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erbocan I disable sstate-cache for just one recipe? I have a 3rd party recipe that behaves badly and I don't really want to spend time fixing it and keeping that fix up-to-date.06:57
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mckoangood morning07:26
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sm_hi, I have problem in "do_compile" task of "qt4-x11-free" package. How can I solve this? I have this problem in both Ubuntu & Gentoo.07:40
LetoThe2ndas usual, provide sufficient error details and name the recipe and layer where it is coming from07:42
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bluelightningmorning all08:37
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xerent_I'm trying to include aubio 0.3.2 in my build, and it requires FFTW3 lib, so I added that too. but now aubio do_configure fails on pkg-config step, since it "can't find the package", previuosly it could not even find the fftw3.h header but that's now fixed08:42
xerent_so it's as if the lib is there, but the aubio do_configure process can't see it08:43
xerent_any ideas?08:43
* xerent_ tickles bluelightning :>08:46
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bluelightningxerent_: I don't have any specific idea about the problem but the usual thing is to look at config.log and see the actual test that's being run08:50
bluelightningand/or the configure script08:50
bluelightningand then usually you'll find it's just looking in the wrong place because of how the test is written08:50
xerent_the log file states "Alternatively, you may set the environment variables FFTWLIB_CFLAGS and FFTWLIB_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config. See the pkg-config man page for more details"08:51
xerent_that might get me past the configure step, but then linking may fail later if it still can't find the actual library08:52
xerent_worth a try though08:52
xerent_could be a naming mismatch though, since the package is called "fftw" and not "fftwlib"08:54
xerent_but if I rename the recipe to fftwlib, it won't build since it can't find fftwlib-3.3.2/COPYING as opposed to fftw-3.3.2/COPYING08:55
bluelightningxerent_: I'm not sure that would make a difference though, it seems unlikely to me that that name would be bleeding into paths or other names that any user of the library would see - unless you've found otherwise?08:58
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xerent_the fftw tarball won't build unless the recipe is named "fftw", I have no idea why.09:02
xerent_looking at the aubio configure.ac now, but it's all black magic to me.09:03
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sodikhi everybody09:08
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sodikcan somebody point me, what is the best way to merge newer yocto releases with my distro based on the previous yocto releases? I am specialy interested in the python3 package09:10
sodikit shows that simply copying the python/ folder in meta/recipes-devtools leads to several unresolved dependencies09:11
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gebreselaisihi everybody09:15
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gebreselaisiis there a way in yocto to not have bitbake redo some tasks?09:16
gebreselaisihow cna I force it to use the existing stamps?09:17
gebreselaisiproblem is that I had a build in which I did some changes to some conf files09:17
gebreselaisithen I wanted to redo the image09:17
gebreselaisibut it started to recompile some old package09:17
gebreselaisiI stopped the build09:17
gebreselaisireverted the changes in the conf file09:17
gebreselaisiand restarted the build09:17
gebreselaisibut it went back at recompiling th eold package09:17
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gebreselaisihow can I just tell bitbake to reuse the existing stamps and not invalidate them?09:18
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xnoxAm I doing something wrong? "Your version of bblayers.conf has the wrong LCONF_VERSION (has 6, expecting 7)."09:49
xnoxbumped local one to 7, just cause. And running bitbake again. It seems to be doing stuff now.09:50
xnoxit's my first time using OE / yocto / bitbake / poky09:50
sm_anybody knows anything about my problem???09:51
sm_I asked about 2 hours ago..09:51
sm_my qestion is:  I have problem in "do_compile" task of "qt4-x11-free" package. How can I solve this? I have this problem in both Ubuntu & Gentoo.09:51
