Tuesday, 2014-08-05

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mr_scienceCrofton|work: any chance of dinner this week?03:40
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auke-Hi! Is there a recipe for Ubuntu's UFW somewhere, or what is the preferred firewall frontend for Yocto?05:22
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khemauke-: iptables/netfilter05:29
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auke-khem: yes, but i'm trying to avoid using iptables directly since i'm used to the simplicity of ufw...05:54
auke-I could invest some time in getting to know iptables, but if there is an easy frontend for the simple usecases i would prefer that05:56
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khemauke-: I would encourage you to write ufw recipe for OE/Yocto then06:11
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auke-khem: okay... I hoped there was something available, but i will try to create my own ufw recipe06:38
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mckoangood morning06:43
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elinuxerHai all, Am compiling libhid in yocto and getting following error "http://pastebin.com/ff9XyvkY".07:14
elinuxerI couldn't sort out the issue. Can any one help me solve this?07:18
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embedHi yocto..07:25
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embedwhile compiling libhid in yocto at poky distro i am getting following  error  "http://pastebin.com/ff9XyvkY "  please help me any one to resolve this issue..07:28
embedi am struggling for long time to resolve this QA issue in libhid.07:29
embedkindly help us to solve this.07:29
retcan you give pastebin of file /home/elinux1/atmel/poky/build-71xx/tmp/work/armv5te-poky-linux-gnueabi/libhid/0.2.16-r0/temp/log.do_compile07:30
retalso /home/elinux1/atmel/poky/build-71xx/tmp/work/armv5te-poky-linux-gnueabi/libhid/0.2.16-r0/temp/log.do_package.198107:30
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mckoanembed: there is no libhid_0.2.16.bb in meta-atmel07:33
mckoanembed: who created it?07:33
embedFor my  project purpose i have copied libhid  into meta-atmel directory.07:36
* LetoThe2nd grins07:37
LetoThe2ndlike, "this is my code, i just copied it to a random place and now please fix it for me?"07:38
mckoanLetoThe2nd: even worse, we don't have any coe here, only an error :-D07:39
embedplease check this link for do_compile and do_package http://pastebin.com/LEsS4t6G07:39
LetoThe2ndERROR: QA Issue: libhid: The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used.07:40
LetoThe2ndlooks like the packages compilation is b0rk3d07:40
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LetoThe2ndrespectively, its library/tool detection.07:41
LetoThe2ndso there you go.07:41
embedalso check this link http://pastebin.com/bvzBAbyL07:42
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LetoThe2ndi'd rather look into its config.log if i were you.07:48
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bluelightningmorning all08:21
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mckoanhi bluelightning08:40
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bluelightninghi mckoan09:01
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TheLostHi all09:47
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luc4Hello! Anyone who used yocto to create an image for the i.MX 6 utilite? I read it should be possible...10:09
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lsb_testerbluelightning: Is there a way to disable multi threaded build for a particular recipe ?10:27
bluelightninglsb_tester: yes, PARALLEL_MAKE = ""10:27
bluelightning(within the recipe)10:27
lsb_testerok ..thanks :)10:27
TheLostWhy all the u-boots in meta-ti? (u-boot, u-boot-am33x, u-boot-glsdk, u-boot-ti-staging) What are the differences?10:29
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JaMaanyone seeing errors like this today?10:45
JaMaERROR: Execution of event handler 'sstate_eventhandler' failed10:45
JaMaTraceback (most recent call last): File "sstate_eventhandler(e)", line 6, in sstate_eventhandler(e=<bb.event.ConfigParsed object at 0x7ff8652b2310>)10:45
JaMaTypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'10:45
bluelightningJaMa: sounds like that event handler is being sent events it should not be ... are you sure you're using the correct version of bitbake in conjunction with the metadata?10:48
JaMahmm maybe there was wrong bitbake version in PATH10:48
JaMaafter re-sourcing init script it seems to parse OK10:48
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lpapphi, is it OK to add a patch to busybox if it is not integrated into upstream, but fixes an issue with login names?10:54
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lpappI am trying to use "bitbake busybox", but I do not seem to get any error, nor the busybox source files in the build tree... why may that be happening?11:24
kroonlpapp, sstate reuse ?11:28
lpappkroon: I do not know... I have done bitbake -c cleanall busybox before that.11:29
lpappbasically, I have just added my own patch, and trying to build busybox with that.11:29
