Tuesday, 2014-07-22

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moto-timoignore that01:57
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moto-timoanybody know the impact of ffmpeg 2.3 release vs. libav?02:33
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #178 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-multilib/builds/17806:10
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mckoangood morning08:11
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bluelightningmorning all08:35
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embedHi yocto..09:45
embedI am trying to compile mplayer but it's showing error as mentioned in the weblink how to rectify this.               http://pastebin.com/HfPRDHwb09:47
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JaMaembed: what version of metadata?09:51
JaMax264 was moved from meta-oe to oe-core in dora, so I guess it's something rather old and download issues are kind of expected if you don't have good premirror09:53
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embedJaMa: please check ths web link http://pastebin.com/XnE8Yq3a09:58
JaMaembed: you need something like http://bpaste.net/show/487545/10:00
JaMaif you don't want to change version you need to find corresponding SRCREV to what was used in dylan10:01
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lackSHi everybody11:32
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lackSI've got a short question concerning patches; I've added a patch to a recipe that worked before, and now it fails with the error "can't find file to patch". Patch depth is 1, which is the default as I got from the documentation. I've got no idea what's wrong here. Anybody able to help me?11:36
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lackSIs there a certain format that patches have to have? I created my patch with "diff -Nurp"11:36
embedHi  while compiling mplayer  i am getting pastebin error hoe to rectify this error. http://pastebin.com/6r4L0KY711:37
sm_hi, is there any way to add application to an image that already built with yocto? I mean I want to install new app. in my built image...11:38
lackSembed: Do you have libav installed? Errors seem to be related: "Checking for Libav (libavutil > 51.21.0:libavcodec >= 54.25.0:libavformat > 53.20.0:libswscale >= 2.0.0:libavresample >= 1.0.0) ... | Error: Unable to find development files for some of the required Libav libraries above. Aborting."11:38
embedbefore compiling mplayer libav has compiled..11:39
lackSsm_: Is there already a recipe for your package?11:39
JaMaembed: which libav version 8 or 9?11:39
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JaMamplayer2 in meta-oe depends on libav-9 now11:39
JaMaI don't know about meta-beagleboard/common-bsp/recipes-sdk/mplayer/mplayer2_git.bb11:40
sm_actually I want to know both cases, with & without recipe...11:41
sm_lackS: actually I want to know both cases, with & without recipe...11:42
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embedlibav version is libav-0.8.4+gitAUTOINC+2c8ce46250ff78191fe6565876ddc4bc03fdf519-r8.0 do_package_setscene11:42
lackSsm_: With recipe, it's easy: Add the name of the package to IMAGE_INSTALL variable located in the recipe for your image11:42
lackSe.g. IMAGE_INSTALL += "vim"11:43
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lackSYou could also create an xy-extra.inc file, which holds your customizations, and include this into the recipe of your image11:43
tmpsantosI'm having issues building a custom package11:44
tmpsantosis there a way I can run bitbake and get a sort for chroot11:44
sm_lackS: I know IMAGE_INSTALL variable, I mean after building an image and its fileSystem... not before Its building.11:44
tmpsantoswhere I can try to run the build steps manually and debug?11:45
tmpsantossort of*11:45
kroontmpsantos, bitbake -c devshell <recipe>11:45
tmpsantoskroon: \o/ perfect11:46
lackSsm_: You can simply execute bitbake -k <image_name> again and it will build a new image -- but only if you still own the working tree.11:49
sm_lackS: I mean modify built image! I don't want to build new image.11:52
lackSThis will be the very same image as it was before, plus your added package. BitBake does not recreate everything on every run. Indeed, the -k option tells BitBake to continue as much as possible instead of re-doing things.11:53
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sm_i khow but by this way thw new image will be built11:55
sm_lackS: i mean is i possible to modify existing image and dont build new image that is located in /tmp/deploy/images directory11:56
sm_ lackS: i khow but by this way thw new image will be built11:57
lackSsm_: I'm sorry, I don't know whether this is possible :-/12:04
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sm_lackS: no prob. thanks. let me ask you another question if U know. do you know is  the file-system of an built  image read-only or not?12:06
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embedHi yocto..I enabled camera in kernel and /dev/video0 detected but am struggling with interfacing the camera.12:11
embedi enabled v4l2-utils..12:12
embedany one can help how to access v4l2 commands..12:13
embedplease any one can help me to shot out this issue.12:28
lackSsm_: Sorry, can't really answer that either. I bet it's a question of configuration.12:35
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maxinHi, with latest poky , I am getting this error in core-image-minimal for qemumips : /etc/rcS.d/S55bootmisc.sh: line 73: syntax error: bad substitution ( caused by commit id: 00017b4dd895afff9ff613d511cea373f13a96ea)14:27