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LetoThe2ndas i said 2hrs ago: as usual, provide sufficient error details and name the recipe and layer where it is coming from09:52
sm_LetoThe2nd: sorry, I didnt see your answer.10:01
LetoThe2ndthen don't complain ;)10:02
sm_LetoThe2nd: It's "qt4-x11-free_4.8.5"10:02
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sm_& .obj/release-shared/qgl.o: file not recognized: File truncated collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [../../lib/libQtOpenGL.so.4.8.5] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/somaie/Yocto/poky-daisy-11.0.0/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/qt4-x11-free/4.8.5-r0/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5/src/opengl' make: *** [sub-opengl-make_default-ordered] Error 2 ERROR: oe_runmake failed WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell co10:03
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LetoThe2ndis that plain poky? and if its on daisy, did it work on dora?10:05
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sm_LetoThe2nd: is it enough?10:09
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LetoThe2ndi get the impression you don't actually read what i write.10:12
sm_LetoThe2nd: it's poky-daisy-11.0.0. But I run "bitbake qt4-x11-free" in dora branch (on Gentoo) and the same error happened...10:12
LetoThe2ndok, are there other layers included?10:13
sm_LetoThe2nd: these layers included: poky-daisy-11.0.0/meta  & poky-daisy-11.0.0/meta-yocto & poky-daisy-11.0.0/meta-yocto-bsp & meta-openembedded/meta-oe10:15
sodikcan some of you folks point me, how I can add package to the packaging system (ipk) without need to mention it, and therefore included it in the root fs by default?10:17
LetoThe2ndsm_: the feeling in my guts says that there's something fishy with the combination opengl+qemu in your context. i'll kick off a build too, lets see.10:18
LetoThe2ndsodik: does not parse :-)10:18
sodikLetoThe2nd: that was reaction to what? :-)10:20
LetoThe2ndsodik: i can't parse what you said. the sentence does not make sense, at least not to me.10:20
sodikok, I'll try it by different way  :)10:21
sodikI have INSTALLED_PACKAGE variable in my-layer/recipes-core/images/mydistro.bb10:22
sodikif I want the package to be included in rootfs I add it to this variable, right?10:23
LetoThe2ndINSTALLED_PACKAGE doesn't sound like the usual way.10:23
LetoThe2ndit's rather IMAGE_INSTALL, usually10:23
sodikmy apologies, it is the IMAGE_INSTALL10:24
LetoThe2ndyes, so if you want something installed, add it there.10:24
sodikso, there are many packages I want to be added to the repository server (ipk in my case) rather to the fs image by default10:25
sodikone example is the python or simillar packages, which only end user will install if he/she need it10:25
sm_LetoThe2nd: thanks, I'm waiting.10:26
LetoThe2ndsodik: so you want to build packages, but have them not included in some image?10:26
LetoThe2ndsm_: will take some time.10:26
sodikLetoThe2nd:  exactly, is the variable I'm looking for "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL" ?10:28
LetoThe2ndsodik: erm.. no.10:28
LetoThe2ndsodik: you'd just do bitbake whateverpackage10:28
LetoThe2ndthen its built, but not installed10:28
sodikyes I know that, but how can I add the package to the packaging system?10:29
ndecnote that you need to run bitbake package-index, to update the package feed10:29
ndecsodik: that might be what you are missing, no?10:30
LetoThe2ndndec: probably, yes.10:30
sodikndec:  I think this is the information I was looking for10:30
sodikthanks guys. going to to test this..10:31
sm_LetoThe2nd: It's Ok. If you find any solution just send it here & I will read it from Channel logs (if I weren't here)10:33
LetoThe2ndsm_: hey, i didn'T say i'll do your error search. i jsut kicked off a build to see if its a general issue, or rather something in your setup ;)10:34
sm_LetoThe2nd:  :D  It's about 2 weeks that I googling for this error, but wasn't successful..10:47
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sodikI have another issue/question:  when merging with the latest yocto 1.6.1 I've experienced circular dependencies11:04
sodikthere is a dependency loop, which is related to dpkg-1.17.4.bb11:05
sodikERROR:  Dependency loop #1 found:   Task 135 (virtual:native:/data/projects/tetd/212-myrmica-2.0/meta/recipes-devtools/dpkg/dpkg_1.17.4.bb, do_install) (dependent Tasks ['dpkg, do_compile'])   Task 136 (virtual:native:/data/projects/tetd/212-myrmica-2.0/meta/recipes-devtools/dpkg/dpkg_1.17.4.bb, do_populate_sysroot) (dependent Tasks ['dpkg, do_install'])   Task 138 (virtual:native:/data/projects/tetd/212-myrmica-2.0/meta/recipes-devtools11:06
