Friday, 2014-07-25

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khemfray: well thats a typical example of kernel needing more than C standards and more than ABI00:45
khemits not first time it would have happened, I wonder how a compiler other than gcc would get to compile kernel its a tall task00:45
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #180 of minnow-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #182 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #181 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #182 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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TuTizzMorning all, is anyone succeeded to ecryptfs a folder with an image of yocto? I always got the "rc = [-22]" error and don't know what to do next. For the moment I add ecryptfs to my kernel and tryied to add ecryptfs-utils from meta-ivi.08:06
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bluelightningmorning all08:39
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lpappdoes Yocto forbid all the ports by default with core-image-minimal? I do not seem to be able to get an open port for gdbserver...13:06
lpapptelnet seems to work, but gdb cannot connect to the established gdbserver on port 2345.13:08
rburtonno firewall by default13:09
lpappthen probably my gdbserver package is broken or something.13:12
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lpappI think the problem is that I was hoping for kindly ignoring this error message as gdbserver got installed:
lpappbut I do not see such a package in my Yocto generation?13:14
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lpappI am not sure what this busybox-ntp is and how to fix it just yet.13:28
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lpappConfiguring busybox-ntp.13:39
lpappupdate-rc.d: /etc/init.d/ntpd: file does not exist13:39
lpappwhy is it trying to do that I wonder?13:39
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blloydanyone know of any tools or have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot video issues under a yocto build?  I have hardware that works with an old linux distro with vga=314, but when I use that under yocto I get what looks 4 copies of the screen going accross and all of it fitting in top 1/4 of the screen going down.  It's like a refresh rate nightmare without X being involved.  :(14:24
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fray_sorry I don't.. but that almost sounds like a problem with the frame buffer driver(s)14:29
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blloydcould be: moving from a Linux 2.4 based distro to 3.4 is a bit of a nightmare.  (My predecessor chose an already EOL product for the first deployment.  :( )14:35
JaMafinally upgrading from gcc-2.95? :)14:37
blloydlpapp.  Look at your and bbappends for it.14:39
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blloydscary, huh, JaMa?  Actually, I've been using gcc 4.8 for a lot of work, but this one stupid device/application has been held hostage for way too long.  And the only thing that used gcc-2.95 on this was the custom hardware driver.14:41
lpappblloyd: did, but could not spot anything obvious, unfortunately.14:42
blloydgenerally it used a gcc 3.X compiler, which was bad enough.14:42
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blloydlpapp: anyways, the error you listed is the the ntp post installer script which ran close to the gdb post-installation script.  As long as the time is right on the box, it shouldn't cause gdb errors.  I don't think gdb uses the wall clock anyways, so probably doesn't affect your gdb problem at all.14:44
blloydand unless I missed a change, busybox-ntp is not available under an unmodified yocto setup.  I have a .bbappend myself to enable it (which I may be canning in favor of meta-oe's ntp package).14:45
lpappblloyd: the gdbserver seems to be broken14:51
lpappI am trying to send characters over telnet via that port, but it does not seem to reply. I wonder what else could break it.14:52
blloyddo you have ssh access to the device?14:52
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lpappblloyd: sure14:54
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RPJaMa: Can I merge the autotools patch now?15:20
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JaMaRP: m4 or foreign or both? But I think I'm fine with both now15:26
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RPJaMa: m4 is the one I'd like to get in next. I think we've fixed most of the issues, any remaining ones shouldn't be too bad. foreign can wait a bit longer if needed15:33
