Wednesday, 2014-08-06

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embedHi yocto..04:55
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embedHi yocto..04:56
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embedHi.. Am compiling qt5 with support of meta-qt5 layer if i compile this i am getting error in qtwayland  do_install error saying that  ".h  file"  no such file or directory as mentioned in pastebin   please any one help me to rectify this error.05:01
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embedplease any one help us to resolve this problem..05:13
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mr_sciencelooks like that glob isn't working as expected05:17
mr_sciencewhich branch are you building?05:18
mr_scienceembed: take a look in that directory and see if there any headers that match the glob05:20
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redenginhow do I add xorg-lib to a custom layer?05:24
mr_sciencethere are some X package groups, but they pull in quite a few packages05:27
mr_scienceyou could try adding x11-base to your IMAGE_FEATURES05:29
mr_sciencenot sure which package you need, so...05:30
redenginsome random libs for oracle java, don't even plan to use graphics, but don't know how to pull them out of the oracle java dependencies05:31
mr_scienceoh, oracle crap05:31
redenginis there a layer for another java runtime?05:31
mr_sciencenot sure, i haven't tried building anything with java05:32
mr_scienceprobably not the best thing to run on a pi...05:32
redenginIMAGE_FEATURES doesn't complain, but the RDEPENDS recipe says it can't build x11-base05:33
* mr_science hopes yocto kernel will finish cloning before dawn...05:33
mr_sciencex11-base wouldn't help for java05:33
mr_scienceunless that same lib is in another recipe05:33
redenginmr_science, when the java rpm installs it somehow requires alsa-lib and some xlibraries05:34
mr_scienceokay, you'll need to look at the rdepends in the java recipe(s) and figure out which package they come from05:35
redenginI'll try it again without the RDEPENDS, but I believe yocto somehow introspected those dependencies05:35
mr_scienceso back to the previous answer, but i'm not sure why it complains05:35
mr_sciencethey're defined somewhere in a bb file05:36
redengintrying....  so yocto doesn't do some ldconfig test upon rpm install?05:37
redenginsays it can't install oracle java: no package provides libXext.so05:38
redenginit must be figuring it out automagically05:38
mr_sciencei don't have a build setup handy...  lemme spin up a VM05:40
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redenginis there a flag to ignore rpm ld dependencies?05:41
embedmr_science:please look this file, it's mentioned to install header file in Qtcompositor but  in qtwayland  build dir there no Qtcompositor    please check this pastebin
mr_sciencenot a good idea, even if it existed05:42
mr_scienceredengin: do a find in your workdir for that lib05:43
mr_scienceembed: i've built regular wayland/weston but not the qt stuff05:44
redenginmr_science, running...05:44
mr_scienceembed: i have no idea what happened to qtcompositor05:45
mr_scienceif you can't get an answer here, i would post it to the mailing list05:46
embedmr_science : i have a doubt about qtwayland/5.3.0+gitAUTOINC+98dca3b54f-r0/build/  dir there is no qtcompositor05:46
mr_scienceare you building off master branch in all of your repos, or is it a release version?05:47
mr_scienceif master, then you could try switching to the last release branch05:47
mr_scienceor the other way round...05:47
* mr_science is building mostly master branches and custom layers05:48
redenginmr_science, no* found in tmp/work05:50
mr_scienceokay then, someone is missing a build dep05:51
mr_scienceyou could build somethign like the sato image and see which package provides it05:52
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mr_sciencethat one is fairly small for an X image...05:52
mr_sciencei'm kinda stuck on a laptop in a hotel cloning a yocto kernel so i have no bandwidth...05:54
mr_scienceembed: the branch question was for you05:55
redenginadding x11 as the IMAGE_FEATURE appears to find the libraries05:55
redengindoesn't look like I can just get xorg-lib05:55
embedi cloned from master..05:56
mr_sciencex11 packagegroup will add some X packages but it's not horrendous05:56
embedi not cloned from branch..05:56
mr_sciencesato image is still pretty small05:56
redenginmr_science, I just wanted faster builds, the image size isn't too important05:57
mr_scienceembed: master isn't always in a sane state, but it normally works05:57
embedi cloned from this git
mr_sciencesometimes i have to fix stuff, depends on what you're trying to build05:58
mr_sciencethen maybe an issue on that git repo?05:58
mr_scienceis the issue tracker enabled?05:58
mr_scienceredengin: still not too bad, since it should hopefully not pull in webkit...05:59
redenginx11 is going to more than double my build times :(05:59