sodikany ideas please?11:06
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sodikit looks to me that the dependencies are in the same layer. the meta/ and bitbake/ was upgraded from the official yocto git -b daisy11:16
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sodikso what for do I need the dpkg package anyways?11:23
gebreselaisiso there is no way to force the build not to invalidate a task?11:31
sodikno, it always fail on the dependency loop - just after parsing all recipes11:33
xerent_so many questions11:36
gebreselaisisodik, sorry I was asking for a different problem :)11:36
sodikactually it is only one question11:36
sodikgebreselaisi:  no problem :)11:36
sodikxerent_:  the question is why is it failing on dependency loop, and how to solve it11:37
sodikI cannot see any clue in the error log11:38
xerent_I have no clue either, I'm stuck with my own issue with pkg-config not finding a previously installed package11:39
gebreselaisixerent_, do you see the .pc in sysroot?11:41
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xerent_I'm looking, which folder should it be in?11:46
xerent_I'm in the sysroot looking11:46
gebreselaisiit's in tmp/sysroots/{machine_name}11:48
gebreselaisithat is the sysroot for your machine11:48
gebreselaisiand in there it should be in the standard location for .pc file11:48
gebreselaisiif you do not have it there, then your previusly installed package should have it's .pc file in the -dev package11:49
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xerent_there's the fftw3l.pc file yes11:49
xerent_I need to check in the other configure script exactly which version it's looking for11:49
xerent_probably some naming mismatch then11:50
xerent_it checks for fftw3 and fftw3f, not fftw3l11:51
xerent_so maybe I'm building that library in the wrong configuration or something11:51
gebreselaisixerent_, most likely11:53
gebreselaisior maybe you also have the fftw3.pc or fftw3f.pc and libs in your previously installed package, but you are just not installing them11:54
gebreselaisicheck the build directory of your previously installed package11:54
xerent_I added the package myself so likely no :)11:54
xerent_I think I know what the problem is, I'm passing the wrong configuration flags when building the library, which adds the extra l11:55
gebreselaisithen maybe you are not compiling it the way you need it after11:55
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xerent_seems to have solved my problem, thanks gebreselaisi !11:58
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gebreselaisixerent_, don't mention it :)12:00
xerent_I won't, I promise ;)12:00
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sodikupdate. the dependency loop is caused by the additional layers I used(meta-atmel, meta-mylayer)  but somehow the ERROR is propagating as it was in the meta/recipes-devtools/dpkg,   anybody has the clue what could be the cause of this fail ?12:09
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gebreselaisisodik, do you have a dpkg recipe in any of those 2 layers?12:14
sodikgebreselaisi: no I dont12:20
sodikwith previous yocto version I was able to build my distro with those two layers included12:21
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xerent_looks like aubio 0.3.2 has a runtime dependency on packages python and python-gnuplot, of which the first is simple to add and the second non-existant13:17
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gebreselaisiso coming back to my question: how to force the build system to not invalidate a task?13:37
xerent_beats me :)13:38
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xerent_what's the best way to add more stuff to the do_install() step14:03
xerent_I suppose per default a simple "make install" is performed?14:04
xerent_but if I override it, the default files are not installed14:04
LetoThe2ndfor inherit autotools recipes, yes.14:04
LetoThe2ndthen you can do_install_append, for exanple14:04
xerent_that sounds like what I'm looking for14:04
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gebreselaisior install_prepend14:13
gebreselaisidepends on what you want to achieve14:13
xerent_add additional files to the image, that are produced during build but not included in the package14:14
gebreselaisiyou can us any of them in this case; either install_append() or install_prepend()14:15