RPJaMa: great, I'm pleased things are starting to look a bit better :)15:33
RPJaMa: I pushed the insane change in as I'd like it on all the builds to start getting people to see the issues reported15:34
RPhopefully it will generate a wave of patches15:34
blloydRP: Uhg.  wasn't the insane stuff already insane enough?15:36
blloydlpapp: I suggest ssh in and check that gdb server is running.  It can't respond if it isn't running.  If it is, try a netstat and make sure the port you are hitting is shown in the list.15:37
RPblloyd: probably :)15:39
lpappblloyd: no-no, it is running15:40
lpappas I said, I can connect to it via telnet15:40
lpappit just does not talk back.15:41
JaMaRP: I agree with both m4 is definitely fine and insane_qa is good improvement15:41
lpappand btw, I started gdbserver manually, so it is not run automatically; that means it is running since I start manually in the foreground.15:41
JaMapeopele seem to react more to warnings in their own build, than some report sent to ML :)15:41
RPJaMa: yes, I'm hoping that will help :)15:42
MarexRP: thanks for reassigning the bug, sorry if I messed up the bugzilla submission15:44
RPMarex: you didn't, I'm just hoping Eric has some better idea than me15:45
MarexRP: thank you15:45
RPMarex: you can at least track it to a commit now15:45
MarexRP: the problem is that the toolchain CFLAGS changed between 1.2 and 1.3 , it's only since 1.3 that they contain -O2 and -g flags15:47
MarexRP: I will leave it to bugzilla now though, don't mean to pester you on IRC, just wanted to say thanks15:47
RPMarex: they've always had those flags15:47
RPMarex: I suspect in 1.3 we started passing extra flag options in that patch15:48
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MarexRP: ah yes, but I really have no clue how to fix it other than by filtering out the flags for OE_QMAKE_...15:50
RPMarex: that may in fact be the right solution15:51
MarexRP: I'm not sure if that really scales15:51
RPMarex: well, there are some specific flags causing problems, lets filter those and see where we are?15:51
MarexRP: once CFLAGS change again, the filter would have to be adjusted, so such solution would need some real thinking through first15:52
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MarexRP: you might be right actually15:52
RPMarex: I'm guessing there are a small number of flags qmake wants to control itself15:52
MarexRP: yeah, seems that way15:52
MarexRP: you do have a point actually15:52
Marexah !15:53
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MarexRP: I will try cooking this solution to see where this gets me, thank you !15:54
MarexRP: I will update bugzilla with a patch if it looks good15:54
lpapprburton: what was the option again not to accumulate 100 GB build stuff, just keep the latest? It was some rm/remove keyword, but I just cannot find it anymore.15:54
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rburtonrm_old_work or something like that15:55
rburtonits in meta-oe iirc15:55
lpappah, rm_work15:55
rburtonor use rm_work to just clean away work dirs entirely15:55
RPMarex: please do put a summary of the discussion on the bug regardless but sounds good15:55
RPMarex: saves someone like eric duplicating anything15:55
lpapprburton: yeah, thanks.15:56
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MarexRP: argh ... no, this cannot help, the QMAKE is picking CFLAGS themselves too15:58
MarexRP: I dont have yocto 1.2 build here, but i have eldk 5.2.1 available (based on poky, no modifications to the toolchain stuff)15:59
MarexRP: this is what we have in the CFLAGS there16:00
Marexexport CFLAGS=" -march=armv5te  -marm -mthumb-interwork  -mtune=arm926ej-s --sysroot=/opt/eldk-5.2.1/armv5te/sysroots/armv5te-linux-gnueabi"16:00
Marexno -O* flags and no -g flags16:00
Marexso the qmake does not pick up anything like that into the builds16:00
MarexRP: for yocto 1.316:00
Marexexport CFLAGS=" -O2 -pipe -g -feliminate-unused-debug-types"16:01
TobSnyderis it possible to have an image that inherit core-image in one layer and create another image in another layer that is based on the first one?16:01
MarexI will have to sum this discussion up in a bit more coherent manner16:01
RPMarex: hmm, I see :/16:02
MarexRP: that's why "unset ..." worked16:02
RPMarex: most of that moved to CC instead of CFLAGS16:02
MarexRP: the solution might be to see if qmake is not mistakenly using CFLAGS instead of OE_QMAKE_CFLAGS (?)16:03
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MarexRP: if qmake was using the later, then we could just fixup the later in the toolchain setup script and be done with it16:03
