rootfs lately, the size was comparable to eglibc so there was no point16:46
khemant_work: its still relevant for Nommu systems16:47
ant_workoh, right16:47
khembut OE doesnt support that config (uclinux)16:47
ant_workI still use klibc for some specific cases, maybe musl-static will replace that one day16:49
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khemant_work: yes thats possible although musl size is not as compact as klibc16:49
ant_workklibc got a new release few days ago fwiw, is acttive nowadays16:50
ant_workI have to update it16:50
khemthats cool16:50
ant_workbut I think we still lack proper naming/handling for static binaries in OE16:51
khemhmm, probably a name alternative would be good I dont know16:51
khemthen symlinked to ls16:52
ant_workatm klibc.bbclass adds a -klibc suffix16:52
ant_workfor BBCLASSEXTEND'ed recipes16:52
khemthats probably OK we have two properties static'ness is not concerned with which libc is in play16:53
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ant_workthe naming issue is apparent while packaging klibc-utils-foo and klibc-utils-foo-static under /tmp-eglibc  ;)16:54
ant_workI can live with it but surely one standardization would be advisable16:56
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kergothhmm, there are a number of path mismatches in pseudo.logs even in a pure upstream core-image-base, wonder why. /me switches from external to internal toolchain for comparison18:13
kergothoh, no, that was internal, okay18:13
fraykergoth -- just from experience, I usually see this when there is some binary that isn't running under pseudo control during the install step..18:21
frayi.e. a 32-bit binary and there is no 32-bit pseudo wrapper...18:21
kergothyeah, thats been my experience as well, but this is a completely stock poky master build not even using an external toolchain18:23
kergothits worrisome that any are occurring in this configuration18:23
* kergoth hasn't had time to investigate more closely, but wanted to confirm that the errors he' seeing in the mel builds aren't any worse than the stock poky builds :)18:24
fraythat shouldn't occur then.. :(  not unless something is manually running w/ pseudo disabled..18:24
fray(or there is a bug.. but we don't have any bugs)  ;)18:24
* kergoth adds to todo to dig into at some future date18:25
frayyup.. the ever growing list.. :(18:25
kergothI can't help but wonder if we shouldn't set up some sort of checks via examining pseudo.log files, either to the metadata as a sanity test or even to automated builds at that level, to keep an eye on these showing up. they hide in the pseudo.log files, easy to miss18:27
* kergoth shrugs18:27
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kergothgod from scratch builds are painful, like pulling teeth waiting on those18:33
frayI strongly recommend a dual 12 Core Xeon w/ 8+ GB of ram.. ;)18:34
frayI have this 'target board', which is a builder until needed as a target..18:34
frayI can do sato in about 25 minutes.. ;)18:34
fray(and this thing has "slow" discs)18:35
frayIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697 v2 @ 2.70GHz  * 2 w/ HT enabled.. for '48' [virtual] cores18:35
fray64 GB of ram..18:36
frayit occasionally runs out of memory if I'm doing a multilib build and both sets of toolchain sources build at the same time.. :P18:36
fray(I dropped the -j from 48 to 24 to compensate)18:36
fray'buildstats' also fails on it at times.. and I have no idea why.. turn that off and it's nice and 'fast'18:37
fray[and did I mention the machine is so loud that it sounds like it's going to take off?... which is why it's in the machine room]  ;)18:37
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kergothOne downside to full time telecommute, I don't *want* a machine/server room, so don't have a beastly local build box at all anymore. I should set up a slightly slow one just to run overnight builds to prepopulate an sstate mirror18:41
kergoth$ find build/tmp/work -size +0 -name pseudo.log -print0 | xargs -0 grep -nv /shm/ | cut -d: -f2- | sort -u | wc -l18:44
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cubicoolSo, I have defined a new minimal cortexa15-based BSP. However, in my deploy directory, I have 2 directories:19:13
cubicooltmp/deploy/rpm/${MY_ARCH{ and tmp/deploy/rpm/${CC_ARCH}19:13
cubicoolWhere CC_ARCH is something like: cortexa15hf_vfp_neon19:13
cubicoolWhy isn't everything going under the name of my new arch?19:14
cubicool(I know my terminology is probably wrong...)19:14
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kergothnot all recipes emit binaries which are machine specific. more commonly they'd work fine on any machine using the same tuning19:22
kergothso there's no need for them to go in a machine specific area19:22
cubicoolAh, so this is intentional and not a bug in my BSP..19:23
khemwhat is $MY_ARCH19:33
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khempackages appear primarily in all-*-* - common across all machines then <arch>-*-*  common across machine architecture and <machine>-*-* which is tragetted for that given machine platform ( e.g. beaglebone ) etc.19:35
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pidgefray: do you have a bug on the buildstats failure?19:35
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fraypidge, not sure if you are still here.. but I just saw your message22:11
fraythe buildstat issue is that it's trying to open /proc/<something> and that fails, causing the rest of the system to fail.. at first we thought maybe it was memory or out of FDs.. but when it fails the FDs are less then 10k in use..22:11
frayso we're really not sure why it fails, other then it does..22:11
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #173 of nightly-fsl-ppc is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #176 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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