redenginanyone know how yocto figures out that a library is needed?  (and perhaps a flag to ignore it?)06:00
mr_sciencethen the answer might be to pull out that lib from the x11 package group and add it to your image manually06:00
mr_scienceif it's a build dep then it should be in a DEPENDS somwehere06:01
redenginmr_science, it appears to show up from the root_fs rpm install only06:01
mr_scienceso you can find poky -name \*.bb\* -o -name \*.inc | xargs grep DEPENDS | grep Xext06:02
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redenginmr_science, I'm sure my recipe has no DEPENDS on those libs, its finding them at root_fs creation time06:04
mr_sciencei meant in the whole recipe tree06:04
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mr_sciencethat would be what you need to add to your install06:05
redenginmr_science, if the oracle-java recipe has no depends how would it pick up others?06:05
mr_scienceno, a depends on libXext06:05
mr_scienceother stuff needs that, not just oracle06:06
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redenginit only complains when I add that recipe06:06
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mr_sciencewhich recipe?06:06
redenginmy oracle-java.bb06:06
redenginand that without depends still fails without finding xorg libs06:07
mr_scienceright, so oracle-java needs at least one more explicit depend on libXext or else you pull in x11 packagegroup06:07
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mr_scienceif you add that depend to your java recipe then you don't need the whole packagegroup06:08
redenginmr_science, ah, so you're saying write additional recipes just for libXext ?06:08
mr_scienceno, just add the depend to your oracle-java recipe06:08
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mr_scienceor you can do a quick test and add it to your IMAGE_INSTALL in local.conf06:09
redenginmr_science, but the only way I got the libXext dependency to resolve was by adding IMAGE_FEATURES += x11  which builds it all06:09
mr_sciencebut that's a packagegroup that pulls in a bunch of x11 packages06:09
mr_scienceit's like a meta-recipe06:10
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mr_scienceall you need is libXext and maybe whatever it needs06:10
mr_scienceso instead of adding the packagegroup to your image features, you add one depend to your oracle recipe06:11
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redenginok, I'll try that again, seems like it didn't work before06:12
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khemredengin: are you using
redenginkhem, I had to rewrite my own based on it, the current master was broken06:16
redenginwill clean drop all the cached files?06:18
mr_scienceadd that to your DEPEND in the oracle recpe06:18
redenginthe last build using only the RDEPENDS libxext worked, but want to see it cleaned up06:18
mr_sciencenot sure what the rdep name is, don't have a build handy06:19
khemRDEPENDS will invariably translate into DEPENDS06:19
redenginkhem, yes, I understand that06:20
redenginbut since its the rpm install that complains, I'm pretty sure DEPENDS won't work06:20
khemyou can do -ccleanall06:20
redenginkhem, will that keep all the downloaded packages?06:20
khemYes, in oracle-java case you are repackaging not really building it06:21
khemredengin: no06:21
khemif you wan to keep them then do -ccleansstate06:21
khemI would encourage you to send any fixes you do upstream too.06:22
mr_scienceyeah, so they're really all rdeps anyway...06:22
redenginkhem, will do06:22
redenginbitbake -ccleanstate doesn't work, nor bitbake -c cleanstate06:23
mr_scienceone more s in the second one06:23
redenginok, second s, still nothing to do06:24
khembitbake -ccleanssate <target>06:24
redenginah, got it06:24
khemwhat is it that you want to clean ?06:24
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khemif its everything then delete your tmp/06:25
khemand make sure sstate is hosted outside tmp06:25
redenginI want to drop all the built X11 package and make sure just the libxext DEPENDS works06:25
redenginperhaps its best to run with a new build dir06:27
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ivanstojanovichi guys, I am trying to add QT5 multimedia video support to my image. I compiled QT5 Multimedia + GStreamer1.0 and now I am trying to get the multimediawidgets/player example working.10:05
ivanstojanovicWhen I run it, I get following error:  GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_object_ref_sink: assertion 'object != NULL' failed. No m_videoSink available.10:06
ivanstojanovicDoes anyone know what that can be?10:06
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ivanstojanovicideas are also more than welcome :)10:09
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joranb_is anyone there?10:47
joranb_this is kind of unrelated to yocto... but more general linux ... do you know if you can just put a boot.scr in the boot partition? and can I just put mmcargs in it without breaking any of the rest of the environment?10:59