MarexRP: if the former, then we have a problem16:03
RPMarex: possibly. or that the qte script shouldn't be exporting CFLAGS at all16:03
MarexRP: the thing that's exporting CFLAGS is actually generic for all SDK toolchains16:04
MarexRP: special-casing the qte one is not a way to go I think16:04
Marexbut then, I am no longer confident in my knowledge of this stuff, so it's better to see what Eric can come up with16:04
RPMarex: the qte one could just unset it16:04
RPwith a comment explaining why16:05
MarexRP: or filter it out16:05
*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has joined #yocto16:05
RPMarex: yes, or filter16:05
MarexRP: there's no need to unset everything, only the offenders16:05
MarexRP: thanks, it's good talking such things through with someone else :)16:05
RPMarex: is there anything left that is useful in there? I suspect qmake would set -pipe16:05
Marexthere is something in LDFLAGS actually16:06
RPMarex: LDFLAGS != CFLAGS :)16:06
Marex-Wl,--hash-style=gnu and such16:06
MarexRP: ah yes, sorry .16:06
MarexRP: LDFLAGS would need filtering too, since they contain -Wl,-O116:07
Marexso it's CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS which would need filtering I think16:07
RPMarex: sounds about right16:08
MarexRP: I will be off for a bit now, will get back to it shortly (today)16:08
Marexthanks !16:09
RPMarex: np16:09
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cubicoolHello everyone! I'm having trouble finding a way to install systemd into a core-image-x11 derived image of mine.16:15
cubicoolI see, but bitbake doesn't recognize that as a valid target.16:15
rburton_213 is the version, the packages will be called systemd etc16:16
rburtonbut see the manual for how to switch to systemd16:16
kergothrburton: fyi, looks like rm_old_work currently lives in meta-shr (didn't remember seeing it in meta-oe so double checked)16:17
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cubicoolrburton: Thanks, is there a guide somewhere?16:20
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cubicoolI see that it has to be enabled via a variable called DISTRO_FEATURES, but I don't think simply defining it is the right way (inmy image .bb file).16:21
rburtonthe yocto documentation is broad, at least read the table of contents so the major manuals so you're aware of what is covered16:22
cubicoolThanks, rburton.16:23
cubicoolI have the bitbake, yocto, and yocto dev guides open, but my search terms were weak apparently.16:24
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blloydok, does anyone have any good reading for KMS and yocto?  The samples for syslinux setup use a video=vesafb vga=XYZ syntax, which from my current reading means pre-KMS setup.17:11
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RPrm_old_work should move into the core and be considered as a default17:17
bluelightningI did suggest that a while ago, IIRC I didn't get much of an enthusiastic response17:18
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #180 of poky-tiny is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergothWhat I dislike about it today is the way its implemented means your checksums will all shift if you inherit it vs not inheriting it due to changing the task graph. but that wouldnt' be an issue if it was always included :)17:18
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bluelightningand surely we could fix that if needed...17:19
cubicoolDo you guys know of anyone using Yocto with this:
cubicoolBecause I am currently, and I'd like to submit my layers eventually.17:21
kergothof course, yeah. i'd love to see rm_old_work go in on general principle, though personally i don't keep my tmpdirs around long enough for it to do much :)17:21
cubicoolIt actually works like a charm. I'm trying to get systemd working now, but that will require me making my own custom distro apparently, which looks fun (and not comlicated).17:22
*** staylor <staylor!> has joined #yocto17:22
bluelightninghey otavio17:27
otavioI have a customer which is updating their SDK from 1.5 to 1.617:27
bluelightningotavio: btw I have your & Daiane's book sitting in front of me, congrats!17:27
otavioThey found that calling the gcc byhand in 1.5 (not using $CC) works, while 1.6 fails.17:28
otaviobluelightning: oh man17:28
otaviobluelightning: I hope we did not so badly hehe17:28
bluelightningotavio: looks pretty good to me so far17:28
*** LCyrin_ <LCyrin_!~lynn@> has joined #yocto17:28
bluelightningre gcc in the SDK, I'm sure I remember that being discussed not that long ago17:28
