Thursday, 2014-09-04

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free_imxHi yocto..05:08
free_imxIs there any one.05:09
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mckoangood morning07:37
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xerent_good moaning ;)07:42
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bluelightningmorning all08:41
kbouharaHello, Im having kernel panic issue when using runqemu script to boot from nfs, does anyone faced similar issue ?08:44
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BCMMwhat's the correct way to cleaning up the work directory? i don't have dbus in my image, but stuff is getting built against tmp/work/arm1176jzfshf-vfp-poky-linux-gnueabi/dbus/1.6.18-r0/package/usr/lib/, when it shouldn't. i have done bitbake -c cleanall dbus, and it doesn't remove that file. manually removing the file fixes the problem, but isn't really a clean solution08:52
BCMMso, firstly, how do i clean up the work dir properly, and secondly, is there a way to remove all binaries created by recipes that my project no longer uses?08:53
bluelightningBCMM: stuff is being linked against files under the package directory in the workdir? are you sure about that?09:03
bluelightningnormally they would need to be in the sysroot to be found by any other recipe09:03
BCMMbluelightning: hmm, i'll try putting the file back and rebuilding the recipe to confirm09:04
BCMMin case i've done some other step and forgotten it09:04
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BCMMbluelightning: i found that file the stupid way, by just running `find` in tmp, for the so that was "missing" on the device09:05
BCMMbluelightning: uh, i guess i missed a step somewhere because it's working now. sorry09:10
BCMMnonetheless, is there a way to cleanly remove that stuff just to save disk space and be tidy? i am not going to need dbus again09:10
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bluelightningBCMM: bitbake -c clean dbus should get rid of that directory, if not it's likely it's an older version that no longer matches up with the dbus recipe that would currently be built09:12
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bluelightningthere are things like rm_work and the cleanup-workdir script09:13
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BCMMbluelightning: thanks, they sound useful - however, would they remove *everything*, forcing a full rebuild? or are they good for cleaning up obsolete stuff only?09:15
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Guest9161how to get bluez5 in core-image-weston09:40
LetoThe2ndas usual, add it to IMAGE_INSTALL if there is a recipe for it?09:46
LetoThe2ndfor testing you can do that in local.conf, forreproductibility create your own image recipe based on core-image-weston that contains your additional wanted things.09:48
bluelightningBCMM: the latter09:50
BCMMbluelightning: thanks!09:50
BCMMbeen running out of space lately and it helped a bit09:50
xerent_if you version manage your yocto stuff, it's a good idea to nuke your drive from time to time and do a clean checkout and clean build ;)09:51
xerent_sure takes forever but do it overnight09:52
xerent_also ensures that the stuff you version manage is buildable09:52
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jaro123_bluelightning: you are so patient with beginner's questions09:55
jaro123_bluelightning: could I have one? ... layers do not what I want09:56
bluelightningjaro123_: happy to help... what's the question?09:58
jaro123_ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'jaro-image-dvbt-server' ... which is my recipe and normally it can be found09:58
bluelightningif you run bitbake-layers show-layers, is the layer that your recipe appears in listed?09:59
jaro123_unfortunately I added to my build/conf/bblayers.conf a new layer "${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-openpli \"09:59
jaro123_eaxctly, the bitbake-layers show-layers does see my layer, but bitbake does not see my recipe in my layer10:00
xerent_the times when I had that error, the recipe name was misspelled10:00
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jaro123_my layer is empty... I just cloned my favourite recipe form fsl BSP meta-fsl-arm10:01
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jaro123_wah tis interresting, when I remove the meta-openpli from my build/conf/bblayers.conf the jaro-image-dvbt-server can be found!10:01
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bluelightningjaro123_: maybe meta-openpli is doing something strange to BBFILES ?10:04
bluelightningcan you pastebin meta-openpli's conf/layer.conf ?10:05
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jaro123_BBPATH .= ":${LAYERDIR}"10:08
jaro123_BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"10:08
jaro123_BBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "openpli-layer"10:08
jaro123_BBFILE_PATTERN_openpli-layer := "^${LAYERDIR}/"10:08
jaro123_BBFILE_PRIORITY_openpli-layer = "7"10:08