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rburtonmaxin: file a bug please14:33
maxinrburton: ok.14:33
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kroonrburton, you have any comments on the gdkpixbuf issue I had ? I could leave it for now, still it would be nice to get this sorted out14:37
paulgseems sth. pulled from last week triggers this in a variant I have of build-appliance:14:39
paulgERROR: QA Issue: serf: Files/directories were installed but not shipped14:39
paulganyone seen that before I investigate further?14:39
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rburtonkroon: will be pondering that shortly14:41
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kroonrburton, great14:56
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volker-I set the following in a .bbappend file17:23
volker-somehow, it never makes it into the packagefile17:24
volker-what am I missing?17:25
bluelightningvolker-: what are you trying to do?17:25
volker-bluelightning: adjusting the package name of all files that are modified via bbappend17:26
volker-bluelightning: PV="${PV}-cvXXXX" doesn't work because it is reusing the PV variable in itself17:27
bluelightningvolker-: I don't think PF is used in the way you think it is17:27
bluelightningdid you perhaps try PV_append = ?17:28
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volker-nope, didn't try PV_append, didn't thought about it.17:31
bluelightningyou may find that does what you want17:31
volker-but the ref-manual states about PF "    Specifies the recipe or package name and includes all version and revision numbers"17:31
kergothP/PF are variables that reference PN/PV/PR/PE, for convenience only. plenty of spots in the metadata use PN/PV/PE/PR directly17:32
kergothso overriding the former wouldn't have any effect on the latter17:32
kergothoverride the components, not the vars that happen to reference them17:32
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volker-ok. My understanding was to use it in the recipe17:33
volker-will will try the PV_append later. First lunch, brb.17:33
kergothI'd suggest reading some recipes and appends17:34
kergothno one ever modifies P/PF :)17:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #177 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb/builds/17717:35
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paulgRP, heads up - found a QA issue/error in your recently added serf recipe -- bug 656718:03
yoctiBug https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6567 normal, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , recent addition of serf recipe causes QA issues and do_rootfs failure18:03
paulgone could argue that build-appliance doesn't need subversion ; my builders that are ubuntu based don't have it installed.18:06
paulg(as serf was added for subversion)18:07
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* paulg makes such an exclusion locally18:07
kergothHmm, is PACKAGE_EXCLUDE not supported by OpkgPM? Doesn't seem so18:10
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volker-PV_append does not work too great if you use PV when downloading the file (like ntp does)18:24
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volker-errr. my fault, should have used PR append, now it seems to work, mixed it up with PV.18:26
kergothif all you want is to alter packaging, you can alter the packaging variables, also18:26
kergothPKGV/PKGR, which default to PV/PR18:26
volker-kergoth: from my understanding they drop then the PR naming in the file18:27
kergothPR is generally dealt with automatically based on metadata changes now, yes18:27
volker-I think PR_append does the trick, just mistyped with with PV18:28
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Marexhello all20:27
*** kspr <kspr!~kasper@x1-6-20-aa-4b-6e-41-6e.cpe.webspeed.dk> has joined #yocto20:28
Marexis it correct assumption that if I want to implement a new image type via IMAGE_CMD_foo , which is also compressed and which depends on previously generated ext4 root filesystem, I need to use IMAGE_TYPEDEP_foo = "ext4" and IMAGE_TYPEDEP_foo.bz2 = "foo" ?20:29
Marexor is the compression part handled somehow differently ?20:29
ksprHello. How do I make bitbake treat QA issues as warnings for my layer? I tried adding WARN_QA += "my-recipe" to local.conf but no luck.20:29
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JaMakspr: INSANE_SKIP20:31
ksprJaMa, thank you very much. Do I need to do it in all recipes which has QA issues (installed but not shipped), or can I do it globaly?20:35
JaMakspr: it would be much better to fix it in the recipes20:35
JaMayou can remove it from WARN_QA globally20:36
ksprJaMa, I know, and will do, but I'm a bit in a hurry.. it is a lot of Perl recipes which is .. insane.20:36
JaMasomething like WARN_QA_remove = "installed-vs-shipped"20:36
ksprAlright, thank you very much :)20:37
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halsteadpidge, I'm here. Also at OSCON if you are.22:37
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pidgehalstead: nah, I'm at home today working. I'll be down there all day tomorrow and the next (had to do the libreoffice doesn't convert correctly to pptx shuffle today)22:40
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darknightehalstead: what's oscon like?  I've never been.23:33
halsteaddarknighte: it's fun. Chatting with friends and vendors.23:34
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