bluelightningI think the conclusion is that we expect it to be called via $CC17:29
otavioThey found that calling the gcc byhand in 1.5 (not using $CC) works, while 1.6 fails. In case, with gcc 4.8.1 it does not need the sysroot param and finds out it fine17:29
bluelightningRP: is that correct?17:29
otaviobluelightning: isn't this a regression?17:29
RPotavio: no, its not. gcc *needs* that sysroot to be specified17:30
*** d_s_e <d_s_e!> has quit IRC17:30
RPotavio: there is a default hardcoded into gcc, its luck whether you match or not17:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #183 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
otavioRP: and why it used to work? (I am not complaining, but asking)17:30
otavioRP: I see17:31
RPotavio: probably they didn't relocate that one17:31
* RP has been thinking of making the default "broken" to force the issue17:31
otavioRP: I fully support17:31
otavioRP: as /this/is/a/invalid/path/for/sysroot17:32
RPotavio: right17:32
*** LCyrin <LCyrin!~LCyrin@2607:fb90:40a:16a4:d813:7b34:bb77:d564> has joined #yocto17:32
RPotavio: in theory if we set that in the bintuils/gcc recipes we should be good17:32
*** LCyrin_ <LCyrin_!~lynn@> has quit IRC17:32
RPin fact we should probably patch gcc to find that from the environment in the SDK to make things easier17:34
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto17:34
lpappwhere can I find this dependency? gdbserver: unsatisfied recommendation for glibc-thread-db17:34
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has quit IRC17:34
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #186 of build-appliance is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1] Build details are at
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has joined #yocto17:35
otavioRP: yes; this would be good17:35
otavioRP: as it'd allow broken makefiles which reset gcc to work17:35
RPotavio: "work". You'd lose the other flags17:36
otavioRP: yes17:36
otavioRP: it "work"; to be sincere I am unsure we ought to "work" or fail and force a proper fix17:36
fray_I've just been fighting with a customer about this myself..  they claim "but it works!".  I finally had to show them about a dozen cases where it didn't for them to start using '$CC' like they should17:36
fray_in this case I'd rather a 'fail' then a 'maybe works'17:37
* RP would prefer "fail"17:37
otaviofray_: yes; it does makes sense as it may end misbehaving due missing flags or causing different results17:37
RPthat is probably why we've never gone the environment route17:38
RPin contrast to what I said earlier, setting the sysroot from the environment is probably a bad idea17:40
fray_I make use of the sysroot parameter in the environment, but if the toolchain could automatically select it based on the CFLAGS, that would be very useful17:40
*** dompe <dompe!0fc3c959@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:42
dompehi, quick question17:42
dompeI need to make a recipe that should depend on the image recipe being build17:43
dompewhat variables should I use to get the location of the image from the deploy dir?17:43
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has quit IRC17:45
cubicoolIs it still possible to get GPE with Yocto?17:47
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has quit IRC17:47
cubicoolI have a client from back in 2007...17:47
*** dompe <dompe!0fc3c959@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto17:47
RPcubicool: meta-gpe still exists in meta-oe but it isn't particularly actively maintained17:47
bluelightningcubicool: someone would need to migrate the recipes from OE-Classic17:48
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC17:48
cubicoolCool, thanks. :)17:50
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-gxsczatlgbstxwgy> has quit IRC17:52
lpappso I have this: ./tmp/work/armv5te-foo-linux-gnueabi/eglibc/2.17-r3/packages-split/eglibc-thread-db17:57
blloydlpapp: I suggest $TCLIBC-dbg as a dependency.17:57
lpappbut why cannot I see it in ./tmp/deploy/ipkg somewhere?17:57
lpappwhy is no package created?17:58
blloydgdb depends on thread db DEBUGGING symbols being available.17:58
lpappblloyd: it is not my recipe; it is the standard gdb in meta.17:58
lpappI am just trying to install the gdbserver from it without modification; I oughta be able to do so with core-image-minimal, right?17:58
lpapp(after building the gdb recipe myself afterwards)17:59
blloydjust add $TCLIBC-dbg to your image and see what happens.  :)17:59