jaro123_OPENPLI_BASE := "${LAYERDIR}"10:08
jaro123_PLISVNURL ?= "svn://"10:08
jaro123_PLISVNPROTO ?= "http"10:08
jaro123_PLISVNBRANCH ?= "trunk"10:08
jaro123_BBMASK .= "|meta-openpli/recipes-bsp/dreambox"10:09
jaro123_... and enumerates a recepies in the meta-openpli here10:09
jaro123_it could be a BBPATH ?10:11
jaro123_maybe it looks like BBMASK10:13
bluelightningBBMASK would prevent recipes from being picked up yes, though the expression there shouldn't cause that - one way to find out would be to comment it out10:16
bluelightning(btw when I said pastebin, what I meant was a service such as )10:16
jaro123_oh better10:17
jaro123_sorry for messing it here10:17
bluelightningno worries10:17
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jaro123_commenting BBMASK lines in the meta-openpli/conf/layer.conf caused a python stack trace as bitbake result... so better I will analyse it10:20
jaro123_thank you bluelighting for guiding toward a good direction10:21
bluelightningreally? what kind of backtrace? that doesn't sound right...10:21
jaro123_this is probably a side effect10:26
jaro123_I will most probably extract interresting recipes from it ... and skip the problem for now10:26
bluelightningit might be worth alerting the maintainer that that layer is causing problems10:26
bluelightningI'm a bit concerned that the BBMASK would somehow remove your recipe though10:26
bluelightningthat shouldn't happen AFAICT10:27
jaro123_maybe I am wrong because I am poky beginer so I do have no idea about the build system itself10:27
jaro123_but the whole build system looks like very fragile and resulting messages not helpfull a much10:29
bluelightningI wouldn't say fragile, but its flexibility does mean it can be complicated at times10:30
jaro123_so I am very carefull to judge something10:30
bluelightningthe trouble with BBMASK is that it is a massive hammer... it basically says just ignore this regex when searching for files10:30
bluelightningso bitbake is completely blind to files masked out in that way10:31
bluelightningmaintainers really should not be setting it in their layer.conf, that is poor practice10:31
jaro123_how can I trace the parsing process ? make the bitbake verbose do not help10:31
bluelightningthere's bitbake -DDD but that produces *a lot* of output10:32
bluelightningcan you please just pastebin the backtrace?10:32
jaro123_and the strace does not seem as the best tool10:32
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jaro123_#BBMASK .= "|meta-openpli/recipes-bsp/vuplus"10:40
jaro123_prevents probably this error10:40
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jaro123_all BBMASK in the meta-openpli/conf/layer.conf must be wrong because if uncomment any of them then the bitbake can not see my recipe10:43
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jaro123_but the BBMASK should not filter my recipe sources/
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censorhi all11:04
censorwhat's wrong if i get "ERROR: packagegroup-base-extended not found in the base feeds" ?11:05
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belen1censor: just saw you comment form yesterday. Did you manage to delete your Toaster builds?14:14
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censorbelen1: unfortunately not, but it wasn't that urgent14:21
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belen1censor: I ran a quick test and was able to delete builds, but I believe you need to run the command from the build directory. Are  you using the daisy release?14:24
*** zeddii <zeddii!~ddez@> has joined #yocto14:25
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censoryes, i did14:26
censorhmm, it just tried again with an ID higher than 1, it looks like it's doing something ;)14:26
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censorthanks for having me try again, looks like it works for other builds14:30
belencensor: but not for build 1? Funny stuff. I'll make sure to try that14:31
*** belen is now known as 92AAAR7SX14:33
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censorhas anyone in here succesfully used chromium from meta-browser?14:35
*** flihp <flihp!> has quit IRC14:35
censorit builds, it starts, but i always has that blue screen that something went wrong14:35
censori get this error:] Failed to parse extension manifest.14:36
censorand three of these:] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process14:36
vignatti--no-sandbox in the mean time solves?14:37
*** Nitin1 <Nitin1!~nakamble@> has joined #yocto14:38
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censorno, same issue =(14:39
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vignatticensor: hmm okay. difficult to tell then. only debugging, sorry14:41
censorokay, i'll try with v3714:41
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Crofton|workthat looks like something I would blame you for15:01
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!> has joined #yocto15:02