kroonlpapp, try "-c cleansstate", to remove sstate11:29
kroonlpapp, ah, adding a patch should trigger a build however..11:29
lpappalso, cleanall oughta include cleansstate, too.11:30
lpappI assume that is why it is called "all".11:30
lpapphmm, it seems -c cleansstate helped... interesting, so there is at least two issues here then: a) cleanall not being all b) patch not triggering a rebuild. Anyway, I still cannot find the busybox source files in the build tree, so the main issue is there, but why is that?11:31
lpapp./tmp/work/armv5te-foo-linux-gnueabi/busybox/1.20.2-r8/busybox-1.20.2/ is empty, so I assume there were some unreported errors?11:35
lpappI entered rm -rf ./tmp/work/armv5te-foo-linux-gnueabi/busybox/ and let us see if clean restuff helps...11:37
lpappwait, is this because of rm_work?11:38
kroonlpapp, yes, rm_work will remove build dir after the output has been stored in sstate cache11:42
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kroonlpapp, also, I'm not sure it's a good idea to rm -rf stuff in /tmp by hand. there are stamp files elsewhere that rely on a certain state in tmp/11:43
kroonlpapp, I used to have rm_work, nowadays I just wipe tmp/ on a regular basis11:45
kroonnot sure what is best practise actually11:45
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lpappkroon: I do not have choice there... rm_work is simply not an option since I do not have 500 TB hard drive for all the builds ;)11:53
lpappno rm_work*11:53
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embedHi.. Am compiling qt5 including by meta-qt5, if i compile this package i am getting following error http://pastebin.com/itubPHn812:03
embedplease help me how to solve this issue.12:03
lpappkroon: thank you for your time.12:06
kroonlpapp, no problem, good luck12:06
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lpapp-> install: cannot stat `/home/tamilarasi/qt5/poky/build-qt5/tmp/work/cortexa5hf-vfp-poky-linux-gnueabi/qtwayland/5.3.0+gitAUTOINC+98dca3b54f-r0/build/include/QtCompositor/5.3.0/QtCompositor/private/qwayland-server-*.h': No such file or directory12:07
lpappJaMa: ^12:07
JaMalpapp: check if you really have 5.3.0 version (directory in QtCompositor)12:09
bluelightningcleanall does call cleansstate12:09
JaMaembed: ^^12:11
lsb_testerbluelightning: I have been facing a configure error in font-adobe-75dpi for missing fontutil.12:12
lsb_testerlog extract here: http://pastebin.com/4rEkPBSh12:12
JaMalsb_tester: have you tried to add fontutil dependency?12:13
lsb_testerit fails with parallel_make = 8 but works when set to 412:13
lsb_testerJaMa: yes it's there12:13
lsb_testerLooks to me like some thread sequencing issue12:14
JaMathere is only -native one  (at least in font-adobe-100dpi_1.0.3.bb)12:14
lsb_testerDEPENDS has native one only12:15
bluelightninglsb_tester: I'm not sure how that can be; do_configure isn't parallelised12:15
lsb_testerRDEPENDS has target one12:15
JaMalsb_tester: RDEPENDS isn't enough, you need target one in DEPENDS12:15
lsb_testerBut could it be possible that the .pc file is looked for before it is staged?12:16
JaMayes, it's possible, because it's missing dependency12:16
lsb_testerJaMa: Yes I tried with that approach. It had worked after adding font-util to native in place of font-util-native12:17
JaMaDEPENDS ensures that font-util.do_populate_sysroot is finished before font-adobe-75dpi.do_configure12:17
JaMaRDEPENDS doesn12:17
JaMalsb_tester: please send patch with such change12:17
bluelightninghmm, I'd assumed that the target one would not be needed, so I led lsb_tester astray yesterday12:17
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bluelightninglsb_tester: my apologies12:18
JaMabut I think that font-util-native is needed as well12:18
JaMaIIRC it calls some binary staged by font-util-native12:18
JaMaand target font-util is there only to make pkg-config happy in do_configure12:18
lsb_testerbluelightning: That's fine! Actually it built fine after doing so once. I need to repeatedly test the approach considering the level of inconsistencies I see with results everytime12:19
JaMayou can also patch configure to look for right font-util12:19
bluelightningJaMa: is this something the inc file should be doing? or is it special to this set of fonts?12:19
JaMabluelightning: I don't think that all font recipes are actually using font-util12:20
bluelightningok, just wondering12:20
JaMaso doing it in .inc probably won't harm (much) unless we have some font recipes with allarch12:20
bluelightningdepends how likely we are to encounter the same issue in other font recipes I guess12:21
JaMaright, font-adobe-utopia-100dpi_1.0.4.bb seems to have the same problem12:22
lsb_testerI came across this issue when in a new msd set up I tried "bitbake font-adobe-75dpi" as first build command. When I used to build it as part of some image recipe I never saw this.12:23
lsb_testerMay be because all dependency font-util / native etc were already available by then12:24
JaMalsb_tester: not surprising12:24
JaMathe RDEPENDS will build target font-util relatively close to font-*12:24
JaMabut not always in time before do_configure12:25