lpappI do not follow; why is gdb not working out-of-the-box in Yocto's meta layer?17:59
blloydI suggest you rebuild your image, and use EXTRA_INCLUDE += "$TCLIBC-dbg gdb-server" in your local.conf to get the extra programs you want.18:00
lpappare you claiming it may be a bug or it is the intended way that everyone adds such things to images?18:00
lpappI do not have "my image"; I use core-image-minimal. ;)18:00
lpappwhich is an upstream image in Yocto.18:00
fray_In -most- cases, you would be using cross-gdb..  so you don't wnat debug symbols on the target..18:00
fray_if you are trying to debug on the target, then you will want to install at a minimu the target gdb and target libc debug symbols..18:01
lpappthat would be quite big which we cannot afford; however, we can afford gdbserver.18:01
fray_in order ot debug something with threading you need both the and some ofthe other glibc dbg symbols..18:01
blloydfray_: there is one set of symbols that gdb must have to function.  In fact, the kernel needs them too to form a valid multi-threaded core dump....18:01
fray_gdbserver doesn't need -anything- extra on the target to work18:01
fray_blloyd, I'm not aware of any.. but perhaps something has changed?18:02
lpappwell, it gives a warning, but anyway, my gdbserver seems to be broken.18:02
fray_I've always dropped gdbserver onto the target.. and then used the -dbg packages to construct a local sysroot that I can debug18:02
lpappI cannot talk to it the way that it would talk back.18:02
lpappnot even from telnet, let alone the host arm gdb.18:02
blloyddone much with multi-threaded apps?  That's the only time the problem I am discussing comes into play?18:03
fray_I do my remote debugging w/ gdbserver via the network.. so as long as the network is up.. and the host and target don't haev firewall rules preventing it.. it's worked.. but the last time I did any serious debugging was YP 1.5 based18:03
fray_I haven't needed to do so in 1.6 or master18:03
lpappAll I get is "Connected timed out".18:03
lpappgdbserver /usr/bin/foo18:04
lpappProcess /usr/bin/auth created; pid = 2371018:04
lpappListening on port 234518:04
blloydok, I haven't used gdb-server a lot, so it might avoid the issue (perhaps getting what it needs from the remote debugger?), but the information gdb needs for threading is stripped from the pthread library.18:05
blloydand that looks like you have gdb-server on your box already to be that far.18:05
lpappyes, I have, and I can connect to it with telnet18:06
lpappbut if I type +?3F in telnet, I do not see anything coming back from the server.18:06
lpappwhich makes me think the gdbserver is broken.18:07
lpapp(have no clue how to unbreak it :( )18:07
kergothhuh, apparently flex requires flex-native to build its ptest bits, so it can run flex itself.18:16
* kergoth adds to todo18:16
cubicoolYou know, this is just a side note, but the rampant incompetence of many engineering teams (with vast funds and influence) is so frustrating here in Atlanta it makes me very much want to turn to the dark side.18:19
cubicoolThis group thinks Samba is "too hard" so lets put our private, business-critical data on ... wait for it ... Dropbox.18:19
lpappdark side is good18:20
kergothi hope it's at least in an encrypted disk image18:20
cubicoolPatent filings, etc. I just. I don't even.18:20
cubicoolFirmware source code.18:20
kergothhaving that on any server you don't control is a recipe for disaster, and thats not considering the fact that the dropbox employees could get to it18:21
cubicoolI already have Samba setup for them (windows users) on a Linode we host... it works fine.18:21
kergothits pretty disturbing that they think samba is hard.. not that i'm a big fan of it, but hey, at least it's not nfs18:21
cubicoolTo them it's a Z drive.18:21
cubicoolAnd that's still too hard.18:21
cubicoolOne guy is a Ph. D. EE, other is a MS EE.18:22
kergothi'm curious about what the dark side is in this context :)18:22
cubicoolThe Dark Side is me taking these companies hostage.18:22
kergothahh, right. death star time18:22
cubicoolPeople and their obseession with the latest buzzword stuff.18:22
cubicoolYou know what?18:22
cubicoolFUCK THE CLOUD.18:23
cubicoolI hope that's in a log somewhere and shows up when a future employer googles me.18:23
lpapphmm, where can I find the x86_64 gdb on the host in the yocto environment that can debug the arm binary of mine on the host?18:32
lpappI tried to use my own arm gdb, but that does not seem to be compatible with the gdbserver Yocto generates :(18:34
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!zenlinux@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedb:c91> has quit IRC18:34