gebreselaisione is before doing the install (the _prepend one) and the other one is the last step of the install stage (the _append one)14:16
xerent_I figured as much14:16
xerent_I love how the simple things are explained and how the complex ones are left as an exercise ;)14:16
xerent_but I assume that's because you know the solutions to the simple things, but not the complex ;)14:17
gebreselaisinah, because we like people to bang their heads against the walls with the complex one :D14:17
xerent_well, do_install_append() worked fine14:17
xerent_but it didn't solve my problem anyway14:18
gebreselaisiwhich is?14:18
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xerent_I built aubio-0.3.2 and included it in the image, but when I run the application aubiopitch I get an error message ImportError: No module named aubio.task14:18
xerent_but that's not a Yocto problem, it's some issue with my package14:19
sodikall: I'm still missing the way how to debug the build failure as my recent circular dependency chain14:24
sodikI cant see any relelevant informations in the error log14:24
sodikthe error is described by build system as problem of one particular package, in that case the dpkg14:25
sodikbut it is connected with other layers, however the way it is connected is not obvious from the log14:26
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kergothsigh, bitbake still freaks out when trying to ^C it half the time15:00
kergothbad file descriptor, timeouts communicating with bitbake server, etc15:01
kergothjust from a signel ^C during parsing15:01
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* kergoth kicks bitbake repeatedly and goes back to using pkill -f to exit it15:24
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xerent_bitbake bites back15:31
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kergothits true15:33
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gebreselaisiI get a "no package provides" when doing the rootfs for a package16:06
gebreselaisieven though in the recipe of the failing package I have a RDEPNDS += on the package that provides the lib the build system is complaining about16:07
gebreselaisianybody know why is that?16:07
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gebreselaisialtough I see know that the spec file of the package I expected to provide that library, does not list the library in Provides16:09
gebreselaisihow can I make it to "Provide" a library?16:09
kergothyou need to be more specific. these generic questions are not something we can answer without more information16:10
*** roric_ <roric_!~roric@> has quit IRC16:11
gebreselaisiI have a package that installs some files which need a library called libEGL.so16:11
gebreselaisithis means they need a library in the rootfs called libEGL.so16:12
gebreselaision the other hand, I have a package that provides libEGL but in the form of libEGL.so.1.0.016:12
gebreselaisiso I made it that this package also installs the libEGL.so as a symlink, in the ${PN} package, removing it from the -dev package16:13
gebreselaisibut doing so does not make it to "Provide" libEGL.so16:13
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:22
gebreselaisiquestion would be16:25
gebreselaisican I force a package to "Provide" a symlink?16:25
kergothyou don't need the symlink in the main package for it to provide the lib16:27
kergothits completely unnecessar16:27
kergoththat symlink is only used for development, not runtime16:27
gebreselaisiwell, I have another package that seems to need libEGL.so16:27
gebreselaisinot libEGL.so.116:27
gebreselaisior even the library itself libEGL.so.1.0.016:28
gebreselaisiso I need to have in the rootfs libEGL.so16:28
gebreselaisinot just in the -dev file16:28
gebreselaisiI need to register my package as a shlib provider for libEGL.so also16:28
kergothno, that's incorrect16:29
gebreselaisihow would it be correct then?16:30
kergothexactly what makes you think the other package needs libEGL.so?16:32
gebreselaisibecause the other package contains a library called libEGL.so, not a symlink, an actual library, that is erased during to install so that another libEGL is used from my new package16:32
kergothokay, then your new package needs to hcange how the library is linked so its SONAME matches the other binary's expectations16:34
kergothor better yet, chang ethe first package to version the library properly and thereby give it an SONAME other than libEGL.so16:34
khemexternalsrc for recipes using SRCPV seems to have issues calculating SRCPV16:34