JaMawith high -b this wont be detected even by test-dependencies.sh script12:26
lsb_testerThen if we have both font-util & font-util-native in DEPENDS , that should take care of every thing I guess.12:26
lsb_testerMine is set to = 8 although12:27
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elinuxerHai all , Am trying to apply patch to kernel for my custom board. Here is my bbappend file http://pastebin.com/305KWDQP . while compiling am getting the following error "hdo_kernel_configme.26161" ttp://pastebin.com/c4vX6xX8.12:46
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elinuxerCan any one help me to fix the problem and compile it with my patch to kernel.12:47
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elinuxersorry ,error link is http://pastebin.com/c4vX6xX812:55
lsb_testerJaMa: With  the said approach it built fine. The patch looks like this: http://pastebin.com/x8E6UTB912:56
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lsb_testerBut what worries me now is I have two fontutil.pc files now. The native one looks ok with absolute paths to my bitbake workspace.12:58
lsb_testerBut the other one has paths resembling to those in my host machine.12:58
lsb_testerSo just having a doubt whether the build is referring to the system paths indeed.12:59
lsb_testerIs there any way to confirm this?13:00
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JaMathere is another problem with bdf and font-* :/13:05
JaMa| /OE/build/oe-core/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/ucs2any: Can't read mapping file '/usr/share/fonts/X11/util/map-ISO8859-1': No such file or directory!13:05
JaMa| Makefile:825: recipe for target 'courB10-ISO8859-1.bdf' failed13:06
JaMa| make: *** [courB10-ISO8859-1.bdf] Error 113:06
JaMalsb_tester: read what is called from Makefiles13:06
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stiandrehi, can't boot the fsl-community-bsp (daisy) -> core-image-minimal using tftp/nfs. any ideas (experiences)? when I do the same with dora branch everything works fine!13:23
stiandrewhen I boot the daisy sdcard image it works fine as well, so the issue seem to be related to the combination of daisy and remote file system using nfs !?13:24
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto13:24
stiandreI only get the following output from the serial:13:24
stiandreBooting image from tftp...13:25
stiandreLoad address: 0x1200000013:25
stiandreLoading: ######### ...13:25
joeythesaintJaMa:  I think I missed an update somewhere and I've been meaning to ask about it for, like, a week and a half now.  Are you planning to handle all merges to meta-networking through the master-next branch now?13:25
stiandreUsing machid 0x10e9 from environment13:25
stiandreStarting kernel ...13:26
*** halfhalo <halfhalo!halfhalo@nasadmin/webteam/halfhalo> has quit IRC13:26
stiandreand nothing more13:26
* joeythesaint has avoided doing any meta-net stuff since the master-next testing with wireshark last month.13:26
joeythesaintJust trying to avoid causing any unnecessary conflicts.13:26
JaMajoeythesaint: please merge all commits you consider OK13:28
JaMajoeythesaint: I'm including meta-networking changes in master-next just to test them in my jenkins builds13:28
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has left #yocto13:28
JaMabut then I usually wait for you to actually merge them (unless they are build fixes etc)13:29
*** halfhalo <halfhalo!halfhalo@nasadmin/webteam/halfhalo> has joined #yocto13:29
JaMajoeythesaint: sometimes I merge something just because I don't notice it's actually in meta-networking, let me know if you disagree with some changes I've merged13:30
*** belen1 <belen1!Adium@nat/intel/x-vgkgbodeohcnjtvq> has quit IRC13:30
joeythesaintNope, no concerns, and I know you rebase master-next all the time, I just don't want to cause you extra work.13:31
JaMathat's OK, feel free to merge (currently there are 4 changes I consider fine for merge):13:33
JaMa05daddf strongswan: Security Advisory - strongswan - CVE-2014-289113:33
JaMaa5c9311 quagga: Security Advisory - quagga - CVE-2013-223613:34
JaMaa3993a6 znc: Fix for CVE-2013-213013:34
JaMa2a33586 tcpslice: add recipe under tcpdump13:34
JaMabut you had some comments for tcpslice and I'm not sure if they were completely resolved13:34
joeythesaintYeah, the others are straightforward, I was hoping to hear something back about tcpslice since it's a bit murky.13:35
joeythesaintI'll gather the others up now unless you've got them ready to merge now.13:35
lsb_testerJaMa: Faced the same error after renaming host machines font directory13:37
lsb_testerJaMa: That means we have to force the recipe to pick the native .pc file13:38
*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC13:38
lsb_testerOther wise it picks all stuffs from host system while building13:39
lsb_testeris there a way to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the desired path through recipe ?13:43
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WarheadsSEWhat would be a sane way to remove an RDEPENDS from a packagegroup based on MACHINE14:40