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto18:34
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*** roric <roric!> has joined #yocto18:36
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!zenlinux@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedb:c91> has joined #yocto18:40
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*** RudiStreif <RudiStreif!> has joined #yocto18:58
kergothseebs: could use an opinion on something meta-sourcery related when you have a few minutes19:05
kergothI started working on breaking up the recipe into multiple again. I'm wondering if you think this seems cleaner or not. I figure it'll be much easier to opt-in//opt-out of particular components from the external toolchain when they're separate recipes. and the generic sysroot extraction is less specific to the sourcery toolchain. see
kergoth is an example sysroot extraction recipe19:07
kergoth sets up the symlinks/wrappers in the sysroot to be able to run the toolchain binaries19:07
seebsDid I send you the current meta-sourcery tree we're using? I know I sent one at one point, I don't recall how current it was.19:08
kergoththis has no multilib handling yet, i realize. sets up automatic LIC_FILES_CHKSUM to the common license files if LICENSE is set and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM isn't. is the core of the recipes including sysroot extraction, and external-toolchain-cross.bbclass just handles19:08
kergoth symlinking/wrapping external binaries into cross19:08
seebsI ask because I did at least some of that.19:09
seebsIn particular, I did multlibs.19:09
kergothI remember looking at one, but i think it was quite a while ago19:09
seebsI think I had multilibs working, and also had cross/cross-canadian working.19:09
seebsAnd it might be worth looking at it as a possible starting point, although I think at this point it's missing some significant changes from your branch.19:10
kergothI'm particularly proud of the generic sysroot extraction, though i admit the code probably isn't ideal. It searches multiple base paths in the external toolchain, and also checks multiple alternate locations within the sysroot using a MIRRORS-like mechanism. perhaps we can pull in the best of the two meta-sourcery trees19:14
kergothon the plus side, the main thing i wanted to know, whether a broken up recipe is a good thing, i have an answer to, since we both did it independently19:17
seebsYeah, I think my breakout is different from yours, but it's definitely a good idea.19:17
paulganyone know why we make /home as drwxr-sr-x (i.e. the "s") -- it has fray 's fingerprints on it but he's only guilty of importing it.19:18
seebsMine specifically aims to make it easier to rebuild libc, because that's a common customer requirement.19:18
seebsI would assume the intention is to make home directories default to /home's group instead of root's group?19:18
kergothI was hoping that aligning the recipe structure to precisely mirror hte upstream recipes would make it easier, it could even be done as a bbclassextend of 'external'. I also was focused on making the extraction generic, such that it should work with other toolchains than just sourcery, and could in theory be used to extract something from the host sysroot (that is, /) to support a native machine more easily19:22
* kergoth ponders19:22
*** ajtag <ajtag!> has joined #yocto19:22
*** LynnCyrin <LynnCyrin!~LCyrin@2607:fb90:404:43b:6b31:2e3f:5f30:df34> has joined #yocto19:23
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kergoththat kind of hurts my head. imagine there are no recipes in meta-sourcery, just a few bbclasses which are used via BBCLASSEXTEND to create versions of the main recipes which pull things from an existing sysroot, and bbappends to the toolchain recipes which extend them and tweak the FILES variables to make them less greedy.19:28
seebsHmm. That's an interesting idea.19:31
seebsOurs has additional magic because of space/speed issues.19:31
seebsWe don't actually ship with the entire tree unpacked; we bundle up sets of related multilibs into cpio archives, which we gzip.19:31
kergothah, right, i remember you mentioning that. that's quite interesting19:32
seebsIf you bundle the whole set up, it takes way too long to read things from the archives. Also, bzip2 is an order of magnitude or so slower to decompress.19:32
seebsBut if you bundle subsets, it tends to go pretty smoothly and get good results, and is about the same speed as copying from a raw filesystem.19:32
