Wednesday, 2014-09-03

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censori just gave Toaster a quick look, and i can't create a new project because 'Yocto Project version' is empty01:37
censoris that because i'm on master and not a release? if so, how can i fix that?01:38
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censorah, when i start it in daemon mode, the project menu disappears ... i guess it's just not ready then ;-)03:12
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sm_hi, I have problem with qt4-x11-free. it's in do_compile task. I searched but wasn't successful. How can I solve it?04:26
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xerent_sm_: as always, complete log information from the build is required if we are supposed to help.05:36
xerent_sm_: it's like asking "my car is broken when I drive. what's wrong? I was on 3rd street"05:37
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sm_xerent_: :) . I add “meta-openembedded/meta-oe” Layer & run bitbake command for qt-creator. then I had error on qt4-x11-free. then I run the "bitbake qt4-x11-free" & get the same Error. The error is on “do_compile” now. But most of the time it happened in "do_package_qa" task. (I run bitbake in both  Ubuntu & Gentoo, but the same problem on qt4-x11-free happened…).05:57
sm_xerent_: my log is :                       make[1]: *** [../../lib/] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Yocto/poky-daisy-11.0.0/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/qt4-x11-free/4.8.5-r0/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5/src/opengl' make: *** [sub-opengl-make_default-ordered] Error 2 ERROR: oe_runmake failed WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command. ERROR: Function failed: do_compile (log file is located at /home/05:58
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sm_xerent_: But when I run bitbake on qt4-x11-free on Gentoo, the Error is “The log file indicates the host include and/or library path were used”.  I found that if I use INSANE_SKIP = “compile-host-path” (either in local.conf or in recipe), but it didn’t work.06:10
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sm_xerent_: it's more important for me to solve this error on Gentoo.06:13
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xerent_first you should check the log file from the build, to see what te actual error was06:23
xerent_to see if it's the same error or not as the one you describe06:23
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sm_xerent_: on Gentoo, when I opened the log file there wasn't more information or any expression that pointed to ERROR .{ just like the bitbake Output (in terminal).}06:35
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peterohello everybody06:42
peteroIs there a documentation for how to create an Eclipse project for Yocto based on simple Makefiles (and not autotools or cmake as documented)?06:43
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xerent_sm_: in one case, you state the error occurs in do_package_qa task, in another in do_compile. which is it?06:57
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sm_xerent_: do_package_qa task is on Gentoo & do_compile task is on Ubuntu. (& both happened becouse of bitbaking qt4-x11-free package) I prefer to solve do_package_qa task on Gentoo.07:05
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xerent_well the log says that the host include and/or library paths were used. which means that your app was built against headers located on the host machine - not in sysroot - and/or linked against libraries located on the host machine - not in the sysroot07:09
xerent_if you are crosscompiling it likely also means that the produced package has not compiled at all or has been compiled for the wrong architecture07:10
xerent_or something similar :)07:10
xerent_check the recipe for absolute paths, use ${S} for source directory and ${D} for destination directory07:13
xerent_pass that along to the Makefile if required07:14
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xerent_though if you're using the standard recipe from oe-core it should be good07:16
sm_xerent_: as you said, I read qt4-x11-free recipe, in do_install_append() function, It contains ${D}.07:31
sm_do_install_append() {07:31
sm_  # fix pkgconfig, libtool and prl files07:31
sm_  sed -i -e 's#I/usr/include#Iincludedir}#g' \07:32
sm_    -e 's#Iin#I${in#g' \07:32
sm_    ${D}${libdir}/*.la ${D}${libdir}/*.prl ${D}${libdir}/pkgconfig/*.pc07:32
sm_  # QT abuses $includedir to point to its headers, which breaks pkgconfig07:32
sm_  # QT abuses $includedir to point to its headers, which breaks pkgconfig sysroot, so07:33
sm_# manually fix it up here:07:33
sm_  for pc in ${D}${libdir}/pkgconfig/*.pc ; do07:33
sm_    sed -i -e "s:prefix}include/${QT_BASE_NAME}/$(basename $pc .pc):prefix}/include:" \07:33
sm_      -e "s,Cflags: ,Cflags: -IP{includedir}/${QT_BASE_NAME}/$(basename $pc .pc) ," \07:33
sm_      -e 's:IP{:I${:g' $pc07:34
xerent_please use pastebin or similar, don't paste code into the caht07:34
sm_  done07:34
sm_ok, sorry ;)07:34
sm_xerent_: it's finished ;)07:35
xerent_do you get the same message if you let yocto run the bitbake commands?07:36
xerent_e.g. if you add the recipe to your image recipe and build, as opposed to calling bitbake manually?07:36
xerent_(yay build complete!)07:37
sm_xerent_: no, only for "bitbake qt4-x11-free" . just for qt4-x11-free package.07:37
sm_xerent_: but for example,  if I add qt4-x11-free in "" by using "IMAGE_INSTALL_append" variable & run "bitbake core-image-minimal" . the same Error happened!07:39
xerent_I suppose you added it with a space such as IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " qt4-x11-free"07:42
xerent_well that sounds weird07:42
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sm_xerent_: is there any relation between space & building that package?07:46
sm_ I need to use space after package name to separate packages...07:46
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xerent_if you do IMAGE_INSTALL += "qt4-x11-free" it will add the extra space for you, I think07:50
xerent_well the inner intricasies of bitbake goes beyond me, I'm sure someone else will be around shortly to help you07:53