khemis that known ?16:34
khemor something I am missing16:34
gebreselaisithe first package is binaries only; nothing is compiled16:35
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gebreselaisiany pointers on how I can get my new library to have it's dlname as libEGL.so instead of libEGL.so.1.0 ?16:56
rburton1) why on earth would you want to do that 2) if you're using libtool, -noversion iirc16:56
rburtoni always get that wrong. -avoid-version.16:57
gebreselaisirburton, because I have a recipe that installs some binaries that need libEGL.so16:57
*** stunpix_ <stunpix_!~Stunpix@> has joined #yocto16:57
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rburtongebreselaisi: dynamaically loading i presume. ship the symlink?16:58
gebreselaisirburton, if I force the recipe to have libEGL.so in the ${PN}, it does not however register my package as a shlid for libEGL.so and it fails at do_rootfs complaining nobody provides libEGL.so16:59
rburtonthat's interesting16:59
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gebreselaisihow to properly ship the symlink? I added it to _${PN} and also did a INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "dev-so" to get rid of the QA errors17:01
gebreselaisiis there another way of doing it?17:01
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rburtongebreselaisi: that's it17:08
rburtongebreselaisi: of course a better solution is to fix the software that loads unversioned libraries17:09
rburtonbecause its doing it wrong17:09
gebreselaisirburton, those I have in binary form17:09
gebreselaisican't do anything about it17:09
rburtonfile a moany bug then17:09
gebreselaisitime is not on my side :)17:10
rburtonyou'll note that eg debian's libegl doesn't ship a libEGL.so: https://packages.debian.org/sid/amd64/libegl1-mesa/filelist17:10
gebreselaisiit's been driivng me crazy17:12
rburtonclosed source software: doing it wrong since 199817:12
gebreselaisiso any idea why shipping the symlink fails for me?17:13
kergothi already told you, shipping teh symlink won't solve your poroblem17:16
kergothyou need to change the soname of the lib being linked to match up with the expectations of the binary that wants it17:16
gebreselaisiso how do I change the soname of the lib? configure.ac looks awfully skinny17:17
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rburtonif the app is dlopening libegl.so then shipping the symlink will work17:26
rburtonif its a rootfs time/dependency thing then pass -avoid-version to whatever builds libegl.so, assuming it uses libtool.17:26
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gebreselaisirburton, thanks -avoid-version added to Makefile.am seems to be doing the trick17:36
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kergothRP: thoughts on setting up a progress bar in the bitbake UI for the setscene callbacks, so we get some indication of progress during sstate fetches?19:04
kergotha from scratch full sstate fetch for eg. coore-image-base over http can make it seem like bitbake has hung19:04
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RPkergoth: We probably should do something...19:17
*** _rink_ <_rink_!~rink@gloom.codethulu.net> has left #yocto19:17
kergothI'm familiar with what's going on, and even I thought it hung once since I forgot I had set up to use an internal http sstate mirror :)19:18
kergoth"Why does it keep hanging at runqueue generation??" .... *slaps forehead*19:18
*** cbzx <cbzx!~cbzx@CPE0015f275ebd6-CM00195edd810c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has joined #yocto19:21
RPkergoth: I agreed its bad from the user perspective19:22
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pidgehalstead: is there any reason that centos7-a and centos7 disappeared?19:42
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joshualamorieHi there! I'm having a problem with build host specific include paths showing up in a build.19:58
joshualamorieI think it might be due to a BBCLASSEXTEND in popt, but I'm a bit confused in the difference between native and nativesdk.19:58
joshualamorieIs it kosher to have "native nativesdk" ?19:59
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto20:02
joshualamorieThis tells me that having both of these is okay, but I can see that autoconf is getting bad info from libpopt when trying to build my recipe (for gphoto2).20:03
joshualamorieThe following shows up in the gphoto2 Makefile:20:04
joshualamorieLIBGPHOTO2_CFLAGS = -I/home/jpl/dev/q7/yocto/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/q7-base/usr/include/gphoto220:04