kergothI was thinking about switching to cpio instead of cp even for fully extracted toolchains, to avoid cp annoyances. heh19:33
kergoththat's pretty cool19:33
seebsAnd if you were putting the extracted archives in git, which kills/breaks symlinks, it eliminates a ridiculous quantity of duplicated files.19:33
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC19:33
seebsI'll go grab the current tree and put it somewhere you can look at. I've been using it at least somewhat successfully with a 4.9 preview drop.19:33
kergothcool, i'd certainly be interested in that. it'd be nice to have a best-of-both-worlds setup. i particularly like your toolchain wrapper generation to deal with tuning arguments and whatnot19:34
fray_kergoth -- someone here thinks they found a bug with one of your commits..  :)19:35
fray_commit b45c9ed40bb4f893f99127a21776aef3ae888ad719:35
kergoththat happens :) what's the issue?19:35
fray_Author: Chris Larson <>19:35
fray_Date:   Tue Sep 30 16:30:41 2003 +000019:35
fray_    Add base-files 3.0.10 (from debian).19:35
kergothwow, that's old19:35
fray_that's an oe-classic commit number bTW19:36
fray_the issue is when the base-files was transitioned into the newer style stuff in commit 1295a2da65762726681b781337970b44b520f0d3  (Oct 2004)  ;)19:36
fray_the 'dirs2775' perm files,   /home, /usr/src and /var/lib/local  all lost their group names..19:37
fray_so they becmae 2775 root:root.... before they were..19:37
fray_2775 root:staff, 2775 root:src  2775 root:staff..  (from what I can tell)19:37
fray_so the 2775 root:root is a bit 'umm odd'.. and could be a security hole in some odd context.19:38
fray_ANYWAY.. I told him to file a bug.. :P19:38
fray_but thought you'd like a 10 year old defect19:38
seebsMy oldest defect is one I filed against NeXTStep 0.8 or so.19:39
seebsWhich I believe is still present in modern OS X.19:39
seebsIt was *accepted* as a defect, way back when, but never got fixed.19:39
kergothhmm, I don't see anything in the commit that removes a chgrp or chown. in fact, the previous removed /usr/src19:39
seebsThe bug: If you have a password containing control characters, LoginWindow doesn't accept it, even though a console login would.19:39
fray_the commit 1295a2da65762726681b781337970b44b520f0d3  added those in.. the previous version (original version that is) had some chowns in it..19:40
seebsAnd thus, my brief period of using ^S^E^E^B^S as a password ended. It lasted about an hour. To this day, I've never seen a password-cracker which even *tries* control characters, though.19:40
fray_anyway.. ignoring the historical non-sense..  I don't think there is any reason for those three to be set 2775 root:root..19:40
fray_so base-files and files/fs-perms.txt needs to be fixed19:41
kergothas far as i can tell, the chowns in base-files were always commented out19:45
* kergoth shrugs19:45
fray_the bitbake import really obscured some of the things, so I'm not sure19:46
fray_'er.. bitbake -- bitkeeper19:46
fray_(god I hated that system)19:46
kergothyeah, bk had that annoying thing where the creation of new empty files was separate from the content19:46
kergothmade the imports all ugly19:46
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-hayqltpuytnnkovs> has quit IRC19:50
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has joined #yocto20:04
kergothMan, I hate it when I've hacked on a feature so long that the git historyi s just mangled and i have to go back and completely rework the history nearly from scratch20:10
kergothnot fun20:10
fray_ya.. I try not to do that... but it seems to happen every now and then20:15
fray_lots of rebase and manual edits at that point20:15
fray_lol.. bitbake/oe-core just ran my 20 CPU (40 w/ HT) and 128 GB of ram "out of resources" building toolchain components..20:16
*** roric <roric!> has quit IRC20:16
fray_the bitbake parallel of 40 and the make -j 40 ran it our of some resource..20:16
fray_I dropped the -j to 16 and it's MUCH happier20:16
* kroon wishes he had a 40 core/128GB system20:17
acidxtry make -j -l4020:17
fray_too bad it's only mine temporarily..20:17
fray_(it's a multiple developer access machine, but I'm the only one on it since I'm currently setting it up)20:17
rink_sweet :)20:17
kroonI wonder what JaMa uses for his world/test-dependencies builds20:18
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has joined #yocto20:19
JaMa-j 8 only20:19
JaMabut a lot of ram for 60G tmpfs20:20
kergothYeah, i try not to mess up the history too, its usually when the task isn't a priority and/or gets set aside for a long period of time before i get back to it. its easy to cheat and pause the task by checking in the current state blindly :)20:21