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sm_xerent_: so what is the problem? what is the difference of  IMAGE_INSTALL += "qt4-x11-free" or IMAGE_INSTALL += "    qt4-x11-free"  in build?07:53
xerent_sm_: nothing is the difference07:54
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xerent_two different ways of doing the same thing, adding a package to the IMAGE_INSTALL variable07:55
sm_xerent_: ok, thanks. do you know anybody's email address to send this error or log file?07:55
xerent_hang around here until someone else wakes up07:56
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sm_xerent_: ok.07:59
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bluelightningmorning all08:10
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LetoThe2ndxerent_: sm_: for the protocol: a fresh checkout of poky builds qt4-x11-free cleanly.08:54
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sm_in there any body here to help me ?09:31
sm_i want to bitbake qt4-x11 -free on gentoo09:32
sm_but it fails. the error happend in do_package_qa task09:32
sm_the error is : the log file indicates the host includes and/or library paths were used09:33
LetoThe2ndi'd guess that mixing poky and meta-oe breaks it.09:34
LetoThe2ndpoky alone builds fine on ubuntu here.09:34
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censorwhat kind of output do i choose to get an '.sdcard' image? i tried adding 'hddimage', but that fails because nothing provides syslinux11:31
LetoThe2ndcensor: "sdcard" is not a generic image type, its something provided by what ever BSP infrastructure you use11:39
LetoThe2ndcensor: so the first bet would be to look at the respective documentation and/or examples11:39
censorah, that may be the reason why hob doesn't know about it11:39
LetoThe2ndprobably, yes.11:40
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chrisw987I'm trying to decide the best way to organize my custom recipes and recipe modifications.14:47
chrisw987Create my own meta-xxx layer, or do it inside a directory located in the vendor's layer.14:48
kergothbest to create your own layer14:48
chrisw987Should that layer just have my custom stuff, or should I basically copy the vendor's layer, and replace his?14:49
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kergothyou should bbappend the recipes in other layers, duplicating it will just create a maintanance nightmare for you14:49
kergothbut it depends on your needs14:50
chrisw987Ok, thanks.14:51
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otavioRP: is it possible for you to push the qemu-native fix?15:08
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otavioRP: oh nice, fixed :)  I am testing it now.15:28
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censori'm trying to build an image that contains chromium, but i get the error "ERROR: No recipes available for: /home/jan/wandboard/sources/meta-browser/recipes-gnome/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-daemon_2.32.1.bbappend"16:02
LetoThe2ndthen you're probably missing some base layer.16:03
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LetoThe2ndmeta-browser's docs should state what it depends on.16:03
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censorthe repo says it depends on openembedded-core and meta-openembedded16:06
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LetoThe2ndand you have both included?16:07
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censorouch. i though core-openembedded was a default, looks like i was wrong =(16:08
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censorhmm, it is, from what it looks like? isn't that the sources/poky dir?16:16
rburtonif you don't have oe-core then you're going to struggle.  that's where the compiler is.16:16
rburtonisn't g-s-d part of meta-gnome?16:17
censoryeah, so i thought...16:17
censor(to the first)16:17
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censori do have sources/meta-openembedded/meta-gnome/recipes-gnome/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-daemon_2.32.1.bb16:22
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rburtonso you need to add meta-openembedded/meta-gnome to your bblayers.conf16:24
LetoThe2nd.. which the docs should mention, IMHO16:25
censorah, that's how it's done!16:25
censori thought everything in there would be included automagically...16:25
LetoThe2ndno magic for you today ;)16:26
censorprobably no sense in waiting until tomorrow, either? ;-)16:26
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censorbuilding, thanks!16:30
kergothheh, the meta-mentor setup scripts do automatically pull in layer dependencies for all requested layers. i really need to get that in shape suitable for upstream submission one of these days :\ low priority task though16:36
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censori wanted to clean up my Toaster builds, but when i run '../sources/poky/bitbake/lib/toaster/ builddelete 1' i get the error 'DatabaseError: no such table: bldcontrol_buildrequest'17:01
censorthe 'buildslist' gives me a correct output of builds, so i'm guessing i'm in the right folder (the build dir)17:02
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #31 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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WarheadsSEAnyone have a clue of what might be jacking the kernel.printk .. or do I have to hunt something wierd down. I've got a few people here going "look at systemd" and I think they're a bit full of shit.18:09
WarheadsSEBut, we've checked all the sysctl confs, and locations for that. I've even confirmed those are applying correctly. For some reason, i am getting mine jacked to 6 ...18:10
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pidgehalstead, still having centos builder issues with them losing the host.23:30
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halsteadpidge, Darn.23:31
halsteadpidge, No logged hardware errors but another spontaneous reboot.23:35
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halsteadpidge, I need to take centos7 offline for diagnostics.23:35
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pidgehalstead, make sure it's idle first23:51
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halsteadpidge, It was disconnected.23:52
halsteadpidge, That means it must be idle right?23:52
pidgeright :)23:54
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