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zeddiihmm. no changes in configme that should trigger that ..but never say never.  smells more like a recent toolchain change to me. I can try and reproduce it here.15:07
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jhernstrhi zeddii - Crofton pointed me your direction for a kernel recipe issue that has me stumped...15:15
jhernstrI made a custom kernel recipe that pulls from an external repo (looks very similar to linux-yocto-custom) and it does not build cleanly under certain circumstances.15:15
jhernstrThe facts:15:15
jhernstrThe problem occurs when I have not already explicitly built the gcc recipe.15:15
jhernstrI narrowed the problem down to a failure in kernel_configme, I found that during some config operations a build step fails to find crtbegin.o15:15
jhernstrThis does _not_ cause kernel_configme task to die however.  I found the error in a file in the recipe's work dir: linux/.meta/cfg/standard/x64/merge_log.txt15:16
jhernstrExample recipe and error details here:
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Crofton|workzeddii, jhernstr is the guy with th eissue, he just joined here15:20
jhernstrForgot to mention that the configure task is where the build dies, although it appears that things start to go wonky in kernel_configme15:21
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zeddiikernel_configme is simply calling lkc, which is of course uses the kernel's host tools .. and they must be built. Your compiler is busted on that box,  so that implies that we need to depend on gcc-native. the kernel.bbclass only depends on the target-gcc as the moment.15:26
zeddiiwhat sort of development box is this ?15:26
*** armpit <armpit!~akuster@2601:c:9380:601:9d66:e68f:e0f4:6f0b> has joined #yocto15:27
jhernstrI'm running Linux Mint 13, but the build environment is generated by an additional layer of build tools we use in-house. I have been told that we setup our OE builds in a very standard, very vanilla fashion.15:31
jhernstrAn interesting point is that I can build the linux-yocto recipe (tweaked only to add my target machine) without encountering this error15:31
zeddiisomething is different, otherwise the builders and nightly tests would be screaming red.15:32
zeddiilinux-yocto-custom .. is no different than linux-yocto.15:32
zeddiionly the SRC_URI differs  for the most part.15:32
jhernstrOh I agree it's almost definitely a problem on my end, I'm looking for some suggestions on how to fish better at this point =\15:34
jhernstrI updated  with some more details on what specific version of crtbegin.o gets created after I build gcc. I'm curious if the makeup of the sysroot folder before and after suggest anything obvious to you that I might have overlooked...15:36
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zeddiiI'll have a look and see if something jumps out at me.15:41
zeddiimy builder(s) are churning on the 3.17 yocto recipes, but I'll try and sneak in a test or two.15:41
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censorsuccess! i finally got a working wandboard image with sound and lights and music... or rather: working chrome ;-)16:07
censorbut i only noticed just now that it doesn't shut down properly. i can see that the SPDIF port's light goes out, but the splash screen still stays - how can i fix that?16:08
*** flihp <flihp!> has joined #yocto16:09
LetoThe2ndcensor: so what was the trick now?16:09
*** flihp <flihp!> has quit IRC16:10
censorusing chrome v37 instead of v3516:10
censorthat one worked right off the bat16:10
censoreven with hw acceleration right away, very nice16:11
*** flihp <flihp!> has joined #yocto16:14
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LetoThe2ndah, ok16:17
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censorif i wanted to set a packageconfig variable for my chromium package, could i just put 'PACKAGECONFIG[chromium]="disable-api-keys-info-bar"' into my  image recipe?16:59
censoror should that go into the local.conf?16:59
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censori'm a bit at loss... i want to disable that Google API Keys bar in chromium18:02
censori've tried 'PACKAGECONFIG[chromium] = "disable-api-keys-info-bar"' in the image recipe's .bb18:03
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censori created meta-test/recipes/meta-browser/chromium/chromium_37.0.2062.0.bbappend that contains 'PACKAGECONFIG_append = "disable-api-keys-info-bar"'18:04
censorboth didn't show any effect =(18:04
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censorwhat's the righ way to add that value to chromium's packageconfig?18:04
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* maxtothemax__ 's workstation says: save my life I'm goin down for the last time20:40
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hbruce_How do i generate an sdcard image? Adding IMAGE_FSTYPES += "sdcard" to local.conf didn't do anything.22:00
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