*** roric <roric!> has joined #yocto20:25
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kergothHmm, its a pain to set things like file-checksums and vardepvalue when overrides are involved20:41
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paulgfray_, i gave you credit for the research in bug 657921:00
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Default fs-perms.txt has odd settings for /home and other dirs21:00
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* darknighte signs out of IRC for the weekend21:30
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RPpaulg: fancy just sending a patch for it? :)21:42
RPpaulg: it does look a bit crazy so I'm happy to see it fixed21:43
paulgRP, can do.21:43
paulgI was discussing with fray_  in another channel that it kind of sucks that we have the information stored in two places...21:44
paulgfs_perms and the base_files recipe.21:44
fray_ya.. fs-perms SHOULD have corrected any change he made in the fs-perms files..21:45
fray_but for one of them it didn't..  it didn't change an existing symlink to dir....21:45
paulgI tried to clobber the /var/log  --> /var/volatile/log symlink from an appended fs-perms.txt21:46
paulgI know the file got parsed, cause it fixed up the kooky perms discussed above.21:46
fray_I would have throught that it would have warned if nothing else..21:46
fray_but looking at the code I'm not seeing it.. and I'm forgetting it..21:47
paulganyway fray_ put me onto doing the bbappend for base_files, so hopefully that will let me get my log files on disk.21:47
fray_'er.. I'm forgetting how I originally implemented it..21:48
fray_it was intended originally though that any changes to fs-perms.txt would apply everywhere or at a minimum a QA warning would be generated saying it failed to apply..21:49
fray_it may simply be a case of fixing a 'link' to a 'dir' was missed in the original work21:49
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*** bfederau <bfederau!> has joined #yocto22:01
paulgseems /var/mail should be root:mail and not root:root as well, given that it is chmod 277522:01
paulgfray_, will the fs-perms.txt processing get angry if the system configuration doesn't create a mail uuid, yet I ask for it in there?22:02
cubicoolI have a whole set of bb files now for building GDAL, OpenSceneGraph, GeographicLib, and a bunch of utility osg libraries. Am I replicating work?22:02
paulger, group id.22:02
fray_any group ids used must be defined prior to usage22:03
paulgsetting /var/mail to 2775 doesn't make sense if it is root:root22:03
paulgooh sweet.   just checked my booted system and id mail exists.22:04
fray_is /var/mail in base-files?22:04
paulguid=gid = 822:04
paulglemme check22:04
paulgand it is wrong  :)22:05
paulgdirs4775 = "/var/mail"22:05
paulgshould be 2775 based on what is in fs-perms.txt and what ubuntu has.22:06
* paulg fixes22:06
fray_that directory should have been "corrected"22:07
paulgoddly on my deployed target, it didn't get created _at_all_22:08
*** radhus <radhus!> has joined #yocto22:08
fray_that is what I expected actually22:08
* paulg wonders if dirs4775 is even parsed22:08
fray_do_install_append_linuxstdbase() {22:09
fray_        for d in ${dirs3755}; do22:09
fray_                install -m 0755 -d ${D}$d22:09
fray_        done22:09
fray_        for d in ${dirs4775}; do22:09
fray_                install -m 2755 -d ${D}$d22:09
fray_        done22:09
fray_only processed if -linuxstdbase- is defined..22:09
fray_otherwise, it's only generated "on-demand"22:09
paulgyeah, that looks wrong.22:09
fray_so it's not -really- 4775.. someone just used '4'22:09
paulgdirs4775 using -m 2775   :)22:10
paulgsame with the 3755 one.22:10
paulgkind of misleading.22:10
fray_ya, they used it as a counter..22:10
fray_thats really confusing..22:10
fray_should have been something like dirs775-lsb dirs2775-lsb22:11
paulgI didn't even see that pattern.22:11
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paulgfray, I'm thinking of renaming those to have names that don't suck, but that would break anyone who is currently bbappending them now.22:17
fray_it shouldn't..22:17
fray_they're only active if the 'lsb' distro feature is enabled22:17
kergothshould be easy enough to resolve, just reference the old vars in your new ones22:17
paulgDo we treat that as a sacred API, or just do the right thing and fix the suckage?22:17
* kergoth yawns22:17
fray_I'd fix it.. I don't think this one is sacred22:18
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