joranb_Im just kind of an idiot when it comes to linux internals10:59
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ivanstojanovicwherever you place boot.scr, you should set the path in boot-loader11:04
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joranb_I really just want to change fb0.rotate to 1 ...11:05
joranb_although it seems like echoing it directly to the FS does not seem to rotate the screen :(11:05
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ivanstojanovicif you are using u-boot, the environment for that is "script", so if you put it to /boot/boot.scr, you should set that one accordingly...e.g. setenv script /boot/boot.scr and saveenv11:05
joranb_I think i have to add it to the kernel boot args ... but am relatively clueless on how to do that11:05
ivanstojanovicare you using u-boot?11:06
joranb_sortof ... I mean I built it and have a u-boot.img11:07
joranb_but all i really did was follow along the readme11:07
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ivanstojanovicwhen it starts booting, you should stop booting when you see this "Hit any key to stop autoboot"11:07
ivanstojanovicand than you check what's the value of script environment: e.g. printenv script11:08
ivanstojanovicthat's the path where your boot.scr should be11:08
joranb_script is the env var that stores the boot.scr11:08
ivanstojanovicthat's right11:09
ivanstojanovicscript is an environment variable11:10
joranb_ok Im going to try it11:10
joranb_ill let you know in a few11:10
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joranb_theres no script var ...however there is a   `bootenv=uEnv.txt`11:29
joranb_so can I edit that to set the bootargs?11:30
joranb_I think this is the variable I want to set11:30
joranb_ mmcargs=setenv bootargs console=${console} ${optargs} root=${mmcroot} rootfstype11:30
ivanstojanovichere is the list of default u-boot env vars
ivanstojanovicyes, you can set there whatever you want11:31
ivanstojanovicyou change it with command setenv, e.g. setenv bootenv abc.txt11:32
ivanstojanovicafter you change all you want to change, just type saveenv to save all variables11:32
ivanstojanovicif you type boot, it will boot with settings you changed but only time it will boot with old settings if you didn't save variables11:33
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ivanstojanovic03:06:25 AM) ivanstojanovic: hi guys, I am trying to add QT5 multimedia video support to my image. I compiled QT5 Multimedia + GStreamer1.0 and now I am trying to get the multimediawidgets/player example working.11:52
ivanstojanovic(03:06:55 AM) ivanstojanovic: When I run it, I get following error:  GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_object_ref_sink: assertion 'object != NULL' failed. No m_videoSink available.11:52
ivanstojanovic(03:07:06 AM) ivanstojanovic: Does anyone know what that can be?11:52
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dawdHi there, I have a question about a strange boot log message I get when my Kernel loads for a Yocto meta-layer/board support package I’m working on:  ‘Failed to execute /init (error -13)’. There is no kernel panic, and the image seems to function properly. I’ve a copy of the full log here: . Anyone encountered something like this before? or any suggestions on where to start?12:14
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lpapphi, why am I getting this? :( Error: 'meta-yocto/conf' must be a directory containing local.conf & bblayers.conf15:32
lpappI am not using anything from meta-yocto. Why should I have it?15:32
lpappcan that be hacked out of ./scripts/oe-setup-builddir ?15:33
bluelightninglpapp: looking at the code, that's where it thinks TEMPLATECONF points to15:34
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bluelightningso check if that is set to what you think it should be set to15:34
lpappbluelightning: I am using TEMPLATECONF=meta-foo/conf . oe-init-build-env15:34
bluelightningwell, apparently it's not seeing that because the error message uses $TEMPLATECONF15:35
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lpappbluelightning: right, so TEMPLATECONF is not handled properly in Yocto.15:35
lpappbecause it does work to create the configs based on my sample.15:35
lpappand that is also what I should pass on.15:35
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lpappsomehow it does not end up right in oe-setup-builddir from the look of it :(15:36
lpappnaturally, this is not a common case that someone removes meta-yocto, so that may explain why this issue has not yet been discovered.15:36
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lpappbluelightning: correct, it is not passed to the script from the main...15:37
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has joined #yocto15:38
lpappI think it should, right?15:38
*** hyei <hyei!> has joined #yocto15:38
lpapp   . $OEROOT/scripts/oe-buildenv-internal && \15:38
lpapp        $OEROOT/scripts/oe-setup-builddir && \15:38