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has quit IRC14:45
kroonWarheadsSE, try using overrides, RDEPENDS_<package>_remove_<machine> = "..."14:46
lsb_testerbluelightning: My font-adobe-75dpi compile fails because it cannot find fonts/X11/util/map-ISO8859-1. Any missing dependency to add ?14:50
bluelightninglsb_tester: not sure, sorry...14:54
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lsb_testerbluelightning: I see those files are present in the work dir of font-util. To stage the files into sysroot, under which function in recipe I should write the code?16:05
lsb_testeris do_install_append appropriate ?16:05
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bluelightninglsb_tester: yes16:09
bluelightningif they should be installed, they should be installed into ${D} from there16:09
paulgOdd. libnewt blew up at compile since it was looking for gcc 4.9.0 sysroot headers instead of 4.9.116:11
paulgFigured the gcc uprev would have largely caused a complete nuke and pave of everything...16:12
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lsb_testerbluelightning: My intention is not to ship the files by rpm. I want to copy them to tmp/sysroot staging location.16:19
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lsb_testerThe font-adobe-* packages require these for compilation16:20
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paulglogrotate also failed in the same way, needing a forced cleanall to get rid of the gcc 4.9.0 state data.16:33
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #197 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-oecore/builds/19716:34
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #192 of poky-tiny is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/poky-tiny/builds/19216:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #197 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-non-gpl3/builds/19717:59
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #195 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-x32/builds/19518:00
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otavioframebuffer fsl-image-machine-test@imx28evk (1/5) rpmdb: BDB1582 Open file handle: .../build-framebuffer/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/var/lib/rpm/__db.00118:43
otavioframebuffer fsl-image-machine-test@imx28evk (1/5) rpmdb: BDB1582 Open file handle: .../build-framebuffer/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/var/lib/rpm/__db.00218:43
otavioframebuffer fsl-image-machine-test@imx28evk (1/5) rpmdb: BDB1582 Open file handle: .../build-framebuffer/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/var/lib/rpm/__db.00318:43
otavioframebuffer fsl-image-machine-test@imx28evk (1/5) Segmentation fault18:43
otavioonce again :-(18:43
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volker-I have in gstreamer the PACKAGECONFIG[x264] definition. How do I enable it? Can I do it in my image recipe or only local.conf? How? I looked in the docs and googled but didn't find a good hint (that at least seems to work)18:51
*** fray <fray!U2FsdGVkX1@gate.crashing.org> has joined #yocto18:52
kergothvolker-: image recipe wouldn't make any sense. it changes how gstreamer is built. you can't modify one recipe from another18:53
kergothPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-gstreamer = " x264"18:53
kergothput it somewhere in the config metadata. local.lconf, distro, whatever18:53
ndecor in a gstreamer_xx.bbappend file18:53
volker-kergoth: is -gstreamer sufficient? or do I need to list the full name like PACKAGECONFIG_pn-gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly?18:54
kergothits a general override. pn-<whatever ${PN} is for thte recipe in question>18:55
kergothso yes, it'd have to be the latter18:55
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volker-I am not happy that I can't do it in the image recipe19:01
volker-I have all the packages I want to install to an image in this recipe and not in local.conf19:01
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volker-I have to think about it. I use one distro for two different products which only differ in some packages (and 1-2 features like commercial license + x264 etc)19:03
otaviovolker-: so it is not same distro19:04
otaviovolker-: ;-)19:04
volker-I would not agree this way. You have ubuntu server edition and desktop edition. They only differ in packages19:04
volker-still the same distro, just another "cd image"19:05
otaviovolker-: but they don't have same packages which different feature sets19:05
volker-yocto splits every plugin and kernel module off, anyway, so I don't see there a too big deal.19:06
volker-I know how yocto defines it, but I can't always 100% agree with the way to throw it out of the image recipe. Personal opinion :)19:06
otaviovolker-: ok; go deep in the metadata. I think you'll see what I mean19:06
volker-is there an overview which yocto package provides which gstreamer plugin?19:10
otaviovolker-: the OE-Core follows the GStreamer plugins source recipes so you can mostly map the plugin name to the recipe19:11
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volker-otavio: I can't follow19:12