joshualamoriePOPT_CFLAGS = -I/usr/include20:04
joshualamorieThe build hits a point where it is trying to pull include files from the workstation instead of sysroot.20:04
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #31 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-world/builds/3120:53
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censorhi all21:39
censori recently got a Wandboard Quad and struggled to find an image that provides me with a stable sound and an desktop environment, so now i decided to build my own...21:41
censorunfortunately the core-image-minimal build already fails because it can't build 'quilt', and the log it refers me too states exactly the same as the console output: that a task failed21:42
censorERROR: Function failed: autotools_preconfigure (log file is located at /media/jan/Storage/yocto/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/quilt-native/0.61-r0/temp/log.do_configure.9848)21:42
censori'm not sure if i suddenly lost the ability to read logs, but that isn't very helpful ;)21:43
censorbtw, that's the error message and the log content (minus a couple of debug lines)21:43
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rspockguys why don't get any output to xrandr?21:52
rspockedm-fairy-imx6:~# xrandr21:52
rspockxrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default21:52
rspockScreen 0: minimum 1024 x 600, current 1024 x 600, maximum 1024 x 60021:52
rspockdefault connected 1024x600+0+0 0mm x 0mm21:52
rspock   1024x600       61.0*21:52
rspockyocto 1.5.321:53
ant__censor:  anything obviously wrong in log.do_configure or run.autotools_preconfigure?21:56
rspockmmm no the building went fine no error in log.do_configure21:57
ant__censor: by the way, I'm looking at my build and I have quilt-native 0.6321:57
censorant__: log.do_configure contains exactly that message, and run.autotools_preconfigure is just loads of variables and the function21:58
censorcan i somehow manually start the build in there?21:58
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censorif i go into that folder and run: bash -x temp/run.autotools_preconfigure.1057322:01
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censorit exits with 022:01
ant__see, these are my logs22:02
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censorthese are mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8218594/ & http://paste.ubuntu.com/8218591/22:05
ant__pls paste log.do_configure.1057322:07
censorthat _is_ log.do_configure.10573 ;-)22:08
censorthat's why i meant, the log is identical to the error message, which isn't very helpful :D22:08
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ant__what is your buildhost OS? Fedora?22:17
censorUbuntu 14.0422:18
ant__well, like here22:18
ant__there are some patches after 0.6122:18
censori followed this guide: http://wiki.wandboard.org/index.php/Getting_started_with_Yocto_on_Wandboard22:18
ant__can you try tu pull master?22:19
censorshould i switch to master?22:19
censorah, that looks good, thanks =)22:23
censordamn, same error with quilt 0.6322:24
censorbtw, are you using bash or dash? could that be an issue? somebody recommended switching to dash22:24
censoretr, to bash22:24
ant__echo $SHELL22:26
ant__doh..standard Ubuntu 14.04 LTS22:27
censorbandwidth is cheap, let's start from scratch22:30
censorbtw, i think Dash is standard22:30
ant__lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root       4 apr 21 21:49 sh -> dash22:31
ant__I'm still new with Ubuntu..don't remember having reconfigured22:32
censorjust found out that it's the default for scripts, but shell's still use bash22:32
* ant__ -> Gentoo lover22:32
* censor <3 Debian ;-)22:32
censorbut for desktop i prefer Ubuntu then22:32
censoralright, wiped everything, but quilt still craps out22:35
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ant__then must be one layer poisoning things22:37
censorcould be the freescale stuff, i'll try without them22:38
ant__or are you out of space ?22:38
ant__really, that's weird22:38
censornah, that storage partition is a 2TB RAID22:39
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censorhmm, i think the issue was that the RAID was mounted with 'noexec'22:43
censorso your pointer regarding the fs wasn't off by much ;-)22:43
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ant__censor, I was about to ask you to fsck ;)23:01
ant__good nite23:01
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