lpapp        [ -n "$BUILDDIR" ] && cd $BUILDDIR15:38
paulgdawd, #define EACCES          13      /* Permission denied */15:38
lpapp(or maybe not, I do not know, sorry)15:38
paulgyour /init  (init script in your initrd) isn't chmod 755 by the sounds of it.15:38
bluelightninglpapp: does $BUILDDIR/conf/templateconf.cfg exist in your setup?15:41
lpappbluelightning: conf is empty due to the failure.15:41
bluelightningI think if that file exists and is empty that will lead to this exact problem...15:42
*** hyei <hyei!> has quit IRC15:42
lpappbluelightning: nothing exists in builddir other than an empty conf dir15:42
lpappbasically the steps to reproduce:15:43
lpapp1) rm -rf build/*15:43
lpapp2) TEMPLATECONF=meta-foo/conf . oe-init-build-env15:43
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lpappbluelightning: sorry, my fault, I must apologize...15:44
lpappnever mind, I was running oe-init... directly rather than (my one-liner script)15:44
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lpappit is interesting to see "bash" on core-image-minimal?15:45
lpapp(that does not look right, does it ... )15:45
bluelightningit should not really be in there no15:45
lpappyeah, what is more: opkg search /bin/bash or opkg search bash returns empty.15:46
lpapplrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            12 Jul 29 05:58 /bin/bash -> /bin/busybox15:47
lpappah, right, that is fine then.15:47
lpappbusybox will use "ash".15:47
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has joined #yocto15:47
lpappthis is probably done for compatibility with old, but compatible scripts having the bash shebang in a left-over state.15:48
fray_ I'm surprised to see a /bin/bash link as well.. does busybox provide bash these days, or did someone just add the link in hopes it willw work?15:48
fray_AFAIK busybox only provides ash as a functional posix shell.. but I haven't kept up with it recently15:48
lpappit is no harm, and it can be positive for some scripts.15:48
fray_ there is harm if bash isn't actually supported by busybox.. any /bin/bash script will expect to be able to use various bash-isms.. and if they don't work the system behavior could be incorrect..15:49
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has quit IRC15:49
fray_if the bash-isms are supported, then I have no concern with that.. (like I said, I haven't kept up with busybox work for about the last year or so)15:49
lpappno, scripts will not only work if they use bashism; if they do not (like many), then it is a no issue.15:49
lpappand if there was no bash symlink, no scripts would work anyway, so it is a reasonable improvement IMHO.15:50
fray_in OE, the scripts that don't use bash-isms are supposed to be set to /bin/sh15:50
fray_we've gone so far as to remove bash-isms from various scripts in the past, specificaly to ensure they work with the /bin/sh link to busybox15:50
lpappwell, there is difference between the ideal and real worlds.15:50
lpappI am actually working now with a script that has bash shebang, but it does not use bashism.15:51
fray_yes, but I need to provide my direct users with software that works.. if THEY want to deviate, thats fine..  I'll warn them -- but it's up to them..  but within YP and OE, I don't want us to be creating a link that will give a false impression for users..15:51
lpappthe script would be breaking without the symlink.15:51
lpappit is not false impression15:52
fray_I'd suggest you change the script then to reference /bin/sh, so it's clear to people in the future it's not intended to be bash specific..15:52
lpappbecause the intention behind it is not what you think it should be.15:52
fray_if I provide /bin/bash to my customers, they will expect it to run bash syntax shell scripts..15:52
fray_if you implement /bin/bash as something else for your product that is fine.. it's a one-off for a device.. but for a general system it's not a good idea15:53
lpappthe customers will not care as long as it works.15:53
fray_mine do15:53
bluelightningfray_: at least the core busybox recipe does not register itself as an alternative for /bin/bash15:53
lpappif you do not create the symlink, the customers will not be happy since it will not work.15:53
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has joined #yocto15:53
fray_but thats the point, it won't work with the symlink if you use bash-isms.. and if you don't selecting /bin/bash doesn't make sense15:53
dawdpaulg, Thanks! Yeah the init has does not have execute permission... I'll get that fixed.15:54
lpappfray_: like I said, there is a huge difference between real and ideal worlds.15:54
lpappone has to be pragmatic here, and not perfectionist. Perfection is the good of enemy which can make customers unhappy.15:55
bluelightninglpapp: I'm pretty sure fray_ knows the difference15:55
lpappenemy of good*15:55
lpappbluelightning: I am not.15:55
lpappin addition, breaking scripts now would be overly unacceptable due to "perfectionism".15:56
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