kergothvolker-: so what exactly would happen if you had image one changing how gstreamer builds, and then you "bitbake image1 image2 image3 image4"? Exactly which version of gstreamer packages is built?19:19
kergothwhat you want just doesn't make any sense19:19
kergothnot with this project, anyway19:20
fray_as kergoth indicates.. you can change what is -installed-, but everything is built (configured) once..19:20
fray_so if the configuration needs to be variable, then it's a different project and a different "distribution" configuration19:20
volker-I know the build it only once philosophy and it would work here, too. Nevermind. :)19:21
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volker-python-gst is 0.10 while gstreamer comes with 1.0, too19:27
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JBD1986all, i'm having an odd build issue:19:36
JBD1986update-alternatives: Error: not linking /home/justin/development/tc3-detos/detos/builds/tmp-detos-7.3.0-devonit-tc3-eglibc/work/devonit_tc3-oe-linux-gnueabi/detos-squashfs-image/1.0-r12/rootfs//usr/bin/resize to /bin/busybox.nosuid since /home/justin/development/tc3-detos/detos/builds/tmp-detos-7.3.0-devonit-tc3-eglibc/work/devonit_tc3-oe-linux-gnueabi/detos-squashfs-image/1.0-r12/rootfs//usr/bin/resize exists and is not a link19:36
JBD1986This happens occasionally, and I usually have to clean out my build directory completely to resolve it.  I'm hoping someone here might have some insight on a less invasive solution!19:37
kergoththeres's a recipe installing resize but not using update-alternatives for it, whereas busybox uses update-alternaitves for it. the fix is to fix the recipe providing resize to use update-alternatives for it as well19:37
JBD1986kergoth, I am sure that is correct, but I am not familiar with update-alternatives (i.e. how to do what you just said lol)19:38
JBD1986i believe the packages involved are e2fsprogs and xterm19:39
lsb_testerin a recipe common to both native and target, how to write a function (sysroot_stage_all_append() in my case ) only for native ?19:56
volker-JBD1986: I had a similar case by having install_append in an bbappejnd20:01
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JBD1986volker-, I don't think I have a related install_append20:03
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JBD1986can anyone explain to me how to get the xterm_293 recipe to use update-alternatives?20:08
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kergothlsb_tester: be warned, you almost never want to touch sysroot_stage_all, unless you need to put files in paths that aren't included in the default behavior (e.g. unusual ones)20:20
* kergoth yawns20:20
kergothlsb_tester: but you can always use the _class-native and _class-target overrides. foo_append_class-native20:20
radhusI have a problem where the gcc compiler does not find a header file which in fact is in the sysroot20:24
radhusAny hints on how to troubleshoot that?20:24
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volker-does someone know why python-pygobject uses --disable-introspection?20:57
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Daemon404volker-, introspection cannot be cross compiled iirc20:59
mr_scienceradhus: do you have an error message?21:00
radhus| tapdisk-queue.h:32:20: fatal error: libaio.h: No such file or directory21:00
radhus|  #include <libaio.h>21:00
mr_scienceis it looking for cross but seeing the native tree?  ir is the include path missing something?21:00
volker-Daemon404: thanks. You seem to be right, using the correct buzzword popped the following up in google: https://github.com/Guacamayo/meta-gir21:01
mr_scienceis libaio.h under usr/include or somewhere else?21:01
radhusmr_science: yeah. seems like this particular x86_64-poky-linux-gcc does not have a --sysroot flag though21:02
mr_scienceand which sysroot is it in?21:02
radhusi actually thought so21:02
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mr_scienceafaik x86_64-poky-linux-gcc shouldn't need it21:03
radhusexists here: tmp/sysroots/std-core2/usr/include/libaio.h21:03
radhusstd-core2 is my $MACHINE21:03
mr_scienceso your target arch is also x86_64?21:04
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mr_scienceseems a little weird using bitbake to build the same arch as your host21:05
mr_sciencecan't say i've ever tried that21:06
kergothshould work, though, as long as a vendor is set, to ensure BUILD_SYS != TARGET_SYS21:06
radhushehe, never thought it was weird :)21:06
mr_scienceseems like it should still work21:06
* kergoth shrugs21:06
radhusmaybe I should buy a ARM board to build my x86_64 images ;)21:07
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mr_scienceradhus: i'm a gentoo guy21:08
mr_sciencenative builds and all that...21:09
radhusyeah, I kinda miss gentoo21:09
* mr_science has a built a *lot* of native arm/ppc/sparc/x8621:09
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mr_sciencebut i had to come back to oe/yocto, mostly to bug kergoth ...21:10
* mr_science currently building for beaglebonewhite21:11
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